Hosted by the Eastern Oregon Council

Ione, Oregon


The meeting was called to order by President Marilyn Schmit at 9:30 AM at the American Legion Hall in Ione.




Officers:  All present


Appointed Officers:

Present were: Financial Advisor, Bill Reid; Insurance Chairman, Kay Rogers; Round Dance Screening, Barbara Schaumberg; Caller Advisor, Larry Snodgrass; Oregon State Fair, Neta Minten; Mid Winter, Leonard Snodgrass; Summer Festival 2009, Dale Worthington, substitute


Active Good Will Ambassadors:

All present except: Harold and Barbara Kleve, Lee and Barbi Ashwill


INVOCATION: Immediate Past President, Jim Rogers


FLAG SALUTE: 1ST Vice President, John Guches


MINUTES: Approved as presented.




PRESIDENTS REPORT:  First of all thank you to all of you for coming.  We have had a great time here and we thank Eastern Oregon Council for their hospitality.

The official National Square Dance Proclamation has been signed by the Governor and received by me.  Arrangements are being made for a special signing ceremony at Summer Festival. Square Dance week has been selected for September 21-27.  Clubs and councils can report back at the September meeting as to how they plan to celebrate our state dance. 

Oregon will celebrate 150 years February 14, 2009.  I have plans to try to get permission to use the sesquicentennial logo on graduation certificates for the graduates of 2009.  More information will be coming.

There will be a limit of six squares dancing for one hour on the Capital Rotunda February 14th 2009.  This is a great way to show off our state dance.  If you are interested in participating let me know.

With my research and the assistance of a past president, it shows the current Federation voting method is OK.  If more people were allowed to vote, then the President could stack the board to overrule the delegates in votes.  There are 13 delegates and they elect the executive board which numbers eight.  It is believed all votes have been discussed and the people who vote are representing the dancers who support the Federation.

My travels have been documented in the OFN. If you aren’t subscribed to the OFN you should be.  It’s the only way to know what is going on throughout the Federation. Since Mid-Winter I have been to Klamath Falls, Canyonville and Grants Pass.  I will be in Central Oregon Council in two weeks and South Coast in August.  I will be in Sunset Council in September and my travel sheet will be complete.  How about yours?

I can’t believe my term is 2/3 done already.  I am having so much fun and I have been warmly received wherever I show up.  All locations have been glad to see me and they ask question that I have been able to answer so far.

Have a great summer and we will see you at Polk County Fairgrounds for the 50th Annual Summer Festival.


FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: John and Glory Guches

I wish to thank Eastern Oregon.  No report


2008 Mid-Winter Festival: Leonard Snodgrass

Profit for 2008 was $6,377.48.  This amount breaks down as: Oregon Federation of square and Round Dance Clubs receiving $3,176.24 and Emerald Empire Council receiving $3,176.24.  This is an increase in revenue by $2,221.07 over 2007 Festival considering the attendance for 2008 was down.  There were 1300 attendees despite the bad weather

            Expenses were: $53,352.48.  This was 3% increase over Mid Winter Festival 2007. As the West Region Consumer Price Index was 3.2, the 2008 Mid-Winter Festival committee was able to control spending such that it kept inline with inflation rate of the western region of the United State.


2008 Summer Festival: Written report Barbara Tipton

            The 2008 Festival Committee is busy with final arrangements for a fun filled festival at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall, Oregon.

            Registrations are coming in slowly with 192 registered to date.  There are still lots of RV spaces available.

            We need more participants to sign up for the Evergreen Aviation Museum. A new space museum has been added recently. If you go on the tour and dance under the Spruce Goose you will receive a fun badge.

            Eight Vendors have committed for your shopping pleasure.

            The drawing tickets for beautiful Sun River will be available at the festival until Saturday afternoon.  This is an $1100.00 vacation package.  The tickets are 1-$5.00 or 5-$20.00.

            There will be a Cowboy Breakfast available at 7:30 to 9:30 before the State Meeting for all you State Officers.

            The next committee meeting will be June 8, 2008 at 2 pm at the Salem Square Dance Center.  Everyone is invited to attend.


2009 Mid Winter Festival: John and Kathy Rawitzer--- e-mailed after meeting

            We have a working Contract with the Fairgrounds, the same contract as MWF 2008.  The only difference is an increase in the RV Rental Fees due to the cost of Electrical price increase.

            We will not be using the Cascade Barn in 2009.

            Conference Room changes:

·        Willamette Events Center, the North End will be the Sewing Clinic

·                                               the Middle will be the Committee Room

·                                                   the South will have two rooms alternating between the New Dancers and the Advanced Dancers.

·        The Style Show has been moved to the Santiam. The Round Dance Program will be affected.


2009 Summer Festival: Joanne Bean/Cynthia Weber-- Dale Worthington reporting

            Waiting until 2008 Summer Festival is over.  Tape report inaudible.


Oregon Federation News: Written report--Vivian Fairburn

            I really don’t have anything to report for the OFN.  Things are doing fine. 13 callers and cuers have purchased ad space in the new section reserved for callers and cuers availability.



