Hosted by Emerald Empire Council
Albany Expo Center, Albany, Oregon

Meeting brought to order by President Dave Cooper at 9:30 AM.

ROLL CALL: Recording Secretary, Marcia Snodgrass.

Officers: All present.

Appointed Officers: All present, except, Barbara & Larry Schaumburg, Round Dance Screening.

Delegates: All present except, Reta & Phil Harkins Interstate Highlanders and Buzz & Kathy Buczkowski (LaVonne & Al Bussey substituted).

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All absent except, Ray & Zola Jones and Lee & Barbi Ashwill.

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President Carolyn Bosch.

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President Dennis Marsh.

The electricity went off and the meeting was only sparsely recorded.


MOTION by Carolyn Bosch:

I move that we accept the minutes as published and distributed. The motion was seconded by Ray Fenn. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper (Barbie)

A big Thank You to the Mid-Winter Committee for a well-planned and fun-filled weekend! This is a great location for a festival of this magnitude, and Barbie and I look forward to many more just like this one.

Since our last Federation meeting, Barbie and I have been taking it easy while she recuperates from major reconstructive foot surgery. The prognosis is that she will be back to dancing better than she has been able to these past four years. The doctor is ecstatic about how well she is doing, and we are excited about the prospects for a full recovery.

During this time, we have kept up with teaching round dance lessons, with a large group of new dancers, many of them being exposed to the square and round dance world for the first time! We also have spent time teaching members of the Sundown Round Dance Club the round that they did for the Showcase of Rounds at this Mid-Winter. Four of those couples who danced were recent graduates from the class, and Barbie and I were like proud parents as we watched them dance in front of all those people! That is an example of planting seeds, caring for them, and then watching as they sprout into excited members of the dancing world.

We were also excited to see so many new dancers here at Mid-Winter. A big pat on the back to all the people who planted the seed, got these people to lessons, and then made sure they came to this festival. Keep up the great work!

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: Dennis Marsh (Ilana Widders)

Thank you Emerald Empire Area Council and the Mid Winter Festival for a wonderful weekend. We know that this has been a big undertaking and we thank you for your efforts. I know that this will only get better for the years to come. I truly hope that everyone will take the time to thank a member when you see them.

Now we need to focus on the 54th National Square Dance Convention being held in Portland in just 5 short months. This is a very important event for our state and will have a large impact on our clubs. I want to encourage everyone to volunteer any time you can to help on the committees. They still need more help. In all of this, please don't forget to help make the next Mid Winter Festival in 2006 another success.

2005 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Peter & Beverly-Hills Wood

Welcome to the 2005 Mid-Winter Festival. We are having a profitable 2005 Mid-Winter Festival. We are ironing out the issues as they come up with the new facility. Beverly and I would like to excuse ourselves to get back to work.

2006 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Dennis Marsh & Ilana Widders

G'day mates! The 2006 Mid Winter Festival is well on its way. We currently have ribbons to sell and packets for any delegate who wants to participate in selling ribbons to help us and earn a free ribbon for themselves. If you haven't already heard, for those that pre-register before June 1, 2005, we have a special edition Koala-T dangle. It is available free for each ribbon purchased before that date and will not be offered for sale at the festival. We hope

all of you will purchase your ribbons early to share in the unique dangle. We are planning our first "Walk-a-bout" visitation to the Cottage Grove Boots & Sandals club in February. It is their Chinese New Year's Dance. We are ready for a lot of fun. Join us this coming year for lots of Koala-T Square Dancing!

I would like to introduce our Co-Chairman Dan and Ginger Allen.

2006 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Kay & Jim Rogers

We have been working on a theme, logo and costume to promote the '06 festival. Everything is under control.

Tim to send a paragraph to me. Seaside 5 - O


This has been an interesting year with the OFN. During the summer I solicited bids, we decided on the best fit and proceeded with plans for changes. We initiated the changes with the January issue. We terminated our contract with Western Web on good terms and best wishes for us.

As you have noticed from the January and February issues, we have made quite a few changes and have more in the works. River Graphics has some wonderful ideas for layout, marketing, content and ads. Eagle Press is very professional. The quality of the print and paper reflects that.

For the calendar year 2004 the OFN made a profit of $252. It wasn't much but at least it was in the black. This year looks even better with the changes.

Last year we averaged printing and mailing costs of $2870 per month. With the changes, this year should approximate $2000 per month in costs.

Subscriptions have remained fairly steady at 1000 subscribers. Ad income is averaging $1500 per month.

Our directory ads count has stayed the same as some dropped off and some were added.

It will take us a few more months to level out in order to determine a profitable status. We are looking at some promotional ideas to build ads and content.

I am creating a job specification and job description for the Editor's position.

This job requires some new skills now that the world of printing and graphics design has moved into the future. This will give a potential editor some important information as to what skills are necessary for this work. It will also help the interviewing committee some tools to make wise decisions.

MOTION by: Carolyn Bosch

I move to allow 2nd Vice President to spend $117 for sound equipment for the Federation's use. Dennis Marsh seconded the motion and the motion passed.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Marilyn & Ron Schmit

I have completed my seed project all except for one location. I have submitted a letter to the OFN to ask for dancer input to see what they want me to do with the project. I will use it in the preparation of the State Directory, for sure.

Ralph Lambert has been working on the sound equipment to make us self-sufficient. We were given an amplifier when Clyde Charters passed away. There was no wiring included, so Ralph has put together wiring to the speakers and the mixer and made sure everything works. Hopefully from now on, we won't have to rely on a callers set behind us.

I haven't done any traveling and haven't sold any more state directories. I have over 200 in my possession. Did any of the clubs or councils decide to purchase any for their graduating students? If not, what would you like to be done with the remaining directories? That is over $400 in income that the Federation will not realize.

