Hosted by Sunset Area Council
Seaside Convention Ctr - Seaside Oregon

Meeting brought to order by President Carolyn Bosch at 9:00 AM.

This meeting is being recorded.

ROLL CALL: Recording Secretary, Jodene Hughes.

Officers: All present, except Clara Evarts (Membership).

Appointed Officers: All present, except Ronnie Wiser (Historian), Jim & Avis Kinkaid (State Trailers) & Harold & Barbara Kleve (Caller Advisor).

Delegates: All present except Reta & Phil Harkins (Interstate Highlanders), Coleeta & Chuck Quigley ( South Coast) Buzz & Kathie Buczkowski (Lincoln/Tillamook) and Spencer & Barbara Lewis (Dave Luchini substituting for MWA)

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All absent except Al & Fran Westphal and Ray & Zola Jones.

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President Kay Rogers

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President Dave Cooper

MOTION by Barbara Schaumburg

I move that we accept the minutes as presented. 2nd by Dennis Marsh. Motion carried.

PRESIDENT: Carolyn & Bob Bosch

My thanks, to the Sunset Council for a wonderful festival. You did a wonderful job and it shows what a small group of dedicated volunteers can accomplish.

Square dance week activities from each council are due and please tell us what your council intends to do for square dance week.

We traveled to Port Orford and the Beachcombers. It was a great fun and relaxing weekend. What a great way to spend the 4th of July. Think about making this weekend part of your plans for next year.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: Dave & Barbie Cooper

Barbie and I have had a great summer. We were at the Beachcombers 4th of July weekend dance, 3 days of fun dancing with Darrell Newell and Scott Zinser calling. We spent last weekend at Diamond Lake, as usual a really fun time. We have been assisting Jim Burge, the caller from Prineville, with a group of youth dancers preparing for a demo at the Central Oregon Roundup in Sisters the 3rd weekend in August.

Before you is a copy of my proposed budget for 2004-2005, I thank my wife, Barbie, for all the effort and time she put in to organizing and developing this document. If you have questions about this budget, please contact me before our next meeting in September.

I will need a Financial Advisor this next year. Please see me if you are interested.

2004 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Barbara & Larry Schaumburg

No written or email report.


Discussion on selecting new printer. Vivian presented several options at the POOF meeting regarding this process.

MOTION by Dave Cooper

I move that we accept River Graphics as our new printer as of 12-01-04.

2nd by John Guches. Motion Carried.

2005 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Peter & Beverly-Hills Wood

No written or email report

2006 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Dennis Marsh & Ilana Widders

Thank you to the Sunset Area Council. This is indeed a beautiful setting for dancing. Your hospitality is equally beautiful and appreciated. The Mid Winter Festival 2006 is moving along. We have received word from our caller and cuer that they will be sending their contracts back to us this week. We are still waiting to hear if our clogging cuer will be accepting our offer. For 2006, we want to have ribbons as well as flyers available at the 2005 Mid Winter. Therefore, as soon as we get a response from our clogging cuer, these items will be printed the first week in October 2004. We will repeat the offer to the delegates for a free Mid Winter Ribbon when helping us to sell ribbons in their area. So expect Koala-T square dancing in 2006 where we will be Dancin' Down-Under!

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Dennis Marsh & Ilana Widders

No written or email report


Since I have turned in my resignation due to work obligations I would like to ask that you make a diligent search to find a replacement. Dave and I will not be at the September meeting, so someone will have to at least step up for that meeting.


I would like to thank the Sunset Area Council and Delegate Sylvia Davis for hosting the state meeting.

I would also like to thank Larry and Barbara Schaumburg with their committee for all the work they did with the summer festival. It is a fine festival they put on and we really had a great time here in Seaside!

