MINUTES OF MEETING dated January 27, 2013
Hosted by Emerald Empire
Phoenix Inn
Albany, Oregon

President Vivian Fairburn called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


This meeting is being recorded.


Elected Officers: All present

Appointed Officers: All Present except Ken Pratt and Goldie Restorff

Delegates: All Present except Cathy & Ron Woodworth

Goodwill Ambassadors: All present

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President Ray Jones

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Dave Cooper

MINUTES: Kay Rogers: The Minutes were posted on the Website. Are there any corrections or additions?

MOTION to approve minutes made by: Zola (Ray) Jones 2nd by: Dave Cooper

Minutes were approved as posted.


2013 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Frank & Kathy Dietz

I want to thank everybody for coming. Kathy and I definitely appreciate it. It has been real challenging. I want to thank the State and everybody involved for selling and promoting our festival. With our health issues, we apologize for not being out there as much as we would like to, but it was a successful dance. We have a count of 1225 to 1250. Our books are not finalized. Everybody seemed to enjoy the whole festival and we did not hear any complaints. Dave Cameron said this was the first time he was able to sit down in the crash room with no radio calls. I just can't give enough thanks for everybody's support. We are looking forward to a fantastic year and to support Lee and Barbi.

PRESIDENT: Vivian Fairburn

Thank you for a great midwinter. I am going to change the agenda to allow Frank Dietz to give his report so he can leave.

Okay, I am going to place Kathy Roberts back into the position of Youth Advisor.

At the last meeting I introduced a plan to help clubs grow and flourish. I have received some feedback from this garden program. Some new ideas have been tried and more are in the works.

Now I would like to relate why we are having these issues. Our clubs have been in decline for over 5 years so it will take some work and some time to reverse that trend.

There are clubs that are holding their own and even growing. And then we have many more in trouble. As we consider the situation, it is important to look at the whole picture, not personal club situations. Have we asked ourselves how this decline occurred?

1. AGE FACTOR. Many of our dancers 80 years old and older are not dancing as much or at all due to health reasons, new interests, change of living arrangements, or location. On the other hand, almost 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day. They have life style choices which were not available to the older generation. They are interested in their health, staying active and being involved in many things in their lives. They are involved in raising or spending time with their grandchildren. They also may have the added responsibility of caring for aging parents.

2. CONVENIENCE. The convenience of renting movies to watch at home has caused a decline in a wide range of activities. The advent of the computer has given people choices with their leisure time. Square dancing is simply facing new competition. These boomers also have a great more mobility than their parents did. They have the money and free time to take advantage of many leisure time activities.

3. STAYING HOME. According to a recent poll, 70% of all adults say staying home is their favorite relaxation. The older generation viewed staying home as a trap. Now it is a refuge from the pressurized lifestyle that has become the norm. The boomer generation has access to instant communication to stay in touch with family, friends and their community. The boomer parent's generation enjoyed their community activities, of which square dancing was one outlet. They were able to share a meal, have fun exercise, and renew friendships. Today, most non-profit community organizations which hold regular functions are feeling the same decline. The boomers are not willing to commit their time when it might interfere with their other activities.

4. WIDE RANGE OF EXPERIENCES. People today are not satisfied with only a few recreational activities. They want to experience as many things as they can. This may explain why many people complete a square dance class, and then drop out. They have spent a year square dancing and it's time to try something else. They have so many choices today and tend to stay busy with a multitude of activities. They have the financial means that their parents didn't have to allow them to take advantage of all the many leisure activities that are available. The older generation retired with the "rocking chair" syndrome. The boomers want to stay healthy and are busier in retirement than when they were working.

It is unproductive to bemoan the fact that things are not like they used to be, even 10 years ago. It is fruitless to hold on to those things that were in effect in "the old days". The world is moving forward so fast we have to move with it. We have to plan for the future and what we need to do to get there. We need to encourage new dancers to join our organizations by holding office or taking on other responsibilities. And then, we need to let them run with it. We need to hold back the criticism and stop holding them to the way things were. If we don't change, we will slowly bring about our own decline.

We need to be able to brainstorm and discover creative ways to solve our problems even if it means doing things outside of what "has always been done".

I am encouraging centralized work sessions in the state to share ideas among many dancers without the formality of meetings. I will be glad to be involved and help facilitate these meetings. Please contact me with your request.

Barbi Ashwill commented that was an inspiring report and suggested it go back to the clubs.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper (Patty Reese)

This is the first time I have had the chance to dance since my knee surgery. I had a good time. Thank you very much.

2013 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Mark & Beverly Engerman

The Festival is proceeding. We are receiving some registrations. It is at a slower pace that we had hoped, but are optimistic now that the 2013 Mid-Winter festival is taking place, the registrations for the 2013 Summer festival will soon increase.

