MINUTES OF MEETING dated July 22, 2012
Hosted by Interstate Highlanders Council
Altamont School, Klamath Falls, Oregon

President Ray Jones called the meeting to order at 9 a.m.

Call for motion to approve appointment of Vivian Fairburn to serve the remaining duties of current 1st Vice President position.
MOTION made by: Doug Hartzel Seconded by: Barbi Ashwill
Motion passed.


This meeting is being recorded.


Elected Officers: All present except Cheryl Lundine.

Appointed Officers: Delegates: All Present except Ralph Lambert, Ken Pratt, Frank Dietz, and Mark Engerman.

Active Goodwill Ambassadors: All present.

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President Floyd Bard

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Vivian Fairburn

MINUTES: Kay Rogers: The Minutes were posted on the Website. Are there any corrections or additions?

MOTION to approve minutes made by: Floyd Bard, 2nd by Zola Jones.

Motion passed.


PRESIDENT: Ray (Zola) Jones

Two clubs in Central Oregon have joined in presenting a bid for the 2014 Summer Festival. Bid will be presented during New Business.

I have many people I owe a big "Thank You" for their assistance and cooperation during the last few months.

I am particularly proud of the interest and participation shown by our Area Delegates. This proves we can operate as a cohesive and constructive group of friends, with a common purpose.

Frank and Cathy Dietz are chairman for our 2013 Mid-Winter Festival. Cathy is in the hospital with a very serious medical condition. Ribbon sales are lagging and this is a critical time regarding financing mid-winter festival. If you possibly can, we would sure like to sell you some ribbons.

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Vivian Fairburn

I presume all of you have a copy of the budget. You notice this year looks a little different. Barbi helped me put this on Quick Books. From now on you will be able to see the breakdown in comparison to our budget. Bill Rooper questioned the separation of funds. Vivian explained we are tracking by class. Barbi said she would supply Bill with a broken-out report in the future.

MOTION TO approve budget made by: Vivian Fairburn 2nd by: Barbi Ashwill

Motion passed.

Appointments were made for this year's board: Nominating Committee Patty Reese and Al Wolf; Parliamentarian Tim Roberts; Publicity and Education, Kathy Worthington; Financial Advisor Bill Rooper; OFN Advisor Barbi Ashwill, BMI/ASCAP Ralph Lambert; Insurance Kay Rogers; Microphone Man Ron Schmit. That is who I have so far.

2013 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Frank (Cathy) Dietz, Given by: Lee Ashwill

Tim Marriner, Chuck and Sandy Weiss, and Naomi Pile are all excited to come and have signed contracts. Ribbon packets were distributed to delegates at the last meeting. Flyers were taken to the 61st National Square Dance Convention and a lot of interest was generated. Visitation chairs have their packets and should be out selling ribbons and I hope the delegates are also. We are looking for an innovating way to do the grand march. We have to cut cost due to the number of dancers coming and the economy. You will be seeing changes in the program that will result in more fun for the dancers. Financial and ribbon report: ribbons sold for 3 day festival 172, that is disgraceful; adult 2 day 10; adult Saturday 2; Youth full days 7; RVs 33. Ribbons $6,365, paid RVs $3,050 for a total of $9,415.

Update from Lee that Cathy had to go back into surgery and have all but 6" of her intestine removed. The next 72 hours are critical for her.

2013 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Mark & Beverly Engerman

The Plans for the 2013 Summer Festival are coming together. We have received the signed contracts from both "Featured Callers." When Janet Shannon and I talked to them at the Nationals, They both sounded excited to be calling together at the Festival. Mike Seastrom told me his last festival in Oregon was in Tillamook with a bunch of dancers dressed up like cows. Bev and I remember it well, as it was our first OR Summer Festival and we had a great time.

I also talked to the Preskitts, and they also are looking forward to our festival. Marie promised to sign and send back their contract when they got home. They too have been traveling and working on the Nationals in Spokane and have not gotten their mail.

Lee Putman, our Facilities Chair, and I have been talking with the Reynolds High School Representatives. We have been trying to define our needs for halls, meeting rooms and other rooms we will use during the Festival. We need to know what the State Federation needs. Will there be only the ORDTA meeting Saturday morning or does any other committee wish to have a meeting or educational seminar? We have decided to move the Sunday General Meeting from the Auditorium entry to either a large classroom in the main building or the Multi-Purpose room. We need to get your request for meeting or seminar rooms as soon as possible so we can finalize our contract with the school.

After seeing the number of Advanced dancers at the Nationals and talking with some of the local A1-A2 dancers we decided to try to get them an area to dance. When I was checking out our Featured Callers, I found that they had the Advanced Hall Packed. I later heard there were 21 Squares in an area meant for12.

Our Caller and Cuer Coordinators are working on an Invitation letter for our Oregon and SW Washington Callers and Cuers. We plan to send them out on or before September 1. All Invited Callers will be from an Oregon Council, and the Cuers will be members of ORDTA. Also only Callers or Cuers who are on the program and their partners will receive free admission. Everyone else including Festival Committee Members will pay for admission.

