MINUTES OF MEETING dated May 14, 2006
Hosted by South Coast Area Council
The Beachcomber's Cove
Port Orford, Oregon

Meeting brought to order by President Dennis Marsh at 9:02 AM.

Dennis Marsh: Due to the injury to Virginia Myers, Recording Secretary, I asked Kathy Roberts to stand in for her for this meeting.

This meeting is being recorded.

ROLL CALL: Recording Secretary, Virginia (Ed) Myers (Kathy Roberts (Tim) substituting)

Officers: All present, except: Virginia & Ed Myers

Appointed Officers: All present, except: Vivian Fairburn, Mike & Shirley Odell, Ralph & Linda Lambert, Jim & Avis Kincaid, Barbara & Larry Schaumburg, Leonard & Marcia Snodgrass, Joyce & Gary Clark

Delegates: All present except: Interstate Highlanders delegate.

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present except: Harold & Barbara Kleve.


FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President Barbie Cooper

MINUTES: Please make corrections to the January 29, 2006, minutes as follows:

Barbara Tipton: on page 15 of 41 under the Youth Activities Report, Ann "Scully's" name should be corrected to read Ann "Skoe",

Illana Widders: on page 24 out of 41 under the discussion portion of the motion on guidelines for awarding Summer Festival, Larry "Reed" should be corrected to read Larry "Reetz".

MOTION was made by Dave Cooper to accept the minutes as corrected. Seconded by Barbie Cooper. Motion approved.


PRESIDENT: Dennis Marsh (Ilana Widders)

Dennis Marsh asked Bob Bosch, Lonna Bramhill and Annadale Rooper to count the ballots.

Good morning, Thank you South Coast for a wonderful dance last night. I had a great time. At our last meeting I was still a little emotional from the festival seeing it develop and then coming off as great as it did, and I thank all of you for the success we had at MWF. This summer we have many challenges facing us and our activity. I hope you all did not think of yourselves but of the work that others have done to bring us many festivals this summer. We have gas prices rising and it's going to take a toll on us as we attempt to travel around the countryside, and we need to make every effort to attend these dances that have been setup for our entertainment and fun. We have been working all year and we need to support them.

Reminder, when you are on the microphone, this is being recorded. Also, please announce your name before you speak.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: Barbie Cooper (Dave)

First of all I want to say thanks to Patty Reese and the South Coast Council for coordinating this wonderful weekend, we had a wonderful time last night and we even got to dance together. We have been to this facility several times. This the very first time I have been able to dance with two shoes on that match while in this hall and boy did I enjoy it!!!

We have been busy since the last meeting, we have been in Aurora, Baker City, Salem, Springfield, Portland, and all over Central Oregon and a few other cities along the way either cueing at dances, holding weekly lessons or weekend workshops, attending Council meeting in Baker City and once in a while dancing at a dance! We love it (dancing) but most of all we really enjoy seeing all the friends we've made along the way. We even danced at a non-Federated caller run club.

I have been involved with some state business in the Central Oregon area regarding insurance questions and dancing at a non-Federated dance put on by a caller-ran club. The funny thing about this situation is that the one asking the most questions is a dancer that does not belong to a Federated club. Lots of e-mails have been going around about if you belong to a Federated club aren't you covered dancing at non-Federated dances??? I forwarded the e-mail that was sent regarding the accident that Virginia Myers had to help answer questions in the area, but I don't think it helped!! I would like to suggest an article in the OFN regarding how insurance works, sorry Kay, I should of talked to you before this report but it would help to refresh or inform a lot of dancers new or old! Which brings up the second issue that has popped up in our area: caller-ran dances/clubs. I see them being advertised in the OFN, at Mid-Winter Grand March, where they had their banners and visiting at Federated clubs and would love to know how others feel about this!!! Drop me an e-mail or just visit with me sometime about it. We need to put on our thinking caps about how we get non-Federated dancers more involved. I would love to hear others' thoughts on non-Federated clubs.

I personally feel that dancing is getting stronger every year in Oregon, the numbers of squares continue to grow at dances, lessons have more students all the time and if we invite them to join a Federated club in Oregon, we will all benefit from it.

Everyone has a copy of my budget in front of you for next year. I have extra copies for those of you who have not received one. As you are looking at this budget, I will have to transfer money because we did not have a Summer Festival last year. The only income that we had is from Mid-Winter.

Barbi Ashwill: Everyone should remember that their was no Summer Festival last year because of the National Convention.; This year's Summer Festival is chaired and worked by the Federation so that 100% of the net profits come back to the Federation to help fill the gap in the budget that Barbie is having to fill. As I recall from times when both Lee and I were president is that the budget should be presented today, and after you are installed a motion should be made to accept the budget.

Bill Rooper: Motion made to accept the budget as presented. No second. Motion died.

Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs
September 2006 - August 2007
General Fund Receipts:
Area Council/Club Dues250.00
Directory Sales1500.00
Festival Income
Mid Winter 20063156.00
Summer Festival 2005
(Nationals in Portland)
Interest Income1500.00
Transfer from
General Fund/Retained Earnings
Total Income8800.00
General Fund Disbursements:
BMI/ASCAP Dues125.00
Directory Printing1700.00
Equipment Insurance250.00
Total General Fund Disbursements8400.00
Special Project Disbursements:
Youth Fund100.00
Trailer Maintenance & Improvements100.00
National Showcase100.00
Round Of The Month100.00
Total Special Project Disbursements400.00
Total Receipts8800.00
Total Disbursements8800.00
Anticipated Fund Expenditures and Income:
Insurance Fund Receipts
Club Premiums Paid13,400.00
Total Insurance Receipts13,400.00
Insurance Disbursements
Premiums paid to USDA13,000.00
USDA Membership Dues100.00
Administration Costs300.00
Total Insurance Disbursements13,400.00
Oregon Federation News Receipts:
Where and When1,650.00
Total OFN Receipts35,650.00
Oregon Federation News Disbursements:
Contractors Monthly Fee
(Editor Fee Monthly @ $275.00/mo)
Office Supplies600.00
Graphics Design7,200.00
Printing & Mailing16,350.00
Total OFN Disbursements29,950.00
OFN Profit of$5,700.00

2006 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Ilana Widders (Dennis Marsh)

Good Morning. I would like to thank the South Coast Area Council, Patty Reese and Coleeta Quiqley for a great dinner and dance. We have had not only a fun but also a learning experience this past year in doing the Mid-Winter Festival. We truly could not have done this with out the great help we got from our most terrific Committee and they are the ones that deserve the credit. Dennis and I want to say thank you to all of them. This year we had some unexpected costs that we could not have foreseen. When we submitted our budget and set the ball in motion we had no idea that we would be going back to the Fairgrounds and negotiating with them. Due to some of their personnel changes at the Fairgrounds and the lateness of receiving the final bill for the 2005 MWF we were caught with prices on our ribbons that did not reflect the changes. From this experience we created a formula with the expert help of our treasurer, Laurie Cooley, to aid future Chairman in setting appropriate ribbon prices to show a profit and not have to guess any more on their ribbon price. We also have set forth a detailed report to hand to future chairman that gives them chronological steps to take to guide them to their own festival. So at this time, we would like to present the Federation with the 2006 MWF profit check of $2,190.27, and a copy of our report to your treasurer Bill Rooper.

2006 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Co-Chairs: Kay & Jim Rogers and Tim & Kathy Roberts

Thanks for the great dance last night. It was fun. When you have a great dance like that you are boosted full of endorphins', helping us make it through the Sunday meeting.

The schedule for callers and cuers is nearly completed. We have handed out flyers with some additional information for you to share with other dancers.

We have also distributed a schedule of events to everyone. Please be sure to take extras with you.

It is time to register. We would appreciate all of you registering before you leave today. This is our summer festival, we all you need to support it. You need to register.

We wanted to do some innovative things that haven't been done before. Our terrific Trail's End Dance is planned, with Jim Hattrick and friends calling and Susan Healea cueing. This will be at the Seaside Convention Center on Thursday night. This dance is not part of the weekend package.

Ice cream social tickets are for sale from one of the four of us at $5 each. This is a new feature for summer festival and we hope you all enjoy it. Build you own sundae at the Convention Center, 10pm Friday night. If you want a ticket, contact the Rogers, the Roberts, the Youngs, the Schmits or the Ashwills.

