MINUTES OF MEETING dated November 22, 2009
Hosted by South Coast Area Council
The Beachcombers Cove, Nicholson Drive
Port Orford, Oregon

President Lee Ashwill called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

Lee Ashwill: This is a special day it is Genevieve Churchill's 98th birthday. She is absolutely an inspiration to us all. (Lee asks Genevieve to come forwarded and she is presented with a cake and a chorus of Happy Birthday.)



Officers: All present.

Appointed Officers: All present except Financial Advisor, Bill Reid; BMI/ASCAP, Ralph Lambert; ORDTA, Dennis Smith; Round Dance Screening, Barbara Schaumburg; Caller Advisor, Les Seeley; and OFN Editor, Vivian Fairburn.

Delegates: All present except Blue Mountains, David Stutzman; and Lincoln-Tillamook, Wally Brunelle.

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present except Larry & Barbara Schaumburg.

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President, John Guches.

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Floyd Bard.

MINUTES: Dale Worthington

Lee Ashwill: You all received the minutes electronically. Are there any corrections or amendments to the minutes? Motion made by Larry Reetz to accept the minutes as published and seconded by Sylvia Davis. Carried.



PRESIDENT: Lee (Barbi) Ashwill

Before we go too much further, I would like to congratulate all the Oregon State fans in attendance and believe me the Civil War is going to be hell-on-wheels.

I want to thank the South Coast Council for a wonderful dinner and dance last night and thank you for hosting this meeting. Your hospitality is wonderful.

Since our September 2009 meeting I have received emails that have accused me of two things. The first accusation was that I was required to appoint a committee to continue the updating of the Practices and Procedures when I took office at the September 2009 meeting. There is no requirement for me to do that and certainly no requirement that I do that at the September 2009 meeting. The second accusation was that I abdicated my Presidency to the 1st Vice President by a statement that I made. When questioned by Mr. Marsh as to whether I was going to pick a committee for the continuance of the updating of the Practices and Procedures, I responded: "Mr. Bard is working on that." That was a poor choice of words on my part and I plead guilty to that. What I meant, and should have said, is that Mr. Bard will be the Chairman of that committee when the committee is selected. I had no intention of letting this project die. I just wanted to take my time and make sure I selected the right people to serve on this committee and that they were willing to do that.

At this time I am going to appoint a Committee, with power, to review and update the current Practices and Procedures of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. Mr. Bard is the Chairman. Tim Roberts is a member. Ray Jones is a member and David Stutzman is the Delegate. It is my hope that they will not attempt to make all the changes themselves, but will include those of you who happen to be subject matter experts in a given area. I hope that clears up this area for those who had concerns.

Our meetings will continue to operate as they have and yes, there are times that Roberts Rules of Order do apply to the meeting. However, sometimes we have to use common sense. I urge all of you to remember that the only reason we are here is to continue to make Square Dancing enjoyable for everyone. If you have a personal agenda, please see me after the meeting and I will be happy to discuss it. I hope that puts this issue to rest.

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Thanks to the Beachcombers and South Coast Council for the great dance and the trip to Curry County. I thought I was in California after following the Jones from Coos Bay. The caller and cuers were wonderful last night and the new dancers were great, especially after having only 5 lessons.

The Federation was able to produce the 2009-10 Directories below cost. Marilyn Schmit has 20 Directories for sale.

Membership Forms, in the past, have been distributed to the Areas and Clubs in January and due to the Membership Chairman in May. Those dates cause too many corrections (over 100 this last year). Recommend that we distribute the forms (available on the website) at the May meeting, with turning in the Membership/Directory Form to the Membership Chairman at the Summer Festival in July.

Leadership Seminar will be proposed for reinstatement for the 2010-11 year. This will be in addition to the Education/Leadership Sessions at the Mid-Winter Festivals. Delegates, Area and Club Officers, and the Elected and Appointed Officers of the Federation need the tools necessary to perform their duties and improve square dancing in Oregon. The leaders of the Federation and Area Councils need to work issues for the dancers.

2010 Mid-Winter Festival: Sandy (Chuck) Eddings

We have great news this meeting. We have over 600 registrations for Mid-Winter Festival and 81 RVs. Registrations are coming fast and furious. We may need to order more ribbons. This is great!!! Thank you Oregon dancers.

The committee is on schedule and ready to go. Our decorations are ready and we have the ceremonies for Friday and Saturday night ready. We will be entering the Expo Center on Thursday to start setting up. RVs will be allowed in on Thursday at 12:00 noon.

People that want to bring items to the resale clothing will need to go to the outside back door of the Santiam Building for consignment. The front doors will be locked until the Trails End Dance on Thursday night. The Trails End Dance will feature Dave and Bonnie Harry.

We have received three registrations for the tour of Thompson's Mill. The deadline for pre-registration for the tour is January 1, 2010. We have a 28-passenger bus to take on the tour. When the bus is full registration will be cut off. If we don't have enough registrations to fill the bus then we may need to cancel the tour.

Mid-Winter Festival 2010 is going to be a fun weekend with a lot of dancing. The committee is looking forward to giving you the best Festival ever, to kick off the next 50 years of Mid-Winter Festivals in Oregon.

Let's not forget Oregon Summer Festival 2010 "Back in the Saddle Again". Please register early so that committee can work to give you a great festival also. The Summer Festival will be in Pendleton, Oregon. Register Early!!!

Zola Jones: Most of you know the Program Books are here for the 2010 Mid-Winter Festival. Be sure you take some back to your clubs and be sure your new dancers get the Program Book. They have never been to a Mid-Winter Festival before and they should read all about it.

2010 Summer Festival: Kay (Jim) Rogers

Thank you everybody who has registered for the Summer Festival. At the current time we have less than 30 people registered. You will notice we have these gorgeous brown ribbons and I want you to notice the new color for festivals in the area. I thought I was being original getting one to match my saddle, or it matches something.

Oregon 2010 Summer Festival, Back in the Saddle Again, is making progress in the plans for a great time in Pendleton.

Thursday evening following the free dance, where we hope to get the attention of some local non-dancers in our activity, we are offering an ice cream social. Tickets will be sold in advance starting at Mid-Winter. During the ice cream social we will have some entertainment in the form of skits and songs. We have invited other events to use this time to promote their function.

On Friday during the day there will be two dance sessions and some seminars for dancers and callers. Marshall Flippo is coming from Texas and Daryl Clendenin. There will be dancing all day Saturday and on Sunday morning we are going to have a Heavenly Hoedown.

For those of you who are not familiar, Pendleton has a Charm Trail where you go around to different businesses and the businesses will give you a little charm for $1.00.

Zola Jones: I just want to follow up on your comments on Marshall Flippo. We go down to Arizona every winter and we always make it a point to go to Tucson and dance with Marshall Flippo. He is more fun and he is special. Don't miss him.

2011 Mid-Winter Festival: Larry (Carol) Reetz

2011 is moving ahead. We are on track; we are creating flyers and getting things ready. We will have our stuff ready to go at Mid-Winter. I have to advise that Summer Festival is first. I want your registrations, but we need to support Summer Festival and make sure we are there in attendance.

2011 Summer Festival: Tony Haskins

The 2011 Summer Festival Committee has had 2 meetings since I last talked to you. We are in the process of fine-tuning needed committees and their structures so various clubs understand what's expected of them when they sign up for their committee choices. These will be sent out to the clubs next week. They will have until January's meeting to decide which committee they wish to fill.

As you know Deborah Carroll Jones is our featured caller. Janet Shannon will be the caller host for this event. The Festival Committee has made its selection regarding the national cuer. They are Sharon and Cassey Parker. George and Patty Hermann will be the host for the cuers.

We have taken in seed money so far. The contract with Reynolds School District has been signed and the first payment has been made. Seed monies have come in and things are looking very good.

Our water coolers may come in at no cost in exchange for an advertisement in the directory. If there is any cost, it will be very little.