Our initial plans for a musical variety show in the Reynolds auditorium have been dropped in favor of allowing more dance time with additional callers. We will have a showcase of rounds on Saturday followed by a short presentation by the River City Riders. They will be doing a hexagonal square. We will then have the Ceremonies, followed by an evening of dancing.

I have been asked about the dress code for the festival. The official policy for any PAC sponsored dance is "Clean modest clothing" While I personally prefer Square or Round Dance attire, we will welcome anyone who does not.

We have a classroom available for the ORDTA meeting Saturday morning to be followed by a State Federation Educational presentation. During the afternoon and evening the room will be used for A1 / A2 dancing.

If you wish to have any information published in the Summer Festival directory, I will need that emailed to me by mid-February. I would also like to have advertising at that time. My email address is beme241@frontier.com

2014 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Lee & Barbi Ashwill

No report other than a reminder this weekend that if you register today you will get a $5 discount. This is the cut off for the discount today. Also there are some good deals out there for hotels. Frank Schuchard asked about the discount policy. Preregister policies remain the same.

CeCe remarked about the lady who was taken to the hospital thanking the Mid-Winter for the courtesy of returning her registration fee.

2014 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Patty Reese (Dave Cooper)

Planning for the 2014 Summer Festival is going well. We've signed the facility contract with Crook County High School. We have signed contracts for our two featured callers and two featured cuers. We will be announcing those names in Troutdale in July. Our fashion committee chair, Barbara Wines, has designed a beautiful and stylish festival outfit, which we will also unveil at Summer Festival. The majority of our committees chair positions are filled. At our last meeting we finalized our theme, which is "Rimrock Rendezvous -- Into the Middle and Back". We chose to have a local Prineville company design our logo incorporating the theme and an outline of Oregon with arrows pointing from the four corners to the center of the state: Prineville. At this point we are ready to order the ribbons, print flyers and get on with the preparations that require money. So in accordance with the P&Ps our chairman has informed the State 1st Vice President of our desire to apply for the $3,000 loan from the State. We'll be happy to take that check back to our treasurer today.


Not only is there a decline in club memberships, we are seeing it in OFN subscription renewals. In December 2003 we had 1039 subscribers. This has steadily declined over the last nine years to a new total of 742 this month. This is a 30% decline in 9 years. 10% of the subscribers have listed themselves as independents. I am sure there are many more who haven't updated their status with us.

Due to the decline we are currently paying for 200 issues that are not being sold. Our original contract in 2004 was for 1150 issues printed for 950 subscribers. This leaves us 200 for Festivals, new dancers, demos, fairs etc. So now we receive 400 overs. I know you are thinking that we should be giving them out. However, if we just distribute them indiscriminately, we then run the risk of dancers not subscribing. That is happening now when I leave some at strategic locations. The Post Office only allows us to give away a certain percentage to keep our bulk mail rate. That is to ensure that we don't give away our product.

The only reason we are staying profitable is due to the advertising. For the last 5 months to date, we are showing a profit of $360. Our advertising has stayed constant for the last few years. We appreciate every club that maintains a regular advertising schedule and the special ads that we receive.

Due to the lack of interest in obtaining a new editor, I am working with the advisors to hold a workshop meeting next month to create ideas as to the future of the magazine. We too, need to face the future and the digital age. The idea of going online has occurred again and will be addressed. It will always take a "gatekeeper" however, to collect and distribute the data each month. Since the Past Officers of the Federation are responsible for the OFN, this meeting will be open to them. Please contact me if you are interested in helping to develop new plans for the future and would be willing to attend a workshop.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Dale (Kathy) Worthington

No Report.


Thank you to those of you who turned in your report. Blah to those of you who did not. I hope that if you changed your report in some major way today or if you did not send it to me, that you go ahead and email it to me when you get home. Thank you.


The following cards were sent from Oct - Dec 2012:




TREASURER: Barbi (Lee) Ashwill

You should each have a copy of the profit and loss and the balance sheet. When you look at account 102, which is our main account, we have some savings there which eliminate service charges. We have not written a check for the $6,000 midwinter loan and now we have approval for the $3,000 summer festival loan. We have a CD that will mature in the middle of March for $6,100. So you can see how much we pay for mileage and motel, which kills us. These are for December 2012. I think this body is going to have to look at cancelling some meetings, or have the meetings in the I-5 corridor to avoid going broke in the next five years.

