President Linda (Ralph) Lambert brought the January 27, 2002, meeting of the Federation of Square & Round Clubs to order at 9:00 a.m. at the Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, Oregon. 


            Roll call was taken by Recording Secretary Nancy Cobb as follows:


Officers: First Vice President Kay (Jim) Rogers; Second Vice President Carolyn (Bob) Bosch; Recording Secretary Nancy Cobb; Corresponding Secretary Marilyn (Ron) Schmit; Treasurer Pro-Tem Bill (Annadale) Rooper; Membership Chair Clara (Frank) Kilbourne; and Past President Barbi (Lee) Ashwill. 


Appointed Officers: Financial Advisor Gary (Betty) Willoughby; Parliamentarian Larry (Carol) Reetz; OFN Editor Jan (Jim) Steele; State Publicity/Reporter Jill (Floyd) Bard; Education Chairman David (Kathy) Krause; Historian Bonnie (Jay) Stimler; and Youth Coordinator Ann (Roger) Skoe.


Delegates:  Central Oregon - in the absence of Virginia (Hal) Meyers, Barbie Cooper; Emerald Empire - Angie Barta (Alan Prichard); Interstate Highlanders - Cathy (Ron) Pochatko; Lincoln-Tillamook - Kathy (Buzz) Buczkowski; Mid-Willamette - Dianne (Toby) Beard; Portland - Al Wolf (Gail Domine); Rogue Sis-Q - Rex (Jeri) Bounds; South Coast - Karel (Don) Morris; Sunset - Sylvia Davis; Tualatin Valley - Tim (Kathy) Roberts; and Umpqua - John Hernandez (Esther Thompson-Wood). Absent:  Blue Mountain - Bonnie (Don) Berry; and Eastern Oregon - Lorene (George) Griffith;


Committee Chairs: 2002 Mid-Winter Festival - Larry & Carol Reetz; 2002 Summer Festival and 54th National Convention - Lee & Barbi Ashwill; 2003 Mid-Winter Festival - Gary & Betty Willoughby; 2003 Summer Festival - In the absence of Dave & Jodene Hughes, Buzz and Kathy Buczkowski; Insurance - Jim (Kay) Rogers; BMI/ASCAP - Ralph (Linda) Lambert; ORDTA - Dennis (Elaine) Smith;  State Fair - Fran (Ray) Bunch; Caller Advisor - Roger (Linda) Putzler; and State Trailers Jim (Avis) Kinkaid. Absent: Round Dance Screening and 2004 Summer Festival - Barbara & Larry Schaumburg;. 


Active Goodwill Ambassadors:  Don and Karel Morris and Ray and Zola Jones.  Absent:  Dick and Marge Pentecost; Ray and Betty Jones; and Benjamin and Penny Brown.


Past President Barbi Ashwill gave the invocation.  First Vice President Kay Rogers led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MINUTES.  Karel Morris moved to approve the minutes of the November 11, 2001, meeting as presented, seconded by Rex Bounds.  Motion was voted on and approved unanimously.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT.  President Linda Lambert stated the meeting was being recorded.  She hoped everyone had a wonderful holiday season.   She thanked the Mid-Winter Festival Committee and the Emerald Empire Area for a wonderful weekend.  She said that since she grew up in Eugene she always enjoys coming back to dance with and see old friends.   She reminded everyone that mileage and motel reimbursement are not given for the two State Meetings held in conjunction with the Festivals, but to be sure and turn in other reimbursement requests to the Second Vice President for approval. 


Since the last meeting she attended several Mid-Winter and Summer Festival Committee meetings and the January Washington State Square and Folk Dance Federation meeting.  The meeting was hosted by  the Evergreen Council in Vancouver, Washington, and was held in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration for the Evergreen Council. 


Linda asked for two additional volunteers to attend and represent Oregon at  the United Square Dancers of America (USDA) meeting being held Wednesday afternoon prior to the start of the National Square Dance Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Gary and Betty Willoughby have committed to attending the meeting already.  Linda advised expenses for attendance at the meeting would not be reimbursable.  She noted that USDA is the organization that the Federation and Federated clubs obtain their insurance from and occasionally receive rebate checks for credit cards, etc. Representation from the Federation is required at least two out of every three meetings to keep the insurance.


She received an invitation from Callerlab allowing the Oregon Federation to send up to two representatives to their upcoming convention scheduled for March 25 - 27, 2002 in Richmond, Virginia.  Attendance at the Convention could be an opportunity to express Oregon dancers’ concern about moving three calls from the Mainstream program to the Plus program.    Callerlab also extended an invitation for the Oregon Federation to support the Callerlab Foundation by helping a caller attend the Callers School in conjunction with the National Square Dance Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Although both of these invitations present opportunities, there are no funds in the budget to participate.  She asked anyone interested in attending either function at their own expense, to talk with her at the break or after the meeting.


FIRST VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT.  First Vice President Kay Rogers thanked everyone on the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for working so hard to insure that dancers have a great festival to attend year after year. She was privileged this year to attend some of the meetings and said it was an eye opener to see first hand how much goes into the Festival.  She said everyone needs to do whatever possible to help insure that more dancers come to support and appreciate this terrific effort.  She also asked for everyone’s support for the OFN and state directories.


She congratulated Lee and Barbi Ashwill for winning this year’s Randall Award, noting there was some stiff competition.


She was happy to report that at yesterday's POOF meeting, Jan Steele was approved as the new OFN Editor, noting everyone should change the state directory, page 14 as follows:  Jan and Jim Steele, PO Box 985, Newberg, OR 97132‑1633; Phone 503‑538‑2881; Fax 503‑537‑0251; oregonfederationnews@yahoo.com,  Kay thanked Jan for all the work done in getting the equipment moved and managing to publish January's issue on her own.


She related the following directory changes: The correct spelling of Jeanine Norden's name is J-e-a-n-I-n-e; new PAC Delegate - Al Wolf, 15400 SE Hartnell Avenue, Milwaukie, OR 97267, Phone 503‑656‑5145, of River City Dancers. She thanked both Al, for taking over the PAC delegate position, and Bill Rooper for taking over as Treasurer.


Kay said there are additional State Directories for sale at $1.85 each and that they make wonderful gifts for graduating classes, along with a trial subscription to the OFN.


