MINUTES OF MEETING dated November 20, 2005
Hosted by Rogue-SisQ Council
Josephine County Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, Oregon

Meeting brought to order by President Dennis Marsh at 9:00 AM.

This meeting is being recorded.

ROLL CALL: Recording Secretary, Virginia (Ed) Myers.

Officers: All present, except: Judy Gelmstedt & Chuck Bos

Appointed Officers: All present, except: Vivian Fairburn, Patty Reese, Ralph & Linda Lambert, Jim & Avis Kinkaid, Barbara & Larry Schaumburg, Leonard & Marcia Snodgrass, Lee & Barbi Ashwill, Dan & Ginger Allen

Delegates: All present except: David Stutzman, Lorene & George Griffith, Interstate Highlanders

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All absent except: Ray & Zola Jones, Don & Lonna Bramhall


FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President Barbie Cooper


MOTION by Barbie Cooper to accept the minutes as corrected. The motion was seconded by Dave Cooper. Motion passed.


PRESIDENT: Dennis Marsh (Ilana Widders)

I would like to thank the Rogue Sis-Q council for a great dinner and dance last night. The special introduction of all officers present including the area delegates was a great touch and I appreciate the efforts you made. What do I say about the toast the federation was given but Thank you! I hope all the officers felt as welcome to be here as I did. If you were not here last night, the federation was presented a toast in the form of a dessert that had 2 pieces of toast on top of the cake. The special gift of a wagon with a rock with the signatures of all the clubs in this council will be taken on all our visitations the rest of this year plus will be on display at our Mid Winter Festival in the main lobby. I am glad that the rock weighs only 12 pounds so that I can build up my muscles but not break my back for Mid Winter. Thank ye' mates.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: Barbie Cooper (Dave)

A Big Thank You to the Rogue Sis-Q-Council and John & Glory Guches for a great dinner and dance last night. We have been busy with the Portland Trail Blazer Demo/Workshop and wanted to let you know it's not to late to still sign-up. I have extra flyers with me and would gladly take more completed ones back with us and get your tickets right out to you. Remember this is a wonderful opportunity for the state of Oregon to show off Square & Round Dancing in front of approximately 10,000 people. For only $10.00 buy a ticket for someone you know and take them to the game and afternoon workshop and watch the number of new dancers grow! I have the privilege of Chairing the 2006 Central Oregon Round-Up in Sisters on the 2nd weekend in August, the 11th & 12th. I have distributed flyers to everyone at this meeting and look forward to letting you know more about it at the next state meeting in January.

Trail Blazer Comments: Question by Pat Young as to whether you have to buy a $10.00 ticket to just help with the lessons. Barbie confirmed that for the afternoon workshop, you have to buy a ticket to get in the door; this is the only way that security will allow anyone into the main court of the basketball center. Question by Kay Rogers as to whether the tickets will be mailed to us; Barbie stated that the tickets were mailed on Friday of last week. For any requests we receive this next week, we will get them right out. At some point we will cut off the ability to buy tickets and at that time, they can buy tickets at the door.

2006 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Ilana Widders (Dennis Marsh)

G' Day Roque Sis-Q Council! Thank you for a delicious meal and a marvelously fun dance last night! We had such a great time. Our Festival is starting to pick up speed. On Friday alone we had 17 registrations come in. Last Monday we mailed over 400 registrations to people who came last year, but hadn't pre-registered yet. We are already starting to get some of those back. All RV spots that have electricity are filled. Nothing but dry camping is available at this time. I believe that both the Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Suites are fully booked. Other hotels are telling us similar stories. Tuesday afternoon, the contract with the fairgrounds was signed finally! It has a two-year locked-in price. We are happy to let you know that John Guches' boss has agreed to donate the use of 3 electric golf carts for our wagon master's use. This will save us quite a bit of money. Our program book is finished and we have some to distribute to the delegates today. Remember to take one to your students. Let them know that we have lots of new dancer level dancing throughout the festival. If anyone is interested in a T-shirt to wear to our casual dance on Friday afternoon, we have them here with us today as well as ribbons if you haven't got yours yet! So join us for lots of Koala-T dancin' down under in January. You will have a dinkum good time.

2006 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Co-Chairs: Kay & Jim Rogers and Tim and Kathy Roberts

Tim and Kathy and Jim and I are gearing up for a terrific summer festival to celebrate the Federation's 50th Birthday. We hope you all enjoyed being " leid" last night at the dance. Aren't the Hawaiian outfits Kathy designed just wonderful? I know you heard the part about being able to wear short sleeves at the festival if it is a Hawaiian print.

We have been working on the dancing schedules, and some youth activities we think you will all like. We are also planning an ice cream social. Watch for details on that.

I do not see many pink ribbons here this morning. I hope that means you are going to surprise your spouse with ribbons for Christmas. If not, please remember to get them purchased as early as you can.

2007 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Dan & Ginger Allen

We attended a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 15th in which MWF 2006 signed their contract and were told that the price quote for 2007 would be the same.

We have found and ordered the fabric for the committee outfits.


The OFN is running smoothly, fiscally sound and maintaining itself. The number of subscriptions are still running between 950 to 1000. 3 clubs did not pay for the Where and When. All Directory ads are renewable before December 31st and those clubs will be receiving a card to remind them this month.

River Graphics and Eagle Web Press work with us very nicely to have the OFN in the mail on time each month. It takes about 7-9 months to thoroughly train the graphics and print houses on the inner workings of the OFN to insure that timeliness and professional look. I am just so pleased with this choice that was made for the new contract. It is going to be so much easier for the next editor to learn the procedures of the magazine.

Please let me know when you would like to have issues for the new dancers at your club lessons. We always have plenty of extra copies.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to all of you.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Jim & Kay Rogers

Thanked the Rogue-Sis-Q council for the excellent dinner and dance yesterday.

Since the September meeting Kay and I have been dancing locally and working on the 2006 Summer Festival Committee.

I have spent hours and hours teaching the new insurance chairman her duties.


I want to thank the Rogue Sis-Q Council and the Charlie Brown Squares for a delicious dinner and fun dance Saturday evening. Ed & I are really enjoying traveling to and from the State meetings as it gives us an opportunity to do some hiking in the mountains on the way there. We are also enjoying the fun activities and friends we are meeting from all over the state. I especially want to thank Tim Roberts for designing an excellent web site which includes the Minutes and makes my job much easier.


I would like to thank the Charlie Brown's for the fantastic decoration of their hall showing a variety of different things to do here in Southern Oregon, take a moment to look at the different posters, etc. You just might find a great vacation idea! The dinner was fantastic, nicely served followed by an evening of great dancing to Denny Lantz!

Card's Mailed Out:

Linda Lambert for her upcoming knee sugery.

