MINUTES OF MEETING dated July 21, 2013
Hosted by Portland Area Council
Reynolds High School, Troutdale, Oregon

President Vivian Fairburn called the meeting to order at 9:33 a.m.


This meeting is being recorded.


Elected Officers: All present.

Appointed Officers: All present except: Ken and Dianne Pratt, Goldie and Earl Restorff.

Delegates: All present except: David Stutzman.

Goodwill Ambassadors: All present

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President Ray Jones

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Dave Cooper

MINUTES: Kay Rogers

The minutes were posted on our web site. I do have two corrections:

Mark Engerman was present at the May meeting. Also the wrong report was printed for Steve and Valerie Murphy. Following is their actual report.

We had expected to leave for 2 months in Mesa, Arizona right after Mid-Winter. We've done that for the last 5 years. When we got home from Mid-Winter, however, we got a call from Valerie's doctor saying he wanted to do some tests because of irregularities in a recent MRI. It took almost a month to get the tests scheduled and results back only to find that nothing was wrong. We ended up in Mesa for only a month and didn't get to go to the Yuma Festival, but we did get to spend an evening with Roger & Linda Putzler at the Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa. They were there to see baseball spring practice.

We got back home just in time to attend the Klamath Falls annual Furball sponsored by the local animal shelter, our favorite charity. It's a fundraising dinner and auction that has built and is now supporting the new animal shelter facilities in Klamath Falls.

The next weekend we took the RV over to Medford for the Pear Blossom Festival. John & Glory Guches arranged a tour at the Harry & David factory on Friday with us and Dale & Kathy Worthington on Friday. It was a great weekend with a very good turnout.

The following week we went to the pie eating memorial for Lonna Bramhall at the Bend Grange. She loved pies so Don thought that a pie fest would be a fitting memorial get together. The place was packed with not only dancers, but with people from all aspects of Don & Lonna's life.

It was great to get back into cueing mode for the Sagebrush Shufflers in Prineville and the Charlie Browns in Grants Pass. The Charlies had a "Quatro de Mayo" dance. I guess they just couldn't wait.

Nevada's annual Square Dance Festival, Silver State, was held at the Sierra Grande Hotel and Convention Center in Reno last weekend. This was our seventh year attending and it's the first time we've seen so many southern Oregon dancers there.

Val & I have a busy summer planned starting with a 3 day dance schedule at Boatnik next weekend in Grants Pass.

May Minutes, Page 6, Item 2: Should be Starlight Parade.

Are there any other corrections?

Vivian Fairburn: If there are no objections, the minutes are approved as corrected.


PRESIDENT: Vivian Fairburn

It is that time of year again when clubs start planning lessons. This year will be full of challenges like last year such as finding enough angels and keeping the dancers through to graduation and membership.

There are a few clubs in that state that are growing and have successful lessons. One of the keys to their success is full support from the club members. It takes commitment and enthusiasm and a willingness to work together to ensure that the new dancers have a fun, enjoyable experience. When the members exemplify a positive attitude and true teamwork, everyone wins.

Sometimes there are factions, cliques, and negativity within the club which

carries over to lessons. Without joyous enthusiasm, how can we possibly expect someone to join our activity? New dancers have choices and they want their experience to be positive. If there is a fractured club, they just tend to move on to other options in their life.

For smaller clubs another option is to join together with 2 or more clubs and share the lessons and the expenses. The member base is larger to cull angels from, and the expense of the hall and the caller can be shared. This only works when clubs decide it is more important to bring in new dancers than it is to be territorial.

We don't have the number of dancers that we had 10 years ago and we probably won't get back to that population. We have experienced a great amount of attrition in the last few years due to aging; death and inability to dance anymore. In

the same time period we have not rebuilt our resources.

One novel idea might be to have conversations with current new dancers as well as those who took lessons but faded away. Find out what their expectations were and if they were met or not. Find out what kind of commitment they are willing or didn't want to make. Determine if there were personality conflicts or lack of cohesiveness in the club that didn't make them feel welcome or feel comfortable.

In order to grow we need to find out why it isn't happening across the board.

Even though some clubs are doing well, so many others aren't. As an organization it would be helpful if clubs shared their findings and had a way of communicating with each other to build a new set of paradigms. We need to restructure how we function if the current structure is no longer working.

Again, if there is anything I can do to help open the lines of communication between clubs, please contact me. I am willing to help.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper (Patty Reese)

I have no report, but you all have a copy of the proposed budget Vivian prepared for me. We do not vote on that budget until new business in September.

2013 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Mark & Beverly Engerman

I don't have exact numbers yet to report, but I am certain we went over the 450 in attendance. We were amazed at the number of at the door registrations. We had been concerned about early registrations. I believe future festivals start early, in order to get competitive pricing on the facility. This gives vendors a chance to put it into their time schedule. If you are looking at doing it, start early.

I appreciate your thanking me for the festival, but please, thank the committee members. Give me the blame, give them the credit.