I have with me today a sample of the flooring we will be placing over the carpet in both the round dance hall and the plus hall. We are sure you will like dancing on this floor. It is the same type as was used at the National Convention last summer. The outside dancing will be the badge dance on Saturday.

On Saturday we will have an "on the beach badge dance" especially designed for youth dancers. Youth of all ages are invited to participate. Ed Craig will be calling and Patty Herman will be cueing. Following the beach dance, there will be a mainstream dance at the Convention Center that features youth callers and cuers. We hope you all come and dance to these budding entertainers. If you know of a youth who would be interested in participating, you need to contact Kathy Roberts. Amanda Roberts has a fun pizza party planned for the youth on Saturday also.

Sunday morning we will have the Heavenly Hoedown, featuring Les Seeley and the River City Gospel Singers. If you have not heard them before, be sure to catch this dance.

As you may have heard, Hawaiian shirts are encouraged all weekend.

We hope that you get registered and that you attend. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ilana Widders: I notice the only dancing on Sunday is the Heavenly Hoedown.

Kay Rogers: that is correct. In exchange for that the Friday afternoon casual dance is from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

2007 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Dan & Ginger Allen

We have all signed contracts with callers and cuers. We have a verbal agreement with the clogging cuer and are waiting for a signed contract.

We have invited the handicapable club "Dancing Wheels" and their caller Bruce Lowther. They will be included in the showcase of rounds and will be given an hour of dance time in the New Dancers hall.

Each level of dancing will be assigned a hall with the callers and cuers rotating between the halls.

The Mid-Winter 1920's square dance dress has been well liked by other square dancers.

2007 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Joyce and Gary Clark, No report.

2008 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Leonard & Marcia Snodgrass, No report.


Since the last State Meeting in January, it was decided to have heavier paper for the OFN, especially the cover. We are now using a heavier paper on the front and back cover and the color pages. Also, in January it was noted that the amount of the printer's invoices was in error. We have received a credit which will be effective thru the August issue.

Please share with the Councils and Clubs that we will again have the lesson schedules printed in the September issue of the OFN. The deadline will be August 5 for the information for the September issue. The OFN will be in the mail approximately August 23.

Remember that we always have extra OFN's every month and they are free to clubs for sharing with new dancers and students. Just let us know a few weeks prior to the date needed so that we will save them for you.

As always, your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Jim & Kay Rogers

We have been working on the summer festival and dancing mostly locally. It would be nice if more of you were registered for Seaside 5-0.

The HORSES Benefit dance in Bend was great, lots of dancers, two horses and a worthy cause.

We were sorry to miss the youth dance. We hear it was a huge success.

There were about 150 people at the annual Tri-Council dance. We had a lot of fun and the dancing was great.

The Insurance Chairman and I have been messing around.


I'm sorry that I was unable to attend the Port Orford meeting. Ed and I were looking forward to square dancing and visiting with everyone this weekend. A special thank you to Kathy Roberts for taking the minutes for me. The surgery was successful and I am now a bionic woman. With a couple of months of physical therapy, I hope to see all of you at the Summer Festival in Seaside.


Good Morning.

I would like to add my thanks and appreciation for the warm hospitality, excellent potluck and dance here at Port Orford from the South Coast Council with their Delegate Coleeta Quigley and her husband, Chuck.

Cards I have sent out:

Condolence Cards:
Kathy Kocher, her husband Ken passed away
Pat & Nina Gillette, her father passed away

Get Well Cards:
Virginia Myers for her broken shoulder

Please note my new e-mail address: johnngloryg@aol.com .

2006-2007 Ballot Return report:

Blue Mountain, 3 clubs returned their ballots out of 5 clubs
Central Oregon, 100% clubs return
Eastern Oregon, 100% clubs return
Emerald Empire, 6 clubs returned their ballots out of 10 clubs
Interstate Highlanders, 100% clubs return
Lincoln-Tillamook, 100% return
Mid-Willamette Area, 17 clubs returned, with 1 club after May 1st, out of 18 clubs
Portland Area, 14 clubs returned, with 1 club after May 1st, out of 18 clubs
Rogue Sis-Q, 100% return
South Coast, 3 clubs returned their ballots out of 4 clubs
Sunset Empire, 100% return
Tualatin Valley, 9 clubs returned, with 1 club after May 1st, out of 13 clubs
Umpqua Area, 100% return

Total statistics: 72 ballots returned, 3 ballots returned after May 1st out of a total of 89 ballots mailed to clubs.

State Delegates, please note: Not including my time and effort to get all ballots out to all clubs in a timely manner, repeated efforts for the club ballots returned due to incorrect address, incorrect secretary, to name some of the problems that are a recurring problem, but those ballots that are mailed more than once the Post Office is charging additional postage for those ballots. This is not my money, this is the money that all Square Dancers are paying the Oregon Federation for its operating expenses. I am strongly urging all Delegate's to please be sure that by December, the Membership Chairman has the correct information for the current secretary with the correct address irregardless of when the clubs hold their elections so when I request the Membership Chairman to send me the list of all clubs for the next election, money and time will be saved.

Ilana Widders: Are unofficial ballots that came in after May 1st counted? No.

TREASURER: Bill Rooper (Annadale)

We had a really good time last night. Everyone has a copy of my written report. The only thing unusual is that the bank charges for sending the checks back. The Financial Advisor needs these to do his job. They also charge if Vivian deposits more than 100 checks per month. I am contemplating finding a bank that doesn't do that.

MEMBERSHIP: Judy Gelmstedt (Chuck Bos)

Thank you Coleeta and your club and council for a nice dinner and great dance. Chuck & I had never danced to your caller and cuers. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the dance.

The date on my letter to the Club Secretary's has May 20th date on it, sorry I had another hat on regarding our club garage sale and put the wrong date, it should be today's date.

We have 13 clubs, and 2 councils that have corporation fees dues between now and Summer Festival. They are as follows:
Sagebrush Shufflersdue 6-14-06
Spinning Antlersdue 6-18-06
Hayshakersdue 6-19-06
Jefferson State Squaresdue 6-24-06
Cross Trailersdue 6-25-06
Oaky Doaksdue 6-25-06
4 N 8 ers due 6-28-06
Silver Stars due 6-30-06
Blue Mountain Councildue 7-1-06
Rogue Sis Q Councildue 7-9-06
Beachcombersdue 7-14-06
Star Promenaders due 7-18-06
Eager Beaversdue 7-23-06
Buzzin' Bees due 7-31-06
Past Due:
Tri-Squaresdue 4-29-06
Chaps & Petticoatsdue 4-30-06
Emerald Teensdue 5-9-06
I have given the State Directory Information sheets to each delegate for their area. Please be sure to return them to me no later than Summer Festival. Sooner would be better if possible.

Thank you for your help in this endeavor.

INSURANCE: Kay Rogers (Jim)

Coming fresh from my experience with 54th NSDC, when giving someone your e-mail address or asking someone to provide one. Please clarify how often you check your e-mail. Please don't give us an address if you don't use it regularly.

Thank you all for keeping up on your new members and class lists and for paying membership fees. I appreciate it. We have increased our membership by 50 since the beginning of the year.

Recently Virginia Myers was hurt at a non-federated dance. I was mistaken in thinking there was no coverage for our dancers if they are at a non-federated function. It turns out that under certain circumstances, federated dancers are covered at some non-federation dances. I cannot think of another incident where I gave someone this wrong information but if I have, I apologize. I've been to some of the clubs and councils over the last few years to explain about the insurance. Who qualifies and who doesn't. In my mind it is the most important thing that this federation does. We provide liability and for our dancers. If you do not understand the information, please contact me and Jim and I will come and explain it. If you are at a non-Federated dance where someone is injured, fill out the claim form and we will forward it to the insurance company for them to make the determination. I will warn you that the reason for the personal injury protection, last pay after Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, or what ever you have. The main thrust of the entire program is liability protection. People are less likely to sue you if they think they have insurance to pay for their injuries. If you get injured and you do not belong to a Federated Club or if you have dancers that do not belong to a Federated Club, you are at risk. We do need to be aware. If you participate at a non-federated dance, festival, caller run club, you may not be covered for an injury at one of these dances. Play it safe and do the best you can.

Barbi Ashwill: The only thing I'd like to add to that is most caller-run clubs are not Federated. I will forever sing the praises of Leonard and Marcia Snodgrass that they went the extra mile and federated their club. In talking to some of the others that are not Federated is, "we don't have anyone who wants to run for officers". It only costs $15 to join the Federation and the insurance minimum is only about $45.