Get well cards went out to:

Jeanette Wilson, she had knee surgery in April and is reported to be doing well.
Ed Craig, caller for the 4-N-8ers and the Checkerboards had heart surgery June 7th
Terry Pearson, "Sheriff "for the Wolf Pack in the Emerald Empire Council is having Chemotherapy.
Deanna Padget had knee surgery
Judy Grover for eye surgery
Dorees Dingman, hip replacement surgery
Agnes Knowles for surgery
Joanie Mann for surgery
LaVerne Bennett for Foot surgery
Peggy Vosgien is in ICU in Salem for Heart problems as of July 28

Condolence Cards went out to:
Carl Moore, his Father passed away.
Doug and Janet Wilken, his Mother passed away June 9
Joyce Buzzard, a retired Caller for the Portland area, her husband passed away on May 14
Lucille Barnes, her Husband, Clinton passed away
Steve and Teresa Reavis. His mother passed away
Pat Olsen her partner, Dick Davenport passed away

Vivian Fairburn reported to me the passing away of Jeanne Solberg July 22nd. She was a Square Dancer for 45 years. If anyone knew her and has an address for her family I would like to send a condolence card.

Thank-you, end of my report

TREASURER REPORT: Bill & Annandale Rooper

For report see Recording Secretary. Report on file.

MOTION by Bill Rooper

I move that the Federation approve the action of the Officers in issuing a check to the Lloyd Center ice arena in the amount of $5,000.00 from the ice rink fund. 2nd by Bob Bosch. Motion carried.

MEMBERSHIP: Clara Evarts

No written or email report.

INSURANCE: Judy Gelmstedt & Chuck Bos

Thank you Sunset Area Council for the nice dinner and dance. We had a really good time.

The new members being reported has slowed down quite a lot since the middle of June.

I have been trying to open a petty cash checking account since our last state meeting. Still have not succeeded. Bill and Jodene had to sign the papers before I could do anything. When I got them back and took them to the bank, Jodene had missed one signature, and since it was only a week until this meeting I needed to get it signed this weekend. B of A wants $9.00 a month service charge and $14.00 for a box of checks.

Mt. View has a $5.00 service charge if and when you go under $100.00 and charges $10.00 for a box of checks. There is one-time membership fee of $15.00 however; they cannot open an account for us since all of our officers live out of the Gresham area. If there is not a problem with having a different ban, I will keep searching for a better deal. $9.00 a month seems expensive.

PAST PRESIDENT: Kay & Jim Rogers

No written or email report

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim & Kathy Roberts

During the new business section, we are going to discuss and possibly vote on new rules regarding council membership. This is something Kay & I volunteered to do several meetings ago. It appears that there is not universal agreement on the direction we went, so if you have comments, I hope you will speak up.

I would like to add a "suggested seating chart for Federation meetings" to the P&Ps. I have distributed copies of my suggested setup. Comments are welcome.

I would also like to add a policy that, at each Federation meeting, the President should announce the dates and locations of the next 4 meetings. Comments on this are also welcome.

I would also like to confirm, just for my own purposes, that Emerald Empire is going to host a meeting next summer. Is that the plan? Answer was YES.


No report.


Hope that you got to attend the Education Seminar yesterday in the Sea Mist Room. There were lots of good facts about Club Leadership Certification.

The Education Seminar at Mid-Winter will be a repeat of the 2004 Seminar about Teens and their feelings about the future. You have six months to get teens involved and get them to participate. They can contact Marilyn Schmit for more details.

Publicity has been out in the articles each month of the OFN and in the Upcoming Special Events listing. Keep me posted for more events to list as I will be keeping that page after the installation of officers in September.

I did receive a phone call from a lady in Monmouth who looked up Square Dance-Oregon on the internet and called me for a demo at Western Oregon College this last Friday. Since a lot of people are here in Seaside, I had to tell her that no one was available to assist. She said that was OK and she would keep my name and number handy for future demos as they have an activity once a month at the college. So we will demo at a later date.

Don't forget to let Madame President know what your club or council is doing to celebrate National Square Dance Week. It is September 12-18 and we install officers on the 19th. So we should be able to hear some reports at the next meeting.

HISTORIAN: Ronnie Wiser (absent)

No report

MOTION by Dave Cooper

I move that the Federation rent a storage facility for the Historian material, place to be determined at their discretion. Storage not to exceed $30 a month.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph & Linda Lambert

Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.


No written or email report

MOTION by Dennis Marsh

I move that we allocate the money that was raised at the Benefit Dance for the youth, to be put in a scholarship fund. Seconded.