MEMBERSHIP: Norma (Gary) Sohn

One club, The Rosetown Ramblers, are listed as not having paid their corporation fee and now have a listing of Administrative Dissolution, whatever that means. All the rest of the clubs are up to date with their corporation fees.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers

Rosetown Ramblers just completed their insurance paperwork for the coming year so I know they wish to continue. Someone should call them to see what the problem is. Insurance went extremely well this year. Tim has done a remarkable job of streamlining the system and all the delegates have done a fantastic job of keeping up with the technology. I sent some certificates out via email a while back as a test to see if you got them, let me know you got them, and were willing to print them out. That went real well, so we may do that entirely next year. I brought hard copies today because some of you did not get certificates by email and some of you may just want the feel of hard copies in your hand. Keep it up.

PAST PRESIDENT: Ray (Zola) Jones

Each of you received a manila folder in which there are two things that need your attention. One is some flyers for the annual benefit dance, which I would appreciate if you distribute to your clubs. Reprint if you need more. The other is the beginning of paperwork for the Randall Award Nominations for the year 2014. There are instructions and some nomination forms. Feel free to use those as much as you possibly can. I want to thank the delegates for the very good response this year.

Another thing I want to discuss is nominations. I was still receiving nominations last night until about 10 pm last night and did not post them in the hall until then.

First Vice President: Dale Worthington
Second Vice President: Lisa Kious, Kathy Worthington
Recording Secretary: LaDauna Hartzell
Corresponding Secretary: Sylvia Davis
Membership Chairman: Coleeta Quigley
Treasurer: Doris Koozer, Marilyn Schmit

Nominations stay open until February first. Vivian will collect pictures and prepare the ballots.

Vivian asked Ray to schedule officers for door duty at the Benefit Dance. We expect every officer to come and either be a greeter or help in the kitchen.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

Procedures for the motions we are voting on today. A proposed amendment has to be read at a second meeting and then we vote on it. If we pass it, it has to be sent out within 15 days to the clubs to vote on. If it passes, it becomes law. We have two motions today that have had their second reading and one that will be read the first time today.

PUBLICITY/STATE REPORTER: Kathy (Dale) Worthington

Dale and I have come up with a booklet to publicize clubs and dances around Oregon. Dale will explain.

Dale Worthington: When Kathy and I joined Marilyn and Ron Schmit to help with the showcase of ideas table at conventions, it seemed most of the states were promoting their state and not their square dancing. I thought it would be nice to have a list in the back of a directory of special dances in our state so anybody who comes to visit can see where to dance in the area they are in. The directory would have a map of Oregon, broken down by councils so people will know what area the dances are. It would be an excellent idea to provide these to Mid-Winter and visitor centers, etc., State Fair, and post on our web site.

MOTION: Made by Dale Worthington 2nd by: Ray Jones

I move the Federation spend $100 to print 500 of these directories. MOTION passed.

Kathy Continued with the Education Report:

18 people came to the seminar yesterday. There was a lot of discussion going around the table. Many interesting ideas came out and we are looking forward to the seminar in July.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Bill (Annadale) Rooper

No Report.

HISTORIAN: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

If you remember, back in September, I challenged all of you to get me something, either a picture or newspaper article, from your area so I could add it to the Historian collection of items. To date, I have received nothing other than what I contributed and that included three newspaper articles and 30 pictures from State Fair. So, you are being reminded that I still want donations to the Historian display and collections.

In the Rubbermaid tubs I received, there are old OFNs, a big collection of all the state directories, and some Festival notebooks. I also have old banners of clubs no longer in existence and badges from the badge board that are no longer active. There are collections of Federation minutes and awards that have been received in the past.

I would also like to have a discussion on why we need to keep the Historian collections of stuff. What are we charged to do with it other than to add to it? What do you as the dancers want it to represent to you and how do you want it utilized? Some food for thought and reaction in the future.



Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.

I have received the invoice from BMI for the Federation's fee for 2013. The amount is $150.00. (For 2012, the amount was $145.00, a $5.00 increase.) I will turn the bill in to the Treasurer for payment. These funds are reimbursed to the Federation from the Mid-Winter and Summer Square Dance Festivals.


Thank you, Mid-Winter, for your excellent youth program this weekend. It was great seeing all of the kids having so much fun on the dance floor this weekend.

Delegates and Officers, it is time for your high school seniors and college freshmen to fill out their scholarship applications. The USDA Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship that is given to one high school senior. Applications are due February 1 come from all over the United States.

The OFSRDC Scholarship application is due May 1. It is a $500 scholarship that is not limited to one worthy recipient. If your student applied for the Oregon Scholarship as a high school senior, they can reapply one more time as a college freshman. The application and guidelines are on the OFRSDC website.

The Silver City Square Dance Club's youth dancers will be taking 2 squares to Pacific NW Teen Festival in May this year. Their competitive squares are the Silver Knights and Silver Dragons. Last year they did very well and are excited to return. They are selling the Pacific NW Teen Festival buttons for $2 each again this year. They are also holding a Fundraising Dance on Sunday, Mary 17 at the Waldo Hills Community Club from 2:00-5:00 pm. Leonard Snodgrass will be their caller MC and Frances Herigstad will be the cuer MC. They will also have a silent auction and raffle during their dance. If you are unable to attend their dance, please consider sending a donation to them to help pay their expenses.