Les Seeley and Associates will do the After Hours Party at the Summer Festival in Pendleton on Saturday, July 17th. This will be a surprise!

We are on track with our plans. Stay tuned there will be more to come.

Oregon Federation News: Vivian Fairburn: No report.

Floyd Bard: Delegates, just to see if you are awake, you have at least one suspense to take back to your area from my report. What would that be? (Leadership Seminar) Leadership is important, but what I was talking about was taking the Membership forms in July. You need to go back to talk to your clubs in your area and give them that information so they will know there might be a new suspense date for submitting the forms.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

Since the last meeting, I have been dealing with directories for councils that were not in attendance at the meeting, mailing some out to the delegate. I also have been selling some as I make my rounds to dances. I mailed out money to the Federation Treasurer for all that have been sold. There are 22 directories on hand as of 11/11/09. I have heard from the last council and I am awaiting the receipt of a check in order to send out their directories and the balance will be available for sale to others. Probably, somewhere in the vicinity of 16-17 left after fulfilling the last council order.

I also have been selling Mid-Winter registrations and doing an okay job, but still have more ribbons to sell. Hopefully, I can keep my packet and keep on selling.

I have been trying to bone up on the Federation Practices and Procedures in preparation for the upcoming discussions that will happen as changes are made. I hope to be ready to understand and assist as we go through all the pages that are up for consideration for improvement and better understanding.

I urge you to register for Mid-Winter as soon as possible, if you have not done so yet, and to purchase a subscription to the Oregon Federation News to keep yourself abreast of all the happenings in the Federation throughout the State of Oregon and SW Washington. You cannot help another dancer with information, if you don't have that information handy to give a proper answer to keep our activity going.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Dale (Kathy) Worthington

There have been some questions from the new members of the board as to what the report I request is. The report I request is what you are going to say at the meeting. By getting what you are going to say, I can put it in the minutes prior to the meeting and not rely on trying to transcribe off the tape, which is very time consuming. It also provides the Board with your report in the event you are unable to attend the meeting.

Lee Ashwill: We have had a request from people here that last time some of the folks said my report has been sent in and it will be in the minutes. Please go ahead and give your report here anyway so the folks in attendance can get it. Not everybody goes online to read the minutes from the Federation. So please give your complete report.


Thank you notes to:

Mary Withers for hosting the State Meeting in Sept (TVC Council)
Opal Powell for hosting the State Meeting in Sept (Coast Swingers)

Sympathy cards sent to:
Craig and Judy Abercrombie for the loss of their daughter
Ginny Iverson and family for their loss of Don G Iverson

Get Well cards sent to:
Otis Jones was in the hospital
Bob Sassaman recuperating from brain surgery
Jim Steele
Olive Blackwell
Olivera Hall

Birthday cards to:
Genevieve Churchill, 98 years old

Lee Ashwill: Genevieve your daughter was very nice to bring you down here. Would you like to introduce her to the group?

Cory Martin: I am Cory Martin and I am her daughter. I am a square dancer too.

Lee Ashwill: Cory, thank you for bringing Genevieve down.

TREASURER: Larry (Carol) Reetz

The only thing that we have had some issues with since September was Bank of America. Bill Rooper has done an outstanding job getting signature cards. Banks have got this policy order that you have to be physically in their branch to sign signature cards. In our organization where we are scattered all over the State sometime that is not a possibility. We have gotten that worked out.

As for today, your checks will be signed because Marilyn and Lee still have their authorization from the last cards. So you guys will get your checks.

Lee Ashwill: One thing he didn't tell you. Larry wrote some personal checks to cover postage for the OFN and for the production of the OFN itself. He will be getting that money back sometime. We are not going to pay him any interest, but we thank you for doing that.

MEMBERSHIP: Sylvia Davis

Yesterday at the officers meeting, they came up with two motions. I am hoping you will approve one and the second as well.

Mr. President I move to modify the membership process to eliminate council dues from our form and to file zero money where and when fees for councils that do not hold dances. Seconded by Gary Sohn. There being no discussion vote was called for. Motion carried.

The second one, Mr. President I move to modify the membership process where the forms are distributed at the May State Meeting and returned at the Summer Festival State Meeting. Seconded by Floyd Bard. Discussion followed:

Dennis Marsh: I think it would be a good idea to table it until the delegates can discuss it and understand it. I make a motion to table it till 2010 Mid-Winter. Seconded by Frank Schuchard. Motion to table is carried.

Lee Ashwill: Sylvia will you put that in writing and get that out to the delegates so they will have an opportunity to discuss that.

Insurance/USDA: Kay (Jim) Rogers

This meeting is the deadline date for all clubs 2010 insurance forms and checks to be turned in to me. Any left must be mailed in time to catch the December 1st deadline. I have for mailing everything to Georgia.

I do have a new address and phone number. It is: 59450 Barr Ave, St Helens, OR 97051. The email address stays the same at: rogers3045@comcast.net. My home phone is: 503-396-5537. Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions.

I apologize for any problems I may have created by having the four-part form put on our web site. That form is for the use of the delegates who prefer to type the info once and print it.

If you have paperwork you have not yet turned in, please see me after the meeting.

Thanks for all your hard work on this.

PAST PRESIDENT: John (Glory) Guches

Thank you to Chuck and Coleeta Quigley and the South Coast Council for hosting the State meeting with dinner and dance. I did not partake in the dinner, due to health reasons, but from what I heard from those that were there it was very good.

I have received 13 of the Randall Award ballots back. Thank you to the councils for sending their ballots in.

Lee Ashwill: I would like to commend the delegates because we are now getting minutes from the councils and we really appreciate that. Thank you all for taking that back.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

I have distributed an update to each of you containing the accumulated changes to the P&Ps since the last update, including our recent By-Laws Amendment.

As a reminder, delegates get two copies of P&P updates: one for the volume that you got when you took the job, and one for the volume that your council has.


The Portland Area Council put on a great Halloween Dance, Friday, October 30th at the Oak Grove Community Center. Les Seeley called and Tami Helms cued. There was a large crowd that was met at the door by a large (creeping-looking) butler. He was taking money for donations to help support the River City Riders. The Riders put on a good show for the dance. They plan on attending 2010 Summer Festival in Pendleton. Sign up as soon as possible for Pendleton Summer Festival. The date is July 16th - 18th 2010. Kay and Jim Rogers, along with Pat and Ted Young, are working very hard in holding a great Festival, and a good time. They are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. These are a great bunch of folks so introduce yourself and say Hi when you get to the Festival. The PAC made a donation towards the River City Riders and took in additional funds at the dance. Thanks to everyone!

Sandy Eddings (with some guy name Chuck) also attended. They put up a great display and sold ribbons and RV reservations. Sandy gave (a really long speech - took up half the night) promoting the Mid-Winter Festival. People are slowly signing up and things are looking much better than a month ago. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for this "Golden Jubilee" Festival. We are going to have a lot of fun over the next few Festivals.

Janet and Roy Bellcoff from the Silver Stars in Vancouver, Washington, spoke on the 2012 National Convention in Spokane. They are working very hard in promoting that event. Please plan on attending. Both Oregon and Washington need to stick together in these events. Both States have many dancers and friends on both sides of the river. Let's help each other out. We are really a great Northwest family of square dancers.

Also, don't forget the 59th National Square Dance Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, on June 23-26, 2010. This will be at the Kentucky Expo Center and the theme is "Louisville Again in 2010". Don't forget the River City Riders will also be performing there. Man, do they get around or what.

There will be a Tri-Council Dance on October the 10th, 2010, according to Evergreen Council. There will be more updates on that.

Also, I'll need at least 4 clubs who would like to dance at the State Fair this coming year. I will be getting together with Sara from the State Fair within the next couple of months. Let me know if you want to be involved.

Don't forget the upcoming dances in your area and attend as many as you can. All the clubs can use your support. The roads are wet, so drive carefully and may your life be full of joy throughout the Holidays and the New Year.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Bill (Neva) Reid: No Report.


