MINUTES OF MEETING dated September 24, 2006
Hosted by Emerald Empire Area Council
Oak Heights School
Sweet Home, Oregon

Meeting brought to order by President Dennis Marsh at 9:03 a.m.

This meeting is being recorded. Reminder, when you are on the microphone, this is being recorded. Also, please announce your name before you speak.

ROLL CALL: Recording Secretary, Virginia (Ed) Myers

Officers: All present.

Appointed Officers: All present, except: Jim & Avis Kinkaid and Barbara & Larry Schaumburg

Delegates: All present, except: David Stutzman and Interstate Highlanders

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present, except: Al & Fran Westphal and Harold & Barbara Kleve


FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President Barbie Cooper


MOTION was made by Dave Cooper to approve the minutes as presented. Seconded by Darlene Sconce. Motion approved.


PRESIDENT: Dennis Marsh (Ilana Widders)

Good Morning. I would like to start off by thanking the Sweet Home Squarenaders for their efforts in yesterday's dinner and dance last night and setting up for the meeting this morning. Everything was wonderful. And thank you to the Emerald Empire Council for their gift.

As Ilana and I move forward in our journeys down the road, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support you have shown us the past few years. Also thank you for allowing me to grow and be a stronger person because of the people that we deal with everyday and with this body.

The time has gone quickly, but I have learned a lot. I am saddened that the final hour is here, but I sit here proud to have been able to serve all of you as your State President. I look out and see many past presidents sitting here and the wealth of knowledge and experience we have had at our fingertips. The door has always been open for us to talk with and to gain some insight on what we needed to know and do. And I am proud to be associated with all of you.

And as the day goes by and when I step down and Barbie takes over for this coming year, I pledge my total support to Barbie and her presidency and to the Federation that we'll always be here working as a unit. I will stand beside her leadership for a better federation. Barbie, Good Luck! And may you have wisdom and foresight in your term as president. Again I thank all of you for your support and I have been proud to be your State Federation President. (Standing Ovation and Applause)


Thank you Dennis. We're really going to miss you but I am glad that you're going to continue on and Ilana is coming on board too. It's going to be wonderful.

I want to thank Sweet Home Squarenaders for the wonderful dinner and dance last night and the Emerald Empire Council for hosting the State Meeting. I love to travel to the different areas in the State and enjoy dancing with all the different clubs.

I distributed to all the positions an updated address, phone number and e-mail. I will give it to you so that it's on record. My address is 8900 SW Sweek Dr., #517, Tualatin, OR 97062. My phone number is 503-804-4475. Any information regarding square dancing should be mailed to me at barbiesuecooper@yahoo.com.

The second important item I have before you is the proposed 2006-2007 budget. I presented it at the May 14, 2006 Board Meeting so everyone would have time to review it.

Proposed Budget

Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs
September 2006 - August 2007
General Fund Receipts
Area Council/Club Dues250.00
Directory Sales1,500.00
Festival Income0.00
Mid Winter 20063,156.00
Summer Festival 2005 - Nationals in Portland0.00
Interest Income1,500.00
Transfer from General Fund/Retained Earnings2,394.00
Total Income$8,800.00
General Fund Disbursements
BMI/ASCAP Dues125.00
Directory Printing1,700.00
Equipment Insurance250.00
Total General Fund Disbursements$8,400.00
Special Project Disbursements
Youth Fund100.00
Trailer Maintenance & Improvements100.00
National Showcase100.00
Round of the Month100.00
Total Special Project Disbursements$400.00
Total Receipts$8,800.00
Total Disbursements$8,800.00
Anticipated Fund Expenditures & Income
Insurance Fund Receipts
Club Premiums Paid13,400.00
Total Insurance Receipts$13,400.00
Insurance Disbursements
Premiums Paid to USDA13,000.00
USDA Membership Dues100.00
Administration Costs300.00
Total Insurance Disbursements$13,400.00
Oregon Federation News Receipts
Where and When1,650.00
Total OFN Receipt$35,650.00
Oregon Federation News Disbursements
Contractors Monthly Fee3,300.00
(Editor Fee Monthly @ $275.00/monthly)
Office Supplies600.00
Graphics Design7,200.00
Printing & Mailing16,350.00
Total OFN Disbursements$29,950.00
OFN Profit$ 5,700.00

MOTION (Barbie Cooper): I make a motion to accept the proposed budget as presented. Seconded by John Guches.

Dennis Marsh: Any Discussion: None. Motion passes.

2006 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Co-Chairs: Kay & Jim Rogers and Tim & Kathy Roberts

Summer Festival Seaside 5-0 is handing a check today to Bill Rooper, Federation Treasurer for $2,163.97. We thank everyone who supported the Summer Festival. (Applause)

2007 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Dan & Ginger Allen

Good morning, and I'm glad everyone had a good time last night at the dinner and dance. Our club enjoyed putting it on.

We have a few changes on Mid-Winter. Sharon and Casey Parker are taking over the Lillefield's position as featured cuers because Al and Carol Lillefield have a family member that is very ill. Leonard and Marcia Snodgrass are going to use the Lillefield as featured cuers for the 2009 Mid-Winter, and we thank Leonard and Marcia for helping us on this.

I'm looking around and I was wondering how many people here haven't bought their Mid-Winter ribbons. I would like to see more of them out there supporting us. We have ribbons here for those who don't have one.

The other thing is, the flooring that was put in the back for a demonstration. I talked to our club members last night; they are willing to buy a square and so we support this flooring that will be discussed with this group later.

2007 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Joyce and Gary Clark


Summer Festival committee members are hard at work completing the tasks necessary for a successful festival.

We are happy to announce that the Sunset Area Council has agreed to help the TVC with the festival. They will be our host at the Trails end dance on Thursday at the Seaside Convention Center.

We also want to make sure everyone understands, there will be plus dancing in the plus hall and there will also be round dancing in the round dance hall throughout the festival weekend. We will all join together on Friday EVENING and on Saturday EVENING only for "Challenging" MAINSTREAM dances featuring the smooth 50's sound of that fabulous trio, "The GREASERS".

50's Attire will be allowed and encouraged throughout the weekend. So, dust off those saddle shoes, poodle skirts, blue suede shoes, rolled up dungarees and penny loafers, we are gonna rock Seaside. From what I have heard, our incoming State President already has her poodle skirt ready to rock 'n roll.

We will soon be traveling to dances with a tri-fold display full of information about Summer Festival 2007, made by Kathy Roberts, to advertise the festival and sell ribbons.

We are working on a full schedule of events for all dancers. The youth program is being planned with many ideas and suggestions coming directly from our youth dancers.

Ribbons have been going fast, however there are a few left, so after you have purchased your Mid-Winter Festival ribbons, see me or Tim Roberts to purchase your ribbons for SEASIDE'S REVVIN' in 2007.

2008 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Leonard & Marcia Snodgrass

We do have Stefan Sidholm from Sweden scheduled as the caller and Al and Carol Lillefield have agreed to come for our year. We are still in the process of filling in our committees, and we have received e-mails from different people. We will be sitting down in the next couple weeks to make choices for the committee members. Anybody that would like to volunteer, let us know.

2008 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Barbara Tipton (Bill)

Our kick-off meeting for 2008 Summer Festival is going to be October 29th. We have our caller in place, who is Tony Oxendine, and our cuers are Ray and Virginia Walz.


I can't believe I am starting my 4th year as Editor. Time has really flown!

It is very important for subscribers to notify the OFN of address changes as soon as possible. The Post Office only forwards 2 issues and then sends them back to the OFN with a 75 for each one. In August there was a total of $8.75 in returned postage charges.

Speaking of change of address, the OFN address will be changing at the end of October to a new Post Office box in Lafayette. I will keep the current box in Beaverton through the end of the year to help with the transition.

The fiscal year end showed a profit of $10,906.00. (Applause) Even with the payment to the Editor for the next year, the OFN will still be profitable.

The deadline is still the 5th of the month. This is really crucial for the next few months. The December and January issue are always delayed slightly due to the holiday season. The sooner the information is received by the Editor, the faster it gets to the printer.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Jim & Kay Rogers

We have the new state directories today. Please see me during the break to pick up your council's books.

If you did not order in advance, please take a reasonable amount of directories with you and send the money at a later date. It is for the good of the federation and square dancing that these directories be distributed as much as possible. You can send the checks made payable to the Oregon Federation for $2 each to Bill Rooper, Treasurer, but please be sure to mark who from and what for.

If you have any corrections or changes to the directory, let us know so we can ask Vivian to post corrections in the OFN. Thank you, Vivian for your help with the directories.

Bill Rooper: If you want to send the checks to me, I need to have a list of who owes what.


A big thank you to the Emerald Empire Area Council and the Sweet Home Squarenaders for a wonderful barbeque and fun dance last night. It feels great to square dance again; the doctor cleared me for dancing two weeks ago. This weekend is extra special for Ed and me because it is our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

Also, I have received some questions as to when the Minutes are available for review. After I complete the minutes and receive approval from the President, I forward them to Tim Roberts who then puts them into the Oregon Federation website, which is http://www.squaredance.gen.or.us/. Once you have entered the website, click on Minutes on the left hand column and the Agenda and Minutes are there. Also, when I verify that the Minutes have been placed on the website, I will send an e-mail to Oregon Federation Officers and Delegates and advise them that they can now view the minutes.