She and Jim have been busy dancing and enjoying their favorite past time, noting they had a great time at the Washington State Meeting Weekend dances. The Silver Stars and the friendship of the Evergreen Council are a welcome addition to the Federation.


2002 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL. Larry Reetz thanked his wife, Carol, for her support.  He stated that Mid-Winter Festival was a success.  He hoped to have actual numbers before the end of the meeting.  He said success to him was measured by the number of people having a good time and enjoying the fellowship of dancing.  The weather was a factor, but there were 14 squares in the New Dancer Hall.  At the youth dance last night, there were five squares of youth.  He thanked everyone, noting that the Festival wouldn’t be a success without the support of the Federation and the dancers.


2002 SUMMER FESTIVAL.  Lee Ashwill invited everyone to attend Summer Festival 2002.  He thanked the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for a wonderful time.  He reported the 2002 Summer Festival was on track, with the only concern being low pre-registrations.  The luncheon cruise on the Willamette Queen is sold out, but there is a waiting list in case of cancellations.  Those coming by RV should register as early as possible in order to have a site with water and electricity.  The Fairgrounds will allow one free trip to the dump station.  The Square Dance and Round Dance programs are in place.  A flyer with the schedule of callers and cuers is available at the Summer Festival 2002 registration table. The halls will be closed for dinner from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturday night for entertainment in the arena area, which will be square dancing on horseback (taught by Dick and Marge Pentecost) and cowboy poetry. At the end of the Grand March, there will seating for as many of the dancers as possible during the ceremonies. There are “beautiful” Summer Festival mugs available for sale.  Everyone was invited to "Sail Into Summer 2002" and each person challenged to register one other couple by the May 2002 State meeting.


2003 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL.  Gary Willoughby was pleased to announce that Aaron and Linda Gibbens would be the co-chairs for 2003 Mid-Winter Festival, and step into the position of 2004 Mid-Winter Festival chairs.  They are working on final design of badges and flyers, with a visitation schedule to commence in June with a visit to 2002 Summer Festival.  There will be an organizational meeting in March, in conjunction with the close out meeting of the 2002 Mid-Winter Festival.  He thanked Kay for her comments about giving input back to the Festival Committee about things that are liked and that are not, because the Committee wants to satisfy as many as possible. 


2003 SUMMER FESTIVAL.  In the absence of 2003 Summer Festival chair Dave and Jodene Hughes, Buzz Buczkowski said Dave and Jodene had met with he and Kathy to discuss details and developed a flyer.  Volunteers are coming forth, with good support from the local clubs.  They had a good dance class, with all students joining the club, so they are working hard to increase their membership.


2004 SUMMER FESTIVAL.  Marilyn Schmit read Barbara Schaumburg’s  report, which was that everything was on track for 2004 Summer Festival.


OREGON FEDERATION NEWS.  Kay Rogers said that at the last meeting a motion was approved to seat Jan (Jim) Steele as the new OFN Editor pending approval of the POOF’s, which was done yesterday.  She said the Federation was very glad to have Jan.  The POOF’s approved two recommendations which require the Federation’s approval.  The first was to increase the OFN petty cash fund from $100.00 to $200.00, as $100.00 was not sufficient cash on hand, and to change the Practices & Procedures to reflect that the fund be replenished at least at State meetings, noting it could be replenished between meetings if necessary.  The other recommendation was that the responsibilities of the OFN business manager be added to the responsibilities of the Federation Financial Advisor.


Kay moved to increase the OFN petty cash fund from $100.00 to $200.00, seconded by Carolyn Bosch.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously. 


Kay moved that the responsibilities of the OFN business manager be added to the job descriptions for the Federation Financial Advisor, seconded by Barbi Ashwill.  Kay stated those responsibilities included reviewing the monthly statements showing all deposits, which the Federation Financial Advisor already does.  This would allow the Federation to have a better grasp of the OFN financial situation, the number of magazines being published and the number of subscriptions and ads, regardless of the status of the OFN editor.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.


Jan advised the editorship was transferred to her on December 15, 2001, which  included picking up the equipment and inventory from Dave and Jodene in Hermiston.  They finished the January issue on their own, with a lot of great support, as Dave had completed a great deal already.  Subscription and advertisement receipts are accounted for, and the data base has been updated.  She related that when people call the OFN they will get a “live” voice and she would be responding to e-mails immediately.  The US Post Office only forwards second class mailings two times, and then discards that mail, so subscribers’ magazines can’t be held.  They received 25 new subscriptions, with 68 renewals after January 21.  There have been 66 expired subscriptions since the end of the year, and 74 expire at the end of the month.  The OFN is running about 1,246 magazines each month.  She completed the February issue of the magazine totally on their own.  One other issue that Jan resolved was the recovery of the US Post Office second class periodical permit. 


Barbi thanked Jan for her efforts.  Another issue that the POOF’s brought up was that subscribers need to check the OFN magazine mailing label for the expiration date of the subscription.  The OFN will no longer give grace periods for expired subscriptions.  Kay noted Jan had extra magazines and urged those who don’t take the OFN to take one for the subscription form or pass it on to local club members.


At Kay’s request, Don Wiggins volunteered to attend the press breakfast in St. Paul, as Jan and Jim would not be able to attend.


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT REPORT.  Second Vice President Carolyn Bosch  thanked the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for a wonderful time.  She congratulated Lee and Barbi for receiving the Randall Award, as they are most deserving.  She added her thanks to everyone for prayers and good thoughts (following her recent surgery) and especially the chocolate malts that came her way.


Carolyn passed on a "GOOD JOB JAN" for the wonderful job she has done getting the last two issues of the OFN out, and a special thanks to Jim and Jimmy for their efforts and helping Jan wherever possible.


She and Bob attended the TVC/PAC Joint Dinner in December, two  Toe Dragger dances in January and the Saturday night dance for the Evergreen Council's 50th Birthday.


RECORDING SECRETARY REPORT.  Nancy Cobb also added her thanks to the Mid-Winter Committee.  She said the Buckeroo Square Dance Club graduated 19 students in December, with 17 joining the club. Those households that joined the club each received a state directory and a three month trial subscription to the OFN.  She attended the Evergreen Council’s 50th Birthday Dance on Saturday night and had a good time, getting some ideas for the Buckeroos upcoming 50th Birthday Day Dance on April 6.  She invited everyone to attend that dance. 