MOTION by Dave Cooper

I move that we table that motion until next meeting. 2nd Bob Bosch. Motion carried.

STATE TRAILERS: Jim & Avis Kinkaid (Absent)

No report.

ORDTA: Dennis & Elaine Smith

Good morning. Thanks to Sunset Area Council for a wonderful festival.

ORDTA met yesterday morning. There were 12 teaching units in attendance.

We're still looking for Round Dance topics and authors for the Cuers Corner in the OFN.

We continued our discussion about the rapidly dwindling sources of music for Rounds of the Month. A motion was made and passed to request that the state federation be requested to add CDs as a source of music for Rounds of the Month.

We also had a question and answer session with Debbie & Paul Taylor.

Our next meeting will be October 16 at 10:00 AM at the Emerald Dance Center in Springfield.

MOTION by Kay Rogers

I move that we allow CD's to be accepted as a source of music for Round of the Month, in addition to the current 7" 45 RPM records. 2nd by Dennis Marsh. Motion carried.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara & Larry Schaumburg

No written or email report.

CALLER ADVISOR: Harold & Barbara Kleve

No report


Action pertaining to the 54th NSDC is growing at a very fast pace. At the end of July 2004, we have 3,223 dancers registered. That number is growing quickly.

There are in excess of 260 dancers who have paid their deposit to go on the Alaska Cruise following the conclusion of the Convention.

Our quest to rent the Lloyd Center Ice Arena is almost a reality. The good news is that the Lloyd Center Ice Arena has finally agreed to give us a contract to utilize that facility during the 54th NSDC. The really good news is that because of the generosity of the dancers, Clubs, Councils and this Federation, we are approaching our goal of raising $10,000.00 to be matched by the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs to make the $20,000.00 needed for the rent. Since we first met with the Lloyd Center Manager, the cost of renting that facility has risen from $20,000.00 for the three days to $30,000.00. More good news. The Manager of the Lloyd Center has agreed that the management will absorb the additional $10,000.00. When we arrived at the Summer Festival, we had $7, 518.46 in contributions. We are positive that we will reach the $10,000.00 goal and, hopefully, exceed that. The more we raise, the less the Oregon Federation will have to match. We will not stop our efforts to seek contributions.

SPECIAL EVENT!!!!! We do have a Special Event for you. Wednesday night, June 22, 2005, Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts will perform. This is a 50's and 60's party. We are encouraging all of those who have the clothing to dress as they did in the 50's and 60's. That includes poodle skirts, saddle shoes and scarves for the ladies; jeans, penny loafers, letterman jackets and T-shirts with rolled up sleeves for the guys. You do not have to wear this type of clothing to attend, but we encourage you to if you desire. There will even be a miniature dance contest with prizes. Having previewed this act, we will assure you that no one will fall asleep during this performance. Tickets are $15.00 each and are ordered on your Registration Form. If you have already Registered and did not order a Special Event ticket, you can do so by completing another Registration Form (mark at the top ADD ON) and indicate the number of tickets you want and include a check or the credit card information for the amount due. You may buy tickets for non-dancing family and friends if you want to. They are welcome, but the only way they can get a ticket is to have a registered dancer buy the ticket for them. If you choose to dress up in the 50's and 60's clothing and want to go to the Trails End Dances following the Special Event, you can go to those dances in your 50's and 60's attire. Otherwise, appropriate Square Dance apparel is required to attend those dances.

We are still seeking many, many volunteers. There are jobs from as little as two hours during Convention to 11 months (from now until Convention). We encourage all dancers to help by volunteering some of their time. Also, we ask that you encourage the dancers of your Clubs and Councils to volunteer some time.

Remember, if there is a profit, 5/6 of the money goes back to the Clubs and Councils who are members of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. 1/6th of the profit will be returned to the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. This is YOUR Convention and it will only be as successful as you make it. SHOWCASE OF IDEAS

The Showcase of Ideas in Denver was a success after the Oregon Federation display was moved down the row to be next to the 54th National display. They were separated when we arrived but made note to the Showcase Directors that our application stated they were to be next to each other.

We were provided with 2500 new pins designed by Barbi Ashwill and provided by POVA. We gave most of them away during the Showcase and provided the Vice Chairman and Directors each a hand full.