I have been back and forth from Roseburg to Thousand Palms, CA 3 times since our meeting in January.  I have been practicing being a “Snowbird” and like it so have decided to make it an annual event!

Delegates, I have distributed the Directory Order Form for the 2008-09 State Directory.  Please take it with you and return it to me at the State Meeting in July.  The cost of the directory will again be approximately $2.15 per directory.  Vivian has discussed the cost with the printer and they agreed they could publish for that rate.  We also agreed we will order 675 this year.  We have 25 unsold directories this year.

My e-mail address is in the OFN and this year’s directory if you have questions.


RECORDING SECRETARY: Annadale and Bill Rooper

Thank you Eastern Oregon, for a great weekend.  You are small but mighty.



I would like to thank the Ione Grand Squares for hosting our May Meeting, the great dinner and dance.


Cards that I have sent out:

Condolence cards:

  • Dennis and Elaine Smith, Dennis’s Father passed away.
  • Elfriede Greumer, Elfriede’s Husband Bob passed away
  • Roger Mockford, His wife Marie lost her battle with Cancer and has passed away.
  • Suzanne Brown, Suzanne battled Cancer for 13 years and passed away on February 20, 2008. She was a member of the Toledo 49ers.
  • Jack Williams, His wife Rosemary passed away.  Jack and Rosemary are past Oregon Federation President, Good Will Ambassadors and long time Square Dance supporters everywhere they went.
  • Ronda Young, Her Husband Don passed away.  He was a Caller who lived in the Portland area.
  • Rose Gonzalez, Her Husband Frank passed away.  He was a long time Caller in the Portland area and his last club was the Happy Rockers.
  • The Taylor Family, Their Mother, Rachel Taylor passed away.
  • Diane LeDoux, Her Husband Ray passed away.  Diane is the PAC Delegate for the Happy Rockers.
  • The Frankie Shepard Family, their Mother Frankie Shepard passed away.
  • Leora Frohreich, her Husband Walt passed away.
  • The Richard O Brown Family, Their Father Richard O Brown passed away.   He belonged to the Single Trees for 23 years.  He first joined in 1979 and would have been a Lifetime Member had he paid dues for all of the intervening years.  He also belonged to the Wagon Wheelers—
  • Jean Walston, Her Mother passed away.
  • The Family of William (Bill) Ficke, their family member: Bill Ficke has passed away. He was a long time member of the Salem Swingin’ Star’s
  • Tom Welch, his wife Bev entered the hospital for a bone marrow transplant.  During the procedure her heart stopped.

Get Well Cards:

  • Ginny Marz, Ginny had a chainsaw accident, which cut up her hand pretty bad.
  • Bill Rooper, Bill suffered a Pulmonary Embolus
  • Cloida Peyrollaz, Cloida suffered a fainting spell while in the shower resulting in a bad fall.  With her husband John, they provide the camping area for the Annual Carson Camp Out held the end of August.
  • Jack Williams, Jack underwent surgery for Bladder Cancer.  The Doctors feel they have all the cancer removed.
  • George Griffith has been in the hospital with heart trouble.
  • .Kathy Kocher, She has had a stroke.  Kathy is a long time member of the River City Dancers.
  • Mary Theirl while visiting her daughter Rose Lake in Cambridge, Mass suffered a bad fall resulting in 5 broken ribs, 2 broken vertebrae and a punctured lung.
  • Caller Les Seeley has had knee surgery

I have received thank-you cards on behalf of the Oregon Federation from:

·        Layne and Linda Cooper.

·        Don and Ronda Young. 

·        Leora Frohreich and Family.


TREASURER: Bill and Annadale Rooper

Noted copies of his report are in the box.  I have received three checks from Mid-winter. One for half of the profits from Mid-Winter 2008, $3,176.24; repayment of a loan of $6,000 and loaned $6,000 back to the Mid-Winter 2009 Festival and the Mid-Winter Festival 50 cent per person assessment of $650.00.

*I would like to make a motion to change the 50 cent per person assessment to Festivals by putting the money into a fund for education and promotion as requested by councils.

Dennis Marsh seconded the motion.  After a discussion a vote was taken and the motion failed.


MEMBERSHIP: Coleeta and Chuck Quigley

Thank you one and all for a great job in compiling the directory information and getting it to me before or at this May meeting.

I will be working on them with Marilyn Schmit, President, Kay Rogers, Insurance and Vivian Fairburn, OFN and will contact you if I have any questions.

I will begin checking up on all corporation fees to be sure they are current for each club.

Three clubs have resolved: Crazy Creek Rockers, Funtastic Squares, and Tall Town Travelers.

New club requesting acceptance into OFSRDC is the Rhythn Rockers 4-H Club from McMinnville. 

*A motion to accept the Rhythm Rockers club was made by Coleeta and was seconded by Tony Haskins passed.


INSURANCE: Kay and Jim Rogers

No report


PAST PRESIDENT: Jim and Kay Rogers

The HORSES benefit has generated $1,728.00 to date from Square Dancers this year.