Red Rocks got both the award for most people here and the award for percentage. They had over 50% of their people here.

2014 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Lee & Barbi Ashwill

NEW THIS YEAR: Since we have heard no negative response from the Emerald Empire Council after we sent them our intentions, we are pleased to announce we will start dancing Friday at 12:00 noon (instead of the normal 2:00 p.m. start time) and dance until 4:00 pm before breaking for dinner. The dress will still be casual, the same as it was when we started dancing at 2 p.m. We are increasing the hours of dancing in an effort to encourage more 3-day registrations. Roger Putzler has already put together the schedule for the Callers and Tami Helms and Tim Keck have done the same for the cuers. They have done an excellent job in their scheduling and insuring that everyone gets equal slots.

NEW THIS YEAR: We will have our Ceremonies on Friday night and Floyd & Jill Bard are working on that project. We are excited to be bringing back the Grand March on Friday night. Since it will not be running competition with the Showcase of Rounds on Saturday night, we are hoping to get more Round Dancers to participate during the Grand March and Friday night ceremonies. We have always felt that there should be a unity between square dancing and round dancing and we hope this will be the beginning of a "Dream Team".

NEW THIS YEAR: Another exciting happening at Mid-Winter is a 3-hour "Open Mic" dance on Saturday that will allow nine (9) additional callers and nine (9) additional cuers who are not scheduled as part of the regular Mid-Winter dance program to be showcased during this time. To be able to be considered for participation, these nine callers and nine cuers must be affiliated with a club. ALSO NEW THIS YEAR: Additionally, for those brand new callers and cuers or for those callers and cuers who are not affiliated with a club, there will be a one-hour "Open Mic" for them to participate on Sunday.

We have copies of the Refund Policy for Mid-Winter Festival 2014. If anyone wants a copy, please contact us at: leebarbiashwill@comcast.net or check out our Mid-Winter Festival Website at www.midwinterfestival.com.

PLEASE BE AWARE we need each of you to help us spread the word regarding the four new items described above:

1. Start Casual Dance on Friday at Noon instead of two.

2. All ceremonies will be held Friday night to include bringing back the Grand March. (However, the Showcase of Rounds will still be held on Saturday night as usual.)

3. Three-hour "Open Mic" on Saturday for nine additional callers and cuers who have club affiliations, but are not part of the scheduled dance program for Mid-Winter 2014.

4. One-hour "Open Mic" for brand new callers and cuers and those callers and cuers who do not have a club affiliation.

Thanks for your help----we know by working as a team we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Floyd Bard: In regard to the Parade of States, other than the four groups consisting of 2014 and 2015 Mid-Winter Festival Committees, 2014 Summer Festival, and State Officers, clubs may only have one square marching.

Dave Cooper: Mr. Ashwill told me if I do not sell 30 registrations to Mid-Winter, I will not get to talk at the meeting or have a table to sell registrations for 2014 Summer Festival. So when you register for Mid-Winter, write on there that you were referred by Dave Cooper.

2014 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Patty Reese

2014 Summer Festival showed up like a flock of locust in our gingham on Friday night and took over the visual at the Friday night dance. We sold 31 registrations and 34 T Shirts so we are pretty proud of that. We had a successful after party, where we gave away a lot of yummy cookies made by Kathy Shore and her crew.

The crew will be selling registrations at the break and we will be happy to take your checks and give you ribbons right now. You can get us off your back, just pay up now and be done with it.

We will be doing a lot of visitations. We are going to promote, promote, promote.


I have several things on my agenda here but first, I would like to introduce you to your new editor, Joyce Sherman. As many of you know, she has been my partner for 8 years and pretty much knows the ins and outs of square dancing and the clubs. She has lots of experience with volunteer organizations as she is associated with the Northwest Steelheaders who also have chapters and Executive Boards.

Joyce took over the reins the last of June and put this next issue together all by herself. However, me being the mother hen that I am was clucking over her shoulder throughout but she ignored me. Joyce would you like to say a few words?

Joyce Sherman: When you submit the photos please identify the people in the photos. The other thing I have noticed when you send pictures; you mention a birthday dance or something. If you would include the dates, etc. for that dance in your club news before the event we will add it to the events schedule. This group is a little more formal than fish people.

Vivian Fairburn: Go back to your clubs and tell them when they send pictures they need to tell her the name of the club. She won't recognize them otherwise. Include your name on your emails. All the address will be changed for subscriptions, etc. I am still around to advise.

Next on my agenda is the OFN policy and procedures update. I haven't done this for quite a few years so I cleaned it up this time to make it more effective. You all should have a copy today. If someone would make a motion to accept it, we can discuss it.