CORRESPONDING SECRETARY REPORT.  Marilyn Schmit reported the ballot  envelopes are ready for the ballots and the resumes of the nominees running for office.  The envelopes will be mailed by March 1 and must be returned to Marilyn by May 1, 2002.  Inside the envelope is the ballot, instruction letter, resumes and return envelope.  She asked that anyone who needs stationery notify her so she can make an order.  Cards have been sent as follows: Sympathy: Wayne Wood, Seaside, loss of wife; Dale Worthington, Warrenton, loss of mother; Bruce & Janet Lowther, Salem, loss of daughter; family of Charles Koertje, Albany; Urchyl Bohard, Corvallis, loss of husband; Sara Goff, Albany, loss of son; Al Thiels, Corvallis, loss of very close friend; family of John Smith, Florence; Judy Nunn, Salem, loss of father; and Worley & Nan Carrier, Florida (NEC), granddaughter shot and killed.  Get Well: Lloyd Eckert, Dufer; Lee Ashwill, Salem; Grace Hibbs, Dallas;  Alberta Baker, McMinnville; Linda Lambert, Salem; Harold Kleve, Hillsboro; Jack Shelley, Tillamook; Sherri Miller, Tillamook; Lloyd Coventry, West Linn; Jerry Herring, Keizer; Carolyn Bosch, Beaverton; Gene Hiserote, Coos Bay; and Connie Clark, Aloha.  Thinking of You: Irma Garlick, Salem; Bob & Joanne Schindler, Tillamook; and Judy DeChenne, Spokane.


UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA (USDA) REPORT.  Marilyn said the USDA winter meeting was held in Las Vegas.  They square danced with the Good Times Square Dance Club on Friday and witnessed the Fremont Street Experience (a laser light show four blocks long downtown).  Possible new USDA affiliates are South Dakota, Ohio and Washington.  USDA approved a motion that all publications would be free and they can be ordered on-line at USDA@USDA.ORG, then go to the publications icon.  The 2003 USDA Winter meeting may be held in Washington, DC, with plans to possibly dance at the White House to influence the House and Senate to pass the National Folk Dance legislation, although the Oregon delegation has not signed as a co-sponsor of the bill.  Another credit card rebate is planned for June 2004. 


Marilyn said a group from USDA would be asking for a meeting with the Callerlab president and executive director prior to the March convention to discuss a feeling of dissention between the various organizations, the dropping of calls and the dress code.  She asked if anyone had other items of discussion to let her know so she could forward those concerns. 


There were no applications for the USDA scholarship this year.  The prescription cards are doing well with the first royalty being $9.25 and the latest, $129.00.  The USDA Youth Committee made a video to assist in the teaching of mainstream for youth that will be available at no charge.  She noted Oregon would have four votes at the Wednesday USDA meeting at the St. Paul Convention.


TREASURER’S REPORT.  Pro Tem Treasurer Bill Rooper noted that a balance sheet and profit and loss statement had been distributed to everyone.  He explained the  $5,000.00 listed for 43rd National Convention were funds set aside to keep the 43rd National Convention corporation active.  He believed those funds were not Federation funds and should not be included in the balance sheet.  The Mid-Winter account purpose was unknown to Bill, nor did he know whether it could be used by the Federation.  The 54th National Convention fund was set up to loan funds to the Convention when Oregon received the bid for another convention, which has already been processed.  A beginning balance won’t be available until Mick McKinney completes the audit.  Larry Reetz explained the Mid-Winter fund was monies set aside to loan to the Mid-Winter Festival Committee to be used as seed money each year.  Gary noted the Federation had received $165.00 from license plates sales, which is used as a donation each year to the Federation charity, H.O.R.S.E.S.  The amount under “equity” for the cooperative advertising fund was monies paid out between September 1 and December 15.  The cooperative advertising fund has been closed and any balance, after requests that were supposed to be in by January 15, would go back into the General Fund.  Upon questioning by Carolyn about the negative balance in the OFN, Bill said that all deposits received for the OFN had been made.  He paid Jan $1,000.00 for postage in advance.  Upon questioning by Barbi, it was clarified that all OFN bills would be paid and that hopefully the audit report to be made at the May meeting would clarify the financial position of the OFN.  Barbi Cooper said that the postage was always paid in advance and in previous years, within a few months of the advance, the subscription and advertising receipts balanced the account.  In response to Barbi Ashwill, Bill Rooper suggested any consideration of a budget transfer be delayed until the May meeting.  Linda thanked Bill for the statements being in a format she could read. 


MEMBERSHIP REPORT.   Clara Kilbourne also thanked Mid-Winter for a successful Festival and congratulations to Lee and Barbi for receiving the Randall Award.  Clara reported delegates had been given packets with membership forms for each Federated Club and Council.  Attached are letters to help the Councils in gathering the information needed to comply with the State requirements.  The packet contained:  a letter to the Council Delegate about the need to receive and edit all information from their clubs, collect monies and turn in to Area Council for a check to the Federation for State Dues and Where and When listing in the Oregon Federation News, to be turned in at the May 19, 2002, State meeting;  a  letter to each Council Delegate and each Club with the necessary requirements; and a letter to each Club Secretary with self-addressed envelope to return the Annual Renewal of their Corporation papers.  She hoped the letters would help achieve better compliance with the State requirements and completion of the Membership information for the State Directory.  She thanked the delegates for helping the clubs in securing the required  information.


Clara said she had received notification from the Oregon Corporation Commission that two clubs in the Rogue Sis-Q Council are not in compliance.  They are the Siskiyou Stompers and Oregon State Cloggers Association.  She had talked to Rex Bounds, who thought both clubs were still operating, and she gave him one month for those clubs to be reinstated by the State of Oregon and send copies of the reinstatement to her. 


Linda advised that anyone could go online to the Secretary of State’s website and obtain information about the status of a club with the State.  Clara said she had actually accessed the information online and had made copies for her files.


INSURANCE REPORT.  Jim Rogers said delegates had been given Insurance Certificates for each of the clubs in their area.  He asked the delegates to be sure the certificates are delivered to the clubs.  Forms were also distributed for reporting new members, along with a reminder that each club must report and pay for new members through June 30, 2002.  Linda said she had asked for a total number of Federated dancers at the last meeting; the number is 4,370.  Kay had advised Linda that number is down just a few from a year ago. 