Again, we thank the Federation for the opportunity to host the 2013 Oregon Summer Festival.

2014 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Lee & Barbi Ashwill

As we reported earlier, we have callers and cuers under contract. We are waiting for the clogging cuer contract. We are not going to announce the names because we do not want to pull anything away from 2013. As soon as we do our flyers, we will announce it.


Through July we are still profitable. Our subscriptions are just a little under 800. Our advertising is holding its own.

We are again printing lesson information in the August and September issue. For those who have missed the August issue deadline, please send in the pertinent data by August 5.

Also, we are promoting visitations again this year by printing banner inventories. It is time to clean out your closets, send us a list of banners you have, and we will print it. Hopefully, this will encourage clubs to visit once they know where their banners are.

We are always in need of interesting articles and ideas. We do get lots of pictures and they are coming in the large format that we need. Please keep them coming.

Yesterday we had a discussion about the Randall Award. How many of you have someone in your club or council, who you may not want to nominate or who have not been chosen, someone interesting, let's put an article in the OFN about that person. Let's let everyone know what someone is doing. We do not have to wait for the Randall Awards to do it. Let's start promoting the people who help us.

Zola Jones: On the lesson information if we are not going to start lessons until October?

Vivian: Well sure, but why wait. You can do both.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

Since the last meeting, I gave one of the microphones to Ralph Lambert to repair since it did not work at the last state meeting. It has been repaired and put back in the equipment to use this weekend.

I have been receiving the state directory updates and printing them and putting them in a file to work on later. I went to Eastern Oregon last week and took the file with me and worked on the state directory for a couple days since I had no internet access there. I have a good part of it entered into the Excel sheet that was used last year and will continue on working on it after this meeting is over. I am still waiting for some information for appointed officers, the May 2013 state meeting date, and a few others that I have not taken time to list out yet.

Once it is at the printer and I have an amount, the email will go out to all of you with amounts due so checks can be brought to the state meeting in Portland in September.

This is a last call for orders from any of you so I have a total to give to the printer.


Thank you to everyone who sent reports. It really helps me to have half the job done before the meeting. I have been using two recorders and they both worked well.



Merri Huber (Muddy Frogs) and David Stutzman (Blue Mountain Council) for hosting the State Dance and the State meeting the next day.


Kathy Dietz
Ken Cornelius


Don Hart
Bill Gale
Robyn Boos for Larry Schaumburg
Roger & Linda Putzler


I mailed 78 ballots for the special election. 54 were returned before the July 1st cut-off date.

TREASURER: Barbi (Lee) Ashwill

The reports speak for themselves. A copy was distributed. Are there any questions?

If you look at the P&L on account number 535 so far since our fiscal year began September 1st, we have spent $5,825.79 for mileage. Also the motel is $1540.79. We know gas prices have gone up and we had a discussion about that yesterday. If you will just think about this, we don't know what we are going to do about this but right now we have just $8,600 the balance sheets shows in our checking account. I hate to have to go into our CDs, but we may have to at some point, we will see what this meeting does to us. Thank You.

MEMBERSHIP: Norma (Gary) Sohn

Working on the club updates and making spread sheets has kept me busy since our last State Meeting. Some clubs don't realize they are supposed to submit their checks through their State Delegate, so I have already received some checks from individual clubs. I put the reports in your file with the clubs who have updated their information and whether they have submitted checks. (As of July 20, 2012) Check with me if you have any questions.

I have also prepared some changes to the Practices and Procedure for the Membership Chairman that will be presented elsewhere in this meeting.

I also have a couple of questions. I am not sure what to do about these people who do not have information. Elkhorn Swingers have no corporation information. Circle & Square, I have no information on. Jefferson State Squares I have no information on. Pioneers and Petticoats in the corporation renewal date for the corporation so I don't know what is going on. I just want to make you aware that there are some anomalies going on.

Barbi Ashwill: Were these clubs part of the Federation last year?

Norma Sohn: Yes.

Barbi Ashwill: If we do not get this information from them, they do not appear in this year's directory?

Vivian Fairburn: You are talking about the Corporation, not the membership.

Barbi Ashwill: Yes, but part of the requirements to belong to the federation is that corporation status and if they let that laps, they are not a member, just like if they let their insurance laps.

Norma Sohn: Yes, that is what I am concerned about.

Lori McIntosh: I talked to Ron about Circle and Square and he said he would update their information, but is there is something else he needs to do?

Norma Sohn: Yes, they are a California corporation and I was unable to get any information on them. Somebody needs to tell me what their status is.

Lori McIntosh: I will contact Ron and get the information you need.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers

Keep up the good work. Everything is going great. The designation secondary member on your roster for insurance refers only to insurance statistic and in no way affects the status of a member is lesser than a primary member in your club.

PAST PRESIDENT: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Floyd gave State Trailer Report. (see below)

I have one nomination submitted for the Randall Award and I have one coming in from Kay Rogers, I have been told there is a third one coming in. Based upon that I will put together the ballots and nomination information and we will pass that on to the new Past President. We will move on with the voting for the Randall Award. I want to thank you for your participation.