Kay Rogers: I make a motion to accept these changes. 2nd: Coleeta Quigley


I have enjoyed being the Editor for these last 10 years but now it is time to step back and watch someone else get the same pleasure as I have had working with all the clubs and councils.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Dale (Kathy) Worthington

We have finally returned from our trip to the National Convention in Oklahoma City and a few other places. Upon getting back to work as 2nd Vice President, I found I was remiss in not requesting State Directory information at the May meeting. What I need is the number of copies of the State Directory that each club and council would want. The cost of each directory will be $3.05. I would usually ask for this information at Summer Festival State Meeting, but because I am late in requesting it, could you try to give me the information by August 13th?


Thank you to everyone who sent me your reports. It makes it so much easier for me. If you have not sent them, please do.


The following cards were sent from June-July 2013

Sympathy Cards were sent to:

DORIS MURALT - loss of her husband
LINDA BELL - loss of her husband
LEE & BARBIE ASHWILL - loss of their daughter

Thinking of you card for Patty Reese for support of her chemo.

I need to send one to Larry Lauderdale, who is also going through chemo.

TREASURER: Barbi (Lee) Ashwill

All of you should have a copy of the report. This one encompasses everything from September 1, through June 30th. I think we have to think about money, lack of. We did not have a summer festival last year and our profits from Mid-Winter were like $1550. Some time ago we voted to operate on our income from the two festivals and interest. With the high expenses we have when we go out of town in particular, the mileage we doubled from $.30 to $.60 is dwindling our cash flow. We had a $6,100 certificate mature and I moved it into the checking account. I have been handed a bill from Tim for the sound equipment for $1100. I understand we are going to have some trailer repairs. I think we need to start thinking about keeping our meetings more local or cutting down the amount of people who go to them, doing them by email. At our current rate we will be out of funds in ten years. I wonder then how all the dancers are going to get their insurance. As you know, that is one of our main goals. If you have any questions in that regard, please let me know.

Lee and I cashed out the bank account from the 54th National Square Dance Convention we had to pay corporation fees and for the storage unit. I have a check here for $5, 286.44 that is kind of like a windfall.

MEMBERSHIP: Norma (Gary) Sohn

Except for the following three clubs (as of July 16, 2013), Corporation fees are up-to-date.

Checkerboard Squares Administrative Dissolution as of May 31, 2013 Disbanding Swap and Swing are disbanded. Star Promenaders Due July 18, 2013 Sagebrush Shufflers Due July 23, 2013

The above clubs have been notified by both email and letter. Their Council delegates have also been notified by email. Corporation fees due in August are PAC, Elkhorn Swingers, and R Square D.

Thank you to the Council delegates and clubs for a super job of updating their club information online and paying their Council dues and Where & When. The process has gone much smoother this year than last year. Get me your checks, please.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers

Keep up the good work!

PAST PRESIDENT: Ray (Zola) Jones

No Report.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

I've been trying to figure out what to do about the recent constitutional changes, since they won't take effect until September 2014. I've decided I'm going to go ahead and distribute those changes at the September meeting (along with all the pending job description updated), so you should get a big update at that point.

I have copies of the promotional television advertising that was done. We have permission for the clubs and councils to reproduce and use them.

EDUCATION: Kathy (Dale) Worthington

Yesterday we had a huge turnout at the seminar "How does your garden grow". Seven of us showed up. One gentleman showed up late but did not want to participate. I think he was hiding out. We had a lively group discussion and came away with good ideas.

HISTORIAN: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

I have been receiving stuff from Vivian as she cleans out her computer and I got some more from Vivian that she had received from Hank Balsiger. I have not printed all of it yet, since I am low on toner. There is a lot to print from the two sources. I do not print pictures as it takes a lot of the color toner, so not sure what I will do with them. May save them to a CD and run them on one of those continuous running viewers. I don't have one of those either, but will see what happens.

I took a display of the 2012 State Fair pictures to the National Convention in Oklahoma City. Plus, there were several types of Oregon related magazines, tour guides, and Oregon Federation News to finish filling out the table space. We have reserved one table for the next convention in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2014. I also resupplied some of the brochures in the Publication Rack that is on display elsewhere here at Summer Festival.

PUBLICITY: Kathy (Dale) Worthington

I handed out the Directory of Clubs to each delegate. Please give one to each of your President of your club. You can find the booklet on line; it's a PDF on www.squaredance.gen.or.us

Dale and I took these booklets to Nationals at OKC this year. The attendance was only 4,102. The showcase of ideas was way back in the corner and was hard to get to.



Everything is current with both BMI and ASCAP.


This year the Oregon Federation will be giving away two $500 scholarships. The first one was awarded last night to Leslye Woodland with the B&Bs. The second one I am going to try to visit her club so her name will be announced in the OFN later.

The youth will be dancing at the state fair on August 31st from 10-11am. If you know of any youth (or young at heart) who would like to dance with us, please contact me. Those who are signed up by Aug. 1st, will receive free admission to the fair. We have the perfect time. Saturday, Labor Day Weekend, 10-11 AM. It won't be too hot and once we are through dancing you will have the entire day to enjoy the State Fair free.