Chuck Quigley, Don Bramhall and Ron Minten were appointed to count ballots.


Corresponding Secretary reported 84 ballots were mailed, 70 returned and 7 returned after the dead line


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim and Kathy Roberts

No report



No report



Subsequent to my last report, I have performed the following Federation related activities.

·        Reviewed the January, February, March, and April 2008 bank statements of the Federation’s account held at Bank of America, and forwarded them to the Treasurer.

·        Compared the detail schedule of invoiced advertisements for January, February, March, and April, and May 2008, provided by the OFN Editor, to the copies of the Oregon Federation News for those same months.

·        Reviewed the Constitution, By-Laws, and Practices & Procedures of the Federation concerning responsibilities in regard to the control of cash and cash transactions.

The review of the bank statements did not disclose any inappropriate transactions.


All advertisements for January 2008 appear to have been properly invoiced.  The detailed schedules of invoiced advertisements for February, March, April, and May 2008 were received on May 16, 2008.  My review of those is only partially complete.  Some questions concerning invoiced amounts have not yet been communicated to the OFN Editor, so they can be addressed.


In reviewing the Constitution, By-Laws, and Practices & Procedures, there is nothing that addresses the present practice of the Insurance Chairman having control over a separate Federation bank account.  Assuming that present practice is acceptable to the Federation, the By-Laws and the Practices & Procedures need to be amended to accommodate the change.


I would suggest the following language for the By-Law change:


            ARTICLE 1, SECTION 4. Treasurer – replace the entire section with:


“The Treasurer shall have oversight responsibility of all collection and disbursement of funds of the Federation, and shall have custodial responsibility of all funds of the Federation.  With State Executive Board approval, these responsibilities can be delegated; however ultimate responsibility lies with the Treasurer.  Disbursement of funds will only take place when properly approved by the 1st Vice President or the President.  The Treasurer shall keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures and shall perform all other duties devolving upon the Office of Treasurer.”


In reviewing the By-Laws, I noted that they have the duties of the officers; however, the duties of the Immediate Past President are not included.  Here is suggested language to add the duties of the Immediate Past President


            ARTICLE 1 –add


“SECTION 8. Immediate Past President - The Immediate Past President shall Chair the Nominating Committee, the Benefit Dance and the Grant Fund Committee.  He/she shall be a member of the Festival Advisory Committee and the Audit Committee.  He/she shall be responsible for other duties as designated by the President and serve as an advisor to the President.”


In reviewing the Practices and Procedures, it became obvious that the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer and Insurance Chairman are in need of being updated.  This would best be accomplished by the holders of those positions.


In conclusion, my observations are for your consideration and further discussion, and are not intended to be critical of the performance of any individual.


A committee of the Insurance Chairman, Kay Rogers, the Treasurer, Bill Rooper and the Parliamentarian, Tim Roberts was appointed to look into this.


EDUCATION ADVISOR: Larry and Carol Reetz

No report


HISTORIAN: Patty Reese

No report 


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert - Written report

I am still working with the Treasurer of the 2008 Mid-Winter Festival to get their report and checks.

I have provided the Chair of the 2008 Summer Festival with a memo outlining their reporting requirements.


YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Kathy and Tim Roberts – Written report

            Our 2008 Youth Scholarship Dance will be June 1st at the Pine Forest Grange in Bend.  Callers are The Wild Cards.  Cuers are Dave Cooper and Jessie Shoffner. Youth callers and cuers from the floor are invited to perform a tip.

  • The TVC hosted the Tri-Council dance in March and held a silent auction and donated their proceeds to both Oregon and Washington’s Youth Scholarship Fund Thank you TVC
  • The Ka$h For Kid$ Dance will be donating $900 to the Oregon Scholarship Fund.  Thank you MiniStars/Silver Stars
  • Please remember to encourage all of the councils and clubs to donate during their dance. It gives the entire state the opportunity to donate to our Youth Scholarship.

Amanda Roberts was the only applicant applying for a scholarship this year.  Kathy has agreed to withdraw from the scholarship decision this year.  President Marilyn was asked if she would like to present the scholarship at the dance in Bend if the award is presented.  Articles have been in the OFN and information about Youth Scholarships has been announced at dances and meetings and now questions why there isn’t more applicants.


The OFSRDC voted to pay for the Youth After Party during the USAWest Convention in Pendleton.  Youth callers will have the opportunity to call with the Ghost Riders.         If you know of a youth caller who would like to take advantage of this opportunity call Kathy by August 1.  They will need to audition and then practice their song(s) if they are accepted.  The list of songs the Ghost Riders perform is on their website at http://www.ghostridersband.com

If you know of any youth that would like to attend any state supported square dance activities and can not afford the fees or ribbons, please call Kathy.  There are scholarships available to help financially challenged youth dancers.



ORDTA: Dennis & Elaine Smith – Written report

First, I want to thank the Federation and others for the cards and e-mails sent to me on the passing of my Father at the end of January.  It’s nice to know that others are thinking of you at times like that.