A special card for Chuck & Charlotte Hodgson's 65th anniversary!

TREASURER: Bill Rooper (Annadale)

Sent congratulations to the Charlie Brown's for a wonderful dinner and dance last night. All of you should have a copy of my financial report. If there are any questions, please contact me.

MEMBERSHIP: Judy Gelmstedt (Chuck Bos)

The following clubs Corporation Dues are coming up for renewal as follows.




Tall Town Travelers have been removed from the When & Where due to none payment. They can contact Vivian Fairburn for more information.

Sorry we are out of town and could not attend the State Meeting. We have personal business to take care of.

Hope to see everyone at Mid-Winter. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

INSURANCE: Kay Rogers (Jim)

We want to thank the Rogue Sis Q council for the great dinner and dance last night. I was really impressed with the decorations.

Many thanks to those of you who sent in your insurance papers to us early. I am sure by the end of the meeting today I will have everything that I need or a good reason why. I can't tell you how much this has changed since the first year Jim and I did this when we had 13 councils and 13 different ways of doing it. It is terrific and I really appreciate all the delegates that have taken the time to make sure it is right before you give it to me.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know if you have any questions or problems. Don't forget to send in notice of event forms for demos, etc and to ask for the Certificate of Additional Insured if the school or church you are dancing in wants to be named as insured.

Thank you again for your cooperation.

PAST PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper (Barbie)

I too thank the Rogue Sis-Q-Council for the fine dinner and dance. It was awesome. I don't get to this part of Oregon often enough, and always enjoy the beauty of this region. First of all, the Randall Awards are due today and I have all but two (Eastern Oregon Council and Interstate Highlanders Council) of the thirteen council ballots. These are supposed to be to me by today. The second thing - coming up in April is the H.O.R.S.E.S. Benefit dance in Bend, Oregon this year, Sunday April 2, 2006. We're very excited about that. Bill and Neva Ried will be calling and cueing. We have parking available at the grange, and on Saturday night the Bachelor Beauts are putting on a Hawaiian Luau Dance. Come for the entire weekend and have a great time. I sincerely hope all of you can come and bring some friends with you. The city of Bend and surrounding areas are ready to welcome you. I also hope that each club and council in the Oregon Federation will make a donation to this worthwhile cause. And, I hope all who want to have signed up for the Trailblazer Demo.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim Roberts (Kathy)

No Report

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Mike Odell (Shirley)

The Charlie Brown's did a great job last night. It was fun.

I have compared the OFN's ads to collection reports and have found most everything collected in a timely manner per Vivian's lists. Just one more check is needed to be collected for a Sept. activity. Vivian is in communication with the individual responsible.

I have reviewed the returned checks for the period ending Aug. 31, 2005. They are all signed by two authorized signers. All expense claims show approval initials, date, check #, payee and amount. Reoccurring expenses paid show date paid, check #, and the amount on the invoices.

All is reported properly for the period Sept. 2004 through Aug. 2005.

Bill Rooper shows an outstanding attention to detail in his thoroughness in the Financial Statements, including Balance Sheet, Income Statement and related supporting documents.


The Education seminar for Mid-Winter is set and almost ready to go. The guest speaker will be Jan Margosian from the State Attorney General's Office. She will speak on the subject of our dance charities and how we can get the best for the dollar we donated to them. I have asked for letters from the various club or council charities and have received none as of the writing of this report. Ms. Margosian will be bringing with her lots of brochures for disbursement to the attendees of the seminar relating to the subject. It is hoped that you will set aside the time of 10 am at the State Room in the Holiday Inn in Albany to learn more about benefits, charities, donations, etc. that our hard earned dollar is going from our hands to theirs.

I am leaving the publicity of the Summer Festival to the festival publicity person but I am encouraging all of the dancers to register for a fun weekend. They have had their first meeting and it looks to be a fun weekend. I am also leaving it up to the dancers as to whether they want an Education Seminar at Summer Festival or just to dance and shop and eat.

It is time for people who are interested in running for Federation office to get their resumes up to date and get the forms filled out and signed and ready to turn in to one of the five committee members on the Nomination Committee. It is never too early.

HISTORIAN: Patty Reese

In our continuing efforts to rebuild the written record of square and round dancing in Oregon, I would like to request each club submit a history of the club to me before the 15th of January 2006. It is my intention to have on display at Mid-Winter Festival a notebook of these histories. I have already received a few excellent examples which include lists of past presidents, club projects through the years, photos and the all important story of the club (how it got its start, where dances were and are held, who were the driving forces behind the forming of an organized dance group).

I appreciate your input to get these stories down on paper again or for the first time. As we all work together our past will not be lost but will be recorded in an organized fashion for all to enjoy.

The history information can be submitted to me by e-mail at vegigirls@peoplepc.com or mail at 95245 Sixes River Road, Sixes, OR 97476.

Thanks to Vivian Fairburn we have initiated a working relationship with the historical documents curator of the Knight Library at the University of Oregon. He was happy to offer suggestions on proper management of our records. He has agreed to store any vital documents for us if necessary until a secure permanent location becomes a reality for us. The best record of our activity is the OFN and back-up copies are stored at two separate locations in Oregon.

Any other ideas you have for documenting our history will be welcomed.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert (Linda)

Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.

Sound Equipment Donated by Clyde Charters Disposition:

At the September 18, 2005 State Meeting, the Federation approved the disposal of the surplus sound equipment that had been donated by Clyde Charters. All of the equipment with the exception of the Soundsphere speaker and a few cords have been transferred to various clubs, callers and cuers. Equipment went to people in the Portland, Prineville, Salem, Springfield, Eugene and Cottage Grove areas. This is a pretty good geographic distribution around the state for the various pieces of equipment. At this time I have not placed any ad in the Oregon Federation News. I am not sure that it would be worthwhile for the remaining speaker that has had "lukewarm" reception where it has been used at dances.


We had a great time last night and I loved the decorations. Thank you very much for all the hard work.

Unfortunately, I have not been contacted by a council regarding a State Youth Dance in any of the councils in Oregon. Therefore, I will be planning a youth dance after spring break in March or early April in either Portland or Salem. This dance will hopefully feature youth callers and cuers from around the state. If you know of any youth callers or cuers that would like microphone time during this dance, please contact me at kathy@4roberts.us.

I would also like to invite these youth and other youth from around the state to call or cue during a two hour block during Summer Festival 2006, on the afternoon of Saturday, July 15th. For both of these opportunities, I will need to have a recommendation from the caller or cuer that has been working with them. I will have recommendation/application forms ready at Mid-Winter.