I will be sending out a packet to all the delegates to turn over to their clubs. It will include a flyer for state dancing, and request for a co-host for a youth dance for October. If I don't have a host, it will be held in the PAC/TVC area again, which doesn't help the entire state.

Remember we have scholarships available for youth who cannot afford to attend a state function.

ORDTA: Ken (Dianne) Pratt, Read by CiCi Glidewell

Summer Festival 2014 has asked for support from ORDTA members in setting up rounds for the Rimrock Rendezvous' in June 2014.

Susan Healea, President of the Northwest Round Dance Teachers Association, also in Washington presented information on a Round-A-Lab mini-lab scheduled for the fifth weekend in May 2014.

The executive board will meet to develop guidelines to ensure that cue sheets in the OFN are in the correct format.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Goldie (Earl) Restorff:

No Report!

WEBMASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts:

Vivian and I are working on a way for us to generate the directory from the membership info your clubs are already typing in. That way, the 2nd Vice President will just have to enter the new officer names and addresses, and the directory will pop out as a PDF file.

STATE FAIR REPORT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

The available dates were received while I was in Oklahoma City and they were forwarded to the Federation while there. I asked for a 1st choice and a 2nd choice for dates of dancing from the responders and I would make a decision as to who dances what dates when I returned from OKC. I waited until after the 4th of July and sent out my final decision on dates on Monday, July 8. I rearranged last year's schedule so the same dancers would not be dancing on the same dates or were scheduled with other groups for a combination demonstration. I wanted to show the best entertainment exhibition to the Fair attendees for possible students in the fall. We have five different dates to dance and the Youth are dancing one of them, since I was unable to accommodate them last year. I now await headcount for tickets so I can get them distributed to the dancers before the first demo date.

Vivian Fairburn: In April I got a call from the Marion County Fair. They have a new person in charge who came up from California and wanted square dancing. Marilyn pulled, pushed and cajoled and followed up with people and got them there for the event. It was a hot day, the stage wasn't good, but we made a good showing for the first year and made this lady look good. She is also doing a demo at the Aurora Colony and the Chaps and Petticoats are going to be in that one. So I want to recognize that Marilyn really pulled this off, Good Job, Marilyn.

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Trailer #2 was repaired before it was picked up to be used by the Lebanon Square Circlers and the Sweet Home Squarenaders. At the Lebanon Strawberry Festival, two areas on the trailer's floor failed. Temporary repairs were made.

Roger Dorsey inspected the trailer at his home and drew up an estimate for replacing the floor with composite decking material. Ray Jones and I drove to Brownsville and looked at trailer #2 and concurred with Roger's repairs.

After further review, Jerry's Hardware said that the composite decking had to have supports no farther apart than 16" OC. The trailer's supports are 24" OC. This is a problem.

I have two estimates, one with composite decking material, and one T&G Sub Flooring.

1) Composite Timber Tech (ReliaBoard Plank - Grey) including hardware - $878.74.

(Cost does not include the cost of adding additional supports.)

2) 1' 1/8" 4' X 8' T&G Sub Floor including hardware and finish coating - $456.94.

In addition, each trailer should be sanded and repainted while the new floors are being installed. That estimate is $98.97.

The two estimated costs for both trailers are:

1) $878.74 x 2 = $1,856.45 (not including adding additional supports)

Ray Jones made a motion to accept trailer repair expenses. 2nd by Dave Cooper

After much discussion: Vivian Fairburn suggested we ask Floyd what he recommends. He recommends the sub flooring at half the cost of the Composite Timber.

Kay Rogers amended the motion to read that we pay for repairing the floors by replacing them with the tongue and groove. 2nd by Barbi Ashwill

Motion to amend passed. The Motion to purchase tongue and groove passed.


No Report!


I want to thank Mr. Hartzel and Mr. Worthington who were on the committee for help in getting this done. I give a special thanks to Ralph Lambert. He offered some quite valuable advice. We have a packet of information that the second vice president can read on the new equipment. The next issue is what to do with the old equipment. After discussion, it was decided to hand the equipment over to Sarge Glidewell. After Ralph gives us advice on what the state should keep.

Barbi Ashwill:

Okay folks, we need to go back to the treasurer's report because obviously Vivian was drinking that day and not me. The report is correct as submitted. Graphics Design was paid $4800. We were playing catch up for a while.


  1. Constitutional Amendment Change: Eliminate the November State Meeting.

    Results of ballots - LaDauna Hartzell

    This measure passed and the November meeting is eliminated.



  1. 2015 Summer Festival

    CeCe Glidewell: The Interstate Highlanders presented a bid to hold the 2015 Oregon Summer Festival in Klamath Falls on July 17-19th, 2015 at the Klamath County Fairgrounds. It is the hopes of the council to help regenerate their clubs.

    CeCe Glidewell: I MOVE the Interstate Highlanders host the 2015 Oregon Summer Festival. 2nd by Ray Jones. MOTION passed.

