MINUTES OF MEETING dated July 10, 2011
Hosted by Portland Area Council
Reynolds High School, Troutdale, Oregon

President Floyd Bard called the meeting to order at 9:30am.


Remembrance for Barbara Schaumburg: Floyd Bard


Officers: All present.

Appointed Officers: All present except ORDTA, Ken Pratt (Alt: Cece Glidewell).

Delegates: All present except Central Oregon, Liz Teitzel; Lincoln-Tillamook, Wally Brunelle; and South Coast, Cathy Woodworth (Alt: Linda Bell).

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present Genevieve Churchill and Larry Schaumburg.

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President, Lee Ashwill.

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Ray Jones (done by Floyd Bard).

MINUTES: Dale Worthington: The Minutes were posted on the Website. Are there any corrections or changes?

John Guches: I move that the Minutes be accepted. Seconded by Dennis Marsh. Motion carried.



PRESIDENT: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Thanks to the Portland Area Council for a GREAT Summer Festival. Even though Jill is not able to dance, which has been the case for the past two years, she still is dancing with us in spirit.

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Ray (Zola) Jones

Rogue Sis-Q Council President, Carl Muck, has informed me their council has volunteered to host the November 2011 State Meeting. The Saturday, November 12th meetings will be held at the Josephine County Square Dance Center in Grants Pass. The November 12th Saturday evening dance and the Sunday November 13th meeting will be held at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center in Central Point. We need to start planning for a meeting in June/July 2012, as there will be no Summer Festival. We are going to need a council to volunteer to host that State meeting.

Each of you received this Application for Facilities Committee. That is Dave Cameron's way of inviting you to help take down the Mid-Winter Festival after the Sunday meeting or any time you can lend a hand. His thoughts are that this Federation benefits from the income of that festival and he would like to see all you Federation officers and delegates have the opportunity to lend a hand. Even if it is just an hour someplace but the Facilities Committee has a big job and Dave and his committee can use all the help they can get.

2011 Summer Festival: Tony Haskins

I don't have all of my report as all the numbers and figures are not in yet. Mr. Rooper said we had around 550 to 600 people here.

What a great time I had at the festival. Seeing old friends and making new ones. The weather could not have been better. The facilities were perfect. A big thank you goes out to the committee chairman who worked the tails off for the last 2 years preparing for this event. Also I would like to thank all the clubs and club officers and members for their coordination and implementation of everything from decorations to patrols and from the sound systems to the callers and cuers. I would like to thank George and Patty Hermann and Ken and Diane Pratt for taking care of the featured cuers while there were here. I would also like to thank Janet Shannon and Jim Ruebsamen for being the caller hosts. I would also like to thank Deborah Carroll-Jones and Charron and Casey Parker.

Thank you to everyone who came…and lets give the Buzzin' Bees, Silver Stars and the Happy Hoppers a big thank you for setting up the State meeting and refreshments.

The USO Show went really well.

I would like to thank Kathy Roberts, the Youth Activities Coordinator, for putting on a dance last night for the teenagers over in the hall. Also for thank you to Jonny for putting on the tip in the common area.

Floyd Bard: I would also like to add that the recipient of the Wood Award for the most attendees from a Federated club was the Whirl-A-Ways from Springfield, Oregon. The highest percentage award went to the Coast Swingers of Garibaldi, Oregon. The Oaky Doaks Challenge was won by the Buzzin' Bees.

2012 Mid-Winter Festival: Roger (Linda) Putzler

Just a few points about Mid-Winter Festival coming up January 27th through 29th 2012: We will once again have the trolley running from the fairgrounds to downtown during the dinner hour on Saturday. That worked very well last year and the City and the Visitors Center is more than happy to once again to help us provide that service. Most of your clubs throughout the State should be looking for Mid-Winter visitations to start. We have a pretty good schedule and we will be seeing you on the dance floor.

Some of you that participated in our resale-clothing program last year understand that we had some problems. We have purchased a new program for our point-of-sale. We are anticipating that is going to solve all of our problems. We will be having a dry run in September to make sure it works the way we envision it. If not, then there is another dry run in October, November, December, January, and by Mid-Winter we guarantee there will be no glitches.

We have registration packets available for anyone that would like to checkout a registration packet and help us with our pre-registration sales. Please catch me at the break or at the end of the meeting or catch Linda, because Linda is in charge.

I would like to introduce our Co-chairman Frank & Cathy Dietz and they are the Chairman for the 2013 Mid-Winter Festival.