Barbi Ashwill: On your written report for the state trailers, will you list the events the trailers were used for? If you would add that report for Kay so we can see it in the minutes. I think that helps us to see what they are being used for.

Floyd Bard: The Country Cut Ups and the Oaky Doaks have the trailer right now and Coos Bay

will be taking the trailer there this summer. I wanted to keep one of the trailers in Aurora and one of the trailers in Eugene. Bette Chipps had a hard time getting a person to store that trailer covered for the full year, but I am going to work with Bette to keep one of the trailers in the northern region and one in the Southern region.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

I distributed an update with the changes in the P&Ps from the December and May meetings. The delegates get one copy and the council gets two copies. It looks like I have a lot more updates after this meeting.


Well here we are in the beautiful city of Klamath Falls for the State Federation meeting and having a great time. Most of us have just returned from either the National Square Dance Convention in Spokane or from the Seaside Summer Fest' at the Seaside Convention Center. I hope you all had a great time dancing at one of those functions! As for me, I spent my time recuperating from shoulder replacement and have not been able to do much dancing at all.

I want to mention the youth from Silver City Squares, the Silver Knights that represented Oregon at the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival this past May. They did a great job by bringing home third place in the Junior Squares category, and also won the teen promotion award for selling the most festival pins. Many callers and volunteers told them they were the best FIRST-YEAR team they had ever seen! Great work kids! I hope we can send you again next year and bring back a first place! Remember, many of you dancers out there helped to make it possible for this teen club to represent Oregon by our gifts, donations and pin purchases.

July 25-28 will be the big Diamond Lake Square Dance Festival. This will be the Star Promenaders' 39th campout/dance festival. There can't be a more beautiful location to dance under the clear blue sky, with the blue lake on one side and the snowcapped mountains all around.

Remember I mentioned that July 29th the TVC will be hosting an OFN Subscription dance again at the Hahn Family Barn in Banks. If my shoulder is healed enough Norma and I plan on attending this annual event once more! This is a great time to get your subscription renewed again!

Now August is just around the corner and so is the Central Oregon Round-Up, August 10-12th. This summer looks to be a warm one and therefore Sisters High School will be a great place to cool off and still dance your feet away!

I am working to get the Governor to decree September as National Square Dance month. I will send out e-mail to everyone if we can set up a demo in Salem or somewhere within the state. I hope all your councils are working within your area to publicize Square Dancing somewhere in your area. Check with your shopping malls or large stores to see if you can do a demo and recruit new dancers for your upcoming lessons. Remember County Fairs and our State Fair is the perfect place to hand out flyers for lessons.

September 29-30 will be our next State meeting but this time it will be in Portland.

It will be held the end of September to coincide with their Tri Council Dance, so I hope to see many of you at this dance and then come out for the State Federation meeting on Sunday the 30th.

Coming the end of October will be Seaside Sashay Square Dance Festival; Oct. 26-27th. This festival will be in the Seaside Civic and Convention Center. It will be two days of fun, shopping and sightseeing! More fun in the sun at Seaside. See you there again, I hope!

I almost missed the Shaniko Campout October 12-14th. Leonard Snodgrass and Dave (hop-along) Cooper will be the stars of the "Wild West" show there in Shaniko. Dave should still be "hopping around" after recent knee replacement! This year the three day camp out is being held in conjunction with a vintage ragtime music festival in Shaniko. This should be a great week-end with dancing downtown, a spud gun shoot-out, and food, food, food. But don't forget to bring a warm coat for those high desert nights!

Let's all stop for a moment to remember those dancers who have passed away lately that have done so much for dancing within our state.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Bill (Annadale) Rooper

Not much going on with me. I have not received any requests for information regarding the IRS, so I guess all clubs are happy with their position.

I went to 2 seminars at the national convention in Spokane, both of which were designed to help callers and cuers and clubs comply with IRS regulations. The seminars were helpful and put me in a position so that I can offer to help any square dance club, or caller, or cuer.

My phone number at home is 541-296-6335, and I will be happy to try to help with any questions.

HISTORIAN: Zola (Ray) Jones

I still need the "Histories" of the clubs and councils on the 'lists' I gave to all the Delegates some time ago-so I again ask the Delegates, Please go back and remind your council and clubs to get their Histories to you or send them to me.

Thank you for your help in this.



No report.


Thanks to the generous donations we have received towards the OFRSDC Educational Scholarship for graduating high school seniors and college freshman, we will be awarding, two $500 scholarships this year. The recipients' names will be released in the September OFN. I am arranging with their home clubs to visit their clubs to award their scholarships. Please continue supporting our very talented youth. Councils, if you have collected any scholarship donations, please mention how much in your reports today.

The PAC will be holding a youth dance on Saturday, September 8 at the Milwuakie Community Center from 1:00-4:00 pm. KC Curtis will be the caller with Debbie Combs the cuer. Please encourage the youth in your area to attend this dance. Check out the September OFN for additional information. Thank you PAC.

If you have any youth in your federated clubs who would like to attend any state sponsored activities and cannot afford the fees or ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available.

