MINUTES OF MEETING dated September 18, 2011
Hosted by Mid-Willamette Area Council
Salem Square Dance Center, Salem, Oregon

President Floyd Bard called the meeting to order at 9:04am.



Officers: All present except Corresponding Secretary

Appointed Officers: All present except Ken & Diane Pratt

Delegates: All Present except Lincoln Tillamook and Umpqua

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present except Larry Schaumberg

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President, Lee Ashwill.

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Ray Jones.

MINUTES: Dale Worthington: The Minutes were posted on the Website. Are there any corrections or changes? Change requested by Zola Jones was to add the words "Summer Festival" to Page 3 Line 4 by Floyd Bard. Page 15, under good of the Order, Gail Domine, items found at Summer Festival not Mid-Winter.

Ray Jones: I move that the Minutes be accepted as corrected.

Seconded by Sylvia Davis Motion carried.



PRESIDENT: Floyd (Jill) Bard

I cannot believe September 2011 is already here. This last year has gone by so fast. I want to thank so many people for their support and for working so hard for the Federation, the councils, the clubs, and especially the dancers. All of the officers, committee chairs, delegates, and Goodwill Ambassadors were outstanding and your commitment was duly noted, especially when conducting the business of the Federation.

I want to give special thanks to Barbi and Lee Ashwill and Curt and Cheryl Lundine for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to fill the vacant positions of Treasurer and 2nd Vice President, respectively. Barbara Tipton was a trooper staying on as 2nd VP for as long as she did, but her health was more important, good call Barbara. This guy sitting to my right is a saint and has more knowledge of the Federation than anybody I know. Tim you are the Best. The OFN would not be where it is at without Vivian Fairburn and of course the Festivals that were held this year were wonderful. How about Dale Worthington, how many would spend the time he does to make sure the minutes and motions are accurate and timely after every State meeting. WOW! Enough said.

You will note that Genevieve Churchill is serving her last year as Goodwill Ambassador, but we will not see the last of her. Look out 100 here she comes!

Finally, I want to thank Lee and Barbi Ashwill for asking Jill and I to follow them through the chairs of the Federation and I want to equally thank Ray and Zola for agreeing to follow Jill and me. This leaves only one person remaining to thank, Jill has been through so much this year will all her surgeries and trying to keep up with me. Jill, please accept from me these roses in appreciation of who you are and everything you have done. I love you.

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Ray (Zola) Jones

I want to thank all of you appointed officers who stepped up and agreed to continue your services to the Federation. In the coming year I want to thank Zola, I have depended on her for 53 years. It may not continue because we showed up yesterday with no black pants for me to wear as part of the mid winter outfit.

I would like to welcome all the new delegates and the old ones too. I am particularly please to see Doug Hartzell. We consider Doug and LaDauna special friends and we are glad to have them back in the federation. Vivian was elected as Treasurer but she is unable to serve. Barbi will be appointed to take her place.

2011 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Tony Haskins

The summer festival was a great success with 548 paid registrations and numerous other people in attendance including the vendors, callers and cuers and John & Jane Doe. Lots of fun and dancing, the meeting of old friends and the making of new ones added to the excitement of Deborah-Carroll-Jones and Sharon and Casey Parker calling and cueing.

The USA Show was a great success with the 2 Sisters and a Mr. We had 400 people in attendance.

Vendors seemed to be happy with the layout of the school and the great coordination of Janet Shannon in setting it all up.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and if there were any major problems please blame Al Wolf and Bill Rooper. Of Course, we can always blame Genevieve Churchill because she is the oldest and the oldest is always to blame.

The $3,000 loan from the Federation has been repaid and the ½ of the profit from the festival has also been paid in the amount of $3, 732.

Thank you goes out to the Federation and thank you to all the clubs and members who participated. I am ready for another one-if needed.

2012 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Roger (Linda) Putzler

Everything is on track and we are under budget. We have 300 registered so we are not going to panic yet. We would like to see another 1,000. Program books will be out and available at the November meeting.

Ray Jones added that if you want to register Zola has ribbons for sale right now.