  2. State Charity Dance - Ray Jones

    I MOVE the Federation's Benefit Dance be eliminated. 2nd: by Kay Rogers

    Frank Schuchard suggested the state hold a new dancer's dance as the benefit dance and have the area callers bring their students to increase participation.

    A MOTION was made by Ray Jones to postpone the motion. 2nd By Lori McIntosh.

    Motion to postpone passed.

    Vivian asked us to take this to our clubs and come back with ideas at the Sept meeting.

  3. Lori McIntosh: Back to the state trailer issue: Many of the clubs own and maintain their own trailers. Why not have a maintenance fee to help support the state trailer. A suggestion of $25 was made. If someone wants to borrow the Charlie Browns trailer it is a $25 maintenance fee.

    Lori McIntosh: I MOVE to have a maintenance fee for using the state trailers for whoever wants to use it. 2nd: Al Wolf

    Dale Worthington: I MOVE that we postpone this motion until the September meeting.

    2nd by Ray Jones. MOTION to postpone passed.


Umpqua Area Council: Frank (Rita) Schuchard


The Buckeroo Round Up is June is 7, 8 and 9th. Eric Henerlau will be Calling and Tami Helms will be Cueing.

This month we had our elections for officers.

Our April 27th Dance was dedicated to Pat Hintz and our cuer, Neil, cued mostly songs that Pat had choreographed.

Dancing Friends

Pioneer 'N' Petticoats

They are dark except for the Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance which is June 9th.

It is the afternoon after our Round Up ends so folks can plan on making a trip out to the Wildlife Safari and dancing if they are in town for our Round Up. It is from 1:00 - 4:30.

Timber 8's Plus club

Although Timber 8's is a plus club, they decided to have their Birthday Dance April 27th called at the mainstream level with a few plus calls, they had a great turn out.

The club will be DARK until September.

Umpqua Area Council

August 10 - 13 Douglas County Fair. Square dancers get in free if they are wearing their badge and square dance attire. We dance in the evenings, near the front gate. Caller and Cuer line up TBA.

Blue Mountains Council: David Stutzman

The Elkhorn Swingers and La Grande Star Promenaders have reduced and combined their dance schedules for this fall. One dance will be held each month alternating location between Baker City and La Grande. The Star Promenaders are planning on holding lessons beginning in September. They are also have a couple public performances planned for the summer.

The Muddy Frogs are continuing to hold dances and potlucks through the summer. They have been working on refurbishing their dance trailer. They had it ready for dancing on yesterday at an event hosted by one of their club members.

The three clubs have not submitted their membership information or paid their dues and fees. I will endeavor to follow up with the clubs to get this task completed.

Central Oregon Council: Doug (LaDauna) Hartzell

Council is discussing bringing "The Crew" to Central Oregon, this will be discussed at the next meeting in August.

Putting on B-51 dances and working to retain all new dancers. This was also put on hold until the next meeting.

New council officers to take over in August:
President: Marilyn Waak
Vice President: Don Forbes
Secretary: Debbie Klug
Treasurer: Renae Sedlechek

Sagebrush Shufflers: The shufflers have and have been in two parades to promote square dancing in their area. They are doing mainstream workshops on Sunday afternoons and that has been well attended by Central Oregon new dancers. They are also doing A-1 on Sundays.

RED ROCKS: The Red Rocks are busy with summer festival activities, visitations, 4th of July, and of course going to summer festival.

Discussions are in progress to do fall lessons, but no real decision has been made yet.



SWINGING MOUNTAINEERS: The Mountaineers were busy working on the Sisters Rodeo, being assisted by the Sagebrush Shufflers. This is a good money maker for the clubs each year as they are the sole provider of food at this event.

MAVERICKS: The Mavericks have had to cancel a dance or two, so summer has been otherwise filled with visitations and traceling. Patty had done well with the chemo, as like others, she had good days and bad days.

Emerald Empire Council: Zola (Ray) Jones

Emerald Empire Area Council and clubs are continuing to plant seeds to get our Garden Growing:

The Danebo Circle-8 club is having "A-B-C" Dances at a local Grange Hall, which has been having well attended folk dancing and group dancing. The first of A-B-C dances is on the evening of July 17, a fun introduction to square dancing. They have circulated many 'flyers' and advertising for a month in advance. Then 'B' dance in August and the 'C' dance in early September. Area council voted Circle-8 an amount from our Clubs Benefit Fund to cover the cost of caller and hall for all three dances.

Our council Recruiting and Retention Committee is meeting again in July to discuss and recommend a solution for lessons in our area that will benefit all the clubs.

Boots & Sandals, now a traveling club, 60th Birthday Dance the end of May had 7 squares dancing, plus many former members of their club and other clubs who no longer dance. It's so good to visit and 'catch-up' with former dancers.

Whirl-A-Ways annual Pie and Homemade Ice Cream dance in late June included a 'Silent Auction', also with a Donation Jar and a 'Cash Cow' live auction,-brought over 9 squares attending to raise funds for the special "Honor Flight" for World War II Veterans. Over $2,500.00 was donated.

