Hosted by the Red Rock Squares and the Crook County Mavericks
Summer Festival, Prineville, Oregon

President Dave Cooper called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


This meeting is being recorded.


Elected Officers: All present, except: 1st Vice President, Dale Worthington; and Corresponding Secretary, Sylvia Davis.

Appointed Officers: All present except: Insurance, Kay Rogers; State Trailers, Floyd Bard; OFN, Joyce Sherman; ORDTA, Ken Pratt;

and Round Dance Screening, Goldie Restorff.

Delegates: All present, except: David Stutzman Blue Mountains.

Goodwill Ambassadors: All present.

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President, Vivian Fairburn

FLAG SALUTE: 2nd Vice President, Lisa Kious

MINUTES: LaDauna Hartzell

Coleeta Quigley moved and Frank Schuchard seconded to approve minutes as distributed. Motion passed.


PRESIDENT: Dave Cooper

Since we are missing two voting positions on the Board, the following will take those positions: Lisa Kious will fill in for 1st Vice President; Sarge Glidewell will fill in the 2nd Vice President position, and John Guches will fill in for the Corresponding Secretary.

The outhouses that are at each station are from the 2014 Summer Festival as gifts.

Need a committee that will audit the ballots - Kathy Roberts was to have the ballots, but they were left at home. The President appointed: Lisa Kious, Kathy Roberts and Vivian Fairburn to audit the ballots.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Dale (Kathy) Worthington


2014 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Jim (Pam) Rich

The callers and cuers were all great and think everyone had a great time. The Rounds were perfect. The activities that we had, the Rope and Throw and the Outhouse Races kept everyone entertained. These were fun breaks in the hot afternoon. It's easier to play outside than dance in a hot hall. As predicted, we had perfect weather and we're sorry there was not any humidity. There didn't seem to be any major problems and everything else got resolved quickly. Registration was approximately 270 paid 60 in callers and cuers for a total of about 350. There will be a true account at the next meeting. On Friday, we were overwhelmed with a $1200 day with just walk-ins.

2015 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: George & Patty Hermann

First, I have two jobs. 2014 Mid-Winter Festival was a success as many of you already know. I have a check here for $6,560.51 to the OFSRDC. There were 1320 dancers at mid-winter. For 2015 Mid-Winter, we have Jed Roberts as our caller and Chama Gomez coming as our cuer. Registrations are already coming in and everyone here should have a ribbon - Zola Jones has a packet. Our committees are set and everything is going smoothly. Our goal at 2014 was 1320 and our goal for 2015 is 1325.

2015 SUMMER FESTIVAL: CeCe Glidewell

The committee has been hard at work planning the promotion of the 2015 Summer Festival. The registration form is complete and we have 500 copies ready for distribution. Tim Roberts has created our website which will be up and running after the 2014 Summer Festival. Scot Byars was gracious enough to make a recording we will use to promote our festival. If you didn't make it to our After Party on Friday night (June 20, 2014) you missed the recording's debut, a good time and a chance to save on 2015 Summer Festival ribbons. We will be traveling about the state in the next year pushing for as many dancers to come to Klamath Falls as possible.




The special dance booklet was printed at Minuteman Press for $92.00 for 200 booklets. Every delegate and officer received them and there is a handful for each delegate to take back to their clubs. Hopefully, there is one for each club. More are available and some are going to Nationals. You can also print off copies online. Please get the word out to all new dancers and your clubs that this is a great resource for new dancers.

RECORDING SECRETARY: LaDauna (Doug) Hartzell



Sixteen cards have been sent out since the last State Meeting.

The voting has taken place. The ballots were counted at the May TVC meeting by Gary Clark and Tom and Janice Sminia. The ballots were then put into an envelope, given to Kathy Roberts and she is to give them to the President, Dave Cooper, to be destroyed. The newly elected officers are: Dale Worthington, President; 1st Vice President, Kay Rogers; 2nd Vice President, Sarge Glidewell; LaDauna Hartzell, Secretary and Dave Cooper, Past President.