I would like to thank the Emerald Empire Council and the Sweet Home Squarenaders for the fantastic barbeque and great dance. We had a lot of fun last night.

Condolence Cards sent out:

Get Well Cards:

On a final note, the new officers and delegates need to see me to fill out a form so I can give you the correct information for your badges. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

TREASURER: Bill Rooper (Annadale)

Everyone should have a copy of the Financial Statement. This is the final statement for the fiscal year end, August 31, 2006. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

MEMBERSHIP: Judy Gelmstedt-Bos (Chuck)

Sorry we missed the dinner and dance last night. It was our great grandson's birthday.

We have 87 clubs in the Federation, and 3,846 plus dancers. Some of the clubs did not include the number of members in their directory information.

We have lost the following clubs this past year.

I have letters on file from Spinning Antlers and Cross Trailers.

No new clubs applied for membership to the State Federation this year.

The following clubs have Corporation Fees due or coming due in the next three months:

Blue Mountain Council:

Central Oregon Council:

Eastern Oregon Council November 2006

Emerald Empire Council

Interstate Highlands Council

Lincoln-Tillamook Council September 11, 2006

Mid-Willamette Council: September 1, 2006

Portland Area Council

Rogue Sis-Q Council

South Coast Area Council

Tualatin Valley Council January 18, 2007

Umpqua Area Council

Past Due:

Clubs and Councils not responding with Directory Information are.

It has been a pleasure serving as Membership Chairman for the past two years. I hope you will help Coleeta as much as you can by returning your completed directory information on time with the four copies that we ask for. Please fill in All of the Spaces. It will make her job so much easier. Thanks for all of your help. Hope to see you in a square soon.

INSURANCE: Kay Rogers (Jim)

We distributed insurance papers to all the area delegates today. I will mail papers to those delegates and areas who are not here. Please take them back to your clubs as soon as possible. If you do not see a club delegate at the council meeting, please call and make arrangements to get the paperwork to them. Every year we talk to several clubs who swear they have not received the papers. You might want to document it when you hand them over, who you gave the papers to. This will help when we try to locate them later.

As usual, please make sure they are filled in correctly and completely before you hand them over to us. I need you to get them back to me by the November meeting. I have asked the clubs to get them back to you by October 15th. You may send us anything you have ready before the final due date.

We have tried to write instructions as clearly as possible, but if you have a question, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. Thank You

Kay and Jim Rogers


Jim and I are the Western Region Vice-President of USDA. I would love it if we could have a 30 second spot at the end of one of our reports.

We have set up a rack with publications. They are free; USDA sends them out and you are more than welcome to republish them and use them in any way you can. If there are any of those pamphlets that you would like more of, let us know and we would be happy to furnish those to you and your club at no charge. You could print them off the web page also.

PAST PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper (Barbie)

No Report

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim Roberts (Kathy)

Under New Business this meeting, we have a proposed amendment to the Federation's By-Laws. Because this doesn't come up very often, I wanted to go over the procedure for enacting such a change. The exact procedure is given in section 8 of the by-laws themselves. Basically, there are three steps.

First, we have to read the proposed amendment at a meeting. This is the easy part, and is what we have happening today. This is a notification rather than a motion, so there is no debate today.

Second, at the next meeting, a motion is made to enact the amendment. This is a regular motion, which will be debated and can be amended (within the spirit of the notification). In order to pass, a quorum must be present, and the motion must be approved by 2/3 of those voting. A quorum, according to our by-laws, is more than 50% of the officers and delegates; in my 14 years, we have never failed to achieve a quorum.

Third, after being approved by this board, the proposed amendment must be mailed to all of the clubs within 15 days for final approval. The clubs mail their votes back to the Corresponding Secretary by the next meeting (which would be the Mid-Winter meeting). If two thirds of those votes are in favor, then the amendment passes.


I have gathered all the supplies and they are ready to be distributed to the new office holders of the combined position that I have held for the last year.

The gray notebook is ready for the Education chairperson and I hope she is ready with ideas for the Education Seminar at Mid-Winter. That information will need to go to the program book committee real soon for publication by the November state meeting.

The gray notebook is missing for the Publicity/State Reporter position. There is a full constitution in the briefcase but I am unsure of the correctness and how recent it is. It has not been located in two or three years. I didn't have it when I had the Publicity position three years ago.

I have enjoyed the combined position and hope that the articles you have been reading for the last year have been informative. I know that I did not push many individual events, but tried to feature the Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals and the lessons and new student dances that were held throughout the Federation. Felt that we had gotten away from the importance of the events that enable the Federation to grow. Mid-Winter and Summer Festival are the sources of the income for the Federation and by not supporting them, you are hurting the hobby that has given all of us much fun, camaraderie, and the extra family that we all need.

Please make your plans to attend both Festivals and support the Federation and its goals to make a successful transition to growth and abundance.

Thank you for your support for the last year and I am ready to jump into the position of Second Vice President later today.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Mike Odell (Shirley)

I have reviewed the Aug. & Sept.'06 OFN ads and compared them to Vivian's audit sheets. All ads were reported paid, with the exception of 7 Sept. ads. Vivian is working on the collections of same.

HISTORIAN: Patty Reese

No report.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert

Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.


Last spring, LaVonne Bussey approached me about the possibility of contacting the Oregon State 4-H Conference to ask them if we could teach square dance lessons to the students attending the conference in June. After many e-mail exchanges with the gentleman in charge of the convention, I contacted Jim Hattrick. He agreed to contact the 4-H to discuss teaching lessons over a 2 day period. According to LaVonne's grandson, Jim Hattrick taught several classes during the Convention and had many enthusiastic students. Thank you LaVonne for coming up with this great way to expose youth to square dancing.

In May, someone requested that I investigate the possibility of offering to host the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival. While this competitive festival is usually held in Canada it was held in Oregon a few years ago. Over the last few months, I have been exchanging e-mails with representatives from the festival. While I have asked several times for documentation on our responsibilities, volunteers needed and cost information, I have not been able to obtain this information. Two weeks ago, I was advised, that they would try to find something and send it to me. I am still waiting for this information. I was hoping to propose that Oregon host the 2008 Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival, but until I receive the requested documentation, I am unwilling to commit our state to hosting this festival.

I am excited to announce that on March 18th,, 2007, from 1:30-4:00 pm. the Mini- Stars in Vancouver will be hosting a scholarship dance. The Mini-Stars are the Silver Stars youth club. On their own, the kids decided they wanted to help earn money to support both the Oregon and Washington Scholarship programs. Their first annual "Ka$h for Kid$" fundraising scholarship dance, will be held at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver, WA. This dance is being planned and organized by the Mini-Stars Kids. I am impressed by their professionalism, and would like to read a letter to you that was written by their publicity chairman:

Silver Stars Square Dance Club
Vancouver, WA
September 21, 2006

Dear Kathy Roberts,

My name is Morgan Kastella I am a member of the Mini-Stars Square Dance club, a youth group of the Silver Stars Square Dance club in Vancouver, WA. A couple of months ago, the Mini-Stars decided to host a dance. After a brainstorming session we decided since the Silver Stars are members of both the Washington and Oregon Square Dance organization we wanted to support the scholarship funds of both states.

So, on March 18, 2007 1:30 to 4:00 the Mini-Stars are planning our first annual "Ka$h for Kid$" fundraising scholarship dance, at the Clark County Square Dance Center, Vancouver, WA. Nationally known caller Wade Driver has kindly donated his time to call and the Silver Stars own Dorothy Lowder has also kindly donated her time as a cuer. Our current plans include a raffle as well as a silent auction during the dance. As we promote the dance, we will be challenging other clubs to raise money for the scholarship funds also. So far the Silver Stars have donated two hundred and fifty dollars to our cause. We have also received donations of two ribbons from the Diamond Lake Festival, a nights lodging at the Diamond Lake Resort, donations of printing and mailing costs and the donation of a quilt.

With this letter I am requesting assistance from you in a couple of ways. First, please help us by passing out the flyers I have included with this mailing at dances. Second, if you are aware of anyone who has items to donate to our silent auction or raffle, please let us know. The larger the value of the donation the better Third, please promote our dance at any of the dances that you may attend and challenge any club to match the Silver Stars donation or make a donation to our "Kash for Kids" fundraising drive. And lastly, please plan on attending our dance!

If you have any questions, please give any one of the committee chairman listed below a call. Thanks for any help you can give us.

Morgan Kastella
Publicity Chairman
Alyssa Sawyer
"Ka$h for Kid$"
Lee Van Gundy Donation Chairman 360.254.365 Jacob Kalmbach Host Chairman 503.252.4853

I was really amazed and I think they are doing a fantastic job. They have the complete support of the Silver Stars, which is the adult club. There are several things I would like to ask each of you to do to help support these admirable youth dancers:

During the Good of the Order, the Ka$h for Kid$ adult advisors, Roy and Janet Bellcoff and Bob and Carolyn Bosch will give you additional information; answer any of your questions about this dance; and give you the opportunity to not only see the quilt that is being raffled but purchase raffle tickets.