We saw many friends from years past and missed more friends who were unable to attend. We also made new friends as we always do.

We have 44 tables booked for next year already due to some face to face meetings with people who are there every year. Will be sending out letters in October once we receive the participant listing from Denver.

We are accepting names from people who are good Yellow Rockers and want to disburse good will to the visitors in the Showcase in Portland in June 2005. Debbie McKaughan is the Director and will take your names if you would like to help for a couple of hours during the Convention.




MOTION by Kay Rogers

Madame President, I move that the proposed change to Section III of the Practices & Procedures be adopted. 2nd by Dave Cooper.

MOTION by Doug Hartzell

I move that we table that motion until the September meeting. 2nd Bill Rooper. MC



Graduations, two trips back east, and a trip to the Washington Summer Festival since the last state meeting, has rather limited my participation at the area dances so this report will be brief.

Whirl-a-ways - after a fun night at their annual "Pie and Ice Cream Social" have gone dark for the summer.

Danebo Circle 8's - had a mystery bus to the Charlie Brown club in Grants Pass on June 5th. Everybody had a great time and especially enjoyed the potluck dinner provided by the host club.

Boots and Sandals - along with other Emerald Area square dancers, danced on a float in the Bohemia Days Parade in Cottage Grove on July 17th. Leonard Snodgrass called and as usual was a big hit with the crowd.

After the Big Foot Bash, June 26th, Sweethome Squarenaders went dark for the summer.

Single Trees - welcomed back, former club caller, Dale Roberson for their Hawaiian evening on June 11th. The abundance of fruit on the snack bar and the casual Hawaiian attire set the stage for a relaxing and fun dance.

Wolf Pack - had a Crazy T-shirt dance on July 16th and Ilana Widders stole the show in her realistic bikini T-shirt (front & back). To bad Dennis Marsh didn't wear one to match.

The Emerald Empire Area hosted two dances. Their annual benefit dance was on May 29th with the proceeds going to food for Lane County and a rather impromptu dance featuring Mike Sikorsky on July 14th. Although they only had two weeks notice they managed to get the word out and there were 10 squares on the floor.

The Mid-Winter Banner Bandits continued their quest for banners and are fast approaching 20 captured banners. Their "Raid" July 9th to the Salem Swinging Stars consisted of 26 committee members. Be aware your club could be next.

INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS: Reta & Phil Harkins (absent)

No written or email report turned in.

LINCOLN-TILLAMOOK AREA: Kathy & Buzz Buczkowski (absent)

No written or email report turned in.

MID-WILLAMETTE AREA: Spencer & Barbara Lewis (absent)

Dave Luchini substituting

No written or email report turned in.


Many clubs have gone dark for the "hot" summer months while other clubs are dancing "casual" during this time.

The Starlite Parade on June 5th started out with cloudy weather and ended up with a downpour of you know what. Silver Stars and River City Dancers along with some dancers from the State Federation had a great time. Thanks to "Chef" Lee Ashwill and Barbie too, for a great barbecue/potluck prior to the parade.

The June 13th Ice Arena benefit dance was a huge success with 320 people having a great time dancing to caller Tony Oxendine and cuer Neva Reid. A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who contributed in making it the celebration it was. $2,631.40 was donated by the dancers. We owe our deepest gratitude to Judy Gelmstedt and Chuck Bos who solicited over 50 raffle items which brought in an additional $681.00

PAC had their picnic meeting on June 21st. A smaller crowd than normal attended, as many were at Nationals in Denver.

A benefit dance for improvements to the Oak Grove Community Center will be at their hall on Thursday, August 5th. Randy Dibble will call and Jeanine Norden and Patty Hermann will cue. Casual dress is suggested.

Carson Campout sponsored by the Columbia Gorge Plus Club will be the weekend of August 21st in Carson WA. Plus caller will be Bill Helms and Marge Pentecost will cue. Mainstream caller will be Bill Reid with Neva Reid as cuer.

Lessons will be starting soon. We all need to be an angel and help where we can. The future of square dancing lies with us.

Tri-Council dance consisting of PAC, TVC and Evergreen Councils will be October 30th at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver.