Lee Ashwill and myself asked Les Seeley to do his seminar on "Recruiting and Retaining Square Dancers" at Mid-Winter Festival for the Education Seminar. It will be a 2 ˝ hour seminar broken up in two part, first is Recruiting New Dancers and the second part is Retaining Square Dancers. Les has done this in the past and it was very well received, it needs to be done periodically to help the dancers and clubs with this on-going dilemma. I have given flyers to all the delegates and officers for distribution to the clubs in their areas.

The next Education Project I will be attempting is to get all square dancers in the State of Oregon dancing at the same time at designated spots across Oregon during Square Dance Week in September. I will have more information to the delegates at the January meeting.

I am in need of an Education Seminar for Summer Festival 2010. If anyone has any ideas on this please see me or forward them to me.

HISTORIAN: Zola (Ray) Jones

I had my report all written up and sent in. When I got here last evening lo and behold it just blew my report all to heck. There were about 8 big boxes of past Historian stuff that was before the fire.

I've been going through the Historian data, and due to the fire of several years ago; except for three large photo albums of the 2005 National Convention, it was very limited. Besides the files of meeting minutes and issues of OFNs there is just one large album of photos and articles; now I have 8 more boxes, mostly of past OFNs and minutes and newsletter of a club that no longer dances; including the history with photos of only six clubs - the Independence Wagonwheelers, the Braids & Braves, the Corvallis Squares, and the Valley River Dancers all of Mid-Willamette Area, the Toledo 49ers of Lincoln Tillamook Area, and the Danebo Circle Eight of Emerald Empire Area. So, most of the clubs histories were lost in the fire. I remember not too long after the fire, the State Historian asked for club histories and to please send them in. They are important to have in our history. Without the club histories we would not have the Federation. We would like to have the history, with photos of all the clubs and area councils in the Federation - and ask all of the Officers, Delegates, Chairmen, and Ambassadors here to go back to your clubs and areas and ask them to please get these to us for the historical records. This also includes past festivals too, Summer Festivals, I have access to Mid-Winter Festivals. They can bring them to Mid-Winter Festival and leave them at the State Historian display tables. We will have envelopes there for their use, or they can bring their own showing the club or area name. They may also email us at rayzolal@aol.com. And I will put an article in the next OFN asking for these histories. Thank you everyone for your help in this. Also, I have requested the tables for the Historian display at Mid-Winter and will be working on that.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert

Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.

I have provided a memo to the Chairs of the 2010 Mid-Winter Festival advising them of the BMI/ASCAP payments that will be needed after they complete their Festival.


The Youth Committee has revised their section of the Practices and Procedures and here is the overview:

  1. The essay has been extended to 500 words
  2. The deadline moved to June 1st
  3. High school seniors through college seniors can apply
  4. Repeat winners can win again if they qualify
  5. Name and address were updated

The exact words were given to the Recording Secretary, the President, and the Parliamentarian.

I think I need to have a vote on that.

Gary Sohn: I move that we accept Lisa's recommendations for the Youth Scholarship Fund as it is presented in the packet. Seconded by Dale Worthington. Motion carried unanimously.

ORDTA: Dennis (Elaine) Smith

ORDTA held their fall meeting on Saturday, October 3rd, at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.

Plans for the upcoming Mid-Winter Festival Round Dance program were presented, including the "So You Want to be a Cuer" meeting.

ORDTA chose Turn Your Radio On as the Classic Round of the Month for March 2010.

ORDTA discussed the difficulty of obtaining music on vinyl or CD for Round of the Months, the classics in particular. It was decided to draft a motion to be presented to the State Federation to add Internet downloads to the list of types of recorded music to be available as a requirement for selecting Rounds of the Month.

The education portion of the meeting focused on DanceMaster, the computer program used by many cuers on their laptops.

ORDTA's annual meeting will be held on Saturday, January 30th, 2010, at 9:00 am in conjunction with Mid-Winter Festival in Albany.

ORDTA's spring meeting will be held on Saturday, May 1st, 2010, at 10:00 am at the Emerald Square and Round Dance Center in Springfield.

Lee Ashwill: For all of you who were at the dance last night, next time you see Barbara, please inform her that Don Bramhall was wearing cowboy boots.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Barbara (Larry) Schaumburg

Oregon Round of the Month

January 2010
"Closest Thing to Crazy II"
Chosen by: Umpqua Council

February 2010
"Color Me Country"
Chosen by: Blue Mountains Council

March 2010
"Turn Your Radio On"
Chosen by: ORDTA (Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association)

Certificates were mailed to all choreographers with Thanks for their contribution to round dancing.

Notification of selected rounds, were emailed to all cuers that are on the Round of the Month email list.

"To the Delegates of the Councils" - If there is a change in Round of the Month coordinators for your council, please notify me, Barbara Schaumburg. If I'm not notified of the change, information on the rounds will be sent to the wrong person, which causes extra time and postage. Please check at your council meetings to make sure of your council representative for Round of the Month selections.

CALLER ADVISOR: Les (Paula) Seeley

I have forwarded my Caller's Corner column to Vivian for OFN issues through January 2010. My next column will address caller training, scholarship opportunities and the next two will deal with caller/club relationships.

WEB MASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

A few weeks ago, I migrated our board's mailing list from a server in my office to the hosting company that is handling our web site. I have heard a few quiet rumors that people have had trouble reaching some of the Federation email addresses. If this happens to you, please send me a copy of the "bounce" message and I'll see what I can do. When these things "bounce" and I never hear about it, there is not much I can do about it.

There's a certain debate in the web community over whether web sites should be one long page (which lets you search through everything), or a bunch of smaller pages connected by links. Our Federation web page has always been one big, long page, but after an inquiry from River Graphics, I divided our web page into a set of smaller pages. Comments are always welcomed.


I will be contacting Sara at the Oregon State Fair sometime in February 2010 to set up dates and times for square dancing. Those time and dates, I'm sure, will be the last weekend in August and 1st weekend in September.

Any clubs interested in dancing at the State Fair should contact me as soon as possible. First come - First serve - There will be only 4 days/spots available. I already have Mid-Willamette Area down for 1 and I have 3 available. Please, phone or email me with your request. If you wait too long someone will have that spot. Clubs can go together and/or take visiting dancers. My email is ynot50@netzero.net and my phone number is 503-674-0204.

Lee Ashwill: It is amazing; Vivian put the heat on Tony to get a computer, now you can't get him off it.

Lee Ashwill: State Trailers is only done in January, however, I did receive a phone call from Jim Kinkaid before we came down here. He is going to refurbish the flooring on the trailers. We have funds in our budget for State trailers and that definitely will not cover it. I want you to be thinking about this for January to approve a bill from him in whatever amount it is going to take to get those trailers floors back up to snuff.

DELEGATE MEETING REPORT: Chuck (Coleeta) Quigley

Ten of the 13 area councils were present.

Item A: Regarding ORDTA's motion for internet downloading round dance material was explained by Marilyn Schmit. All agreed with the motion.

Item B: River City Horses support will be presented and explained by Tony Haskins at the meeting Sunday. Questions and concerns were discussed.

Kay Rogers expressed concern regarding returning insurance paperwork and the time-line. All delegates agree to make this a bigger priority to help Kay Rogers.

No recommendation or motions from the delegates at this time.


  1. CPA (IRS) Committee Report (Bill Reid)

    Lee Ashwill: I tried really hard to get him at this meeting and am going to continue to try to get him for the next meeting. This is a super sensitive issue and we need to get that resolved. We will keep working on that.



  1. Motion from ORDTA presented by Marilyn Schmit.

    Marilyn Schmit: I move that Internet downloads be added to list of types of recorded music to be available as a requirement for selecting the Round of the Month. This will involve changing the wording of 1.a) on page VII-6 of the Practices and Procedures "Compact disc or 7" 45 R.P.M." to "Compact disc, 7" 45 R.P.M. record, or Internet download". Seconded by Gary Sohn. Discussion: ORDTA encountered a fairly limited list of classic round dances to choose the Classic Round of the Month for March 2010 because of the lack of available records and CDs. Starting with ROUNDLAB's Classic and Golden Classic lists, then removing dances previously chosen as Classic Round of the Month, and then checking the availability of records, this year's listed included 11 dances. If Internet downloads had been permitted, the list would have included 25 dances. Availability of music for the Classic and Golden Classic dances on records and CDs is becoming more limited as time progresses as these hard media go out of press.