At our last meeting, I asked everyone to go back to your councils and clubs and ask them to help support our scholarship efforts by "passing the hat" at dances. With the number of our youth dancers increasing, we need to start now to raise money so that we can give more scholarships and hopefully larger ones to our worthy square dancing youth. Beginning with the November meeting, I will ask if any Council has money to donate to the Oregon Scholarship Fund so that we can all applaud your efforts on behalf of our youth. What I would like is if your council or club did raise any money that they would give it to the Delegates and they could present it at the State Meeting. This way we could get a competition between the councils and clubs and we could put this money in the Oregon Scholarship Fund.

I am planning another Youth Scholarship Benefit Dance in Oregon for the third weekend in April. The dance will be held in Central Oregon. I will have flyers for each of you to take back to your clubs in November.

If you have any youth that would like to attend Mid-Winter or any other state supported square dance activities and cannot afford the fees or ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available to help youth dancers.

ORDTA: Dennis Smith (Elaine)

No report at this time, but an invitation to our meeting, October 7, 2006, at 10:00 am at the Emerald Dance Center.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara Schaumburg (Larry)

I thought I would be able to make this meeting, but as you can see I didn't due to some health issues. I would like to say Thank You to the federation and all the wonderful people for their thoughts, cards and prayers. Thank you for thinking of me.

Oregon Round of The Month
October 2006
written by: Chuck & Darlyne McDowell
Record: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
f/s "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
Label: Underground 1110 (Stardust)
Rhythm: Two Step
Phase: II

November 2006
written by: Dorothy Sanders
Record: Funny Face f/s Flamingo
Label: Star 166
Rhythm: Waltz
Phase: II

December 2006
written by: Pat Hintz
Record: MCA 65027 f/s Papa Noel
Rhythm: Two Step
Phase: II

CALLER ADVISOR: Leonard Snodgrass (Marcia)

I have enjoyed writing articles for the OFN and have been trying to cover subjects that are pertinent to square dancing today. I like to make us think about what we are doing and why. We need to concentrate on the things that work and get rid of ideas and practices that are not helpful to our activity. I have talked to quite a number of new callers, and am helping them in every way I can. A number of the new callers are coming to me for help and information. I am willing to help any and all callers any way I can. If everybody has any topics they would like me to cover in my article, just let me know.

SHOWCASE OF IDEAS: Marilyn Schmit (Ron)

We have not heard anything from North Carolina for the 56th National Square Dance Convention. We await the application to exhibit in the Showcase and will fill it out when it arrives. We are open to suggestions from the Federation President as to what they would like to put in the Showcase.

OREGON STATE FAIR: Barbara Tipton (Bill)

(Reading the report from Fran & Ray Bunch)

As some of you know, Fran Bunch out of the goodness of her heart came to our Delegate and Officer meetings yesterday.

We did have some dancing at the State Fair this year. Jay Stimler contacted the new Director with the Parks & Recreation Division. Jay got dancing on the LB Day stage for two afternoons. There were 4 to 6 squares those two days. Jay asked me to bring this to the State Meeting to see if you are interested in perusing this. He suggests dancing only a couple of days, and some of us think maybe a few more days than that. The Fair had the dancers go to the RED GATE in Square Dance clothes and they were allowed in free. But if you went to any other gate and you had on square dance attire, they welcomed you.

There were comments at the Mid-Willamette Meeting that the dancing was fun and lots of comments as they walked around the grounds. They did not have a very big crowd because that area is out of the way. Jay is suggesting that we try to get the dancing on the stage in Friendship Square that is the middle of the area where the food booths are. The other thing that was mentioned was that they were not on the schedule. When we were doing the Fair I had to have the information to the Fair in February to get in the paper and the daily schedule. Another thing that I was told was a senior citizen pulled in to park and was told there is an area up close to the BLUE GATE for you to park. He was thrilled and decided he would pay to get in rather than walk several blocks to get to the RED GATE. The people at the BLUE GATE greeted them and said go on in.

It was suggested at the Mid-Willamette Area meeting that maybe the Council should just take care of this since it would be only a couple of days but open to all dancers. We thought we should bring it to the attention of the Oregon Federation since it is a state dance.

Dennis Marsh:

Does anyone have any questions or input on this? I think what we would like to see happen is for you to take it back to your clubs, talk about it and see if we are interested in supporting square dancing at the Oregon State Fair again. We are asking that you bring back information from your clubs at the November meeting so we can start moving forward on this. Regarding a comment yesterday, if we were interested in doing this, maybe the Mid-Willamette Area Council could do it one more year for us so we could ease in with the Oregon Federation. Thank you.

STATE TRAILERS: Jim Kinkaid (Avis)

No Report.

DELEGATE MEETING REPORT: Emerald Empire Council, Sharon Greeman

First of all I want to thank Dan and Ginger Allen and the Sweet Home Squarenaders for a great dinner and a good dance; had lots of fun. The delegates had a lot of discussion on the topics. We recommend that the bid packages for summer festivals be introduced up to 4 years in advance of the dates being held.



15 Minute Break


As we head toward installing the new officers, I would like to do my last duty as President and introduce our Goodwill Ambassador for the next 5 years. They have always been a goodwill ambassador in everything they did and I am proud to announce our Goodwill Ambassador is Genevieve Churchill. (Applause and Standing Ovation)


Dennis Marsh:

At this time if Barbie Cooper will move around the table and take her place in the chair in front of us.

We are Back to Order.

Will all new Officers and Delegates do their exchange at this time.

Carolyn and Bob Bosch: Hosting Installation of New Officers. (Applause)

Immediate Past President: Dennis Marsh

Mr. Past President, you have already pledged your support to the new Madam President but we want you to do it one more time. As you come out of the President's chair, you have done a "clean sweep" of the whole job so you may want to help Barbie. As Past President, you will be conducting the charity dance so the broom and the dust pan will allow you to sweep up all those donations and deposit them into the treasurer chest. Do you so pledge to be her helpful confidant? Dennis Marsh: I do.

Membership: Coleeta Quigley

Coleeta, I am going to ask you to pledge to be her wonderful Membership Chairman and to help her in every way you possibly can. Since you have to collect all the lists of the clubs and their members for the State Federation for the directory and the insurance, we thought you needed a notebook and something to write with. And then if you are unable to obtain such information, we are giving you your forceful tool. Do you so promise? Coleeta Quigley: I do.

Corresponding Secretary: Glory Guches

As Corresponding Secretary, it says your duty is to write all the correspondence for the cards that are sent out and then anybody that sends in a report, you need to read it and do all that. But we thought you needed a few little things so we got you a phone for local calls and another one for long distance calls. And of course you need something to write on; here's your little tablet. Do you so pledge to be Barbie's helper? Glory Guches: I do.

Recording Secretary: Virginia Myers

Virginia, your job as Recording Secretary is to keep accurate minutes of the Federation meetings. We brought you an extra tape just in case your machine doesn't work right, and should we have a power outage you'll need to write so we brought you a big tablet so you can take lots of notes. And, of course, the writing implement, color crayons to make your shorthand colorful. Do you so pledge to Barbie that you will be her helpful hand? Virginia Myers: I do.

Treasurer: Bill Rooper

The Treasurer's job is to distribute and collect all the funds for the Federation. So we brought you a little gift so you can get all the collections started. We know all you like to do is add, but there has to be just a little subtraction in your job. You need practice so we are giving you a book to teach you how to subtract. Do you so pledge to be Barbie's helpful hand? Bill Rooper: I do.

Second Vice-President: Marilyn Schmit

The Second Vice-President's responsibility is to collect all the materials, names, printing, etc. for the Directory. We wanted to make you a little sash for your job; we didn't know exactly what to put on it so we made you two, one saying two-time Vice-President. You need to keep in contact with all the people which can be a little stressful so we brought you a friend to help you, a little green frog. You also need to have some way to communicate with the people so you get a phone too.

Do you so pledge to be Barbie's helpful hand? Marilyn Schmit: I do.

First Vice-President: Jim Rogers

Your responsibilities are to take over when Barbie Cooper is unable to perform her task. We know you live way out in the country and have this bridge. We want to make sure you're able to get to meetings, so just in case of a breakdown we brought you some repair materials. Also sometimes when the weather is really nice in the valley, you're dealing with snow and ice and so we're giving you this ice scraper to make sure you can get here. Do you so pledge to be Barbie's backup? Jim Rogers: I do.

