MINUTES OF MEETING dated November 11, 2007
Hosted by Lincoln-Tillamook Council
Newport Middle School
Newport, Oregon

The meeting was called to order by President Marilyn Schmit at 9:05.


Officers: All present except Past President Jim Rogers.

Appointed Officers: All present except OFN Editor, Vivian Fairburn; Historian, Patty Reese; Insurance Chairman, Kay Rogers; BMI/ASCAP, Ralph Lambert; ORDTA, Dennis and Elaine Smith; 2008 Summer Festival, Barbara and Bill Tipton; 2009 Mid Winter Festival, Jon and Cathy Rawitzer; 2009 Summer Festival, Cynthia Weber /Joanne Bean

Delegates: All present

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present except Harold and Barbara Kleve

INVOCATION: Larry (Carol) Reetz in the absence of Jim Rogers

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President John (Glory) Guches


Changes to the minutes of September 9, 2007 should read:

Page 3 2009 Mid Winter report-- clogging will be Shane Rivers, cuers are Jack and Judy Dechene

Page 3 OFN report---profit is $2476.29

Page 9 line one New Business-Milestone Charm

Page 16 Carolyn Bosch report should be Bellcoff

MOTION made by Bill Rooper and seconded by Dar Sconce to accept the minutes as corrected passed.


PRESIDENT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

Marilyn reported she was warmly welcomed at the Valley Squares and shared the stage with the Washington Federation President at the MacGregor Award dance in Vancouver, Washington. She has plans to visit all the councils during her term to get signatures for her travel bar. She asked how the rest of us are doing.

She urged all councils to set up dates for an OFN subscription dance and to publicize the state trailers. Mid-Winter is just around the corner and she is looking forward to seeing everyone there and promoting square dance in a positive and forward moving mood.

She thanked the Lincoln-Tillamook council for the hospitality and for being hosts.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: John (Glory) Guches

We attended the Royal Romp in Vancouver for a fabulous Plus weekend with Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story and Tami Helms. We have attended local club dances and attended A-1 & 2 lessons. I have spent many hours studying the P&P's learning my new duties as Vice President.

2008 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Leonard (Marcia) Snodgrass

Mid-Winter is just a couple months away and things are going smoothly. Registrations are coming in slowly but expect things to speed up shortly. Committees are working hard. There doesn't seem to be any problems.

There is a used clothing form on the web site -Contact Sue DeHut at usedclothing@oregonmidwinterfestival.org or phone 503 585 4572 for consignment rules if you have more then 30 items or if you have questions. Fill out the form and a tag with a description of your item and the price. All consignments must be clean and in good condition. If you want the item and it doesn't sell you can pick it up on Sunday morning. The fee is 30% of the items that are for sale will be retained by Mid-Winter. Hangers will be provided. Volunteers are welcome. Fill out forms early to save time.

Registration forms are listed on the web site. Look at the top of page under Mid-Winter then click. Forms are along the bottom of the fliers, too.

Rough guess of registration numbers to date is 380.

It was suggested more advertising is needed.

SUMMER FESTIVAL 2008: Barbara (Bill) Tipton

Our Visitation Committee is very busy promoting the festival so expect a visitation at one of your dances.

Get your registrations in early to receive a free drawing ticket for 7 days at beautiful Sun River Resort. This early offer expires at the end of Mid-Winter Festival. Tickets are 1 for $5.00 or 5 for $20.00. We have seven Vendors committed for dancers' shopping experience.

When registering, consider the tour to Evergreen Aviation Museum, where the Famous Spruce Goose is housed, and the new Missile and Space Museum.

The next Committee meeting will be January 13, 2008 at 2:00 PM at the Salem square Dance Center. Everyone is invited to attend.

2009 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Jon (Kelly) Rawitzer -written report Ilana Widders

Our recent focus has been on completing the budget. Our fabric has arrived and we are moving ahead as planned. We have drafted our registration flyers and will be ordering our ribbons. We will be continuing to enlist committee chairmen and volunteers.