If any clubs or councils would like to co-host a youth dance with me, please feel free to contact me.

ORDTA: Ken (Dianne) Pratt

No report for this quarter.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Goldie (Earl) Restorff: No report.

WEBMASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts: No report.

STATE FAIR REPORT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

On Friday afternoon, I sent out an updated list of dates and the numbers of persons scheduled to dance at each event.

I have received a letter of instruction for parking and time to show up and other details which I will share with everyone after the state meeting is over with.

I appreciate all the personnel who are interested in dancing at the State Fair and the onlookers who watch will enjoy their endeavors in showing off our State Dance and what fun it can be.

Thanks to all the contact people I have been working with and I appreciate all their support in the transition period.

Here's to a successful event. Enjoy!

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

One trailer is in Eugene, one trailer is in Aloha. Both will need to have floor re-surfaced this summer/fall. See the Past President's Report.


The delegates discussed areas of the P & Ps where some of the items are no longer relevant to the current way things are done. The following changes were discussed.

Suggested P & P Changes:

Helpful Suggestions (Pg 15 of current P & Ps ) Section II page 3

a) Host area provides a dinner prior to the dance on Saturday night. Expect least 100, and possible more at the September meeting. An inexpensive way is to have Area Council provide the meat course with Area members bringing salads and desserts. At their discretion, the hosting area is allowed to charge $2.00 per person for the potluck to help defray costs of hosting the state meeting.

The delegates believe the number of attendees should be changed from 100 to 30-50 and that giving a specific allowed charge for the dinner donation should be changed to no specific amount to allow leeway for rising costs.

d) The general meeting is at 9:00am on Sunday. Tables will be needed to seat 21 (8 elected officers, and 13 delegates). The Parliamentarian will be seated to the immediate right of the President. Tables should be placed in a "U" Shape facing a seating area for at least 75 people. Separate tables at the end of the "U" shaped tables will provide seating for 8 appointed officers and 8 committee chairs. A total of 37 chairs will be needed. The meeting is open and all are urged to attend from the host area. Host area should arrange for a sound system. The Federation will provide the necessary microphones. An ideal arrangement is 3 mics for the front tables and a standing mike for audience participation.

This item needs some adjusting since there are no longer 13 council delegates and the number of appointed officers and committee chairs has changed. Also the sound system is provided by the Federation rather than the areas.

e) Coffee break at 11:30 am. The host area provides small snack at that time.

The delegates believe this should be revised to after unfinished business rather than an explicit time or approximately 10:30 to allow leeway in the timing of the break.

Delegates Duties (Pg 60 of the current P & Ps) Section V page 30

Delegates will bring written reports (preferably typed) from their Area to the State meetings with a copy going to the Recording Secretary. The Delegate will make an oral presentation of the highlights of his/her written report.

The delegate reports are emailed to the Recording Secretary prior to meetings. Although some delegates may bring copies of their report to read at the meeting,

The Randall Award Nominations (Pg 103 of current P & Ps) were reviewed for inconsistencies such as nomination forms distributed at Mid-Winter. We have not been doing this since the forms can be accessed from the Federation website. If the Randal Award is not a popularity contest, why is it that State Officers are the winners of the award?

The delegates feel it is the people who work in the individual areas to keep our favorite activity alive who should be winning this award. Not that the people who have won are not deserving. But why should we nominate from the areas when no one will vote for these unknown people? It was suggested that we delegates read the bios to the voting members without names to solicit votes by club members. Other options were discussed but no clear definitive resolution was decided.

Vivian Fairburn suggested we discuss the Publicity position - Is it viable the way it is written - are there enough duties in there to justify the position? Could it be combined with the Education? Things like contacting the Eastern Oregonian are no longer valid as we do it by email now on their website

The delegates all agreed the P&Ps need to be reviewed to make some of the jobs more definitive. However, they felt that the Publicity position does not do so much. So combining the education and publicity jobs makes sense.

P & P's, Sect. IV-3 states pre meetings will be held prior to all federation meetings.(Including festivals) If we are not going to do it, we should alter these directions. It might be make it optional, to be decided by the hosting delegate for delegates meeting, and president for officers meeting. We have skipped several at Mid-Winter that I am aware of.

The delegates felt that If there are hot topics to discuss having the meetings would be necessary. Host delegate has the option to call the pre-meeting. They felt also that a short joint meeting of officers and delegates might be in order when there are hot issues to discus.

The delegates were informed that an agenda item would be added: There is going to be a bid for the 2014 Summer Festival.

This lead to some discussion about Delegates training. Some delegates feel that there is not enough training for new delegates. Again now definitive resolution was presented. The delegates feel that a training session at the September meeting should be offered for new delegates that cover all of the basic job duties and where and when they should be performed.

The re-imbursement forms and who gets re-imbursed issue was discussed as one task that is not well defined and that some committee chairs did not get re-imbursed for expenses because they did not know they were allowed to turn in a claim form.

There was discussion about new clubs applying to the Federation for membership who had not been accepted as a member by their local council and that the Federation would or should find them a council

The delegates felt this was a local area matter and beyond the scope of the Federations duties. It is up to the areas do decide if a new club has met the requirements and can be admitted to a council.