If there are any councils who collected money for the Youth Scholarship Fund since the last meeting, please let me know during your delegates' report. Thank you TVC Sunset Promenaders for your $11.32 donation.

I will be sending an email to all of the Council Delegates this week. Please forward my email to all of the clubs in your council. I would like to know where all of the kids are in the state and whether or not they would like to have a youth dance in their area. I can continue holding dances in the PAC/TVC area, but as the State Youth Coordinator, I would like to offer dances to all of the youth in Oregon. In order to do that, I need your help.

I talked to Marilyn about the Youth dancing at the State Fair this year. She has put us on the list for a non-Sunday dance time. Thank you, Marilyn. As soon as we have a date and time, I will put an article in the OFN and send an email to all of of the clubs.

If you have any youth in your federated clubs who would like to attend any state sponsored activities and cannot afford the fees or ribbons, please contact me. We have scholarships available.

ORDTA: Ken (Dianne) Pratt

ORDTA members are still holding discussions about removing the long cue sheet for Rounds of the Month from the OFN. The consensus is that the long cues should continue to be printed in the OFN.

The new slate of officers for the fiscal year beginning in September was presented at the ORDTA meeting on January 26. The new officers were elected by acclamation at the meeting, as there was only one candidate for each office. Ken Pratt will continue as Chairman; Tami Helms as Vice-Chairman; Linda Sauer as Secretary; and Ralph Lambert/Marilyn Schmit, Christina Corelli/Kirby Goode, and Sarge & CeCe Glidewell as Members-at-Large. We welcome Connie Clark as our new Treasurer.

Also, featured cuers for the Festival, Chuck and Sandi Weiss attended our meeting, and spoke about their dance program in Mesa.

Sarge Glidewell lead the annual "So You Want to Be a Cuer" session January 26, at Midwinter Festival.

ORDTA's By-laws have been changed to require applicants for membership to appear in person. At our last two meetings we have welcomed new cuers Sandra Pinion and Cherie Cox.

Classic Round-of -the Month for this year is Saturday Night at the Movies.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Goldie (Earl) Restorff:

No report.

WEBMASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts:

No report.

STATE FAIR REPORT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

No report.

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Both trailers need their floors repaired and one of the canvas tarps has a hole and needs repair or replacement. One tire on one of the trailers is flat and may need to be repaired.


No report.


No report.


  1. MOTION: (postponed from September) I move to combine Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary into "Secretary".

    The MOTION passed.

  2. MOTION: (postponed from September) I move to change the P&Ps to combine the positions of Publicity and State Reporter and Education be combined under one heading.

    The MOTION passed.

  3. MOTION: Made by Ray Jones, 2nd by CeCe Glidewell, to change the bylaws to eliminate the May and September State meetings.

    There was discussion about the effect on the outlying councils if we cancel our meetings in those areas. Ray Jones has concerns about the handling of the ballots. Floyd Bard expressed concern regarding financial impact of continuing to have five meetings. It was suggested we leave the May meeting to minimize the pain to smaller councils. Bill Rooper pointed out that we had $130,000 and should not be worried about money.

    MOTION: Made by Ray Jones 2nd by Harriett Livingston to postpone this until the next meeting. The MOTION to postpone this motion was passed.

  4. MOTION to combine the duties of Membership Chairman with the duties of the Insurance chairman was postponed from previous meeting. There was discussion about when this motion would take effect. Insurance would come under the elected position of Membership, who could have an assistant to do insurance.

    MOTION was Zola Jones and 2nd by Doug Hartzell to amend the motion to include the date of the September meeting for this to take effect.

    Kay Rogers: In theory I think it is a good idea as long as the person doing the job is okay with that. The insurance position requires a lot of attention. The original purpose of combining the positions would be to utilize the data from the membership so clubs would have to fill out forms once a year. Lori McIntosh pointed out how difficult it was to complete the insurance paperwork.

    MOTION to amend to include the September 2013 date passed.

    MOTION as amended failed.



  1. MOTION: Made by Dave Cooper 2nd by Barbi Ashwill

    I move the Policy and Procedures, Section 5, page 2 #14 stating "Provided the OFN Editor is unable to attend the National Square Dance Convention, appoints a couple that will attend the National Square Dance Convention to attend the Press Breakfast, and represent the Oregon Federation News be deleted.

    The NEC has a new policy that only the editor will be able to attend the breakfast. They will no longer accept substitutes.

    Vivian Fairburn: I am making two appointments Ron and Marilyn Schmit and Dale and Kathy Worthington. We can work out the details at the next meeting.