PAST PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper (Barbie)

My report is about the H.O.R.S.E.S. benefit dance. I would like to say thanks to Central Oregon Council. When we decided to have it in Bend, we didn't know if it would fly or not. The Central Oregon dancers came out in force. We also appreciated all of the officers and delegates who came. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was a great dance. We raised over $3,700.00 for H.O.R.S.E.S. Now that's what we call a real hoedown in our neck of the woods. Bill and Neva Reid did an outstanding job calling and cueing and Jasmo made an appearance and even joined in a tip or two. The best part is of all of your donations will be putting smiles on the faces on the youngsters who will benefit from this dance put on by the Federation. Let's do just as great next year!

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim Roberts (Kathy)

I have distributed a moderately lengthy update to the Practices & Procedures. Remember that delegates have two sets: one for your copy, and one for your council's copy.

This is my second brief chat about misused and abused parliamentary procedures.

The procedures for passing and voting on motions are worthy of review. We almost invariably bring all of our motions to a voice vote. The chairman asks for "all in favor," and those who are in favor of the motion should say "aye" or "yes". Note that the word is "aye", not the letter "I". The chairman then asks for "all opposed", and those who are opposed should say "nay" or "no". The practice of saying "aye" when you are voting against the motion is a strange one indeed.

The chairman is ultimately responsible for judging the outcome, based on the number of voices. If he, or anyone else, is unsure of the outcome, they may call for a "division of the house," or a "division." That requests a vote by a show of hands, or by standing. Few of our votes are that close.

There is another procedure that can be used to speed things along, when it is obvious that a question is not controversial. This technique is called "unanimous consent," and is commonly used in Congress. The chairman says, for example, "if there is no objection, the minutes stand approved as mailed." He pauses for a moment, and if no one speaks up, the motion passes. If anyone does speak up to object, the chairman must take a voice vote.

I was watching C-SPAN a few years ago, and was surprised to find that this was even used by the chairman of the House of Representatives when President Clinton was impeached. Can you imagine? "If there is no objection, the President stands impeached." There were objections.

The position of chairman is unique in Robert's Rules, but the rights and responsibilities are sometimes misunderstood. The chairman is responsible for making sure that the meeting runs smoothly, that questions are presented fairly, and that each individual is able to speak his or her mind on the issues. The Rules technically require that no one speak twice until everyone has had the opportunity to speak once; we do not follow that particular rule.

The chairman is expected to facilitate the debate. He is not supposed to influence the debate. This is one of the trickier things to handle. The chairman may express his opinions during his report, or when there is no question under debate, but when a debate is ongoing, the chairman should remain neutral. If the chairman cannot stop himself from speaking on a topic, he is required to relinquish the chair to another officer until the debate is finished and a vote is taken.

As a member of the body, the chairman has the right to vote on any issue. However, for the purposes of neutrality, he is expected not to cast a vote, except in two circumstances: to break a tie, or to make a tie.

The first situation is familiar. In order to pass, a motion must have the support of more than 50% of the votes cast. That's an important phrase: exactly 50% is not enough. If a body comes to an 8 to 8 tie, the motion would fail. However, the chairman may vote "aye", which would make the result 9 to 8, so the motion passes.

The second situation is not so familiar. If a vote should come to 9 to 8 in favor without the chairman, the motion would pass. However, the chairman may cast a "nay" ballot, forcing a tie, causing the motion to fail. Why would he do that? The theory is that, if there is some action that is so controversial that it cannot muster a clear majority, perhaps the action should not be undertaken. This actually happened to us with the "3rd weekend in July" motion last November.

The president is also allowed to vote in any secret ballot. Not voting applies to a voice vote or a stand up vote.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Mike Odell (Shirley) Absent - No report.


Ron and I are TV stars!! Or at least we're gonna be. We were filmed and photographed last weekend for the TV commercials and the web page for Coastal Farm and Ranch. Will let you know when they are running.

Have been writing my articles every month for the OFN and wearing my Federation badge whenever I visit another area.

I was pleased to take Genevieve Churchill with me to the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington the last weekend in April. We attended the Washington Federation meeting and danced to Les Seeley.

I invited the Washington dancers to Seaside to assist Oregon in celebrating 50 years of dancing. I think we will see a few of them there. Their state festival will be in Longview in 2008 at the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds.

The Mid-Willamette Area is preparing a presentation for the State Federation to host a future Summer Festival. They will present in July. We hope to see other areas present for future festivals also.

Congratulations to the elected board members of the Oregon Federation. For those who were unsuccessful in the balloting, don't give up and please do try again. The Federation needs caring and involved dancers to move forward.

Happy Mothers Day to all of us and enjoy the scenery going home. Drive safely and we'll see some of you in June in San Antonio and more of you in July at Seaside 5-0.

Washington has put together a feasibility study to sponsor the National Convention

HISTORIAN: Patty Reese

Most of you danced with my daughter Molly and her husband Tony last night. Right now, my mother is in the kitchen preparing cinnamon rolls.

I am in the process of collecting pictures and articles for the scrap books. I am putting together yearly scrapbooks for everyone's' activities from around the state. Please continue sending your square dance memorabilia to me.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert (Linda)

I have received the 2006 Mid-Winter Festival BMI/ASCAP information and checks. The check and appropriate form has been submitted to ASCAP. The check for their BMI fees has been sent to the State Federation Treasurer (as a reimbursement for the advance fee paid to BMI for the year by the Federation). Therefore, everything is current.


I would like to thank everyone who supported our Youth Scholarship Benefit Dance. It was held Sunday, April 23 and was well attended, with everyone having a wonderful time. We heard two outstanding youth callers and are looking forward to hearing more from them. I would like to thank Darrel Kalmbach, and George & Patty Hermann for donating their time. Thank you also Leonard Snodgrass for not only coming to the dance, but arriving early to open the hall for us and then staying late to do most of the clean up with his Funtastic Squares. I also would like to thank the Silver Stars who, the night before our dance, collected over $100 at their dance for our scholarship; and to SqDini Badges who made and donated fun badges for the youth who attended our dance. And finally, a special thanks to the very generous Oregon and Washington dancers, who because of you, we earned enough during the dance to award two scholarships. Thank you!

I am also working on the TVC New Dancers Youth Jamboree that will be held on May 21, 2006, at the Hillsboro Odd Fellows Hall. The dance will be called by Ed Craig with guest caller Leonard Snodgrass. Dave Cooper of Central Oregon will be cueing. Youth callers and cuers will also be welcome to participate. The Odd Fellows hall is one block from the Max Train. If you have any questions about the dance, please contact me.

During Summer Festival, there will be an hour of dancing on the beach Saturday morning for the youth and the young at heart. The caller will be Ed Craig. Our daughter, Amanda, is planning a pizza party for the youth at Summer Festival. Youth callers and cuers are also invited to participate in a Youth Caller & Cuer Showcase during Summer Festival on Saturday, July 15 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. All youth who are currently working with a caller or cuer, or have completed a calling or cueing class, will be eligible to sign up for a time slot. This will be a mainstream dance that will be open to all Summer Festival attendees. Please have your youth contact me as soon as possible to be sure they are on the program.

If you have any youth that would like to attend Summer Festival or other state supported square dance activities and can not afford the fees or ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available to help youth dancers.

I would like to thank my Youth Scholarship Award Committee, Barbie Cooper and Pat Young, for their serious contemplation of each application that we received. After a lot of deliberation, I am pleased to announce on behalf of the committee that the two $250 Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs scholarships will be presented to Victoria Moore of the Funtastic Squares and Michael Kious of the Oaky Doaks. It was a hard decision. While we were delighted that we received more applications than we had scholarships for; it was extremely difficult to select only two. We have some wonderful youth dancers in both Oregon and Washington and we are very proud of all of our youth dancers. We are looking forward to continue dancing with and supporting them in the future.

ORDTA: Dennis Smith (Elaine)

I would like to add our thanks to the wonderful south beach and the fun weekend.

ORDTA held their spring meeting on April 8 at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield. 15 members were in attendance.

A fairly lengthy discussion was held concerning Phase III figures in Rounds of the Month.

The Round Dance program of the 2006 Mid-Winter Festival was discussed. We are planning to continue the "So You Want to be a Cuer" session at the next Mid-Winter Festival.