2013 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Frank (Cathy) Dietz No Report


This year ended in the black with a profit of $931. I am disappointed because I like to make $1,000. Subscriptions are averaging about 820 for the year. The PAC is planning their subscription dance this month. The TVC held their subscription dance at the Hahn Barn and believe it or not they had 37 subscriptions. That is a record. I could not make it so Ferrous Steinka is the one who took care of all of it. I do not have any other OFN Subscription dances for the rest of the year. Please remember we need to plan about 2 months ahead of time so we can get the publicity and materials in order. There are extra issues in the back of the room, please take them back for your lessons.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Curt (Cheryl) Lundine

The new directories are on hand and ready for delivery. If I have not already received your check and given you your books, they are here in the hall. I want to thank Vivian Fairburn for the great help she has been during this process. The experience of publishing a document like this is old hat to Vivian, but was a real eye-opener for myself; and was actually fun once I had a grip on the requirements.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Dale (Kathy) Worthington

Well, it has been 3 years since I was first elected to this position and it is almost time to hand the keyboard over to Kay Rogers. I would like to thank all the officers, committee chairs, delegates, and ambassadors for submitting their reports prior to the State meeting. When I first started almost all the reports had to be transcribed off the tape. That was a very time consuming process, about 60 hours of work after the meeting. Now it only takes about 20 hours after the meeting to get the minutes typed up. Also, thanks to the President and Past Presidents the Official Minutes have gone from almost 50 pages to around 30 pages.

Again thank you very much for your help and support and I hope Kay enjoys it as I have.


Thank you notes to: Portland Area Council for hosting the State Meeting at the Summer Festival.

Get Well cards sent to: Liz Teitzel, Kathy Buczkowski, and Mark Foster.

Sympathy card to: Becky Cartwright, Janice Young, and Charlotte Powell.

TREASURER: Barbi (Lee) Ashwill

I distributed treasurer's reports to each of your spots. I want to publicaly apologize to Bill Rooper, who sent me some very timely summer festival funds. I did not get it into this report. We would have had a profit had I got them into the report. We would have made a profit of $3,000 instead of the small loss.

MEMBERSHIP: Sylvia Davis

Serving 3 years with the Oregon Federation has been for the most part a delight. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you square dancers for letting me be Membership Chairman.

Many of the Membership P & Ps have been updated during this 3-year period. We have simplified many of the duties.

I would like to thank several people who have helped me through this time as well. First of all, I would like to thank John Guches for getting everything up and running on the computer. It made it so much easier for everyone. Also, I would like to thank Ray and Zola Jones for taking care of the State Badge Board. My apartment is very small and they were kind enough to transport it back and forth to the various festivals. Last, I would like to thank Tim Roberts for all the help he gave me. Even if I asked stupid questions, he walked me through it or checked on it and gave me the answers. I am very grateful for these people. Thank you.

INSURANCE/USDA: Kay (Jim) Rogers

The paperwork for insurance was handed out .Get some of the forms on line as they are easier to fill out on line. If you have questions or problems, call me. I also gave you a sample of the four part form.

PAST PRESIDENT: Lee (Barbi) Ashwill

Thank the MWA for the dinner and dance last night. Thanks to the ladies to danced with me also.

I have distributed the Randall Award packets to each of the councils. I would like to have your ballots returned to me No Later Than the November 2011 State meeting. There are nine nominations in those packets.

Also, I have been thinking about the process to choose the Randall Award winner. If each council were to nominate one couple/single for this award, would it not make sense that the councils would each vote for their nominee? Maybe the time is right for a Randall Award Committee to be appointed by the sitting President to do the balloting for the recipient. Just food for thought!

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

I've distributed today a set of P&P updates that should have been part of the update in July. I think we are all caught up again.


It was a very busy month in July of 2011 with the Summer Festival in full swing and then followed by the PAC's 5th Friday Dance on the 27th of July. This dance was held at the Oak Grove Community Center in Oak Grove. Calling and working the crowd was that funny man and genius Scott Zinser followed by the artistic Jeanine Norden. It was a great dance.

The last week in August and the first week in September I was working the State Fair and coordinating the square dance clubs and members. See State Fair Report coming up later.