Our 16-year old daughter, Amanda, is the Youth Activities Coordinator for Summer Festival 2006. She is planning a lot of fun activities for the youth. Please plan on bringing your square dancing youth to Summer Festival 2006. One of the activities she is planning is dancing on the beach in Seaside on Saturday morning. She has lined up Ed Craig as the caller for this dance. After the dance, she is hoping to take the group out for ice cream. All youth and everyone who is young at heart and wishes to dance on the beach are invited.

During the last meeting, Lavonne Bussey gave me some information regarding the possibility of having introductory square dance lessons at the 2006 4-H Summer Conference at Oregon State University in June 2006. She then forwarded contact information to me at a later date. I have requested additional information from the 4-H. If this works out, I will be looking for a caller to teach classes to 4-H students in grades 7 through 12 during the conference. Firm details will be presented at Mid-Winter.

If there is a council with several youth that would like to have a State youth square dance in their area, please contact me at kathy@4roberts.us. I would love to work with your council in setting up a youth dance.

If you have any youth that would like to attend Mid-Winter or Summer Festival and can not afford the ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available to help needy youth dancers.

STATE TRAILERS: Jim Kinkaid (Avis)

No report.

ORDTA: Dennis Smith (Elaine)

ORDTA met on October 1, 2005, at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.

ORDTA chose the Classic Round of the Month for March 2006 - "Walk Right Back."

With the December ROM being on a CD, there was lengthy discussion regarding digital media and the rapidly declining availability of vinyl records. Suggestions were made that ORDTA hold workshops to train cuers on the use of CDs, computers, and other topics related to digital media.

Yvonne and Daryl Clendenin were accepted as new members. Randy Lewis had his membership reinstated.

ORDTA's next meeting will be held on Saturday morning, January 28, at 9:00AM at Mid Winter Festival in Albany. ORDTA's spring meeting will be held on Saturday, April 8, at 10:00AM at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara Schaumburg (Larry)

Oregon Round of The Month

January 2006
"LET'S GO HOPPIN' " written by: Shirley & Don Heiny
Record: Star #106
Phase II + 1 Two-Step
Chosen by: Portland Area Council

February 2006
"IT'S ALL IN THE GAME" written by: Susan Healea
Record: Star # 203
Phase II Waltz
Chosen by: Rogue-Sis-Q Council

March 2006 Classic
"WALK RIGHT BACK" written by: Barbara & Ted May
Record: RCA #APBO-0096 (Perry Como) or TNT #176 (cued)
Phase II Two-Step
Chosen by: ORDTA (Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association)

The Promenade Shop, OFN, Cue Sheet Magazine & all cuers on my list have been notified of rounds chosen.

CALLER ADVISOR: Leonard Snodgrass (Marcia)

In my caller articles, I have tried to write on topics that will help make square dancing better and more enjoyable. I am trying to identify problems that I see and hear about in the square dance world, and provide solutions that might make our activity better. At least I hope to stir the pot a little bit and get the square dance world thinking about what we are doing. Again, thanks for the comments I am receiving on my articles and if there is a topic you would like to have me write on, let me know. I have not forgotten about organizing a caller's association. It is still on my list of things to accomplish. See you at Mid Winter.


No report.

SHOWCASE OF IDEAS: Marilyn Schmit (Ron)

We have received the invitation to participate in the Showcase of Ideas in San Antonio. We await your instructions as to how many tables you want us to reserve. We have enough stuff for one table, to show the collage of pictures from the Convention and the OFN's that will be there also. Approximately 150 should be sufficient.

Mr. President, if there are some ideas that the Federation wishes to display, we are open to suggestions, and plans, to pay for the stuff to get to San Antonio and back. If there is anyone driving to San Antonio that would like to transport the Showcase stuff, that would be acceptable also.

2006 will be 21 years that the Federation will have been a participant in the Showcase. Ron and I have been chair since 1990. We appreciate your support and look forward to our annual reunion with friends we have made over the years as Oregon's representatives.


Motion for the 2005-2006 budget was discussed and the motion will be supported.

Motion for holding the Summer Festival in Seaside on the third weekend of July was a major portion of the meeting with the general consensus of the councils that they were not in support of it. Kay Rogers explained the motion as it was presented at the last meeting.

The Delegates were in agreement that we need to establish a set date for the festival but not in Seaside every year.

Another suggestion was to have the state have their Festival Committee visit each council to survey the facility's availability and to talk to the council officers about what it takes to put on at Summer Festival. The importance of the Summer Festival needs to be explained to them. If it is a successful Summer Festival, it can make money for the council and federation.

It was also suggested that the delegates go back to their councils and discuss the possibility of holding a festival in their area.

Motion to raise the mileage per-diem from 20 cents per mile to 30 cents, everyone was in agreement that we need to raise it because of the increase in fuel costs.


  1. MOTION (Barbie Cooper): Mr. President, I move that the 2005-2006 budget be accepted as presented. Seconded by Dave Cooper. Motion passed.
  2. MOTION: (Jim Rogers): Mr. President, I move that the Oregon Federation hold the annual summer festival at the Seaside Convention Center on the third weekend in July each year.

    Discussion: The Convention Center has offered us the facility for that weekend every year. It is getting harder all the time to get councils to step up and offer to do a festival. Seaside Convention Center is reasonably priced and they do most of the jobs ordinarily done by services and/or facilities committees. We could make exceptions for the year's other councils want to put on a festival with a couple of years notice.

    MOTION (Barbara Tipton): Mr. President, I move to table the motion so we can take this issue to our areas and bring back to the November meeting. Dave Cooper seconded. Motion passed to table.

    MOTION (Jim Rogers): Mr. President, I move to untable the Summer Festival motion, with the request to strike the Seaside Convention Center from the motion. Seconded by Barbie Cooper. Motion passed.

    MOTION (Jim Rogers): Mr. President, I would like to amend the motion that the Oregon Federation hold the annual Summer Festival on the third weekend of July each year. Dave Cooper seconded.

    Discussion: John Guches stated that the councils are in favor of setting a specific date for Summer Festival but are concerned that the following weekend is the Diamond Lake Festival. He suggested that instead of locking the third weekend, we set up a committee to look at the months that the Summer Festival, per the Practices and Procedures, are supposed to be held and see if we can find a workable solution to help the state to make it more equitable for all counsels.

    Carolyn Bosch stated she would like to suggest that as a past co-chair of a Summer Festival, you can't lock in a date for any council; they don't know when the facility is available.

    Dave Cooper: I believe this is a recommendation, not locked in on that certain date every year. I strongly believe if a date is set aside every year that this is when we are going to have Summer Festival, we need to do this as a body so we all know when it is supposed to be every year. It may not be the same date if they can't get a building on that certain weekend; but if we know when it is supposed to be, we can always modify the date to when the council would like to have it.