George Clark presented DanceMaster, a software program developed by Clark Godfrey for cuers. Several cuers brought their laptops, so all in attendance were able to view the program's operation. It was also announced that Clark is planning to put on a DanceMaster workshop for cuers sometime this summer in the Portland area.

ORDTA's summer meeting will be held on Saturday, July 15, at 9:00AM in conjunction with the Summer Festival in Seaside.

ORDTA's fall meeting will be held on Saturday, October 7, at 10:00AM at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara Schaumburg (Larry)

I am sorry we are not able to attend the state meeting today. We have just returned from 4 months in Texas and we are having to leave in the morning & go back to California on family business. Hope to see y'all at the September meeting.

Oregon Round of the Month

June 2006
"STEPPIN' OUT" written by: Debby & Tim Vogty
Record label: Star #146
Phase II Two Step
Chosen by: TVC

July 2006
"SAM II" written by: Jim & Adele Chico
Record label: Star #101
Phase II Waltz
Chosen by: Umpqua council

The OFN, Promenade Shop, Cue Sheet Magazine & all cuers have been notified of rounds chosen.

CALLER ADVISOR: Leonard Snodgrass (Marcia)

No report.

SHOWCASE OF IDEAS: Marilyn Schmit (Ron)

We have received all of our instructions for the Showcase in San Antonio. We have two boxes of magazines and other brochures from POVA that will be driven to Texas by a couple from Salem. That will include OFNs also.

The hours of operation are 10 am to 6 pm on Thursday and Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. If you are attending, come on by and say hello to the dancers who pass by. Greet them with Oregon hospitality.

We will also have a pictorial display from the convention last summer to show how much fun we had.

STATE TRAILERS: Jim Kinkaid (Avis)

No Report


We discussed the five motions listed in the agenda.

Motion A under Old Business regarding "Scholarships", it was felt more discussion and clarification needed to be made before we could support it.

Motion B under Old Business regarding "OFN editor receiving pay of $275.00 per month as long as the OFN is fiscal sufficient," was supported 100%.

Motion A under New Business regarding "reimbursement of officers, delegates, etc to include Summer and Winter Festival at same rate of others, an agreement couldn't be reached. It was a split group on supporting it.

Motion B under New Business regarding purchasing "flooring" for $10,400 definitely needed more discussion and clarification also.

Motion C regarding the Dress Code in the Practices and Standards Policies, it was felt there needs to be a change for more flexibility.


  1. MOTION(Dave Cooper): The Oregon Federation will set up a 3 person committee to receive applications for an award scholarship, not to exceed $500.00, to an accredited caller, cuer, prompter or instructor school for a worthy applicant. The committee will also have the power to make loans to new callers, cuers, prompters or instructors under terms to be agreed to by the committee and the new caller, cuer, prompter or instructor.

    President Dennis Marsh: Let's vote on the amendment first. Motion passed.

    MOTION (Dave Cooper): Mr. President, I would like to postpone this discussion until the next meeting in May, 2006. Barbie Cooper seconded.

    Bill Rooper: I protest.

    Motion passed. Bill Rooper, opposed. Duly noted.

    Bill Rooper: I would like to withdraw the motion if the person who seconded it agrees.

    Dave Cooper: I withdraw my second.

    There were no objections.

    MOTION (Bill Rooper): I would like to make a motion to establish a 3 person committee to review the Federation Grant Program for the promotion of square dance activities that is listed in the Practices and Procedures. The committee will renovate, reactivate and publicize the grant program, including offering grants to callers, cuers and prompters.

    Motion seconded by Barbie Cooper.


    Bill Rooper: I didn't realize that we had a grant program set up. It hasn't been used in a long time and it could be used for the purpose for which I originally made my motion. It needs to be updated.

    Dave Cooper: If this motion passes, who sets the committee?

    Tim Roberts: The President.

    Dennis Marsh: Motion passed. If anyone is interested in this committee, please get in contact with Dennis. The committee will need at least one delegate.

  2. MOTION(Dave Cooper): Mr. President, I move that the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs authorize a payment of $275.00 per month to the Editor of the Oregon Federation News as an independent contractor. This payment authorization is to be effective September 1, 2006. This payment is to be made as long as the OFN remains fiscally solvent. This will be paid from the general fund and is dependent on a signed contract between the Editor and the Oregon Federation. Barbie Cooper seconded.

    MOTION (Bill Rooper): I would like to make a motion to amend the motion; the money should come from the OFN fund instead of the general fund. Motion seconded by Dave Cooper.


    Bill Rooper: The funds should not come from the general fund. The Federation has several funds and the exact fund has to be kept track of separately.

    Barbie Cooper: Bob, are you asking if Vivian will cut her own check?

    Bob Bosch: Yes. It sounds like you are planning on her writing her own check.

    Barbie Cooper: Bill Rooper will cut a check for Vivian once a month and mail it to Vivian.

    Bill Rooper: Vivian does not have access to the funds. I will issue the check.

    Carolyn Bosch: As a past OFN editor, I am in support of paying the editor. If the payment comes from the OFN if it is profitable, it makes it more of an incentive to keep the OFN profitable.

    Amendment carried.

    MOTION(Dave Cooper): I would like to amend my motion that if the motion passes, it is retroactive back to January 2006. Seconded by Barbie Cooper.


    Bill Rooper: Do we have a signed contract with Vivian?

    Dave Cooper: No.

    Bill Rooper: Can we pay retroactive if we don't have a contract?

    Barbi Ashwill: The motion is based upon you having a signed contract in place. Since we do not have a signed contract, we cannot make it retroactive.

    Dave Stutzman: Pay an initial lump sum payment at the signing of the contract, with an amount equal to the retroactive amount.

    Lee Ashwill: Vivian agreed to start payment with September 1, 2006. We should stick to that.

    Ilana Widders: The contract has not been made and nothing in the motion has stated on how the contract should read. Whoever makes up the contract can work it how they want. As far as waiting until September, Vivian has been more than gracious providing her time, computer, everything for more than a year. To go back to January is a short time.

    Barbi Ashwill: I guess I would look to our Treasurer. Is there any reason why she can't get a bonus.? She is going to be a paid employee, and since we are non-profit we have to be careful. I would think you could look at a bonus since the contract is not in place now.

    Bill Rooper: A contractor does the work on her own time. If she had directions in how and what to do, she would be an employee. There is no question that she would be an independent contractor so she will have to pay taxes on her own. That is her responsibility.

    Fran Westphal: By having the $275 come out of the OFN fund, the editor has to increase the profit of the OFN to remain even.

    Bill Rooper: She has made the OFN profitable which is why we offering this payment.

    Fran Westphal: I am in favor of the payment. However, are the profits in the OFN sufficient to go back to January with an amount of about $2000.

    Barbie Cooper: Yes, with the projected profits for the upcoming year, there would still be a net profit of approximately $5,000 after paying the $275 per month.

    Dave Cooper: The reason for taking the money from the General Fund back to January was that Dennis did not have this item in his budget. Taking it from the General Fund did not affect his budget.

    Carol Bro: If you follow contractor laws of the state of Oregon you need to start the payment as of the date of the contract. However, you can give a bonus. You can also date the contract back to January.

    Lee Ashwill: If that is a recommendation that came from the POOF, why do we get up early at Mid-Winter and Summer Festival and go to a meeting if its going to be ignored?

    Barbi Ashwill: Didn't you decide that this was not a legal motion and that it should be withdrawn and reworded?

    Dave Cooper: I withdraw my motion to make the OFN payment retroactive to January 2006.

    MOTION, with the amendment that payment shall be from the OFN Fund, carries, effective September 1, 2006.

15 Minute Break


  1. Announcement of the Election of new Officers.

    Bob Bosch presented the envelope with the slate of new officers to Dennis.

    Dennis Marsh announced the results of the election:

    Membership Chairman will be Coleeta Quigley
    Correspondence Secretary: Glory Guches
    Recording Secretary: Virginia Myers
    Treasurer: Bill Rooper
    2nd Vice President: Marilyn Schmit
    1st Vice President: Jim Rogers
    President: Barbie Cooper

    Congratulations to everyone.