    In addition, more new round dances are being choreographed to music available online because of the limited availability of music on hard media. Excluding online sources of music limits the list of potential Rounds of the Month substantially. Other states, including Washington, include Internet downloads as permissible sources of music for their Rounds of the Month. Additional discussion followed.

    Lee Ashwill: Is there any other discussion? There being none call for the vote. Motion carried.

  2. Motion from River City Horses presented by Tony Haskins.

    Al Wolf: I make a motion that we open the discussion regarding the River City Riders wishing to obtain some help.

    Lee Ashwill: The motion is asking this body to finance the River City Dancers in the amount of $5,800.00. That is what is open for discussion. Seconded by Larry Reetz. Discussion followed:

    Dennis Marsh: I think we can keep discussing this. I think I would like to make a motion to table this so we can take it back to our councils and discuss it with them so we can come back with a better idea.

    Lee Ashwill: Motion has been made to table this. Do we have a second? Tabled to Mid-Winter, Dennis? Seconded by John Guches. Discussion followed:

    Lee Ashwill: This discussion now is on whether to table the motion or not. Seeing none, we will take your vote to on the motion to table this motion without a specific date, which will come later. Vote taken, 1 against. The motion carried.

    Dennis Marsh: Can I just make an argument for the date? The reason is we do not have a meeting at Mid-Winter so the previous motion that we tabled we would not have a meeting for all of us to get together. Is there a change in the Practices and Procedures?

    Lee Ashwill: We have the option of having that meeting. That is up to the hosting council whether they want to have a delegate meeting at that festival or not.

    Floyd Bard: I was going to bring this up at the good of the order. But I am going to bring it up now because Mr. Marsh, as astute as he is, we did talk about this for other reasons than we are talking about it now. Zola had the program book in her hand and there is an opportunity and an available room at the Mid-Winter where we can hold a 30-minute delegates meeting. I was going to bring it up at the good of the order that we would like to have that scheduled to discuss others things we have been talking about. So, delegates, this is your opportunity to come back and discuss the motions of today and anything else you would like to discuss at the Mid-Winter. That will be put out in the minutes.

    Sandy Eddings: Just to verify timing for a delegates meeting. There is time on Saturday afternoon in the State Room from 12:30 to 3:00 for a delegates meeting. That room is Mid-Winters to be used however. All we have to do is let the hotel know. I have no problems with letting you do that.

    Ray Jones: We have a Parliamentarian that is sitting there doing nothing. If I remember correctly, in the Practices and Procedures it states that there will be an officers and delegates meeting at all Federation meetings.

    Tony Haskins: I agree with what Kay Rogers was saying about the grant. We also have the option that if the Federation would like to buy the trailer themselves the River City Dancers and the River City Riders will maintain it and do all the upkeep on it including the storage. Another question that was brought up, I don't think the horses are going to be stored in there full-time. I think each individual member is going to take their horses home because they do have dance lessons and they have to bring the horses to the dance lessons.

    Dennis Marsh: With that in mind I would like to ask the delegates if they would feel the information they would get back in this short time for the January meeting would be ample enough time to discuss with their councils? If not, we can postpone it until the next meeting after Mid-Winter.

    Lee Ashwill: Polling the delegates is that enough time for you? Anyone think it is not enough time?

    Larry Reetz: The only thing I have against May, Dennis, is that you have a National Convention in June. You are only talking about 4 weeks in order to do something before these people have an opportunity to know whether or not they will have transportation. I would encourage the January meeting for the discussion.

    Dennis Marsh: That is a good point. Then if we do have this meeting then I am asking Tony that he really gets on it and get that information out to all the delegates. So we can have that information within the next couple of weeks so we can go back to our councils.

    Tony Haskins: Would you like me to bring the President of the River City Riders to the delegates meeting at Mid-Winter so they could ask questions?

    Dennis Marsh: I would vote for that.

    Tony Haskins: So it is a 30-minute delegate meeting at the Holiday Inn Express, State Room from 12:30 to 3:00 pm?

    Lee Ashwill: I am a little concern with that statement and the finances you are asking.

    Tony Haskins: I am looking for a time in the day.

    Lee Ashwill: TBA, to be announced.

    Barbi Ashwill: I think having the President of the River City Riders come is great, but if these delegates, not timely, get every piece of information they need, which includes any secondary options of another purchase of a trailer that is already established, within the next couple of weeks that they can take to their very next council meeting. What we are trying to do is get the feel of the people in their council. This is not the delegate's decision this is the dancers decision.

    Tony Haskins: I will have that information out.

    Barbara Tipton: I would like to say something on the timing of that meeting. Les' meeting is over at 12:30 but just to be able to clear the room and everything it should be scheduled for 1 o'clock or so.

    Ron Schmit: Tony could you check and see how much it would cost to rent a trailer of that size to go back and forth. Just to give something to compare it to. I roughly figured approximately $800 for it.

    John Guches: I would like to poll the delegates right now to find out when their next council meeting is going to be held. I know my council is the first Tuesday of December. We would need it in our council at least by the day before so we could provide it at the council meeting.

    Tony Haskins: I will have it out next week.

    John Guches: Okay, will that satisfy the rest of the delegates? How many of them have a meeting between now and next week? Are there any that have a meeting every two months or once a quarter and is that going to affect them?

    Lee Ashwill: It appears, John, if it is not ready for Mid-Winter then we will have to divert it at that time.

    John Guches: I fully understand that, but I want to give these guys as much time as they need to discuss that.

    Lee Ashwill: I appreciate that. You have to remember that the delegates represent their council and it is what your dancers want, this is the way we want to operate.

Floyd Bard: In addition to the discussion for the trailers, another reason we asked for the meeting at Mid-Winter was to discuss the timing of the membership forms as well. So don't forget that issue as well.


South Coast Council: Chuck (Coleeta) Quigley

Beachcombers: We are busy with lessons and preparing with the other South Coast Area clubs for the State Meeting ... TODAY! We are so enthusiastic about our new dancers and hope you had a chance to meet them at the dance last night. Our regular dances the first Friday of each month have been well attended with all the clubs in the area being very supportive. It's great!

Jefferson Squares: No report

Saints N Aints: Our lessons are going very well. Sherm Welch does a wonderful job teaching the new students and they enjoy it so much. Donna Hiserote is also teaching the rounds with lots of enthusiastic students and Cathy Houston is the line dance teacher. So we are really busy. We are looking forward to being involved in hosting the South Coast Area State Meeting this month. Hopefully many of you will be in attendance so we can meet you.

Sets-in-Order: Lessons are in full swing. Would you believe all gals! Twelve of them! Thank goodness we have many faithful guy angels from all our area clubs! They are having a great time learning, and we hope they will get their "partners" to get involved next year. The State meeting with South Coast Area hosting is now here. We have been excited preparing for all of you.

Sunset Empire Council: Kathy (Dale) Worthington

The Hayshakers classes are going good. The students are attending the dances. Because some of our members are at the State meeting this weekend, we wouldn't have had a dance if it weren't for the students.

The Seaside Sashay was a great success even though it was down by 11 dancers. We were surprised at the number of dancers that pre-registered, 83%, compared to about 45% in the past. Comments were made about being able to get a full refund if unable to attend the dance. This might have been part of the reason for such a large pre-registration.

Tualatin Valley Council: Mike (Sally) Duyck

Coast Swingers: We are making plans for our classes to start in February 2010 and hope to complete the schedule at our next meeting. We are dancing only the second Saturday of November, December, and January, if we have enough people. David Trout will be our caller for the November dance.