    Kay Rogers commented that the groundwork for this is in the Practices and Procedures already regarding Summer Festival, Section 8, quoting "the Summer Festival should be the second or third weekend in July," then it says it could be held in June, July, or August if need be. P & P says if you are going to have a Summer Festival, you need to start working on it 3 or 4 years in advance which should be plenty of time to get a facility on the date chosen. P & P also says we need to have the contract signed, the budget approved and everything locked in by two years before Summer Festival.

    Kay continues, saying we have not been following our own guidelines since we made an exception 10 years ago. Nobody knows when Summer Festival is and no matter when you have it, it competes with something or someone. The third weekend in July does not compete with any other known Oregon festival.

    Kay also announced that the Tualatin Valley Council has two clubs who wish to hold the Summer Festival in 2007 at the Seaside Convention Center, and we hope the Federation will approve that plan.

    Ray Jones: I think the idea of locking in a date is a moot point. If the Practices and Procedures already have this established, I don't think it's wise to try and lock in a specific one weekend. The simple solution to this problem is to defeat the motion and rethink the process.

    Janet Bellcoff, Silver Stars, Portland Area Council: Having served as co-chairman of the 1997 Washington State Festival and being Facilities Chairman for the 2008 Washington State Festival, Washington rules are very similar to your Oregon Practices and Procedures. The recommended date, not the locked-in date, is the third weekend in June. The goal is to avoid Nationals on the fourth weekend, but our festivals since the early 1980's go back and forth between the second and third weekend of June.

    John Guches: Mr. President, could I have A Point of Order on this please. I would like to have this vote as a written ballot.

    The motion in consideration was reread by Jim Rogers: Mr. President, I would like to amend the motion that the Oregon Federation hold the annual Summer Festival on the third weekend of July each year. Dave Cooper seconded.

    President Dennis Marsh: Does everyone understand the motion now; the one you are voting on? Confirmation given.

    Results of Written Ballot by President Dennis Marsh: The vote was very close; the motion did pass. We will have a designated time of the month (3rd weekend in July) in our guidelines. It is a recommended date.

    Kay Rogers: The motion that was made and passed says that the Summer Festival will be the third weekend in July each year. As so, this is a Practices and Procedures motion and is a recommendation. We should have a goal of about the same date every year if possible.

    President Dennis Marsh: Correct

  3. MOTION (Jim Rogers): Mr. President, I make a motion that the Seaside Convention Center be reserved for the third weekend in July annually. A council or club may host the summer festival at another facility with two years notice. Seconded by Barbie Cooper.


    Dave Cooper: I want to hold the Summer Festival in Bend, Oregon, the third weekend in 2008. Who do I contact?

    Dale Worthington: I have some real reservations about the location in Seaside. In regard to the RV park, I had to contact them a year in advance and we had to guarantee three spots for three days for 2006. The hotels are expensive and the merchants are concerned. I am having problems with people in the Seaside area in attempting to bring vendors to the convention center. I don't think it is a logical place to have the Summer Festival. I don't think it is fair to them and it isn't fair to us.

    Don Bramhall: In 2001, Central Oregon wanted to host Summer Festival. We were told traditionally that Summer Festival was held in July according to Practices & Procedures, but the date could be moved if the Federation approved the move. We wanted to hold Summer Festival as part of the Central Oregon Round-Up. We brought that proposal to the Federation, knowing that traditionally it was held in July, and we wanted to propose a different date. The Federation accepted our proposal and we held Summer Festival in August. It worked great, a lot of people were there, and we had a good time. The Federation was happy and the Central Oregon Council members were happy. The Practices & Procedures seemed to work quite well; please don't change them.

    Dave Cooper: In 1994-95 we could not get a council to come forward to do a Summer Festival and they started talking about not having it any more. We had two clubs come forward in 1997 and they put on a Summer Festival. After that people realized they could do this and we started having more luck as far as getting people coming forward to put on the festival. Now we are going back to when they don't want to do it any more. It is a little bit of work, and the rewards you get for doing it monetarily are well worth the effort for your council. I would like to hear today that some clubs are coming forward and saying "yes" they want to do this in their counsel all the way through the years 2010. It is a lot of work but we need to have Summer Festivals. People will come, "You build it they will come." So please let's consider continuing to put on these festivals. It is a good thing.

    Pat Young: Kay is trying to do something that will be good for the council. The Seaside Convention Center is available to us at a lower price than what we could get a lot of other venues. Because of this possibility, it is all this motion is really asking. If you want to have it some place else or a different date, all you have to do is present it to the Board and ask for that and you will probably get it. If we have Summer Festival some place else and then decide we want to have it at the Seaside Convention Center, there is a possibility that Seaside won't be available because they found some other organization that wants it every third weekend in July for the next 10 years. They will take that and we will have lost an opportunity but that is a risk we have to take.

    Kay Rogers: If we are going to follow our own recommendations and make a big effort to have Summer Festival on the second or third weekend in July, we are going to have a problem for two or three years in getting a facility lined up for that date. The Seaside Convention Center has been reserved for 2006, 2007, and 2008 with no contract and no money for 2007 and 2008. It is available for any council who wants to host the Summer Festival in that facility. Because in the next couple years, we're going to have a hard time finding a facility that is available the third weekend in July. By the third year, if you start now looking for a facility on those dates, you should be able to get it lined up in the next two or three years. All this motion says is we're going to go ahead and reserve the Seaside Convention Center and if you decide you don't want it there, all you have to do is say so. The motion says we reserve, not rent or contract.

    Motion reread by Jim Rogers: Mr. President, I make a motion that the Seaside Convention Center be reserved for the third weekend in July annually. A council or club may host the summer festival at another facility with two years notice.

    Dale Worthington: I talked to the Seaside Chamber of Commerce and they said that is the worst time for them to have a large group. The hotels are already completely filled and the fees could go up to $300+; $125 is the going rate. It is tough finding a parking spot and there is no parking at the convention center. It is really difficult according to the Chamber of Commerce. The Convention Center is more than willing to bring people in because they can use the business. The Chamber of Commerce, however, this is their busiest season right then and there and bringing more people in causes more confusion for them.

    President Dennis Marsh asked for the vote by raising their hands; motion failed.

15 Minute Break


  1. MOTION (Sharon Greenman): Mr. President, I move that Section IV of the Practices & Procedures be changed to increase the mileage reimbursement rate from 20¢ per mile to 30¢ per mile, effective with the May, 2006, meeting. Seconded by Dave Cooper.


    Ilana Widders: She mentioned only one place in the Practices & Procedures that would be changed. There are other places in the Practices and Procedures where there is reimbursement for mileage. Is it only that one place that the mileage is increased or for any kind of mileage reimbursement? At a future date, this should be looked at.

    Response: The Parliamentarian will encode the intent of this motion.