In your paperwork you received from the Membership chair are two pieces of paper that are for the directory. One is for the Council and the other is for the Club. Please fill it out as soon as your club elections are held, so I can get started on the updates on the disk for the 2005-2006 state directories.

When the ballots come out in March, please take the time to mark the ballot and return it. Even if your club does not vote, mark the ballot as "not voting" or "voting in other clubs" and return it. That is common courtesy.

We are all volunteers and your vote of confidence in the Executive Board shows your support of our actions on your behalf.


Thank you Emerald Empire for hosting the meeting and for putting on a wonderful Mid-Winter Festival.

Due to the amount of spam I receive in my email I am requesting of all of you that when you email me your reports that you make sure you ad OFSRDC in the subject line and than the name of your report. I'm hoping with this change that I won't delete any important hard work that you have sent to me.


I would like to thank the entire Mid Winter Staff for a fantastic festival; I appreciated all the hard work that went into putting this festival together! And I would like to thank the Emerald Empire for hosting our state meeting.

The Cards I have sent out this quarter:

Condolence Cards:

Get Well Cards:

Birthday Card:

TREASURER: Bill & Annadale Rooper

For report see Recording Secretary. Report is on file.

MEMBERSHIP: Judy Gelmstedt & Chuck Bos

Thank you Mid-Winter and Emerald Empire Council for the great festival, Chuck & I had a very nice time. I have distributed the directory information packets and the corporation due notices for the next quarter to the Council Delegates in their folders. Remember the officers on these forms will be the ones in office in September when the directory will be published. Please be sure to get these to the clubs and have them returned to the council state delegate as soon after the club elections as possible. So they can get them to the state membership chairman at or before the State meeting in May. If we do not have the packets back by the May meeting, there is a good chance that the club will not be included in the directory.

Sagebrush Shufflers, Re Vu N Q and Umpqua Area Council, have paid their corporation dues and been re-instated with the state.

Clubs & Councils disbanded:

No new applications.

INSURANCE: Jim & Kay Rogers

All but two clubs have paid their insurance for the year. We need to get those clubs to report as soon as possible in order for them to comply with the Oregon Federation rules.

We have handed out certificates to delegates for the clubs in their councils; please make sure your clubs receive these.

Continue to send in your new member lists and checks. Remember to send in your square and round dance class lists also.

PAST PRESIDENT: Carolyn & Bob Bosch

Don't forget the Oregon Federation Annual Benefit Dance on April 3, 2005 at the Oak Grove Community Center, 14496 SE Cedar, Oak Grove from 1:30 to 4:00 pm.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim & Kathy Roberts

I have nothing to distribute at this meeting. However, I wanted to let you know about something I'll be distributing at the May meeting.

We now have three councils with only one club. This is silly. Such a council offers nothing to the club. We're all afraid to make any kind of serious organizational change, but the time has come to rearrange things. I will be distributing a proposal to reorganize our current set of 13 councils into a more reasonably balanced set of 8 councils.

Recording Meeting from this point on.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Mike & Shirley Odell

I want to congratulate Vivian on the OFN tracking system. I've been finding it easy to match ads paid by advertisers to what is actually in the OFN. I think there is a lot of work in making the OFN run smoothly. There is a much more likelihood of showing sustained profit in the coming months. If there is continued profit, there may be merit in discussing the making the OFN an enterprise entity.

An audit of the financial statements for the period 9/01/03 through 8/31/04 was completed. Bill has done a remarkably great job of reconciling & identifying the financial documents. The Profit & Loss Statements & Balance Sheet reports were submitted by Bill in the Nov/04 meeting. A review of 151 checks shows all have been validated & countersigned with no material discrepancies.

On an additional note, Bill Roper informed me of his desire to change banks for 1 of the CD's coming due in Jan/05. The newer bank would be closer to him for easier access for Oregon Federation business. I told him I had no objection.


Thank you all for submitting information for special dances and other items that need to be publicized.


Dance Location Leaflet: The leaflet to show where Federation clubs dance in Oregon approved at the Nov. 21, 2004 Federation meeting with a budget of $100, is ready for distribution. Special thanks go to Vivian Fairburn for the work she did to get it ready for the printer and also her discount card to get 1,000 copies for a cost of $97.20.

The primary purpose of this leaflet is to provide visitors to Oregon with a list of the cities and clubs where they can find square dancing. It is also a tool that local clubs can use to tell Chambers of Commerce, Visitor Centers, and news media about your club and dancing throughout Oregon. We are making an initial distribution to State Delegates, allowing about six to be passed on to each club. Larger quantities will be available for delivery to the ten State Welcome Centers listed on the Internet at www.oregontic.com (which includes a procedure to pay for placement of brochures).

We encourage each club to provide a few copies to local Chambers of Commerce and other information points. If your club or caller has a business card, include it along with the leaflet when you make a contact.

Idea For A Project To Generate Recognition For Your Club: On Saturday, May 7, 2005 there will be a nationwide celebration of Join Hands Day. It is a national event that unites young people and adults in an effort to make their neighborhood better. This event is sponsored by America's Fraternal Benefit Societies in partnership with the Points of Light Foundation. There is"quick-start-guide" and full information on the web at www.joinhandsday.org. This can be a great outreach opportunity for a square dance club. Hook up with a youth group or individuals, find and zero in on a one-day project for Saturday, May 7, and take action to show that square dancers do care about their community.

More Volunteers Needed For National Convention Week: The planning and arrangements for the Education Program at the 54th National Square Dance Convention® are complete and promotion is underway. Thinking ahead to Thursday morning of Convention Week, we will need to expand our Education Committee with Room Hosts and Information Greeters. Basically our program runs from 10 a.m. in the morning to 5 p.m. in the afternoon. We will welcome dancers to signup for one or more two-hour shifts.