Another year of putting out flyers, OFNs, and other informational packets for upcoming dance lessons again this year. The Checkerboard Squares had a display at the U.S. Bank in Gresham the last 2 weeks of August. Check out your bank for a display promoting your dance lessons. This is a great way to advertise.

The PAC has a new application of the club called the Floor Dusters. Tim (Kim) Kane are charged with this club and their application should be in to the Federation as I speak. This will give the PAC 20 clubs.

The PAC will hold an OFN Subscription dance on September 30th with Chuck Garner calling and Ken Pratt cueing. Vivian Fairburn promised to be there... this time! You know how she is... 'iffy'.

Holidays are coming up so be prepared for the holidays and all the great food and dances coming up. Please drive carefully with all the school kids and buses out, it's tricky.

The Buzzin' Bees will hold the first Oaky Doaks Challenge Dance for the great trophy that was presented to them at the Summer Festival. This was on September at the Hazel Dell Grange in Vancouver.

Entertainment books are out so let's sell-sell-sell…and don't forget to buy your ribbons for Mid-Winter Festival. Roger and Linda Putzler need your help.

PAC's Tri-Council Dance will be coming up in 2012. More information will come on that.

Also, you delegates who want information in the Publicity and State Reports please email me with that information.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Bill (Annadale) Rooper

I noticed that an excessive amount of money is being carried in the checking account. While interest rates on time deposits are not very good these days, 1 or 2 percent is better than nothing.

Also, Bank of America is in trouble financially and while accounts are guaranteed up to $100,000 and more, it would be wise to consider changing banks as far as our checking account is concerned. If Bank of America goes under, who knows how long it takes for the FDIC to act. We could be without access to our checking for a while.

All of you delegates need to remind your clubs and councils that the IRS filing thing some of us had problems with last Fall is an ongoing thing. All clubs and councils need to file the Form 990-N annually with the IRS via the Internet within 5 ½ months of the end of your fiscal year end. In other words, if your year ends on June 30, you need to file by November 15. This is an annual filing. If you have assets over $50,000.00 you need a paper Form 990-EZ.

I am still available for assistance if anyone is still having problems with the IRS.

EDUCATION ADVISOR: Curt (Cheryl) Lundine

An educational seminar is scheduled for 11:00 am Saturday during this next Mid-Winter Festival. The subject to be discussed will be "Successful Guest Caller and Cuer Contracting". We will offer a panel discussion with one well-known Oregon caller and two area and club level folks who have years of contracting experience. The audience should gain some valuable insight into the problems of caller and cuer contracting and may have specific questions answered as well.

HISTORIAN: Zola (Ray) Jones

I have once again accepted the position of State Historian for the coming year. So - I will be continuing to ask all of you delegates and officers to remind your councils and clubs to get their Histories to me if they haven't already done so. And, I have received a few club and council 'Banners' since the May State Meeting.

As we begin a new Federation year, Raymond and I look forward to special times of dancing, visiting, meeting more dancers, and making more friends.



Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.


ORDTA: Ken (Dianne) Pratt, Sarge Glidwell sat in as alternate

ORDTA is in the process of selecting the Classic Round of the Month for the 2011-12 year. Votes are due to Elaine Funk by September 20th. ORDTA's fall meeting will be held at the Square Dance Center in Springfield on Saturday, October 8, 2011, at 10am.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Goldie (Earl) Restorff

Barbara is a hard act to follow. Please let me know who your round dance coordinator is with e-mail address so I can contact them and get the information to them as needed for Oregon Round of the Month.

WEB MASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

If you are coming on board at the installation of new officers today, and you have not previously been on the board, please make sure I have your correct email address so you can receive notices of agendas and minutes.


It's Big! It's Big! It's Humongous! What a great time we had at the Oregon State Fair this year.

The Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs gave a tremendous showing at the State Fair. With five clubs and three councils represented, our venue started on August 26th on Center Stage with Tualatin Valley Council Eager Beavers, Hoedowners, Sunset Promenaders, Valley Squares and other friends. They all joined forces to dance to the calling of the great George Clark, a long time caller and cuer. Norm Yoder presented himself for some guest calling which was also excellent. The TVC clubs danced for 1½ hour entertaining the folks "gathered-round" with toe tapping music and hand clapping enthusiasm.