Frank Dietz: I want to thank you all for letting me be here and I want to submit a budget for our 2013 Mid-Winter Festival.

Caller for our Mid-Winter Festival is Jerry Junck from Arizona and Nebraska. Jerry has called in the area recently but he has never called a festival in Oregon. He is extremely excited to call for us. Our round dance cuers are Gert-jan and Suzie Rotscheid. They spend part of the year in Georgia and part of the year in the Netherlands. Our clogging instructor is Scotty Bilz from Georgia.

If any body has any question about the budget I do have my treasurer here to translate this as much as possible. The vice-president has look at it at our area meeting and the area has approved it.

Barbi Ashwill: I have not had time to really look at the budget but on your income what basically are you basing this on attendance wise?

Frank Dietz: We are basing it on a 1,350 count. We do actually have a caller and cuer onboard at this time. The caller is Tim Marriner and the cuers are Chuck & Sandy Weiss.

Oregon Federation News: Vivian Fairburn

Through the last 10 months, the OFN is in the black.

I have received some interest about the Dance for the Health of It article in the June OFN. I have sent the article to the website for those who would like to use it for recruitment purposes.

I welcome any and all articles from club members. I especially welcome obits about those who pass away that are an integral part of a club or council.

I didn't receive any banner inventory from clubs this month. It is a great visitation-planning tool and the listing is free.

The deadline for lessons listing in the September issue is August 5. It is free and is on a page that can be torn out and carried with you.

The Portland Area Council is planning an OFN subscription dance September 30. Councils should come to the September meeting with their schedule of OFN subscription dances for the coming year.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Curt (Cheryl) Lundine

The development of the 2011/2012 State Directory is proceeding with all councils updates received and most club updates have been received. The work of making required changes to the Directory will be done on a spreadsheet and will require very little time. We are moving right along on that.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Dale (Kathy) Worthington

As part of my duties as Recording Secretary I am responsible for reporting on the "current ness" of the P & Ps at the Summer Festival meeting. After checking with Tim Roberts, he tells me that the copy of the P & Ps on the website is up-to-date. He also told me that he should have it back from the printer and in-hand for this meeting.


Thank you notes to: Virginia Meyers, Rental Manager, Pine Forest Grange; Liz & Bert Teitzel and Central Oregon Council for hosting the State meeting.

Get Well cards sent to: Lori Stevens, Lee Ashwill, Dave Bealey, Bill Cook, and Jill Bard.

Sympathy card to: Lee Kilbourn; Bill Reid for passing of his father; Willamette Squares for passing of Charles Harrington; Neta Minten for passing of her father; Larry Schaumburg for passing of Barbara, his wife; and George & Lorene Griffith for passing of their daughter.

TREASURER: Barbi (Lee) Ashwill

You have copies of the most recent Profit & Loss and Balance sheets. I can tell you for certain that the amount of money in the checking account is accurate. There may be some discrepancies where I have entered some figures into the wrong account. Just bear with me and we will get this as up-to-date as we can as far as the account balances go, but you can see how much money is there.

Floyd Bard: How are we doing with the signatures? Do we have any signature cards that we need to deal with?

Barbi Ashwill: Because we are getting so close to September…(Floyd Bard - We might as well wait and do it at one time.) Yes.

Floyd Bard: Another note, in the Program Book it had Larry & Carol Reetz as the Treasurer for the Federation and, of course, we know Barbi is our Treasurer for the Federation.

MEMBERSHIP: Sylvia Davis

Everyone has been contacted on filling out the Membership Forms. There are only two that have not sent in their forms already, but will do so by the Summer Festival.

The Lincoln-Tillamook Council will be having a meeting in August and will probably disband. Several of the members are quite sick and they are not having success in lessons, etc.

I have gotten online with the State of Oregon and made a list of all the clubs and when their corporation dues are due. I am contacting those who need to pay their dues about a month ahead of the due date.

Insurance/USDA: Kay (Jim) Rogers

You guys are doing a really great job. Tim has streamlined the process, which makes it so much quicker, more efficient, less expensive, and I really appreciate it.

PAST PRESIDENT: Lee (Barbi) Ashwill

The President gave me a letter that he received from the Adaptive Riding Institute. I had a goal this year but did not meet it. I was disappointed with that, but suddenly I am happy again because thanks to the clubs, councils, and individual dancers we contributed over my goal to the Adaptive Riding Institute. They are sincerely grateful and they said that the Oregon Federation, since we took them on as a charity, has contributed over $22,700.00.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

You each have a packet of updates to your P & Ps, about 50 pages which makes it about one third if the document. I would remind the delegates that you each have two updates - one for your copy, and one for your council's copy.

