SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2002 9:00 A.M. General Meeting
CALL TO ORDERPresident, Linda Lambert (Ralph)
ROLL CALLRecording Secretary, Nancy Cobb
INVOCATIONImmediate Past President, Barbi Ashwill (Lee)
FLAG SALUTE1st Vice President, Kay Rogers (Jim)
MINUTESRecording Secretary, Nancy Cobb


President's Report, Linda Lambert (Ralph)2 Minutes
1st Vice President, Kay Rogers (Jim)2 Minutes
   02 Mid-Winter Festival, Larry Reetz (Carol)2 Minutes
   02 Summer Festival, Lee Ashwill (Barbi)2 Minutes
   03 Mid-Winter Festival, Gary Willoughby (Betty)2 Minutes
   03 Summer Festival, Dave Hughes (Jodene)2 Minutes
   04 Mid-Winter Festival, Aaron Gibbens (Linda)2 Minutes
   04 Summer Festival, Barbara Schaumburg (Larry)2 Minutes
   OR Federation News, Jan Steele (Jim)3 Minutes
2nd Vice President, Carolyn Bosch (Bob)2 Minutes
Recording Secretary, Nancy Cobb2 Minutes
Corresponding Secretary, Marilyn Schmit (Ron)2 Minutes
   USDA Report
Treasurer, Bill Rooper (Annadale) Pro Tem2 Minutes
Membership, Clara Kilbourne2 Minutes
   Insurance, Jim Rogers (Kay)4 Minutes
Past President, Barbi Ashwill (Lee)2 Minutes
Parliamentarian, Larry Reetz (Carol)2 Minutes
Publicity/State Reporter, Jill Bard (Floyd)4 Minutes
Financial Advisor, Gary Willoughby (Betty)2 Minutes
Education Advisor, Dave Krause (Kathy)2 Minutes
Historian, Bonnie Stimler (Jay)2 Minutes


BMI/ASCAP, Ralph Lambert (Linda)2 Minutes
Youth Activities Coordinator, Ann Skoe (Roger)2 Minutes
State Fair Coordinator, Fran Bunch (Ray)2 Minutes
ORDTA, Dennis Smith (Elaine)2 Minutes
Round Dance Screening, Barbara Schaumburg (Larry)2 Minutes
Caller Advisor, Roger Putzler (Linda)2 Minutes
54th National Square Dance Convention, Lee & Barbi Ashwill3 Minutes
   Showcase of Ideas Ron & Marilyn Schmit2 Minutes
Delegate Meeting Report3 Minutes


  1. Tim Roberts -- Madame President, I move that the tabled motion be removed from the table for discussion.

    Motion as tabled (Barbi Ashwill) -- Madame President, I move to reconsider the motion to allow the delegates to request from the clubs in their councils.

    Original Motion (Kay Rogers) -- Madame President, I move that $8,000 be transferred from the Square Dance Enhancement Fund to the General Fund.
  2. Bill Rooper -- Madame President, I move that the Contingency Fund and the Emergency Fund be combined into one fund, to be called the Contingency Fund.
    Discussion attached at the end of the agenda.
  3. Bill Rooper -- Madame President, I move that the Club Premium Fund and the Insurance Administration Fund be combined into one Insurance Administration Fund.
    Discussion attached at the end of the agenda.
  4. Kay Rogers -- Madame President, I move that the proposed budget be adopted.



  1. Installation of Elected and Appointed Officers, Committee Chairs, and Delegates.
  2. Linda Lambert -- Madame President, I move that the Practices and Procedures be revised to allow the sales of Mid-Winter and Summer Festival Ribbons, outside of the hosting area, no sooner than the first day of the festival immediately preceding theirs.
  3. Bill Rooper -- Madame President, I move that the "State Square Dance Enhancement Fund" be abolished and whatever money is still in the Fund be transferred to the Contingency Fund
    Discussion attached at the end of the agenda.
  4. Bill Rooper -- Madame President, I move that the Festival Loan Fund name be changed to the Summer Festival Loan Fund.
    Discussion attached at the end of the agenda.
  5. Bill Rooper -- Madame President, I move that the "Festival Insurance Fund" be used to reduce the cost of insurance premiums charged to clubs, as provided in the Practices and Procedures, and the reduction be prorated over a four year period.
    Discussion attached at the end of the agenda.


Emerald Empire Council, Angie Barta (Alan Prichard)2 Minutes
Interstate Highlanders Council, Reta Harkins (Phil)2 Minutes
Lincoln-Tillamook Council, Kathy Buczkowski (Buzz)2 Minutes
Mid-Willamette Area Council, Spencer Lewis (Barbara)2 Minutes
Portland Area Council, Al Wolf (Gail Domine)2 Minutes
Rogue Sis-Q Council, Rex Bounds (Jeri)2 Minutes
South Coast Council, Mary Miller (Don)2 Minutes
Sunset Empire Council, Sylvia Davis2 Minutes
Tualatin Valley Council, Bob Bosch (Carolyn)2 Minutes
Umpqua Area Council, Darlene Sconce2 Minutes
Blue Mountain Council, Bonnie Berry (Don)2 Minutes
Central Oregon Council, LaDauna Hartzell (Doug)2 Minutes
Eastern Oregon Council, Jodene Hughes (Dave)2 Minutes


Ray and Betty Jones2 Minutes
Don and Karel Morris -- written report received2 Minutes
Benjamin and Penny Brown2 Minutes
Ray and Zola Jones2 Minutes
Whose name will go here??2 Minutes


Al and Fran Westphal -- report on Yuma Festival2 Minutes


Motions Discussion

Old Business:
  1. Discussion regarding the tabled motion:

    The insurance program is not self-supporting. Administration costs have increased due to price increases for postage, telephone and supplies. There is also the fact that fewer dancers belong to Federated Clubs. This narrows the insurance base and increases the premium for all of us. In looking for ways to help defray the cost of insurance, it was decided to charge a 50 cent surcharge on all dancers at Mid-Winter and Summer Festival. The thinking was that this would cause everyone to share the burden of insurance costs instead of putting it all on Federated dancers.

    Because of these additional funds, clubs with less than 17 members do not pay anything towards administering the program. Their entire premium is sent to USDA. Clubs who file "Notice of Event" forms and "Request for Additional Insured" forms are not paying anything towards the cost of processing these requests. Clubs pay 10 cents per dancer, per year towards the cost of administering the insurance program. When these members are sent in one and two at a time, the 10 cents does not even cover mailing. Our premiums are at $2.70 per year, per dancer. Because of the new "six months" reporting rule, our costs will continue to rise sharply.

    For several years the expenses of the insurance chairman have been paid from the general fund. This has caused a build up of funds in the insurance fund. What the motion would do is move a portion of these funds into the general fund. This is a bookkeeping move only. The Federation in administering insurance the past few years has already spent some of this money.

    Durng the June 9th meeting, a motion was made and defeated to move a portion of the excess insurance "fund" into the general fund. There was a motion made and passed to reconsider the motion. This was postponed until the September meeting to give the delegates time to discuss it with their clubs.
  2. The Contingency Fund was set up in 1990 or prior and has had no activity since 1997. The Emergency Fund was set up in 1995 from the 1994 National Convention moneys, and has had no activity at all. The two words "Contingency and Emergency" have the same meaning when applied to financial accounting. There is no reason to have two funds for the same purpose.
  3. The Club Premium Fund is the difference between the premiums collected from the clubs and the premiums paid to USDA. The USDA allows the Federation to keep 10 cents from each premium paid for administration purposes, therefore the Insurance Administration Fund should be the recipient of the 10 cents instead of having a Club Premium Fund to accumulate the 10 cents into.
New Business:
  1. The State Square Dance Enhancement Fund has been used as an Emergency Fund in the past and there is no need for two Emergency Funds.
  2. The Festival Loan Fund has historically been used for Summer Festival loans only. There is a separate Mid-Winter Loan Fund so this name change is only to make it clear what the fund is to be used for.
  3. The Practices and Procedures state that this money is to be returned to Oregon Square Dancers in lower cost of insurance. This has not been done and in fact $5,600 has been transferred to the General Fund or the Insurance Administration Fund over the years. Possibly part of the $5,600 has been used to pay for a computer for the Insurance Chairman's use. At any rate the money needs to be used for the purpose for which it was intended. Incidentally, the last two Summer Festivals have not paid their assessment of 50 cents per registrant.