We are extremely busy with personal matters and have not been able to attend as many dances or 2008 visitations as we would like to. We will be participating in more activities in a few months. Please feel free to call us at 541-953 2147 (evenings-cell/phone) or 503 650 7492 (days/work). Our email address is 2009chairman@oregonmidwinterfestival.org

2009 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Joanne Bean/Cynthia Weber-- report Dale Worthington

It's on schedule-

OREGON FEDERATION NEWS: Vivian Fairburn-- report read by Leonard Snodgrass

Please remind the clubs with new dancers that OFNs are available for free. Just let her know a few weeks in advance to receive the current issues.

Many clubs purchase a 3 month subscription for new dancers at the cost of $3. The first year renewal for a new dancer is $12 to encourage them to renew.

Subscriptions have dropped- 900 in November. Also with the paper price increase last year and payment to the editor, the profit is declining. This fiscal period to date (3 months) is $309 profit. There was still a profit last fiscal year of $2476 so we are still in the black.

Please remind your clubs who have directory ads that ads are renewable by December 31st. There have been requests for new ads and we are now contemplating how to create a new section to accommodate them.

Sorry I couldn't be there at this meeting. I had to work. See you at Mid-Winter.

Interstate Highlanders will have an OFN subscription dance on the 5th Saturday in March in Klamath Falls.

Emerald Empire will have OFN subscription dance January 20th 2008


Thank you delegates for getting your payments to me for the directories. All councils have paid with the exception of one. I have directories for sale. You might consider purchasing some extras for your new dancers or use as door prizes. The price is $2.15 each.

I have been talking up OFN subscriptions to the dancers and tried to sell directories.

It is time to fill out your nomination forms and get them signed by your council president so they can be turned in by Mid-Winter. Nomination Committee is Jim Rogers, chairman; Dale and Kathy Worthington, Pat and Ted Young, and Wade and Debbie Bloecher. Please help the Nominating committee by providing some new people on the executive board.

We would like to address the issue of starting a list in the State Directory of new callers and cuers who are not associated with a club. We are asking delegates to go to their council and ask if there are callers or cuers in their area that would like to be listed. There will be guidelines developed concerning the need and if they should be a federated member and have BMI/ASCAP.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Annadale (Bill) Rooper

Thank you Lincoln-Tillamook Council for the Seafood Medley and dance last night. It was good and thank you officers and delegates for your reports.


Thank you LaVonne Bussey and Lincoln-Tillamook Council for hosting our state meeting.

Cards sent out:


Get Well Cards:

I have a correction: It is 'Blue Mountains'. Please notice I added an "S"

TREASURER: Bill (Annadale) Rooper

I have put financial statements in the box for all of you. This time there are two reports, one is the report for the current period and the other is the final report for the last fiscal year-September 1, 2006 through August 31, 2007. Because the September meeting was so early in the month, I didn't have time to reconcile the bank account and do the final yearend adjustments as of August 31.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at break or after the meeting. Thank you.

MEMBERSHIP: Coleeta (Chuck) Quigley

I will be handing out the membership packets to each delegate for their area at the Mid-Winter Festival. They will be due at the May 2008 meeting.

Thank you to those who responded after last meeting with information regarding clubs in your council. I had several questions and you helped me solve all the problems.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers - written report

Please either mail your insurance papers or give them to Tim to bring back to me. Call me if you have problems or questions remaining.

PAST PRESIDENT: Jim (Kay) Rogers - written report

Please send me your ballots for the Randall Award. Thanks

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

How many of you did not get a Practice and Procedures notebook from your predecessor? OK, Interstate Highlanders, the Secretary and Financial Advisor.


I will add publicity to any information you might have for Mid-Winter.

EDUCATION: Larry (Carol) Reetz

For Education we have included in the Mid-Winter Festival this year from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday in the Best Western, a Round Table presentation of relationships between Federated Clubs, Federated Councils and the Oregon Federation and how the three work together to complement each other. I have two members selected for the board and looking for a third person. This should be an opportunity for people to ask questions and to learn how we work together.