Almost all the Convention committees need more help for Convention Week. A form that can be used to signup for Education or any one or more of the committees is attached to this report. Please feel free to make copies to circulate to the clubs in your Area Council and encourage them to signup!

To Contact Warmoths -
Ph or Fax 503-628-3227, E-mail ejw5@comcast.net
9219 SW Line Drive, Cornelius, OR 97113-9631

HISTORIAN: Patty Reese

Thank you for making my first Mid-Winter very a lot of fun. I'm still gathering and storing historical material. If anyone has any I would be happy to receive it and store it for the future.

Bill Rooper stated that Patty had asked him early about the $30 storage and I couldn't answer it. If someone knows when that motion was made and if she can move forward Patty would appreciate it.

Dave Cooper stated that the motion had been made and approved about 3 meeting ago.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph & Linda Lambert (absent)

Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.

For BMI, the fees received from the mid-winter and summer festivals are not covering our $120.00 per year annual fee. The shortfall has been about $23.00 each of the last two years. On August 23, 2004, I wrote BMI and requested a rate adjustment based up current festival attendance information. I was only partially successful. On November 2, 2004, BMI notified me of a total credit of $12.20 for years 2003 and 2004. This credit has been reflected on BMI's billing for our 2005 payment. It does not appear that I am going to be able to reduce BMI's annual fee to the Federation any more. Therefore I find that in order to recoup our fee from the two festivals that I must increase the per dancer fee from the $0.05 per dancer that it has been since 1999 to $0.065 per dancer. (As a note of comparison, ASCAP currently charges a fee of $0.066 per attendee or a minimum fee of $70.00/event.)

For 2005, the Federation only has one festival, the Mid-Winter Festival, because of the National Square Dance Convention in Portland in June. Therefore the Federation will not recoup our entire annual BMI fee from festivals during 2005.

As of this time, I have not received anything from ASCAP regarding any changes in fees for 2005.

I provided a memo to the Chair of the 2005 Mid-Winter Festival with the updated rates per dancer for BMI.


Plans are continuing for our March State Youth Benefit Dance. Leonard Snodgrass from the Mid-Willamette Area is the chair and caller MC for this dance. He has lined up a fantastic group of callers and cuers, and will be inviting youth callers and cuers from the floor. Our guest callers are Kirby Goode & Ed Craig. Christina Corelli has agreed to be our cuer MC. Caroline Stitt is our guest cuer. All of the callers and cuers have generously donated their time. The dance will be held at the Salem Square dance center on Saturday, March 5th from 1:30-4:00 p.m. I would like to personally invite all state officers and delegates to attend our dance and either bring or invite all of the youth that are dancing in your area. The dance is open to all that are young at heart. All proceeds will be deposited into the State Youth Fund, which is available to help promote square dancing activities for our youth.

To help hold down our costs for the dance, please bring cookies when you come to our March 5th dance.

I am still looking for a location for our next State Youth Benefit Dance. Hopefully, it will be either in the Central/ Eastern part of the state or in the Southern part of the state towards the end of the summer. If you would like to help me organize the dance in your area, please contact me. As soon as we have a time and location, I will let you know where it will be.

We only received 1 request to help pay for Mid-Winter fees this year. This request was from the Charley Browns Square Dance Club for 2 of the youth dancers. If your council has a youth square dancer that needs help paying for square dance activities, a committee has been established to review requests. The committee includes President Dave Cooper, TVC Delegate Kay Rogers and me. Please submit your request in writing to me at kathy@4roberts.us. Please include a brief explanation of the request, the youth's name and club affiliations. We will review the request and notify you of our decision. Also, if your club would like to have a youth dance or introduction to youth square dancing, but you are unsure how to proceed, please contact me.

STATE TRAILERS: Jim & Avis Kinkaid

The trailers had 6 usages by 5 groups during 2004. All from Portland to Cottage Grove 5 new tires were purchased in 2004. The other 3 tires are in satisfactory condition. The floors will not be refinished this year. If trailers are not used any more in 2005 than were used the last 2 years the floors should be good to dance on this year.

Both trailers are at our place. One covered by a tarp and the other one is under a roof.

ORDTA: Dennis & Elaine Smith

Good morning.

ORDTA held their annual meeting yesterday morning.

Nominations for next year's officers were presented. Those nominated were elected by acclamation - everyone ran unopposed. I'll be in this chair for at least one more year.

Life Membership was conferred on Elaine Funk for her vision and hard work as one of the Founding Members of ORDTA. She's the only surviving Founding Member.

We finished up with a short Q&A with Tim and Debby Vogt.

"So You Want to be a Cuer" session was held yesterday afternoon. There were several interested in becoming cuers as well as several relatively new cuers.

Our next meeting will be April 16 at 10:00 AM at the dance center in Springfield. We will not be having a summer meeting due to the National Square Dance Convention.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara & Larry Schaumburg

Howdy, Howdy from the lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas & Happy New Year to y'all. The weather is sunny and wonderfully warm. Today its supposed to be 80 degrees with a breeze from the gulf of Mexico. YES!!!

Round of the Month April 2005: "OK BOOGIE" chosen by Tualatin Valley Council. Written by Obee & Kathy Hobbs.

Round of the Month May 2005: "Come a Little Closer" a two step chosen by Umpqua council and written by Ray & Virginia Walz.

Round of the Month June 2005: "Boogie Woogie Two Step" chosen by Blue Mountain council and written by Mike & Michele Seurer.

Cuers on email list have been notified of selections along with the Promenade Shop and Cue Sheet magazine.

We look forward to seeing everyone in May.