    Dave Cooper: I'm in favor of this motion because of the fact that fuel prices have gone up. If you want people to become officers and delegates, we need to at least pay part of their fuel and hotel bills. It is hard to get people to come. It is a good motion and we should support it.

    Motion passed.

    Kay Rogers: There are two clubs in Tualatin Valley Council that are willing to put on the Summer Festival in 2007. They would need to have it at the Seaside Convention Center because of money, the date and all that this entails. I would like to know if there would be support for this or based on some of the discussions we had today, as to whether the Board would be against having another Summer Festival in Seaside in 2007.

  2. MOTION (Jim Rogers): Mr. President, I move that we hold the 2007 Summer Festival in Seaside, sponsored by Tualatin Valley Council. Pat Young seconded.

    Dave Cooper: It seems to me that when we did this in 1997 and 2001, we had to bring to this Board paperwork showing where we were going to hold this dance, what it was going to cost, a budget and all that this entails before we could take a vote on a motion to have it at either one of those two places. I don't think that we are ready to vote on having this Summer Festival until we see some of the documented information.

    MOTION (John Guches): Mr. President, I move that we table all festival proposals at this meeting until the January state meeting. Seconded by Dar Sconce.

    Kay Rogers: I'm not against that proposal; I think it is a good idea. Please read the Practices and Procedures. I will be happy to present our proposal in January along with other proposals. I'm really happy to see other clubs and counsels stepping up to make proposals for Summer Festivals in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. That was the point of this entire exercise.

    Motion passed.

  3. MOTION (Virginia Myers): Mr. President, I move that the Federation's old recorder be auditioned off to one of the council's that could use it. Seconded by Jim Rooper.


    Virginia Myers: Marcia Snodgrass was given the new recorder when she was secretary for the Nationals. The new one works much better, and the old recorder is just sitting in a box.

    The following councils expressed interest in the recorder:

    Rogue Sis-Q Council,
    Central Oregon Council, Carol Bro
    Emerald Empire Council, Sharon Greeman

    Motion passed.

    President Dennis Marsh: I will put a committee together to look into this and then get back to the councils that have showed an interest. Committee members: Virginia Myers, John Guches and Pat Young.


ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL: John Guches (Glory)

On behalf of the Rogue Sis-Q Council, I would like to say thank you to all of the dancers, officers and delegates that came to our dinner and dance last night. The committee that we put together did an outstanding job: Chuck, Carla, Steve, John, Mary, Bill. The Board members stood and gave a very much appreciated applause.

In front of each one of you, there is a "yellow rock" from the Rogue Sis-Q Council. Charlie Brown's thought up in one of their brain storming sessions to give a river rock from the Rogue River, painted yellow and signed, to all officers and delegates. The Star Promenanders donated the wicker basket with a candle. One of our clubs members works for Erickson Air-Crane, Inc, and on the yellow card there is a story about the pin that is attached. The Skycrane Helicopters are used for fire fighting and they ship them all over the world.

John referred to the wrapped gift sitting in front of Dave Cooper, our Past-President, with a statement that says, "don't open until told to do so." We are requesting Dave at this time to open the box. Dave's phrase was, "plant the seeds," and the badge that he was wearing has seeds glued to it. Now the seeds have matured and budded into flowers. On the back side of the badge, it now says "tough guys do wear pink."

Council Activities:

October 29th 2005 Night Owl Dance in Yreka Ca.

April 29th 2006 April Showers Bring May Flowers with Kris Jensen of Albuquerque, NM.

Elaine Funk will cue 7:30 pm prerounds and 8:00 pm Squares. This will be held at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center in Medford.


Nov 5th Harvest Hoe Down dance was well attended.

Dec 3rd we will be dark for the Charlie Browns Birthday Dance

Charlie Brown Squares

October 1st Happy Birthday Peanuts Dance was a fun and well attended dance.

October 15th Mystery Masquerade Ball Dance

November 5th Toys for Tots Kick Off Dance was a real success with lots of toys donated, the silent auction raised $500.00 for the Square Dancers for Katrina Fund.

November 19th State Meeting Dance was well attended by all clubs in the council. I must congratulate the club and council for a well planned dinner, dance and the hall was decorated with great taste.

December 3rd is the clubs 38th Birthday Dance with Jim Steele calling and Marian Cook cueing. It will be held at the Josephine County Square Dance Hall. Come on down and help them celebrate.

Lantz's Dantzers

October 21st Chili Cook Off and Dance with Les Seeley calling and Freddy Loveless cueing was well attended.

November 18th 1st annual Running Bear Dance.

Star Promenaders

Classes started on the 8th of Sept. with 14 new dancers.

The Club has made visitations to Pioneers and Petticoats, Potato Festival in Klamath Falls.

The Stars and Lantz's Dantzers pooled their resources for a Katrina Benefit Dance and raised over $600.00 that they combined with what the Charlie's raised to be sent to the fund.

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL: Coleeta Quigley (Chuck)

Good morning. That was a wonderful dance last night and the food was excellent. I want to thank Rogue Sis-Q Council for their wonderful hospitality.


Sounds like all are well into their beginning lessons except us. We couldn't get enough people interested this Fall. We will try again in January. We have had some great dances despite the weather. Plans are running high for our December and New Years Eve Dances. Hope some of you can make it to one or the other….many both! Fun things are planned and there is always good food.

Jefferson State Squares

No report.

Saints n' Ain'ts

Saint's and Aints have 23 beginners in their class which began October 9th. Sherm Welch continues to do an excellent job of teaching and the new dancers are learning quickly. Plus lessons began on the same date with approximately 40 people taking part. Donna is doing the round dances and we had probably 20 couples. They also have beginner rounds, probably close to 20 also. November 19th will be our last dance at the Tioga Ballroom. Starting with the class on Sunday November 20th we will hold all functions at the Methodist Church at the corner of Central Ave. and Ocean Blvd.


We have enthusiastic lesson classes going for both squares and rounds on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Our 59th Birthday dance was another fun night with Dale Roberson and Denise Harris calling and cueing. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us celebrate. We will cancel our November 26 and December 24 dances. Our December 10 dance will be our Christmas dance and once again this year we will collect sundry items to be given to the T.H.E. House. We would also like to offer our congratulations to Molly Reese and Tony Culley from the Beachcombers on their upcoming wedding.

SUNSET EMPIRE COUNCIL: Dale Worthington (Kathy)

I would like to thank the Rogue Sis-Q Council for a wonderful weekend we have had, and the dance last night with the Charlie Brown's was appreciated very much.

Hayshakers have started their lessons. Going good, but still difficult to get new students.

Squaws & Paws came down for their annual beach weekend, always fun seeing them.