            ORTDA’s spring meeting was held on Saturday, April 12, at 10:00 am at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.  Plans are being finalized for the Mini-Lab to be held in McMinnville just prior to Summer Festival.  USAWest is still in need of cuers—contact Tami Helms.  There was some discussion concerning e-mail scams requesting teaching engagements for foreign youth on holiday in the U. S.  Several dance figures were demonstrated and practiced during the education segment of the meeting.

            ORDTA’s summer meeting will be held on Saturday, July 19 at 9:00 am in conjunction with the Summer Festival in Rickreal.

            ORDTA’s fall meeting will be held on Saturday October 11 at 10:00 at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.


ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara and Larry Schaumburg

Oregon Round of the Month

May 2008

“Trickle, Trickle”

Chore: Mike & Michelle Seurer

Record: Star 160 f/s (Mambo No 8)

Rhythm: Two Step

Phase: II+ 1 (Rock the Boat)

June 2008

            “When I Need You”

Chore: Nancy & Dewayne Baldwin

Record: Star 242 f/s (Closest Thing to Crazy)

Rhythm: Waltz

Phase: II +2 (overspin trn & sd corte)

July 2008


Chore: Nancy & Dewayne Baldwin

Record: Star 221 f/s (Allegheny)

Rhythm: Waltz

Phase: II + 1 (IMP)

August 2008

“Keep Away From Sue” label (Run Around Sue)

Chore: Ron & June Ashenden

Record: Star 138 f/s (Hey Baby)

Rhythm: Two Step

Phase: II + 1 (whaletail)

All certificates have been mailed to the choreographers.  I have received two thank you notes for their dances being chosen.


CALLER ADVISOR: Leonard and Marcia Snodgrass

No report


SHOWCASE OF IDEAS: Marilyn and Ron Schmit

We have not heard from Wichita regarding set up times and hours of operation as of May 12. We have with us today the box of magazines from Travel Portland, the box of OFN’s from Vivian and the rose stickers that we purchased.  We fly on June 21 and fly home on June 29.

            Dale and Kathy Worthington are taking our supplies to Wichita for us and we thank them here in public.


USDA REPORT: Kay and Jim Rogers

Go on line with their website and get fliers.

Ron and Marilyn Schmit will attend the USDA meeting on Wednesday. Oregon has four votes. Dale Worthington volunteered himself and Kathy to fill in.


STATE TRAILERS: Jim and Avis Kinkaid

Attend only the January meeting


STATE FAIR: Tony Haskins

Ron Murray from the PAC is in charge of organizing the State Fair program.

Dancing will be on

 Saturday          August 23rd  2008          2-3 pm and 5 -6pm

 Sunday            August 24th                    2-3 pm

 Saturday          August 30th                    2-3 pm and 5-6 pm

             Sunday            September 1                  2-4 pm

Ed Craig and Jim Hattrick have offered to call.  Dancers and callers are needed.

Contact Ron Murray 503 747 6135 or his website for information



Ballot Results

Past President reported 64 ballots counted

            John Guches                             President

            Lee Ashwill                              1st Vice President

            Floyd Bard                               2nd Vice President

            Recording Secretary                 Dale Worthington

            Corresponding Secretary          Vivian Fairburn

            Membership                             Sylvia Davis

            Treasurer                                  Bill Rooper


*A motion to destroy the ballots was made by Dale Worthington and seconded by Tony Haskins passed.



Delegate Meeting Report:  Dale Worthington

            It was noted two delegates did not receive information on the State Meeting.     It was generally agreed that appointed officers should not be given a vote.

            Paul Cap of the TVC wondered if the State Directory could be put on the web. 

            Frank Schuchard of the Umpqua Council brought up the question of the Randall Award.  There are no restrictions on who can be nominated.

            John Guches suggested two new appointed positions to the board--a web-master and a microphone controller.




Eastern Oregon Council: Lorene and George Griffith—Lloyd McNary reporting

“We hosted a hot dance last night”. We’re not sure of the future of the club and council. We are the only club in the council.  We’ll continue as a non-profit status for now and see what happens.  Please express our good wishes to George and Lorene.

The gift crosses at the stations were made by Robert Despaine of Heppner for the Ascension School PO Box 278 Cove, OR 97824.  Please tell the ladies Thank you for the dinner last night.


Emerald Empire Council: Dennis Marsh Ilana Widders

  • The Cascade Callers and Cuers Association will be having their fifth Saturday dance May 31, 2008
  • The Danebo Circle 8’s will be dark the entire month of July.
  • The Misty Valley Cloggers will be working the Relay for Life in Springfield the last weekend in July.  The cloggers are dark in the summer and plan various activities.  This charity is one of them.
  • The Sweet Home Squarenaders are having a free square dance a the Linn County “Pioneer Picnic” at the Brownsville Pioneer Park in Brownsville, Oregon on Saturday Jun 21 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm
  • The Wolf Pack will dance all summer.  They are having their monthly dance on the third Friday.  Please join them for a great summer of casual dancing.