PAST PRESIDENT’S REPORT.  Barbi Ashwill also thanked the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for the wonderful weekend, acknowledging the great effort it takes to put on a Festival.  She reminded everyone that the upcoming Federation Benefit Dance would be held on Sunday, April 7, 2002 at the Salem Square Dance Center from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. She challenged each of the 13 delegates to form a team, like for last year’s September Blitz, to fill the hall with dancers. She said everyone should remind the dancers in each Council about what a worthy cause the Benefit Dance is, how much fun they are and that admission is a “donation of the dancers’ choice.”  She asked that information about the dance be given to students at lessons and encourage their attendance as well.  Secondly, she asked that delegates ask clubs and councils to please support this worthy Federation project that occurs only once each year, by the clubs making a donation of a minimum of $5.00 each and the Council a $10.00 donation.  Flyers for the benefit dance have been distributed to delegates, with white flyers that can be used to make additional copies if they are needed.  Checks can be made payable to H.O.R.S.E.S. and mailed to: Barbi Ashwill, 4684 Ivory Way NE, Salem, OR 97305-3132.


PARLIAMENTARIAN’S REPORT.    Larry Reetz had no report.


PUBLICITY/STATE REPORTER.   Jill Bard advised the 1-800 number for publicity had only one to three calls in recent months but the number increased to about 20 with Mid-Winter.  The cost is approximately $20.00 per month for the 1-800 number and she questioned if the Federation wanted to continue that expenditure or if there were ideas to get the number to people who could use it.  She said she had received a four-fold flyer with general information about square dancing, with the suggestion Oregon might want to use a similar flyer to leave at Chambers of Commerce for visitors.  She researched the cost and an 8-1/2 by 14 inch printed, folded flyer would cost $27.50 for 250 or $45.00 for 500.  She noted there are still Oregon state decals at $1.00 each.  Barbi suggested that the 1-800 number be provided to everyone’s local Chamber of Commerce.  She said the decals made a good way of identifying luggage when traveling. 


FINANCIAL ADVISOR’S REPORT. Gary Willoughby said that although he didn’t have a report, he welcomed Bill Rooper as Treasurer and appreciated Bill’s willingness to take the position as it was a great responsibility.  He asked to meet with those concerned about the Financial Advisor taking over the responsibility of OFN business manager to work out the details. 


EDUCATION ADVISOR’S REPORT.  Dave Krause reported Ann Skoe had agreed to do an education seminar at the Summer Festival on how to form a youth club.  Next year at Mid-Winter, he plans a seminar entitled “How to Keep People from Canceling Out.”


HISTORIAN’S REPORT.  Bonnie Stimler said she had received an item from a delegate today for the Historian’s files.  She and Jay are starting on plans for the Oregon Square Dance Museum and said a packet had been distributed to almost everyone.  Jay advised the packet included a letter explaining plans, asking for seed dances to obtain the services of an attorney to properly form a corporation for the Square Dance Museum, which in turn makes it eligible to receive grant funding.  Eventually, they will apply for a grant to fund formation of the corporation but it would be helpful to have some seed money first.  The packet also contains petitions for each Council and club in the state; there are 4,500 dancers in the state and they would like to have 10,000 signatures (signature doesn’t have to be a dancer, it can be anyone who supports the concept and doesn’t have to be a registered voter) to support the grant applications showing a broad support base in Oregon for the establishment of the Museum.  The petitions would also be used to gain support of the Oregon Legislature in the form of letters supporting the grants and eventual funding.  Linda suggested that signatures be solicited from dancers in neighboring states. Bonnie outlined some of the grants available and emphasized the importance of getting the signatures.




BMI/ASCAP REPORT.  Ralph Lambert stated everything was current with both organizations.  ASCAP increased its rate for 2002 to $0.064 per attendee.  He issued a revised memorandum to the chairs of the 2002 Mid-Winter Festival and the 2002 Summer Festival advising of the rate change. BMI requested advance payment in the amount of $186.30, which was  requested from the Treasurer.  The Federation pays ASCAP based upon actual festival attendance.  Since 2000, the Federation made an advance payment to BMI at the beginning of the calendar year, with the hope the expense would be recouped from the individual festivals.  Ralph provided a copy of an analysis of the status of recouping those fees from the Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals, which showed:  1) The rate per attendee has changed very little over the years; 2) the attendance at Mid-Winter festivals has dropped by 50+%; 3) the attendance at summer festivals has dropped by 25+%;  4) the annual payment to BMI was based on actual attendance in 1999; based on past history, that seemed a reasonable amount;  5) the annual payment to BMI has not increased in three years; and 6) the Federation has absorbed a loss of about $50.00 per year for the past two years. 


The 2002 Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals were advised to plan to pay the BMI fee based upon the $0.05/attendee.  It would not be fair to change their rate at this time. Two years of data for BMI was not sufficient to request a reduction in fee.  Ralph recommended that the Federation proceed as follows:  1) continue to charge the 2002 Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals at the $0.05/attendee rate; 2) after the 2002 Summer Festival there would be three years of data for analysis; 3) if the data continues to show a significant loss, then he would try negotiate a fee reduction from BMI  based on a total of 2,500 attendees @ $0.05/attendee equaling $125.00.  If that’s not successful, the Federation can: 1) continue to absorb the unreimbursed fee; or 2) adjust the fee charged the festivals to more closely reimburse what BMI charges the Federation (perhaps $186.30 divided by 2,500 total Festival attendees equalling $ 0.075).  Ralph said if there was no objection, he planned to proceed as outlined and advise of the status at future meetings.  There was a comment from the audience showing a vote of confidence for Ralph to proceed (with applause following). 


YOUTH ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR’S REPORT.  Ann Skoe thanked those responsible for the great youth program at Mid-Winter, noting it was well attended and appreciated.  She thanked the Bosch’s for providing the penguin charms that were given to the youth.  She noted there’s a bag of badges going around for sale to support the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival which is usually held in British Columbia every April. 


STATE FAIR COORDINATOR’S REPORT.  Fran Bunch said she had no report, only that it was time to start planning as the Fair would start planning and develop a theme next month.  The business providing sound in the past retired but Fran spoke with Scott Zinser who agreed to provide sound for $180.00.  If there are other options, please let her know.