CALLER ADVISOR: Leonard & Marcia Snodgrass

Callerlab is thinking about changing the Mainstream list cutting it down to about 50 calls rather than approximately 68 calls. This would obviously make lessons shorter.

I am starting to put together a State Callers organization. I'm collecting information from some other states that have organizations to see how they have set up there. I'm also talking to a lot of callers to get their opinions and putting them together. Next meeting I will have something more concrete about what we will be doing. One of the things this organization will have on the top of their list is to recruiting and training of new callers. The new callers really struggle to get started because there isn't any information or process for them to use. I would like to see a measuring program where we can get them information to help them get started.


The Marine Corps has a recruiting slogan that says: "We are looking for a few good men." The 54th National Square Dance Convention® is still looking for "many good men and women" to step up and volunteer some time to help the committees during the actual dates of the Convention.

We are under 5 months until the doors open for this Convention. Karen Burger-Kimber and Dave Luchini are hard at work getting a database established for the Volunteers. This database will identify the number of hours and the dates you are available to help. Also, they will have an area in the Workers Hospitality Room (Room D131 of the Oregon Convention Center) where volunteers can check in and see where they might be needed.

We are encouraged that we had approximately 500 more dancers registered on December 31, 2004 than Colorado had on December 31, 2003. Colorado wound up with 8,500, so we believe that we will be able to reach the 9,000 dancers that we budgeted for. We are in high hopes that we can exceed that figure so that we will have some profits to be able to return to the Clubs and Councils of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. If you haven't registered, we encourage you to do so. If you are already registered, get a friend to register.

The tickets for the Wednesday Night Special Event, Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts, are selling well, but there is plenty of room for more. We believe this is a performance that none of you will want to miss. Tickets are available and will be until the lights dim for the start of the performance at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday Night, June 22, 2005.

The Educational opportunities are unlimited. There are outstanding Panels, Seminars and Clinics scheduled. In addition to those, LaVonne & Al Bussey and their committee have established an outstanding Club Leadership Certification program. You do not need to be a club officer to attend the Club Leadership Certification training. This will just help you to understand the needs of clubs and the duties of the officers to keep a club operating. Who knows? It might just entice you to take a leadership roll in your club.

It goes without saying that the 54th NSDC will have the very best callers in the Square Dance world. This is your opportunity to dance to the "National/ Traveling" callers you may have only heard about. We guarantee that this is an experience you won't soon forget. For those of you seeking callers for a Festival or Special Weekend Dance, this is your opportunity to audition them in person.

The Alaska Cruise, immediately following the conclusion of the 54th NSDC, is going very well. We may well have as many square dancers on this Cruise as there was on the Alaska Cruise that followed the 43rd NSDC in 1994 and there were 21,700 dancers in attendance at that Convention. We feel very good about the participation for this event. The really great part of getting a large number of square dancers to take this Cruise is the fact that the 54th NSDC receives some benefits that will enhance our ability to make a profit for this Convention. We receive those benefits without putting forth much effort. It is a win - win situation.

To keep track of all that is happening with the 54th National Square Dance Convention , log on to the Convention website that is maintained by Tim Roberts. The website is: www.54nsdc.com


We have received reservations for about 65 tables out of 180 available. We have yet to see any Oregon councils step up to the plate to say they are displaying in the Showcase. Those letters went out in October to the council presidents and none have replied. Are none of you, the 13 councils, going to promote your area for tourism, square dancing, and just plain fun? Too bad if you aren't.





MOTION by Barbara Tipton

Mr. President, I move that the Oregon Federation purchase a membership interest in the Salem Square Dance Center in the amount of $10,000.00

Marcia Snodgrass seconded.

Followed by much discussion the following motion took place.

MOTION by Marcia Snodgrass

Mr. President, I move that we table this motion until the May meeting and gather more information from your specific areas. Ray Fenn seconded and the motion passed.

Nominations for Officers:
PresidentDennis Marsh (Ilana Widders)
1st Vice PresidentMarilyn (Ron) Schmit
Barbie (Dave) Cooper
Dave Cooper asked for any additional nominations, hearing none John Guches moved that the nominations be closed, Carolyn Bosch seconded and motion passed.
2nd Vice PresidentJim (Kay) Rogers
Dan (Shirley) Matthews
Dave Cooper asked for any additional nominations and Dennis Marsh nominated Laurie Cooley (Dennis Pemble). Carolyn Bosch moved that the nominations be closed and it was seconded by John Guches. Motion passed.
Recording SecretaryVirginia Metheny (Ed Meyers)
Dave Cooper asked for any additional nominations, hearing none a vote was asked for and passed therefore closing the nominations for Recording Secretary.
Corresponding SecretaryGlory (John) Guches
Dave Cooper asked for any additional nominations, hearing none a vote was asked for and passed therefore closing the nominations for Corresponding Secretary.
TreasurerBill (Annadale) Rooper
Dave Cooper asked for any additional nominations, hearing none a vote was asked for and passed therefore closing the nominations for Treasurer.
MembershipJudy Gelmstedt (Chuck Bos)
Dave Cooper asked for any additional nominations, hearing none a vote was asked for and passed therefore closing the nominations for Membership.

May State Meeting: Dave Cooper

Interstate Highlanders have expressed the fact of not wanting or able to host the state meeting in May as they have lost their delegate.

John Guches suggested that if we hear the Interstate Highlanders Council confirms they can not sponsor Rogue Sis-Q would like to volunteer to host.

Dave Cooper said that if he doesn't hear by February 16 he will make an executive decision and inform all via email of the details of where and when.

Kathy Roberts suggested having it at the Salem Square Dance Center so everyone could see the Square Dance facility.

Since the meeting President Dave Cooper has heard confirmation that the Interstate Highlanders will host the May 22, 2005 meeting.