    MOTION (Barbie Cooper): I would like to make a motion that we destroy the ballots. Seconded by Dar Sconce. Motion Passed

  2. MOTION (John Guches): Mr. President, I move to amend the Practice and Procedures to authorize payment to Officers, Members of the board and Delegates for gas mileage and hotel expenses for all state meetings to commence with Summer Festival 2006 at the current rate of $.30 per mile and $20 for one night lodging.


    John Guches: Due to the high cost of fuel that will continue to raise in cost and the increase of hotel expenses, this makes this motion a necessity to retain officers, members of the board and delegates with the thought of encouraging square dancers to run for future positions as Officers of the Oregon Federation or becoming a Delegate. This can also work as an incentive to bring in new officers and delegates into the state.

    Lee Ashwill: I am against the motion and that all officers should be willing to attend the meetings no matter without an additional incentive.

    Barbie Cooper: We get our operating money for this body from Summer Festival and Midwinter. If we don't have more attendees or if the expenses don't get smaller for these two festivals, we cannot continue to go in the hole to do business. If you are in favor of this motion, you need to look at your own expenses and consider that if you are having to move money around, that is not the way to do business. We look forward to and budget Midwinter and Summer Festival each year. You need to consider that it is entertainment and that is how we are compensated.

    A verbal vote was taken. Dennis Marsh declared the motion failed.

    Dave Cooper: I would like to request a revote by one of the means that Tim talked about earlier in his report.

    Point of Order was claimed: We cannot revote if President states that the motion fails.

    Ilana Widders: Is Dave Cooper asking for a revote or a poll?

    Tim Roberts: According to Robert's Rules of Order, if there is a question about how many are for or against the motion, a division vote can be called for.

    Bob Bosch: Once the motion has been declared one way or another, only the person in the favorable position can call for the revote.

    Tim Roberts: According to Robert's Rules of Order, a Division call can be made when the President calls for the next motion.

    Dennis Marsh: A call of hands by elected officers and delegates:

    6 in favor, 9 Opposed. Motion failed.

  3. MOTION(Jim Rogers) Mr. President, I move that the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs expend $10,400.00 to purchase 4,000 square feet of the plastic, snap-together flooring from Ron Holland, plus 7 rolling carts to hold the flooring. Seconded by Pat Young.

    Discussion, Jim Rogers: Ron Holland will sell us the used plastic, snap-together flooring for $2.25 per square foot. If we purchase 4,000 square feet, that will be an expenditure of $9,000.00. The rolling carts are $200 each (used); seven will be required to hold 4,000 square feet.

    This purchase will pay for itself over a period of time. The flooring would be available for use by both the Mid-Winter Festival and the Summer Festival. As an example of how this flooring will pay for itself, the Summer Festival 2006 will have to rent some of this flooring at a cost of $2,000.00. That will reduce the amount of profit returned to the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs by $2,000.00 as all of the profit from the 2006 Oregon State Summer Festival is to be returned to the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs.

    Mr. Holland has agreed to deduct the $2,000 rental fee from the purchase price.

    If the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs is successful in bidding for a future National Square Dance Convention®, the flooring could be used for this Convention, thereby reducing the cost of flooring required. This would increase the amount of money returned to the clubs, councils and the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs.

    In addition, this flooring could be rented to other Festivals not sponsored by the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs, if the Festivals required additional flooring.

    The 54th National Square Dance Convention® Corporation has agreed to store this flooring, without cost, for at least the next 12 years.

    MOTION(Sharon Greenman): I would like to table this motion until the Summer Festival in July 2006 so we can take it back to our councils and we can talk about it later. Seconded by Barbie Cooper.

    Kay Rogers: Summer Festival Committee has rented 4,000 square feet of this flooring. It will be here and in use at Seaside. It is a wonderful time for everyone to see how they are used, how they go down, and whether we like them. This flooring is coming from Tennessee and it is difficult for him to make summer plans without knowing whether we are buying it or not. If we are going to purchase the flooring, his delivery man won't have to stay in Seaside and then go home with an empty truck. If we could resolve some of the questions and get some things straightened out, can we do a vote with e-mail.? There are 3 people without e-mail addresses: Al Wolfe doesn't have e-mail but Gail Domine does; Lorene Griffith and perhaps one other person does not have e-mail. We can call them. We need to get nearer to completing this. Mid-Winter has expressed an interest in this flooring for their round dance hall. They could use the floor at no cost which would increase the profit from the festival.

    Dan Allen: I have 3 questions that could be resolved during Summer Festival. Do we have a representative from the company that can tell us about the quality of the floor? Is there a warranty, and the 3rd question, is if we break a panel, how easy is it to get replaced or will the product be discontinued?

    Ray Jones: The current motion is to table. I hate to see this organization being pushed into a decision of this amount without looking at all aspects of the motion.

    George Griffith: In the past, we have had flooring that the federation has owned. It looks good on paper. In reality, there is a problem of who is responsible for it, the storing of it, the disbursement of it, the handling of it. When we had it before, part of our experience was "dog-eared" from handling it. We had to be concerned if there was a way to transport it. A small damage to the floor would be enough for a lady to catch her heel in it. The flooring has to fit the building. The various bodies and entities that have to use the floor can do some bargaining and get the floors and resale it. Over a period of time, you'd run into a problem with the wear and tear of the floor.

    Lee Ashwill: I speak in favor of this motion. If this body decides not to buy this flooring now, after Summer Festival it will go up $2,000. This floor will not be easily damaged; we do not need to resell it.

    Carolyn Bosch: I work for a roofing company. Anything to do with plastic, if it is stored outside, or in heat or the cold, will crack.

    Dale Worthington: She does have a good point as far as being plastic. If it is ABS, which it looks like, it can usually withstand heat and pressure. If it is vinyl, there is a little more chance that it will crack. It does not appear to be vinyl.

    Bob Bosch: You have a motion on the floor about tabling the motion.

    Kay Rogers: I don't want to postpone the conversation to know what people are considering. We can do an education session during Summer Festival for people who want to learn about the floor. I don't want to ask Ron Holland to haul 4000 square feet out here and then say at Summer Festival, we want 5000 square feet.

    Dennis Marsh: We need to vote on the table of the motion to the July meeting. There was another close verbal vote.

    Call for a Division hand vote, 8 in favor of tabling the motion, 6 against the tabling of the motion. Motion will be tabled.

    Kay Rogers: In the meantime, please feel free to contact the Rogers or the Ashwills. We will get the answers for your questions and post them on e-mail. We will set up a demonstration on the floor at Summer Festival. In the meantime, if Mid-Winter decides that they need additional floor, we should get it here at the same time.

    Dan Allen: We need to start having Mid-Winter and Summer Festival get together to start working together and sharing things. This idea of everyone buying their own things has got to stop. We have to cut our cost and make square dancing affordable for all.

  4. MOTION(John Guches): Mr. President I make a motion that page VIII-13, in regards to dress code for square dance activities, I would like to make a motion to remove line numbers 20 through 22: "If a dancer does not meet the above minimum requirements, he/she will be asked to leave the dance floor. The chairperson of the state-sponsored activity has the responsibility and authority to take any necessary action." Motion seconded by Dale Worthington

    Discussion, Ilana Widders: After being chairman of a festival and knowing that this was in the P&P's, we got an e-mail from someone who would not be able to attend since she never wears a dress - she wears pants and dances the man's part. There are a lot of dancers that cannot afford the clothes. The chairman should have the flexibility to decide whether or not someone needs to be removed from the dance floor. At the 54th NSDC, due to certain nationalities, they did allow some women to wear pants on the dance floor.

    Barbi Ashwill: I am guessing that this comes out of the fact that Mid-Winter and Summer Festival follow the Federation dress code. Delegates, remember that is up to each individual council and club as to what dress code they adopt.

    Don Bramhall: While we have been here, we have been visiting facilities and talking to different people. We visited with the Coast Guard. Some of them said that they used to dance. The Coast Guard individuals stated they didn't have any square dance clothes. The Bramhalls invited them anyway. They came to the dance last night and were warmly welcomed and had a great time. If someone doesn't come dressed in square dance clothes, don't run them off.

    Motion passed.


SOUTH COAST COUNCIL: Coleeta Quigley (Chuck):

I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. We had a great caller and cuer last night. The dancers really made the night for us.

The little gift is cranberry relish made by Patty Reese. You can use this with cream cheese for a dip, or on a salad or just like this.