On Saturday, August 27th, the Buzzin' Bees, a PAC club, from Vancouver also danced on Center Stage from 10am to 11:30am. Bill Lundin did another tremendous job of working the dancers and working the crowd. Bill did some great calls as he led everyone down memory lane with songs from the past and then topping it all off with some modern square dance music. The Buzzin' Bees filled in for the Umpqua Area Council who couldn't make the trip. Thank you Carol Zellmer for setting the club up to do this for us. We appreciate it very much and you all did a wonderful job.

On Friday, September 2nd, the OFSRDC Youth Dancers performed on the Spirit of Oregon Stage. Kathy Roberts, Youth Activities Coordinator, did a wonderful job in organizing the youth dancers. With a Hawaiian theme, there were four squares plus twirling and swirling across the stage to the calling of KC Curtis and Jonny Roberts. What a treat, both callers did an outstanding job the dancers and crowd. Thank you all so much.

Jonny Roberts showed everyone how to do the "Cha Cha Slide". I take it as something new. It is very catchy and a real crowd pleaser. I spoke to Kathy and she said the last time he performed this dance about 1000 people young and old alike all got involved. Great job Jonny.

The Mid-Willamette Area Council consisted of the Independence Wagon Wheelers, Salem Swinging Stars and others who tore up the Spirit of Oregon Stage on Saturday, September 3rd from 10am to 11am. Randy Dibble called a great venue entertaining both the crowd and dancers alike. What another wonderful job you all did. My thanks goes out to both Harriet Livingston and Barbara Tipton for being so great at putting this venue together for me. You are both a great asset to square dancing.

These clubs along with the others handed out flyers for upcoming dance lessons and other club information. Vivian Fairburn sent numerous OFNs, which all clubs distributed to the crowds of people watching.

The Portland Area Council's Bachelor 'N' Bachelorettes performed on Labor Day, September 5th on Center Stage from 10am to 11:30am. The Wild Cards" promoted their capabilities in singing, calling and pleasing the crowd. The Wild Cards are Terry Halley, Mike Halley, and KC Curtis - are we paying them? Hum! Chuck Garner did a guest appearance and as usual did another excellent job with his calling. Those Wild Cards know I'm teasing them, so you out there pay no mind to my comments - I'm just funning with them... well that is except for Terry. Even some Oaky Doaks and other dance club members joined in the fun on Center Stage.

I would like to thank everyone for participating this year in the State Fair Dance venue. It's always a great event filled with friendship, lots of fun and laughter and loads of entertainment. Of course, don't forget the opportunity to recruit more dancers to all of the clubs. It's also a great time to enjoy on Big - Big Fair. The smells, the food, the entertainment, and all the other things Oregon has to offer its' residents.

Hats off to all of you. Thank you very much.

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

The trailers were used by three clubs for four events. Portland Area used the trailers three times and the South Coast Area used a trailer once. I will be getting the last remaining items from Jim Kincaid later this month. There is a proposal to store one trailer in Aurora inside a covered area. The agreement would be that the State Trailer Chairman would be responsible for repairs and registration and the person housing the trailer would ensure access to the trailer when requested for use by a Federation club or area council.


At the last meeting we discussed the increase of reimbursement for hotel and travel. We are all here to serve square dancing but not at our expense only.

I have put together a calendar for clubs, councils and delegates to help remind each group or individual when articles, reports, paperwork and dances are coming up. I distributed this to some of the delegates who thought it was a good idea. I will do another one for this year and will send it out to anyone who wants it.

We discussed the fact that since we all here for the delegate's meeting, we could benefit from a short training program that would help all of us as delegates in the performance of our duties. We could get more out of our meeting than just talking about the Federation Agenda.


  1. Expense Reimbursement: Lodging and Fuel Expense Report - Ray Jones made

    a motion to remove the motion from the table. That motion was seconded by Dennis Marsh. That motion carried. Ray read the motion that virtually doubles the reimbursement for gas and housing at meetings. Lee Ashwill expressed concern about how the federation can maintain these expenses with our financial situation. Floyd said we could change it later if the situation continues. Population has dropped and our expenses have increased. The motion carried.