Whirl-A-Ways are "Dark" in July and August, and several other of our Area Clubs are "Dark" in August. So if anyone will be in our area and wants to attend a dance-please contact the club to be sure they are not dark.

Interstate Highlanders Council: CeCe (Sarge) Glidewell

Interstate highlander News -- The slate of officers for the next two years are the following: Denny Fullerton, President; Helen (Don) Schreiner, Vice President; Cece Glidewell, Secretary; Adana Young-Gardner, Treasurer; and Roby Gardner, State Delegate -- Thanks to all for your willingness to serve your area. The new officers were confirmed at the June 3 meeting.

The round of the month for September selected by the IH council is All American Country Boy by Allen Jackson. CHOREO: Joe and Pat Hilton

KC Squares News -- Only four of the 13 new dancers graduated in May. Monthly dances are suspended starting in July so that club members can attend Festivals throughout the State. The club's annual picnic is August 17, noon at Wizard Park. Some new dancer recruitment is scheduled for August and September.

Mid-Willamette Area Council: Harriett Livingston

First and foremost I want to brag about the clubs response in completing their form for the When and Where and paying their dues. Everyone completed their responsibility one week before the due date. So, it goes without saying I am very proud of the clubs in the Mid-Willamette Area.

It is encouraging to know that as a result of lessons starting in the spring the area now has 12 new square dancers and 15 new round dancers. Presently there is one class of plus and 2 ongoing groups of advanced workshops. This does not include the round dance groups that meet on a weekly basis.

The area picnic hosted by Willamette Squares is set for July 28 in Silverton. Last year there were about 75 in attendance.

Silver City Squares have hired Leonard Snodgrass as their caller and Timber Twirlers has hired Sandy Harris as their cuer.

Mid-Willamette Area is dancing two days with 2 hours each day at the Marion County Fair July 13 & 14. Bruce Lowther and Randy Dibble will be calling.

In June we had the privilege of choosing the Round of the Month for September. Last Waltz of the Evening was the choice. Runners up were: Emozione Waltz and Grandma's Feather Bed.

July Russell of Timber Twirlers suggested clubs look at "Saturday Markets" as a possible venue for promoting our activity. Perhaps this could be done 2 to 3 weeks, or more before lessons start. Normally there is a fee for the booths but because we are non-profit maybe the organization might consider letting us do for "free". How and what is presented would be left to the imagination of the club. Things to consider might be pictures, videos, demonstrations or. . . .

A teen member of Silver City Squares has chosen, for her Senior High School project, to raise enough money to buy an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to be used by Bethany Charter School which is in the surrounding area of Silverton.

Portland Area Council: Al Wolf (Gail Domine)

I would like to extend a big "Thank You" to chairs Mark and Bev Engerman and all those that worked so hard this last year to make this festival the success it was.

Many clubs are dark for the summer. Check your OFN for information.

Most clubs are planning to have lessons in September. A few clubs won't start lessons until January or February. Check your OFN for these dates.

The PAC picnic held on June 17th was a great time to socialize with friends that we don't see or dance with very often. About 37 people attended. It was a beautiful day and of course, the food was top notch.

Many clubs are having "Back to School" dances. All school supplies will be donated to different organizations to be given to needy students.

The Tumbleweeds will celebrate their 41st anniversary on August 2nd and the Recycle plus club will celebrate their 18th anniversary September 13th.

Some clubs are already planning New Year's Eve Dances. I am sure there will be many advertising in the OFN a few months from now.

National Caller Mike Sikorsky will be in the Portland area to call plus dances. There will be a weekend "Mid-Summer Stomp" at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver on July 26th and 27th. Tami Helms will cue. River City Dancers will have a plus dance at the Milwaukie Community Club on Monday, August 5th and the Bachelor & Bachelorettes will have Mike calling a mainstream dance at Abernathy Grange in Oregon City on Wednesday, August 7th. Both halls are air conditioned. See ads in the July OFN.

The Country Capers have decided at this time not to merge with another club. On a sad note, the Checkerboard Squares after 53 years of dancing have decided to disband as of August 24th. This will be a free dance. The club suggests everyone bring a can of food for Snow Cap. Also, Swap and Swing of The Dalles have decided to disband as of June 30th. They were one of the oldest clubs in the Federation celebrating their 64th anniversary a few months ago.

The next PAC fifth Friday dance will be August 30th at the Oak Grove air conditioned hall. Richard Lane will call and Molly Combs will cue. We have dances every fifth Friday of the year.

Rogue Sis Q Council: Lori McIntosh

Thank you to the local area for hosting the Summer Festival and Or Federation meetings.

June ended with a Council Dance at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center with caller Denny Lantz and Cuer Mary Nutt. It was hot and we still had a floor full of dancers. The new dancers had a wonderful time.

All classes are done until September; clubs are now having various workshops to sharpen the square dance skills. Graduate dancers will have several demonstration dances and festivals for summer dance fun.