Remember the State meeting and installation of officers will be at the Boring Barn in Boring, OR and hosted by the Country Cut-Ups on September 18th & 19th. Hope to see all of you there.

ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL: John & Glory Guches

The Charlie Browns Danced on a float in both the Boatnik Parade in Grants Pass and at the annual Rooster Crow Parade in Rogue River, they distributed fliers for upcoming lessons in the area.

The Star Promenaders did an outstanding job with the 31st annual Diamond Lake Festival on the 21st through the 24th of July

The council and the callers and cuers association are gearing up to run a new video advertisement on the TV for there upcoming classes, the new video was filmed at various dances through out the council and will be aired for 3 weeks before the lessons start.

SOUTH COAST AREA COUNCIL: Coleeta & Chuck Quigley (absent)

Beachcombers plus lessons are over for the year but we are still plus dancing with a plus dance on the 4th Saturday of each month. Our new officers are in place and plan on trying new things for more fun which is the name of the game for dancers. Plans are underway for our birthday dance over the 4th of July. We have a good line up of callers and cuers so plan ahead now to attend.

Jefferson Squares - No report.

Saint's 'n Ain't have been having plus lessons on Sunday's with excellent results. All of the South Coast Clubs have been participating with 6 to 7 squares of enthusiastic learners. We will be dark the 1st Saturday of both June and July. However, we will have our regular dances the 3rd Saturday and are utilizing "local" talent by using Moe Owens and Coleeta Quigley (callers in progress) for those dances.

Sets-In-Order have been having guest callers at our dances due to Johnnie having to retire from calling because of health problems. We will be having Dale Roberson and Ray Graves throughout the summer and into fall. Darrell from Hillsboro will be calling our BIRTHDAY DANCE October 13. Our lesson class will graduate May 25. Jim Harris has done a wonderful job with them and they are very enthused to become a part of our club. We will have a float in the Coquille Gay 90's parade on June 5 and are also planning a float for the Coos County Fair Parade July 31.

Skyloff - No report.



We hope that those who came to the Summer Festival had a good time. We hope that you had enough fun that you will decide to come back for the Seaside Sashay, October 22 & 23, 2004.

We had our Mardi Gras dance in June. We had 4 plus squares & had a great time. We had our Carnival dance in July & that also was a lot of fun.

We had a visitation to Garabaldi for their Garabaldi Days dance with Wade Driver. Nine of us went to that. It was quite hot but we had a lot of fun.

Next for our Club is the Beach Bingo dance, August 21 & our annual picnic August 29 on Sunset Beach with floor & games.

Don't forget to come to our Seaside Sashay in October.

Hope your summer has been a good one.


No written or email report turned in.

MOTION by Bob Bosch

I move that the TVC and Coast Swingers put on the 2006 Summer Festival in Tillamook on August 20th, 2004. 2nd by Doug Hartzell.

MOTION by Dave Cooper

I move that we table the motion until the September meeting. 2nd by Al Wolf. MC

Discussion: Reason for tabling the motion is that, there are two entities that would like to host 2006 Summer Festival. Bids will be submitted at the September meeting.

UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL: Darlene "Dar" Sconce

RELAY FOR LIFE The UAC sponsored a square dance team for the Roseburg Relay For Life, July 17th & 18th, 2004. The "Twirl-A-Ways" raised a total of $1983.00 for the American Cancer Society. This team did an awesome job!!!!! We competed in volleyball, tug o'war, the obstacle course, the cancer quiz and scavengers hunt. We were first in the scavengers hunt and scored an 8.5 for the talent contest (we had 2 squares of square dancers that danced to a CD by Joe Saltel). We had members from all area clubs. Karen & Willy Schmidt from Pioneers and Petticoats camped out with us and provided a lot of the decorations. Other team members not mentioned are: Bob and Betty Sawyer Mary Kirkpatrick, Mark Stern, Hal & Rosie Dean, Cyd Hall and myself. We have a certificate from the ACS that we'll hang in the barn. This is a very worthwhile cause and fun event and the way the clubs all pulled together and helped support our team.

All the clubs in the UAC have been dancing on a modified-casual schedule during the hot summer nights. There were several dancers that attended Diamond Lake Festival and marched in the Grand March. (The shortest grand march in my history of dancing!!!)