All functions will be held at the Altamont School, 2450 Summers Lane, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Saturday, May 21, activities:

2:00 pm: Delegate meeting

3:00 pm: Officer's meeting

5:00 pm: Potluck dinner (you may bring a dish to share, if you wish)

7:00 pm: Dance, caller Larry (Roxanne) Sprout, cuer Dave (Barbie) Cooper

Sunday, May 22, activities:

9:00 am: State meeting

The 21st is Armed Forces Day. You are encouraged to wear red, white & blue to the dance.



The New Dancer Jamboree on December 5th was well attended both by new dancers and area club members. There were 10 or more squares dancing at all times.

Danebo Circle 8's tried something for its Christmas dance December 18. A Red Hat dance. About 2/3 of the dancers wore Red Hats including "Santa", Ed Bilanowich.

Bob and Barbara Ewing provided the entertainment for the Single Trees potluck Christmas dance. His guitar playing and pleasant singing voice, with Barbara joining in, were relaxing to listen to.

Whirl-a-Ways had a "Toys for Tots" Christmas dance on December 11. Many great toys were collected including a bicycle, a big wheel, and many dolls. After the break they had an Auction which offered some get-away weekend dinners and lots of other goodies. They collected well over a thousand dollars which was also donated to "Toys for Tots".

Sweet Home Squarenaders also collected for "Toys for Tots" at their Christmas dance.

Boots and Sandals Christmas dance featured their annual Bake Sale.

Wolf Pack chose their Christmas dance to be their New Dancers dance and treated the new dancers to a potluck dinner before the dance.

New Year's Eve dances were held by 2 area clubs. Pat's Round To It, combined with Single Trees and featured Scott Zinser, Lennie Ludiker and Pat Hintz. They had 11 squares.

Boots and Sandals featured Roger Putzler and Sharon Greenman at their New Year's Eve plus dance. They had 2 squares.

In January, Wolf Pack held a kick-off to Mid-Winter dance and Danebo Circle 8 had a Brush Up dance.

Single Trees held a New Dancer Pajama Party dance on January 14. Most of the people attending wore some type of bedtime attire. It was amusing to see the outfits that some came up with.

On January 22 Sweet Home Squarenaders held their New Dancer dance. The Mid-Winter Visitation Committee chose to visit the dance. It was quite amusing to see some of the Mid-Winter Chairs attempt to confuse everyone by switching positions in their square.

The Mid-Winter Bandits ended their raids with over 35 banners.

INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS: Reta & Phil Harkins (absent)

No report.

LINCOLN-TILLAMOOK AREA: Buzz (Kathy) Buczkowski (absent) Report given by LaVonne & Al Bussey

TOLEDO 49'ERS -Dancing at Gleneden Beach - ACTIVITY REPORT

Over 53 pounds of non-perishable foods were collected in November and distributed to the Lincoln County Food Share.

Our Christmas dance was well attended with a 6:30 dinner before the dance and exchange of gifts at break time making it a fun holiday dance. Christmas decorations added to the seasonal feeling.

We received acknowledgement regarding the $200 scholarship received by a student from Toledo High school as a Theater Arts Major for successfully completing her fall term at Portland State University.

On New Years Eve, the 49'ers got together and had a fun party playing games and dancing crazy mixed-up dances. Dinner at 11:00 and hats and horns at midnight.

Fuzzy toys were collected during our third dance in January and donated to the Newport Samaritan Pacific Communities hospital to be given to the sick children.

The ice storm in Portland area kept our caller and cuer home, but we proceeded to have a dance with records. Several couples from the River City Dance Club joined our group to make a fun and interesting evening.


Four couples are attending the Mid Winter Dance in Albany. During the holidays the visitations were kept at a minimum.

MID-WILLAMETTE AREA: Barbara & Bill Tipton

Braids and Braves hosted the first New Dancers Dance at the Salem Square Dance Center in November. There were approximately 15 squares of new and experienced dancers. The new dancers were having a great time dancing to the Area callers.

The New Year rang in with Swinging Stars hosting a Dinner Dance. Thirteen Squares of Dancers enjoyed the calling of Randy Dibble and cueing by Richard Ball. Great job Swinging Stars

Save the Salem Square Dance Center Committee and members have been working very hard to sell membership shares to Square Dancers. Each voting share has been reduced to $500.00 So far they have raised $75,000.00 with $5,000.00 pledged by two clubs when there CD's come due in the spring. This is not being done for profit, it is to help preserve and save the Square Dance Center for dancing and to provide Clubs a reliable and inexpensive Facility to Dance in. We have received funds from dancers in Northern California, Southern Washington as well as our own State. We need help from any and all Square Dancers and Clubs.

The Funtastic Squares, our newest Area Club, sponsored by Leonard and Marcia Snodgrass are really spreading the cheer in Square Dancing. If you have not attended one of their dances you are missing a lot of fun. They dance the 1st and 3rd Saturdays at the Salem Square Dance Center. .

Golden Squares in Woodburn hosted a plus dance on Sunday January 23rd with 27 ˝ squares of dancers. They all enjoyed the Calling by Darrel Clendenin, Jim Hattrick, Les Seeley and Randy Dibble. What a great time was had by all.


Since my last report, many jamborees have been held with very good attendance being reported.

Most Clubs that started lessons in September will be graduating their students within the next month. Many will be joining federated clubs. A good suggestion was made to take these new members to your club dances and to club visitations. In this way, you will make them feel welcome and also making sure they attend the dance. Remember, we all started where they did; somewhat frightened and confused.

The Tri-Council Christmas dinner held on December 13 was a great time to enjoy ourselves with good food and camaraderie. 23 PAC,9 TVC, 6Evergreen and 4 representatives from the State Federation attended. Also, a representative for the 55th Nationals from Texas was there to promote pre-registrations for their convention next year.