STATE TRAILERS.  Jim Kinkaid noted the Federation owns two trailers that are used for square and round dancing and clogging, which he maintains.  During 2001, the trailers were used 19 times by 14 groups, all over the state.  Both trailers are in good condition, but some tires may need to be replaced and he’ll be recoating both floors.  Both licenses are due in April 2002 at a cost of $60.00.  He asked for permission to dispose of a caller-cuer platform that he’s been storing.  He also would like to dispose of a utility trailer that was donated that’s not being used.  After discussion, Tim Roberts moved to approve the expenditure of $60.00 to register the two trailers, noting the titles for the state trailers are in the possession of the State Trailer Chair, seconded by Sylvia Davis.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.  Tim moved to authorize the disposal of the caller-cuer platform, seconded by Rex Bounds.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.  Because the utility trailer was donated, it was felt Jim could simply dispose of it.


ORDTA REPORT.  Dennis Smith said his children enjoyed the youth program and thanked the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for organizing it.  ORDTA held its annual meeting yesterday, discussing the motion on the table regarding special pressing records and nominations and elections of officers.  Dennis said as a result he would continue in his position ORDTA representative to the Federation.  He welcomed Don and Pat Wiggins as new members of ORDTA.  Yesterday, they also held their “so you want to be a cuer” panel, with no perspective cuers but a good discussion and enjoyed having Al and Linda Shaw who are Executive Secretary for Roundalab. 


ROUND DANCE SCREENING. Marilyn read Barbara Schaumburg’s report indicating that the round of the month for April, 2002 is "Spinning Wheel Waltz" written by: Brenda & Lloyd Juhala and chosen by the Interstate-Highlanders.  E-mail notification and certificates had been sent out.  Barbara and Larry are enjoying their vacation in Texas.  She asked that the delegates ask Council Presidents to notify Barbara of the ROM representative changes, so she can get the ROM tapes to the correct individuals on time.


CALLER ADVISER’S REPORT.  Roger Putzler had no report.


54TH NATIONAL SQUARE DANCE CONVENTION REPORT.  Lee Ashwill reported the 54th National Square Dance Convention Board Chairs have been filled and the seven Chairmen are seeking volunteers to fill key positions.  Volunteers are encouraged to contact the Chairmen if interested.  Anyone interested in volunteering, but not sure what area they would like to work in, should contact Lee or Barbi to figure out an appropriate Chairman to contact.   A delegation will attend Oklahoma City, Oklahoma’s Pre-Convention March 6 - 9, 2002.  Oregon’s Pre-Convention is scheduled for the week of March 15 - 20, 2004, and will be the responsibility of Gary and Betty Willoughby, the Assistant General Chairman.  A Pre-Convention contract has been negotiated with the Lloyd Center DoubleTree, which will be the Headquarters Hotel.  Computer Coordinators Tim and Kathy Roberts are working with the Denver Assistant General Chairman to develop a computer program that will serve National Square Dance Conventions now and in the future.  If the program develops successfully, future Conventions will gain a huge benefit from the results.


Advance registrations from the Oregon dancers are lower than Lee would like, but the Board will keep promoting them.  A delegation attended the last Washington State Federation meeting and found the Washington dancers to be most gracious and warm.  The group was represented by Registration/Housing Chairman Kay and Jim Rogers, Computer Coordinator Tim  and Kathy Roberts, Services Chairman Bob and Carolyn Bosch, Publicity Chairman Don and Pat Wiggins, Assistant Publicity Chairman Wynn and Sandy Cupp, Assistant Social & Special Events Chairman Jim and Sharon Punteney, and Oregon State Federation President Linda Lambert and Recording Secretary Nancy Cobb.  Eighteen advance registrations were sold there.


All seven committees are fully functional and they are very proud of the team, which will continue to stress that Oregon will be a "Class Act" and represent Oregon in that manner wherever they go.  Lee asked all the Officers and delegates to promote advance registrations at every opportunity. The more up-front funds available, the easier it is to accomplish the early requirements. The best advertisement is wearing the ribbons, which are available for those who complete advance registration today.  Lee thanked everyone for their support.


SHOWCASE OF IDEAS REPORT.  Marilyn Schmit asked everyone to check the OFN to see if she needs any assistance for pictures or other ideas for the display.  She would welcome help to distribute roses and trees to the attendees from anyone attending the St. Paul Convention.  Chris and Debbie Funk agreed to be co-chairs.  Although, they are unable to attend the St. Paul Convention, they will assist Ron and Marilyn over the next two years and work on the Portland showcase if Ron and she decide to take one of the co-chairs for the 2005 National Convention. 


DELEGATE MEETING REPORT.  Angie Barta reported the delegates had discussed the special pressing motion, OFN matters discussed at the POOF meeting, some computer matters and ORDTA.




Barbi Ashwill moved that the tabled motion from the November state meeting be untabled for discussion, seconded by Karel Morris.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.  The motion to be discussed is as follows: that the “Requirements for Selecting the Round of the Month” in the Practices and Procedures be modified to prohibit the selection of a “special pressing” record (P&P Section VII, page 5, paragraph 1).  Dennis Smith related this matter was discussed at yesterday’s ORTDA meeting.  He noted it seemed that the main issue was the cost of a “special pressing.”  The members at yesterday’s meeting did not feel cost was an issue, but rather part of doing business.  British Columbia limits their periodic rounds of the month to just round dance labels and they don’t have the selection of dances that Oregon has available.  He felt it was more important for the Federation to consider opening up the rounds of the month to other media besides vinyl.  ORDTA recommended defeat of the motion.  In response to Jim Steele, Linda indicated the different media was actually a problem with the Harvey Fox Agency, but that  wasn’t the issue under discussion.  Bonnie Stimler spoke in favor of the motion based on the cost and the limited number special pressing records.  She felt passing the motion wouldn’t eliminate special pressing, only prohibit the special pressings from being a round of the month that could be difficult to obtain because of the limited numbers.  Kay Rogers said she had spoken with Barbara Schaumburg regarding this matter.  Barbara indicated that when rounds of the month are chosen, the Council must select three choices from among about five tapes.  Barbara then checks with the shops that provide the records and the choice for round of the month is based on availability (in other words, if number one choice is not available for sale, Barbara goes to the number two choice), making this motion a non-issue.  Tim Roberts felt the Federation should allow the Round Dance Screening chair to handle this issue.  Motion was voted on and failed. 


BREAK.  11:15 TO 11:28 a.m.




STATE OFFICE NOMINATIONS.  Barbi Ashwill thanked the nominating committee, Bob and Carolyn Bosch, Cathy and Ron Pochatko, Dave and Kathy Krause, and Kathleen Gould for their efforts in seeking potential candidates for office.  She asked everyone to think about the fact that the Federation is not in compliance with its procedures as there are supposed to be two candidates for each office.  The Washington Federation has a representataive from each council making up the nomination committee.  Barbi plans to submit a motion on this matter for consideration at the next meeting.  Candidates who have not provided Barbi with a completed nomination form and photograph have until February 1, 2002, to forward both to Corresponding Secretary Marilyn Schmit.  A statement of 50 words or less telling why the candidate wants to be elected may also be submitted.  Marilyn will submit all information to the OFN Editor for inclusion in the March OFN.  Each candidate should be aware that although they are not allowed to campaign, they are allowed to be cashiers and greeters at the Oregon Federation benefit dance on April 7, with Barbi assigning duties that day, and candidates being introduced during the break.  Candidates for elected state office are: Membership Chair - Clara Kilbourne, Mid-Willamette Area Council; Corresponding Secretary - Marilyn Schmit, Mid-Willamette Area; Recording Secretary - Nancy Cobb, Umpqua Area; Treasurer - Bill Rooper, Portland Area; Second Vice President - Dianne Beard, Mid-Willamette Area; and Barbi Cooper, Central Oregon Area; and First Vice President - Carolyn Bosch, Tualatin Area.  She noted that First Vice President Kay Rogers would automatically ascend to the position of President. 


Nominations from the floor for Membership Chair were opened.  Rex Bounds moved to close nominations, seconded by Karel Morris.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.  Nominations from the floor for Corresponding Secretary were opened.  Kay moved to close the nominations, seconded by Rex.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.   Nominations from the floor for Recording Secretary were opened.  Carolyn moved to close the nominations, seconded by Angie.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.  Nominations from the floor for Treasurer were opened.  Carolyn moved to close the nominations, seconded by Karel.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.   Nominations from the floor for Second Vice President were opened.  Carolyn moved to close the nominations, seconded by Cathy Pochatko.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously.  Nominations from the floor for First Vice President were opened.  Kay moved to close the nominations, seconded by Cathy Pochatko.  Motion was voted on and carried unanimously




BLUE MOUNTAIN COUNCIL. (The following report was received via e-mail):  The La Grande Star Promenaders offered classes last fall, but only had three students, who all had health problems, so lessons didn't happen. The club decided not to start lessons again in January.  Instead they will focus on the dancers they have by offering beginning and advanced round dance workshops.  They are also going to try assigning two couples as host and hostess each month, who will choose and plan a theme dance for their month. Hopefully, this will create more fun and excitement for their dances. Last year they had a bigger turnout on Thursday workshops than at Saturday night dances.


The council has two special dances coming up. The LaGrande Star Promenaders will host their annual Sweetheart Dance on February 9th, and vote for a couple to be King and Queen Sweethearts.  The Baker City Elkhorn Swingers will host their annual "Spring Fling" on April 27th. 


At their December council meeting they voted in new council officers, as follows (update your directory for Blue Mountain Council):  President Tom (Lucille) Thomason, PO Box 586, Baker City OR 97814, Phone 541-523-6953; Secretary Barb (Curtis) Walter, 904 N. Ward, Milton Freewater OR 97862, Phone 541-938-5640. 


CENTRAL OREGON COUNCIL.   Marilyn read Virginia Meyers’ report.  Highlights included that the Red Rock Squares’ home at the Redmond Grange burned on December 17th, leaving the Club scrambling for locations to hold their Christmas Party and the beginning square dance and round dance lessons, as well as the regular dances. All events were held at other locations but the Red Rocks are now doing an inventory of supplies, banners, etc., as everything was destroyed. Lessons for new square and round dancers will be held at the Clog House in Redmond, starting January 6th, and regular dances will be held at that location until further arrangements can be made.


The Bachelor Beauts are looking forward to successful square dance lessons again this year and have just completed a very successful season of round dance lessons with 20 students completing the two-step instruction.  As if everyone doesn’t know…they have discovered one of the best tools in encouraging square dance attendance is food, and the "Teddy Bear Night" is a close second (teddy bears collected are donated to the Salvation Army for needy, traumatized children). 


The Swinging Mountaineers collected food at their Christmas dance, which was given to the Central Oregon Community Action Agency Network for folks in need.  Workshops or beginning level plus lessons will start on January 6th at the Clog House in Redmond. 


The Central Oregon Round Dance party on December 5th was a huge success. The youth taking lessons have been very well received and three boys attended the dance.  There were 35 couples in attendance (again lots of food as encouragement - that’s why the kids come out).   The formation of a round dance club is being contemplated with "parties" being held once a month. 


EASTERN OREGON AREA COUNCIL. (Received via US Mail).  Lorene Griffith reported the Hermiston Square Knots started lessons in January and are pleased with the turn-out, which includes square dancers who recently moved to the Hermiston area. 


Ione Grand Squares will start lessons on February 5, 2002. They are dancing their regular schedule, but at different locations, so be sure to get in touch when visiting the area.


EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL.  Angie Barta explained the gift of filberts are a local crop.  Ray Jones was appointed as interim treasurer for the Council.  The Council Fifth Friday dances are being discontinued because of loss in revenue and low attendance, but the Cascade Callers will have the New Dancers Jamboree, the Trail’s End dance at Mid-Winter and the benefit dance.  The area attended the new dancers dance at the Florence Fun Bunch on December 12.  The Council has its slate of officers to be voted on in April.  The Single Trees had a good turn-out  for a benefit dance honoring a long time member, Inez Williams, who recently passed away. 


INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS.  Cathy Pochatko thanked the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for a wonderful weekend.  She reported the New Year’s Council Dance was one of the biggest they’ve had in a long time, with a ham dinner.  Potato Festival will be in October and this will probably be the last Tule Twirler’s Hoe Down. 