2009 marks the 150th Anniversary of the state of Oregon becoming a state in the union. September is square dance promotional month.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a part of the governing body of the Oregon Federation.

The cash receipts and disbursements appearing on the September bank statement of the Federation and it enclosures were reviewed and appeared proper.

Beginning in 2008, small tax-exempt organizations that previously were not required to file returns may be required to file an annual electronic notice Form 990-N. This filing requirement applies to tax periods beginning after December 31, 2006. Organizations that do not file the notice will loose their tax-exempt status.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) requires the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of any organization that fails to meet its annual filing requirement for three consecutive years. Therefore, organizations that do not file the e-Postcard (Form 990-N), or an information return Form 990 or 990-EZ for three consecutive years, will have their tax-exempt status revoked as of the filing due date of the third year.

Clubs should check with their attorneys or tax representative to learn if they are up to date.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert Absent, no report

YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Kathy (Tim) Roberts

The State Youth "Fall into Fun" Dance at the Chelahem Community Center in Newberg was October 21 with Randy Dibble, calling and Tami Helms, cueing with youth caller Jonny Roberts. Randy taught 15 or 16 new moves in an hour and Tami finished the hour with a couple fun line dances. Thanks to the Valley River Dancers, the Braids and Braves and other local dancers who helped with the dance and provided all the refreshments. A special thanks to Randy and Tami and the Chelahem Community Center who donated their fees to the Youth General Activities Fund. The profit of $114.86 will help our square dancing youth who need financial help in attending Mid-Winter and Summer Festival activities.

If any delegate or officer has a donation for the Scholarship Fund, please let us know how much and give it to Bill Rooper for deposit. Please encourage all of the councils and clubs to donate during their dances as it gives the entire state the opportunity to donate instead of just those generous people who attend the scholarship dance.

Please mark you calendar and plan to support the Mini Stars in Vancouver when they hold their second annual "Ka$h for Kid$" dance March 23, 2008.Their caller will be Wade Driver.

If you have any youth that would like to attend any state supported square dance activities and can not afford the fees or ribbons please contact Kathy.

ORDTA: Dennis (Elaine) Smith - written report

ORDTA met October 13. There were 17 members and 2 guests in attendance.

The upcoming Mini-Lab to be held just prior to the 2008 Summer Festival was discussed. We're still waiting to hear who the clinicians will be.

"All Shook Up" was selected for the Classic Round of the Month for March 2008.

Bylaw changes were presented. These will be voted on at the Mid-Winter meeting.

ORDTA's annual meeting will be held on Saturday, January 28, at 9:00 AM in the Oregon Room of the Holiday Inn Express in Albany in conjunction with Mid-Winter Festival.

The spring meeting will be held April 12 at the Emerald Dance Center in Springfield at 10:00 AM.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara (Larry) Schaumburg

November 2007
"Beguine" chosen by Central Oregon

January 2008
"Can't Smile" chosen by Emerald Empire

February 2008
"Light up My Life" chosen by Interstate Highlanders

March 2008
"All Shook Up" Classic Chosen by ORDTA

Barbara asked delegates to check to see if the representative for round dance screening from your area is current.

A certificate is sent to the cuer that writes the round dance if it is chosen.

CALLER ADVISOR: Leonard (Marcia) Snodgrass

After talking to Tony Oxendine recently it was decided it would be more practical to set up a caller college here in conjunction with Summer Festival. This is still in the planning stages and needs lots of work. Not sure it will cost the state any money to get them here. Notices will be put in OFN-e-mail, and word of mouth.

Everyone should have the OFN. "Twist their arms".

SHOWCASE OF IDEAS: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

Waiting for information from Witchita

STATE FAIR: Neta Minten

Is there a council or club interested in making arrangements with the Oregon State Fair board for dancing at the State Fair? Fran Bunch is willing to help but she doesn't want to do it all. Please contact her.