Bill Helms will be calling the first, third and fifth Friday dances for the Tumbleweed Square Dance Club. They will have guest callers for their second and fourth dances. Tami Helms cues every Friday.

The Country Capers will have a "Farewell Dance" for Loren and Cindy Marberry; caller and cuer who are retiring. Their last dance will be February 19. They will be auditioning for a new caller and cuer until June when they will go dark for the summer. They hope to have a new cuer and caller by September. Bill and Tami Helms will call and cue their "Elvis Dance" on March 5.

At the last PAC meeting, the Bachelor 'n Bachelorettes informed everyone that the trailer they let clubs use on a no charge basis for parades, etc. is in need of major repairs. Also, they will now have to license the trailer. It was suggested that anyone using the trailer, make a small donation toward the upkeep, repairs and license.

Ray Scofield, long time member of the Country Cut-Ups and past president of their club, passed away on November 17. Ray was very active in Oregon square dancing for many years.

PAC member sold 77 entertainment books. Top honors went to River City Dancers who sold 22 books.

"Magical Night of Giving" tickets were sold again this year with Country Cut-Ups selling the most at 28. This is sponsored by the Lloyd Center merchants on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Special discounts are given by participating stores to those who purchase the $5.00 tickets. This is a money maker for both the clubs selling the tickets and PAC whose profit was $237.50. Lots of door prizes and activities are involved in this special event.

ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL: John & Glory Guches

Benefit Dance for Delores Trowbridge raised $1100.00.

Birthday dances

Star Promenaders - February 28 2004, Nasiar Sukhar Calling

Southern Oregon Single Squares - March 5th 2004, Randy Dibble calling

Lantz's Dancers April 3rd 2004 - Les Seeley calling, Marian Cook cueing


March, 26 - 28 Spring Soiree Round Dance weekend, Josephine County Square Dance center, Josephine County Fairgrounds Grants Pass Or.

April, 9-10 2005 39th Pear Blossom Festival Scott and Erin Byers Sacramento CA calling and Cueing. Mainstream, with Plus tips both evenings, A1 & 2 Saturday afternoon 1:30 to 4:00 pm.

April, 23 - 24 2005 Spring Fest, Dan Nordby and Joe Satel calling Plus tips, Elaine Funk Cueing. Josephine County Square Dance Center, Josephine County Fair Grounds, Grants Pass Or.

May, 28 - 29 2005 Boatnik, Secret Caller look for fliers. Elaine Funk cueing Josephine County Square Dance Center, Josephine County Fairgrounds, Grants Pass Or.

July, 21-24 2005 31st Diamond Lake Festival Mike Sikorsky, and Wayne Weaver calling. Ray and Virginia Walz, Cueing. Wednesday the 21st Callers and Cuers from the floor, 22nd Wayne Weaver calling, 23rd and 24th Featured caller and cuer.

SOUTH COAST AREA COUNCIL: Coleeta (Chuck) Quigley


Our beginners' class is still going strong with no dropouts! It is great to see so many new dancers enjoying "our" fun. We are taking our beginners over to Grants Pass for their beginners dance next weekend. The beginners have danced at Coquille, Coos Bay and of course our own beginners dance in January. Our New Years Dance, called by Sherm Welch, was a success with over 8 squares. Our regular dances are still being called by guest callers. It is fun dancing to different callers and learning experiences


Due to many reasons, our members have not gotten to attend many dances in Medford, Grants Pass or Port Orford, but we do have great intentions of being able to travel more in the future. Also due to size, we are not able to sponsor dances at this time. Six of us did go to a dance in Roseburg and had a great time. Dee Burke is giving lessons again and we have several in Plus and Mainstream. She plans also to start Round Dance lessons soon. Hopefully we will soon be able get into squares with each of you!


We are currently dancing the 1st & 3rd Saturday nights. Pre-rounds begin at 7:p.m. cued by Donna Hiserote. Mainstream square dancing begins at 7:30 p.m. with Sherm Welch calling and every third tip is Plus. Sunday afternoon Plus class from 3 - 4 p.m. is now learning Dance by Definition (DBD). This is followed by the beginner's class from 4 - 6 p.m. The new dancers are tentatively set to graduate the end of March. Round dance classes are held every Monday night with Phase 3 dances from 6 - 7 p.m. and Phase 2 from 7 - 8:30 p.m. The club is currently searching for a new home since the Tioga has changed hands and the new owner has plans for the hall. We intend to stay at least through March. Having been there over 5 years, we will miss it. Our next special dance is the 50/60's dance held the third Saturday in February.


We will be starting a new beginner square dance class on February 1. Our round dance class is finishing up the two-steps and will be getting into waltzes in February. We had a great Christmas dance. We invited all the new students in the area to come dance with us that night and they had a wonderful time. Again this year we gathered donations for the T.H.E. House which is a house transients can come to stay overnight so they have a hot meal and warm bed. We have given donations to them several years now and they are always so appreciative. We are having regular dances on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays with Coleeta Quigley calling for us . She is getting better every week and we really appreciate her doing so much for us.

SUNSET AREA COUNCIL: Delmer (Bonnie) Niemi

Hayshakers report having five new dancers join the club, with the class adding a few more soon. Two of the new members are "snowbirding" here from Canada!

The "Caravan Encampment" plans are under control with four registrations having been received at this time; 80 - 100 RV's are expected. They will be camping at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds where a square dance will take place one of the evenings at which Scott Zinser will be calling and Debbie Taylor cueing the rounds. The committee will be meeting with the folk at Fort Clatsop for finalization of plans for activities at that facility. The caravan is expected to arrive the Sunday before the National in Portland.