Section VII got a lot shorter because of the streamlining of the Grant Fund procedures. This packet includes everything from there to the end of the section, so you should discard the rest of Section VII from your current copy (after page VII-31).


What a great bunch of good weather for the Summer Festival held in Troutdale July 8th, 9th, and 10th.

The Portland Area Council introduced the Oaky Doaks Challenge Trophy provided by the Oaky Doaks. This is going to help us raise more money for the clubs on an individual basis.

The 11th USA West Square Dance Convention is coming up on August 18th - 20th, 2011. this event will be held at the Cowlitz Conference Center in Longview, Washington. The theme is "Cascade Promenade". For more information see www.usawestwa.com or call 503-396-5537. The Cowlitz Conference Center is at 1900 7th Avenue in Longview.

The Central Oregon Roundup is the second weekend in August 12th & 13th. There is a Trails End Dance at Bronco Billy's Grill & Saloon with the callers from the floor. Featured caller for squares is Dean Black from Yreka, California. The featured cuer is Dave Cooper from Prineville, Oregon. For more information please call 541-385-8904.

The Oregon State Fair is coming up the last weekend in August and the first weekend in September. We have four councils plus the ORSRDC Youth Dancers. This is a list of councils and clubs:

1. Tualatin Valley Council will dance with its clubs on Friday, August 26th on Center State from 10 to 11:30am. The clubs will include the Eager Beavers, the Hoedowners and friends. Ferrous Steinka is the contact person at 503-649-9487.

2. Umpqua Area Council will dance with its clubs on Saturday, August 27th on Center State from 10 to 11am. Those clubs will include the Buckeroo's, Timber 8's, Pioneers 'N' Petticoats and friends. Frank & Rita Schuchard are the contacts at 541-672-0964.

3. OFSRDC Youth Dancers will dance on Friday, September 2nd on the Spirit of Oregon State from 11am to 12:30pm. Kathy Roberts is the ORSRDC Youth Activities Coordinator and contact person. She may be reached at 503-590-4187.

4. Mid-Willamette Council will dance on Saturday, September 3rd on the Spirit of Oregon State from 10 to 11am. The Mid-Willamette dancers are members from various clubs representing their council. Barbara Tipton is the contact person at 503-588-0962.

5. The Portland Area Council will dance on Monday, September 5th on Center State from 10 to 11:30am. The clubs will be the Bachelor 'N' Bachelorettes and friends. Tom Gay is the contact person at 360-256-8351 or Jim Schira at 503-233-0437.

I had quite a few clubs who wanted to dance at the State Fair this year. I couldn't provide time for all of them so it was first come first served. If you want to dance next year contact Tony Haskins at ynot50@netzero.net or call me at 503-674-0204 and sign up today. Umpqua Area Council may not be able complete their obligation for the State Fair. If they can't then the Buzzin' Bees will step forward to possibly take over. If not, then I will be advertising for more dancers.

Let's not forget to promote those new dancer lessons coming up this fall. Now is the time for recruitment. Let's take the dancing outside so the public can see what fun we have. Use those parades and other town/city squares and put on a show. I think of this only because this is such a great venue and a grand social life. If you are injured and can't dance for some reason, just being there and involved with your friends is great.

Mid-Winter Festival 2012 is just around the corner in Albany on January 27th - 29th, 2012. Roger & Linda Putzler are working hard in getting things organized and ready to go. The caller is Jerry Junck from Arizona, the cuers are Gert-jan & Susie Rotscheid from Georgia, and the clogging instructor is Scotty Bilz also from Georgia. Frank & Cathy Dietz are the Co-Chairman and working very hard with the Putzlers.

"Circulate in Washington State 2012" 61st National Square Dance Convention to be held in Spokane, Washington, June 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th of 2012. Our own people from Oregon are helping in putting this event together. Janet & Roy Bellcoff, with the Silver Stars (a PAC club), are the Assistant General Chairman with Don & Cheryl Pruitt as General Chairman. Bill & Neva Reid from The Dalles are Publicity Chairman and Tony Haskins from the PAC is Co-Chairman for Local Publicity. There are other Oregonians helping out also, so you see; Oregon is well represented.