Delegates discussed the importance of people attending the dinners at state meetings. A motion will be presented in New Business.

Asked the Recording Secretary for a more complete report from reports sent in by delegates.

Delegates discussed the tabled motion on the agenda.


  1. Motion by Neta Minten to untable the motion from the September Meeting concerning the progress for Presidential Succession was seconded by Tony Haskins and passed. The recommendation on how to modify the By-Laws and Practices & Procedures was reviewed and discussed. Question was called and a secret ballot was taken. Lee Ashwill, and Sandy Eddings were asked to count the ballots.


The results of the vote were 12 yes and 8 no. The motion failed for lack of 2/3 vote. Motion by John Guches to destroy the ballots was seconded by Bill Rooper and passed.

  1. Letter to

    Harry and Pat Nelson, President
    National Executive Committee
    2409 Glen Oaks Drive
    Norman, OK 73071 4344

    RE: 2012 National Convention

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nelson,

    It is with pleasure that the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs enthusiastically support the bid of the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington for the 2012 National Square Dance Convention®.

    As the current President of the Oregon Federation, it has been our pleasure to work on both of the conventions that Oregon has hosted in 1994 and 2005. We are well aware of the work and dedication that it takes to make a successful convention happen.

    We accessed people from Washington to make both of our conventions a fun time and it is now our turn to support and assist Washington in hosting a bountiful convention in Spokane in June 2012.

    The Oregon dancers have appreciated all the assistance and friendship that the Washington dancers shared in the past and we look forward to returning the same to them in whatever position they ask of us.

    We thank the Washington Federation for asking us to participate and share the camaraderie of Square Dance.


    Marilyn (Ron) Schmit, President
    Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

  2. Motion by LaVonne Bussey that all state officers, delegates, festival chairs, and goodwill ambassadors of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs listed on the agenda for each state meeting, will be counted by the hosting area delegate as coming to the state dinner and dance. If any are unable to attend the dinner, they are to contact the hosting area delegate to inform them that they will not be in attendance. At the minimum, this should be at least 2 weeks prior to the dinner-dance. Seconded by Neta Minten. After a short discussion the motion carried.


Lincoln-Tillamook Area Council: LaVonne (Al) Bussey

We are very pleased to host the State Federation of Square and Round Dancers in Newport. We hope the dancers attending have enjoyed themselves.

The Toledo 49'ers dance at Glen Eden Beach and have enjoyed a demonstration and a visit to retrieve our banner and a Halloween Party. We are looking forward to assisting at the Federation meeting. Canned goods will be collected at the Fall Harvest dance and given to a food bank. A Christmas party with all the trimmings is planned with non-perishable food items to be donated to local food bank. Bring a teddy bear or stuffed toy to the pajama party in January to be donated to the children at the local hospital.

The Sea Twirlers - Lincoln city - a Traveling Club----celebrated their 11th Birthday Dance with over 7 squares. We are looking forward to the Federation Meeting and the Mid - Winter Festival in Albany.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Neta (Ron) Minten

Check the OFN and the area web site www.midwillamettearea.org/ for the many upcoming dances for the holiday season and New Year. The valley dancers would love to visit with you in a square.

Please support the Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals by purchasing ribbons.

MWA will hold their 1st new dancers dance November 25th at the Salem Square Dance Center 1 to 4 PM. There will be finger foods and an experienced clothing sale.

Portland Area Council: Tony Haskins for Al Wolf

Many clubs are having new dancer jamborees and Christmas and New Year dances. Check the OFN for times, callers, and locations. They will be collecting non perishable food to be distributed to the less fortunate.

The Checkerboard Squares will celebrate 47 years November 24th. Their ad is in the OFN.

PAC clubs have sold record numbers of Entertainment books: over 150. Clubs will split the profits with the PAC. The PAC could realize a $500 profit.