TREASURER: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

It has been a tough few months to get bills paid when the OFN is not supporting itself. The monthly deposits are not timely made and not enough to cover the basic expenses. I owe Joyce a quarterly stipend and there is not enough to cover the $3000 check. She has not cashed the first quarter check as of the writing of this report.

I spent part of a day at Bill Rooper's to get some explanation on entries made when the bank account went from Bank of America to Key Bank. I had questions on the financial statement for balances that did not make sense to me. Hopefully they have been resolved. By doing the Balance Sheet in Accrual basis and the Profit and Loss in Cash basis, some of the questions I had, have disappeared. According to my textbook from school, and an email from Vivian earlier in the year, the Quickbooks Program does things differently in the cash basis on the Balance Sheet than it does on the accrual basis.

I prepared a tentative budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal/presidential year. It does show a loss, but with the OFN not supporting itself, the budget stands.

We have two Certificates of Deposit coming due in July. One is for $5200 and the other is over $10,000. I will let the larger one renew and possibly put the smaller one in the checking account. We have a profit check coming from Mid-Winter, but will need to write a check later in the year for the 2016 Mid-Winter Festival, so will use the profit check to cover that check; plus I am writing checks for the Scholarship program and the trailer repair.

In your packets, you have a Profit and Loss and a Budget for you to look at and pass at the September meeting

Delegates and others: now is the time to go back and ask your clubs how many directories you would like to order. There are still about 15 left over from last year. I will take your orders up to August 1. The price will still be around the $3.00 price from before.

MEMBERSHIP: Coleeta (Chuck) Quigley

For our Membership, we have two clubs with inactive status: Northwest Callers Assoc. and the Muddy Frogs. At this time we have two clubs that have disbanded 1) the Country Capers, which may become a traveling club and 2) the Pioneer and Petticoats.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers


PAST PRESIDENT: Vivian Fairburn

Randall Awards - In the past, the deadline for submitting Randall award forms was at the Summer Festival. Since this year, the Festival is being held a month earlier, the deadline will be July 15. Please email me the forms and digital pictures if possible. If not, please let me know that you are mailing a hard copy so I will know to expect it. The nomination forms will be given to each delegate at the September meeting and their votes will be returned to Dave Cooper by November 15.

State Benefit Dance - As you are all aware, the State Benefit Dance will be Saturday, 7:30 pm at Oak Grove Community Hall. George and Patty Hermann are the callers and cuers. The PAC will help provide coffee and water and the food will only be finger food. The admission is donation monies. We will not be accepting canned food. The benefit is for the Oregon Food Bank which reaches all the same communities that have square and round dancers. Many of our neighbors and friends are being helped with the monthly food baskets to seniors and low-income families, Meals-on-Wheels, school lunches and many other supportive activities. I hope to see you all there.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tom (Barbara) Wines


FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

Marilyn gave me a detailed list of all transactions since September and I didn't find anything to comment on, so that's a good thing.


We had an Education Seminar on Saturday and think it was the most fun one so far. We had Leondard Snograss and Chuck Garner and they discussed the pros and cons of B51. It was fun, and I learned a lot. I don't know what will be done for Mid-Winter as yet.

HISTORIAN: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

I received five books of caller and cuer newsletters from the 50's and 60's from Christina Corelli to put in the collection. I took the Randall Award plaques to Milton-Freewater to display at the reception honoring the 2014 recipient, Merri Anne Huber. I brought her plaque back with me so I can have the plate re-engraved to correct the spelling of her name. I polled the head table for approval and received no denials from those that replied. Not all replied back. Other than that, no activity recorded.



Everything is current with BMI and ASCAP. Dave asked about the fees that are due from Summer Festival and when they needed to be turned in. Ralph stated that within 30 days would be appropriate.


Oregon's $500 Educational scholarship will be awarded to one very deserving high school senior from the Mid-Willamette area. The scholarship will be awarded in person very soon. Once awarded, the name will be released.

The Eager Beavers continue to set out a donation bucket for the OFSRDC Education scholarship. They have collected $21 since our last meeting. I would like to thank them for their continued support!