    MOTION passed.


Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard


Lessons began in September and we are just about done. Our "Celebration of Completion" is scheduled for February 12th. We ended up with 12 students finishing lessons. Although we offered free lessons again this year it seemed like we had less students that finished than in other years.

Our club has two large fund raisers and one is our Christmas wreath sale. This year we sold 130 wreaths.

Our Birthday Dance is April 6th.

The Buckeroo Round Up is June is 7, 8 and 9th. Eric Henerlau will be Calling and Tami Helms will be Cueing.

Dancing Friends

Dancing Friends do not have regular dances but usually have several round dance parties during the year. They had a Christmas Round Dance in December and have a February Round Dance Party scheduled for the Friday after Valentine's Day. Although Dancing Friends is a small club they took up a collection to donate to the Council to give away at the New Dancer Dance.

Pioneer 'N' Petticoats

They are dark except for the Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance which is in June and they are still planning on having it. It is June 9th and begins in the afternoon after our Round Up is over so folks can plan on making a trip out to the Wildlife Safari and dancing if they are in town for our Round Up.

Timber 8's Plus club

April 27th 33rd Birthday Dance

Denny Lantz - Calling

Pat Hintz - Cueing

Although Timber 8's is a plus club, they decided for their birthday dance to call just the 1st tip plus, then mainstream the rest of evening with every 3rd tip plus.

Umpqua Area Council

We had five squares at our New Dancer Dance which we had last Sunday. A large group of students came with Chuck Simpkins who was one of the jamboree callers. We will have a 5th Saturday Dance March 30th. We will be hosting the May meeting, May 19, so hopefully we see you there.

Blue Mountains Council: David Stutzman

At the last July meeting I was informed that the Elkhorn Swinger's incorporation records did not exist and therefore the club was not in compliance with membership in the Federation. The club decided that they wished to remain in the Federation and on August 29th they filed the appropriate documentation with the Secretary of State. The Club is continuing to dance without a club caller. They have traveled to La Grande to attend dances there. They have also invited Roy Viken from Boise Idaho to call for a few dances. He has been very gracious in providing calling and cueing for the dances.

This month the Star Promenaders have started lessons. It is exciting to see some younger people come to the lessons. We hope they can continue through the lessons. The 2nd Saturday in February our club caller, Dale Counsell will not be available. However, Roy Viken has agreed to come call the dance for us.

I am pleased to report Tina Allaway is back to calling for the Muddy Frogs after her treatments for cancer. It was great to see her dancing this weekend.

Central Oregon Council: Doug (LaDauna) Hartzell

Central Oregon is bustling with all kinds of activities now.

SAGEBRUSH SHUFFLERS: The Shufflers will begin Mainstream lessons again in February. The Shufflers for their lessons last fall and for the upcoming lessons have been going thru the Parks and Rec Dept and that seems to be working great for them. They get good advertising and since the dancers have to pre-pay, they stay.

BACHELOR BEAUTS: The Beauts started lessons on January 3rd and have several new dancers. Not sure how many, didn't have a report.


RED ROCK SQUARES: The Red Rocks had a new incentive program for getting new dancers to lessons this year, the Red Rock member who brought in new dancers was put in for a $50.00 gift certificate from Fred Meyers. As of last Sunday, the RR's had 51 NEW DANCERS at their mainstream lessons. The RR's have been doing more theme dances and that has made the dances more fun for all.

CROOK COUNTY MAVERICKS: They have started what they call the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. This is to promote visitations and camaraderie between all C O Clubs. C O Dancers were given a card that they put their name on and between Feb 1 and Dec 16, a dancer has to dance at each of the following clubs 6 times: RR, SS, BB. Then for the Sundown Rounds, Mavericks and Swinging Mountaineers, they must do a visitation of a total of 6 dances. Each time they dance at another club, they get their card signed. At the Dec 16th dance there will be great incentives:

2 ribbons from nine different state dances

plus free passes to dances , badges and many more.... EVERYONE WINS

Central Oregon Club Presidents have been meeting quite often to spread new ideas, and share thoughts on getting and keeping dancers.

Emerald Empire Council: Zola (Ray) Jones

In reference to "How Does Our Garden Grow" The Emerald Empire Area has always had good cooperation between its clubs and council. The council has sponsored an annual Benefit dance for many years. Our Cascade Callers and Cuers Association has always volunteered to call and cue this dance at no charge, and the dance is attended by all of our area clubs to raise funds for a local charitable organization, selected every year by a vote of our clubs. In 2012 due to a couple of our clubs struggling-the council voted to set up a Clubs Benefit Fund as the beneficiary; so if a club needs help with-say the cost of New Dancer lessons they can bring a request for funds to the council. Our Benefit Dance this year on March 30 was voted again for the same purpose and will add more to this special fund.