Ray Jones has a resignation, and Barbi Ashwill has agreed to serve at Treasurer. Floyd makes a motion that Barbara Ashwill be accepted as Oregon Federation Treasurer. Seconded by Curt Lundine. Motion carried.

  1. OFSRDC 2011-12 Budget - Ray Jones

    There are two corrections to the budget as presented. One was the income from Summer Festival 2011should be replaced by income from Summer Festival 2010.

    The interest should be listed as closer to $1500 than the $4700 listed. The budget is close to balancing. An explanation was made that the budget is made from last year's festival income. A motion was made to approve the budget with pencil corrections by Gary Sohn, seconded by Doug Hartzell. An explanation was made for the budgeting of BMI. Ralph has been out BMI representative for 21 years. Dennis asked about the budgeting of $250 for trailer maintenance. Ray made the explanation that money is budgeted in case we need it. The increase in housing and mileage should not affect this budget. The budget passed.

  2. State Meeting for July 2012: CeCe Glidewell moved the 2012 summer meeting be held in the Interstate Highlanders Council. After much discussion it was decided that the meeting would be held on July 14 & 15, 2012 in Interstate Highlanders Council.
  3. Floyd Bard made a motion and Lori McIntosh seconded to pay Tony Haskins $198.25 for reimbursement of gas for travel to state fair this year. After much discussion, the motion passed.


Ray Jones made a statement that his agenda will not have time limits. He trusts delegates to be able to limit their reports to what was appropriate.

Blue Mountains Council: David Stutzman

The Wallowa Mountain Rondezvous was held last weekend. Although attendance was down those that did attend had a great time. We had groups attending from the Bend area and from Lewiston/Clarkston. The rent has gone up for the dance facility at the lake, which has created concern whether the dance could continue at that location. However, the facility has been secured for next year's event.

The Council is preparing to host the May meeting next year. We have selected to hold the meeting on Sunday, May 20th at Milton-Freewater. The Muddy Frogs have secured the Community Building for that weekend.

The Elkhorn Swingers will begin lessons October 1st with a new caller. Stoney Hollcroft calls for a club in Ontario and has agreed to also call for the Baker City club.

The Star Promenaders will begin their dance season the 4th Saturday of September. They presented a demo in the closed street in front of City Hall for Celebrate La Grande last Thursday.

The Muddy Frogs will begin their season Sunday, September 18th with lessons beginning the following Sunday. To generate revenue they worked the gates at the county fair and have been renting out their portable dance floor.

Central Oregon Council: Doug (LaDauna) Hartzell

We want to thank everyone for attending Central Oregon Round-Up.

Central Oregon clubs are busy planning fall and winter lessons.

Swinging Mountaineers: The Plus club is doing a special program and Veterans' Dance on 11-11-11 with Les Seeley and Dave Cooper. All Veterans will get in free.

Sagebrush Shufflers: The Shufflers started an A-1 Workshop and Dance with Jim Steele on Wednesday September 14th from 6-7pm at the Redmond Senior Center. They also started Mainstream lessons on September 11th at the Crooked River Elementary School with Jim Steele calling.

Bachelor Beauts: No report was given.

Sundown Round Dance Club: The Round Dance club began waltz lessons on Thursday, September 15th from 7-8:30pm with Carol Bro and Steve McNeil.

Red Rock Squares: The Red Rocks started two-step lessons on September 11th from 6-7:30pm with Dave Cooper and Patti Reese. Mainstream lessons and Plus lessons will begin on January 8th with Marc Chambers calling.

Several Central Oregon Council square dancers are looking forward to a campout, dance, potluck, etc., up at Shaniko in October with Dave Cooper and Leonard Snodgrass. This promises to be a fun time for all.

Eastern Oregon Council:

Emerald Empire Council: Dennis Marsh (Lawanna Harper)

No report. Except to correct his e mail address: wolfsqrd1@aol.com

Interstate Highlanders Council: CeCe (Sarge) Glidewell

The favorable response to the New York Style New Years' Eve Dance last year has prompted us to schedule another Eastern Standard Time celebration. Cities in the running are Miami, Florida, and Charleston, West Virginia.