Lee and Barbi Ashwill: Initiation of Incoming President, Barbie Cooper

Lee and Barbi prepared "Barbie" for a good night's sleep with a nightgown, slippers and a teddy bear and proceeded with their bedtime story: "Barbie, the Fairy Tale." Once upon a time there was a blonde-haired beauty named Barbie. And when she grew up, she was looking for the man of her dreams... and finally a large wrapped package was found with a note, and when she unwrapped the package she found a double sided 6' poster of Elvis. Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you're young at heart. Each of the Officers and Delegates should find a "Barbie" sticker; you can put them on your badges or ribbons and wear them this next year so you will be young at heart with her. (Applause)

Don and Lonna Bramhall: Initiation of Incoming President, Barbie Cooper

Don and Lonna's fun "roast" of Barbie entailed "her love for cooking." One of her first duties as the new Federation President is to prepare a sit-down dinner for all the Officers and Delegates and their spouses today. (Applause) They prepared her for this function by putting an apron on her and giving her instructions as to how to be a good cook. They gave her a stove, a pot for spaghetti, a few tools, a scoop, a fork and spoon, a colander and hand made Hawaiian pot holders. And every good cook has to have one thing in their kitchen they can't do without but they don't know what it is. Finally, she needs ingredients, such as spaghetti, red sauce, condiments, garlic bread.

We want to congratulate you on your new position; we hope you have a wonderful time at dinner. Thank you Barbie. (Applause)

Tim Roberts:

I have one cooking tip. The smoke alarm is not a timer. The food is done BEFORE that buzzer goes off. (Applause)

Carolyn and Bob Bosch:

Dave Cooper

We know that you have always had this little problem of getting lost. As the President's gofer and other half and your lack of direction, we thought we should provide you with at least a state map to find your location. And of course you need a compass to know which direction you're going. We know you have been traveling a lot and have taken your fifth wheel to a few places, but you didn't follow the direction of the leaders and everything broke. So we brought you a practice machine on how to drive.

Madame President: Barbie Cooper

The office of the President is to conduct a Federation meeting to dispense all business brought forth before this body in an orderly fair manner. We brought you some tools to conduct your meeting, and you need to add one more item to your outfit, a crown and a scepter. There you go, Princess. Also, sitting in front of Barbie at all the State meetings will be a couple of reminders, signs reading "Blonde Parking Only" and "Caution Blonde Thinking." We want you to have the best year possible. Congratulations Madame President. (Applause)

Glory Guches: Presentation of President Badge

The official presentation of the Oregon Federation President Badge was presented to Barbie Cooper.

President Barbie Cooper:

My goal for this coming year. We have heard so much about clubs and members that are registered with the Oregon Federation. I hope everyone will attach this Yellow Rose that says 2006-2007 to their Oregon Federation badges and wear them at all times at all dances and all functions. If people ask you what they're for, it says "friendship." I think the greatest thing I have received over the years is friendship that we've been able to make throughout the United States, wherever we traveled. We have never met anyone that we haven't formed the most wonderful friendships with, and we have felt so blessed to have this with everyone throughout the year.

So my goal this coming year is to visit every single club and to be able to attend at least one council meeting or one of the major functions throughout the State of Oregon. If any of you have any special birthday dances or anniversary dances, or a teen dance, whatever is going on, basically that's what I really want to do this year, just travel and be very visible and get around the state and make many new friends and visit old acquaintances. So I'm going to distribute these roses to everyone and that's my first hopefully, long line of things I want to do throughout the year. Thank you. (Applause)


Past President Dennis Marsh:

There are two announcements I would like to make. One, square dancers never surprise me on how well they give. In that small amount of time, we picked up $77.20 for the Youth

Second, with the new Directory book, my e-mail is wrong. It should read wolfsqrd@aol.com.

  1. MOTION (Dennis Marsh): Madame President, I move to change the wording in the guidelines that were inserted in Section VIII of the Practices and Procedures per the January Motion by Dave Cooper titled "Bidding for a Summer Festival" as follows:

    Bidding for a Summer Festival

    Any organization wishing to host a Summer Festival shall create a printed bid package consisting of, at a minimum:

    The organization should make 38 copies of the bid package, one for each delegate and officer.

    Organizations may announce their intent to bid at any Federation meeting. Bid packages should be distributed at the May Federation meeting 3 years prior to the proposed date. The winning bid will be chosen at the Summer Festival 3 years prior to the proposed date. If only one organization has submitted a bid package, the award may be made by voice vote. If more than one organization has submitted a bid package, the award will be made via a written ballot. The choice receiving a plurality of votes cast will be chosen.

    If no organization has submitted a bid package by the Summer Festival meeting 2 years in advance of the proposed date, bid packages may be submitted at the September and November meetings 22 and 20 months in advance, respectively and a vote will be taken at the Mid-Winter meeting 18 months in advance.

    If no organization has submitted a bid package by the Mid-Winter Festival meeting 18 months in advance, there will be no Summer Festival during that year, which also would allow the Federation to make a choice to host it themselves.

    Seconded by John Guches


    Dennis Marsh:

    We have to consider how long it takes to reserve a spot. At this time, Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals have spots already dedicated but if someone comes in and wants to apply out of these areas, it is going to take time to reserve that facility. We feel that 3 years out gives them a little more time to get their callers and cuers and to reserve the facility.

    AMENDED MOTION: (Bill Rooper)

    I would like to amend the last sentence to read that the Federation will put on the Summer Festival during that year.

    Seconded by Pat Young.

    Discussion of Amended Motion:

    Bill Rooper:

    The reason I think we should have a Summer Festival even if it takes the Federation's Officers and Delegates to put it on, I feel that strong that we should have a Summer Festival.

    Ilana Widders:

    I just wanted to clarify that we're voting on an amendment that this Federation, all the Delegates and Officers, would be mandated to put on a Festival if no council or club or anyone else stepped forward. Is that the amendment we're voting on?

    Barbie Cooper: That is correct.

    Ilana Widders:

    It would not be a choice that we would be doing it; we would be mandated to do it.

    Barbie Cooper: That's the way it is being presented. Any other discussion.

    Zola Jones:

    My question was regarding the list of nearby hotels and RV parks. Do we need to add, provide RV parking at the location of the Festival? This is important to a lot of people.

    Barbie Cooper:

    First of all, we need to finish discussing the amendment and then we will go back to the actual motion. Is there any further discussion on just the amendment?

    Patty Reese:

    If the Council's know the Oregon Federation is going to jump in and hold the Festival if no one is willing to sponsor it, that is no incentive for them to put in a proposal, if they know the Federation will bail them out every time.

    Neta Minten

    My concern would be if we're saying people should be 3 years out in making this decision; if we're having to make it in 18 months, what kind of a quality are we going to be able to have as to callers and location.

    Barbie Cooper: You need to remember that we're only discussing the Amendment.

    Zola Jones:

    Where it says if no Council or Club comes forward 18 months out, there would be no festival; it could read "at the Oregon Federation's discretion, then the Federation could decide if they wanted to do the Festival or not.

    Barbi Ashwill:

    The point I want to make is, it is important to have a Summer Festival every year. And those of us who have been around for a long time, the incoming Federation President bases his/her budget on the 50% of the proceeds they receive from both Mid-Winter Festival and Summer Festival. If you don't hold a Summer Festival, you're doing without those funds. This is one of the reasons why the Summer Festival we just held was basically done by the officers of the National Convention that was just held, because in convention years you don't hold a Summer Festival. So I am definitely in favor of Bill Rooper's proposal, mandated or not. If you want this organization to keep on going, then you better have money to fund it.

    President Barbie Cooper:

    Any more discussion on the Amendment? We need to vote on the Amendment to the Motion. All those in Favor, signify by holding up your paddle. Could you reread the Amendment first, please?

    Virginia Myers, Recording Secretary:

    Reading of Amended Motion by Bill Rooper: I would like to amend the last sentence to read that the Oregon Federation will put on the Summer Festival during that year. Seconded by Pat Young.

    Amendment passes.

    Barbie Cooper: Now we're open for discussion on the actual Motion.

    Zola Jones:

    Do we need to include under the list of things they need to put in their bid, proposed location should include RV parking on site if possible. In the past 20 years, there were two locations that did not provide on-site RV parking. This is important in the summer time to a lot of RV'ers and I think it also brings in more attendance at the festival.

    Lee Ashwill:

    I have to speak against this motion. I know there was a lot of thought put in this when the motion came before this body and they voted to institute the one they have. From experience, I don't think there is a caller or facility out there that will not put their status on temporary hold for the 3 year period. I think we should leave the motion as it is.

    Tim Roberts:

    I also wanted to speak against this motion. The idea of this originally was to foster some friendly competition for festivals in the same way we deal with national conventions. Possibly a council might have been thinking about putting on a festival or special event, but did not put a committee together because they thought there was a lot of time. If we approve a bid too early before the council gets started, we might lock out some possible competition. Three years is a long ways off; we would need to have, for example, a bid package for 2010 within the next 8 months. I'm not sure there is any council thinking ahead as far as 2010. Like Lee, I'm dubious that any venue for 500 dancers is going to require a signed contract 3 years out. I would think a tentative commitment 3 years out, with a signed contract at 2 years is enough. Callers, I don't think, book 3 years out, and they don't seem to have any problem. Summer Festival 2007 booked about 18 months and didn't have any problem getting callers. This is the first time, I can remember, that we've had this situation of having a bid 3 years out and I'm not sure it's right to modify a policy based on this single example.