Mike Sikorsky called a super weekend and Ray and Virginia Walz cued the rounds.

Clubs are gearing up for dancing at the DC Fair August 10-14, 2004. There will be some good entertainment this year and entrance is free to dancers who wear proper square dance attire and their club badge. John Michael Montgomery, Diamond Rio, BTO and CCR are schedule for the entertainment.

We are preparing for our big event September 12-18. Briefly it will be a council event with an Open House and Dance Party at the Buckeroo Barn where all clubs in the council will participate as well as other dance groups in the area.

Pioneers & Petticoats have hired Peter Wood as their caller/instructor. Their next big event will be the Plumb Fancy Ball, which will be a community fund-raising effort. This will be held November 12, 2004 at the Buckeroo Barn.

Lessons for the clubs are being scheduled with information to be distributed at the DC Fair and the Open House event.


The area dancers have now graduated and are visiting with other clubs; getting used to new callers and picking up a few new moves along the way. It is rewarding to see their expressions when they feel they have accomplished a move they have had problems with.

Summer is a busy time with many activities. Some of our dancing has slowed down. However, their have been demonstrations at Crazy Days, Miners Jubilee, and County Fairs to keep us in the public eye. Some of our dancers are making plans to attend Summer Festival.

We have two specials coming up soon. The Muddy Frog Weekend, the third weekend of August in Milton-Freewater. This is a combined community and square dance activity with lots of fun and good food. The September 11 and 12 weekend there will be dancing at Wallowa Lake with caller Dick Spooner and Al Wolverton. This will also be our Square Dance Week Council Activity.


At our last council meeting, lessons and Demos were discussed at great lengthier the summer and fall. New ideas and thoughts were introduced. If we combine some clubs and if we stagger lessons from the fall through early spring. Here's one good suggestion if the instructor is not from your club it may be wise for that caller to call most of the dances for the next three months. It would allow the new dancers to at least be familiar with the caller and become accustom with the other dancers.


The Sagebrush Shufflers are still continuing to fight for a space in the new hall being built in Powell Butte, where they have danced for years They have been having stuff sales and other fund raisings to help with a new floor. Like so many other clubs they have been forced to raise their dues to $10.00 to cover their insurance costs.

A new thought for them is, at their big Thanksgiving dance and dinner, to have someone come in and teach some of the old dance moves and calls.


The Sundown Round Dancers continue to dance on the first Monday of the month and had a great turnout that survived the 4th of July festivities and the heat. There has been a good increase in attendance after the winter intermediate lessons. They have participated in a number of Demos, The Collage of Culture, Crook Co Fair, Jefferson Co. Fair and Deschutes Co. Fair and up coming Rim Rock Festival at the Crooked River Ranch in Sept.


The Red Rocks recently held their First "Bird Watching Event" and even though we didn't have a large dance, there were four squares and everyone had a lot of fun. We have been dark a lot this summer for holidays, other special events, etc.; but still dancing and having a great time. Some dancers will be going to Diamond Lake and we are gearing up for the Central Oregon Roundup's "Country Affaire" in Sisters in August. We have decided to go casual for some of our dances this summer because of the heat.




Numbers are down for the summer but as they say in Australia "not to worry mate" Their July 17th BBQ always brings them back to the hall and it is the big summer boost. In Sept. is the Back to Dancing Dance and that should get them up and going again. Detroit Lake Weekend will again be held in October and a good chance for the valley folks to come and join them.






No written or email report turned in.


Ray & Zola Jones

It's so good to see all of you again, as it seems so long since January in Eugene--because we were unable to attend the May meeting due to a family conflict.

We attended all of our own club's dances in May and June, (our Club goes dark in July and August); and also our Club's Summer Campout in June. In late May we attended a special dance at the Square Dance Center hall in Springfield, and then the end of May was our Emerald Empire Area Council's annual Benefit Dance--this year for the "Food For Lane County" organization, which we attended. On June 4th to 6th we went to the annual "Buckaroo Roundup" in Roseburg; what a fun weekend--the Buckaroos Club are always such great hosts, and feed you a lot of good food too! And Joe Saltel is really a 'fun' Featured Caller.