The KC's have been busy this summer attending as many festivals as could be worked into the schedule. Round dance workshops resumed on September 13. Square dance workshops resume September 22nd. Now! We are looking forward to our annual Potato Festival, October 14th and 15th.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Gary (Norma) Sohn

Well, here is another year of operation for our State Federation and our Council. Things are back to normal with lessons starting and kids back in school.

We are proud to have hosted this State Federation meeting and having all of you join us here in Salem. I want to give a big thanks to the Salem Swingin' Stars for hosting the dinner and the dance last night.

I want to give a big "thanks" to Tony Haskins for putting on a great Summer Festival last July. We all hope whoever hosts the next event does half the job as Tony accomplished.

As for Mid-Willamette Area, we will be installing our new officers tomorrow night right here in this hall. Vivian Fairburn will be taking on not only Treasurer of the Federation, but also President of Mid-Willamette Council. Norma Sohn, besides being our new Membership Chairman also holds the position as OFN editor for our council as well as President of the Braids and Braves Square Dance Club. Our hats off to all our new officers!

Six of our Council's clubs have started lessons this month. We are all hoping for large classes. It's too soon to know how the classes are doing at this time.

One thing I have stressed to all our square dancers is that this is the time to start thinking as to whom you would like to see nominated for the Randall Award for next year. The names have been turned in for this Mid-Winter Festival announcement so you can all start working on honoring your favorite square dancer for 2013.

After the excellent training session on Tax Exempt Status, I hope every club has filled out their proper paperwork to stay exempt. I have sent out information to all the clubs to help them.

Portland Area Council: Al Wolf (Gail Domine)

The Recycles Plus Club celebrated their 16th Anniversary on September 9th. The Country Cut-Ups will celebrate their 51st Anniversary on October 1st. On Sunday, October 16th they will sponsor their 35th annual pancake breakfast at the Boring Barn. This is their yearly fundraiser for the maintenance of their hall.

Many clubs will have or have had "Back to School" dances. All school supplies will be donated to agencies or schools for students who can't afford to purchase them.

The PAC clubs are again selling Entertainment Books. Half of the profit goes to the clubs who sell them and half goes to the PAC.

Many clubs will be sponsoring square and round dance lessons. Check your September OFN for a list of these. Vivian has listed these by city. If your club is not listed, you have not given her the information. This is "free" advertisement.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Summer Festival and made it the success that it was. We are very grateful to all of you.

The next PAC 5th Friday Dance on September 30th is an OFN Subscription dance and will be at Oak Grove Community Center, the home of the Oaky Doaks. It is a casual dance with Chuck Garner calling and Ken Pratt cueing. I am sure it will be a great dance. All are welcome.

Rogue Sis-Q Council: Lorri McIntosh

Rogue Sis-Q Council meets on the first Monday of every even month at Black Bear Diner in Medford, Oregon. We are preparing for the Federation meeting with a joint effort from Grants Pass and Medford clubs. The Saturday meeting will be held in Grants Pass at the Josephine County Square Dance Hall on Redwood Highway. Saturday evening we will move to Central Point at Rogue Valley Square Dance Center (RVSDC) on Table Rock Road for a crock-pot dinner for the delegates and officers. Volunteers will be bringing crock-pot entrées. Advance dancing will start at 6pm with pre-rounds at 7:30 and mainstream/plus starting at 8-10:30pm. The Sunday morning meeting will be held at the RVSDC with fruit, pastries, coffee, tea, and juice.

Pear Blossom is hoping to put together a cookbook this year for the festival. We are looking for your favorite recipe. Contact Lorri McIntosh or Sheila Roach.

Charlie Brown Squares: The fair is over and their hall is back together and ready for dancing. Beginner classes start September 13th at 6:30pm with Masters in Mainstream at 8pm. Banners are all over Grants Pass announcing beginner classes with the first two lessons free. The Charlie's first dance this year is their Coats for Kids Dance on October 1st. Help bring warmth to a child this year. Their Third Saturday Dance is a black cat dance.