Eager Beavers: The plus class for the fall was a failure. Our Mainstream Harvest Dance was held on Sunday, October 18th. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the lively dancing and the sumptuous potluck spread afterwards. November will find us enjoying our Monday afternoon dances at the Stuhr Center.

Fireballs: Come and enjoy our last dances, for all those that don't know this will be our last year. Come and dance for free. Our last dance will be December 11th at the Longview Square Dance Center (Longview, Washington). We will have both Craig Abercrombie and Darryl Clendenin with Lonnie Sykes cueing. Come say good-bye to the Fireballs on our final night.

Hoedowners: Our Spooky Boogie black light dance on October 24th was a great success. We were all "a glow" and everyone had a great time. We plan on doing this again next year. Please join us for our "Chips Ahoy" dance November 28th with dinner being served at 6:30pm. Dinner will be Fish & Chips and Chicken Tenders with a light dessert at 10pm. Our class is doing well and we are all looking forward to our new dancer's jamboree on Sunday, December 6th, at Aloha Grange from 3 - 5 pm.

Mix 'N Mingle: December 5th will have Randy Dibble calling and Ken Pratt cueing (5 and 6). December 19th is the Christmas Dance with Darrell Kalmbach calling and Jeanine Norden cueing to floor level.

R Square D: Oktoberfest was a great success with lots of comments of "we will be back next year". Lessons started October 7th with a potluck at 6:00 and lessons following. We have a grand total of 4 students! Our December 5th dance will be dark this year so we can attend Cougar Squares Thankful Christmas Dance. Every year we donate our 50/50 pot donation and this year it will go to FISH. We voted to bring the total up to a set amount, no matter what came in.

Sunset Promenaders: Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 13th, when we are hosting a New Dancers Jamboree. What makes these dances more fun for the new dancers is having lots of angels in the squares. So please, support all the jamborees even if you do not have students attending, so the new dancers can have a successful experience on the dance floor. December 19th will be our Christmas dance with new dancers welcome.

Toe Draggers: The Toe Draggers just had their Youth Square and introduction time on the 18th of October. We had 3 squares of new dancers and most of them are going to try and start dance lessons in the winter. In the actual dance part for the youth, we had KC Curtis as our main caller and Jonny Roberts was the Youth Guest Caller. We also had Kristen Mitchell from the Rockin Teens, Buckley, Washington call one square - several rounds and Paul Myatt cuer - from the Braids & Braves. And Lee Ashwill the President came and supported the youth. Our next dance December 4th is our toy drive. December 18th is our Christmas Dance. Classes start on Sunday, January 3rd, for square and round dancing.

Tri Squares: December 5th is our Teddy Bear Dance with Scott Zinser and Doug Hatch. December 18th is our Christmas Dance with Jim Hattrick.

Valley Squares: November 6th, 7th, and 8th was our weekend of classes with a Jamboree on Saturday, November 7th, at 7:30pm pre-rounds and 8:00pm Jamboree. We had 90 students and most of them were recycled dancers so it worked out quite well. Charity dance for Doernbecher was on November 21st. Amber Craig played live music accompaniment with her Dad, Ed Craig calling. Collected were stuffed animals and cash donations for Doernbecher. We had a weekend mainstream class November 6th, 7th, and 8th, with follow-up classes to be held on Sunday afternoons into December. There were nine students for this intense presentation. December 19th is the Winter Ball with KC Curtis and Ed calling. Classes start January 5th at the Aloha Grange.

Tualatin Valley Council: The New Years Eve dance is now proceeding toward completion with presales and arrangements. This will be a dinner dance.

Ideas: TVC has recently requested from the clubs information on how to find students. TVC provided yard signs for club members and assistance with advertising expenses for the clubs but would like to find what works. My club, Hoedowners, has data from all of our previous classes and it appears that nothing is successful, but each method picks up a few students. Both TVC and Hoedowners are very interested in finding out what works and what new methods are needed to proceed forward. One of our more dedicated members has taken on this research. The mass mailings are expensive and difficult and need to be very selective if useful. We are still a work in progress on this.

We are very lucky to have a callers' instructor in Portland and Daryl Clendenin is very successful in helping those interested in becoming callers. I didn't realize how lucky we were until Lee requested information on callers and I fell into this in that research. We could advertise this callers' school a little to get more new callers although the word seems to get out.

Perhaps the Oregon Federation could assist these new callers gain floor experience. I have heard that "Callers Co-Op" is holding dances in Salem. They may not be able to schedule these for long without support. Could we get these added to the OFN schedule even though these callers are not a Federated club? It could be enough to guarantee that their expenses are met to establish this as a continuing event. It sounds great for the Salem Square Dance Center and the callers.

Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard

Buckeroos: Buckeroos are in the process of gathering boughs etc for our annual wreath sale. We will spend the first few days in December making the wreaths at the barn. Going dark the first Saturday so we can visit the Charlie Browns December 5th for their birthday dance.

Boots & Calicos: No Report.

Dancing Friends: No Report.

Pioneers N Petticoats: No Report.

Timber 8s: No Report.

Umpqua Area Council: Participated in the Veterans Day Parade November 11th. One club member drove her classic car but the rest of the members walked. First time we walked without a trailer & music and it worked out fine. New Dancers Jamboree January 10th, 2010, 2 - 5 pm. Square dance attire is encouraged.

Blue Mountains Council: David Stutzman - No Report

Central Oregon Council: Liz (Bert) Teitzel

Bert and I are very happy to be the Central Oregon Council Delegates. Central Oregon is not just a great place to live; it is a great place to dance. We had a very successful Halloween Council Dance.

This time, each year, Central Oregon dancers extend their warm, caring hearts to several good causes. Our dances are fun and they benefit the community.

Bachelor Beauts: The Beauts will hold their annual Teddy Bear dance on December 19th. Dancers are requested to bring stuffed bears and other stuffed animals that will be donated to the Salvation Army. The Beauts will be hosting their Thanksgiving dinner for all the Central Oregon clubs on November 18th. There is always an abundance of food and lots of hungry dancers to help eat it. The Beauts mainstream square dance lessons will begin on January 7th. Ron Blivens will be the instructor.

Red Rock Squares: The Red Rocks celebrated their new dancers halfway dance with 3+ beginners squares. They have between 10 and 12 beginners each Tuesday.

Sagebrush Shufflers: The Shufflers held their Veterans Day Dance on November 14th. Veterans are admitted free and the club collects supplies of the "Caring for Troops" organization. The items collected are distributed to any member of our Armed Forces that have a connection to Central Oregon, even if they are not from the area. The Shufflers will host a New Years Eve dance on December 31st. The theme is denim and diamonds and the caller and cuer are George and Patty Hermann.

Sundown Round Dance Club: The Sundown Round Dance Club has changed its schedule to only one dance a month on the 2nd Monday. Sundown is giving waltz lessons on Sunday afternoon. Joyce Brown is the instructor.

Swinging Mountaineers: The Swinging Mountaineers are holding their Christmas Dance on December 11th. This is also a canned food drive dance for the Salvation Army. The Mountaineers start their plus workshop in January.

The Red Rocks and the Shufflers are both participating in Christmas parades to help promote Square Dancing in Central Oregon. The Red Rocks will be decorating a float for Redmond's "Star Light Parade" on November 28th. The theme is "Christmas Story". The Shufflers will be decorating a float for the Prineville "Lighted Christmas Parade" on December 5th. The theme is "Twas the Lights Before Christmas". Both the Red Rock and the Shuffler clubs will be dancing on their decorated floats. Jim Steele is scheduled to call.

Eastern Oregon Council: Jim (Kay) Rogers

Eastern Oregon Council has been busy plotting ways to get more participation from the dancers around Oregon, Washington and Idaho for our Summer Festival. We have sent out flyers and are busy making visitations. We hope you are all registered.