    Carolyn Bosch:

    It doesn't take a lot of people to do a Summer Festival. If you just have a handful of people that are willing to put their efforts into it, you can have a very successful Summer Festival and you can make many, many friendships during that time. I think we have become very lazy on our efforts to promote square dancing and I think it's time that we all step up and get going.

    Ray Jones:

    I have a question for Dennis Marsh. In your motion, does it mention Mid-Winter Festival.

    Dennis Marsh: No

    Vivian Fairburn:

    I agree with Lee Ashwill and Tim Roberts regarding 3 years out. I have worked with other organizations where I joined and there was commitment that was 3 years away. As we know, there is a lot of turnover in the councils because we want new people to come in and we're throwing something at them that's 3 years down the road. So I think, also, that 3 years is too far out.

    George Griffith:

    In talking about the Oregon Federation hosting a previous Summer Festival, there were many people from all over the state and there was no way in the world that you could have had a better committee than what we had. Everything was wonderful and we put on a good festival; it was very enjoyable. As far as facilities were concerned, the convention center in Pendleton had parking available for everyone. This facility is very inexpensive, and the Oregon Federation can put on a festival and do it very successfully.

    Ilana Widders:

    The motion was written exactly as it was by Dave Cooper other than changing the years from 2 to 3. We want competition for Summer Festival, we want people to step up and bid on it. The point of this motion was so we don't turn down people who want to hold a Summer Festival and say they're too early. There's nothing in this that says you can't submit a bid 2 years in advance or 22 months, 20 months, 18 months. We're not lengthening the necessary time; but if somebody wants to put on a Summer Festival and they have submitted a bid and we say sorry we won't accept it, you're too early, how is that promoting competition. You're saying, sorry tell your facility and callers to put this date on hold for one year. If you're turning people down for a Summer Festival, that doesn't seem right to me. Dennis and I wanted to submit this so we weren't turning people down who want to have a Summer Festival. If you have someone who steps forward and wants to have a Summer Festival, and you say sorry we don't want your bid for another year; I think that is not promoting competition at all.

    Dave Cooper:

    If people know what the rules are for bidding on a Summer Festival and everyone tells their Councils they can bid 3 years in advance, as of today if I want to bid for 2011, I need to bid at least by 2008. If everybody knows it, I don't think there would be a problem.

    John Guches:

    During the Delegates meeting yesterday, there was a lot of discussion over this and there was even a thought instead of 3 years, allowing people to bid 4 years in advance. It was also similar with what Dave Cooper said, it's letting them know what the guidelines are and going with them. That's basically all we're trying to do is to establish a set of guidelines so the Oregon Federation knows what is going to happen. I know, there is already information in the P & P's about this; we're just trying to give them a longer time frame to work on getting their facility. The biggest thing is the facility because there are facilities around the state that are booked 5 years in advance.

    Lee Ashwill:

    As Tim Roberts said, this was designed to promote competition amongst the Councils. If you do it 3 years out and a Council suddenly comes up with some energetic folks who say we want to bid for that year and it's already awarded, you've lost that competitive edge. I think we should leave it just as it is.

    Motion as amended was reread in its entirety by Tim Roberts.

    President Barbie Cooper called for the vote. Motion passes.

  2. MOTION (John Guches): Madame President, I am giving previous notice that I will make a motion to amend the bylaws at the November meeting. I will move to amend Article 6 by striking the phase "A State Meeting shall be held during each Summer and Winter Festival plus three (3) other meetings" and replacing it with "A state meeting shall be held each Winter Festival plus two (2) other meetings".

    The Proposed Amendment Notification was read and will be voted on at the November 2006 meeting.

  3. MOTION (Dennis Marsh:) Madame President, I make a motion to accept the 2009 bid by the Hayshakers Square Dance Club for Summer Festival at Astoria. Seconded by Sylvia Davis.


    Neta Minten:

    If we're voting now for 2009, do any of the other clubs know that we're being allowed to vote on this today?

    Tim Roberts:

    The Hayshakers Square Dance Club presented their bid at each of the last two meetings.

    Neta Minten:

    The other clubs think they can't do this; they thought there was a 2 year limit.

    So now you're allowing them to go to a 3 year limit when the other clubs and organizations don't know about this yet. Should we table this motion until the next meeting?

    Tim Roberts:

    Procedurally, a motion is effective as soon as it is passed. So, procedurally, we would be in order to vote on this right now. We have had this bid for two meetings; people knew that there was a bid outstanding. If someone does want to table this, we will table it until next time. I'm not sure this is necessary; but procedurally we can do that.

    Dave Cooper:

    My only concern is if you're going to consider tabling this motion, those people have come to us twice and presented their bid and we, more or less, told them at the last State meeting that we would vote on this bid at this meeting. My concern is if we don't vote on it, they may pull their bid. I don't know them that well but I'm concerned; we should follow through with what we said we were going to do.

    Kathy Roberts:

    Have any of the other Councils discussed in your meetings, an indication that you had an interest in hosting a Summer Festival? Is Sunset Empire Council the only one that has discussed it in their council meetings that they would like to have a Summer Festival at that time?

    John Guches:

    The Rogue-Siskiyou Council has discussed holding a Summer Festival, but they are unable to get any support for it. Like Kathy Roberts said, has any of the other Councils at their council meetings had an opportunity to discuss the idea of holding a Summer Festival?

    Lee Ashwill:

    In the minutes from the last meeting, it says: "Dennis Marsh speaking; we appreciate your bid, we cannot vote on it until next year at this time. You are on the list to do it."

    President Barbie Cooper:

    No other discussion. Then procedurally I need to call for a vote on the bid for the 2009 Summer Festival. Motion passes. Congratulations.


EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL: Ilana Widders (Dennis Marsh)

I would to thank the Sweet Home Squarenaders; they have made their Emerald Empire proud by putting on such a great dinner and dance. Thank you very much.

September 8, Single Trees had a Sock Hop with Jim Hattrick calling.

Sweet Home Squarenaders had a float in the Sweet Home's Sportsman Holliday Parade and took First Place!

During the summer the Whirl-A-Ways have been dancing at McCloud, CA, Diamond Lake, as well as other festivals. The Club has also helped do painting and maintenance on Emerald Square Dance Center during the summer months.

The Wolf Pack has been dancing at Summer Festival, Diamond Lake, and Springfield's Filbert Festival.

The Spin Cycle Squares, one of our newest clubs, want to let the State know that they thank the Emerald Empire Area Council for inviting them to participate in the Filbert Festival demo. They were very thankful for the support they received from local clubs in the area for going to bat for them so that they could enter the festival at the same reduced rate as the other local clubs while wearing their special tie dye club shirts for the demo.

The Whirl-A-Ways want to let everyone know that their caller, Ivan Koehn had heart by-pass surgery in August. He is doing well and is back calling and teaching their square dance class.

The Wolf Pack had a memorial service for their beloved sheriff, Terry Pearson, in July. Their August Dance was in honor of his memory; it was a crazy t-shirt dance. Those who knew Terry would understand this completely. Also, our Vice-President, Dennis Marsh, had surgery in August and is doing very well. He is expected to return to work in October, but he is starting to square dance already!

Most of our area clubs are starting or have already started lessons. A flyer was distributed at our demo at the Filbert Festival that tells when and where our lessons are. We want to thank our Council Vice-President Laurie Cooley for the flyers and a thank you to our Past President, Sharon Greenman for organizing the callers, cuers, clubs, and dancers for the demo.

The EEAC decided to have two new dancer jamborees this year instead of one jamboree and all the clubs are having a new dancer dance. This is new and we are going to see how it works out.

Upcoming Dances at our clubs:

Boots & Sandals

Cascade Callers & Cuers Association

Danebo Circle 8

Single Trees

Sweet Home Squarenaders


Wolf Pack


Barbie Cooper: We're excited to find out that we finally have Delegates for the Interstate Highlanders Council. They weren't able to attend this meeting but they will be at the November meeting.


We would like to thank everyone that put on such a wonderful dinner and dance last night.

The Area Council plans on a dance on Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 2:00pm to 5:00pm at Glendeden Beach, Oregon. This is located just South of Salishan on the Oregon Coast.

Sea Twirlers Traveling Club Activity Report - Fall 2006

The Sea Twirlers held our 10th Birthday Dance on Sunday afternoon, September 10, 2006. We had a warm and sunny day at the coast, and over 8 squares of dancers had a great afternoon dancing to caller George Hermann and cuer Patty Hermann. The Sea Twirlers were pleased that the Mid-Winter Festival Visitation Committee attended our dance and captured our banner. We are looking forward to attending the Mid-Winter Festival in Albany to retrieve our banner.

President, Lou Stovern

Toledo 49'ers Square Dance Club Activity Report

At out first dance in August, Andy Rawlinson came over to the coast and was our guest caller. There was a small group of dancers but everyone enjoyed the evening. For our 3rd dance in August, Sandy Harris entertained us with her mainstream calling and we were very pleased to have her for our guest caller on that night.

Our club went dark on Labor Day Weekend. Some of our dancers attended the Labor Day Square & Round Dance Festival at Mt. Hood Resort and others went to the dance on the coast at Port Orford.