In July; just two weeks ago; we headed to Diamond Lake for 8 days in our RV in the campground on the lake shore, and to attend the annual Diamond Lake Festival--always hosted by the Star Promenaders Club of Medford. What a great week; weather was much cooler than the 100's + in the valleys--and nights are always cool too. Raymond fished 6 mornings, and of the rainbow trout he caught; one was 20 in. long and another was 19 in.! And he cooked them all in our 'Smoker' this past Tuesday and Wednesday. There were over 40 members of our Whirl-A-Ways Club attending the Festival, most of us in RV's at the campgrounds from 4 to 9 days! If you've never attended the Diamond Lake Festival--you've missed a special annual weekend at what is probably one of the most beautiful locations for a dance in Oregon: a large, outdoor floor by the shore of the lake, looking across the lake at snow-capped Mt Bailey, and after dark the moonlight shines back across the lake too.

Wherever we go--we check to be sure there is a supply of Pre-Registrations for the 54th National Square Dance Convention in 2005, and also Summer and Mid-Winter Festivals, and there has been--and dancers have been picking them up! Coming up this month, in August; a special dance weekend with National Caller, Mike Sikorsky at the Emerald Dance Center hall in Springfield--Saturday-the 14th is a Plus dance; Sunday-the 15 is Advanced and C-1, and Monday-the 16 is a Mainstream dance. Then on the 20th and 21st is the annual Central Oregon Roundup held this year in Sisters.

So if we don't see you at any of these--we'll be seeing all of you again at the next Federation Meeting in September; just next month!

Until then - - Safe travels and 'Happy Highways'.

Don & Karel Morris (absent)

It doesn't seem possible it was five years ago when we were appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors. What a humbling experience and very special honor. How quickly the years have flown by.

Unfortunately we are no longer dancing and our local club has become a traveling club, so we don't have as many opportunities to be with all the wonderful, caring, hard-working people we met through our association with the Oregon Federation (being South Coast Area Delegate for 9 years and Historian for 6 years).

Thank you, each and every one, for the opportunity of knowing you, working with you and sharing in our favorite activity - square dancing.

Benjamin Brown (absent)

No report

Al & Fran Westphal (absent)

We are so pleased to be able to attend this festival. It is always enjoyable to renew friendships and share the fun of a festival experience.

Last weekend, we were among a good crowd at Diamond Lake Festival. The weather and dancing were great (well, the afternoons were a bit too sunny). The weekend gave us a chance to try out our new to us small 5th-wheel.

We would like to take this opportunity to report that George and Bernice Gruchalla continue to cope with George's cancer. He is not in pain, but he is weak and continues to lose weight. They will be pleased to hear from friends and may enjoy visits (call ahead). Their address is 2210 Laurel Ave. N.E., Salem, OR 97303.

Past Federation President Clint Barnes (1979-80) passed away July 7. We were able to attend the memorial service, where Al spoke about the many contributions Clint and Lucille made to square and round dancing in Oregon over a forty year dancing history. Genevieve Churchill & Ruth McKnight Steeprow (also Federation Past President's) also attended.

Our good friend Dorothy Murray, widow of Ray, Federation president in 1978-79, is suffering with back problems. She is taking treatments and therapy.

Harold & Barbara Kleve

We have been busy with our club (Sunset Promenaders) dances and classes. We graduated a class of new dancers in Feb. Just last week we also graduated a class for the Tri Squares. We have attended dances of several clubs in the area. In March we took in all the pre-convention activities and met some wonderful people from out of state. April was our club beach trip. We invited 4N8ers to join us and had a very good outing.

The end of April we attended the 49ers Loyalty Days celebration in Newport. We just had to buy something from their Silent Auction. Just last week we called a demo dance at Portland Community College for the Washington County Historical Society's annual Draft Horse Plowing and open house.


Marilyn Schmit - I have bumper stickers available.

Vivian Fairburn - Let me know when your lessons end, and I will give you some OFN's

for your students.

Lee Ashwill - Mentioned that Marge Pentecost fell and hurt her tailbone.

ADJOURN: Meeting was adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,
Jodene Hughes
Recording Secretary