Seaside Sashay, 15 squares on Friday, and 24 squares on Saturday. Was not able to dance at the Turnaround, because of rain. However, it did clear up so we were able to dance on the riverside deck. Callers were Dan Nordbye and Craig Ambercrombie, with Debbie Taylor cueing. Mud Wrestling Champions for 2005 were David Anderson and Valorie Harrison. Winner for the 2006 Seaside Sashay pre-registration drawing was Jim Shaver. He won 2 ribbons to the 2006 Seaside Sashay, 2 night stay at the Ebb Tide Hotel, and a free dinner for two.

On the 3rd Saturday dance in November, we will have a can food drive. Also, on the 1st Saturday in December, we will collect new toys for the toy drive at Les Schwab.

The next Sunset Empire Council meeting will be on Sunday, November 13th at Neimi's home following a 1:30pm potluck.


I want to add our thank you to the Rogue Sis-Q Council. It was fun to be given the chance to dance with the Charlie Brown's that we have run into at Diamond Lake. We had a great time.

Clubs have started classes and the average class size is 11. The total students taking lessons in the TVC Council at this time is 45 from four clubs. Some clubs will be starting lessons in January or February.

The TVC has a new attendance banner to promote club attendance at Council dances. The banner will be given to the club with the highest percentage of attendees at a function and passed on at the next function.

The TVC's Fifth Saturday dance was a Halloween theme, held on October 29th. It was a great dance with 98 attendees. The Sunset Promenaders earned the Council banner.

The TVC is hosting a "Cirque" New Year's Eve Dinner and Dance at the Odd Fellows Hall in Hillsboro. Norm Yoder will be the caller and Ruth Canby will be the cuer. Tickets are $10.00 and will be a Mainstream dance. You can buy tickets from any TVC club delegate.

A new idea for retention of new dancers was presented. The idea was to have "dance cards" available for single people at each dance as a way to encourage partners for the single men and women who attend dances.

The TVC is considering requesting to hold the 2007 Summer Festival; a decision will be made after investigating cost of other facilities. The Sunset Promenaders have also shown an interest in hosting the 2007 Summer Festival.


Thank you Rogue Sis-Q council for a wonderful dance, dinner and fellowship that we had with you last night. It was a pleasure being here.

I want to announce that next year on November 4, 2006, we will have the state meeting at the Umpqua Area Council in the Buckeroo Barn. It will be the first Saturday in November.

The UAC held a 5th Saturday Dance on October 29, 2005. We had good attendance, dancing over 5 squares. Our council president is Frank (Rita) Schuchard with Mark (Lori) Stern as Vice President. We are looking forward to an exciting year! The Council will be sponsoring a New Dancer's Dance in January 2006.

Dar also announced that Mark & Lori Stern will be alternate delegates for Umpqua Area Council when she is unable to attend.

The Buckeroos provided a Thanksgiving Dinner/Dance to area clubs on November 19th. This has become an annual event to extend to the square dancers that might be without families during the holiday season an opportunity to enjoy fellowship, good food and dancing. We invited former dancers and our new dancers. The club will be encountering their annual Christmas Wreath project the first weekend in December as a fund raising event. Wreaths this year will sell for $18.

Pioneers 'N' Petticoats' Birthday Dance was held on November 11th. They honored local Veterans and held a can food drive to help those who are less fortune in their community. The Sew-n-sew Shop in Canyonville have free square dance clothes for new dancers and those having danced less than 2 years, it's called the Second-Hand Square. Karen and Willy Schmidt are the owners, and can be reached at their store in Canyonville, located at 594 Canyonville/Riddle Road or phone 541-839-6599. The clothes are also free to those dancers who may be having financial difficulties. They just want to encourage square dancing.

Area club's new dancer lessons are going along quite nicely and we hope to have a sizeable number of new dancers at the Mid-Winter Festival.

BLUE MOUNTAIN COUNCIL: David Stutzman (Sharon)

The Baker City and La Grande Clubs have for several years traded hosting of a Christmas Dance. Everyone brings something for potluck. Santa shows up to pass out gifts to the dancers that have been good this year. This year it is La Grande's turn to host. Several individuals are planning entertainment for the evening in addition to the Dance.

The club in Baker City has been fortunate to have guest callers this Fall while searching for a regular club caller. I am happy to report that Ann Colton has offered to call for the club. Ann is an old club member and called for the club years ago. Don, her husband, does the round dance cueing for the club.

The Elgin club will try again this year in hosting a New Year's Eve Dance. Last year this dance was canceled due to bad weather.


Central Oregon would also like to thank you for a wonderful time this weekend with good food, good fellowship and great dancing.

The fall dance schedule has the dancers of Central Oregon busy and enjoying the company of our square dance family.

During the holiday season each club brings us a Christmas dance filled with holiday tradition and festive decorations. We all look forward to the Bachelor Beauts famous Teddy Bear Dance and the Schufflers New Years Eve Dance and Pot Luck that marks the end of the holiday season and the beginning of a busy new year sponsoring square dance lessons to share the fun with new dancers. The Beauts will have lessons on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm. The Shufflers will be from 1-3pm on Sundays followed by the Red Rocks who will have lessons from 4-6pm. And if that isn't enough for those who want to continue on into the evening the Swinging Mountaineers will have Plus lessons on Sunday from 6:30-8:30.

Thanks to the dedication of our Cuers you can find opportunities to Round Dance at all levels with Dave Cooper and Kitty Kaler doing beginning and intermediate levels III and VI and Joyce Brown and Helen Dennis doing the advance levels V and VI. Thank You Cuers. The Sundown Round Dance club will also be working on a new dance for the Mid Winter Demo.

News Flash

I interrupt this meeting to bring you startling news from the Central Oregon area. There has been a report of a new virus that is spreading rapidly throughout the region and reaching epidemic proportions. It has been identified as the Round Dance Bug. There have been 39 new cases reported at the beginning Two Step lessons, 40 new cases reported at the intermediate Slow Two Step lessons and 24 new cases at Fox Trot level III and IV lessons. There seems to be no end in sight as we have beginning waltz lessons scheduled to start in late December. There is great concern on behalf of the Central Oregon Round Dance Community that this virus may spread state wide due to the exposure to our guest cuers that have recently visited Central Oregon, Watch for symptoms from Tami Helms, Marge Penticost, and Bill and Neva Reed to name a few.

Just to emphasize the severity of the outbreak the most recent Sun Down Round Dance had over 40 couples with every dancer on the floor for the final dance of the evening. As our Club Cuer would say "It was Awesome".

EASTERN OREGON COUNCIL: Lorene Griffith (George)

All are doing well and dancing up a storm.

EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL: Sharon Greeman & Lois Klinok

I want to thank the Charlie Brown's for the great dinner. They are so gracious and everything. At the dance last night, I had a wonderful time. Thank you again.

Classes have been started and they are very small, but lots of fun.