We just completed our lessons for the spring. We had one student receiving his "Bachelor of Square Dancing Diploma and five receiving "Certificates of Accomplishing Main Stream" with floor time needed to receive their actual diploma. We had a beginners dance May 6 and they are already on their way. Beachcombers have been very busy along with the other South Coast Clubs preparing "The Cove" for the State Meeting.

Jefferson State Squares: No Report

Saints n' Ain'ts:

Our plus dances on the 2nd Friday of each month have been very successful. Our area needs more plus floor time and Sherm Welch has certainly been challenging us. Our birthday dance was April 15 and as usual, it was a great success.


We finished our lessons with 4 graduates. Sets in Order have been volunteering to serve Senior Meals in Coquille. Once every two months we are on the schedule. We always wear our square dance attire and the people just love it. They have asked us to dance and twice we have been able to do so much to their delight.

SUNSET EMPIRE COUNCIL: Dale Worthington (Kathy)

Thank for the dinner and dance last night. We really enjoyed it. The Hayshakers plus dance on every 2nd and 4th Friday has been going very well. The Plus Dance will be going dark for the summer. However, the Mainstream Dance will continue throughout the summer, with a special dance each month.

Round dance lessons had 16 couples graduating. Square dance lessons have brought 6 new members to the club.

Council and club elections found most positions to be filled by the incumbents.

Visitations to other clubs and the number of members attending, has been greatly affected by the rising cost of fuel.

The Hayshakers Square Dance Club would like to submit a bid for 2009 Summer Festival. Each one of the delegates and members should have received a copy of the proposal.

Summer Festival 2009 Bid Proposal:

We of the Hayshakers Square Dance Club would like to submit a bid for the Oreogn Summer Festival of 2009 for your consideration.

The Hayshakers Club has approved this bid for hosting the Summer Festival of 2009 on the third weekend of July at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds in Astoria, Oregon. We have reserved the facility but we must place a deposit on the facility as soon as possible.

We have based our budget on 500 dancers attending with the price per dancer of $25.00. There will be a Trails End Dance with a fee of $4.00 per dancer.

There is RV parking at the fairgrounds with electric hookups. Motel, Hotels and commercial RV grounds are within a 3 - 5 mile radius.

Monies for this event will come from the Hayshakers Square Dance Club, however, we do reserve the right to apply to the Federation should the need arise.

Additional revenue will be gained from vendor booths, ads in the program book and special meals.

We will be scheduling dancing of Mainstsream, Plus and Round Dancing at the same facility.

We appreciate your favorable consideration of our bid for the 2009 Summer Festival in Astoria.

Respectfully submitted by Cynthia Weber and Joann Bean, Co-Chairman

Proposed Estimated Budget is on file with the Secretary.

Dennis Marsh: The 2009 Summer Festival Proposal will be put on the Agenda for the July meeting.

Ilana Widders: Second page of the proposal says 2007, is this proposal for 2007 or 2009?

Dale Worthington: The proposal is suppose to be for 2009.


The TVC has newly elected officers who will take office in May: President Bonnie Deneke, Vice President Sandy Easley, Treasurer Donna Byars, Co-Secretaries Tanya Hoffmann and Raquel Ade, State Delegate Pat Young, and Alternate State Delegate Shirley Mathews.

The Tualatin Valley Council Practices and Procedures document was approved.

The TVC is hosting a Youth Square Dancer Jamboree on May 21st at the IOOF Hall in Hillsboro. Please come and support the youth dancers.

The TVC Presidents/Summer Festival chairmen are continuing to recruit committee members for the 2007 Summer Festival.

The Tri-Council Dance was a great success. The Portland Area Council had the largest attendance.

The Council's clubs are keeping busy: The 4n8r's held a very successful plus weekend with Tony Oxendine; the Coast Swingers celebrated their 14th anniversary; the Eager

Beavers & Fireballs both celebrated their 31st anniversaries; the Hillsboro Hoedown went on a beach trip to Seaside; the Mix 'n Mingles continue to have high level round dancing as part of their pre-rounds; the Sunset Promenaders held a Super Heroes dance; the Toe Draggers had a Pajama Dance; the Tri-Squares have new summer attire; and the Valley Squares celebrated their 57th anniversary.


Thank you Coleeta, Chuck and Patty for a fun dance and a great weekend. We will once again be dancing at the Douglas County Fair. The dates of the fair are August 8-12, 2006. We are very fortunate that we are given the opportunity to entertain the fair goers. Entry into the fair is free to square dancers who wear square dance attire and a club badge. Our callers this year are Dale Roberson, Ray Graves, Bob Ewing, and Denny Lantz. Cuers to date are Pat Hintz and Claude Butler. Special fair entertainment include: Lonestar, Alice Cooper, Kenny Loggins, and She Daisy. The entertainment begins at 7:00 in the Umpqua Park and is free, too.

Pioneers N' Petticoats will be holding a benefit dance at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR on Sunday, May 21st from 1:30 - 4:30 pm They will be raising money for the Indian-Crested Porcupine, which has been adopted by their club. This is to be "Casey's" debut. There will be Jamboree Callers & Cuers with Peter Wood as host for the event.

Buckeroos are just about ready for the big 32nd Buckeroo Roundup, June 2,3, & 4 at the Buckeroo Barn. Featured Caller will be Daryl Clendenin for the Saturday workshops and evening dance, along with Dale Roberson calling on Friday night. They will combine their talents on Sunday after the Breakfast. Featured cuers are Dave and Barbie Cooper from Central Oregon. It's a lot of fun and hope you can join us.

BLUE MOUNTAIN COUNCIL: David Stutzman (Sharon)

Having lessons on Club dance night seems to have worked out well for Baker City. The beginners have been enthusiastic and have been attending an extra evening during the week to catch up those who have had to miss lessons. Thanks go to Ann Colton, the caller, who is willing to spend the extra time. They will have 11 students graduating the first of June.

I traveled over the Blue Mountains one Friday evening with Bill Williamson who was calling for the Milton-Freewater club that night. We had a problem with the sound equipment that evening so the dance got started a little late. Some older equipment was finally located and put into use.

The Elgin club had their annual Crab Feed again which I look forward to each year. They are having the next special dance for our area June 3rd with Craig Abercrombe calling the dance starting at 8:00 PM.

The La Grande club is currently missing their youth dancers. This Spring they have found other interests and have not been attending club dances or workshops. The La Grande club goes dark during the Summer months and this Summer their Thursday evening workshops are being cut back to once a month.


Thank you for a wonderful dance. It has been a sunny beautiful weekend. I'd also like to thank you for so warmly welcoming the ambassadors who came to the dance.

We would like to thank all of those who attended the Oregon Federation 2006 Benefit Dance held in Central Oregon for helping to make it a huge success. The Bachelor Beaut's Luau on Saturday followed by the HORSES benefit dance made for a fun filled weekend and even the weather cooperated.

Central Oregon's epidemic of the Round Dance Bug has spread to the Square Dance Community. We have added a large number of very enthusiastic new dancers to the local clubs.

We have a couple of great events to look forward to in Central Oregon this summer:

Waltz across Texas: Wade Driver, from Texas, will call and Dave Cooper, from Prineville, will cue a special dance at the Pine Forest Grange, Monday, July 31st. From Prineville, you say! Where in the heck is Prineville. Well come join us and Dave will be happy to play tour guide for Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Round-up: You will be so taken with Central Oregon that we know you will want to return. So, come back the second weekend in August and join us for the Central Oregon Round-up to be held August 11th and 12th. The featured caller will be Darrell Kalmbach and the featured cuers are Ray and Virginia Walz.

This is a great way to enjoy the fellowship of friends, dance to great callers and cuers and relax with old fashioned country hospitality. We will be dancing in an Air Conditioned building if nature does not interfere.

EASTERN OREGON COUNCIL: Lorene Griffith (George)

The Ione Grand Squares are still dancing on schedule, two times a month. The club dances in three different halls during their dance season which is October thru May. They dance at the Condon Fairgrounds in the Kitchen Hall when they are in Condon. They dance at an old school, south of Arlington, for some of their special dances during the year, like the Christmas Dance in December. The Grand Squares also dance in Ione when they hold a dance on the east side, in Morrow County.

Plan to visit, we always like company. Just contact a member for directions to wherever the club is dancing when you plan to visit.


Lois Klinok has resigned.