Interstate Highlanders Council: Steve and Valerie Murphy

The Interstate Highlanders Council held an OFN Subscription Dance March 29th in Klamath Falls.  This dance produced 13 subscriptions to the OFN.  Our next Council Dance will be May 24th in Klamath Falls with Coleeta Quigley calling and Ken Pratt cueing.

The Tall Town Travelers in Lakeview have folded.  This leaves the Klamath Country Squares as the only active club in the Council.

Marilyn Schmit and Ralph Lambert attended the Klamath Country Squares’ 37th birthday dance in April.  Ralph was gracious enough to cue some rounds for us.

Council Delegates, yours truly and Valerie, joined central Oregon dancers in attending the Elkhorn Swingers’ Spring Fling in Baker City April 25, 26, and 27.  This gets us very close to having our “Marilyn’s Travels’ sheet filled with signatures from all 13 councils.


Lincoln- Tillamook Council: LaVonne and Al Bussey - Written report

Al and I are sorry we could not attend this state meeting but had another commitment on the same weekend.

The Toledo 49er’s celebrated our 59th birthday dance May 3rd at Gleneden Beach Community Club just south of Salishan.  Four different clubs joined us for the festivities.  We had callers Andy Rawlinson and Sandy Harris with Sharon Greenman and Goldie Restorff cueing.

We will be dark on the 7th of June as some of our dancers like to attend the Lebanon Strawberry Festival.

The club will be dark on the 3rd weekend in July so our dancers can attend the Summer Festival held at Rickreal.

We hired a bus and the 49ers’ and their guests the Sea Twirlers attended the dance in Garibaldi called by Wade Driver.

The 49er’s donated $100 to the H. O. R. S. E. S. fund.  We are pleased to be able to help with this charity.

We will be casual coast attire for the summer months.


Mid-Willamette Area Council: Neta and Ron Minten

The MWA Council had a real treat in March when 6 adults and 12 young adults from the new youth club, the “Rhythm Rockers” from McMinnville attended our area meeting.  The council took up a collection to help with their fund raising to support their club.

At our area meeting in April, we had national caller Daryl Clendenin and his wife Yvonne. Daryl spoke on the Changes in Square Dancing and how we can help make a difference in the growth of square dancing.  He emphasized the need to keep the new dancers involved and that mainstream should be challenging.  New callers will get better with experience so encourage them by asking them to guest call.

Please continue to check the OFN for all the upcoming events and remember that we also have the MWA Website www.midwillamettearea.org   And be sure you get your Summer Festival 2008 ribbons ASAP.


Portland Area Council: Al Wolf—Tony Haskins Alternate Delegate

The PAC has elected new council officers for 2008-2009.  All current officers have agreed to serve another year.

  • Many clubs have celebrated anniversaries recently.
  • The Squaws and Paws will now have guest callers and have moved their dance nights to the 2nd Friday and the 4th Saturday
  • The River City Dancers went on an overnight Mystery trip on May 3rd.  Seventy three members and 5 guests had a great time dancing with the Charlie Brown Squares in Grants Pass. Fabulous Hospitality!!
  • The Canby Cloverleafs participated in the Pacific NW Teen Festival in Buckley, WA on May 9-10. No word as to the results of the competition. 
  • The Silver Stars annual Memorial Day Dance is May 23rd to 26th in Vancouver.
  • The Tri-Council dance held on March 29th and hosted by the TVC at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver was a great success
  • The Gateway Parade was held this Saturday.
  • The Columbia Gorge clubs will host the 28th annual campout August 22-24 in Carson, WA
  • The PAC will co-ordinate the State Fair dancing.  Thanks to Ron Murray and Tony Haskins.  If you are interested in dancing at the Fair, check with Tony today.
  • The PAC will have a float in the Rose Festival Starlite Parade on May 31.  The Checkerboard Squares will be on the lead trailer and the Bachelor “n” Bacheloretts will be on the second trailer.  George Hermann will call.   
  • The PAC will have a Subscription Dance at the Oak Grove Community Center on Friday May 30th.  George and Patty Hermann will call and cue.


Rogue Sis Q Council: Marlene Richardson

The Charlie Brown Squares had a potluck dinner before the Blarney Stone dance on March 14.  The 4 N 8er’s and our Oregon Federation President Marilyn Schmit and Genevieve Churchill were guests. 

They had a Grand March on Hunger Dance March 1 to raise food for the Food Banks of Josephine County and the Winter Mainstream class graduated.

Two bus loads of River City Dancers from Portland joined us for a potluck dinner and the Trese de May Dance and breakfast Sunday Morning Gospel Dance.


The Circle N Squares are looking forward to their Gold Digger Dance June 21 held at the Greenhorn Grange in Yreka, CA  for information call 530 842 7031 or 530 841 1747.