Emerald Empire Council: Dennis Marsh (Lawanna Harper)

The Callers and Cuers Association is having a New Dancer Jamboree on December 6th from 2-5 pm. The Trails End Dance will be live music by Dave and Bonnie Harry and Janine Norden.

The Whirl-A-Ways are having a New Dancers Dance on January 9th.

Sweet Home Squarenaders Toys For Tots is coming up in December and they are doing a cash donation to the fire department too so they get the toys that are needed for the kids.

The Single Trees are doing a New Years Eve Dance and it will be a potluck dinner.

The Wolf Pack is having a Christmas Dinner on the 18th with a ham dinner and dance.

In your folder we distributed flyers to each council. There are enough for each club in your area. The Emerald Empire would like to wish Genevieve a Happy Birthday.

Interstate Highlanders Council: CeCe (Sarge) Glidewell

The Interstate Highlanders' November 7th Fun Before the Snow Flies Dance with caller Larry Sprout was actually the Fun AS the Snow Flies Dance. Therefore, we were especially grateful to our dancing friends who made the trip from Alturas, Lakeview, and Medford to dance with members of the KC Squares and other folks from Klamath Falls. It was an afternoon of fun, with great snacks, fun door prizes, and lots of good dancing and fellowship.

The Interstate Highlanders will be dark until March 6, 2010 when we will be hosting a dance in conjunction with the Klamath Basin Home Show. Wearing your favorite outfit for doing home repairs will be optional. Wayne Weaver from Medford will be calling. Then on May 1, 2010, we are having a May Day Dance with Bob Ewing from Springfield calling. Our president is already gathering ribbons for the May Pole.

The KC Squares started a beginner's class in September. We have about a dozen new dancers, who have attended very regularly, and are learning fast. We invited them to our Interstate Highlanders dance on November 7th. They were also invited to our regular club dance on November 21st. Our caller, Larry Sprout, is very good at sizing up the floor and calling to that level.

Our Potato Festival was a success at our Klamath County Museum. Everyone enjoyed looking at the exhibits.

The Glidewell's round dance workshop was moved from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm so that the workshops don't have to be cancelled every time there is a State meeting or out of town dance to attend. Their dancers have been working on Waltz and Rumba.

Lincoln-Tillamook Council: Wally (Sandi) Brunelle

The Sea Twirlers paid a call visiting the Rainbow Squares in Salem and "the Crew" visited the Golden Squares in Woodburn. The club is now in the planning stages for their Birthday Dance for September 12, 2010 in Gleneden Beach.

Meanwhile, the Toledo 49rs thoroughly enjoyed a Halloween dance hosted by the Corvallis Squares. They also put on a demonstration dance at a nursing home in Newport. A small group attended a dance with the Swinging Stars in Salem.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Gary (Norma) Sohn

The Mid-Willamette Area is proud to have 114 new dancers in class this fall. The Cherry City Cloggers have 58 students in their class alone!

The first Mid-Willamette Area Fall Festival Area Dance was held October 31st at the Salem Square Dance Center. We had a great turnout with over 12 squares on the floor and many sitting on sidelines.

The first New Dancers Dance will be sponsored by the Willamette Squares and will be held at the VFW Hall in Salem on November 29th from 2 - 5 pm.

Clubs were polled on their choice for the Randall Award and the results sent in early.

State Directories were distributed to all the clubs in Mid-Willamette Council as ordered.

The State insurance packages were distributed to each club and were returned with little problems. The package is ready to turn into Insurance Chairman, Kay Rogers.

Please review the OFN for news about clubs and their special dances in our Area. One special dance held by the Braids and Braves of McMinnville was a benefit dance for families of Veterans serving in combat areas. One half of the gate will go to the National Guard Family Fund.

Please support the Mid-Winter Festival by buying your ribbons and coming to Albany this January!

Portland Area Council: Al Wolf (Gail Domine)

Most clubs have started new dancer classes. Unfortunately, some have had to cancel them due to a lack of students. In comparing the number of members this year with last year, we find that the PAC lost 53 members. This isn't a good sign. Hopefully, we will regain this number in the year 2010.

Many clubs are having new dancer jamborees. The Country Capers are having theirs on November 21st. Northwest Callers Association will sponsor one on November 22nd. Happy Hoppers on November 27th, Silver Stars as well as Swap & Swing on November 28th, Squaws & Paws on November 29th, Bachelor 'N' Bachelorettes on December 2nd, River City Dancers on December 6th, the Buzzin' Bees on January 16th, 2010 and the Happy Rock'rs on January 23rd, 2010. Check your November OFN for details.

The Bachelor 'N' Bachelorettes and the River City Dancers held a benefit dance for one of their members; Stan and Norma Craig's daughter, who passed away from a rare brain disease. Square dancers were very generous in their donations for research of this terrible disease. The research is done in only one place in the United States and that is at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland. If you want to read more about this, check the ad for the dance in the November OFN.

The River City Dancers lost one of their charter members to cancer on October 30th. Everett Foss was a very dedicated dancer, always willing to help out with lessons and committees. He and his late wife, Arlene were assistant publicity chairman for the 43rd National in Portland. He is survived by one daughter and two granddaughters.

Several clubs are planning to and are advertising for their New Years Eve dances. Bachelor 'N' Bachelorettes will have as their theme "Dancing With Our Stars". Happy Hoppers will have "America the Beautiful" as their theme and the River City Dancers will have a "Hawaiian Luau Party" theme. Swap & Swing will also have one in The Dalles. Check the November and December OFN for more information.

The 5th Friday, October 30th Council dance was a very successful Halloween Dance with 103 dancers in attendance.

The Tri-Council dinner will be on December 15th at the Home Town Buffet in Tigard, hosted by the TVC. This is always a fun time and gives everyone an opportunity to socialize with other council members which are in the Evergreen and PAC.

Many clubs are collecting non-perishable food to be distributed at Christmas to the less fortunate. The need this year, due to the recession, is greater than ever. Monetary gifts are always accepted. Please be generous.

Our committee for the 2012 Summer Festival has been meeting once a month to plan this event. Lots to do in such a short time. We hope to make this a "Memorable" Festival.

Since the next 5th Friday Council dance is on January 29th, we have decided to cancel it so everyone can attend the Mid-Winter Festival.

Rogue Sis-Q Council: Glory (John) Guches

Our 4 clubs are busy with their classes, which are going well. The Holidays are coming and we are planning Thanksgiving and Christmas Dances. At this time I am giving a pre-announcement that we have the club, the Ronde'Vous, planning to join our Council. They will be presenting their paperwork at our next council meeting in December. Hopefully, we will be able to accept their Oregon Federation paperwork at the January meeting. They are out of Grants Pass.

We are looking forward to the Charlie Brown's 42nd Birthday Dance on December 5th, 2009, at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. Eric Henerlau, a national caller will be calling mainstream with plus tips. A-1 is at 5pm. A potluck dinner will be at 6:30pm. Pre-rounds are at 7:30pm with rounds between squares. Squares are 8pm to 10:30pm. Everyone is invited, come on down and join the party with us!


Don & Lonna Bramhall:

"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful." -- Buddha

These words of wisdom remind us that despite the many problems in the world today, perhaps we should reflect on the coming National Holiday and remind ourselves that every day is a personal gift and we should never take the "least" little thing for granted. Why doesn't each of you jot down a few of the little things that make you thankful and happy this Thanksgiving?

Lonna's Thanksgiving Day list: four days off in a row, sleeping in, Virginia Meyer's mincemeat pie, watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Scotch oats and English muffins and the cat on her lap, sleeping in, coffee in bed, a special dinner with special friends, a new book - and time to read it, and - oh yes, sleeping in.

Don's Thanksgiving Day list: oatmeal with cinnamon AND cinnamon raisin bagels (yes, the parade too!), a stuffing recipe that people will like (going for oysters this year), a brisk winter's day walk. Oh, yeah - maybe a football game or two...

We enjoyed September's Federation meeting in hospitable Garibaldi - and of course, we have fond memories of past meetings here in Port Orford, not to mention the famous Battle Rock Dance Weekend - and some of the best fish & chips on the Oregon Coast!