The following motions are presented by the delegates:

Motion: I move that the following section of the Practices and procedures be revised from

Helpful Suggestions (Pg 15 of current P & Ps ) Section II page 3

a) Host area provides a dinner prior to the dance on Saturday night. Expect least 100, and possible more at the September meeting. An inexpensive way is to have Area Council provide the meat course with Area members bringing salads and desserts. At their discretion, the hosting area is allowed to charge $2.00 per person for the potluck to help defray costs of hosting the state meeting.

To the following:

Helpful Suggestions (Pg 15 of current P & Ps ) Section II page 3

a) Host area provides a dinner prior to the dance on Saturday night. Expect least 30 to 50 attendees, and possibly more at the September meeting. An inexpensive way is to have Area Council provide the meat course with Area members bringing salads and desserts. At their discretion, the hosting area is allowed to ask for a dinner donation to help defray costs of hosting the state meeting.

Motion: I move that the following section of the Practices and procedures be revised from

Coffee break at 11:30. The host area provides small snack at that time.

To the following:

Coffee break is after unfinished business. The host area provides small snack at that time.

Motion: I move that the following section of the Practices and procedures be revised from

Delegates Duties (Pg 60 of the current P & Ps) Section V page 30

Delegates will bring written reports (preferably typed) from their Area to the State meetings with a copy going to the Recording Secretary. The Delegate will make an oral presentation of the highlights of his/her written report.

To the following:

Delegates Duties (Pg 60 of the current P & Ps) Section V page 30

Delegates will deliver written reports from their Area to the Recording Secretary via email prior to State meetings. The Delegate will make an oral presentation of the highlights of his/her written report at the State meeting.

Zola Jones explained the delegates meetings CeCe was talking about was the meetings at Summer and Mid-Winter festival.

Floyd Bard remarked the Randall Award was brought up at the officer's meeting is that since the delegates are the voters; sometimes a person with two votes would win. I do not see officers being nominated. We do not need to fight for nominees all we need to do is make sure the person nominated is someone who is making a difference in their area and doing what they can within their area of influence. If you look at the requirements for the Randall Award that is what it says.


Ray Jones: Before the recess I am going to hand the ballots to Glory Guches and have her and her assistant count the votes from the special election and have the results ready for us after the break which we can start right now.




Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard


The Round up was a success. Ten to eleven squares. So many comments about Eric Henerlaus & Tami Helms enthusiasm. We all had a blast.

Free lessons begin September 18th.at the barn

Dancing Friends

Round Dance Birthday Dance Sept. or October. Date to be announced.

Pioneer 'N' Petticoats

No report. Dark until further notice.

Timber 8's

No report.

Umpqua Area Council

Getting ready for the Aug. 7 -11th Douglas County Fair. Free entry with full square dance attire and you need to dance as there is a signup sheet at the floor we have to turn in.

Blue Mountains Council: David Stutzman

No Report!

Central Oregon Council: Doug (LaDauna) Hartzell

We would like to thank the Interstate Highlanders for a wonderful dance and meal.

Swinging Mountaineers with the help of the Bachelor Beauts and the Sagebrush Shufflers worked at the concession stands at the Sisters Rodeo again this year. This is an annual fund raiser for them. The weather was a bit cool at nights, but heard the rodeo itself was great.

Crook County Mavericks have had a slow summer so far. Many of our members have been traveling, some were on the Oregon Trail Wagon Train, and our cuer had knee replacement. No dances in July, but we did have a BBQ at Dave and Patty's, where we were served burgers and all the fixens. We also met and had a professional group photo taken that day. We are looking forward to our camp out in October to Shaniko, and the start of lessons come September.

Red Rock Squares did a demo on the 4th of July at the fairgrounds and had 2 plus squares. They celebrated their 36th birthday in June and had a really great dance. We continue to grow and have been having some more visitors at our dances. We are having more Theme dances and that has been a lot of fun: we had a special Hat dance; a Hawaii dance is coming up; having a Picnic in the Park; and a special Cancer dance in October.

With the Shufflers dark for the summer, we have taken the opportunity to hold a special Plus with A1 tips once a month. We have new signs, a new banner and been putting ads in the local papers for our dances and our coming lessons.

All of the clubs have new officers and new ideas; which should help our area.

The Round-up is getting close and everything seems to be in place and coming along great. Hope to see you all there.

Emerald Empire Council: Zola (Ray) Jones

The "Mystery Bus Trip" sponsored by Emerald Empire Area Council on Saturday, May 19 carried dancers from six or more of our area clubs "over the hill" to dance with a club in Bend. Everyone had such a great time, and our dancers got to get better acquainted, while on the bus, and visit with one another that they hadn't had the opportunity to before at dances. So at our June council meeting, after this fun mystery-trip report, our council voted to sponsor another bus trip again next spring.

This may be something other areas and clubs want to consider; as clubs that are too small to fill a bus could combine with other clubs to get the needed number for a bus, and councils could help organize it or help defray the cost.