The Hayshakers Club is considering the possibility of transferring to another council, but will not take any action until every member has been informed of the pros and cons and given a chance to vote. A decision will probably be made at the April Council Meeting that will be held at the Niemi's home in Clatskanie.


Barbara Schaumburg could use some supportive cards. Her sister is not doing that well now with her cancer. Her brother in law was badly beaten in a robbery and has been declared brain dead. Cards will be forwarded by her mail service.

Lessons are underway at several TVC clubs. Some are doing better than others.

In December we attended the Tri Council Christmas meeting, which consisted of a one minute meeting and lots of good food and socializing.

The January council meeting is traditionally a President's Potluck. We invite all the club and council presidents, past, present and future. An award is made each year to a deserving TVC couple. This year's award went to Gary and Joyce Clark. I can not think of a more deserving couple.

On February 6th, the council will host a subscription dance. It will also be a new dancer's dance. Ed Craig and Ruth Canby will be doing the calling and cueing. It is from 2-5pm at the Kinton Grange.

The September state meeting is being hosted by the TVC and will be on the third weekend, Sept 17th and 18th. It will be at the Kinton Grange. Details will be handed out at the May meeting.


II would like to report on the successful results of "planting the seed" from our initial Open House we held in September. On January 6, 2005, the Buckeroos held their "Class of 2004 Graduation" proceeded with a potluck. We graduated 19 new and/or recycled dancers of which 16 of them joined the club! Our club was very pleased with the results and will keep working hard to keep these new dancers enthused and involved. Several of these new dancers are here this weekend for their first Mid-Winter Festival. We are also encouraging them to attend the 54th National Convention in June, too!!

Also, our canned food drive to help those less fortunate in the community during the holiday season was another form of outreach. The club collected several hundred cans for UCAN to distribute to the community.

Several Pioneer 'N' Petticoats dancers dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause and Elves and distributed candy at the Canyonville Library, prior to Christmas. In January, they held their "Most Braggable Club" Beginner Dance. They displayed photographs on posters from the area clubs to help introduce new dancers to the wonderful world of square dancing. These posters displayed to the dancers the different activities each club does that may not Iinclude dancing. This club is currently working with the Pioneer Days Committee to secure an evening of dancing as part of the entertainment for this event.


Clubs of the Blue Mountain Council are starting classes this month and in February. Round dance classes are being given in Baker City and La Grande.

The New Years Eve dance scheduled by the Indian Valley Paraders was cancelled because a snow storm turned to blizzard conditions.

The Elkhorn Swingers dance in March will be cued by Nina Leisi who as Washington State Cuer of the Year. Spring Fling on May 1 features Daryl Clendenin and Dave Cooper. Muddy Frogs lessons will start in February and they are holding their anniversary dance February 1.

The Star Promenaders held a Health Fair Clinic Saturday at the grange hall hoping we could interest some new dancers. They had a very good turnout.


The Central Oregon Council treasury is well into the black and some suggestions were made as to how the council could help out some of the struggling clubs. There is enough money to maintain the parade trailer. One good suggestion was that they co-sponsor one dance a year for each club, allowing that club to be a little more extravagant with decorations and mostly a guest caller.

Lessons are going well, and their will be a "Welcome New Central Oregon Dancers" half way dance held on April 30.

Sagebrush Shufflers:

Lessons are the highlight of the club at this time and are going well with the help of lost of angels. Sunday afternoons will be pretty well taken up as Jim Steele is doing both new dancers and plus lessons back to back.

A "Whirlwind Demo Dance" was held in Redmond, Prineville and Madras all on the same afternoon and was attended well with other clubs joining in.

Sundown Round Dance Club:

The Sundown Round Dancers continue to dance on the first Monday of the month. I hope that everyone enjoyed the "Beach" at the Showcase of rounds that was put on by Dave and Barbie Cooper and the Sundown Round Dancers last night. What fun!!!!

Red Rock Squares:

The Red Rock Squares due to uncontrolled circumstances of losing a caller, will not be hosting lessons this year. The club decided to support the Sagebrush Shufflers and the Bachelor Beauts in their lessons.

Our two major dances coming up are the Sweetheart Dance, which is always a lot of fun and well attended and will be called by George Clark; and cued by Dave Cooper and our Birthday Dance in June will be called by Dale Counsell and cued by Kitty Kaler. If you are in the area, please come visit us. Several Red Rocks are here at Mid-Winter Festival. This always a good time of friendship and fun dancing.

Swinging Mountaineers:

Our year ended on a very positive note with our last dance being the Christmas Dance. There was a tremendous amount of food donated that was given to a local charity.

Our lessons began on January 2 with Ron Blivens leading the way. Come on into the Pine Forest Grange 6:30 on Sundays.

Bachelor Beauts:

We finished our year with our Christmas Teddy Bear Dance. This has been a highlight for the Beets since 1988 without fail. Teddy Bears are then distributed among the local charities in the area.

Lessons are our main goal this year, as last year was such a huge success we will try to out do ourselves and as of this writing we will surpass!!! Lessons are held at the Pine Forest Grange from 7 to 8:30.

High Lake Swingers:

The High Lake Swingers have decided to take their club back and not be a caller run club as was announced previously. New Interim officers are President - Dale Lorentson; Vice-President - Glen Noble; Secretary/Treasurer - Carol Fontaine. Plans are to have at least two dances in 2005l.

The Central Oregon Roundup:

It was such fun and such a huge success that Linda Danner and her crew are going to do it again. Same Place in Sisters, Oregon but on a not so different day. We are taking over the 4th weekend in August again; August 25, 26 and 27. One little change may take place ---cut back on the SHOPPING. Cut out 10 minutes… THANK YOU FOR LAST YEARS SUPPORT. Come to Sisters and take a much needed rest and reflect on the National Square Dance Convention just past.