The Country Capers are auditioning for a caller and cuer.

The annual Tri-Council (PAC, TVC. and Evergreen) Christmas dinner hosted by the PAC is December 10 at North's Chuck Wagon Restaurant in Portland. Everyone is welcome.

The November 5th Friday Dance is a "Sadie Hawkins" dance called by Randy Dibble and Debbie Combs cueing.

Rogue Sis-Q Council: Marlene Richardson

Charlie Brown's have had a busy summer and fall with many activities. Our beginner class has 30 students and the Round Dance class has 30. The Masters in Mainstream Class is a continuing success. There was a "Coats for kids" dance in October and a "Toy's for Tots" Dance November 3.

Circle 'N Square celebrated 53 years.

Lantz's Dantzer's have 11 mainstream students.

Star Promenaders: have been busy with many special dances. There was a Back to School dance to raise school supplies for needy children. The Stars are calling for Lady Angel's as their class is mostly Men.

South Coast Council: Chuck Quigley

Beachcombers-Lessons were changed to a "workshop" due to lack of beginners.

Jefferson State Squares-no report

Saint's and Aint's-Lessons are going well with Sherm Welch calling. Rounds are going well with Donna Heisorte. Line dancing lessons have been added after rounds with Cathy Houston teaching.

Sets-In-Order-Beginners lessons will start in January. We are having Round Dance lessons with Denise Harris. We will be hosting a REAL PARTY "Year-End-Dance" on the last Saturday in December. Come casual.

Sunset Empire Council: Dale (Kathy) Worthington

Thanks to all who joined us for the Seaside Sashay Festival. Attendance was up a little from last year. The weather was great for dancing at the Turnaround and Passport Promenade. Callers were Dan Preedy and Randy Dibble and cuer was Debbie Taylor.

The 2007 Mud Wrestling Champions were Debbie Taylor and Harlen Rost.

Tualatin Valley Council: Paul (Diane) Cap

There will be a New Years Eve dinner/dance (12-31-07) at the IOOF Hall in Hillsboro. Caller Daryl Clendenin and cuer Connie Clark. $10.00 per person.

The TVC has donated $125 to the Youth Scholarship.

4-N-8ers will have an optional costume Sadie Hawkins dance November 23

Coast Swingers-See OFN for details of Wade Driver dance March 22, 2008

Eager Beavers are dancing regular Monday schedule. Mainstream Anniversary in April *Fireballs are having pot luck dinner and toy drive November 24

Hillsboro Hoedown is collecting gifts for the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue December 10. The new dancers dance is December 22 with Randy Dibble, Les Seeley and Daryl Clendenin.

Mix and Mingle are dancing regular Plus schedule

R Square D in Longview are dancing their regular schedule

Sunset Promenaders are having a New Dancer Jamboree Saturday December 29

Toe Draggers have a Western Stampede dance November 16

Tri Squares are having a Teddy Bear Dance December 1 with Scott Zinser and Randy Lewis

Valley Squares are having a black and white dance November 16

Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard

Correction should be made on page 11 in the OFN. It is Don Marshall

The UAC will participate in the Veterans Day Parade February 12 in Roseburg. The trailer will be decorated with red, white and blue decorations. Some members will dance while others will pass out candy with information about square dance lessons attached to the candy.

Buckeroos: Everyone is invited to join us at our Thanksgiving dinner followed by our 3rd Saturday dance November 17. Christmas wreaths hand made by our members, of fresh fir boughs and decorated with pine cones and bows will be sold for $18.00 November 30, December 4th. We will participate in a canned food drive for UCAN throughout November and December. We will be donating gifts for the holidays for patients at the Veterans Hospital in Roseburg. Lessons are progressing with a goal to have the students ready to graduate by Mid-Winter. A second round of classes will start after mid-Winter

Timber 8's: Plus dance November 16 with Scott Zinzer; December 7th Don Marshall; December 21st Sherm Welch. Claude Butler will cue all the dances.

Boots: New dancers welcome at the Buckeroo Barn December 8th Christmas Dance. There is a PJ dance January 12.

Pioneer & Petticoats: Will have theme dances once a month with varied dates after the first of the year.

Blue Mountains Council: David (Sharon) Stutzman

The La Grande Star Promenaders are working some Plus moves on their workshop night. Mainstream lessons start January 10.

The Elkhorn Swingers have a square of beginners attending their lessons

The Muddy Frogs have not scheduled lessons for this year. Lessons are up in the air at present, as they need enough students to off-set the cost of bringing in a caller.

Central Oregon Council: Carol Bro

Twas the night before Winter, in the High Desert lands
As Square and Round Dancers marked calendars with Holiday plans
So before we begin I have a challenge for you
To match the date and the club, The OFN your only clue
The first holiday dance with friends we hold dear
Where we gather to dance and celebrate a great year
Sundown's dance family continues to grow
Coop is a great inspiration, as you all know
The Swinging Mountaineers will add to the fun
So you're all invited, we hope you can come
A whirl of colors red, green, blue, silver and gold
Their holiday outfits are a site to behold
The Beauts Christmas dance, Where the Teddy Bears Breed
Then go off to comfort small children in their time of need
It's a tradition we cherish as we give to others
One day it could be our own families' sisters or brothers
The Red Rock Christmas dance, will be festive indeed
With warm gloves, hats and lap robes, for our Seniors' in need
We will dance and be merry, have a jolly good time
To have all of you join us, would really be fine
On New Years Eve, there's nothing better to do
Than to dance out the old year and ring in the new
So come join the Shufflers, try not to be late
Where else can you start a dance in 07 and end in 08
As the New Year begins and the long winter sets in
Our dancers keep going, as more lessons begin
Then comes the call from our great wagon master
Fire up those Four Wheel Drives, we need to move faster
It's now time to gather together and head for the west
Our destination, The Willamette Valley and Mid Winter Fest
After a weekend of dancing, with such wonderful friends'
There's so much more to look forward to, as Mid Winter ends
Now! I have a message from home, as my report ends
Have a wonderful holiday from Central Oregon Dancers and Friends

Eastern Oregon Council: Lorene (George) Griffith

We are looking forward to hosting the Councils in Eastern Oregon in May. Hope everyone will come. We don't have many hotels in the area but there is a Bed and Breakfast and there is plenty of RV parking. We are still dancing.

Emerald Empire Council: Dennis (Ilana Widders) Marsh

Cascade Callers and Cuer Association will have a New Dancer Jamboree January 20th and include a OFN subscription dance.

Danebo Circle 8 will host a New Years Eve 'Mardi Gras' dance with Bob Ewing and Sharon Greenman

Sweet Home Squarenaders are hosting a Benefit Dance for the Sweet Home fire Department and a Toys for Tots December 8

Wolf Pack will host a New Dancer Dance December the 21st.

Interstate Highlanders: Steve (Valerie) Murphy

The K. C. Squares' annual potato Festival was October 20th with the biggest turnout in several years. We have 10 new square dance students as a result of our recruiting drive last summer. The beginning round dance class was dropped after no interest was shown.

We will elect new club officers for 2008 next month.

Alturas Alemanders: have been doing very well for the many bumps in the schedule over the summer. In September, they hosted a terrific Interstate Highlander's dance with 5 squares of Alemanders and guest from other clubs. Over the summer, we held a beginner's class taught in the Caller Lab ABC format, and have interested 6 new dancers. At present, we have enough active dancers to make 2 squares. We are back to a more regular schedule now although we sometimes join forces with the Susanville Center Wheelers at the Spanish Springs Guest Ranch halfway between Alturas and Susanville on US-395. These dances are a great hit, and Spanish Springs serves dinner and lets us dance in their beautiful lodge on the wooden floor.

Tall Town Travelers: no report


Harold and Barbara Kleve- No Report

Lee and Barbi Ashwill

I am here by myself as there was a meeting scheduled for the Salem Square Dance Center Association and Barbi had to be there as she is the Treasurer.

Since the last Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs meeting, we have been dancing locally.

We attended the National Executive Committee Fall meeting in Charlotte, NC October 25, 26, 2007. At that meeting the dress code was an issue. Ask your dancers how they would like to see their dancers at the Nationals.

November 2-4 2007, we attended the Royal Romp in Vancouver, WA dancing to Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story. They were sold out with 30 squares in attendance. If any Plus dancers want a challenging weekend, this is one to attend. I guarantee that you will come away a better Plus dancer than when you arrived.

Personal GOOD NEWS. We have a 13 year old Granddaughter and an 11 year old Grandson living in Salem. We have tried for a couple of years to get them interested in Square Dancing to no avail. We were asked to baby-sit them for the night on a night we were planning to attend the Funtastic Squares dance. We agreed to do that with the understanding that they would need to attend the dance with us. It happened to be a hot-dog night, so we didn't get too many arguments. During the dance, Leonard Snodgrass went to the bench where our Granddaughter was sitting and asked her to help him call the tip. Of course she said she didn't know how, but Leonard told her he would help her with the words and she just needed to repeat them. She did that. When Leonard said "Square Up" for the next tip, the Grandson took Barbi's hand and said "Come on Grandma." Barbi informed him that he didn't know how to dance, but he was insistent. So, I took our Granddaughter as my partner and we coerced two other couples to help us. We did manage to get them through the tip and they are now attending Leonard's new dancer class. We are very grateful for Leonard's help.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage you all to register for the 2008 Mid-Winter Festival and the 2008 Oregon State Summer Festival. You can also plan to attend the USA West Convention in August 2008 in Pendleton, OR.

Happy Dancing!!!!

Don and Lonna Bramhall

"Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the Fall!"
-- Robert Lewis Stevenson

The seasons go around and now it's November-time to take a deep breath before the coming holidays and the New Year. And just what have these Goodwill Ambassadors been doing? Hopefully spreading friendship and goodwill.

September: Oh dear, no deer! Despite "Good Will Hunting", Don's trek into the woods was unsuccessful, at least as far as venison was concerned. However, just being with two of his best friends for this annual outing was special. There's a lot to be said for male bonding, although I'm pretty sure it did not include roasting marshmallows or S'mores!

October: We invited dance friends Karen and Roland White to join us on an RV trip to John Day, which just happened to be the opening weekend of elk season. We soon learned that while the campgrounds were full of hunters, the local towns were empty of pretty much everybody! One hand-lettered sign read, "Closed - got tag! Back Monday!" We set up camp at the local fairgrounds - and wouldn't you just know it - the place was full of deer! The Whites had never had the chance to visit the area before so we toured the new Chinese Interpretive Center and Kam Wah Chung Museum and the Grant County Museum in Canyon City. The Whites, former members of the Muddy Frogs, moved to Central Oregon and square dance serendipity has given us a valued friendship.

November: One last RV trip led us to the Oregon Outback. Joining four other couples, all dancers from different Central Oregon clubs, we spent a long weekend exploring the high desert area around Paisley and Summer Lake. One highlight was experiencing the lovely 104 degree water in the hot springs pool - but the other treasured memory was square dancing in the grass and gravel at our campsite! You know how it goes….somebody says, "Wouldn't this be a fun place to square dance?" And somebody else says," I think I have a square dance tape in the truck!" Consequently, we found ourselves promenading to the lyrical voice of Mike Sikorsky, free of charge, and he sang even better than the coyotes! As a result, there just may be a real square dance at Summer Lake in the near future.

These trips all have one thing in common: friends. We sincerely believe that square and round dancers probably have the widest circle of friends in existence. How many special friends have become a part of your lives because of dancing? Dances, lessons, festivals, demonstrations, food, fellowship, games, laughter - the dance is where the friendships begin but they continue to build over a lifetime. Take time to appreciate them.