In early 2012 a delegate from one of our smaller clubs at a council meeting said some of their members had never been on a Mystery Bus Trip visitation, and they did not have enough members to begin to fill half a bus-and asked if the council would help sponsor a bus and dancers from all the area clubs could go to fill a bus. Council voted to do this; a committee was set up, and a Saturday date in May was selected-when no area square dance clubs were dancing. Bus and destination was arranged, and over 40 dancers went. They all had such a good time, including visiting and getting to know each other better while traveling-that our council is sponsoring another Mystery Bus Trip this May!

Then at the October council meeting a small club's delegate said they wanted to have a Christmas Dance, but could not afford to rent a place to have one-and would any of the other clubs like to go in with them to sponsor a dance. Two other clubs said they would; and a Friday night in December, one of the clubs dance nights, was chosen. There were 3 callers and 2 cuers to do this special dance-which was attended by dancers from all of our area clubs; and the three sponsoring clubs also got many items for a Silent Auction at the dance which brought in additional funds to help them.

This is some of the things that our clubs and council have worked together on last year, and plans are already scheduled for again this year.

What can the Federation do for our clubs? Keep reminding the area delegates to let their clubs know that financial assistance from the Federation may be available to them, and how to apply for it, and that the process is much simpler than it used to be.

The Emerald Empire Area as 'host' and co-sponsor of this Mid-Winter Festival thanks all of you for attending, and asks that you go back and extend our thanks to all of your dancers too. Stay safe and well until we meet again.

Interstate Highlanders Council: CeCe (Sarge) Glidewell

The next IH Council meeting is February 4th. They will be planning a council dance for June 29th.

The KCs have been focusing on new dancer recruitment since September and it was decided to offer free lessons for the new dancers. The workshops began on October 25th. There were 13 new dancers that started lessons. Unfortunately, they lost the majority of the new dancers over the Christmas break.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Harriett Livingston

Mid-Willamette Area club have been nurturing their gardens since spring and they have been fertilizing it with ideas such as:

a. How can recruiting and retention of dancers be improved?

b. What can be done to make singles/solos feel more welcome?

c. Will more visitations improve the communication within the square dance community?

Ideas shared by some clubs are:

a. Corvallis Squares & Lebanon Square Circlers have made "solo" badges to give to these people for the evening.

b. Independence Wagon Wheelers are doing 1 visitation a month.

c. Silver City Squares are working on a more concerted effort to greet dancers at the door and thank them at the end of the dance.

Silver City Squares worked to organize a group of their teens, now known as Silver Knights. Their goal was to compete in the March Teen Festival held in Renton WN. After months of fund raising they met their goal AND took 3rd place in the novice group. What a great job for only being one year old. This year they have added another group called Silver Dragons and have every intention of improving on their placement.

Each club within the Mid-Willamette Area have always sponsored New Dancer Dances from Nov. thru Feb. The new dancers are given an opportunity to receive a New Dancers bar. To receive this they need to complete a booklet that lists the date etc. of the dances and have the caller or club president sign it. If they attend 80% of the New Dancer's dances they are eligible to receive the bar In the past it was necessary to attend a Council meeting, this year they will be presented their bar at the last dance which is always sponsored by the Council.

The OFN subscription dance is on February 10th.

Portland Area Council: Al Wolf (Gail Domine)

Most clubs will be completing lessons within the next few weeks and will be graduating their class. Hopefully some of the new dancers will join their clubs. A few clubs started lessons this month.

The PAC Christmas dinner meeting held on Dec. 17 at the retirement residence Cherrywood Village, home of Neal & Norma Harrington was a buffet dinner with delicious, all you can eat, food.

Time for PAC members to think about being officers, with elections held in March.

The Country Cut-Ups and Oaky Doaks started classes in Jan. and reported that as of Jan. 21st have 25 and 23 students.

The Country Capers will have their annual Elvis Dance on Saturday, March 2nd with Mark "Elvis" Wheeler. This is a 50s theme dance.

On February 15th the Chaps and Petticoats will have their annual Flintstone Dance at the Maplewood Grange in Aurora, OR. Les Seeley will call and Molly Combs will cue. Costumes are welcome but not required. This will also be their birthday dance. On Feb. 8th the Recycles plus club will have their monthly dance with Scott Zinser calling and Jeanine Norden cueing. They dance at the Winona Grange in Tualatin, OR.

The Happy Hoppers plus club will celebrate their 54th anniversary with an Irish Fling dance. They dance at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver, WA This is on March 16th.