EASTERN OREGON COUNCIL: Lorene & George Griffith

Ione Grand Squares held their annual dance at Willow Creek Terrace Assisted Living in Heppner on January 23, 2005. We had a good turnout of club members for this dance.

This was our first dance in 2005 because of the weather. We had to cancel our January 9th dance due to frozen fog.


Benjamin Brown (absent)

No report

Ray & Zola Jones

Welcome to another Mid-Winter Festival, we're glad all of you came to our new location here in Albany! And-it's always so good to see and visit with everyone.

We have continued to always attend our own club's dances and activities, and also angel at its New Dancer lessons. And-we enjoyed a special New Years' Eve dance in our area. We also were in Portland a week ago to attend the meeting of the 54th National Square Dance Convention committee with our NEC Advisors.

We leave in just three days on our annual winter motor home trip to southern Arizona and southern California, where we visit and dance with many other Oregon dancers. Of course we will taking Registration Forms for the 54th National Convention with us to distribute wherever we go.

We will be gone two months, or more; but will return before the May meeting. So-we will look forward to seeing all of you again at our next State Federation Meeting.

And-until then; Safe travels and Happy Highways.

Al & Fran Westphal (absent)

Greetings and yellow rocks to all.

We have been missing you and all the excitement of this special weekend.

Last weekend we attended one night of Southern Arizona Festival in Tucson. It was fun to visit and dance with Ron and Mary Noble, featured cuers and Ray and Virginia Walz, who were also actively involved in the weekend.

It was also a nice surprise to dance once more with a former Portland couple from long ago, Bill and Barbara Radcliffe. The Radcliffes have lived in Lake Havasu City for many years, but at one time they were very active in the Portland area. They were among the couples who traveled abroad several times (with Ed and Mary Warmoth) and they helped on the OFN in the Ray and Rae Scofield years.

Plans are progressing nicely for Yuma Festival '05. It will be held Feb. 11, 12 and 13 and we still have space for a "few good friends". Our phone no. is (928) 345-1233, so if we can help you in any way to find your way to Yuma, please give us a call.

We will be looking forward to being back in the fold for the National Convention in June. Until then; Happy Dancing.

Harold & Barbara Kleve

We have been busy with our club dances and new dancer classes. We are about to graduate 27 new dancers. We also started a class for the Tri Squares this month. We have 24 students with a couple more husbands due to attend next week. We are very proud to add over 50 dancers to Oregon's dancing population this year.

There are 50 square dance callers listed in the latest state directory. Wouldn't it be great if each one could add 20 new dancers to our rosters? That would be 1000 new dancers a year.

We are still up to our necks in preparing for the 54th National. We have some great Seminars and speakers lined up. Please take the time to attend some that may interest you.

Lee & Barbi Ashwill

"Thank you" to Peter & Beverly and an outstanding committee for a truly marvelous Mid-Winter 2005.

In recent weeks the planning for the 54th National Square Dance Convention® has really escalated. This has kept us close to home instead of out on the road spreading goodwill.

We did attend the New Years Eve Dance with the Salem Swinging Stars and enjoyed the evening with Randy Dibble calling and Richard Ball cueing.

Goodwill comes in many forms and the wonderful media of E-Mail has accomplished the majority of our Goodwill activities for this period. We received a Christmas card from a lady in Beijing, China who is planning to attend the 54th National Square Dance Convention . We then received an E-Mail from a gentleman in Beijing who acts as an intermediary for this lady as she speaks very little English. He asked that we write a letter of invitation for her to attend the Convention as she needs that to get a Visa. We accomplished that and have maintained E-Mail contact with this man. We have a Chinese couple (Alan and Rebecca Wong) on the International Hospitality Committee of the 54th NSDC. We have put them in touch with this lady in the hopes that this communication will help her comfort level when she arrives in Portland. On the Registration Print-Out, we discovered a gentleman from Beijing who is registered to attend the 54th NSDC. We contacted him and asked if he would like to be included in the communication with the International Hospitality Committee couple. He said he certainly would, so we have put him in touch with Alan and Rebecca Wong. This gentleman requested the address and telephone number of the lady as he too wants to contact her and help in any way he can.


Tim Roberts: When you get your membership information please wait and complete it with the new officers which happen in April. Hold onto it until it gets closer to the election so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Kathy Roberts asked when you mark your calendar for the State Meeting in September, include one day early on Friday the 16, it is the Toe Draggers Anniversary dance at the Kinton Grange. Sometimes we have room at the grange to park RV's. Get in touch with Kay Rogers or me for further information.

Kathy encouraged everyone to pick up flyers for the Youth Dance for March 5.

Marilyn Schmit offered Pharmacy Discount Cards to anyone who wants them.

Barbi Ashwill - Give the State Directories to the new dancers.

Dennis Marsh - I have the 2006 Mid-Winter packets please pick them up.

Vivian Fairburn - We need more warm fuzzies for the OFN. Roving reporters send in bio and profiles. I also need every club and their anniversary dates and number of anniversary.

Leonard Snodgrass - Funtastic Squares is starting Mainstream lessons on February 6 and Swinging Stars starts lessons on February 9.

Martie Coblentz - Albany has been a wonderful place to hold the Mid-Winter Festival.

Martie also asked about attire during the Mid-Winter Festival.

Dennis Marsh said he would take that one on and make sure it is addressed next year in a clearer method.

Dave Cooper said that if we have as many students every year as go through graduation we would be growing not decreasing. I challenge you all to come to the next meeting with ideas and some

ADJOURN: Dave Cooper adjourned the meeting at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marcia (Leonard) Snodgrass
Recording Secretary