Circle N Square: The Pepsi cart and dance at the fair went well this year. New classes start September 12th and will be open to new dancers until September 26th. Their birthday dance is September 17th with Lawrence Johnstone calling and Les Farley cueing. The dance celebrates their 57th birthday.

Lantz's Dantzers: No report.

Ronde'vouz: The September dance weekend has been cancelled. Ronde'vouz Dance Club started a new class Monday, September 12th with extended basic waltz and basic rumba at 6pm followed by varied rhythms for phase IV and up.

Star Promenaders: September lessons started September 8th at Rouge Valley Square Dance Center.

South Coast Council: Cathy (Ron) Woodworth

The South Coast Area Council clubs danced at the Coos County Fair in July and held their annual picnic at Sturdevant Park in Coquille in August with 34 in attendance. A Fifth Saturday Dance is planned for October 29th with a Halloween theme. Costumes will be optional. Beachcombers hosted a fun Battle Rock Festival over Labor Day Weekend with Denny Lantz calling and Dave Cooper cueing. Girls Night Out did a fabulous job on Friday night. Attendance was down some from last year, but everyone had a great time. Beginner lessons will begin soon.

Sets in Order: Sets in Order will have their birthday dance on October 8th at the Coquille Community Building. Their lessons will be starting next month.

Saints 'N Aints: Saints 'N Aints will be dancing in the Fun Festival parade on September 17th and will celebrate National square dance monthwith a dance thatnight.classes will start Sunday, October 9th with plus from 3-4 pm and beginner lessons from 4-6 pm at the First United Methodist Church in Coos Bay.

Sunset Empire Council:

Tualatin Valley Council: Jim (Kay) Rogers

The Council elected to move their meeting up half an hour to 7 pm the fourth Monday of each month. Every one is welcome to attend.

The Hahn Barn dance was a success with 37 subscriptions to OFN.

The Council is reimbursing clubs up to $200.00 to help defray cost of lessons.

The Coast Swingers need more visitors. Let's all go to the beach.

Eager Beavers are now dancing at the Sunset Presbyterian Church, 14986 NW Cornell Road in Portland on Monday afternoons at 1:15pm. Their annual Harvest Dance is Sunday, October 16th with a roast beef dinner. They will be dancing mainstream for this dance.

Hayshakers are hosting the annual Seaside Sashay in Seaside on October 28th & 29th.

Mix 'N Mingle will be dark in September to celebrate the anniversary of Dan and Debbie Knierim.

Sunset Promenaders are interviewing for a new caller after Harold Kleve's retirement.

Eager Beavers, Hoedowners, and River City Dancers are hosting Seaside Summer Fest' on July 14th & 15th in Seaside, Oregon. The Crew will be calling and cueing is with George Clark and Yvonne Clendenin.

Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard

No report.


Bill & Annadale Rooper:

Several weeks ago we drove to Ione to visit the Griffiths. We knocked on the door and no one answered. Then we drove a little farther thinking we would stop in at the McNary's. No one was home there either. So we drove over backcountry roads towards home noticing all the windmill forests sprouting every place. When we arrived home we called Lori Stevens to see what was going on in Ione. She reported they hadn't heard anything.

Last Thursday Lori called to say they were having a get-to-gather in Hermiston for George and we should join them and the McNarys. Some 20 friends and neighbors of the Griffiths had gathered for his 86th birthday. What a neat group of people…some went to school with George. He looked good and was still George. Lorene is living in a foster home in Hermiston. He said he was out politicking the day we had stopped by.

We did a spur of the moment hurry up trip to Weiser, Idaho, on Friday, August 26th to watch my grandson's first football game of the season. We stopped at the Dairy Queen in La Grande for lunch on our way and ran in to Don and Bonnie Berry. What a surprise! The Wolverines won the game handily even though it was 100 degrees in the shade. We stayed for one of his friends Eagle Scout Ceremony, Saturday afternoon, then drove home that evening so I could travel to Portland with my sister to see Mamma Mia on Sunday. Whee, living fast!

We were in Weiser a month earlier to attend Ben's, my Grandson, Eagle Scout Ceremony. It wasn't so hurried. He is a senior this year and is an offensive lineman for the football them.