The 35th Annual Diamond Lake Festival is July 23rd-26th at Diamond Lake, Or.  A full range of callers and cuers are on the program.  Pre-registration is $25.00 per person until July1.  For more information to www.diamondlake.net/


South Coast Council; Chuck and Coleeta Quigley

  • Beachcombers have been dancing to guest callers and certainly have enjoyed all of them.  The big thing now is our upcoming Birthday Celebration over th 4th of July.  We will have Beauty (Jessie Schoffner) and the Beast (Scott Zinzer) for that week-end.
  • Jefferson State Squares – No report
  • Saint’s and Aint’s - Sherm Welch our regular caller will be taking a summer break and we will have several guest callers and will be dark some of the time.  Call ahead.
  • Dale Roberson will be calling during the months of June, July and August for the Sets-in-Order.  Join us on our regular dance nights of the 2nd and 4th Saturdays


Sunset Empire Council: Dale and Kathy Worthington

The Hayshakers have been holding on rather well.  With their graduation, they were able to increase their membership by a few more dancers.

The council put on a Community Dance on March 30th with the idea of bringing in participants from the local area to just have fun and to learn a little square, contra and waltz dancing.  Jim Hattrick ran the program and did an excellent job.  Attendance wasn’t as high as hoped, about 25 people but was well received.  It has been requested another community dance be put on.  The council is considering the possibility.


Tualatin Valley Council: Paul and Diane Cap

The TVC elected their officers for next year.  They are President, Veleta Mullen; Vice President, Judy Schanse; Co-Secretary Janelle Janicke and Pat Young; Treasurer, Donna Byers; and State Delegate, Mike Duyck


The TVC is pleased to announce that the Coast Swingers will host the state meeting at Garibaldi City Hall September 27, 2009


The TVC will hod a 5th Saturday dance May 31 at the IOOF Hall 267 E Main Hillsboro.  The caller will be Randy Dibble with Ken Pratt cueing. This will be a new dancers level


The TVC will again be having a float in the Hillsboro 4th of July parade.


TVC clubs and council officers and delegates are pleased to have donated $266.64 to the youth scholarship fund.

  • 4-N-8ers will be dark for Diamond Lake.  Their next big dance is their annual Harvest dance Sept 12 with all you can eat corn on the cob.
  • Coast Swingers will dance casual all summer long. They will participate in the Tillamook Dairy Parade June 28 with a dance following and a demo at the county August 29.
  • The Eager Beavers are having their annual beach trip in September.  Everyone is invited. Watch the OFN for the date.
  • The Fireballs will be dark July and August but will be doing visitations
  • The Hillsboro Hoedown will be dancing the regular schedule June and July but dark in August.
  • The Mix & Mingles will be dark for Summer Festival and labor day weekend (September 6).  They will be bringing in Ed Kremmers from California for the dance September 20.
  • The R Square D will have a change of schedule.  They will be dancing 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in July and August.  They have hired Craig Aborcrombie starting in September.
  • Sunset Promenaders are dancing regular schedule all summer
  • The Toe Draggers are dark for Summer Festival and USAwest.  Their Anniversary dance is September 19.  They plan a BBQ dance July 4 at 5 pm.
  • Tri Squares will be dark July and August. They will resume dancing in September with a regular dance followed by their anniversary dance September 19.
  • Valley Squares will be dark for Summer Festival.  They will be inducting their new officers June 21 with a strawberry festival dance theme.


Umpqua Area Council: Frank and Rita Schuchard

  • Boots celebrated their birthday in April and unfortunately due to declining members will no longer hold dances but will become a traveling club.
  • The Buckeroos have in the past had the 3rd tip plus but are experimenting and instead will have mainstream tips all evening and the last half hour plus.

Our local Motel 6 is offering out of town Square Dancers who make reservation seven days in advance and indicate they are dancing with the Buckeroos will give a special price of $45.99.  Reservation can made directly to the Roseburg Motel 6 on line or to the 1-800 number.

Buckeroos recently had their elections.  Lack of interest in running for  board positions seems to be a continuing concern.

The Boots will host the 5th Saturday UAC dance in May.  It will be a Subscription Dance-- $5 off at the door if you purchase a new subscription or renew for a year.

The Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance hosted by the Pioneers & Petticoats is June 1.  Proceeds go to the Safari.  Dancers also get to go through the drive through Safari free after or before the dance.

The annual round Up sponsored by the Buckeroos is June 4, 5, 6.  Free camping for motor homes and 5th wheels in the parking lot.

All of our clubs will be dark the week end of Summer Festival so dancers can be in Rickreal.

Timber 8’s is having their annual Barn Sale June 28th to raise money for their club.  Any one coming to the Round Up or to the May 31st dance is encouraged to bring anything they have been meaning to get rid of to the barn for the sale.

All UAC clubs have been trying to raise money to pay for the callers and cuers that will be at the Douglas County Fair in August.  Until last year the Fair Board gave us money for the callers and cuers, but as of last year they said they will no longer provide any money so it is now up to the clubs to raise the money. 


Blue Mountains Council: Dave and Sharon Stutzman

The LaGrande club graduated 12 new dancers.  The club received a Ford Foundation grant to do some repairs to the old Grange Hall.  Repairs to the water system have been made, a new floor in the kitchen and some painting has been done; with money left over for our next project.  They have also made application for another grant to replace the roof.  The club has gone dark for our dances but will workshop on Thursday through the summer.