Some of our area clubs are DARK in July and August, so anyone coming to our area and wants to dance-contact the club first to be sure they are having a dance.

Emerald Empire Area wants 85 State Directories.

Interstate Highlanders Council: CeCe (Sarge) Glidewell

Welcome State Officers and Delegates to Klamath Falls. The council has been planning this event for some time and hope that all of you had a good trip here, fun at the dinner dance last night, and a safe trip home or to your next adventure. Thanks for your support.

The KCs have already completed a couple of demos and have more planned before workshops resume this fall. June 3 at the Steens Sports Park they danced at an inter-generational (All Ages) sporting event where they danced for and sang happy birthday to a 90 year old woman who used to square dance. On June 30 the club participated in the 3rd annual Cost of Freedom event at the Klamath County Fairgrounds. The Square and Round dance demo was well received and they were invited to do it again next year. In addition to the annual visitation to the Diamond Lake Festival the group will attend the Central Oregon Round-up, and Port Orford Battle Rock weekend. There is also a demo planned for Saturday at the Tulelake Fair on September 8.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Gary (Norma) Sohn

Since our last meeting in "Muddy Frogs" territory, Mid Willamette Council has been meeting every month except July and have done some great "brain storming" on how to increase attendance at lessons as well as at our dances. We have discussed how to work together as a council to achieve our common goals and to better our clubs image to other clubs around our area.

We have set up a schedule for our "New Dancers Dances" and hope all our new students will take advantage of these dances to become familiar with other callers and to get to know other clubs within our Council.

We have set a date for our Council's Fall Festival. This year it will be Sept. 29 and will kick off the first "New Dancers Dance" of the season. This will be our Council's OFN Subscription Dance, so if you have not renewed your OFN subscription as of this date, come out and help our Council.

Portland Area Council: Al Wolf (Gail Domine)

New Officers were elected at the PAC picnic meeting. President: Dennis Marsh, Vice President: Mark Engerman, Treasurer: Bill Rooper, and Secretary: Mary Theirl. Most clubs are planning lessons starting in September, but a few clubs will start lessons in January or February, check your OFN for these dates.

On June 23 we attended the pre-convention plus dance at Clark County Square Dance Center. It was a great dance with the calling by Ken Bower, Tony Oxendine and Garry Shoemake. We visited with several dancers we had not seen for some time.

The Tumbleweeds celebrated their 40th anniversary on July 20, and the Recycles Plus Club will celebrated 17 years on September 14th.

We are busy with meetings for the 2013 summer festival to be held in Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. That is the same location is the 2011 summer festival. The Theme is "Hot Time in the Summertime." The dates are July 19, 20, and 21st. Callers will be Mike Seastrom and Eric Henerlau. The cuers will be Randy and Marie Preskitt.

247 Oregon dancers were registered at the 61st National in Spokane, WA. A total of about 5, 835 dancers attended the event.

The fifth Friday, August 31st was to be a benefit dance for the Oregon Museum; however they have backed out. We will still have a benefit dance on August 31at. It will be at the Oak Grove Community Center and the recipients will be the Salvation Army. The Wild Cards will call and Ken Pratt will cue. Check next month's OFN for details.

The PAC will sponsor a youth dance September 8 from 1-4pm. This will be at the Milwaukie Community Club o SE 42nd & Jackson in Milwaukie. KC Curtis will call and Debbie Combs will cue. The ad will be in the September OFN. Bring your young dancers and yourself for a good time for a good cause.

The next State Meeting will be hosted by the Portland Area Council on September 29th. The dance will be in conjunction with our Tri Council dance at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver, Washington. All details as to the meeting, etc. are on the back of this flyer. (He is holding up a flyer for the Tri Council Dance). Dan Preedy will call and Ken Pratt will cue.

The Checkerboard Squares and Country Capers will be your hosts. Flyers are in your packet I distributed to your seats.

Vivian Inquired: Is there any RV parking for this meeting?

Al: The meeting is at the Rockwood Grange but there is no RV parking there.

Vivian: I am staying at the Columbia Basin. I can check to see if we can reserve a block.

Ray Jones: Am I correct the meeting is on September 30 and not September 29.

Al: Yes, the meeting is on the 30th.

I have one announcement: Today is Gail's Birthday. She will never see 69 again.

Rogue Sis Q Council: Lori McIntosh

Since the National I have been home 4 days. Rogue Sis Q Council have collected enough funds to pay for the ad they are producing for August 16-19th. Any money they have left will be used for advertising in January. We are asking any of the clubs in the local area to keep track of your clubs classes so we can see how many dancers came in from the advertising. This ad will air not just in our council but in the Eugene Area and Interstate Highanders, and South Coast and Northern California. We are hoping for a good response.

Charlie Browns have been busy with the Boatniks festival. That was a success and they are going to do it again next year.

Hunter Keller did a trails end dance on June 19th before the National. They had just over 11 squares. A lot of our dancers are newer dancers and had never danced to a national caller before. They realized that their area had a pretty good caller in Denny Lantz.