Floyd Bard: Thank you Tony. Being out there and being in the public and taking advantage of the fairs and the communities activities with our activity is always a good thing. When we just hold our dances and we are in our dance halls nobody gets to see us. It is when we are out in the public, like with the Summer and Mid-Winter Festivals when we go in to the restaurants and the motel rooms, other people see us and ask us questions. That is where we promote our activity. It is a great opportunity for that.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Bill (Annadale) Rooper

The IRS issued a listing on June 15, 2011 of the 250,000 organizations they are deleting from their records, nationwide, because they have not filed a form 990 N as required when they made a change in their regulations in 2006. Among the names deleted were 26 Oregon square dance organizations. By referring to our directory, it appears that only eight are currently still active. I have tried to make contact with these eight and offered my assistance if needed. I invited them to the seminar held yesterday and hope that helped some. I am available at any time to assist where needed. We had an IRS auditor at our meeting yesterday and she was very helpful. I think we got most of our problems solved, but we still have some to go.

Floyd Bard: I think what we have done with tax-exempt and nonprofit status and working with the IRS and having an IRS auditor at our educational seminar was phenomenal. It gave total credibility on the issues we have been trying to deal with and it gave a single source with an agency that we have to comply with. I think when we have to bring in a subject matter expert, outside our organization, that is a great way to do it, to include even insurance.

EDUCATION ADVISOR: Curt (Cheryl) Lundine

An educational seminar was held yesterday, July 9th, 2011, beginning at 10am and lasting until 11am. Ms. Angie Chapman, an IRS tax auditor spoke on the subjects of tax-exemption and non-profit organizations to the 33 persons in attendance, and also answered a wide variety of pertinent questions from the audience. I would like to mention that the whole audience was involved. They were all paying attention to what she said and were really interested in the subject matter. Mr. Bill Rooper and Mr. Tim Roberts added valuable comments gained from their in-depth research into the subject. This seminar provided the information needed by individual clubs and councils to maintain their proper tax status. Each council delegate has been given copies of brochures and tax forms that Ms. Chapman brought for our use. We put them in their folder so every delegate has the necessary documents to take back to their councils and make sure their clubs can get their tax status straightened out.

HISTORIAN: Zola (Ray) Jones

We have set up the State Historian display here at the Summer Festival and the "Badge" Board in it also. We hope that there will be more histories of the clubs and councils left at the display tables - as we still need many of these histories.

The next event we will be attending is the Diamond Lake Festival.



All is current and up-to-date with both BMI and ASCAP.


It was my pleasure last night to announce the recipients of the OFSRDC Educational Scholarships. We awarded three scholarships. Berea Little, a member of Sets In Order, received her high school education through home school. She will be attending Southwestern Oregon Community College and will be pursuing a degree in the medical field. Sandra Pinion, a member of the Braids & Braves, graduated from McMinnville High School. She will be attending Western Oregon University and will be pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Jonathan Roberts, a member of the Toe Draggers, graduated from Tualatin High School. He will be attending both Portland State University and Portland Community College concurrently and will be pursuing a degree in Musical Performance, Opera. Thank you to the Youth Committee, Lee and Barbi Ashwill, Al Wolf and Gail Domine. They evaluated the applications and essays and made the selections.

We had close to 50 people attend our Youth After Party last night. While we only had about 7 or 8 youth, we had a great time dancing with the young at heart. Jonny Roberts was the caller/MC. He was joined by our featured cuer's daughter, Ashley Parker, on a tip. Jonny played a selection of upbeat music for everyone's dancing fun including YMCA, Thriller, and the Cha Cha Slide.

Ann Skoe hosted a youth dance yesterday afternoon. There were five callers, including Ashley and Jonny. There were only about 10-12 youth, but a lot of dancers who were young at heart and enjoyed the great calling.

On Saturday, August 13th, South Coast will be co-hosting a youth dance. The callers will be KC Curtis and Jonny Roberts. We will have an hour introduction to square dancing between 1 to 2pm. The high energy, fun dance will be from 3 to 5pm. Flyers were given to the officers and delegates for this dance. Please take these flyers to your clubs and encourage your families to consider taking a vacation to Coquille and come dance with us.

On September 2nd the youth will be dancing on the Spirit of Oregon Stage at the fairgrounds between 11 to 12:30pm. KC Curtis and Jonny Roberts will be calling this dance. Please invite all of the kids and the young at heart to this dance. We need your support. If you are planning on coming, please contact me so that I can put you on the list for free fair admission.