Central Oregon is still busy this fall, with dances and lessons - in October, the Council hosted a special Halloween party featuring Vern and Cathy Boggs. This was the second time Vern called a Central Oregon dance but it won't be the last - Vern and Cathy are the featured caller and cuer for the 2010 Central Oregon Round Up! Last Wednesday, the Bachelor Beauts hosted a grand "Family Affair" Thanksgiving potluck dinner for all dancers and friends, and Don made cornbread stuffing from scratch. Don and Julia Child have a lot in common... well, they're each over six feet tall! The first real American 'potluck' dinner was celebrated by the Plymouth Colonists and Wampanoag Indians in 1621; however, it was sometime between September 21 and November 11 - and was notably three days long. The first national Thanksgiving football game was broadcast in 1934 between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears. Thankfully, it was not three days long.

The RV has been put away now and even though Don didn't go hunting, he had fine sport chopping down trees in the back yard; a freak storm the first Sunday in October destroyed many lovely trees in our area - 5" of wet, heavy snow in less than a day. After the coming holidays, we are looking forward to the 2010 Mid-Winter Festival's Golden Jubilee. We'll see all of you there, with or without snow!

In honor of the coming holiday, here's a short Thanksgiving toast appropriate to use at your family feast on Thursday next:

"May your stuffing be tasty, May your turkey be plump, Your potatoes and gravy Have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious, And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off of your thighs!"

Genevieve Churchill: (Given by daughter Cory)

I want to thank the Council and the Coast Swingers for the lovely potluck and dance.

My daughter Cory is here today from California to help celebrate my 98th Birthday with you and my 50th year of dancing.

I started square dancing with lessons from Graham Crackers who was with the State Parks Bureau. Very basic they were. From there I went dancing with the Laze Js in St. Johns, a part of Portland. The caller and later State President, was Tommy Thompson, his wife Irene taught rounds (of a sort) before the rounds were being taught by the clubs. George Ulrich was State President and if you look in your State Directory, you will see that he was only the 8th State President after it was organized. So as the saying goes" I have come a long way, Baby".

There have been a few bumps along the way as square dancing was for couples and singles were not smiled on, so when the B & Bs were formed, that was my answer. I was with the club for many years doing all offices and beginning to travel to many Nationals - which I have been to 35 or so.

My dancing was done a great deal in Washington, so I became President of Evergreen Council as well as Goodwill Ambassador to the Penticton Jamboree in Penticton, British Columbia.

I have helped pave the way for singles and there are many now and are accepted.

Last but not least, my congratulations to Lee and Barbi. I know it will be a good year for us all.

Bill & Annadale Rooper:

Summer is gone! Already! And the Holidays are almost here.

It's true when they say "Time files when you are having fun", and fun and travel, we have had.

We started with "Days of Wine and Roses" party in Goldendale then on to Boring the next weekend to dance and attend their annual Breakfast Feed. The food was scrumptious and the hob-knobbing and craft items great. They had some interesting 'log dogs' that almost barked, wanting out of their pen.

That afternoon we moseyed over to the River City Dancers hall to dance to Live Gospel Music by the Fiddlegrass with Les Seeley and Renee Ruud calling and Tami Helms cueing. It was lively, thoughtful music to dance to and fun.

The Halloween Dance sponsored by the PAC had the usual spooks and creatures in the hall. Witches, Ladies of the night, and flamingos were prizewinners in the costume category. There were prized for pumpkin carving and poems.

We had planned to go to the Evergreen Halloween dance the next night. We stopped in Washougal on our way to visit with my son. He had the Oregon/USC football game on. Guess you know what happened. The clock said 7:30 and "we better get moving" - and we just kept yelling at the TV. Anyway the Ducks won and we yelled some more. We went home. Too exhausted to go any farther west.

Numbers for classes in The Dalles have been up and down with new students. A square from the Country Capers danced with us and collected a banner the other evening. Sure glad they visited. We carpooled with 2 squares of gorge dancers to Boring to dance with Bill and Neva Reid last Saturday. It was a fun dance for me. It was the first time I have danced in square dance shoes for over two months. We will be dancing at our Veterans Dance at the Senior Center November 13th since the Civic has been leased out to someone else that evening.

Looking forward to 'Turkey Day'.

We hope you have registered for upcoming festivals and conventions.

Bill Rooper: We didn't do much traveling around the country. We live in The Dalles and it is 80 miles to Portland so we probably made a few trips a week to Portland. So I think we have been doing our traveling.

Larry & Barbara Schaumburg:

Howdy, howdy from deep South Texas.

Larry and I left Portland October 19. It was an exciting trip as usual to Texas. We stopped at a rest area just north of Roseburg to feed the dog. While waiting for the dog to finish eating a couple came up to the motor home and told us we had a flat tire on the tag axle. We called Good Sam Emergency Road Service and waited. Good Sam came, mounted the new tire ($308.00) and we're back on I-5 again. About 50 miles down the road, at Canyonville, a dreadful noise was heard. It was another flat tire. This time it was the inside dual. We find another tire shop in Canyonville. Another new tire mounted ($148.00) and we're back on I-5.

We made it to our family in Woodland, California. We visited, had dinner and stayed the night.

The next day we traveled down to Deming, New Mexico, to visit with friends. We stopped in to see Fred and Arlene Beam - Jerry and Carolyn Abbey. Fred was a long time caller in the Portland area. He is still an active caller in New Mexico. He plans on retiring next year after 60 years of calling.

After a couple of days in Deming we hit the road again and headed to San Antonio. We stopped in San Antonio to visit with more family before going down to the Rio Grande Valley.

We arrived in Harlingen, Texas, October 29th. We've unpacked the motor home and have settled in for the next few months.

Our weather here is great. It's in the mid 80s. We did have a few rain showers the last two days, which keeps everything green down here. We've been plus dancing Monday and Friday mornings. Line dancing Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings. Round dancing Friday afternoons and Saturday nights. We are really busy dancing and loving it. We have from 4 to 11 squares and all dances are casual.

If any of you get down our way, please give us a call. Till next time, y'all take care.

Lee Ashwill: I did get an email from her and it said: As she sits there basking in 89-degree weather she wishes (in her words) y'all a happy Holiday Season.

Steve & Valerie Murphy:

As Goodwill Ambassadors we travel all over promoting dancing and good fellowship to everyone everywhere. We almost always combine this with our love of RVing. In winter, most northwestern RVers winterize their RV for winter storage or head south to warmer weather. We'll be heading south ourselves after Mid-Winter Festival. Klamath Falls' winter weather has plenty of snow and below freezing temperatures virtually every night. To get to anywhere in the State to dance we must first get out of Klamath Falls. Steve has learned that winterizing our RV is not an annual event, but an almost weekly occurrence. In winter we expect to chain up the RV every time we head out until we reach the lower elevations that only get rain.

Since we were appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors at the September meeting, we have been busy as beavers... (sorry Mr. President) traveling and dancing around the State.

It started with the newly formed Ronde' Vous Club in Grants Pass. The following week it was the Pioneers & Petticoats Halloween Dance in Canyonville, Sets in Order Birthday dance in Coquille, and the Sundown Round Dance Club in Bend. A week later we dropped by the Rounds-R-Us Club in Rickreal, then on to the Seaside Sashay. While dancing with the RE-VU-N-Q in Salem, we found out that our illustrious President is co-owner of a dance hall. A hundred years ago that would have raised some eyebrows, but today it's not only accepted, it's encouraged. Times have changed. We ended up at the Royal Romp in Vancouver, Washington. We'll definitely be back to that one.

Everywhere we've gone we find that the Mid-Winter Festival is being pushed and pre-registration is being encouraged. From what we've seen, the Delegates have done a good job getting the word out to the clubs. Mid-Winter ribbons have been sold at most of the dances we attended. Our policy of encouraging pre-registration at the local clubs seems to be working. Val and I have been wearing our ribbons wherever we go. It's a great way to advertise.