We had 13 dancers graduate and all of them joined the club last week. The youngest one was my granddaughter; she just turned 6 years old. I made a monster of her. Now that she graduated I was looking forward to getting back on the floor myself. But she was always in a square waiting for me. She is going to Diamond Lake.

We have the State Fair dance on August 5th, we have three squares signed up now. We also will be dancing with the Charlie Brown Squares at the Josephine County Fair. We also have a demo dance in the local newspaper parking lot. They are having a huge sale advertised for the last few weeks.

Star Promenaders are getting ready for Diamond Lake Festival. I encourage everybody to go. It is discouraging this year that their registration is down about 15% from previous years. They are looking to make possible changes for next year. The dress has always been stringent for the evening dances, they may go to a more casual wear for summer at the lake. This year the caller and cuers are Scott and Erin Byars.

Lancers Dantzers are keeping a low profile right now waiting to see what happens with classes in September.

South Coast Council: Cathy (Ron) Woodworth

South Coast Area Council will be dancing at the Coos County Fair on July 28 to promote upcoming square dance lessons. The annual picnic will be held at Sturdivant Park in Coquille on Sunday, August 19.

Saints 'N Aints, joined by Sets in Order will be dancing in the North Bend Jubilee parade on July 21, and in the Fun Festival parade in Coos Bay in September. All dances in July and August are casual.

Sets in Order danced in the Gay 90s parade with over 15 dancers on the float. They will be dancing in the Coos County Fair parade on July 28. They participated in a demonstration dance in Bandon for a church function, hoping to bring in new dancers for the fall lessons. The cuer took some time off so the club took advantage of the opportunity to have the two ladies from the Saints 'N Aints club who are learning to cue from Donna Hiserote cue a dance for them. There is a lot of support for new people in our area learning to call and cue.

Beachcombers hosted their 59th birthday weekend July 6-8 with Leonard Snodgrass calling and Jackie Gale cueing. They had a small turnout this year but everyone had a great time and there were some visitors that expressed an interest in learning to dance. The club is looking forward to having Denny Lantz and Dave Cooper call and cue their Battle Rock Festival over the Labor Day Weekend, and hope to have enough interest to have lessons in the fall.

Tualatin Valley Council: Jim (Kay) Rogers

Last weekend the Eager Beavers, Hoedowners, and River City Dancers hosted the Seaside Summerfest'. Two hundred and five people attended and we had a great time with the crew, along with George Clark and Yvonne Clendenin. The three clubs split the profit.

The council is preparing for the annual Hahn Barn Dance on July 29th. Yes, it is a Sunday this year. Join us for a picnic down by the pond and a dance at the historic family Hahn Barn. Flyer and map is in the OFN.


Bill & Annadale Rooper:

After the weekend in Milton Freewater, we made the trip to Weiser, Idaho for my Grandson's high school graduation. He will be going to the college in Idaho Falls with thoughts of going into medicine.

A week later we went to Fossil for a birthday party for one of Bill's cousin's 100th birthday. It was held at the fair grounds and the party was in the community building. His name was Sandy McKay and a very prominent member in the area as a rodeo buff and wheat/cattle farmer. Bill saw lots of family members he hadn't seen since he was a kid and I met a few, too. It was a great day.

Of course, there was the PAC picnic and the Columbia Gorge picnic with all the good camaraderie and good food. It rained at the PAC picnic but didn't dampen the spirits and at the Gorge picnic it was hot even on top of the hill where there is supposed to be a cool breeze. And, we had a family picnic with another grandson and his wife in Lyle. They just purchased a new home and remodeled it. Food eaten outside on the deck is always good.

We traveled to Spokane on Wednesday. After registering, we looked to get our bearings and immediately ran into familiar faces. We helped in Ways and Means for a couple of days for two hours and volunteered for security several times. Since we aren't dancing it gave us something to do that was productive. We enjoyed the Style Review and sat in on the Bid Session between Amarillo, Texas and Demines, Iowa. Iowa won the bid. It's fun visiting the Show Case of Ideas where you meet new people from the different states and exchange little mementos to put on your ribbon.

On our way home as we came down the river we noticed smoke billowing up over what looked like it was in the Dallesport, WA area. As we got closer to home we could see the hillside behind our house on the Oregon side of the river was burning. We could see the flames and smoke from our house but we were safe-not even smoke blew our way. It was reported 75 acres burned up and over the top of the ridge. No homes were hurt.

Now back to the yard.

Steve & Valerie Murphy:

On our way home from the last state meeting in Milton-Freewater in May, we stopped in Springfield for 4 days for Valerie to have needed surgery. She's still not completely recovered so our dancing has been limited. That hasn't stopped us, however, from going to dances, festivals, and conventions.

Early June was the annual Buckaroo Round-up at the Buckaroo Barn in Roseburg. We went and socialized with dancing friends while we watched a lot while closely guarding the goodies bar.