The Baker City club graduated 6 new enthusiastic square dancers and 6 round dancers from their waltz class.  They will continue to hold dance through the summer

The Milton-Freewater club was finally able to get a class started this year.  Jim Swanson, from Tri-Cities, is teaching the class and has officially been named club caller.  They will be having a dance at 11:00 am on Sunday following the USA West Convention in Pendleton.  This will be at the City Park in conjunction with the 28th Anniversary of the Muddy Frogwater Country Classic Festival and Corn Roast.  See the website at www.muddyfrogwaterfestival.com

The Council has initiated discussion on starting an annual dance to be held at Wallowa Lake beginning summer of 2009.  The idea being is to have a summer dance weekend to replace the Wallowa Lake Hoedown which was discontinued last year.


Central Oregon Council: Carol Bro

Several Central Oregon members sang a song of invitation to the Central Oregon Round Up August 8-9.  Scott and Erin Byers will call and cue at the Sisters High School.



Harold and Barbara Kleve:  No report


Lee and Barbi Ashwill: Written report

We are sorry to have to miss this meeting because we know the work and planning that goes into hosting a meeting and especially when it is a small Council.  However, our thoughts are with you.


Barbi still does Income Tax Returns for other individuals and she is required to take an Ethics class annually to retain her license.  This is offered once a year and this year it was scheduled for May 17.


Since the last meeting, we left Albany and headed home in the beautiful snow.  On Thursday, January 31, 2008 we flew to Spokane to assist Washington with their planning and Bid Presentation preparation.  We thought we had snow in Oregon, but it was nothing compared to Spokane.  What a beautiful wonderland we flew in to.


We flew back from Spokane on February 2, 2008 and picked up our other suitcase, hung our hang-up clothes in the van and left for Arizona to attend the Yuma Festival in support of our club caller, Roger Putzler.  The Siskiyou Pass had been closed off and on since the end of Mid-Winter Festival so we opted to take the Coast route.  We joined up with about a square and one-half of Independence Wagon Wheelers in Yuma, plus many other Oregonians.  We arrived back home on February 11, 2008 and flew to Long Beach, CA on February 17, 2008 to attend their Pre-Convention.  It was certainly cold in Long Beach.  We doubt that there really is a sun.


April 6, 2008 we attended the State Benefit Dance.  The attendance was less than we had hoped for, but the enthusiasm was great.  We left for Sacramento, CA on April 17, 2008 to attend their California State convention and promote the USA West Convention to be held in Pendleton, OR in August 2008.  The attendance at this Convention was less than usual, but with Kay and Jim Rogers we did our very best to get the word out to the dancers.  We hope we have enticed some of them to attend this Convention 


It is our hope that all the delegates and officers are registered for the 2008 Oregon State Summer Festival, but as treasurers of this event, we know you haven’t.   Please register, as this is one of the two Festivals held in Oregon that raise the operating funds for the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs.  Without this income, this Federation will not have the funds required to function. So, Delegates, go back to your clubs and encourage registrations.  Get all of the club officers registered and have them work on the club members.  This is your Festival and the committee members are working very hard to make it a very successful Festival.  We need your help. 


We hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and that you will travel home safely.


Happy Dancing!!!


Lee and Barbi



 Don and Lonna Bramhall  


“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all you money.

Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”

-         Susan Heller


Unfortunately, this quote is all too true, considering the rising cost of fuel, but in spite of the expense, we still seem to go just about anywhere to dance and enjoy new sights and meet new people along the way.  And we haven’t been traveling alone – there are a lot of Central Oregon dancers who have joined our journeys.


On March 29, a carpool caravan of high-spirited dancers headed south to Klamath Falls for the Interstate Highlander Council’s OFN Subscription Dance.  Many in this hardy group were new dancers and this was their first ‘visitation’ to another area (won’t be their last!).  Central Oregon’s own Dave Cooper and Jim Steele were the featured Cuer and Caller for this special dance.  The host clubs were hospitality itself, and we were warmly welcomed – all thirty-nine of us!  There were even a couple of subscription renewals from Central Oregon.  Special thanks to Steve and Valerie Murphy from their Central Oregon friends!


As you probably know, snow in the passes out of Central Oregon keep the RV’s parked all winter – and there’s no better cure for cabin fever than a trip to Baker City and the Elkhorn Swingers’ annual Spring Fling is usually our maiden voyage.  On April 24th the first contingent of five RV’s from Deschutes and Crook Counties enjoyed lunch and a tour of the John Day Fossil Beds NM headquarters.  We camped that night at Clyde Holliday State Park and waited for the second wave of travelers.  On Friday morning Don prepared his world-famous Mountain Man Dutch Oven breakfast (Emeril, eat your heart out!) and by noon, ten big rigs headed for Baker City, arriving in plenty of time for Friday Night’s dance, featuring local callers and cuers (Yes, Dale Counsel taught the Grand Colonel Spin—AGAIN).  There were many opportunities for entertainment on Saturday: The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, shopping, the Baker County Museum, shopping, the ice cream parlor, shopping---well, we only brought half our clothes!