Birthday cake was served in celebration of our 57th Birthday Dance held at Gleneden Beach, Saturday, September 16th, with dancing to caller Andy Rawlinson and cuer Sharon Greenman.

We are pleased to announce that the club will now be having Andy Rawlinson as our permanent caller for the first Saturday of the month, and Goldie Restorff will be the cuer.

We are also pleased to announce that Sharon Greenman has agreed to be our club cuer on the third Saturday of the month starting in November.

Barbie, I want to be the first to issue you an invitation to our special Loyalty Days dance the first of May, 2007. Thank you for coming, I hope.

Barbie Cooper: I will definitely put that on my calendar. Thank you.


I want to thank the Emerald Empire Council for their hospitality today.

I will be reading the report written by Barbara Tipton, as she is now taking over as Vice-President of the Mid-Willamette Area Council.

Through the efforts of Jay and Bonnie Stimler, cuers in the MWA, some of our area dancers danced at the Oregon State Fair two different days. They had 3 to 4 squares each day and danced at the Amphitheater which is great but not a lot of spectators. They would like to see this put back into the Oregon Federation Calendar and I know it has been discussed this weekend. This is the Oregon State Fair and it would be good publicity to have Oregon state dancers there.

Mainstream beginners lessons are starting up. It was reported that the Braids and Braves in McMinnville had 28 New Students on their first night of lessons and they also have 6 couples for Round Dance lessons. Salem Swingin' Stars reported they had 18 new students. This is a great way to start the fall season. Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday to our Area Clubs celebrating Birthday's recently or in the near future.

Re-Vu-N-Q Round Dance Club celebrated their 30th Birthday the end of June.

Golden Squares Birthday celebration was in August.

Englewood Twirlers in September.

Rounds R Us will celebrate 20 years of dancing on September 28th.

Funtastic Squares, the MWA's newest club, will be 2 in October..

Crazy Creek Rockers are celebrating their 21st Birthday this weekend.

Willamette Squares will be celebrating their 12th Birthday October 28th.

The MWA is having our Fall Festival on September 30th at the Salem Square Dance Center starting at 7:00 pm with Intermediate Rounds, 7:30 pm Easy Level Rounds and 8:00 pm Mainstream Square Dancing. Timber Twirlers are the Host Club with Golden Squares being Co- Hosts. It will be the MWA's 25th Anniversary Dance so we hope as many as possible can come and help us celebrate.

Barbara Tipton states that this is her last MWA report, and that she has enjoyed being a State Delegate and has learned a lot in the last two years about how and what the State Federation is all about. Thank you.


Alternate Delegate: Tony Haskins reporting for Al Wolf

I would like to thank the Emerald Empire Council for good food, good dancing and the Lord for beautiful weather.

Most clubs are back to dancing after their Summer schedule. Many clubs have or are about to start new dancer lessons. Check your OFN for this information.

The Recycles have decided not to disband but to reorganize and become a plus club. Darrell Kalmbach is their caller and Jeanine Norden is their cuer. This will take effect with their next dance: October 13th.

The Country Cut-Ups are celebrating their 46th Anniversary on October 7th with Daryl & Yvonne Clendenin calling and cueing.

Their annual pancake breakfast will be held on October 22nd from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Boring Barn. If you haven't been to one, you are missing a great inexpensive breakfast. See the OFN for details.

The 2008 Summer Festival sponsored by the Evergreen Council will be held in June in Longview, Washington. The Silver Stars, Buzzin' Bees and Happy Hoppers will be working hard on this and are asking anyone, especially the PAC and TVC to help wherever they can. We shouldn't forget that the Washington clubs helped with the Oregon Nationals last year. Without their help, our Convention might not have been as successful as it was.

The Carson Campout was a great success with about 130 dancers.

Happy Rock'rs now have Richard Gipe cueing their 2nd Saturday dance and Debbie Combs cueing their 4th Saturday dance.

Not too much news to report as some clubs took the summer off and many went to a summer schedule with not many activities.

However, some clubs are already planning their New Years Eve dances.

Country Cut-Ups July 29st 5th Saturday dance was a plus dance. This was very successful with over 100 guests from 18 clubs, as well as independent dancers for a total of 14 squares. They are thinking about having this type of a dance again on their 5th Saturdays.

The next PAC 5th Friday dance will be at the Oak Grove Community Club on September 29th with Jim Hattrick calling and Ken Pratt cueing. The theme is "Come as You Please." Check the September issue of the OFN for details.

ROGUE SIS-Q COUNCIL: John Guches (Glory)

Council Activities:

Council Dance July 29, 2006, was held at the Greenhorn Grange in Yreka, Ca. It was well attended.

The next Council Dance will be Sept. 30th at 7:30 pm at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center, Medford, Oregon with Charlotte Jeskey calling and Freddie Loveless cueing.

Charlie Browns:

The club was Dark during the month of August for the Josephine County Fair. During this time they stayed active by Demo dancing in parades, at the Josephine County Master Gardner's club annual Picnic and Barn Dance. Then, at the Street Art Festival Demo in Grants Pass where during one tip we had 29 high school students join us from the crowd to learn some basic square dance figures. We distributed lesson flyers and, from what I've heard from the club, they were able to get some of those students to start taking lessons.

They are holding their Second Annual Fall campout at Howard Prairie Lake the 22nd thru the 24th of September. Their lessons started on the 19th of September.

Circle-N- Squares:

Their Birthday Dance was the 16th of September with Scott and Erin Byers Calling and Cueing. They were from Sacramento, California.

Their annual fund raiser at the Siskiyou County Fair was a huge Success for them. They made enough money to keep their club going for at least two more years.

Their lessons are in full swing.

Lantz's Dantzers:

The first Friday dance of each month is at the Medford Senior Center and has become quite a success story; it is an A-1/DBD Plus dance with rounds. It starts at 6:30 pm with A-1 for an hour, 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm rounds, and 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm DBD Plus with A-1 tips. Their lessons are in full swing.

Star Promenaders:

I've been asked by the Diamond Lake Festival Committee to let everybody know that they appreciate the State's support. They had a very successful Diamond Lake Festival this year with 48 Squares on the floor Saturday night.

For each one of the Officers and Delegates, everybody that's on the Board, I put some flyers in the box for their 50th Birthday dance in February. It's going to be a two day festival for them and they would like to invite as many of the State Officers to this festival as they can. Thank you.

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL: Chuck Quigley (Coleeta):

The South Coast Area is having an OFN subscription drive this week on the 5th Saturday night dance. We hope more people will subscribe.


Our Labor Day Weekend was a fantastic dance with Denny Lantz; Don Marshall and the Coopers; it had to be great! We had over 11 squares on Saturday evening and over 20 couples learning basic cha on Sunday with the Coopers. Thanks to ALL who came and made it such a great success. Lessons began on September 14 with only 2 new beginners but we have some enthusiastic angels that assure us they will get more by this Thursday (the 21st.) Sure hope so!!

Jefferson State Squares:

No Report

Saints N' Ain'ts:

Well after a summer without our regular caller, Sherm Welch, we are glad to have him back and in full swing! The last dance was his first one back and WOW what a fun dance. We had visitors from California, Texas and Roseburg. Their lessons will begin the first Sunday in October.


We started both beginning square dance and round dance lessons the 2nd week of September. Even though it seemed hard to get back into the saddle again, all the smiling faces and enthusiasm of the students made it worthwhile. Our 60th Birthday dance is October 14 with Dale Roberson calling and Denise Harris cueing. Everyone come join us in celebrating.

SUNSET EMPIRE COUNCIL: Dale Worthington (Kathy)

Sylvia Davis will be sitting in for me.

The Hayshakers have had a very busy summer, starting with the Beach Bum Dance. This was followed by the Mardi Gras, Carnival, and Beach Bingo dances. All were lots of fun and enjoyed by all. It was good to have former State Federation President Floyd Bard dance with the Hayshakers at their Beach Bingo Dance.

Late August the Hayshakers had their annual picnic down on the beach. A dance floor was put down and besides dancing, there were games and a grand feed. There was even a privacy area built a bit away.

Lots of planning is being done for the Seaside Sashay Square Dance Festival in October. Joe Saltel, Darrell Klambach, and Debbie Taylor will be on the program.

Barbie, since you want to visit everyone, I have a flyer for you and a flyer for anyone else who would like to sign up today.

Square Dance Lessons started on Sept 18th. Harvey Hunsucker will be starting two-step and plus lessons in October.


The Hahn Barn Dance held on July 29th was a success with over 90 dancers participating and the demonstration at the Washington County Fair had 40 dancers participating.

The TVC will be hosting a Harvest Dance on September 30th at the Aloha Grange with Daryl & Yvonne Clendenin calling and cueing. This is an OFN subscription dance also. Plans are in the works for a New Year's Eve dance; watch for information in the OFN.

The TVC is changing the door donation for the 5th Saturday dances to $5.00 for adults; the $2.00 youth donation will stay the same; and a family donation will be a maximum of $14.00.

The TVC clubs directories are available; there are some on the table with the dance flyers.