A week later we headed to Spokane for the Round-A-Lab Convention. We had never been to one and were looking forward to it. This was the first year the convention was open to dancers and not just Round-A-Lab members. It was held at the Mirabeau Hotel in Spokane Valley. Over 300 cuers and dancers attended the 4 day convention. There were education seminars, dancing and classroom style, all day every day as well as evening dances. Valerie and I met a number of cuers from all over the country that we only knew by reputation. We also saw many friends that we only see every year or two. That Round-A-Lab convention ended on Wednesday and the Nationals Convention started on the same day at the Spokane Convention Center. We were staying at the fairgrounds so we didn't even have to move the RV. We just headed in the other direction for the next 4 days.

Since Valerie & I started dancing right after the Nationals held in Portland in 2005, this was the first Nationals we had ever been to. The National Convention was, in a word, overwhelming. It was like a dozen 3-ring circuses going on at the same time. Since Valerie was still on the mend we didn't do any dancing and just looked around at as much as we could. We learned that at a large convention like this, you have to plan in advance where you want to be and where you want to dance. Downtown Spokane is always a very busy place but during the last 2 days it got downright crazy. There were a couple of hundred thousand people from all over the country that descended on the downtown area for Spokane's annual Hoop Fest. Most of the downtown area was blocked off and hundreds of basketball hoops were set up all over the place. When we looked out from the Convention Center all we could see was a sea of heads packing all the streets. The buses that took Square dancers to and from the fairgrounds and Gonzaga University were so bogged down by the basketball shooters that lines of hundreds of dancers waited for an hour or more to try and get away for dinner. Those dancers that stayed at the Doubletree Inn at the Convention Center didn't have to endure any of this. Live and learn!

After the National Convention we stuck around the Spokane area for several days. I lived in Spokane for 8 years and I wanted to see how much Spokane had changed since I left in 1987. Most parts I hardly recognized they had changed so much. Even the Convention Center wasn't built when I left.

Wednesday we packed up and headed for the Circle 8 Ranch just outside of Cle Elum, Washington. Circle 8 is a beautiful dance ranch just inside the forest in the Cascades with a creek and small lake (or large pond) that you can swim in. Except for the dance hall, the birds are the loudest thing there. Thursday started a long weekend of round and plus square classes and dances with Daryl Clendenen, Jerry Junck, Doug Davis, and Chuck & Sandi Weiss. Chuck Weiss is the feature cuer at our next Mid-Winter Festival, as well as the Sisters Roundup next month. There was also some line dance instruction with Marge Schoessler. There were over 7 squares of dancers that thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days of dancing and mingling. Valerie & I even did some dancing, the first we'd done since Milton-Freewater.

So after almost 3 weeks living in the RV, we finally got home 11 days ago and have been resting up ever since. We've got to rest up because we have a LOT more places to go this year.


Lee Ashwill and Zola Jones have mid-winter ribbons available today .Their committee will be making visitations to your clubs. If you purchase ribbons from one of the visitations you can buy a three day ribbon at last year's price of $35.

Floyd Bard: At the national I worked on a panel called "Club Caller and Cuer Relations" and we had some good information. We need to talk about an educational workshop not so much a training session during the festival that takes time away from dancing. I was thinking we might have one Saturday between afternoon meeting and evening dancing are exerts on subjects like IRS Filing, and there are a lot of other things we could do. I have been asked by the Washington Summer Festival to work on one of their panels. I am more than willing to do that, I am not sure I am an expert. Our attendance, I mean Oregon's, was okay, but not great, but California just kicked us in the rear end. A lot of our dancers are no more than 200 to 250 miles from Spokane. I think if we would have had more attendees from Oregon, they would have broken 6,000, which was their goal.

Marilyn Schmit:

  1. Publication rack you guys approved is in the back with the publications back there so please go through there and take them. I will resupply.
  2. The Oregon display that Ron and I set up is back there. Do you want me to bring it to the September meeting?
  3. I need directory orders from some of the councils.
  4. One of the ideas that I picked up working the USDA this past year was how to be good angels. I am seeking input from some Oregon dancers. I am looking for some ideas we can give to USDA.

Vivian Fairburn:

Going back to September meeting: There are two RV Parks. They are on the Oregon side by Jantzen Beach and the Columbia River. They are 8 miles to the Rockwood Grange and 8 miles to the Clark County Square Dance Center. Is it okay if I check to see how many we have and maybe we can get a block. After accounting hands we do not have enough to block.

Kay Rogers: While your memories are still warm about the Spokane National and Deborah Carroll Jones rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, I want to tell you they are coming back to Pendleton the first weekend in April. I put some flyers back there for you. We are still doing the Pajama Dance and a few other things we have in store for you. It is not Easter.

Steve Murphy: Next meeting Valarie and I will miss. I have the military reunion the first one I have ever attended. There is a caller down there I know. Some of the people I have not seen since I was in the jungles of Viet Nam 3 or 4 wars ago.

Genevieve Churchill: "I am just happy to be here."

CeCe Gildewell: There are a lot of muffins on the tables. Please take some home with you. We baked Hard to get all those. Eat them.

The meeting sang "Happy Birthday" to Gail Domine.

ADJOURN: Ray Jones hearing no more announcements proclaimed the meeting adjourned.


September 29 - 30, 2012
Hosted by Portland Area Council
Rockwood Grange
18305 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97233

Submitted by:
Kay Rogers
Recording Secretary