Daryl Clendenin and Dave Cooper were the stars of Saturday night – and, as always, the Elkhorn Swingers made us feel especially welcome with great food, a lively silent auction and door prizes.  No wonder this was the fifth time we have enjoyed the hospitality at the Spring Fling – put it on your calendars for next year.


Despite the rising costs of fuel, dancing, friends, laughter, and travel will continue to be a priority in our lives.  The opportunity to visit other clubs, make new friends and strengthen old friendships, to see new sights and learn from one another will always be More valuable than the price of diesel.


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

-         Henry Miller



Genevieve Churchill

            I wish to thank the Eastern Oregon Council for the fantastic weekend and the job they have done.

            As Chairman of the Eager Beavers Class we are finishing plus with 10 doing the class

            The Eager Beavers are a Senior club, many have danced for years..  We dance every Monday afternoon, 1-3 at the Stuhr Center 5th and Hall in Beaverton.  If you are in town, come dance with us.  We would love to see you.

            Marilyn Schmit asked me to go with her to Grants Pass.  We stayed in a motel in Canyonville and danced with the Pioneers N Petticoats in Canyonville--Caller Peter Wood and Cuer Claude Butler.

            Our motel was on the Rogue River—beautiful river.  We were right by the river and we watched all the boats on the river—some were fishing and others drifting.  Really wonderful, as the next night was very different the motel was just a motel.

            We went to the Charlie Brown Squares and they were expecting a bus from Portland and what a potluck they had.

            I was at the door to help welcome them.  What a surprise to see me and “Genevieve, What are you doing here?”  What fun!

            On the way back to Portland on Sunday we stopped at “Heaven on Earth” for breakfast which I have done many times when I drove to California every year.

            The bus going home also stopped there, so we visited then drove home. 

            While we were at the Charlie Brown Squares a dear friend came to the dance.  Elaine Funk.  I have known for years but haven’t seen for awhile.  Marilyn and I had a nice visit with her.

            It was a great weekend and I enjoyed Marilyn’s company.



Bill and Annadale Rooper

            It’s spring---wild flowers on the hills and valleys—rushing water in the creeks and valleys—Take a deep breath, smell the air---ahhh!!

            Back to the item at hand---

At this moment 12:15 PM Saturday April 12, Bill is working for the AARP.  I fixed a batch of cookies a while ago and our plans are to travel to Goldendale for their “Evening in Las Vegas” dance tonight.

Our family is planning a week-end in Montana next week-end (April 18-19) so will miss the annual Cherry Festival Parade in The Dalles and Swap & Swing’s Birthday Bash in Dufur that evening.

We had a scare the first of March when Bill was in the hospital for a few days.  He is on meds and seems to be doing fine.  We missed a trip to Mexico and some dances during that time.  Thank you for cards and good wishes.

It’s a busy season for the Wasco County Pioneers in The Dalles.  Bill and I are involved with organizing of the program this year.

It’s now May 8, 2008.  The Pioneer meeting was a success and now we are planning a trip to Wallowa Lake with more family this weekend.  Not much dancing but a lot going on for us.

June is around the corner with the National in Wichita and a trip in to Texas to visit Grandsons and Great-Grand daughters.  We hope to drop in on Skip and Glenna Napier in Albuquerque on our way home.

We learned last week Marge Pentecost has been in the hospital for a week with severe back pain.  She was taken to Columbia Basin Care Facility for a few days for therapy.  She called yesterday to say she was going home tomorrow.

On returning from Ione you might like to stop in The Dalles for dinner then to Swap & Swing’s 59th Anniversary Dance with Daryl Clendenin and Neva Reid—6-8 PM at the Civic Auditorium.




Federation Benefit Dance 2009: Marilyn Schmit

             I have met with Marjorie and Sue from the Adaptive Riding Institute and with Jude Strader and Robert VanEpps of the Abiqua Country Estate Equestrian Center out of Silverton.

            Mr. VanEpps has an equestrian center that is a work in progress and has agreed to let us have the dance there next April.  He will have some theater seating and places to put tables and chairs for seating.  We can bring in hay bales for seating also.  The dance will be barn casual and the dance floor will be the riding arena dirt or the state trailer that I plan on bringing in.  So be prepared for some “Dirty Dancing”.  They are working on some plans for horse and buggy rides around the property and the Adaptive Riding Institute will bring some of their clients to show us what fun and the good that the exercise is for the clients.

There will be dangles available for dancing on the trailer and some dangles available for dancing with Jazzmo the horse.

More information will be coming.



Kay Rogers

Everyone should sit in on Les Seeley’s seminar on how to recruit and retain new dancers.  He will do a seminar on Friday and it will be repeated on Saturday at the USA West Convention in Pendleton


With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 12:00


Annadale Rooper, Recording Secretary