The Boots and Sandals had fun at their 2nd and 4th Saturday Dances, and their 3rd Friday Plus with Leonard Snodgrass and new caller for their classes, Bob Ewing while Lennie Ludiker was gone. They dance at the Barn in Cottage Grove.

The Sweet Home Squarenaders had a great time at their Hash and Hattrick Turkey Dance and they were visited by the Mid-Winter Festival committee. They dance at the school on Elm Street in Sweet Home.

Those that dance at the Emerald Square/Round Dance Center in Springfield all had great Halloween Dances. Danebo Circle 8 on October 15th had guest caller The Wizard Bruce Lowther and guest cuer Raggedy Ann Sharon Greenman. Then on October 21th, the Wolf Pack had Ghoul Larry Dupray calling and Raggedy Ann Sharon Greenman cueing. On October 28th, Single Trees had guest caller Country Bumpkin Randy Dibble and Pat Hintz cueing. The Cascade Caller/Cuer Association had lots of fun October 29th with Witch Christina Corelli and Raggedy Ann Sharon Greenman cueing and all the Area's great callers.


No report.


We want to thank all the people from the Rogue Sis-Q Council for their wonderful dinner last night and for the great fun we had at the dance. It was really great.

Toledo 49'rs Square Dance Club

The square dance lessons are progressing nicely. Our dancers have been very enthusiastic and enjoy their dancing on the calls they have learned by the end of each class. Lloyd Larson, is bringing the class along, and they are learning fast. We do not have many, just one square, but with the angels we have a rousing two squares on the floor.

The club supplied chili and hot dogs for our indoor beach party on October 1st, it was fun with lots of participation. We had a great Halloween dance on the third Saturday with costumed dancers and chocolate and pumpkin pies being served. On the first dance in November the club supplied the lasagna for our Italiano dinner and dance. Lloyd Larson and Goldie Restorff called and cued to over three squares of guests and members. We were very pleased to have a group of our new dancers from the classes come and observe and dance some tips with us. We were happy they came and joined in our club dance and dinner.

We have attended the Valley River Dancers, the Mid-Willamette Area Fall Festival, Sizzling Saturday, Rounds R Us Birthday dance, Salem Center Benefit Dance and the Shadow Dance. We enjoy going to the other dances in all of our areas as much as possible.

Sea Twirlers Traveling Club

The Sea Twirlers in Lincoln City had a successful and fun 9th Birthday Dance on September 11, 2005. Since then we have attended the Toledo 49'rs Birthday Dance, Crazy Creek Rockers Birthday Dance, Funtastic Squares Birthday Dance, Crazy Creek Rockers Harvest Dance and the Seaside Sashay. We have also attended regular club dances at the Toledo 49'rs.

We are looking forward to the 2006 Oregon Mid-Winter Festival in Albany in January 27, 28 & 29, 2006, and dancing to the calling of Brian Hotchkies from Australia, and the cueing of Randy and Marie Preskitt from Washington.


I would like to thank the Rogue Sis-Q Council for their wonderful hospitality and great dinner and dance last night.

The Mid Willamette Area hosted their annual Fall Harvest Festival Dance at the Salem Square Dance Center on October 29th. Spinning Antlers and Rounds aRe US were chairman, with Timber Twirlers co-chairing the event. Seventeen and a half squares of dancers enjoyed the evening with callers and cuers from the Area. Donations of canned goods were brought for the local food bank.

Our newest area club Funtastic Squares celebrated their first birthday in October. They had a great time with caller Leonard Snodgrass and cuers John and Suzzette Juhring. Marcia stated it has been a very busy year and they are working on building the Funtastic Squares into "The Fun Club" in the state with no politics and very few rules and responsibilities for members. A special thanks goes to Victoria Moore for her cake baking skills to create a Funtastic Balloon Birthday Cake, to Lanie Moore-Cumming for her sewing skills to create their club banner and to Adam Cumming for taking all the great pictures for their scrapbook and to Tiffani Messenger for putting the scrapbook together. It sounds like they are the "Fun Club of the Area". Be sure to visit them for some great Fun!

Braids and Braves have moved their dances from the McMinneville Senior Center to the McMinnville Grange Hall at 1721 Old Sheridan Road in McMinneville beginning this month.

Cherry City Cloggers have 65 new dancers taking lessons along with their 85 regular members on Tuesday evening. They are bursting at the seams of the Square Dance Center, what a great activity.

Other area clubs with large classes are Independence Wagon Wheelers with 30, Willamette Squares with 15, Braids and Braves and Crazy Creek Rockers with 14, Funtastic Squares and Salem Swingin Stars with 13. We should have great new dancer dances and Mid Winter Festival with all these new dancers

Corvallis Squares is hosting the first area New Dancers Dance on Sunday November 27th at the First Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Road, Corvallis, Or. Lets all join in and support our new dancers, they are the future of Square Dancing.


Thanked the Rogue Sis-Q Council for a great weekend. John said there were 13 squares at the dance last night. It was really great.

Most clubs are in "full swing" with their lessons. In checking the insurance forms, most have a good number of new dancers. Several clubs have 25-35 taking lessons. This is very encouraging. Most clubs show an increase in membership. Those who show a decrease lost only two or three members.

Many new dancer jamborees are in the works. Yesterday, Nov. 19th, the Country Capers with Georgia Bailey calling. Nov. 26th, Silver Stars will have Darrell Kalmbach calling at the Clark County Square Dance Center. Swap & Swing in The Dalles will also have one on Nov. 26th. Checkerboard Squares are having theirs today with Ed Craig calling. Randy Dibble, Daryl Clendenin, Jim Hattrick and Les Seeley will have a "New Dancers Hoedown" at the Woodburn Senior Estates on Nov. 27th. This should be a great jamboree. On Dec. 4th, River City Dancers with Les Seeley calling and Tami Helms cueing. The Happy Rock'rs will start out the new year with one on Jan. 8th. Lets support these new dancers. Without them, our membership will not grow. Check your Nov. issue of the OFN for all details.

Two clubs celebrated anniversaries. Both the Checkerboard Squares (Nov 12th) and Country Cut-Ups (Oct. 31st) celebrated 45 years of dancing.

The Tri-Council Christmas dinner will be on Dec. 12th at J. J. Norths in Portland. This is an annual event for PAC, TVC and Evergreen clubs who will host this year's event. Everyone is welcome.

Several clubs are planning their New Years Eve Dances. Country Cut-Ups are having a "Rockin' New Years Eve" party with Terry Halley calling and Carolyn Stitt cueing. Happy Hoppers plus club will feature Jim Hattrick. Swap & Swing in The Dalles will have Bill & Neva Reid calling and cueing. Silver Stars will have their annual prime rib dinner and new dancers party. River City Dancers will have a "50's" theme with Les Seeley and Tami Helms. See your OFN for details.