After the Royal Romp we had a few days to kill so we decided to head to Spokane and check out where the Nationals will be held in 2012. RV parking will be a couple of miles away, actually 7 miles, at the Fairgrounds and shuttle service is being arranged. The Convention Center is in the middle of downtown, but is actually a part of the Riverfront Park, the site of Spokane's Exposition in 1974. Plan on spending some time wandering around this park while you're there. The views from the many bridges over the Spokane River that runs through the park are spectacular especially in the wintertime. There's also an IMAX theater and a beautiful Opera House next to the Convention Center. The World Figure Skating Competition will be held at the Riverfront Park Pavilion next year. There is a plethora of places to eat within walking distance from where we'll be dancing.


Lee Ashwill: Thank you South Coast Council and all the people that helped you put this together. I thought you and Coleeta did it all, but I have heard from others that that was not true.

Kay Rogers: I want to take this opportunity to remind you that USA West is coming back in 2011. It is going to be in Longview at the new Cowlitz County Event Center. Put it on your calendars for August 18th, 19th & 20th. There are a lot of cool things planned for you including bringing back the Ghost Riders. Our theme for this dance is Cascade Promenade. So when you hear us around town or you see a board, you know what it is all about. I have some early registration forms here that are saving you some money until March of 2010. If you would like to have one to stick in your middle drawer and pay yourself first, let me know and I will be sure you get one.

Sandy Eddings: At this time I would like to take a minute to apologize to my secretary for Mid-Winter. Inadvertently their name got deleted from the committee list in the book. This was not anything planned, but I need to apologize because this is not good. They have been the Secretary for Mid-Winter for the past 3 years or 4-5 years that I know of. I just want to apologize to them as Chairman for Mid-Winter for that happening. (Put a name to them) John and Glory Guches.

Lisa Kious: I have to admit this was not planned but Kathy is helping me up here. I was recently contacted by a Wall Street Journalist by the name of Mary Pilon. She has been doing interviews and I am sure some of you have gotten phone calls from her. She is trying to put together an article on square dancing here in Oregon and especially with emphasis on the youth. She is planning a trip out here from November 30th through December 6th. She would like any information on any kind of youth dances or if you've got youth in your club that might be available to talk to her or whatnot. Please send me an email or Mary's email is mary.pilon@wsj.com. So basically, anybody 20 - 35 and under she would like to talk to you. So either get a hold of me or get a hold of her. She wants to schedule as many interviews as possible. There are a lot of delegate that have youths in their clubs, so I hope they will take this back and give them the information.

Lee Ashwill: In Steve and Valerie's report on the Delegates doing a good job, you know we beat them up all the time for not doing it. Thank you Delegates for getting those Mid-Winter registrations out there.

Kathy Roberts: I am wearing my "moms" hat right now. For those of you that heard when he read the TVC report Jonny called at his first youth dance and I promoted it at the last Council meeting in Waldport. My mother-in-law contacted The Oregonian and said you know what, you guys are always talking about how bad our kids are. My grandson is going to be calling at his first dance. It went through a couple different departments and ended up at the Portland Wide Desk and he said this is entertaining. We got a reporter from that part of the desk for two hours. He interviewed a lot of different people, he had a photographer come out and as a result they put Jonny's picture in the paper and it continues on inside. I am very proud of him. He did an excellent job and it is really nice to see that they are trying to put out information that not all teenagers are doing things their parents would rather not talk about.

Ray Jones: I owe a public apology to Tim Roberts. Earlier I said that Tim was sitting up there doing nothing. That was not intended the way it may have sounded. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the way he serves this Federation.

Dave Cooper & Patty: Here's the deal boys and girls. We happen to have in our little hall here a bat problem. Bats come in the spring and they live inside the building. It is not major but we have dancers that don't like bats flying around. We have bat houses made by our local President, Mr. Malcom Young, and he said that he puts about $35 worth of labor and material into these bat houses. We are going to put them outside on that end of the wall (east side). Hopefully when the bats come back they will live in these and not inside our building. They cost $35 so if you would like to buy, sponsor, one we will put your name on here. We will paint on it like; Lee Ashwill, President, and you will by infamous forever. So if you would like to purchase, sponsor, one of these see Vanna White (Patty) and she will take your name and all that stuff.

Lee Ashwill: We will sponsor one before we leave here today but I want to know if there is a history on the effectiveness of it.

Dave Cooper: History, no, we have never had any. I am saying it doesn't matter, if your name is on it, Lee, they will fly right…. I have one more little thing I would like to say before you guys go to sleep and that is: As you know throughout the State of Oregon and in every State in the United States we have people that go through lessons and learn how to square dance and then we don't see them again. Because when they go to their first dance and dance at the mainstream level or higher and they get confused and they can't do it and they quit. So here on the South Coast starting in January we are going to start a new club. The club is going to be at easy mainstream level. It is geared toward all the students you saw last night plus the ones that didn't make it to come and get a chance to dance for a year. We will do calls that are easy at the beginning and get harder as the year progresses. Hopefully that will keep all of our new students dancing this year, next year, and forever more.

Floyd Bard: Dave I can relate to your problem with bats because the Emerald Empire Area has a problem of theirs. They have cats that just live all over the place. Maybe they could use a cathouse (I'll sponsor one). And it won't cost you a dime.

I had a good email, not only did I but so did our Parliamentarian, from Neta Minten about a concern about going to dances at non-federated clubs and being covered with insurance. She is totally confused about the two different levels of insurance that we have. Liability insurance, which covers the club and we have limited medical insurance, which covers yourself as a second carrier to your primary insurance carrier. She was saying if I go to a non-federated club, am I covered. Yes, but what about the liability and... She was talking about taking some of these non-federated clubs, making them an honorary or some form of a level of a member of the Federation. I said that you (our Parliamentarian) are wonderful as far as your feedback to Neta is that doesn't meet our membership requirements. You have to meet the corporation; you have to meet everything to do that so you can't think about going in and having an honorary type club.

Kay Rogers: We will insure a club. It does not have to be federated.

Floyd Bard: Okay, this is why I brought it up. I think when we get information like this; there are other things too. You can have a special dance and you can get a certificate of insurance to cover you if you are already insured. There are a lot of things. We can get this information to you (Kay) so you can get the right information to Neta.

The last thing I have is the delegates are the key to our organization and they do a wonderful job. We've new delegates here, we've got older delegates here and we've got former delegates here. We also have a lot of former officers here. Many of the officers have been Past Presidents and if you haven't gone through the chairs and sat in the chair that Lee Ashwill is sitting in and taken all the responsibility to coordinate all of this, it is really a hard job. Right behind me is one of the Past Presidents of the Oregon Federation, Genevieve you don't have to stand up, but I would like to have all of the Past Presidents please stand up. About 10 people, I knew Genevieve was going to stand up. This is a great group of people. Take a look at how many come to the meeting to support this organization even though they have gone through the chairs, some of them more than once. Thank you very much for all your help.

Glory Guches: Dave, I have a suggestion with your bat boxes. Every year I see the same thing. You have the Ducks on one side you get the Beavers on the other. Why don't you get each of these groups to sponsor a bat box?

Mike: The problem with the Beavers is that they will go away from it and go right into the building because they don't want to be anywhere near it.

Lee: The Beavers would eat that box it's wood!

Marilyn Schmit: I would like to remind you that some of us officers have a bunch of equipment to pick up today. So don't be so quick to pick up your chairs and tables because in Garibaldi you had our stuff on the floor before we even had everything packed up and put in our bags and everything. Give us some consideration for the stuff that we have to put away.


Sunday, January 31, 2010, Mid-Winter Festival


Lee Ashwill: Do I have a motion to adjourn?

Larry Reetz, I move that we adjourn. Seconded by Gary Sohn.

Adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Dale A. Worthington
Recording Secretary

Complete copy of the minutes is available by contacting the Recording Secretary at dkworth@hotmail.com.