It is time to start thinking about our scholarship benefit dance in 2012. If there is a council who is interested in hosting a youth dance in April or May, next year, please contact me. I would prefer it to be out of the PAC, Mid-Willamette, or TVC area so that we do not detract from the H.O.R.S.E.S. Benefit Dance. Please go back to your council and let me know if you are interested in hosting the dance. We need this dance in order to continue giving scholarships to our outstanding students.

If you have any youth who would like to attend any State supported square dance activities and cannot afford the fees or ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available to help financially challenged youth dancers.

ORDTA: Ken (Dianne) Pratt - Alternate Cece Glidewell

ORDTA held a general meeting at the Summer Festival. Newly elected officers will take over at the fall meeting. Nothing else to report except our extreme sadness at the sudden passing of Barbara Schaumburg. She was a beautiful lady with that sweet Texas drawl; she liked to cue, and she loved to round dance. Barbara did a great job for many years heading up ORDTA's committee for selecting rounds of the month. She will be greatly missed.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: (Submitted by Cece Glidewell)

Oregon Round of the Month
September 2011
"Finally Friday"
Chosen by: Interstate Highlanders


WEB MASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

At the time I am writing this, 90% of the clubs have filed their membership updates online. That's very good.

After some prompting by the Membership Chairman, I created a script to go pull the corporation division records for all of our clubs automatically. That helped me find and fix a number of mistakes in the list of corporation numbers. I've also started to scan the IRS list of tax-exempt organizations, but their website uses encryption, so I can't easily automate it.


I have received the dates that are available for the State Fair Square Dance venues.

We moved up to 5 days of dancing, instead of three. I have made the selections on the following criteria: The numbers of clubs who would like to participate and the number of councils those clubs are in. This is a statewide event, as you know. I took one club from each council and included the Youth Dance Club: Portland Area Council, Umpqua Area Council, Tualatin Valley Council, Mid-Willamette Area Council, OFSRDC Youth Dancers.

These are the clubs, contact people, time slots, and stage areas, which have been selected. If your club is not included, I'm sorry. Remember, the club that is dancing supplies their own callers and cuers.

Tualatin Valley Council: Eager Beavers & Hoedowners: Friday, August 26th, Center Stage, 10-11:30am. Contact Ferrous Steinka at 503-649-9487, ferrous@frontier.com.

Umpqua Area Council: Buckeroo, Timber 8's, and Pioneers 'N' Petticoats: Saturday, August 27th, Center Stage, 10-11am. Contact Frank & Rita Schuchard at 541-672-0964, schumart@hotmail.com.

OFSRDC Youth Dancers: Friday, September 2nd, Spirit of Oregon Stage, 11am - 12:30pm. Contact Kathy Roberts, Youth Activities Coordinator, at 503-590-4187, Kathy@4roberts.us.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Mid-Willamette dancers: Saturday, September 3rd, Spirit of Oregon Stage, 10-11am. Contact Barbara Tipton at 503-588-0962, barbaratipton@comcast.net.

Portland Area Council: Bachelor 'N' Bachelorettes: Monday, September 5th, Center Stage, 10-11:30am. Contact Tom Gay at 360-256-8351, tomtom1134@gmail.com or Jim Schira at 503-233-0437, square_thru@yahoo.com.

Maps, directions, gate passes, and other needed information will be sent as soon as possible. I need to obtain this information from the entertainment director before I can pass it on to you. If your club is short on members please ask other clubs to join you in the event.

This letter went out to Eric Marcus on June 28th, 2011:

Dear Eric,

Hope you are well…

I have attached the letter I sent out to my dance clubs who would like to dance at the state Fair this year. However, I do have some questions, as I know things have changed somewhat on your end.

1. Are you going to handle everything that Sara was doing?

2. Will it be the same format as last year? (Last year I had each club send in a list of names of the folks that were dancing at the fair, which will also include the caller and cuer if applicable.)

3. Two parking passes each day per venue so the callers and cuers can unload their equipment close to the red gate. (These should be issued to the contact person who will be communicating with you on their event.)

4. I will also be there each day of dancing and would also like a parking pass for each day. I do have handicapped parking tags and permit. That would be a total of 5 passes for me.

Thank you.
Tony Haskins State Fair Square Dance Coordinator

I have not received an answer, but as soon as I do I will put it out on the website.

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Oaky Doaks used the trailer for the Starlight Parade. They said it worked great

One of the trailers is still at my house and the other trailer is in Donald. It is going to be used this month and in August and then I will get that trailer back. Those that want to use the trailers get your requests in to me and I will make sure you know how to get them.


Eight out of the ten active councils attended the meeting. We discussed: