MINUTES OF MEETING dated January 29, 2012
Hosted by Emerald Empire
Linn County Fairgrounds
Albany, Oregon

President Ray Jones called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.



Officers: All Present

Appointed Officers: All Present except Ken & Dianne Pratt and Goldie & Earl Restorff.

Delegates: All Present except David Stutz, Blue Mountains Council and Cathy & Ron Woodworth, South Coast Council

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present except Larry Schaumburg

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President Floyd Bard

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Curt Lundine.

MINUTES: Kay Rogers: The Minutes were posted on the Website. Are there any corrections or changes?

Lori McIntosh: It was brought to my attention there should be changes to the minutes. It was mentioned at the last meeting about bank changes. There was not a notation in the minutes that there were bank changes.

Kay Rogers: Where in the minutes would you like these changes?

Barbi Ashwill: Are we talking in the minutes about my bank changes? if so, in the treasurers report.

Lori McIntosh: Yeah, I think so.

Barbi Ashwill: Kay, I believe it was when I let everyone know about the changes to the bank accounts. One is the money market savings and the other ones at key bank. After some discussion, Kay read her take on the treasurer's report from the last meeting.: "Barbi will send out a revised treasurer's report."

Kay: I will locate the place and make the correction on the minutes.

Lori McIntosh: I move that the Minutes be accepted as corrected. Motion seconded by Coleeta Quigley. Motion Carried.



PRESIDENT: Ray (Zola) Jones

It says here "This meeting is being recorded". I would like to amend that to read "This meeting possibly may be recorded". At this time I would like to ask Barbi if she would introduce our distinguished guests.

Dennis Marsh: "Point of Order". You have a motion on the floor to accept the minutes.

Ray Jones: We have a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Those in favor signify by showing your voting flag." All those opposed? Motion Carried.

Thank You. And Now Barbi will introduce our guests.

Barbi Ashwill: "Thank you, Mr. President. It is my pleasure to introduce some of our Washington friends, who are like family. We have the Assistant Chairman for the 61st National Convention Janet and Roy Bellcoff. And we have George and Sharon Broom, who are the business chairman for the 61st National Square Dance Convention."

Ray Jones: Okay, back to the President's Report. I have submitted a written report that I do not want to go into here. I want to give a New Year's thanks to all the elected & appointed officers & all the area delegates for the time and effort you put into this federation.

Some things I think should be addressed by the Federation at the May meeting. P & P changes: Sect. V-12 needs updated to coincide with the new travel expenses. Do we need to change Sect. II-3, item 3a? This states Areas hosting State Meetings will provide a dinner prior to the dance on Saturday night, and to expect at least 100 for dinner. This is grossly misleading! Recent history would suggest they should expect 30 - 40 for dinner. Should this dinner be optional? This entire paragraph should be changed. I would like to have a volunteer committee of two or three delegates to come up with recommendations on this. I would also like suggestions on creating a new schedule for the Hosting Area Schedule to replace the current schedule in the P & P's, Sect. IV-2.

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Curt (Cheryl) Lundine

I have 25 unsold directories available for purchase for $2.65 each.. I have them available at this meeting, which is a lie because they are setting at home on my desk. I know that is not a lot compared to some years, but if anyone wants one let me know.

2012 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Roger (Linda) Putzler

"It's Over." Thank you all for coming and helping us with the biggest and best square dance party Oregon throws every year. As you know some things go well and some things do not go as well. We had an issue with the floor we put down for the advance dancers here. The tape would not stick. The advance dancers had to dance on carpet. Linda and I came in and explained the situation to the advance dancers &

Linda and I would like to recommend to the future dancers that if you have a situation

It is better to address it with the dancers. It saves a lot of trouble. So, therefore, we do not need a break to take the floor out of here, Mr. President, so just carry on.

We had one ambulance call. We had apparently one of the vendor ladies became ill and had to be transported to a local hospital. We had a turntable hit the deck Friday afternoon. When they told me, my first questions was if it was Emerald Empire's and they were happy to tell me no. They were afraid to tell me it was mine. So we will deal with that in an appropriate manner. We are very pleased to say Linda was closer with her guess, as we had 1,365 dancers. Linda would like to give Mr. Ralph Lambert our check for BMI ASCAP. She is also going to present a check to Barbi a check for $6,000 as our loan repayment. At the May meeting we will forward to the area the check representing half the profits. Also please area delegates take back to your clubs and councils that the way we can grow and improve is through constructive criticism. If any clubs or dancers have concerns about what occurred this year at Mid Winter, we encourage them to e-mail Linda and I at caller@ifyoudontask.com no apostrophe. We will forward that to Frank and Cathy. We asked to be excused to do the hardest job, that is to clean up.

2013 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Frank (Cathy) Dietz

I want to thank everybody for coming to this festival and hopefully we can make the 1500 attendance next year. So far we have sold 110 ribbons and 45 RV spots. My wife chose to stay in bed. I don't blame her, I wish I were there. She is cuddled up to the dog and you see where I am. We are going to pray for good weather like these people had here.


We are running along smoothly, we are still profitable. I have another copy of the P&L if somebody wants to take a look at it. This month we received 6 student subscriptions from Emerald Empire, I think it was from Cascade Callers, and four or five from the IWW and Rogue Sis-Q sent us 35. New Dancers $3 for 3 months. I am so impressed. Current subscribers number 800. Single Trees have an OFN subscription dance scheduled for next month. I don't have any others on the calendar.

Please try to include me in those plans so we can advertise and promote the dance to make it more effective as a subscription dance. Other than that everything is running well.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Tony Haskins

Since our last meeting I have had a wonderful time through Christmas and the New Years. Thanksgiving found me stuffing my face at a friends and enjoying the good friendships we have. Christmas found me thanking The Lord for a great life, reliving the death and rebirth of Jesus, my Lord and Savior through Christmas plays and concerts.

With the New Year coming another year of great dancing, working in the square dance community and enjoying the great friends I have made. It's good to be alive. I've made a contact with the state fair entertainment director, which I will read during that State Fair report. I have also been working on the P&Ps for the state fair square dancing for future references. What I am doing, Mr. President, is going through the year and writing down everything I am doing. I have been filling the duties of the state reporter, I have been working at being the local publicity for the Spokane National Square Dance Convention. Bill & Neva Reid are the chairman, and what a great job they are doing.

It is a lot of hard work, hats off to both of them. I am overseeing the planning of the Tri-council dance as the president of TVC, which is September 29 in Vancouver, WA.. What we want to do is coordinate the 5th Saturday dance with the September Federation meeting. I have talked to President Ray Jones about this. It is up to him whether I do it or not. I have written him a letter explaining this plan. We usually have around 300 dancers at this dance. Dan Preedy will be calling the dance and Ken Pratt will be cueing.

We will be breaking for food, and with 20 clubs bringing food there will be plenty for everybody. The councils are the Portland Area Council, the Tualatin Valley Council and the Evergreen Council. We will introduce the Federation officers and the new officers coming in at the meeting the following day. Here is my question, the dance is the 29th and that would make the meeting on Sunday the 30th.

Ray Jones asked if anyone would have any objection to this?

Barbi Ashwill does not have any questions per say, but I think there is a protocol of setting the meeting favorable to Curt Lundine, since he is the incoming president.

Curt Lundine I am retired so I don't give a rip.

Ray Jones: Okay so if Curt doesn't have any objections, let's accept the proposal and go for it.

Tony Haskins: Mark Engerman is the vice president of the Portland Area Council, he is in charge of all my dances. While I am at this I also want to introduce him as the elected Chairman of the 2013 summer festival. So Mark Engerman and his wife, Bev, will be the chairman for the 2012 summer festival. So we can get him on the agenda next time and he can give summer festival reports.

Barbi Ashwill: I think the council has to approve this, I think you are getting the cart before the horse.

Tony Haskins: Well I have already asked about it. The OFN with changes to the directory are sitting on my desk and I am wondering what in the world I am going to do with them. I will be working on them shortly. Remember as elections occur, please update the online directory form on the state web site. Get it in on the website by July 1st. That is the deadline, words from Vivian, thank you.


Thank you everybody for sending me your written reports. Last meeting was a definite example of what happens when everyone sends in their reports and everyone's verbal report matches that near perfectly. The tape recorder did not record anything from the last meeting. I am technically or visually challenged and the bad news for you is that I am the only one running for secretary next year so you need to help me out or this is your opportunity to volunteer today to run for secretary next year. Thank you.


Thank You notes sent to: Sis-Q Area Council for hosting the November state meeting. Charlie Brown Squares for hosting the dance for November meeting.

Get well card sent to Roger Burgerson, Barbi Ashwill, & Betty Kline.

Birthday Card sent to Genevieve Churchill

I am preparing a secretaries list for mailing ballots. Please let me know if there are any changes in your area so the ballots will get to the right people.

TREASURER: Barbi (Lee) Ashwill

We have money, folks, we can't get any of it but we have it. If I missed anyone, I did distribute our balance sheet that was from the beginning of our fiscal year which was from September1 through December 31st. If you find you have any questions at all, be sure and let me know. Call me at home or send me an email. I would like to change hats for a moment if our President does not mind. I had expected Frank Dietz to report, but he had work to do and had to leave. The price is going up for next year's festival. But if you register today, you can save $10 a couple if you register today at this year's price.

The other thing I want to say which also has to do with that is I would like you to be our ambassadors if you hear ugly rumors, be sure and talk to Frank Dietz or me. It had been said that the reason we can not make reservations here for next year was that Frank had not signed a contract for next year. But that is not true because we were in the room when he signed it. The other thing you should know is that the price is going up next year on rooms here at the Holiday Inn and at the Comfort Suites to $92. There is a 10% hotel tax on top of that. We can not make reservations until March for next year. We also met with and Frank signed a contract with the Phoenix Inn. It is a mile and a half down the road. The price they are offering this weekend for either a king or a double queen is $69 a night plus tax. That price is only good today. If you want to save the money go over there and sign up today. If you do this before you go home with price will be $79 for the king and $89 for the double queens. Question asked by Doug Hartzel if he had to be registered for next year before he could make reservations. Barbi replied no, but you would be foolish not to take advantage of the money savings.

MEMBERSHIP: Norma (Gary) Sohn

When I took over as membership chairman, I read the requirements in Section V of the Practices and Procedures concerning my job.

Under number 11 is "sets up and maintains a file for notifying clubs and council presidents of upcoming renewal of State Corporation annual report.

Sends a letter informing the organization that their renewal is coming up.

Asks that the organization use the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope to return a copy of their renewal to the membership chairman.

In an attempt to fulfill my duties as membership chairman, and not finding any copies of the corporation reports for 2011 in the files that were given to me. I prepared letters and envelopes and sent them to each club asking them to send me a copy of their annual corporation report for 2011. Then I began to receive telephone calls, e-mails, and letters from stressed out club officers who did not understand what paper I was asking them to return. I realized I had opened Pandora's Box. Then I received an e-mail from Tim Roberts saying we no longer follow that procedure. Because I was not briefed on that information my question is: Why is it still listed in the Practices and Procedures. Perhaps it is time to make some revisions of Practices and Procedures.

I found most of the information I needed on line except for a few out of state clubs, but because the Practices and Procedures stated I needed a hard copy of the corporation report I attempted to follow through with that requirement. I have no problem with looking up the information on line. I have sent reminders to the clubs who had to renew their corporation paperwork in January and February and will send out the March reminders the end of February. I will check on line to make sure the clubs have renewed their corporation report. If they fail to do that I will send them another letter.

The badge board has been updated to indicate the inactive councils. Club badges now on the board represent the ones printed in the current state directory. I took some of the badges off the board. Please note Emerald Empire and PAC, we are missing two badges: Spin Cycle Square from Emerald Empire and Heads to the Center from PAC council that we need those for the board and since there was not a delegate's meeting I am telling you this now. Please get the information back to those clubs. If any club wants to change their badge on the board, which someone has asked me to do, please mail a new one to me and I will make sure it gets put on the board.

I have received two applications for membership into the State Federation. One from the Crook County Mavericks dance club in the Central Oregon Council and one from the Floor Dusters in the Portland Area Council. I have checked both of them and they are complete as to the guidelines in the by-laws. I have checks for the new clubs and I have extra copies of the paperwork in here. I didn't know who to give them to. Floor Dusters I have four copies. They do not include the information for the insurance so if they are approved they will have to provide that.

Motion by Norma Sohn: Mr. President, I move that the application for membership of Floor Dusters in the PAC council be approved. Seconded by Dennis Marsh. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Norma Sohn: Mr. President, I move that the application for membership of Crook County Mavericks dance club in the Central Oregon Council be approved. Seconded by Doug Hartzell. Motion passed unanimously.

I just wanted to know if the situation with the Ronde'vouz should be discussed now or during Lori's report. It was decided during Rogue Sis'Q report.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers

Insurance is going extremely well this year, thanks to all of you. I guess I have been brow beating everyone for so many years now. Certificates are right here and will be handed out during the break.


Jill and I were talking about square dancing going home last night and our receiving the Randall Award. We are the 24th recipient of the award. I was looking over the past winners of the award. You all know Buddy and Nancy were not in the fore front except on how they loved square dancing. One of the names on here were Ken and Eva Moore. Ken was going to be president and it did not happen after going through all the chairs. That was responsible for changing the P&Ps on the way that is handled. Currently the first vice president is the president elect. I was looking at the other names nominated and everyone of them deserves the award. Don't be afraid to have your name out there for the award. I woke up this morning at 4:30 thinking about all the special moments I had square dancing. First of all was when Jill and I graduated in 1971 with the Whirl A Ways. I was a lot younger and I could pick up my heels and hoot and holler. By golly, I did it and it was a lot of fun. I could try to do it now but it does not come out like it used to. In 1981 Jill and I were the Chairman of the Mid Winter Festival. We helped start the new dancer's program here before with Fred and Pat Smith and that was very important to us. We also started child care. We were very much into the family process with square dancing. Because of that our two sons was another proud moment when they graduated from our class as square dancers. When I was president Jill and I and our two sons were in the photograph. It was important for us to have the family.

Bill and Bea Cook and I chaired the 1994 selection committee for the National Square Dance Convention. We worked really hard and we put on the bid. When it came to selecting the chairman, Jill and I were asked to do that. Jill and I were working and we knew we could not for the good of square dancing. So Don and Shirley White were chosen as Chairman. And that is when we really got involved in the National scene and that was a proud moment when Jill and I were a part of that. Then we had the '94 convention in the Rose Garden. We went in at 11 o'clock and asked them to tell me about the Jumbotron we had ordered. They told me there was no order for the Jumbotron. Well, I put my military hat on and snapped to and told them there would be a Jumbotron. We got the Jumbotron. The only thing is we did not have a director. Jill put the headphones on and directed the lighting and all that. I was on the microphone.

I directed them to put the lights and camera on Jill. She did not need the lights, since received this award. We did not do this for the award but for the love of square dancing.

Currently we have three nominations for Federation Officer positions for 2012-13. Nomination forms were distributed at the last State Meeting. If nominations are not received before the ballots are mailed to the clubs, we may have positions not filled. With the work of the nominating committee we have a full ballot with at least one candidate for each elected position. The deadline is February 2nd to get your name on the ballot. The slate as it now stands is: 1st Vice President, Tony Haskins: 2nd Vice President, Dale Worthington and Marilyn Schmit: Recording Sectetary, Kay Rogers: Corresponding Secretary, Cheryl Lundine: Treasurer, Barbi Ashwill will be on her second year. Membership: Norma Sohn & Sylvia Davis. Thank you all for putting in your nomination forms.

The State Benefit Dance for the Adaptive Riding Institute (H.O.R.S.E.S.) is on Sunday, March 25 from 1pm to 4pm at the Salem Square Dance Center , 3695 45th Ave. NE. Bob Ewing and Chuck Garner are the callers and Sharon Greenman and Christina Correlli are the Cuers. Flyers were distributed at the last State Meeting and I have more to be taken back to your Area's for distribution. We need a good turnout to show our support for the Adaptive Riding Institute. Please let the dancers know that if they are unable to attend this event, they can still contribute by sending their check/cash to me and I will get it to The Adaptive Riding Institute. Also, please remind them that the checks should be made out to The Adaptive Riding Institute and can be claimed as a tax deduction if they file the long 1040 with the IRS. Following the dance, we take the callers, cuer and their spouses/significant other to dinner at a location to be identified. All dancers attending the Benefit Dance are invited to go to dinner with this group.

Randall Award nomination forms have been placed in each of the Area Delegate file folders. Areas may nominate candidates for the Randall Award from outside their Area. Multiple nominations will be consolidated into one Randall Award Packet for voting. I urge each Area Delegate to encourage your Area to select a worthy candidate for this prestigious Award.

Since there will not be a Summer Festival and the State Meeting this Summer will be in Klamath Falls on July 21 and 22, the Randall Award Nomination Forms along with a photo of the nominee will need to be submitted to me at that time.

The American Legion Post 10 in Albany did a good job in bringing 12 volunteers out to post our flags. I brought a nice shiny bucket here to collect donations. They are trying to collect money to replace their possessions that were lost in the fire. Pass this around so we can give them some money from the Federation to thank them for the ceremony and give them some help.

Dennis Marsh: In past years we have voted to accept these nominations and ask for nominations from the floor.

Floyd completed that task and there were no nominations from the floor.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

I have distributed a short P&P update, mostly containing the travel expense rate change from the September meeting. I am working on revamping the state meeting hosting schedule for a 10-council rotation, and should have that ready as a proposal by the May meeting.


It's great to see all you smiling faces again! I hope the Christmas season was the best and Santa was very nice to all of you (except for Al Wolf)

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Roger & Linda Putzler and Frank & Cathy Dietz for a great festival. Your hard work showed through and we are all thankful for your participation along with the other people who worked their tails off in putting this event together. Thank all of you for a job well done!

While I have your attention please don't forget the "Boots in the Blue Mountains" dance on April 6-8th, 2012 in Pendleton, OR at the Convention Center on 1601 Westgate, Pendleton, Oregon 97801.

Deborah-Carroll Jones and Jon Jones will be the featured callers and Susan Healea will be the featured cuer. Pre-register at $25.00 each or buy at the door for $30.00. There is a $20.00 fee (nightly) for parking with electricity only. For more information please call 503-396-5537 or contact Kay Rogers at rogers3045@comcast.net.

Did you all get the information on The Pear Blossom Committee's request for Recipes to put in their new cookbook? This cookbook will be use as a fund raiser. Please submit your recipes to Sheila Roach or Lorri McIntosh asap. They will have a special section for recipes made with Pears. The contact number is (Sheila) at 541-944-8736 or go to www.PearBlossomSquareDanceFestival.com. We are in need of more recipes to complete the book. Okay you cook's, let's help these fine people out in their completion of this task. Thank you.

61st NSDC Alaskan Cruise 8 days and 7 nights starting on July 1-8, 2012 is coming up right after the 2012 National Convention in Spokane, WA. Join us in making memories as we cruise from Seattle through the majestic waters of awe-inspiring, breath-taking Alaska. Cost $1,197.00 while ticket last. Friends and family are all welcome on this spectacular trip. Don & Cheryl Pruitt (General Chairman for the 61st NSDC is working off their (Christmas dinners) is putting this together. There are so many people like the Pruitt's, Janet and Roy Bellcoff (Assist. General Chairman and Bill and Neva Read (Publicity Chairman)) who are putting in hours and hours and miles of travel on a daily bases to accomplish this venue I would have to have a book to list all of the great people who put these events on. This is not to take away anything Oregon or the other states do. All festivals; rather they be National Conventions, Mid-Winter Festivals and or Summer Festivals take a lot of work from everybody involved. So Thank You all for your hard work... and Oh Yea! Don't forget the National Convention on June 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th of 2012 in Spokane, WA. Pick up a Registration form today.

There will be lots of dancing and other activities all over the state this year to make you Square Dancing fun and entertaining. Just to name a few starting with the Portland Area Councils fundraiser "Oh Henry Show" starring Eric Foxman ( a performer) on March 4th, at the River City Dance Hall. Tickets are $12.50.

Memorial Weekend Dances are coming up as well as the Portland's Star Light Parade. Diamond Lake Festival (summer) and the Oregon State Fair Square Dancing towards the fall. The Portland Area Councils Tri-Council Dance with Dan Preedy calling and Ken Pratt cuing will be held at the Clark County Square Dance Center September 29th, 2012. The Arizona's Centennial at Yuma Festival on Feb 10th-12 will be another great venue. There will be a special appearance by the California Heritage Dancers. Contact Tom and Londa Mannan at 928-210-1031 for more information.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Bill (Annadale) Rooper

I have audited the records of the Federation as presented by the treasurer and I found no discrepancies. I have also prepared and filed a 990 Easy with the IRS. I had one call from a club having problems with the IRS. After the problems we had last summer about filing reports for the IRS, those who did not get in by the October 15th deadline now have a choice between filing form 1024 with the IRS and paying $400 fee or they can file a form 1120 annually, just as a corporation does. The tax on any profit the club makes will probably be less than the $400 fee.

I have a question about when I was treasurer the money from ODOT for the license plate went to the charity fund. I could not find this in the P&Ps. I would like to bring that up so the treasurer knows what to do with the money.

Barbi Ashwill: I move that the income received by the Oregon Federation from the sale of license plates from ODOT be included in any funds collected ultimately end up in our fund to go to HORSES.

Zola Jones: I have a question regarding the motion. Do we want the motion to name HORSES or do we want it to say benefit recipient? We have an amendment to the motion which was carried unanimously.

MOTION: Mr. President, I move that any income received by the Oregon Federation from ODOT be included in any donations we make to the Oregon Federation benefit recipient.

Question: How long have we been getting the money from ODOT? How much is it and what have we been doing with it?

Answer: Any money we got from ODOT was distributed to our charity so there is no accumulation of funds. Motion carried unanimously.

HISTORIAN: Zola (Ray) Jones

We have set up the 'Historian Display' here in the lobby of the Willamette Events building. Our display tables are just inside the main entrance doors, and we hope we collect some more 'histories' of clubs and councils in the box on the table marked for them.

It's always so good to see so many dancing friends at these Festivals, and we hope to see all of you here again at our State Benefit Dance on March 25 at the Square Dance Center in Salem.



Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.BMI has provided me an invoice for the 2012 Fee of $145. I will be submitting a bill for payment at the Mid-Winter Festival.


Thank you Mid Winter for your excellent job in encouraging the state's youth dancers to attend Midwinter this year. You had an excellent program for them , and they had a great time. It was great seeing all the kids on the dance floor this weekend. I received requests for 19 youth scholarships for Mid-Winter. Eighteen requests were approved by our Youth Committee and their fees were paid. The 19th request was assistance for a young lady with Downs Syndrome who planned to only dance a couple of tips on Saturday. When I talked to Chairrman Linda and Roger Putzler about this amazing young lady, they immediately offered to give her a free ribbon. Thank you very much, Linda and Roger. Tim and I watched her dancing last night and she was radiant!

There will be a youth dance on March 3rd in the TVC area at the Kinton Grange (5.5 miles SW of Washington Square Mall on Scholls Ferry road in Beaverton, OR.) Between 2-3pm there will be an introduction to square dancing for all of your non dancing friends and family. The dance is from 3:00-5:00 pm and will be called to the floor level of the youth. If your youth are in the middle of their lessons, bring them. Depending on where everyone is in their abilities - we may call every other song at Jamboree level and the other half at full speed. The caller will be KC Curtis with Jonny Roberts our youth caller. The cuer will be Bev Flint who has been working on some modern, fun and upbeat music, including Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." The Toe Draggers have offered to have their clothing resale shop open during the dance.

If there are any councils or clubs who would like to have a state youth dance in their area in early September, please contact me.

Thank you, South Coast, for scheduling a Youth Scholarship Benefit Dance on March 30th, at the Beachcombers Cove in Port Orford. Their caller is Sherm Welch from Coos Bay and their cuer is Denise Harris from Coquille. Please post the flyers and encourage your dancers to attend. Please note that this is the final weekend of Oregon's spring vacation, making Port Orford the perfect destination for your spring vacation. If you are unable to attend, but would like to make a donation towards the Youth Scholarship Fund, please mail your donation to either the South Coast Delegate, Kathy Woodworth, or myself payable to the Federation. Please mark on your check that it is a donation for the Youth Scholarship Fund.

If there are any councils that collected money for the Youth Scholarship Fund since the last meeting, please let me know during your delegates' report. Thank you, Eager Beavers for your $16.52 donation and the Toe Draggers for your $6.75 donation. Both clubs are from the TVC.

Delegates and officers, it's time for your high school seniors and college freshmen to fill out their scholarship applications. The USDA scholarship is due February 1st. This is a $1,000 scholarship given from high school senior applicants from all over the United States. The OFSRDC Scholarship is $500 and the application is due by May 1st. This scholarship is not limited to one worth applicant. If student applied for the Oregon Scholarship as a high school senior, they can reapply one more time as a college freshman. The application and guidelines are on the OFSRDC website.

I am pleased to announce that we have a square of youth dancers planning to attend the teen festival in May. The competition squares has chosen the name "The Silver Knights" and are members of the Silver City Squares in Silverton. The kids are very enthusiastic and are attempting to raise enough money to pay for their trip. They are selling Pacific NW Teen Festival buttons for $2 each. During the March 3rd dance at the Kinton Grange they will be holding a bake sale and pop sale. Please come and plan on supporting them by purchasing their goodies during the break.

Tony Haskins has invited the youth to dance at the State Fair again this year. Thank you, Tony, for this fun opportunity. We had a fantastic turn out last year and we are looking forward to dancing there again this year. Delegates, please ask your clubs to watch the OFN for information and encourage your kids to come and dance with us.

If you have any youth in your federated clubs who would like to attend any state sponsored activities and cannot afford the fees or ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available.

I want to thank the Youth Committee (Kay Rogers, Jim Rogers, Al Wolf and Gail Domine) for your time and comments. We have had some interesting discussions this month, and I really appreciate you.

MOTION: Made by Kay Rogers, Seconded by Tony Haskins.

Mr. President, I move that the Federation grant $250 to the Floor Dusters to help them establish their club and complete their paperwork.

Discussion: I would like to explain my motion. This is a club we have voted to include in the Federation. This group consists of 29 kids, formed from home schoolers, this church group who have gotten together and decided to start a club. They are responsible, well meaning people who have family values in mind. They go to the dances, they have four squares dancing. Their caller, Tim Kane, has asked them to get involved in the Federation for their benefit as well as ours. They need some financial help to get started. It costs a lot of money to get your corporation papers and insurance and that is what the $250 is for. Motion Carried Unanimously.

ORDTA: Ken (Dianne) Pratt report given by Cece Glidewell

ORDTA met January 28, 2012. The nominating committee presented a new slate of officers that will be voted on via e-mail. Also, several proposed amendments to ORDTA' by-laws were presented; these changes will be voted on at the next meeting.

Round of the month for March is Spinning Wheel Waltz.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to an information session with our featured cuers Susie and Gert-Jan Rotscheid about the caller and cuer association in Europe.

On Saturday afternoon, Christina Corelli, Sarge Glidewell, and Ken Pratt conducted a workshop entitled, "So You Want To Be a Cuer", using packets of materials that Christina has developed. Six prospective cuers attended.

Thanks to Sharon Greenman, who took charge of putting together ORDTA's raffle basket for the mid-winter festival.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Goldie (Earl) Restorff

December: Kiss in the Dark II A waltz Chosen by rogue sis-Q council

January: Boulavogue, A Waltz Chosen by South Coast Council

February: Stuck Like Glue, a Two step chosen by Tualatin Valley Council

March: Spinning Wheel Waltz II Chosen by ORDTA as a classic.

WEBMASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

The two so-called "Internet censorship bills" that Congress considered earlier this month (SOPA and PIPA) have caused a huge uproar in the techie community. I'm not going to discuss their merits, although I do have strong opinions, but the hackers have declared war. My GoDaddy account, where I have all of my domains registered, was hacked this month, causing an interruption in service for several of the web sites I host, including the Tri Squares.

The reason I'm sharing this is that there is now an easy-to-use tool that lets anyone -- even bored colleges kids in their dorm rooms -- attack an email server by using a large dictionary of passwords. If you have an easy-to-guess password on your email account, the odds are you are going to get hacked. They will use your email account to send out millions and millions of spams. Your account will get black-listed and blocked, and it will take you many days to clear out all of the bounce messages in your mailbox. We had three clients get burned this way just this week.

There are ways to create passwords that are easy to remember, but not obvious to others. Use letters, numbers, and punctuation if your provider will allow it. Think about using a phrase. For example, consider the phrase "I love to square dance". Use the initials, change the "to" to a number, add punctuation, and you come up with "Il2sd!" That's easy to remember, but not obvious. It would be better if it were longer, but it's pretty good as it is.

My next piece of advice will be harder to follow. Anyone who buys stuff over the web has accounts on dozens or hundreds of web sites. Don't use the same password on every web site you visit. Some of those people are not as careful as others. Unless your memory is a lot better than mine, you can't possibly remember all those passwords. Let me recommend a program called "KeePass Password Safe". This program stores all of your passwords in an encrypted database, protected either by a master password, or by a special key file that you can store on a USB stick. I have used this program religiously for many years.


If any clubs would like to dance at the State Fair this year please let me know. I have sent a letter of intent to Eric Marcuse (State Fair Entertainment Director) regarding the OFSRD intentions. I have ask for 4-6 days if they have them available. Copy follows:

Happy New Year!!

I hope the Christmas and Holiday Season went well for you this year.

Well, it time to make contact regarding the venue at the State Fair again this year. The OFSRD Clubs would like to dance their hearts out at the 2012 State Fair. The same venue we had last year would be great. We would like to dance 5 0r 6 times again, if possible.

We could dance August 24th & 25th and again on the 31st. In September we would like to dance the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. August 24th and 25th could be late afternoons if you have the room.

August 31st, September 1st, 2nd and 3rd we would like the same venue as last year: On center stage - 10:30am to 12:00pm or there-bouts. This will give you something to work on with your scheduling.

We have been getting more and more crowd participation and interaction over the last few years. Thank you and Sara for working so hard in scheduling to our needs and wants. I have more clubs who would rather come to dance then stay home doing nothing on the weekends. Great!

Please keep me informed. I will contact you again the last of March or 1st of May with the clubs who would like to dance and to see if you have a venue for us on the dates, stages and time slots.

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

No Report.


No meeting.


Unfinished business would be the report from Curt Lundine about the purchase of a new sound system for use at Federation meetings.

Curt Lundine: Mr. President, I would like to table that report until the next meeting when I can give you a written report.


Floyd Bard: First of all is there anyone here from TVC who holds an office who can sign their name on a nomination form? If so, see me after the meeting. Two things to bring up: One is the timing on the names for the nominating committee. It is not clear and apparent on the P&Ps it seems that nominations are closed there not being a clear date. The by-Laws say Feb. 1st. I know there is an issue that someone might be interested in being nominated for office there is an opportunity for them to go back to the council and get a nomination form. The issue with that is that we do not have a meeting to accept the nomination. If that is perfectly okay to do that we can have an online discussion to do that. The other thing is the P&Ps and benefit dance. In the P&Ps it says the Adaptive Riding Institute is the current charity we hold the dance for. We have done it for other charities in the past, we have done it for Fairview in the past and we have done it for the Adaptive Riding Institute for a number of years. I have a little bit of concern that at some point in time the Adaptive Riding Institute might be doing something different or we come up with another worth cause. I am not prepared at this time as chairman of the benefit dance. But I would like someone to take a look at that to see if we can look at another benefit.


MOTION made by Floyd Bard: Mr. President, I make a motion that the P&Ps be amended to remove any indication of a specific charitable organization as the beneficiary of our benefit dance. Seconded by: Tony Haskins. This is just a motion to look at this and see what benefits we need to identify.

Dennis Marsh: I would like to make a motion to table this motion to give delegates a chance to go back and talk to the clubs. Bill Rooper stated the motion should not be restricted to the benefit dance be cause the moneys from ODOT sould be included, too. We will include this after we look into where this should be changed in our P&Ps. Motion was seconded by Curt Lundine. Motion to table passed unanimously.

George Broom: Sharon and I have to leave to put things back in order. We thank you for our table and where we were placed. We think it was a good thing to have the walk way between the halls open again. We look forward to having you folks up for the 61st National Square Dance Convention. You folks do an excellent job. We are like family now.


Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard

Thank you for putting me first and highlighting it. The one time I did not bring an agenda and somebody next to me said "by the way, you're up next."

Buckaroo's - The By-Law committee has been busy the last 4 months updating our bylaws which were outdated and they will be going to the club at our annual meeting for approval. May 5th, Birthday Dance (Dale R calling, & Neil Koozer cueing

Timber 8's - 32nd Birthday Dance: April 28th Sherm Welch calling; Donna Histerote cueing

Umpqua Area Council hosted our New Dancer Dance January 15th. We had 5 squares. Charlie Browns brought a square along with Chuck Simpkins who also called at the dance. They earned a free ribbon to our June Round-Up because they brought 8 dancers.

Blue Mountains Council: David Stutzman

The Blue Mountains Council invites you to the Oregon State Meeting on Sunday, May 19th beginning at 9:00 am. The preceding day officers and delegates will have their respective meetings at 3:00 pm. That evening a dinner will be provided prior to the dance beginning at 6:00 pm. The Saturday evening dance will begin with pre-rounds at 7:30 with Neva Reid cueing. The mainstream dance will follow at 8:00 pm with Bill Reid calling. All activities will be held at the Milton-Freewater Community Building at 109 NE 5th Ave.

Motel accommodations are limited in Milton-Freewater with chain motels located in Pendleton (35 minutes to the south) and in Walla Walla (15 minutes north). Two motels in town are the Out West Motel (800-881-6647) and Morgan Inn & Suits (866-938-6369). Some RV parking is available with electrical hookups in parking lot next to the Community Building. Contact Merri Anne for RV parking at 541-861-9055 or email at merrianneh@charter.net. On the south edge of town is Trails West RV Park (509-525-8450) with full hookups, restrooms & showers.

Central Oregon Council: Doug (LaDauna) Hartzell

I would like to really thank Mid-Winter committee for putting on one hell of a nice festival. I have been to a lot of them and this has been a good one.

Our lessons are going crazy in Central Oregon. At the Pine Forest Grange we have the Swinging Mountaineers plus club they are doing lessons and work shop, Ron Bliven doing the calling. Red Rocks began lessons in January at the Redmond Grange. If you are in the area and you want to have a gathering or something get hold of LaDauna.

Bachelor Beauts ended the year with Casino Nights, which was a really good dance. Les Seeley, Renee' Rudd was there and Tami Helms doing the cueing. March dance Sagebrush Shufflers are doing a benefit dance at the VFW hall, not their regular hall. Red Rocks sweet heart dance we have Mark Wheeler and Dave Cooper doing the sound off the stage. We got lots of fun and lots of surprises. Come and see who we pick for the dancers of the year. Red Rocks had 14 people coming to this festival. Our council has two dances, the fifth Saturday March 31st, Sizzling Sisters doing the sound for us. Our float got a new top this year. We do not have a garage to put it in, but we take good care of it. We do have a new club in Central Oregon, Crook County Mavericks. They have submitted all their papers today to the Federation. Our nominating committee has submitted a new list of officers for our council.

Kay Rogers: I want to remind you that your new club needs to submit a roster to me and a check for $4.45 each or a minimum of $45 before they start dancing. It bothers me that clubs are accepted into the council before they have insurance.

LaDauna Hartzell: I would like to point out that most of the dancers in that club belong to other clubs and already have insurance.

Kay Rogers: Our insurance is designed to insure the club for liability, so if someone sues the club, the club, council and federation are covered. That $45 minimum covers the club. Once a club is accepted as a member, we are all responsible for any lawsuits you may have. You can give me a list of 30 members and pay for ten. You have to pay the $45. You have to have 10 members and you need to do that before you have a dance.

Emerald Empire Council: Dennis Marsh (Lawanna Harper) & Zola Jones

The Emerald Empire Area and the Mid-Winter festival do appreciate you all coming. We try hard to make everything go good so we appreciate your coming.

The area has a benefit dance coming up on March 2nd, Cascade Callers and Cuers will be doing the entertainment. Roger brought up one of our vendors who went down made it back last night. She is still a little shaky this morning and she does not know what happened. Zola will finish report so I can go back to the festival. Dizzy Deans delivers the donuts to us fresh.

Zola Jones just a point of information. Since Dennis had to leave, he passed his voting paddle to me because I am the alternate delegate. If there is further voting I will do that.

Interstate Highlanders Council: CeCe (Sarge) Glidewell

The Interstate Highlander Council's East Coast New Years' Eve dance was well attended. The breakfast was excellent as usual. We were happy that the weather was mild compared to some years. The next scheduled council dance will be July 21 and 22 for the State meeting and dance.

The KC Squares elected new officers for 2012: President, Cece Glidwell; VP, Adana Gardner; Secretary, Dolores Erchart; Treasurer, Sue Fisher. We had a good turnout of new dancers on January 12 and hope to retain them all. The club is looking forward to our annual Potato Festival October 19 and 20. Dean Black and Dave Cooper are calling and cuing on Saturday. There will be afternoon workshops again this year.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Gary (Norma) Sohn

Here we are again at Mid Winter Festival and I assume everyone has had a great time. I pray at the time of writing this report that the weather has been warm and perfect for those who have driven over the mountains.

Norma and I have been busy this last four months visiting all the clubs in Mid Willamette Area Council to sell ribbons for this weekend festival. It has really been fun getting around to clubs that we don't dance with on a regular schedule.

Mid Willamette Council did not meet in December and this month the meeting was cancelled due to anticipated snow. So I only have January to report on.

We started with new officers and a full schedule of topics to improve the Council operation, clubs participation and ideas on how to work together for the benefit of all the clubs in our Council. Our new President passed out a survey that we were to take back to our clubs and rate as to issues most important to our clubs. We returned those results at our next meeting and we ranked them according to club desires. We then met and started discussing these topics and how we could all help solve these issues.

We have almost finished our series of "NEW DANCER DANCES" and hope all of our new dancers benefited from the experience of dancing to other callers and with a full floor of dancers!

Many of our clubs have started new sessions of Beginner Lessons. Norma and I will be monitoring and occasionally visiting these lessons to see how they are doing and help with any problems they may encounter.

RE Vu N' Q, one of our round dance clubs has started a new class on BOLERO and Jackie Gale, cuer for Braids and Braves taught a one night workshop on JIVE. Also Charlotte Jeskey of the Lebanon Square Circlers is starting a new PLUS class at the Cascade Performing Arts Center in Lebanon starting Feb. 5, as well as a Dance By Definition Workshop starting February 5, 2012, and a mainstream class on Feb. 5.

Sweet Home Squarenaders is hosting a week-end campout at CAMP KOINONIA in Sweet Home, on April 27-29. This is a great campout and a nice place to relax and dance all week-end.

Lebanon Square Circlers celebrated their 63rd Birthday (second oldest club) while Sweet Home Squarenaders will celebrate their 55th Birthday on February 25.

Norma and I will see you on the dance floor "SOMEWHERE" soon !

Portland Area Council: Al Wolf (Gail Domine)

Most clubs will be completing lessons within the next few weeks and will be graduating their dancers. Hopefully, many will join their club. A few clubs started lessons this month.

The PAC Christmas dinner meeting held on Dec. 19th at the Spaghetti Factory in Clackamas was well attended. In fact, it was one of the largest groups that have attended. Lots of good food and camaraderie. The nominating committee is hard at work to secure a slate of officers for 2012-13.

The Country capers will have their annual Elvis Dance on Saturday, March 3rd with special guest Scott "Elvis" Coon performing with Mark "Elvis" Wheeler. This will be a "50's" theme dance.

On Feb. 17th, the Chaps & Petticoats will have their annual Flintstone Dance at the Maplewood Grange in Aurora, OR. Les Seeley calls and Doug Hatch will cue. On Feb. 18th River City will have their annual Black Light Dance. Les Seeley is the caller and Tami Helms is the cuer. This is one of their largest attended dances. On St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, the Oaky Doaks will have national caller, Wade Driver.

The Happy Hoppers plus club will celebrate their 53rd birthday on May 5th.

All these special dances are advertised in the OFN.

Eric Foxman, a member of the4 Oaky Doaks, is scheduling an "O'Henry Alive" show on Sunday, March 4th, at 3pm. This will be at the Milwaukie comm. Club in Milwaukie. If you have never seen him perform, you sure don't want to miss this. He has performed in several states and countries. The cost is $12.50 each, with $7.50 going to the PAC and $5.00 going to the club who sells the ticket. I have tickets with me. There is a large ad in the Feb. OFN.

Cynthia Eckberg, a member of the Recycles, reported at the last PAC meeting that she turned over to the Ronald McDonald House 22 pounds of metal tabs. A big thank you to her for taking care of this project.

The next 5th Friday dance will be March 30th, with the Wild Cards calling and Helen Halley cueing.

The Portland Area Council would like to enter a bid to sponsor the 2012 summer festival.

Rogue Sis-Q Council: Lorri McIntosh

I want to make a big thank you to the mid winter committee this year, especially for reaching out to the youth. Many of you noticed my two grandsons running around this weekend. They thought they were going to spend the weekend in the motor home watching movies all weekend. To our surprise they have been square dancing all weekend. They participated every day and they had a blast, probably more than I have had in the last few years. They told everybody about their "duck dangle" they got Friday night and they are real proud of them.

So we will be taking that back to the club and council. Thank you so much for making this such a fun weekend for my grandsons.

Rogue Sis-Q council has been busy promoting square dancing. The callers and cuers had a great student level dance this fall with representation from all four clubs. Star Promenaders had a television spot that ran several times a day for two weeks to promote their beginning class starting in January. It was very productive, they had over 25 students their first two weeks. Charlie Brown placed their banner out and also the Josephine County display board that is a big light up board on one of the main highways. Chuck and Carla Simpkins were heard on the radio promoting square & round dancing several times. The Christmas dances went well for all the clubs. Star Promenaders New Year's Eve dance was great fun with hats, tiaras, and horn blowers. Dancers were age 6 through 70. After many e-mail communications were sent and rceived, it was agreed by a great majority that Ronde'Vous no longer belongs to the council. Notices were sent to the appropriate persons in the Ronde'Vous club, Rogue Sis-Q Council and the Federation.

Rogue Sis-Q Council ordered & provided 35 student subscriptions for their class. Beginning lessons are starting. Charlie Browns had over 35 students at their first dance. All dancers are working hard to keep the students coming to the class.

Pear Blossom is just around the corner and everyone is working hard to make that a success.

We have been making visitations and giving out raffle tickets for the big surprise prize. No one knows that the prize will be. The raffle tickets are free, but you must be present to win.

Charlie Browns are doing the Boatnics parade this year. The Charlie Browns will dance on the float in the parade. May 26th will be the advance dance right after the parade.

South Coast Council: Cathy (Ron) Woodworth (read by Colletta Quigley)

South Coast Area Council has been quiet as a group, but the individual clubs have been active this fall and winter.

Saints 'N Aints have cancelled their 2nd Friday Plus dances because of low attendance, but the beginner class is going well. The 3rd Saturday in February will be their annual 50s-60s dance.

Beachcombers hosted the New Year's Eve dance on the South Coast and are looking forward to hosting the March 31, 5th Saturday dance where all money collected at the door will go to the Oregon Youth Scholarship Fund. Beachcombers are donating the hall, Saints 'N Aints are donating the caller and Sets in Order are donating the cuer. Beachcombers are hosting the Youth Scholorship dance on March 31st.

Sherm Welch will be calling and Denise Harris will cue the rounds. The February dance was cancelled as no caller could be obtained. Dances will resume on March 2.

Sets in Order graduated 7 new dancers and have them coming to all dances now. Round dance lessons have started with 12 couples in attendance. Beginning 2-step is featured the first hour and rhumba the second hour. The club has the opportunity to teach a little square dancing at the high school in February, and in the spring will again be teaching 4th graders in conjunction with their Oregon History class.

After seeing the New Year's Eve dance such a success this year some of us thought we would sponsor the dance New York style next year, you know New York time which would put us starting at 6pm and ending at 9.

Tualatin Valley Council: Jim (Kay) Rogers

TVC hosted a great New Year's Eve dance this year. We all enjoyed spending the evening with 140 of our best friends.

The Coast Swingers were saddened by the death of Michael McMullen.

Eager Beavers took home the TVC banner for the 27 members attending New Year's Eve dance.

Sunset Promenaders are interviewing for a new caller after Harold Kleve's retirement.

Eager Beavers, Hoedowners, and River City Dancers are hosting Seaside Summer Fest' on July 14th & 15th in Seaside, Oregon. Members of The Crew will be calling and cueing along with George Clark and Yvonne Clendenin.


Bill & Annadale Rooper:

Spring is coming------as I look at the ice laden car and side walk. Eight inches of snow then chunky rain and cold weather---ice laden tree branches off the tree on the ground in the back yard---spring is coming--- more chunky rain and maybe some warmer weather. It will be nice.

Very little has changed since the last meeting. We spent Thanksgiving with family in Washougal on Thanksgiving Day then on the next day, Friday we left at 6:00 AM for Weiser, ID to watch the grandson play football that afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunshiny day but cold. They lost the game but we had fun.

We helped at the Discovery Center one day folding the News Letter preparing it for mailing and we worked at the annual Christmas Open House. Bill counts money out there twice a week.

Christmas Eve was at home with all the family and breakfast the next morning. We spent New Years Eve at home nursing our aches and pains. We have plenty. My Dr tells me my spine is crooked and the pelvis is lopsided making one leg shorter than the other causing discomfort in my back, shoulder and legs. I have been going to therapy which seems to be helping. Bill is complaining about his knees and legs, visiting different Drs. for this and that. The Golden years you know-

Bill is preparing to help with the AARP Tax program by going to class. He will be helping people with their tax returns starting in February.

We hope everyone is registered for the Convention in Spokane and various Festivals in the area.

Larry Schaumburg:

No report.

Steve & Valerie Murphy:

2011 was a very busy year for us. We attended 14 festivals in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona in addition to a week long dance cruise to Alaska, a week workshop at McCloud Dance Country, a weekend round dance workshop in Garibaldi, and the Convention in Sedona, Arizona. With all that we still had time to take round dance classes and dance with our club in the Rogue Sis-Q council. There were two biggies, USA West in Longview, WA and Summer Festival in Troutdale.

We stuck around pretty much for the holidays. We spent New Year's Eve in Medford where we danced. We were surprised to see Don and LaDauna at a square dance festival. LaDauna has completed her cancer treatment and is looking forward to getting back to dancing. After the meeting we will head for home for a couple of days of unpacking and repacking fresh clothes and then head south. We will see you in May. Happy Dancing until then.

Al Wolf & Gail Domine:

We attended several events with friends and families throughout the Holidays. For Thanksgiving I spent Thanksgiving Day with my sons and their families at one of my son's home. Gail was with her family. During the month of December we attended several Christmas concerts. Members and guests of the Portland Area Council enjoyed a dinner and fellowship at the Spaghetti Factory. Our club, the River City Dancers, held a Holiday dinner at Saylers County Kitchen. Both of these dinners are annual events. Gail and her family had a delicious dinner on Christmas day at the restaurant in the Oregon Garden in Silverton. My family traveled to New Mexico to visit my oldest son and his family. We don't get together often. Four of my children live in the Portland-Vancouver area.

On New Years Eve we attended a dance sponsored by our club. The theme was Western Hoedown. A delicious full course dinner was served before we welcomed in the New Year.

Our new dancer's class of seventeen graduated last Sunday. Eight attended Mid Winter. We hope many will join our club.

We are chairs of our Mystery Trip to be held on May 5th.

Al is scheduled to have surgery for diverticulitis on Friday, February 3rd. He has been suffering with this for several years and medication will no longer take care of the problem. Diverticulitis is inflammation and infection in the pockets of one's intestines.

Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Kay Rogers: Thank you so much to those of you who sent me your report and those of you who didn't please remember to do so. I am kind of compulsive so it I do not get your report by tomorrow, or maybe midnight tonight, I'll start making up things. Send me your reports, please.


Janet Bellcoff: I would like to thank everybody who came to the after party on Friday evening. We had a good time there. We probably had more attendance here than we had in Detroit for the invitational skit. We had such a crowd here. Bill and Neva Reid did such a great job and we really appreciate it. With the registrations we received this weekend we have 4,215 and we believe there are 312 from Oregon.

Some of the changes that the National Executive Committee have approved are:

One of these is a change in attire at National Convention. Day time dress is smart casual attire. That means, for us, no cut offs, no bare midriffs, no swimsuits, no bikinis, no pajamas, but casual attire. We are real excited about it. It does mean traditional square dance attire starting at 6pm. Another change is youth attending the convention pay half of the adult registration fees. So now our registration is $50 per person, youth registration is $25.When registration goes on May 1st to $60, youth registration will go to $30. The other thing we have instituted for Spokane is a $5 visitors pass. If one member of a couple is inot able to dance for example if they are in the wheelchair they can come for $5. We have one couple who have grandchildren so they can pay half for them.

We want to share with you what the Oregon dancers are doing for the convention. We have the majority of Bill and Neva's committee are from Oregon. Linda and KC Curtis committee is and the callers and cuer's committees are from Oregon. The hospitality committee is made up or Oregon dancers. We have a lot of Oregon dancers working on putting on the convention. And, of course, we can always use additional volunteers, so just let us know. The other couple who are involved in education is Ron and Marilyn Schmit. Thank you for your support. Thank you very much.

Kathy Roberts: Thank you to everyone who donated, or purchased buttons, to the Silver Knights. I still have four wonderful badges if there are any of you who are willing. Also we have a huge group of kids coming in wanting to learn how to dance. Come to the youth dance. It will be a lot of fun and we will be dancing to the floor level. There will be door prizes for the kids. Thank you all for supporting the kids.

Kay Rogers: In thinking about the fun and excitement in the atmosphere at Mid Winter this year, what comes to my mind is that there were 1300 dancers here. I remember a while back when there were 700. No festival is fun, exciting, exhilarating and inspirational if people don't register and go. So the most thing to do to make a festival fun is to go yourself. In that vein, I want to remind you that Boots in the Blue Mountains, although I am chairing yet another festival, there are no dancers or clubs within 30 or 40 miles, besides the Muddy Frogs, all the money from that festival goes to support dancing in Eastern Oregon. You may not consider that something you want to support, but I can not imagine why not, they are great people. Also, the Summerfest'. We have three clubs who have gone together to put on something in the summer time. While realizing that Oregon has cancelled their summer festival to support the National, we all want to support the National. Those clubs also feel that a third weekend in July needs to be held to preserve a weekend in July that is available for Oregon to hold a summer festival without some other group coming in and taking up that weekend. We all need your support. Thank you all for coming to mid winter, it was fantastic.

Cece Glidewell: Thank the mid-winter for the great festival. Sarge isn't here this morning to thank mid winter for the trail's end dance on Thursday night. He had a great time and now he has a swollen head.

Zola Jones: Emerald Empire is trying something a little different this year for our March 3rd benefit dance. Ordinarily we choose a charity for our benefit. This year we are after an area council meeting, we decided to benefit the clubs. Some of our clubs are needing the money. They can apply for funds for something they would like to do. The area council is going to use the funds from the benefit dance to help them.

Floyd Bard: I want to remind you of the state Benefit Dance. This dance will be on March 25th at the Salem Square Dance Center from 1-4pm. Be there, have fun, and help out the Adaptive Riding Institute. I would also like to tell you that the American Legion collection was $53. Thank you.

John Guches: I would like to go back to something that was brought up during Lori's Rogue Sis-Q report. So the Rounde'vous club has been dropped by the council. My question for Kay is whether that club is insured now, and through the rest of the year.

Kay Rogers: The answer to your question is yes, they are insured through to Dec. 31st.

That is actually separate from the question as to whether they are staying in the federation.

Mark Engerman: I am with the Portland a Area Council. I am also the proposed Chairman for the 2013 Summer Festival. We will present a formal bid at the next meeting. We also have two clubs that are going to host you for the state meeting.

Kathy Roberts: When I went over to the Comfort Inn just now they are taking reservations for next year. They have already reserved 50 rooms, they only have one queen and one king room left.

Ray Jones: I have a couple of things here to mention before we adjourn. One is I want to thank Lee Ashwill for arranging to make the purchase of a new Randall Award memorial board. The previous board was filled up. One other thing next scheduled meeting, don't forget May 20th, 9am Blue Mountain Council in Milton Freewater. With that I call this meeting adjourned.


May 20, 2012
Blue Mountains Council, Milton Freewater


Ray Jones

Kay Rogers
Recording Secretary

For a complete copy of these minutes contact
Kay Rogers