LINCOLN TILLAMOOK COUNCIL.  Kathy Buczkowski reported the Coast Swingers continue with new dancer classes and workshops for club members.  They visited the Elvis Dance in Portland and plan to attend Mid-Winter.  Check out their new website at http://coastswingers.org, which contains club information, announcements and a 2002 dance schedule.  She gave an update on Sherri Miller, president of the Coast Swingers, and Jack Shelly, president of the Valley River Dancers, who were badly burned when the house they had just moved into burned to the ground.  Sherri is out of the hospital and is healing.  Jack is comatose at Legacy Emanuel Burn Center but slowly improving.  They need lots of prayers and everything to start over.


Toledo 49er’s had a great Christmas dance with their new dancer class attending.  They graduated eight new dancers last week, with seven joining the club and planning to attend Mid-Winter.  This year the angels invited the new dancers to Burger King after each class and found that the social meeting and eating seemed to contribute to their sense of belonging.  Club members have started visitations to promote Loyalty Days Weekend on May 3 and 4 at the Newport Middle School.  Parking will be first come, first served.  There’s a parade on Saturday and time to visit boats, shop and sightsee.


The March 30 Lincoln-Tillamook Area Dance, hosted by the Sea Twirlers, will be at Gleneden Beach Community Club and all were invited to attend.


MID-WILLAMETTE AREA COUNCIL.  Dianne Beard thanked Mid-Winter for a wonderful time, noting that she and Toby had attended for about 25 years and only missed one Festival.  At the last the meeting, she reported  one club in the Council was trying a new idea of charging each angel a 25 cents per lesson fee, which went into a fund to encourage 100% participation at lessons.  Anyone who achieved 100% attendance would be eligible for a drawing with the fund as the prize.  The club recently graduated nine students and seven had perfect attendance, so she believed the idea was successful.  One area student had 100% hearing loss, and although he was very enthusiastic, he couldn’t hear and was ready to quit.  He purchased his own hearing enhancement equipment and continued lessons.  As a result, Lester Frakes wrote a poem entitled “Through the Eyes of a Beginning Dancer.”  Dianne read the poem, which will be published in the OFN and provided to the Historian.  Dianne said she read the poem so that everyone would remember that new dancers are the inspiration and lifeline of square dancing. 


PORTLAND AREA COUNCIL.  Linda welcomed Al Wolf, Portland Area Council’s new delegate.  Al reported the PAC donated $500.00 to the American Red Cross to benefit September 11 victims, with area clubs donating an additional $260.00.  Many clubs will be graduating new dancers in the next months and several will be starting lessons in January and February.  Al introduced Chuck Bos who will be alternate delegate and noted that Connie Rodgers would be the new PAC area OFN editor.  There will be a Fifth Friday dance on March 29th.  PAC, Tualatin Valley and Evergreen Council, Washington (Tri-Council) will sponsor a dance on March 30th at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver.  PAC will sponsor a Rose Festival Dance on Friday, May 31st, with details to be announced at a later date.  Portland area clubs will participate in the International Showcase in conjunction with the Rose Festival, with more information available later.


ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL.  Rex Bounds reported several clubs canceled dances at the end of the year due to the holidays.  They had a free Christmas Day Dance with area callers and cuers and four New Year’s Eve dances in the area and Northern California that were very successful.  In the first week of January, the Southern Oregon Single Squares held their annual Pajama-Rama Dance, which was a lot of fun.  Classes that started in the fall held their first student level dance on December 9th and one every weekend since.  Ramblin’ Rogues started classes on January 6 with a good sized turnout.


SOUTH COAST AREA COUNCIL.   Karel Morris said the South Coast Area Council is scrambling to find candidates for officers for the upcoming election.  To date, there are no candidates and there is some discussion of disbanding the Area Council.  Saints ‘n Aints have 24 students that are about to graduate.  They changed the date of their Coastal Fantasy to Memorial Day Weekend, so the event won’t be in competition with the Beachcombers annual Battle Rock Dance on Labor Day Weekend.  Sets in Order are having a silent cake walk auction at their Valentine Dance.  Skyloft Squares had a catered dinner party for Christmas.  Now half of the club members have gone to Arizona for the winter. 


Other highlights included that Beachcombers started a new class January 10 with fall beginners continuing and "angeling" the brand new beginners.  Birthday dance weekend will be July 4‑6.  a March benefit dance is planned by Saints'N'Aints for the local Boys and Girls Club.  They will host the annual 50‑60 dance in February and their birthday dance is in April.  Lessons are going well with about 24 students!   Sets in Order canceled its March 9 dance to attend Winston Boots & Calico's birthday dance.  Dances are held the 2nd Saturday at the Community Building and the 4th Saturday at Lincoln School.


SUNSET EMPIRE COUNCIL.  Sylvia Davis said the Sunset Empire would have an amateur calling night on the third Saturday in February and invited everyone to attend. Highlights from her report included that Harvey and Delores Hunsucker visited the Hayshakers to celebrate their Christmas dance on December 1.  The Hayshakers decided that next year they would donate toys for children instead of a gift exchange among the members. They also provided a map, in cooperation with the Astoria Builders Supply, of the best lit homes in the Astoria/Warrenton area, including a contest for the best lit home with a first place prize of a $25 certificate from Astoria Builders Supply and  free dancing lessons from the Hayshakers for each area.   Larry and  Barbara Schaumburg are on vacation for four months so the Hayshakers will have guest callers during this time.


The Promenaders had their Christmas dance on December 8 and have been visiting other clubs.


TUALATIN VALLEY COUNCIL.  Tim Roberts related he had a “painful” experience here at Mid-Winter, because they wanted to have dinner close to their motel and the only restaurant within walking distance was the “Hungry Duck!”   The TVC and PAC held their annual joint board meeting and Christmas dinner on December 10, with about 50 in attendance including representatives from Mid‑Willamette and Evergreen Councils as well.


TVC, PAC, and Evergreen Councils are holding a joint dance, sponsored by the TVC, at the Clark County Square Dance Center on March 30.   They are trying to make this "Tri‑Council" dance an annual event with rotating sponsorship.  The TVC's annual President's Potluck will be tomorrow, January 28th, at the Odd Fellows Hall in Hillsboro.  All council presidents, club presidents, and club vice presidents, past and present, are invited to the potluck for fellowship and to see how TVC meetings go.  They will put out a “fish bowl” to collect donations to help the Red Rocks restock their supplies lost in the fire.  TVC caller Harold Kleve had hip surgery but is doing much better.