On Sunday, February 17th, the PAC is sponsoring a benefit dance for the victims of Super Storm Sandy. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. This will be from 1-10pm; yes 1-10pm. It will feature about 30 callers and cuers who will donate their time to this worthy cause. It will be at the Milwaukie Community Club, who has donated the use of the hall. There will be dancing for everyone; new dancers, mainstream dancers as well as plus dancers. And, who knows, there might be an "A" tip for advanced dancers. See your current OFN for details.

The Silver Stars will start to dance twice a month again on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays starting April 12th. Chuck Garner is their caller.

The next 5th Friday dance will be on March 29th with Les Seeley calling and Tami Helms cueing. Check your next OFN for more information. The Tri-Council dance will be the next night on Saturday, March 30th at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver. This is sponsored by the Evergreen Council this year. The Crew will call and Jim Hattrick will cue.

Rogue Sis Q Council: Lori McIntosh

Rogue Sis Q Council callers and cuers television ad has been running for the January classes. Classes have had increased numbers of new students. All council clubs have increased advertising for the January classes, performing demonstrations at local malls, schools, and public places.

Pear Blossom committee members are visiting clubs and dances; don't forget to remind dancers to ask for mystery raffle tickets when you see a member with a pear badge. The raffle tickets are free, but you must be present to win. The caller this year is Charlie Fagan and cuer Christina Corelli.

Charlie Browns are coordinating the callers and cuers for Boatnik Festival in May. Denny Lantz and Chuck Simpkins will be calling. Pat Hintz will be cueing.

Upcoming club birthday dances are Star Promenaders' fourth Friday in February; Lantz's is the First Saturday in April.

Pat Hintz requested to cue for the Tailgate party the first Saturday in February.

South Coast Council: Coleeta (Chuck) Quigley

Well, our lessons didn't pan out... so we hope to begin this month or February and try it again. The three people that were coming to them just switched to Saints & Aints for lessons. I'm so glad on the South Coast we all work together!

It is certainly the rainy time of year! Winter hit seriously in December. Made is really seem like Christmas! Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are now starting a great New Year!

Remember----Sets-in-Order dance ONLY ONCE A MONTH NOW! The 2nd Saturday.

We are hoping many of our dancers will be at Mid-Winter. Hope to see many of you there.

Tualatin Valley Council: Jim (Kay) Rogers

Report was given by Kay Rogers: The TVC has always been involved with their clubs and helping them. Each year a budget is written to include giving the clubs up to $250 reimbursement for lesson expenses. Recently a report was given to remind the clubs that there are funds available from the Federation to help them also. The clubs always cooperate with each other not to compete for special dances, especially new dancers or anniversary dances. They send students to each other's classes also. We did not have a council meeting in December in order to clear up some holiday schedules. TVCs New Years Eve dance was a great success, which over 130 attendees. Nothing like bringing in the new year with a few of your "best friends."

At the TVC President's Potluck on Monday night, the TVC will honor our Randall Award Nominee, Paul and Dottie Swensen and our 2013 President's Award Recipient, Debra and Bart Welch. This is an annual event hosted in the hope of drawing more candidates for council office.


Steve & Valerie Murphy:

We missed the last meeting because we were in Colorado Springs, Colorado for an army reunion with the guys from the unit I served with in Vietnam. It was held at the Colorado Springs Embassy Suites. There were a couple hundred people there from all eras of the 22nd Infantry Regiment, from WWII thru Afghanistan and active duty soldiers from nearby Fort Carson. I did meet several people I served with but since they were in the mortar platoon I didn't recognize them. We did compare stories, though, and verified that we had indeed had some of the same experiences. This was the first army reunion I have ever gone to and I hadn't seen anyone in my old unit since I left Vietnam. The active duty soldiers of one of the Battalions of the Regiment from Fort Carson hosted the Saturday night 'Dining Out' and I have to say, the infantry still knows how to throw a hell of a party.

Shortly after we got back from Colorado we headed to Seaside for the annual Seaside Sashay. As usual the weather was not real good in October. We still had a good time dancing, though. A couple of weeks later we went to Garibaldi for the annual Garibaldi weekend teach by John Juhring and Ken Pratt. Next year Randy Lewis will be taking over for Ken Pratt. We stayed in the northwest Oregon area for the next few days and spent Thanksgiving at the Independence Elks. Every year they feed a Thanksgiving dinner to anyone and everyone that shows up, Elks or not. One night when we stayed at the Lincoln City Elks RV park the winds got up to 60+ mph. All the power went out and the local roads were closed due to fallen trees. A couple of trees in the RV Park blew down and I noticed one large tree that was bending our way, so in the middle of the night I moved the RV to a clear spot in the middle of the park. I also pointed the front of the RV into the wind so we wouldn't shake as bad. We just hunkered down and hoped the wind and storm wouldn't damage the RV. We survived intact.

This week we're headed for 2 months of sun and dancing in the 'Round Dance Capital of the World', Mesa, Arizona. Since it's been below freezing most days and every night in Klamath Falls for a month, we're ready for the warmer weather of Arizona.

Al Wolf & Gail Domine:

At the end of October we attended our beach club trip in Lincoln City. Friday night we gathered for dinner at Kyllo's Restaurant and Saturday night dinner was a potluck with the club furnishing Subway sandwiches. Daytime activities were indoor with shopping, relaxing, and visiting as a storm passed through.

The first week of November we went to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico to soak up some sun. We sat by the pool, walked and ate some great meals. The highlight of our trip was a boat ride to an island for a huge buffet and dinner show. The down side was that our return flight was delayed and we missed our connecting plane in San Francisco. After a lot of confusion and poor service, we were given vouchers for a motel room overnight and breakfast the following day.

December began with the River City Dancers holiday dinner at Saylor's Country Kitchen. Later in the month we attended the PAC holiday dinner. Throughout the month we enjoyed companionship with friends and family. Al hosted Christmas dinner at his home for four of his children and three grandchildren. His son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters who live in New Mexico were unable to join them. Gail spent the day with her family. They enjoyed dinner at the Oregon Garden.

We attended our club's New Years Eve dance. This time new dancers were invited. There was a nice crowd of about ten squares that enjoyed a great dinner and dance.

We have been supporting our new dancer lessons and are proud that some of them are attending the dancing and social activities here at Mid-Winter.


Zola Jones: You all received the flyers for the Benefit Dance. It is April 14th from 1-4 pm. We expect go see the majority of the officers and delegates come and enjoy yourself.

Marilyn Schmit: The ReVuNQ Round Dance Club is hosting a party dance on Feb. 14th, it is a Thursday evening from 6-9pm. It will be Phase II-III-IV. Phase II dancers will get in free. Cuers will be invited from the floor. Salem Square Dance Center $5.

Kathy Roberts: Miriah from the Silver Knights is a senior in high school. The high school requires all graduating students to have a project. She is hosting a dance as a fund raiser for Bethany Charter School to purchase a defibrillator on June 14th. Caller Leonard Snodgrass, cuer Frances Herigstad. She is selling raffle tickets for a cute fish quilt. If you would like to go to the dance, or support her with funds, let me know. She is one of our dancing youth.

Lori McIntosh: Vivian and I were talking and she suggested we could utilize the web site more and start emailing flyers to other areas or even posting them on our web site.

Dale Worthington: The dates I am publishing will be from June 2013 to May 2014. We need to get information on your club's annual dance. You need to get the information to me for dances during that time. Deadline is the end of March.

Kay Rogers: I want to remind you about Boots in the Blue Mountains. It is in April so I promise you it won't be 113 degrees. It is a beautiful facility. We have Deborah Carroll Jones and her husband Jon Jones, they are terrific together. They do a concert together on Saturday night after the dance. We have Susan Healea cueing and Jim Hattrick there doing sound, running around, calling for the RC Riders and maybe doing some calling and cueing, too. We have a pajama dance on Saturday morning. This year we are doing a big boots contest. Sign up, come over, and wear your big boots.

Janet Bellcoff: The Trails End dance for the Summer Festival is on Thursday night, July 18th at the high school. The Caller is Richard Lane and the Cuer is Susan Healea. Mainstream squares, every third tip Plus.

Barbi Ashwill: We have a new IT for Mid-Winter 2014. That is Tim Roberts. He does a nice job in getting information out. We will have a lot of information on our web site. The address is www.midwinterfestival.com . We put a lot of information on Facebook, so go to our Facebook page which is facebook.com/midwintersdfestival.

Harriet Livingston: There is going to be a national Single Squaredance Convention in Portland the last three days of August 29, 30 and 31, 2014. Very few people know about this organization. I appreciate if you would distribute your flyers, if you need more, see me so I can give you some. This will be at the Doubletree Lloyd Center. The trails end dance will be called by The Crew. Everyone is welcome, not just single people.

Ray Jones: Everyone is invited to take at least one donut, preferably two.

Vivian Fairburn: The River City Riders put out a calendar this year they are selling for $5 each as a fund raiser.

Mark Engerman: The first flyer I sent out had the wrong email address. It is .com, not .net. The cutoff date for advance registrations is May 1st. We need registrations now.

Dave Cooper: In my car I have little badges that say "Free Red Rock Lessons" if you would like to hand them out for people to come to free lessons at the Red Rocks.

Ron Schmit: The stand that goes back here for this mike we did not get back from Mid-Winter last year. No one knows where it is. That is why we are using a chair.

ADJOURN: Vivian Fairburn: Thank you, the meeting is adjourned.

Next Meeting May 19th
Roseburg, OR

Respectfully Submitted,
Kay Rogers
Recording Secretary