Genevieve Churchill

Hello everyone and I thank the Council for hosting the State Meeting.

Marilyn Schmit and I were going to the Potato Festival in Klamath Falls but the weather interfered so we didn't make it.

I have been dancing around the local clubs but I did get to the Royal Romp for the first time.

I was given a ribbon at my Birthday Party last year so I was able to attend. The callers are great. I have danced to them at many nationals but this was more personal. And they were great.

On Sunday, the last day of the Romp they had a short "Go to the Meeting", which was a nice ending for the weekend.

It is my wish to dance with every council. Thank you.

Bill and Annadale Rooper

What a surprise and honor to be named Ambassadors. Wow! Thank you Jim and Kay

We delivered the Directories Dick and Marge Pentecost ordered. They seem to be happy and busy with the folks at Flag Stone Retirement Complex. They have a nice little apartment unit away from the main building. Marge reported they aren't driving at night but do go to the Eastern Oregon Council for day-time dances.

Our travels have been far and wide. We were in Alaska before the September meeting for a week touring Denali Park where we saw caribou, grizzly bears, moose, sheep, a fox, a wolf, ptarmigan and the evasive Mt. McKinley (Denali). It was a beautiful trip with lots of sunshine and the fall colors at their prime.

After being home for a couple weeks deciding what to take, (we were limited to one small carry-on and one regulation size checked piece of luggage), shots, passports, camera, and itinerary, we flew off for Egypt by way of Denver and London. It was a fast, hot 12 day trip with a day in the air getting there and a day getting back. We spent 10 days touring from Cairo to Aswan through Luxor and beyond by plane, ship, boat, bus, felucca, pony cart, camel and on foot, the pharaoh's digs along both sides of the Nile River. So much education---so much to see. It was a tour sponsored through the Museum of Western Colorado and Smithsonian Journeys. It was a great trip and has taken us two weeks plus to recover.

We missed the breakfast at Boring, the PAC meeting and the doings with the Evergreen Council. Since we have been home we have helped with the new dancers at home and hosted our own Patriotic Dance in The Dalles. We traveled with some of our club members to the Cut-up dance and had a good time.

Our yard has been put to bed for the winter with thinning of the branches in the big tree in our back yard and we are now looking for the next adventure.


Roy and Janet Bellcoff proposed Assistant General Chairmen of the Washington National Convention in 2012 described the great hospitality shown them in Spokane recently. She extended an invitation to all to attend the bid session in Wichita next June. She encouraged everyone to wear red and white. The Logo will be decided soon. She asked for a letter of support from the Oregon dancers and councils. Appleseed Certificates are $40.00 and will be on sale in January.

Carolyn Bosch-- Encouraged dancers to attend the Washington State Festival in Longview at the fair grounds hosted by the Evergreen Council June 20, 21-Tom Miller, Peter Gomez, and Eric Price There is dry camping

Leonard Snodgrass-- Program books for Mid-Winter are here. Take what you need and distribute them. If you have money from the sale of ribbons please turn that in right away. Packets and ribbons not sold need to be returned.

Marilyn Schmit-Jim Rogers is ill. He is on medication and dancing but staying close to home. She has a card for everyone to sign.

Lee Ashwill-Long standing NEC member, Lea Long passed away at the end of September.

Sandy Eddings-"Take your new dancers out for coffee and a little social life to keep them interested in square dancing".

Marilyn Schmit

A New Years Wish

May every star you wish upon
Grant success and smiles;
May caring words encourage you
To go the extra mile.
May teamwork and cooperation
Be at the heart of all you do;
May the joy of the holiday season
Always follow you.
Warm wishes for the New Year.

ADJOURN: A motion to adjourn was made by Dar Sconce and seconded by John Guches passed.

Adjourned at 12:10 PM

Next meeting Mid- Winter January 25, 26, 27, 2008

Annadale Rooper,
Recording Secretary