Lessons in the TVC continue to do well.  The Hillsboro Hoedown still has 5 squares of students, and the Sunset Promenaders have 29 students.  The Toe Draggers, who just started lessons in January, have six enthusiastic squares on the floor including angels.


UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL.  John Hernandez noted again that the Buckeroos graduated 19 students, with 17 joining the club.  However, other clubs are having difficulty starting lessons, even though they’ve tried to start them through the YMCA.  The Boots and Calicos had a great pajama dance, with lots of interesting slippers.  The Pioneers ‘n” Petticoats had a “brag book dance,” to display photographs, flyers and other memorabilia that they were proud of, naming the Buckeroos the most “braggable” club due to their upcoming 50th birthday.  They will have a “wearing of the green” dance for St. Patrick’s Day.  




DICK AND MARGE PENTECOST.   Marilyn Schmit reviewed Dick and Marge’s report.  Highlights include that Dick and Marge have attended Portland Area Council meetings as delegates of the Columbia Gorge Plus Dancers, and danced/called/cued at Ione Grand Squares, Swap and Swing, Country Cutups, Wy’East Whirlers, Hermiston Square Knots, and practiced with Ft. Dalles Riders Square Dancers on Horseback.


RAY & BETTY JONES.   (Received via e-mail).  Ray and Betty danced in Quartzite recently with a number of other Oregonians and had a great time.  This weekend they attended the Southern Arizona Dance Festival in Tucson, Arizona.  This is the busiest time of year in the Southwest, with many more winter visitors and dancers arriving in town right after New Years.  There are long lines to cross into Mexico and tight security is evident.   They wished everyone a great Winter Festival and invited everyone to attend the Yuma Festival on February 8, 9 and 10.  They’ll be back in the spring.


DON AND KAREL MORRIS.  Karel said since the November State meeting they have only danced in their own area, finding out how difficult it is to stay up until midnight for the New Year's Eve, which was an area‑wide dance sponsored by the Saints'N'Aints.   They had a great visit by Lee and Barbi Ashwill, showing them mild January weather (for the Oregon coast) with some huge ocean surges, and great wave watching at Shore Acres State Park.  Karel and Don are leaving mid‑February to join most of their other club members already in Arizona.  When the club returns, they will meet on the Rogue River for their annual spring campout. 


BENJAMIN AND PENNY BROWN.   (Received via e-mail) Since the last State Meeting in November, Benjamin and Penny spent Thanksgiving at Southlake, Texas, then traveled to Kerrville, Texas; Spring Branch, and south to Harlingen, Texas, where they had a very nice visit with Don and Shirley White, who are doing great.  At the time of the e-mail they were in Quartzsite, Arizona, "boondocking" in the desert (free dry camping), but spending their savings on the flea market!  From Quartzsite, they  will go east to Mesa to visit Ken and Nancy Carson,  and south to Yuma to attend the Yuma Square Dance Festival, then to San Bernadino, California,  to attend an Escapees Escapade in March, which they seem to be getting more involved, becoming Volunteer Club Representatives (Goodwill Ambassador for the Escapees organization) and joining a disaster relief group.  They wished everyone a good time at Mid-Winter and look forward to seeing everyone in May.


RAY & ZOLA JONES: Zola told Tim his experience eating out in Eugene could have been worse, because there’s also a restaurant in Eugene called the “Wild Duck!”  Because of the busy holiday season, they danced mostly in the Eugene area. However, they did go on a special visitation with the Mid-Winter Festival Committee to the Buckeroo Square Dance Club in Roseburg for New Year’s Eve, with a great dance and very good buffet at midnight.  She and Ray have been serving as interim treasurer for the Emerald Empire Area since November due to Don Reed’s illness, which they will do until Council elections in late March.  They are leaving for southern Arizona and California for the winter a week after Mid-Winter.  They also will attend the Yuma Square Dance Festival in February, where they will see many other Oregon dancers including Ray and Betty Jones, Al and Fran Westfall (who are the chair of the Festival this year).  They will promote Oregon’s 2002 Summer Festival during their travels.  They always enjoy seeing everyone at Mid-Winter and feel that one of the best examples of goodwill for Oregon dancers are the two annual state festivals.  They have served on the Mid-Winter Festival Committee for many years as it is such a rewarding experience for them, seeing the end result of smiling dancers thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Zola encouraged everyone to encourage area dancers to serve on a Festival Committee. 




Ron Schmit said he was advised that due to the weather there are poor road conditions on I-5 North and anyone in RV’s was welcome to stay at the Fairgrounds another night. 


Linda Lambert noted at the Washington state meeting, the hosting Council was the first to report and then in alphabetical order after that, which allows a change of the order in reporting.  She wanted to start that process at the state meeting in May.  There was some discussion about how that would be handled for the minutes and the agenda. 


Bonnie Stimler reported that Jack Shelly is now conscious, responding to stimuli, starting skin grafts, and improving.  He’s no longer on life support.  The Valley River Dancers and the Coast Swingers are having a benefit dance on February 17, 2002, at the Salem Square Dance Center from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.


Roger Putzler advised that Ivan Midlam would be celebrating 50 years of calling the first week in April and there will be a dance on Friday, April 5, 2002, to honor him sponsored by his club, the Buccaneers, at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center.  This is a surprise for Ivan.


Lee Ashwill thanked the Federation, Councils, clubs and dancers for the Randall Award he and Barbi  received last night, saying it belonged to the dancers of Oregon and Washington.  Barbi said they were very honored and that they had a lot of work they wanted to continue.  She related that Genevieve Churchill was pleased to have a mailbox full of birthday cards!


Larry Reetz reported Mid-Winter had about 1,600 dancers in attendance, with 75 to 80 youth.

He felt Gary Willoughby’s Committee would continue to promote youth activities.  He thanked all the clubs for welcoming the youth as part of the family activity of square dancing.  He also thanked everyone present for coming.


Carolyn Bosch thanked Floyd Bard for a very tasteful, moving celebration as the Grand March entered the hall last night. 


Linda once again thanked the Emerald Area Council and the Mid-Winter Festival Committee  for providing a wonderful weekend.


ADJOURN.  Meeting adjourned at 12:18 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Nancy Cobb

Recording Secretary