Sharon Greenman, the delegate until September, gave the report: I have no information from any of the clubs. But we are ready to dance in the warm weather. Our Area hosted a benefit dance for the Willamette Leadership Academy. The Willamette kids from the Academy came out and joined us for the dance. They got out and joined us on the dance floor. They did some rounds and what was really neat, was before the dance started, they presented the colors for us.

Dave Cooper was given a late donation for H.O.R.S.E.S. from one of the Emerald Empire Council Clubs.



The Lincoln - Tillamook Area Council held their dance on March 26 from 2 to 5 pm at the Gleneden Beach Community Hall with the Sea Twirlers as host. Roger Putzler called his usual fun and lively dance and Joan Veilluex cued both Phase 2 and 3 round dances for our pleasure. All the dancers attending enjoyed a great dance on a beautiful sunny afternoon at the beach.

Our area sent a $50 donation to the H.O.R.S.E.S charity dance held in Bend on April 2nd.

Toledo 49'rs Square Dance Club Activity Report

The Mid-Winter Festival was attended by a number of couples and all stated that they thoroughly enjoyed the dances. It was a great Mid-Winter Festival.

February's first Saturday found us with lots of chocolate to eat at our Valentines Dance. We had a great turnout of dancers and lots of red and white swirling around. March was of course St. Patricks Day dances with lots of Irish calls and green attire swirling around the floor.

Our 7th Annual Loyalty Days Festival on May 5 and 6th in Newport is our one big dance of the year. Les Seely and John Juhring as our feature caller and cuer always give an exuberant fun dance. The Friday Jamboree was great with Leonard Snodgrass, Georgia Bailey, Jim Voll, KC Curtis, Larry Dupray and Charlote Jesky as our callers, and Goldie Restorff, Joan Veilliux, Joyce Voll and Richard Gipe as cuers. A dance on the boardwalk Saturday morning and an afternoon of advanced dancing followed by our potluck and then special Saturday night dance made for a very exciting weekend. And yes, the Silent Auction again was held both days. If you were not there you missed a great dance.

We made a donation to the Oregon Music Teachers Association in Lincoln County. This is for scholarships to provide assistance to needy and deserving individual music students who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a music learning experience. Also Toledo 59ners donated $50.00 to the H.O.R.S.E.S's charity dance held on April 2 in Bend Oregon.

On April 30th the club treated members to a great dinner held at the Olalla Golf Course. After eating, we danced a little plus, played "tile chicken" and visited a lot. This was from our special "fun" fund.

We are in the process of looking for a cuer and caller for the third Saturday of the month. We dance at Gleneden Beach, just south of Salishan, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Anyone interested? We are on the beautiful Coast.

We have a new slate of officers to take over our club in July.

Sea Twirlers Activity Report

Four couples attended the Mid-Winter Festival in Albany, Oregon. We all enjoyed the calling of Brian Hotchkies from Australia and the cueing of Randy and Marie Preskitt. The Mid-Winter committee did a great job in organizing the festival.

We also attended regular club dances at the Toledo 49'ers, Funtastic Squares, Braids and Braves, Crazy Creek Rockers and the Valley River Dancers.

We are looking forward to attending the Toledo 49'rs Loyalty Days dance on May 5 and 6, and the Lebanon Strawberry Festival Dance on June 2 & 3. The Sea Twirlers are also starting to plan our 10th Birthday Dance, scheduled for Sunday afternoon, September 10, 2006 at the Gleneden Beach Community Center in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.

The Sea Twirlers are a traveling club.


Thank you for the great weekend. We have also enjoyed the great weather.

The Mid Willamette Area held the final New Dancers Dance for the season. It was hosted by Valley River Dancers and Co Hosted by Corvallis Squares. There were 11 ˝ squares of dancers dancing to the calling and cueing of our Area Callers and Cuers. The Area Clubs had a large turnout of beginner Mainstream Dancers in their fall classes and are enthusiastic to dance. Lets welcome them with the same enthusiasm.

Independence Wagon Wheelers celebrated their 47th Birthday in April. Roger Putzler and Ralph Lambert hosted the dance with guest callers and cuers Daryl and Yvonne Clendenin and Bill and Neva Reid joining in the fun. After the dance the members gathered at Murphy's restaurant for dinner. About 50 members participated. What a great time was had by all.

Timber Twirlers celebrated their 19th Birthday with over 11 squares dancing. Bruce Lowther called with guest callers Jim Voll, Leonard Snodgrass and their own Sandy Harris. Sharon Greenman cued with guest cuers Goldie Restorff and Joyce Voll. They had a silent auction with lots of great items to bid on. Congratulations to Sandy Harris, she is now a licensed caller, way to go Sandy.

Salem Swinging Stars celebrated their 40th Birthday with 9 squares dancing to the calling by Randy Dibble and cueing by Jeanine Norden.

The Mid Willamette Area held their election of officers for the coming year. They are as follows: President Marilyn Schmit , Vice President Barbara Tipton, Secretary Janis Pederson, Treasurer Nancy Donaldson, Area State Delegate Neta Minten, and Alternate State Delegate Harriett Livingston.

The Mid Willamette Area is again doing a Square and Round Dance demo at the Antique Power Land in Brooks, Or (just north of Salem) to promote Square and Round Dancing to non dancers on July 29-30 and August 5-6. The response was great last year and we had a lot of our Clubs participate.

Also, the MWA is bidding to host the 2008 Summer Festival to be held at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall, Oregon. It will be presented to the State Federation Meeting in July.


I want to thank Coleeta and everyone responsible for this weekend.

Most PAC Clubs have graduated their class members and many have joined their clubs. Several Clubs, however, started classes in January and will graduate their classes in a few weeks.

Many club anniversaries have been celebrated since the last State meeting in January. Happy Rock'rs celebrated 44 years of dancing with a silent auction on March 25th. Happy Hoppers were 47 years old on April 1st. Bachelor "N" Bachelorettes turned 41 on April 19th. Country Capers are now 50 years old, and the Buzzin' Bees celebrated 48 years of dancing on April 15th. The Silver Stars 26th anniversary dance was April 22nd with a 50's sock hop theme. Oaky Doaks are now 46. Swap & Swing, one of the oldest clubs in the Federation will celebrate their 58th birthday on May 21st with Daryl Clendenin calling and Neva Reid cueing. River City Dancers will celebrate 16 years of dancing on June 10th with Les Seeley and Tami Helms; calling and cueing.

The Silver Stars offer a great weekend of dancing starting May 26th and ending Memorial Day, May 29th. This is their annual Stars & Stripes celebration. Darrell Kalmbach and Denny Lantz will call and Tami Helms and Dorothy Lowder will cue. All the information is on the back page of the May OFN.

The next PAC meeting will be a "picnic meeting" on June 19th. New officers will be installed at this "very short" meeting.

The Tri-Council dance held on April 29th was well attended with 163 dancers. Randy Dibble called and Tami Helms cued. PAC had the most dancers in attendance; outnumbering TVC and Evergreen Councils.

The Bachelor "N" Bachelorettes have hired Terry Halley as their new caller.

The Happy Rock'rs have hired Richard Gipe to cue their second Saturday dance and Debbie Combs to cue their 4th Saturday dance.

The Canby Cloverleafs are now dancing at the Abernethy Grange in Oregon City; same hall as the B 'N' B's and Happy Rock'rs.

Jim Schira is the new PAC editor.

The Columbia Gorge Plus Club will host their annual campout August 25, 26 and 27th. Daryl Clendenin and Marge Pentecost will be the plus caller and cuer and Bill & Neva Reid will call and cue the mainstream dances. Check your OFN for further details.

The River City Dancers lost one of the most dedicated dancers around with the death of Ken Kocher on March 4th. Ken and his wife Kathy had been dancing since 1949. At one time they had visited every club in the Federation and that was when there were many more clubs than there are now.

The next PAC dance will be Friday, June 30th with Terry Halley calling and Carolyn Stitt cueing. All dances are held at the Oak Grove Community Center in Oak Grove, Oregon.

ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL: John Guches (Glory)

I also would like to pass my thanks to the council for the great dinner and dance last night.

On April 4th, Council Officers were elected and will take office on June 6th.

President: John Guches (Charlie Brown)
Vice-President: Cris Garrison (Star Promenader)
Secretary: Cyd Hall (Charlie Brown)
Treasurer: Dr. Pat Gillette (Charlie Brown)

Our Council dance on April 29th was well attended. The caller was Kris Jensen from Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you ever have a chance to dance to her, she is great.