Several Charlie Browns went to Buckaroo Round-up and Wildlife Safari dance, where they brought home the banner for most members from one club in attendance. Charlie Brown Squares are preparing for many summer demonstration dances at various Grants Pass public gatherings: farmers market, Josephine County Fair, Courier Newspaper annual gathering, and the Oregon State Fair. Many of the dancers have already made plans for Summer Festival, Diamond Lake, Central Oregon Round-up, USA West, and Beachcombers Weekend.

Star Promenaders are busy preparing for Diamond Lake Festival. The dress can be casual for all dances; of course traditional attire is admired but not required. Stars have their own parade float now and have made their presence in Southern Oregon Parades: Gold Hill, Central Point 4th of July, and plan for more.

Lantzs Dantzers are slowly progressing forward with a strong core of dancers heading up all the activities and dances. The Thursday afternoon delight dances have been a success in bringing dancers out to a non-evening dance.

Circle N Squares had a very successful Gold Diggers Dance in June. The Les Farley, the cuer, has retired and will not be cueing for the club on a regular basis. The club will be having guest cuers for now. Members from all the council clubs visited and gave support. Charlie Browns and Klamath Falls were dark to allow dancers to support Circle N Squares.

South Coast Council: Coleeta (Chuck) Quigley

The Beachcombers had their 4th of July dance starting on Friday night with Jamboree callers and cuers. Saturday they had Dale Roberson and Denise calling and cueing. It was a lot of fun for everyone.

Saints n' Aints have been dark in July. Sherm Welch, their caller, takes the summer off so they will have guest callers during August.

Sets in Order are preparing for their next parade which is this coming weekend for the Coos County Fair. They hope to have another full trailer of dancers, they had so many last time.

On the South Coast we are so thankful for each one of the clubs that support each other.

With our numbers being low, it takes all three of our clubs to make a success.

Tualatin Valley Council: Jim (Kay) Rogers

Friday, August 23 is the TVC dance day at the Oregon State Fair. Karen and Ferrous Steinka are chairing that committee for the TVC.

Our Hahn Barn Dance was a lot of fun with 64 dancers in attendance and 22 OFN subscriptions sold.

We are prepared for the September 21, 22 State meeting at the Kinton Grange. We have handed out flyers to each of you for that meeting. Please feel free to ask Kay if you have any questions.

The TVC plans to bid for the 2016 summer festival to be held in Seaside, Oregon. The rent on that facility is $1500 for the weekend. We could have the facility for either the fourth or fifth weekend in July of 2016. We could use this facility annually if we like.


Steve & Valerie Murphy:

A week after the May meeting Valerie & I were in Grants Pass for Boatnik Weekend. It's a citywide celebration with a parade, boat races, dance festival, and other community events. I cued for one of the three nights of dancing.

Two weeks later we were back at the Buckaroo Barn for their annual Buckaroo Round-up. Eric Henerlau was the caller and Tami Helms was the cuer. For us that's always a neat festival to go to because we can park the RV on the grass right outside of the Barn, the evening potluck always has massive amounts of food, and on Saturday morning everyone cooks their own omelets in a baggie, with the rest of the breakfast being provided by the festival committee.

When we left the Buckaroo Barn we headed directly to the 61st Annual Washington State Festival in Kennewick, Washington. We took our time, taking 3 days for the 6 hour trip, including a 2 day stay at the Peach Beach RV park on the Columbia River at Biggs Junction. The day after arriving at the RV park we were joined by John & Glory Guches. We drove together to the 3 Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick. We had never been to this festival and were pleasantly surprised to see quite a few Oregon dancers there. Jerry Junck from Mesa, Arizona was the featured caller and TJ Chadd from Meridian, Idaho near Boise was the featured cuer. They also had Janice Jestin as the Clogging Leader.

Three weeks later we headed to Reno for the 4th of July weekend. The International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association, or ICBDA, held their annual convention during most of the week and into the weekend. Round-a-Lab is the United States Round Dancing organization and ICBDA is the worldwide organization that coordinates and promotes Round Dancing throughout the world. There were quite a few dancers there that came in from Japan, Australia, Canada, and several countries in Europe as well as from all over the United States. We got to meet many people that we had previously only heard about. Three halls were filled with about 200 dancers in each hall. Besides a trails end dance there were 4 days where the Round Dancing started at 9:00 AM and, except for short lunch and dinner breaks, went continuously until 11:00PM with teaches going all day in all 3 halls and general dancing in the evening also in all 3 halls. The ICBDA won't be an annual trek for Valerie & me because it's usually held so far away, sometimes in other countries.

After this meeting we'll have about 2 weeks to rest up until we head for USA West in Boise. At the end of the USA West Festival we'll be heading east for a grand tour of the US. We plan on spending between 1 and 2 months making a full circle around the United States so we'll probably miss the September meeting.

Al Wolf & Gail Domine:

It has been just a short time since our last meeting and report, so this will be a short one.