Six of the Council's clubs are busy with lessons starting this month. The 4n8r's held their "all the corn-on-the-cob you can eat" Harvest dance; the Coast Swingers held their Beachcombers dance and basket auction; the Cross Trailers have announced that they will be folding at the end of the year; the Eager Beavers had a great Monday Dine-Out after their dance-the club went to Hooters; the Fireballs were dark in July but had a Baked Potato & Chili dance in August; the Hillsboro Hoedown were dark in July due to the heat but visited the Sunset Promenaders; the Mix 'n Mingles held a Backpack Dance to collect needed items for foster children; the Sunset Promenaders held their Patriots Dance and had a visitation from the Hillsboro Hoedown and seven Labradors that are part of the Paws for a Cause Program and are being trained as guide dogs; the Toe Draggers received the "Wood Award" at Summer Festival and held a "Pirates of the Caribbean" dance in August; the Tri-Squares were dark for the summer; the Valley Squares had an all member family picnic with dancing, water balloons, horse racing, and card games; and R Square D's are holding Tuesday Night Madness Workshops with a different caller each week.


Thank you Sweet Home Squarenaders and Emerald Empire Council for a lovely dinner and dance. I had a great time.

After the lazy-hazy days of summer, area clubs are getting back into the square dance mode. New Dancer Lessons have begun for all clubs. UAC are making plans to participate in the annual Veteran's Day Parade in November.

Also on November 4 and 5, 2006, we will host the next state meeting. Packets of information have been distributed to officers, delegates and Goodwill Ambassadors. We look forward to having you visit the LAND OF UMPQUA! We have a Plus Dance on Friday, November 3; you can come early if you like.

The Council will be hosting a 5th Saturday Harvest Hoedown Dance on September 30, 2006 at the Buckeroo Barn. Roger Putzler will call and Steve Hoisington will cue. If you are passing through on I-5 next weekend, plan to stop and dance awhile.

The Pioneers 'N' Petticoats held a Back to School dance in September where they brought school supplies to the dance to donate to the schools in the area. They also held a demo dance in August at the Pioneers Days, marched in the parade, and had a cakewalk.

Buckeroos have been busy getting ready for both square and round dance lessons. They began on September 14, 2006. Round dance lessons began on September 19, 2006, with Neil and Doris Koozer, as instructors.

Timber 8's Plus Club are having plus lessons again this year, with Don Marshall as Instructor.

Boots & Calicos' classes began on Sunday afternoon, September 17th, with Ray Graves as Instructor.

BLUE MOUNTAIN COUNCIL: David Stutzman (Sharon)

I am sorry I was unable to dance with you this weekend and meet with you today. My report is as follows.

The Baker City club has held a couple dances in the park as a means to generate interest in dance lessons. They are having lessons Saturday evening which is their regular dance night. On dance night a shortened lesson will take place before the club dance.

The Milton-Freewater club will have Jim Swanson, from the Tri-Cities, drive over to teach lessons beginning next month and will be calling their third Saturday dances. The two Don's (Wiggins & Cochran) will be back next year for the Muddy Frog Festival's 25th anniversary.

The La Grande club got a square together to do a demo for Cycle Oregon when they had their layover in Union. We handed out business cards to the spectators with the 800 number for Oregon Federation square dance information.

The Wallowa Mountain Hoedown attendance was down this year with 7 squares on the floor Friday and Saturday. It sure was great to have Dick Spooner back to calling this dance which has been going on for some 40 years. A Council Meeting was held Saturday afternoon.

At the meeting the spelling of the Council name was discussed. It seems that our official papers have the spelling Blue Mountains Area Council with an "s". This distinguishes us from the Blue Mountain Council (no "s") in southeast Washington. Please note the spelling in the OFN and Directory, and correct as appropriate.

I reported on Kathy Roberts' challenge to the councils to help fund next year's scholarships. The Council voted to donate $100 from our National Square Dance Convention funds. I will present the donation when I meet with you at the Mid-Winter meeting.


I also would like to thank the Emerald Empire Council for the wonderful dinner and dance last night. Barbeques are always my favorite.

Central Oregon Dancers have had a busy summer and are now getting into the swing of fall. For some of the clubs, it is lesson time again and for the rest it is getting back to a full dance schedule. The Red Rock Squares started off with their square dance lessons beginning on September 10, followed by the Shufflers starting their lessons today. Also, the Sundown Round Dance Club will begin Phase II Waltz lessons today. The Beauts and the Swinging Mountainers are back to their regular fall schedule with lessons in January.

Sundown has been very busy since the last Federation meeting:

We were privileged to be invited to participate in the Summer Festival's Showcase of Rounds and demonstrated our new skills in the slow two step, "Your Man", choreographed by our club cuers, Dave and Barbie Cooper.

We danced on a "hot August night" in the traditional square and round dance demonstration during opening night of the Deschutes County Fair. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, the volunteer caller was unable to make his way through traffic, so Dave Cooper graciously cued the entire evening's program-we all deserved ice cream after that!

Also in August, we were treated to the cueing expertise of Ray and Virginia Walz, who took some extra time after the Central Oregon Round-Up to cue our first dance in August. Many of Sundown's members took the Waltz's bolero class so we also had a great opportunity to learn a new rhythm - plans are to sponsor a regular bolero class for all of Central Oregon.

The Red Rock Squares have returned home to the Redmond Grange after several years of dancing at the Clog House following the fire that left us homeless. The new grange has a wonderful floor and lots of space for socializing. A welcome home dance was held the first Friday of September. Several of our "old timer's" who can no longer dance came to welcome us home. What a treat to visit with them all.

EASTERN OREGON COUNCIL: Lorene Griffith (George)

Ione Grand Squares of Eastern Oregon Council had a potluck and get-together at the home of Shirley and Lloyd McNary in Ione.

Following the potluck, the club had a meeting to prepare the schedule for the coming dance season. The club will continue to rotate between Ione and Condon for their dances.

Make contact with a member if you wish to join the club for a visitation and dance.


Al & Fran Westphal

Time again for a Federation weekend. Whoopee. We hope to see most of you at least for the dance Saturday night.

Al's new left knee is doing very well. He isn't dancing yet, but we have hopes for future spins around the dance floor.

We have had the fun of attending two successful birthday dances recently in our area. Sea Twirlers celebrated their birthday with a Sunday afternoon casual dance. George and Patty Herman were host caller and cuer and others joined them for guest spots. Attendance was wonderful with Mid-Winter Festival well represented, as well as groups from Crazy Creek Rockers, Braids and Braves, Toledo 49'rs, Saint-N-Aints and others.

Toledo 49'rs celebrated our birthday last Saturday night with a lively dance, called by Andy Rawlinson and cued by Sharon Greenman. Many door prizes were shared and Sea Twirlers and a few other guests joined in the fun.

Both of these dances were held at Gleneden Beach Community Hall. The hall has quite a history. Blue Pacific Twirlers and Surfside Squares danced there in the 50's, 60's and 70's and Buoys and Gulls and Sea Twirlers have danced there in more recent times. Now, the Toledo 49'rs have made it our home.

As autumn arrives and winter approaches, we are busy planning for our Southwesterly migration.

Advertising for Yuma Festival 2007 is coming together. You're all invited. February in Yuma, Arizona is sunny and fun. We'll show you a good time.

Harold & Barbara Kleve

No report.

Lee & Barbi Ashwill

It is hard to believe that summer is over and we are starting the fall season. It seems like summer went by so fast this year.

After the Summer Festival, we returned home and got right into the general management of the annual fundraiser for the Independence Wagon Wheelers. As a club, we manage the admission gates for the Polk County Fair. This entails a lot of work and many hours, but the fun and camaraderie certainly make up for the hours spent. This fundraiser allows our club to function with a positive fiscal balance and we do not have to do the bake sales, garage sales or car washes. We suggest that other clubs speak to the County Fair management in their areas regarding the possibility of doing this as long as it is not Polk County. In our particular situation, it takes 29 people per day, each serving a three (3) hour shift to accomplish this task. The Fair is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, you can see how many hours this club devotes to this project. It certainly takes the involvement and support of the entire club.

Our home club was dark in August so we have just returned to our dancing activities and hope that we will see all of you in a square as we once again start our travels.

Some of our upcoming travels will take us to Pittsburgh, PA as we have been selected as one of the two National Executive Committee couples to help this city put a bid together to host a National Square Dance Convention in the year 2011.

Again, we urge all of the Oregon dancers to get behind the State of Washington in their bid to secure a National Square Dance Convention in 2012. They have made the selection to do this in Spokane, Washington. Folks, they helped us a lot and we hope that you will help them.

Last item, we have 11 boxes of cookbooks. Delegates, please take whatever you want.

Don & Lonna Bramhall

Boy, this year sure flew by fast. It's our first anniversary as Good Will Ambassadors, and it has been a lot of fun, even if we weren't able to attend all the dances we wanted to attend. Thank you, Dave Cooper for the appointment; we appreciate it.

Well, so much for retirement. Don has been doing some independent contractor work for local landfills (kind of a down in the dumps sort of thing) and has managed to keep busy as he runs up some bills.