All of our clubs have graduated their late winter classes. These were accelerated square dance classes that started in January.

Callers are now running Crash Plus courses to prepare dancers for Diamond Lake Weekend on July 19th through the 22nd.

Advertising is underway for our fall courses.


Ray & Zola Jones

We also would like to give a great big thank you to the South Coast Council and all of their helpers for a great weekend, and also to the Beach Combers for the use of this hall.

Three days after the January Federation meeting at Mid-Winter Festival, we left on our annual motor home trip to Southern California, Southern Arizona and Southern Nevada. We visited and danced with many Oregon friends in Mesa, Tucson and Yuma, Arizona; including the annual Yuma Square and Round Dance Festival, and distributed Oregon Summer Festival pre-registration forms in those areas. Zola's brother, her only sibling, and his wife live in Yuma, so a lot of our time was spent with them too.

We returned home to Eugene just in time to spend Easter with our daughter and her family, including a new baby grandson born the end of February!

Since we've been back we have of course attended our own Whirl-A-Ways club's dances. On April 18 we went to a special dance at the hall in Springfield; featuring national caller, Dan Nordbye, and hosted by Danebo Circle-8's. April 28 we attended the Single Trees dance, and then on April 29 the Emerald Empire Area Council's annual Benefit Dance. Our council has been hosting this annual dance for well over 20 years; benefiting a worthy organization in the Eugene/Springfield area. The recipient is selected every year from ones submitted by area clubs and voted on by the council delegates. The council also matches the funds taken in at the door, and our area Cascade Callers and Cuers Association always donate their time to do the program-thus helping to make it such a special dance every year.

We left Eugene on Thursday, and spent two enjoyable days on the coast; a night in Florence and one in Bandon-getting to here. And as always, we have enjoyed this weekend; the dinner, the dance, and so good to see everyone again-it has been four months since January.

So, until next time---

Safe travels and Happy Highways,

Zola Jones: I believe in the Delegates notebooks there are suggestions that you send out information including directions on the meeting you are going to host. It would be nice if you could include the Goodwill Ambassadors for the upcoming meeting. Also, please include information about RV parking. We are expected to attend the meetings and give reports.

Al & Fran Westphal

The fun thing about having a meeting outside of the Mid-Willamette area, everyone is here and it is so fun.

We are hoping to be at Port Orford this weekend. It's just "down the road" for us, especially after we have just spent nearly two weeks journeying home from Yuma, Arizona. We came by way of Colorado, where we visited our son, five grands and five great-grands. It was a smooth trip and we had reunions and good times.

Then, as we came into Eastern and Central Oregon, we had even more fun. We visited in Hood River and in Madras. Our hostess in Madras was Dorothy Murray (Ray & Dorothy were Federation president couple in '78-'79). Her bed & breakfast is the best! She even planned a mini-POOF luncheon reunion in Bend for us. Jack and Rosemary Williams (Federation past president), Jack Brinson (past Central Oregon delegate and twice Summer Festival chair) and Anna Ashby (past Central Oregon delegate) joined Dorothy and us for a nice get together.

We arrived home just in time to visit and dance a bit at the Loyalty Days weekend festival sponsored by our home club, Toledo 49'rs. LaVonne and Al Bussey once again chaired this successful event. A big "Thank You" to them. Sizable visitations from Mid-Winter committee, including state President couple Dennis & Ilana, Astoria Hayshakers and McMinnville Braids & Braves helped make the weekend even more fun.

We are pleased to be part of this special weekend and so happy to see old friends and new.

I bet you thought maybe this report wouldn't once again sneak in a reference to Yuma Festival. Not a chance. "Dancers Heaven in 2007" will feature Jim Hattrick and Gary Shoemaker. Now, that will be a winning combination. Chair is Elsie Johnson, formerly of Umpqua area. Plans are being made right now by Hope and John Anderberg, of Yuma and Emerald Empire, for Yuma Festivals '08 and '09, which they will chair.

For those of you who remember Lola Robello, she sends her greetings from Yuma. Lola and her husband Tony were really active in the Portland area during the 1990s.

Harold & Barbara Kleve

No report

Lee & Barbi Ashwill

Since the last meeting, we have been dancing with our home club and participating in their visitations. Since we missed so many club dances during the 5 years of Convention activities, we feel that we owe it to our club to support them as much as we can.

Barbi attended the Pre-Convention meeting for the 56th National Square Dance Convention in Charlotte, NC during the period March 26 to April 2, 2006. On her return trip, the plane was weathered in at the O'Hare airport in Chicago. Barbi spent the night on a folding cot along with 300 new friends. Lee did not attend the Pre-Convention meeting because he had contacted the flu and stayed home to try and get well.

We attended the Callerlab Convention in Charlotte, NC from April 9 through April 12, 2006. Our main purpose was to thank the callers for supporting the 54th NSDC, but we did continue to spread Oregon Goodwill and we believe that if Oregon hosts another National Square Dance Convention , they will have the support of the Callerlab callers.

We spent a week in Phoenix, AZ at the end of April and Don & Shirley White came over and spent three days with us. They send a big hello to all of you. Don is having surgery on his ankle on May 16, 2006 and the hope is that this surgery will correct the problem with his ankle to allow them to get back to square dancing. They both stated that they really do miss this activity and the people involved.

We are leaving May 20, 2006 for a six-week driving trip that will take us to Waynesville, NC as guests of Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story and Larry Letson at their square dance resort. We will spread Oregon hospitality in large doses. This trip will culminate with our attendance at the 55th NSDC in San Antonio, TX.

We will report on this trip at the next State Federation meeting in July 2006.

Don and Carol Moorse and the Carson wish us to say hello to you We were sorry not to be here for the dinner and dance last night. We were house guests at the Moorses.

Don & Lonna Bramhall

Wow, Sundays and lessons. Seems we have been busy every Sunday from noonish to about 8 PM. Central Oregon has graduated a lot of new square and round dancers, and they have all had a great time learning and improving their dance skills.

Lonna and I had a great time dancing at the Elkhorn Swingers Spring Fling in Baker City. What a beautiful area, and the dancing to Daryl Clendenin and Dave Cooper and a host of local callers and cuers was great. Central Oregon took almost two squares of dancers who enjoyed the area and the dancing. They're still talking about the dutch oven breakfast at Clyde Holiday State Park near Mt. Vernon. The antique shopping in Dayville was a hoot, and shopping at the dance and in Baker City produced new square dance apparel for everyone. The silent auction at the dance was a lot of fun and the snacks were great too.

The Central Oregon Council hosted a Gypsy Ball on April 29 and caller and cuer Jim and Joyce Voll brought a host of dancers with them from the Lebanon Square Circlers, Sweet Home Squarenaders and the Timber Twirlers. Lots of RV's in the parking lot and lots of dancers at the Pine Forest Grange. That's what it's all about!

Summer is headed our way and our calendar is full. Don's planning to retire, at least from one job and he's getting itchy to travel. Lonna will work a little longer but is backing down from her full work schedule, so there will be more time to travel and dance with old and new friends around the state. We had a great time here this weekend and we will be back.


Marilyn Schmit: Thank you to the cook! I had 3 cinnamon rolls and they were really good!

Dave Cooper: We heard last night at least 4 times about the corn meal on the floor at Polk County. If you are complaining about the flooring at Polk County, think about the proposed flooring.

Lee Ashwill: We brought left over National Convention Ways and Means for the smaller 9 councils. Please pick them up. The 4 larger councils are coming to pick it up. The only requirements on this donation is you MAY NOT SELL THEM.

Ray Jones: Good of the Order, sometimes in the past we had P&P on the Web Site. Is it possible to get them back on the Web Site?

Tim Roberts: They have been on the Web for the past 10 years. There is a link on the Web Page. If you are having difficulty, please send me an e-mail and I will converse with you.

Ilana Widders: It takes about 20 minutes to download the P&Ps.

John Guches: It takes about 1 hour to print the P&Ps.

Kay Rogers: Please register for Summer Festival today. You can download an application or get one from us. We don't care how you register, just register.

Carolyn Bosch: Join us Memorial Day for the Silver Stars Weekend. It's a great laid back weekend.

ADJOURN: Motion made by Barbie Cooper to adjourn the meeting at 12:26 p.m. Motion passed.

Kathy Roberts (Tim)
Substituting Recording Secretary