The extent of our square dance activity has been our own club dances, plus workshops and a visitation to the Hoedowners. New dancer lessons will start in September and we will again be angels.

We spent three days at Gleneden Beach and attended a concert by Josh Turner at Chinook Winds in June. It was a great concert and beautiful weather.

I celebrated another birthday in June and my children presented me with a certificate that all ten of us (including grandchildren) will take a hot air balloon ride in August. Gail will be celebrating hers tomorrow, July 22nd.


Tim Roberts: There were a couple of things I forgot to say in the sound system report: The equipment all came from Guitar Center. I had set up a list of what I thought we needed and set the budget at $1100. It turned out I misread the spec and it was only going to handle the one mic. The gentleman at the Guitar Center corrected that. The unit we needed was more expensive. He took the $100 off as a discount and so we got the equipment at the $1,100. I thought that was very nice. I also want to thank Ron and Marilyn. They came by Friday and made sure we all knew how to set it up.

Dave Cooper: Floyd and Jill Bard are the only ones who stepped over here to our table and registered for Summer Festival 2014 after I had the crew to stay to take your registrations.

Mark Engerman: One thing I did not say today that I thought was great was the gal who did our National Anthem. Also I want to clarify. The Checkerboards are folding. Some of the Checkerboards and other dancers are forming a new club. We did not just want to rewrite out bylaws so we could make changes. We decided to just form a new club. The new club will be different. We don't even have a name yet.

Colleen Sawyer: I am the President of the Evergreen Council. I would like to invite everyone up to our McNutt Award celebration. The McNutt Award is the cuer award for Washington State. Bill and Neva Reid were awarded that in June. The dance is on August 31st at Clark County Square Dance Center. They were already scheduled to call and cue that dance so it will be a celebration party.

Al Wolf: At the last meeting I didn't tell you who the new officers were for the PAC. Our President happens to be here: Keith Miles. Thank you very much, Keith, for taking on a big job. On another note, Gail mentioned about the baskets. If any of the council presidents want to take their unclaimed basket to use in their own council that would be fine. The girl who sang the National Anthem and was so good is Keith Miles granddaughter.

Kathy Worthington: I still have some of the event booklets, if some of you would like to take some with you.

Kathy Roberts: Most of you know our son, Jonny. He is a sophomore at Portland State, majoring in their Opera Program. Right now the Portland State Chamber Choir is in Italy. They participated in a competition that has been going on for 50 years. Portland State Choir is only the 2nd choir ever invited from the United States. I just received a post saying they had just participated in their final competition and received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. We will know at midnight how well they did and will post it on our website.

Kay Rogers: During Jim's report he told you the TVC is planning to bid for the 2016 Summer Festival in Seaside, Oregon. We have a choice of the 4th or the 5th weekend in July. We would like your feedback on that. Also I made a proposal a few years back to have the summer festival at the Seaside Convention Center in July every year, at $1500 for the weekend. You should at least think about that and consider it, so the next time it comes up you will have an idea about how you feel about it.

Keith Miles: I am new to this. I have sucker written on my forehead so I thought I would do this. I also would like to thank our Summer Festival committee for providing a wonderful venue and wonderful program for everyone to get together.

Kay Rogers: I have been reminded that I should have said that the TVC would not want to host the summer festival in Seaside every year. Other councils could take turns hosting. You would not even have to go there to prepare the facilities. Just tell them what you want need and they do it. You do not need a facilities committee.

Marilyn Schmit: When I got to my chair there was this book full of old square dance records. This one says "Chicken Reel", one says "Tennessee Square" and one of them "Versuviana", and "Turkey in the Straw". I will lay it here on the table if you want to look at it.

Floyd Bard: One thing about doing the festivals on the fourth or fifth weekend in July is the Diamond Lake Festival. How successful was the ABC dance?

Vivian Fairburn: Rick was just here and told me. I believe he said 50; it was a pretty good turn out.

Zola Jones: There were five new students; they had three squares on the floor. They charged $5 for each dancer. The other dancers for other types of dances charge $5.We wondered if there would have been better attendance if they charged $2.

Floyd Bard: What were the expenses involved? I thought the idea was it was going to be as free as possible to promote to new dancers. The question is: What is an ABC dance. There are several clubs in different areas that are starting to do the ABC dances. Where the A dance is held and things like Left Allemande, Weave the Ring and a bunch of simple stuff are taught so dancers can dance right away with square dancers. Then 30 days later, there is a B dance where more moves are taught and again in 30 days a C dance where more moves are taught. If you search the website you will find taverns and pubs where they are putting on these dances. More Discussion regarding what the dancers are going to do when they are ready to dance mainstream.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that the Whirl A Ways hired a new caller. I would like to thank Rich and Barbara Ewing for doing a great job the last few years. But the club has now hired Mike Kious as our caller.

ADJOURN: Meeting Adjourned.


Next meeting will be Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the Kinton Grange 9 AM

Respectfully Submitted,

Kay Rogers
OFSRDC Secretary