I spent several days at OHSU with my sister-in-law and sister where my brother underwent quadruple by-pass surgery. He is home and recovering. Finding our way around there was a real challenge for this country girl.

Three squares of Gorge Dancers participated in a demonstration at the Antique Auto and Aircraft Museum in Hood River a while back. We had lots of fun but we didn't have many on-lookers.

Square dance friends, family, and neighbors joined Hank Balsiger for his 70th birthday dinner in August.

A visit with Marge Pentecost found her doing fine. She said she is lonely and would appreciate company.

Bill did a car rally with his son in the Southwest Washington area. He said they were lost most of the time but did finish.

Keep dancing. Support festivals and register for the National in Spokane.

Larry Schaumburg:

Kay Rogers reported that Larry stated he is cancer free. He has been dancing with the Eager Beavers on Mondays. He has 24 hour a day care givers. His kids are taking good care of him and he is doing well. Larry's calling equipment is for sale and Barbara's cueing equipment is for sale.

Steve & Valerie Murphy:

Two weeks after cueing at Summer Festival we headed for the Diamond Lake Festival. The mosquitoes were out in full force even though the weather was colder than usual. The 3 days of dancing made it all worth it. The last day in July saw us at McCloud Dance Country for a week of dancing with people from Northern California clubs. Valerie and I were the only Oregonians there.

After that it was off to Sisters for Central Oregon's Roundup Dance Festival. From there we headed straight to Longview, Washington for USA West. RV parking was tight but it was the best of the three USA West Conventions we've been to. It's always a real treat to meet and dance to the dozen of top callers and cuers from all over the west that we don't normally get to see at local festivals. There won't be one next year because the Nationals will be out west in Spokane. The next USA West will be in 2013 at Boise, Idaho.

Both Valerie and I have discovered a fondness for a certain merlot wine whose vineyards are along the Columbia River, so from USA West we headed east along the Columbia River on the Washington side to see these vineyards for ourselves. What we found was the city of Prosser, Washington, just west of the Tri-cities. We stayed at a RV park that had 30 wineries within a 15 minute walking distance. We had found Shangri-la. We're both familiar with the Napa Valley and it's wineries and had no idea there was a place just likeit except moreextensive in the Yakima Valley. Its a well-kept secret. We finally headed home after 2 weeks on the road.

A week later we headed to the coast to dance with the Beachcombers at their annual Battle Rock Weekend in Port Orford. The weather was great for dancing in the surf. A couple of years ago Valerie and I bought a bat house to hang outside their dance hall. It's so sad to know that most of the bats in the area are homeless. I checked it and found several bats living in it. The Ashwill's bat house also has rodent residents.

Both the Lantz's Dantzers and Charlie Brown Squares have lost their full-time cuers so I will be cueing part-time for both clubs. As long as it doesn't interfere with our traveling and dancing, we'll be happy.

We are looking forward to the Lantz's Dantzers campout next weekend.

Al Wolf & Gail Domine:

The last couple of months we have been busy with club activities.

Our campout in July was held at Cougar, Washington. This has been an annual event and the facilities are great for both RVs and cabin facilities. There is always a talent show. The food is always plentiful and this year one couple prepared five different cobblers over the campfire in iron kettles. They were delicious.

We cancelled our third Saturday dance to support the USA West in Longview. It was great to dance with a good variety of callers from the Northwest, including our own Les Seeley and Renee' Rund.

Our club picnic was held on the property of Bill and Bert Labedz in Canby. It's a beautiful location. This is also an annual event. Some RVers stay several nights. Eating, dancing, and fellowship were enjoyed by all.

Our new dancer lessons begin on Sunday, September 25th. We are hoping for a good turnout. Angels are ready to help.

On October 30th we plan to spend about 10 days in Mazatlan, Mexico, with 19 other River City members and friends. This is an every two years adventure in Mazatlan.



Sunday, November 13, 2011, at Rogue Valley Square Dance Center, Central Point, Oregon. It will start at 9:00 am.


Ray Jones: I will entertain a motion to adjourn

Barbi Ashwill Motion to adjourn. Seconded by Bill Rooper.
Adjourned at 12:34 pm.

Kay Rogers
Recording Secretary

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