President Linda (Ralph) Lambert brought the November 11, 2001, meeting of the Federation of Square & Round Clubs to order at 9:06 a.m. at the Coquille Community Center, Coquille, Oregon.


Roll call was taken by Recording Secretary Nancy Cobb as follows:


Officers: First Vice President Kay (Jim) Rogers; Second Vice President Carolyn (Bob) Bosch; Recording Secretary Nancy Cobb; Corresponding Secretary Marilyn (Ron) Schmit; Membership Clara (Frank) Kilbourne; and Past President Barbi (Lee-absent) Ashwill.  Absent:  Treasurer Don (Elizabeth) Reed.


Appointed Officers: Financial Advisor Gary (Betty) Willoughby; Parliamentarian Larry (Carol) Reetz; and Historian Bonnie (Jay) Stimler; Absent:  State Publicity/Reporter Jill (Floyd) Bard; and Education Chairman David (Kathy) Krause.  Absent: Youth Coordinator Ann (Roger) Skoe.


Delegates:  Central Oregon - Virginia (Hal) Meyers; Emerald Empire - Angie Barta (Alan Prichard); Interstate Highlanders - Cathy (Ron) Pochatko; Lincoln-Tillamook - Kathy (Buzz) Buczkowski; Mid-Willamette - Dianne (Toby) Beard; Portland - Bill (Annadale) Rooper; Rogue Sis-Q - Rex (Jeri) Bounds; South Coast - Karel (Don) Morris; Sunset - Sylvia Davis; Tualatin Valley - Tim (Kathy) Roberts; and Umpqua - John Hernandez (Esther Thompson-Wood). Absent:  Blue Mountain - Bonnie (Don) Berry; and Eastern Oregon - Lorene (George) Griffith;


Committee Chairs: 2002 Mid-Winter Festival - Larry & Carol Reetz; 2002 Summer Festival - Lee & Barbi Ashwill; 2003 Mid-Winter Festival - Gary & Betty Willoughby; 2004 Summer Festival - Barbara & Larry Schaumburg; Insurance - Jim (Kay) Rogers; BMI/ASCAP - Ralph (Linda) Lambert; ORDTA - Dennis (Elaine) Smith; and Round Dance Screening - Barbara (Larry) Schaumburg.  Absent:  2003 Summer Festival and OFN Editors - Dave & Jodene Hughes; State Fair - Fran (Ray) Bunch; Caller Advisor - Roger (Linda) Putzler; and State Trailers Jim (Avis) Kinkaid. 


Active Goodwill Ambassadors:  Don & Karel Morris.  Absent:  Dick & Marge Pentecost; Ray & Betty Jones; Benjamin & Penny Brown; and Ray & Zola Jones.


Past President Barbi Ashwill gave the invocation.  First Vice President Kay Rogers led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MINUTES.  Tim Roberts moved to approve the minutes of the September 16, 2001, meeting as presented, seconded by Rex Bounds.  Motion was voted on and approved unanimously.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT.  President Linda Lambert stated the meeting was being recorded.  She reminded everyone that reimbursement is only provided for mileage over 25 miles one way only and that one must actually stay in a motel (or RV) to be eligible for the $20.00 housing reimbursement.  She thanked the South Coast Council for hosting the meeting, for the dance and the great dinner.  At her request, Gary Willoughby advised that Don Reed was undergoing treatment for cancer, that his condition was very serious and he was in a care facility.  When Gary last visited him, Don said he felt “real good” but Don’s condition is terminal.  A card for Don was available for all to sign.  Therefore, Linda named Bill Rooper as Treasurer Pro-Tem effective December 1, 2001.


Linda noted that each delegate had been given United Square Dancers of America (USDA) prescription cards.  There were not sufficient cards for each dancer so if a Council needs additional cards, the delegate should contact Linda or Marilyn Schmit.  An explanation was attached with the cards.  Also USDA notified the Federation that it had established a fundraiser to benefit dancers affected by the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.  Any club doing a fundraiser wanting to donate to USDA’s fund can send donations to the USDA Treasurer Dave & Shirley Nihart, 11346 Trotting Horse Lane S, Jacksonville, Florida 32225. 


FIRST VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT.  First Vice President Kay Rogers thanked the South Coast Area Council for the wonderful potluck and dance.  She said she and Jim had been out and about dancing since the last meeting.  One of their visits was the Detroit Lake Weekend, where they had a terrific time. She noted Detroit appreciated having the square dancers and was very welcoming and warm. They also attended the Seaside Sashay the last weekend in October, where there was also great dancing.  She felt the Seaside facilities would be great for Summer Festival in 2004.  She said there were extra state directories for sale at $1.85 each, suggesting everyone buy directories for class members.  The following are corrections and changes to the directories: Jim and Kay Rogers’ new phone number is 503‑556‑0202; on page 35, Andy Rawlinson's (caller for the Golden Squares) phone number is 503‑371‑0803; on pages 27 and 36, Jim and Joyce Voll address is 35440 Tennessee Road, Albany 97321; on page 23, Rick Ewing (caller for the Hermiston Square Knots) address is 116 W 28th Avenue, Kennewick, WA 99337‑5010; on page 52, for the South Coast Council delete Joe Smith as delegate and add Karel Morris; in Lincoln Tillamook Council, the Coast Swinger’s the secretary is Carol Atchison, PO Box 157, Rockaway, 503-322-2627; and the cuer is Bob and Joanne Schindler, 503-842-3619; the Sea Twirler’s secretary is John Donnello, 541-557-3500; the Toledo 49er’s president Buzz Buczkowski, 541-643-3343; secretary is Al Brown, 541-574-6865; and the Council Delegate is Kathy Buczkowski; secretary is Diane Stolbern, 541-994-6309.  She asked that she be notified of other changes so they can be published in the OFN and be entered in the minutes.  Kay’s written report included that she would be recommending Jan Steele for the OFN editor vacancy. 


2002 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL . Larry Reetz said 2002 Mid-Winter Festival was on track and ready to go.  Registrations are coming in slowly, probably because of recent national events, but Larry expects them to increase.  Program books are available - please pick up a supply to share with club members and new dancers.  Flyers and registration forms are also available.  He and Carol have been promoting the event, at other dances such as the Seaside Sashay.  He noted Sandy Eddings was looking for background music (from the Orient, Egypt or Mexico) for the style show.


2002 SUMMER FESTIVAL. Barbi Ashwill reported plans for the 2002 Oregon State Summer Festival are progressing very well.  They are excited about plans for a "Luncheon Cruise" on the paddle wheeler, Willamette Queen, on Friday, June 7, 2002, loading at Salem's Waterfront Park at 11:30 a.m. and departing at 12:00 noon for a one hour cruise, with square dancing and lunch.  The cost will be $19.50 per dancer, including lunch with gratuity and a "Fun Badge".  If anyone is interested contact Barbi Ashwill at (503) 393-9320 or E-Mail: LeeBarbi@msn.com and get your name on the list.  The cruise is limited to 85 people.  Payment is due by March 1, 2002; checks should be made payable to 2002 Summer Festival and mailed to Barbi Ashwill, 4684 Ivory Way NE, Salem, OR 97305-3132. They are also having a Quilt raffle, for which tickets are available today at a $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  The quilt squares represent Oregon features with 28 ladies from the Square Dance Family providing the squares under the supervision of Erna Luchini.   Barbi asked delegates and officers to announce the ticket sales at Area and club dances.


2003 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL .  Gary Willoughby reported Mid-Winter Magic, 2003 is on track, with secured contracts for all three National/International callers (Tim Mariner, J.R. Sparks and Kevin VanVleitl); round dance cuers (Judy and Steve Storm); and an agreement pending with clogging cuer Michelle Smith.  The Committee is still developing the contract with the Fairgrounds.  Although there was an unexpected setback because the manufacturer did not have the costume material in the chosen color, another suitable fabric has been chosen and delivery of that fabric is expected soon. The Committee is also working on the design for the badges, flyers and the Program Book cover.  They invite everyone to join them January 24,  25 and 26, 2003, at the Lane County Fairgrounds for Mid Winter Magic in January 2003.


2004 SUMMER FESTIVAL.  Barbara Schaumburg reported attending the Seaside Sashay to get a feel for how the facilities would be for 2004 Summer Festival.  She felt the hall, sound and floor would be wonderful.  They are developing ideas for raising money.


2003 SUMMER FESTIVAL . In the absence of Dave Hughes, Buzz Buczkowski  reported 2003 Summer Festival now has a treasurer, so all positions for the committee are filled.  They are working on ribbons.  He said he wished the Festival could have been in Tillamook, but due to lack of help, the Festival will be in Pendleton.  


OREGON FEDERATION NEWS .  Kay Rogers noted that Dave and Jodene Hughes had resigned at the last meeting as they are no longer able to make the commitment and it would be necessary to appoint a new editor.  The OFN Advisory Committee reviewed a list of applicants and are recommending Jan Steele be appointed, subject to approval of the POOF’s at the January 2002 Federation meeting.  She felt that the appointment of Jan would work out well.  Kay moved to approve seating Jan Steele as the new editor for the OFN pending approval of the POOF’s at their January meeting.  Rex Bounds seconded.  Carolyn Bosch felt that Jan was a very good candidate.  Carolyn had offered her assistance to Jan during the transition.  In response to Barbi Ashwill, Kay said  Jan would probably be able to attend the POOF’s meeting in January.  She will also be able to spend time with Dave and Jodene putting together the December issue of the OFN, after which time the equipment could be moved to her home before the next issue was due out.  Bill Rooper reminded everyone that Jan would need assistance of at least three or four people.  He also felt it was important to have a subscription editor and an advertising manager in the near future.  Linda agreed, saying that the editor position was too much for one or two people.  Kay said she and Jan had discussed this issue, noting that Carolyn and Judy Gelmstedt had both offered to assist, as well as others.  Kay said she didn’t expect the transition to be problem free, but that there would be enough people to help Jan when and where needed.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously. 


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT REPORT .  Second Vice President Carolyn Bosch  thanked the South Coast, and Sets & Orders, for the wonderful job putting on the State Meeting.  She and Bob have been doing a little more dancing and were able to go on a visitation with the Toe Draggers to the Independence Wagon Wheelers, as well as their regular dances. In October, they attended the annual breakfast given by the Country Cut‑ups. She thanked the councils for forwarding minutes to her, noting the delegates are the lifeline of the Federation to the councils.  She asked delegates to please be sure to share all the news of the State Meetings with their local clubs.


RECORDING SECRETARY REPORT .  Nancy Cobb also thanked the South Coast.  She said she had been dancing almost every night for the last month, attending area birthday dances and helping with lessons.  She distributed a sheet with everyone’s names asking for comments, like what word processing programs are used or if someone isn’t getting minutes.  She noted a discussion took place during yesterday’s officer and delegate meetings about whether it was necessary to continue distributing the written reports, with the general consensus being that the minutes provided the necessary information.  She also thanked everyone who could provide reports via e-mail. 


CORRESPONDING SECRETARY REPORT .  Marilyn Schmit reported the following have been sent cards:  Get Well: Sandy Eddings, LaPine (2 cards, 2 surgeries); Patty Vandehey, Aloha; Barbara Lewis; Salem; Coleeta Quigley, Coquille; Don Reed, Eugene; Ann Skoe, Canby; Sarah Hampton, Keizer; Hans Bardenhagen, The Dalles; David Bishop, Wamic; Merle Gearman, San Antonio (NEC).   Thinking of You: Bill Young, Milwaukie; and Paul Dietz, Florence (congratulations for gaining his Eagle Scout award.  Sympathy: Diane LeDoux, Oregon City; Rick Ewing, W Richland, Washington; Ron Noble, Dallas; and Peggy Thornton, Midwest City, Oklahoma (NEC).


She noted the following officers and delegates do not have internet access: Lorene Griffith, Angie Barta, Dianne Beard, Rex Bounds, Jill Bard, Jim Kinkaid and Marge Pentecost.  She asked to be notified if any of those folks had e-mail to let her know, noting that Angie was working toward having access.  She encouraged the delegates to ensure that the club secretary names listed in the State Directory are correct so ballots can be mailed, via Certified Mail, to the proper person in late February 2002. 


UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA (USDA) REPORT.  Marilyn said the USDA winter meeting would be in North Las Vegas the weekend prior to Mid-Winter.  She completed the Showcase of Ideas display application and forwarded it to Warren and Debbie Judd in Minnesota.  She hasn’t done anything as Historian yet, as she is waiting for a reply on a question about where the synopsis of the history stopped and she needs to start. Her next project will be to update the display of officers and committee chairs for St. Paul.  She was asked if she was interested in running for USDA Western Region Vice President and plans to have an answer by the January meeting. 


Marilyn also thanked South Coast for hosting the meeting.  She noted that Genevieve Churchill’s 90th birthday would November 20th and asked everyone to send cards. 


TREASURER’S REPORT .   In the absence of Don Reed, Gary Willoughby said he had no report, but that he hoped in the next week or two he would have sufficient information to provide proper balances to the Federation.  In response to Barbi, Gary confirmed there were sufficient funds to cover the expense reports being turned in this weekend.  Linda personally thanked Gary for his efforts to have the checkbook at this meeting.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT .   Clara thanked South Coast for a wonderful weekend.  She reported membership packets and letters will be distributed at the Mid-Winter Federation meeting in January, and asked that each club to provide names of the new officers for their club. This information needs to be provided along with the dues for the Where and When and the State Federation.


INSURANCE REPORT .  Jim Rogers thanked everyone for doing such a good job of getting the insurance information back to him on time and expressed his appreciation for the work done to provide that information.  He reminded everyone to send in class rosters as soon as classes start.  Linda asked that either Clara or Jim provide a count of Oregon dancers and clubs at the January meeting. 


PAST PRESIDENT’S REPORT .  Barbi Ashwill thanked South Coast for the wonderful party, starting with the potluck and dance.  Lee sent his regards, but is home ill.  She and Lee attended the Hahn Barn Dance and the Mid Willamette’s Fall Festival.  They also attended the Detroit Lake weekend and the Seaside Sashay.  She noted that delegates had each received a ballot for the Randall Award and was delighted to announce there were 7 nominees.  She hoped that next year there would be one from each Council.  Because she and Lee are nominees, she noted that ballot envelopes should be sent to Kay and Jim Rogers’.  She has nomination forms available and asked everyone to consider running for officer, noting it was a wonderful opportunity to serve. 


Barbi moved that line one of paragraph 7, Section 7-32, Randall Award, that reads “with the state having 13 councils, each council may submit one nominee” be corrected to read: “with the state having 13 councils, each council may submit one or more nominees.”  Carolyn Bosch seconded.  Barbi said that the words “or more” were left out of the Practices and Procedures revisions made regarding the Randall Award last May.  Motion was voted on and carried.


PARLIAMENTARIAN’S REPORT .    Larry Reetz said he would be keeping better track of motions regarding the Practices and Procedures, noting he would make the revisions regarding the annual reprint and the Randall Award.  He added that Tim Roberts had done a fantastic job.


PUBLICITY/STATE REPORTER .   Marilyn Schmit read Jill Bard’s report stating they were unable to attend this meeting due to a prior commitment.  The 1-888-637-731 number now rings at the Bard’s home.  If there are events going on that would be helpful for other square dances, please contact the Bards by mail at 2000 River Loop I, Eugene, OR 97404-1302, or phone. 


FINANCIAL ADVISOR’S REPORT. Gary Willoughby reported he had been gathering documents so an audit for the fiscal year just ending can be completed.  Mick McKinney agreed to do the audit and Gary hoped he could provide Mick with the necessary information so the audit report could be given at the January meeting.  It was clarified that the audit report given at the September meeting was the one that should have been given in January 2001. 


EDUCATION ADVISOR’S REPORT .  Kay reported that Dave and Kathy Krause were awaiting the eminent appearance of a grandchild this weekend.  Dave has been working with Ann Skoe to develop an education program on how to start and run a successful youth club.  He would like to be able to present the program at Mid-Winter at the earliest, but perhaps not until Summer Festival.  Kay encouraged everyone to attend.


HISTORIAN’S REPORT .  Bonnie Stimler said she had provided the 2002 and 2003 Summer Festival committees the notebook from this year’s Summer Festival.  She noted that a Mid-Willamette area member had purchased a square dance badge at a yard sale which had been turned in to her to go with the other badges.  She had received information from the booth at the National Convention and a plaque, which will also be added to memorabilia.  They are still in the process of looking through what they have.  She asked if anyone had photographs or other memorabilia to please let her know.  In response to Barbi, Bonnie said she had not received anything from the OFN.  She had been able to download the minutes from the website.  Carolyn advised that in the past when the OFN received photographs without a self-addressed stamped envelope, after the issue was run, all photographs are turned over to the Historian.  Linda asked Kay to be sure that occurs with the transition.


                                                                   COMMITTEE REPORTS


BMI/ASCAP REPORT .  Ralph Lambert said everything was current with both organizations.  He distributed memorandums to the chairs of both the 2002 Mid-Winter Festival and 2002 Summer Festival regarding BMI/ASCAP fees and advising what needs to be done to satisfy other requirements.  He noted he would be submitting a two page BMI/ASCAP summary to be published when possible in the OFN to update Oregon dancers on requirements.






ORDTA REPORT .  Dennis Smith joined in thanking South Coast for hosting the Federation meeting.  ORDTA held their fall meeting on October 27, 2001, at the Emerald Dance Center and discussed their upcoming "So You Want To Be A Cuer" session to be held at the upcoming Mid Winter Festival, which will focus on reading of cue sheets.  ORDTA choose the March Round of the Month, Birth of the Blues by the late Bud and Shirley Parrott.  They also discussed the "Minidisc Ethics" session held this past summer at ROUNDALAB, essentially discussing copyright do's and don't's.  ORDTA will be writing an OFN article to educate Oregon leaders and dancers regarding this topic and plans to write OFN articles periodically on other topics.


ROUND DANCE SCREENING .   Barbara Schaumburg thanked South Coast also, noting she hadn’t danced so much in quite some time.  The Round of the Month for October 2001 is Pretty Bubbles Waltz; for November, Playmate; for December, Blue with Envy; for January 2002, Because of You; February 2002, Colors of the Wind; and March 2002, Birth of the Blues.


Kay Rogers moved that the "Requirements for Selecting the Round of the Month" in the Practices and Procedures be modified to prohibit the selection of a "special pressing" record (Section VII - page 5 - paragraph 1), seconded by Barbi Ashwill. Barbara explained the motion, which concerns special press records, was discussed at yesterday’s delegates meeting and decided that it should be tabled until the January meeting. The reason for this motion is that some of the cuers find the special presses are too expensive to purchase on a regular basis even though they are selected as a round of the month and some of the cuers like to keep the special records as their own and making them a round of the month diminishes them.   Tim Roberts moved to table the motion until the January meeting, seconded by Kathy Buczkowski.  Tim explained it was felt the motion should be discussed at an ORDTA meeting prior to the Federation taking action, and ORDTA doesn’t meeting again until January.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.




54TH NATIONAL SQUARE DANCE CONVENTION REPORT.  Barbi reported the 54th National Square Dance Convention Board is hard at work in the planning phase for hosting this Convention.  They held a required meeting with the National Executive Committee Advisors on September 20, 2001 in Portland.   At that meeting, the Advisors review the bid with the hospitality community of the host city and the General Chairman and the Assistant General Chairman and also held an "open" meeting in the afternoon with members of the 54th NSDC Board and interested dancers to review and explain the guidelines for hosting a National Convention and answer questions. It was reported that the meetings went very well and the NEC Advisors are pleased with the progress being made. Barbi reminded everyone that the Convention is an OREGON Convention belonging to the dancers. As she and Lee travel throughout the United States, Europe and Costa Rica, they have heard many dancers comment on what a wonderful Convention the Oregon dancers hosted in 1994, noting friendliness, hospitality and the feeling of being "safe" in the City of Portland.  She and Lee feel positive that the dancers of Oregon want no less this time around, which takes dollars and dancer involvement. So, they are asking the delegates, officers and visitors present to return to your areas and encourage the dancers to purchase Advance Registrations and get involved by volunteering to serve on a committee.  Contact may be made as follows:  54th Convention E-Mail Address: Lbashwill54@msn.com;  54th Convention Telephone: 503 393-2675; and 54th Convention Fax: 503 393-2685.  She also pointed out The National Squares devoted to upcoming National Conventions and contains registration forms for upcoming conventions, including Oregon’s 54th National Convention.  She urged everyone to subscribe, noting she had some copies available for those who want them.  Both she and Kay have 54th National Convention registration forms available today.  She noted programs giving information about dance times, style shows, etc., are only available by ordering them on the registration form.


SHOWCASE OF IDEAS REPORT.  Marilyn Schmit reported the Anaheim display was dismantled and photographs turned over to the Historian.  The Showcase of Ideas application has been completed and returned to Warren and Debbie Judd of Minnesota.  Marilyn said she is looking for Blitz Day photographs to include in the Showcase, noting she had received photographs from Virginia Meyers, John Hernandez, her own photos from Muddy Frogwater, and from Karel Morris.  Another part of the display will relate to the 54th National Square Dance Convention, for which ideas will be developed after Mid-Winter.


DELEGATE MEETING REPORT .  Karel Morris said the delegates had a good meeting yesterday, discussing items that are on the agenda so they are prepared to vote.  They had no new topics to add to the agenda.


                                                   OLD BUSINESS


STATE FAIR DANCING :  Linda requested feedback regarding whether the Federation should continue to dance at the Oregon State Fair.  Karel Morris said that it was probably a good idea, but with only two clubs in her area there was no support.  Bill Rooper said at least one club in the PAC had new dancers as a result of the State Fair dancing and PAC would like it to continue if at all possible.  Virginia Meyers said there was not much support from the Central Oregon Council.  Angie Barta said Emerald Empire supports State Fair dancing but would like there to be weekend and evening dancing times.  Dianne Beard said the Mid-Willamette supports continuance.  Bill said one could never know when an area would get new dancers as a result of State Fair dancing because attendees come from all over the state.  Tim Roberts moved to abolish dancing at the State Fair, seconded by Karel.  Tim, however, was not in support of the motion.  Kathy Buczkowski noted that square dancing is the state dance and felt it was important to continue dancing at the State Fair.  Cathy Pochatko said the Klamath area doesn’t support State Fair dancing but felt it should continue.  She felt the times for dancing needed to be worked on.  Barbi noted that one of the reasons Fran Bunch was concerned was because there is $200 expense.  The Mid-Willamette area has discussed forming an alliance to participate, and noted that Fran is looking at options for restructuring the dance times.  She did not want to abolish the activity.  Bonnie Stimler and Dianne Beard agreed.  Question was called, motion was voted on and failed unanimously.


PE ACCREDITATION FOR HOME SCHOOL CHILDREN:  Nancy Cobb reported that she had confirmation from the State Department of Education that a PE accreditation was not required for home school children.  However, she had obtained a list of Education Service Districts, that oversee home schooling activities, and of organizations in Oregon supporting home schooling if anyone wanted to pursue contacting them.  She felt square dancing might be able to recruit some youth from families of home schooled children.  She said she would provide Ann Skoe with a copy of the lists.


OREGON SQUARE DANCE MUSEUM .  Bonnie Stimler said they would like direction whether or not or proceed with possibly organizing and establishing a State Square Dance Museum.  Rex Bounds moved to proceed with possibly organizing and establishing a State Square Dance Museum, seconded by Dianne Beard.  Bonnie noted that everyone had received the proposal at a previous meeting.  They have investigated grants to start a feasibility study, but before applying they need to know if the proposal has the support of dancers around the state.  The museum would include a dance hall, meeting rooms and exhibition halls.  Use of the museum facilities for dancing would be at the options of the clubs.  It’s proposed that the museum would open in conjunction with the 2005 National Convention.  Bill Rooper said the PAC was in favor, but since Portland doesn’t have a square dance center at all, PAC would like the museum located in Portland.  Kathryn Ash pointed out it would take a lot of volunteers to operate the museum.  Bonnie responded that they don’t have answers to all the questions nor all the details in place yet, which is the reason to complete a feasibility study.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.


BREAK.  10:40 TO 10:55 a.m.


                                                   NEW BUSINESS


MEMBERSHIP FORMS .  Barbi Ashwill moved that the Membership Forms be changed, as soon as possible, to include a request for Club Officers’ e-mail addresses, as well as their telephone numbers and mailing addresses, so this information can be posted to the Federation website, seconded by Carolyn Bosch.  Barbi explained that the motion was amended from the published agenda.  The original motion was to include e-mail addresses in the State Directory, but during discussions at yesterday’s officer and delegate meetings, Nancy Cobb suggested that only people with access to the internet would need e-mail addresses, thus they could be posted on the website, and save the expense of adding pages to the State Directory.  The only concern expressed was that some people might not want their address posted on a website.  If they include the e-mail address on the form, they are giving permission for the Federation to use the address; if they don’t want it used, they should not include their e-mail address on the form.  Tim said an option would be to put a box to check if they don’t want their e-mail address put in a public forum.  He also mentioned that the Parliamentarian has a machine readable version of the form for revision, so the form doesn’t have to be completely typed over.  Bill Rooper reiterated that if the e-mail address is on the Federation website, it’s available to anyone, but if it’s in the State Directory, it would only be available to those who receive the Directory.  Karel Morris pointed out that putting it in the Directory didn’t allow for revision, people often change during the year, and the website, with Tim’s generous offer to keep the site updated, would contain more current information.  Kathy Buczkowski asked if the e-mail addresses couldn’t be in paper format for those who need them; she felt they would only be needed by the officers.  Dianne Beard said officers of area Councils and clubs also use e-mail addresses, not just Federation officers.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.


                                             DELEGATE REPORTS


UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL .   John Hernandez reported the Boots and Calicos held Hoedown and Halloween dances.  Classes sponsored by the YMCA and UCC were canceled.  The Buckeroos have about 20 students attending classes and will hold their annual wreath and bake sale the first weekend in December.  Pioneers ‘n Petticoats held their Birthday Dance on November 9th.  Wayne West is teaching their beginners.


TUALATIN VALLEY COUNCIL .  Tim Roberts said the 49ers and Sunset Promenaders recently had a combined mystery trip to the Capital 8's (33 visitors in 2 motor homes).  The Golden Square’s Square Bear took a lightning trip through the Council in October, transferring within the space of one week from the Valley Squares to the Toe Draggers to the Cross Trailers and then the High Lake Swingers.  Tim mentioned that Genevieve Churchill, a member of a TVC club, would be celebrating her 90th birthday.  TVC classes are doing much better this year than in the past.  The Sunset Promenaders have 29 students in its mainstream class; Hillsboro Hoedowners have 53 students in its mainstream class and 43 in round dance class; and the Eager Beavers have 12 in its plus class.  The TVC and PAC are holding their joint board meeting and Christmas dinner on December 10; the meeting is open to all dancers.  Contact Bill Rooper or Tim if you are interested.


SUNSET EMPIRE COUNCIL. Sylvia Davis reported the Clatskanie Promenaders had been very active as a traveling club, visiting several clubs in Washington and Oregon.  It was felt the Seaside Sashay was very successful and Sylvia appreciated everyone’s support.  They plan to hold the event every year.  She reported last time having 16 students, but the class is now down to 10, which includes a family with children with handicaps.  The angels are having a difficult time and Sylvia would welcome any suggestions.  They are in support of the Square Dance Museum.


SOUTH COAST AREA COUNCIL.   Karel Morris thanked everyone for coming and particularly Kathryn Ash for a good job.  She invited everyone to stay over another day.  The table favors of cranberry punch are compliments of Oceanspray Cranberry Inc. in Bandon.  Some of the South Coast clubs have started lessons, which are going well.  The Sets ‘n Order had a birthday dance and Skyloft Squares had a fall campout, both of which were successful.


ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL.  Rex Bounds reported there will be a Midway Dance for their students on December 9th at the Josephine Square Dance Center and invited everyone to attend.  There are about 60 students between the clubs in the area.  On October 6, there was a wedding reception and dance hosted by the Circles and Squares for local caller Dean and Sherry Black.  Rex said the area was slowly increasing in dancers with good classes for the last two years.


PORTLAND AREA COUNCIL .  Bill Rooper said he had enjoyed his five years as delegate for the PAC and is looking forward to attending more Federation meetings.  The new dancer classes are doing well except that the NWCCA classes in Portland have been postponed until January.  The caller classes in Beaverton are doing fine, as are the club classes.  A schedule has been prepared for New Dancer Jamborees.  Starting November 18, there is a new dancer dance scheduled every week until Christmas.  A new schedule is being prepared for 2002 with the aim of having one or more new dancer dances each month.  The annual PAC‑TVC joint dinner meeting will be held December 10 at Buster's Barbecue on SW Pacific Highway.  PAC members want to keep dancing at the State Fair.  One of their clubs signed up four new members from the contacts made there.  The proposed museum received lukewarm approval from the PAC members, with some interest shown for it being located in Portland to serve as a square dance center since Portland no longer has a square dance center.


MID-WILLAMETTE AREA COUNCIL .  Dianne Beard reported that one club in the Council was trying a new idea of charging each angel a 25 cents per lesson fee. The fee is going into a fund to encourage 100% participation at lessons.  Anyone who achieves 100% attendance, will be eligible for a drawing with the fund as the prize (currently at about $94).   They are presenting new dancers with an ambassador badge for attending 80% of the new dancer dances, to encourage participation in those dances.  They have 105 students attending lessons, with the largest clogging class ever (40 students).  Their Fall Festival was fun.  The area is in support of the museum.


LINCOLN TILLAMOOK COUNCIL .  Kathy Buczkowski reported the Coast Swingers have a small new dancer class, and are continuing to get a few new people each time a class is started.  Their cuer will be gone during November on a trip to Italy.  Sea Twirlers continue to visit clubs in the Valley and on the coast.  Toledo 49'ers have 11 good dancers in their beginner class and are looking forward to having them join the club at their Christmas dance and attend Mid-Winter Festival.  They held a demo dance for AARP in November in Waldport and have one scheduled in November at the Holiday Blowout and Fun Fair in Newport and in December in Siletz.  Their snowbirds have gone south and are  really missed.  They welcome any visitors coming to the coast for a winter weekend to come and dance with them.  Kathy said she had Fran and Al Westfall’s address in Yuma for anyone traveling that way.


INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS .  Cathy Pochatko said the Happy Huggers’ new dancer class had to be canceled because three of the four couples attending were unable to continue.  The K.C. Squares have 12 beginner dancers.  They are looking forward to their Hoedown in April.  The Happy Huggers had a hobo dance, which was the best attended dance for a couple of years.


EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL .  Angie Barta said the Emerald Empire had lessons coming along slowly, although the Wagon Wheelers had to cancel classes after dwindling from 11 students to 3.  It’s felt that word of mouth is the best way to get new dancers.  Emerald Empire has 566 Federated dancers.  Their fifth Friday dance participation is down, but it’s felt more advertising is needed; there was discussion about canceling them altogether.  The Single Trees Gospel Dance was well attended with about 12 squares.  They are collecting canned foods for Food for Lane County.  The Emerald Empire felt if State Fair dancing was held in the evenings and on weekends more dancers could participate.  Whirl-A-Ways are collecting toys for Toys for Tots program.  Don Reed is at Good Samaritan in Eugene, and Elizabeth had also been ill early in November.  Since Don was the Area Council treasurer, Wes Weathers offered  to fill in until another treasurer can be found.  She thanked the South Coast for a very fine weekend.




CENTRAL OREGON COUNCIL .  Virginia Meyers reported the Bachelor Beauts and the Sagebrush Shufflers are the only Central Oregon clubs having classes.  Dave and Barbie Cooper have a large class of round dance students, 30 adults and 60 youth.  The Sagebrush Shufflers have a small but enthusiastic class which they are retaining by “feeding them!”  The Bachelor Beauts are having their Teddy Bear dance on December 14, collecting teddy bears for Salvation Army to distribute to children who have been traumatized or abused.  They are also having square dance lessons starting in January, which are being advertised by the Parks & Recreation brochure distributed the end of November.  They are having a demo dance on December 13 to advertise the January lessons.  The Swinging Mountaineers are having their annual food drive to present to the Central Oregon Community Action Council.  The Red Rock Squares had a wonderful benefit dance the same weekend as the Bachelor Beauts had their Detroit Lake Weekend, collecting $575.00 to donate to the Red Cross.  The High Lake Swingers are looking forward to Dance Fever the first weekend in May with Johnny Preston and Deborah Parnell-Jones calling.  The Central Oregon Council is sponsoring a round dance party on December 5.




Kathryn Ash said the reports were very informative and related that one idea used to obtain 100% attendance at classes, was to have a fund for a dinner out that only dancers who attend lessons 100% can attend.  She thanked everyone for their nice comments.




DICK AND MARGE PENTECOST .   Marilyn Schmit reviewed Dick and Marge’s report.  Highlights include attending Portland Area Council meetings as delegates of the Columbia Gorge Plus Dancers and dancing with Columbia Gorge Plus Dancers, Ione Grand Squares, Country Cutups Annual Pancake Breakfast & Bazaar, Bachelor Beauts and Swinging Mountaineers dances, angeling at Swap and Swing square dance lessons, and a week’s tour of Branson, Missouri.


DON AND KAREL MORRIS .  Karel said that other than preparing for the State meeting, their big excitement was the arrival of a new grandson in Springfield.


BENJAMIN AND PENNY BROWN .   Marilyn reviewed Benjamin and Penny’s report.  Highlights included traveling to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Harper's Ferry, W. Virginia, Front Royal, Virginia, touring the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains and Appalachian Trail, then further south to Lewisburg, West Virginia, where they attended the Escapees Escapade.  In October, they spent several days in Unadilla, Georgia and toured the Prisoner of War (POW) National Monument in Andersonville, Georgia, then continued south to Rayne, Louisiana, where they attended an Escapees Medium Duty Truck (MDT) rally. Then, to Houston, Texas, where they visited with Lowell and Donna Chamberlin. Lowell is still fighting his cancer but is doing remarkably well.  They said to tell everyone "hi" and they appreciate all e-mails and any correspondence.  Please give each other hugs from us!


RAY & ZOLA JONES : Marilyn read Ray and Zola’s report, noting they haven’t been able to visit other clubs since the  September State Meeting, mostly due to the hunting season.  They have attended their own Club's dances and participated in a visitation to the Red Rock Squares special Benefit Dance in October.  They wish everyone 'safe travels', and "Happy and Memorable  Holidays"-- and, look forward to seeing everyone in January at  Mid-Winter Festival here in Eugene!


RAY & BETTY JONES .  (Received after the meeting, although delivered to Nancy via e-mail prior to the meeting - Sorry Ray and Betty):  They are sorry to miss the November meeting but not sorry to be in Arizona in the SUNSHINE!  The winter dancing season is just starting, with snowbirds still arriving.  As a note for those who may want to travel and dance, more gals are wearing tee-shirts and broomstick or prairie skirts instead of traditional costumes all the time. Men try to stick with long sleeved traditional shirts but they do see shorts at some of these early dances and more casual attire any time of the day or evening. There will be a  Welcome Back Dance sponsored by the Yuma Square and Round Dance Association on November 11, which officially kicks off the dance season. Winter festivals to be held in February are being planned and flyers will be available.  They encourage everyone to stop in Oregon on their way home, so send information on your events to post here. Have a good winter.


                                             GOOD OF THE ORDER


Nancy Cobb said she had flyers for three Buckeroo Square Dance events: the New Year’s Eve Dance, with a midnight buffet; the 50th Birthday Dance the first weekend in April 2002; and the Round-up May 31, June 1 and 2, with Darrel Clendenin calling.  She invited everyone to attend, noting there would be RV parking for all events.


Marilyn Schmit said she was willing to order the 2001 edition of the National Square Dance Directory.  If she had more than six orders, they cost $5.95 each; if less are ordered they are $9.95 each.


Bonnie Stimler said Summer Festival 2002 has a web site, www.sailintosummer.com, which includes all sorts of information.  The Braves and Braids raised $500.00 for the Northwest Medical Teams.  The Valley River Dancers will be having an all gospel dance on Friday, November 23, 2001.


Gary Willoughby said the Wagon Wheelers have decided to continue as a club and are financially solvent.


Linda reminded everyone to get motions in at least 30 days prior to the January meeting in order to have them on the agenda.  The January 2002 meeting will be on a tight timeline because there is a 54th National Square Dance Convention meeting scheduled right afterwards.


ADJOURN.  11:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Nancy Cobb

Recording Secretary