Have you noticed the round of the month in the Nov. issue of the OFN? "No Place Under the Sun Like Oregon" was choreographed by Neva & Bill Reid, caller and cuer for the Swap & Swing.


Ray & Zola Jones

Since the last State Federation Meeting in September, we have attended all of our own club's dances, and 'angeled' at the New Dancer lessons.

From the latter part of September to the middle of October, we were busy gathering all the information and putting together the Program Book for Mid-Winter Festival; in order to get it to the printer so the books would be done in time to bring them this weekend-to start their distribution! As you know the Program Books are here for all of you to take back to your Areas and Clubs, along with a lot of registration forms we hope. PLEASE make sure that books get to the "New Dancers", this is so important-as they have never been to a Square and Round Dance Festival, so they need to read all about it. Thank you.

We send our warmest congratulations to Don and Lonna Bramhall, as our newest Oregon Goodwill Ambassadors. We welcome them in sharing this position with the rest of us Ambassadors, and we know they will do very well.

We also want to say a big thank you to the Rogue Sis-Q Council and the Charlie Brown Squares for a very good dinner and a great dance yesterday. And-we look forward to seeing everyone again in January at Mid-Winter Festival in Albany!

Our sincerest wishes to all of you for a Happy Thanksgiving, and a Wonderful Holiday Season. So-until we meet again;

Safe travels and Happy Highways,

Just a reminder. Our Mid-Winter walk-a-bout can't get to everybody. They tried and we would like to ask you delegates to make sure to promote Mid-Winter with your new dancers. It is their first chance to see a big festival, and we need to make sure they know how much fun it will be. Thank you.

Al & Fran Westphal - absent

Another meeting missed. We are thinking of you and missing the good fellowship. Save a couple of hugs for us. We will see you again one of these times.

We think we are on the road again, almost. We expect to leave Saturday morning (Nov. 12) for Central Oregon for a night with Dorothy Murray. Then, on to Colorado to visit family or maybe we will have to skip Colorado for now and go on to Yuma, Arizona for the winter. Weather will be the deciding factor.

Al tried to dance a little bit at one of the Toledo 49'r lessons, but he isn't quite there yet. We will try to get back into dancing in Yuma.

We need to report two losses in the past Federation officers/delegates family. Past president Ruth McKnight Steeprow's husband Jim died Oct. 19 in Corvallis. Verne and Ruth McKnight were Federation President couple in 1972-73. They were the first recipients of the Randall award, were among the first appointees to the Goodwill Ambassador program and were for many years primary supporters of the Fairview Benefit. Address for Ruth McKnight Steeprow is 3010 Santiam Highway S.E., Albany, OR 97321.

Ilene Brinson died Oct. 8. She and Jack were Summer Festival chairs twice and were Central Oregon delegates in the 1970's. Jack's address is 20538 Snow Cap Place, Bend, OR 97701-8973.

Our love and good wishes to each of you.

We once again invite you to come and enjoy the many fun dancing and other activities in Yuma, Arizona. Our address in Yuma is Westphal, Shangri-La R.V. Resort, 10498 North Frontage Rd., Space 27, Yuma, AZ 85365.

Harold & Barbara Kleve - absent

Life is good. Classes are going great and regular dances have been well attended. Each fall it seems the "One Night Parties" are in high gear. We have called a bunch of them for all ages; girl scouts, teens, and adults. Most of these were for church groups. It seems I have become the unofficial caller for LDS Churches in the area. One group passes my name and number from one to another. I have been to wards in Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro, and Forest Grove. Great people all and I find their teenagers to be very courteous and helpful with carrying equipment. We may not get them into a square dance club right away but they have been exposed to square dancing in the proper way. Somewhere down the line they may recollect the good time they had and join with us.

Lee & Barbi Ashwill - absent

No Report (She says she's sorry.)

Don & Lonna Bramhall

Don thanked the Rogue Sis-Q Council and the Charlie Brown's. The dinner was more than enough even though Dave went back three times.

This report finds us getting ready to share Thanksgiving with square and round dance friends in Central Oregon, and Lonna and I wish all of you a happy and meaningful holiday.

Being Oregon Goodwill Ambassadors allows us to indulge our love of dancing and travel with both new and old friends. The middle of September found us at the Fort Rock Hoedown with a group of enthusiastic dancers from the Central Oregon area. In October, a group of Central Oregon dancers wanted to attend the Falling Leaf Festival in Leavenworth, Washington with us. The Buds and Blossoms of Leavenworth put on a great festival, and the area is spectacular in the fall.

Our group met Leonard and Marcia Snodgrass and some of their dancing friends from the Salem area and headed to Toppenish, Washington to admire the many murals painted on the buildings in the town.

My first mistake as wagon master for this group of independent thinkers (that's how they dance, too!) came when they all scattered to their favorite gas station(s). Just imagine six large RV's wandering around town, looking for the best deal on fuel. No problem, I thought, getting on the trusty CB and telling them that after they fuel up they just need to follow the signs to city center, drive past the Napa Parts Store and turn left at the first traffic light. And so we waited and waited, and repeated the directions on the CB. When everyone finally arrived, I learned that there were two Napa stores in Toppenish, oh well.

Leavenworth was as nice as everyone was hoping for. We ate great food, drank a little good beer, and danced a lot. We had a great time and met dancers from all over the Northwest and Canada, encouraging them to attend Oregon's Mid Winter Festival in January. Everyone agreed the drive was worth a great weekend of square and round dancing!

Oh yeah, the hat. Our band of travelers knew it was the perfect award for our doing such a good job of keeping the group together in Toppenish.

Lonna stated that we too would like to thank the Rogue Sis-Q Council. We would like to thank all of the delegates that are here today, and all the federation officers for giving us the opportunity to share our joint passion of helping people who haven't learned how to square dance yet. We are looking forward to taking the message as far away as Shell and Texaco will allow us. Until we retire unfortunately, you will not be getting anything from us from Yuma.


Ilana Widders

I would like to remind everybody that I still have program books. If you need some, please see me before you leave.

Marilyn Schmit

Just a reminder that I have approximately between 50 and 60 state directories left for $2.00 each. I do have them with me so if anybody needs some directories, please let me know.

Kathy Roberts

I have had a request to order more Summer Festival fabric. I need a minimum of 16 yards to order, so far I have had a request for 11 ½ yards. If any body else would like me to order some more fabric, it will take approximately 6 weeks. You need to talk to me today, and it works out to be about $5.40 per yard. It is $9.00 a yard fabric with 40% off. If you would like some more fabric, please let me know.

ADJOURN: ADJOURN: Motion made by Dave Cooper to adjourn the meeting at 11:55 am and seconded by John Guches. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Virginia Myers (Ed)
Recording Secretary