Diamond Lake was a fun dance again this year. The weather was good, and the work to clean up and restore the lake was progressing well. We got to see and dance with a number of friends and enjoyed camping and relaxing with many other Oregon dancers.

In August we participated in the traditional square and round dance demo at the Deschutes County Fair. We were able to take one of our young enthusiastic Central Oregon dancers and had a great time entertaining a crowd of interested fair-goers. Following the dancing there were cows and pigs and goats and sheep and lots of food. Lonna got to hold a baby bunny!

Next was the Central Oregon Round up in Sisters. The air conditioning at the high school let us all down, but we danced and had fun anyway. Don got to serve as master of ceremonies and didn't talk too much. The nice folks at Bronco Billy's once again provided a great Trails End dance. The local enthusiasm and cooperation from the Sisters merchants was most welcome and Lonna discovered that being a really good ambassador was to reciprocate that support and go shopping!

We were looking forward to the Carson Campout, but Don jumped off the deep end and bought a new pickup (something about a retirement gift to himself) and wasn't able to get a hitch installed in time to be able to pull the 5th wheel. The Central Oregon dancers who attended assured us that we must go with them next year, as they had a great time.

Genevieve Churchill

Wearing a Goodwill Ambassador badge feels so familiar. I wore one to the Penticon Jamboree for so many years. This is a wonderful follow-up. Thank you and I'll do a good job. (Applause)

Zola & Ray Jones

Since we weren't able to attend the last meeting, we wanted to talk for a little bit. The past five years have gone by very quickly, sometimes almost too quickly. We have been very honored to wear this "Yellow Badge" wherever we went. It makes us very proud because when we were dancing outside the State of Oregon, we were recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador representing the Federation of Dancers of Oregon. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the Areas of the State where we have been danced, their Councils and their Clubs and especially this Federation for your hospitality and your friendliness. We have enjoyed it very much these past five years. (Standing Ovation and Applause)


Ray Jones

I notice something at this meeting that next year's President might think about including in their budget. Our microphone man is getting slow. You might think about budgeting for a walker.

Barbi Ashwill:

I would like to ask that each of you, be you an Officer of the Federation, a Delegate, or Appointed Officer, go back to your club and talk to your dancers and let them know about next year's Summer Festival. In particular, we have heard lots of comments about the fact that there won't be any plus dancing in the evening. I don't know how much experience the rest of you have had, but Lee and I have done a fair amount of traveling and have danced to lots of really great callers; and some of the best dances we have attended have been when the callers have been dedicated to working on their choreography and they do nothing but a mainstream dance but they keep you so challenged, you refuse to sit out a tip. I expect that's what these three callers, who are going to be up on the stage together at all times when they are calling Friday and Saturday evening, will provide for us. So go home and spread the word; I think there's a lot of misconception out there and we would like to see a good turnout at Summer Festival. Thank you. (Applause)

Ron Schmit:

Just one comment for Mr. Jones. Remember in November, who replaced me when I couldn't make the meeting? He was slower than I was.

Bob Bosch:

I'm representing the Mini-Stars, Silver Stars. For the quilt raffle, they mandated, as the State of Washington did, that people over 18 had to sell the tickets. Behind you is a vintage quilt; it's a starburst quilt. The blocks were put together in 1890 to 1910. It was quilted by Susan Engelking and her company. I have a challenge from Washington; I sold 170 tickets up there. Can you beat it? They're $1.00 a ticket. A ticket will be drawn for that quilt on March 18, 2007. They come in packets of 5; so I'm here to sell the tickets. The quilt is queen size; it's about 90" x 110". Get your money out; we have sold some already but we would like to sell more. It goes to the Scholarship Fund of Oregon and Washington.

Tim Roberts:

If you're new in your seat, there should have been one of these lovely grey notebooks containing the Constitution, Bylaws, Practices and Procedures that you were suppose to inherit from your immediate ancestor. These are suppose to go with the Office, not with the person.

Leonard Snodgrass:

Those of you that were at the dance last night, we have a square of flooring in the back. Since the Summer Festival meeting at Seaside, I looked on the internet for types of flooring. At the University where I work, the flooring that we have there was the exact company that you viewed on my computer screen. I brought enough flooring, I thought, to dance on but it was a little bit small. If you danced on it last night, you got an idea of how that flooring works.

The price I have on this flooring is a non-negotiated price. For a 45' x 45' floor, the price is $30,000. If you divide that into the number of pieces, 225, it comes out to about $113 per 3' square. The flooring locks together very easily. It's something that's going to be around for a long, long time. If we decide to go with this type of flooring and a couple years later, 5 years or 10 years later, we want more or need some replacement parts, it's going to be there. This is the flooring that the Marriott Hotels all use; it's in the Marriott contracts. If you dance in the Marriott hotel, you would be dancing on this type of flooring.

It's very durable and is actually a parquet. I'm open to questions. I don't really think there's a minimum order. At the University we have a 30' x 30' floor; we have it stored on two carts. My thought is that the temperature is probably not going to make as much difference as humidity. I'll check on this.

What my proposal is, and in my Caller's Article a month ago, I mentioned that what we need to be doing is looking at what we want, not taking into account the price of it and then figuring out how to get it, rather than saying we need to buy the cheapest thing we can get because we don't have any money. I had several people last night that said, I'll buy a piece. Funtastic Squares will buy a piece; Dan Allen said he talked with the Sweet Home Squarenaders and they said they would buy a piece. If we can, little by little, get a piece here, get a piece there, pretty soon we'll have a floor. If we can get a chunk big enough to start dancing on so people could really dance on it, they would say if I can dance on a wood floor, I'll buy a piece and we would have more people come to our Festivals. Right now, it's kind of a here-it-is, let's look at it. I brought it because I said I would look into it and I did.

Marie Dorsey

The Squarenaders are having their annual Thanksgiving dinner dance on November 11th right here. Jim Hattrick will be calling and Joyce Voll will be cueing. The turkey dinner will be served at 6:30 pm, pre-rounds at 7:30 pm and the dance starts at 8:00 and goes to 11:00 pm. I have tickets available today; they're going fast.

Janet Bellcoff, State of Washington

I would just like to update you and say, thank you for all the interest and support that the Washington Federation received in San Antonio. We have gone forward with out Intent to Bid for 2012. It was so wonderful to have both Oregon and Washington following through from 2005, to be there together and have so many dancers there.

We had our State Federation meeting two weeks ago and I just thought I would update you on the progress that has happened since then. Lee and Barbi Ashwill agreed that they would be one of our advisors. The other advisor, a couple that has been appointed to work with us are John and Dimple Williford. We're thrilled to have these two couples as our advisors.

Don and Cheryl Pruitt from Ft. Townsend are our Bid Chairman Coordinators. Since San Antonio, they have actually been at convention centers and worked with visitor centers in 9 different cities in the State of Washington. They said the research, when it came down to comparing those different cities and what they had to offer us for 2012, it came down to the Seattle and the Spokane Convention Centers. They are the two cities that could meet what we needed to hold the National Convention.

In the two weeks before the state meeting, Don and Cheryl had met again with representatives of the convention centers. In Seattle, we had dance halls but no break-out rooms for any of the other events for Nationals; they had already been reserved and are not available for us. So looking at Spokane, we learned a lot more. Their convention center is being remodeled and enlarged, much like Portland's enlargement. In fact, the first phase of the convention center's enlargement will be completed this fall. Next January, they're hosting the U.S. Figure Skating Championships; so that tells you a little bit about the size that they have. We have also learned that Spokane will be the designated international airport for the 2010 Winter Olympics, hosted in Vancouver BC. Spokane Airport will be double or triple the size of what it is today by 2010. Their convention center is wonderful; I do have a brochure if you would like to see a little bit about it.

The decision was made to reserve the last Wednesday through Saturday of June 2012 in Spokane and go forward with the Intent to Bid process. I now have a badge on which is a red apple; the apple signifies Washington and it says, "2012 Washington at Spokane." So that's where we're headed at this point in time. The other decision that was made two weeks ago was to accept applications for a General Chairman, so that the chairman can be involved in the bid process. Those are due November 16th. A committee has been appointed who will be reviewing and will make the recommendation for the General Chairman at the January meeting. Things are moving along and I really appreciate all the interest and all the questions. Thank you.

If any of you would like the 2012 Red Apple Badge, a comment was made by Bob and Carolyn Bosch at the Washington meeting that they will donate them to your council if you would like them. I think by Wednesday after our meeting, 300 of the buttons were sent out.

Dan Allen

I am here as the Sweet Home Squarenaders President and we would like to thank you for last night and coming to Sweet Home to hold the state meeting. We told our club three years ago that there would be some opportunities coming our way and we enjoyed putting on the dinner last night. (Applause)

Lee Ashwill

We understand that Daryl Clendenin had an angina attack last weekend at the coast. I think we need to send him a card, please. And for your information, Tony Oxendine's mother died and the funeral was Thursday.

ADJOURN: Motion made by Coleeta Quigley to adjourn the meeting at 12:35 pm. Seconded by Tony Haskins. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned.

Virginia Myers (Ed)
Recording Secretary