Thank you, Marilyn, for reserving time for the Youth to dance at the State fair on Labor Day. I'll be placing an Ad in the August OFN with times and details. K.C. Curtis has already agreed to be our caller. Johnny Roberts will let us know soon if he is available to join KC on stage for a rip-roaring, boot stomping great time. Anyone who is young at heart and likes to dance with kids will be welcome to join us.

Our Mid-Winter Youth Committee is already busy planning our 2015 Youth Program. This year, the Youth theme will be an Adventure theme. During some of our activities, we will be "traveling" through different countries who have square dancing as their national dance. We will continue with the Dancing Passport - badge search again this year. More exciting plans will be released during our next meeting and in the OFN.

ORDTA: Ken (Diane) Pratt


ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Goldie (Earl) Restorff


CALLER ADVISER: Leonard Snodgrass

The Caller and Cuer association had an amateur night, although it was actually a Sunday afternoon. We invited new callers and one person has called a little bit - he is from the Teen group. The other four were brand-new and had not been up before. Some had new records and excited about learning to call. We didn't have any trouble in the Mid-Willamette area getting that amateur night put together, so other clubs and councils can do the same. In our area we are going to pick a song a call that dancers don't hear very often and all callers in the area have agreed to do this, it will be a featured call for all the dances for say a month.

WEBMASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts

I think that clubs have been able to get through the membership process on-line and all of that seems to be moving Smoothly. The club information is being linked directly to the website so that should help us keep up to date. If you find something that is not updated, please let me know - that is the only way it will get updated.


I heard back from the fair on June 6 with two solid dates and one tentative one. I accepted the two solid dates of August 26 and September 1. I have asked for a Saturday date to fit in the working dancers. As of this writing of this report, that was still being worked on. After my email to the Federation, I have heard from one group for one of the dates and the Youth for the Labor Day spot. All dancers will be welcome at either date, if that is all we are given. There has been a change in management at the fairgrounds and the changes being made are reflected in our lack of dancing dates for now.

STATE TRAILERS: Floyd (Jill) Bard

Both State Trailers were repaired as approved by the OFSRDC. New floors were installed, the metal was painted black with rust preventative paint, the new floors were coated with a Varathane

covering, new hardware was used to attach the new flooring, lighting was checked and repaired, wheel bearings were repacked, and two new tires were replaced due to weathering. A tire on trailer 2 will need to be replaced soon, and Ray and I inspected the tongues on both trailers and they look good. We may need to have a welder look at both trailers to determine if the tongues need to be reinforced. We do not want to have a problem like the PAC had with their trailer.

Ray Jones was outstanding in helping with the removal of the old flooring and the installation of the really heavy new flooring. Thank You.

The total cost for both trailers is $968.83, which included replacing two tires ($100 each). The trailer repair estimate reported to the State in July 2013 was $1012.85 (not including tires).

If I don't say so myself, the trailers look really good. PAC has trailer 2 until the end of August and Lebanon Square Circler's will be using the trailer 1 until the middle of July.


Before we go on to old business, I have a check here from 2014 Summer Festival for $3000.00 to repay the monies that we used to get started.

2014 Election results have already been read, so will not be gone over again.


Before we get into New Business, there are three items I would like everyone to add to their Agenda: 1) is the OFN Contract, we need to have an OFN Financial Audit; 2) is the Mid-Winter flooring (Zola Jones); and 3) will be directory update.

There are five or six councils that have their info forms submitted for the State Directory. I have most of them submitted already entered and waiting for the rest to finish. The incomplete are entered and will enter the rest as they are received. The Directory will go to the printer about mid-August for distribution at the September meeting in Salem. I have all of Dale's appointed committee members and waiting for a couple more additions for the OFN Advisory Committee and the Nomination Committee, and I got one of those last night. Still need a picture of Sharon Freeman for the President page

and a picture has been requested twice. I have Joyce for the pictures used on the ballots for Sarge and CeCe to put in for 2nd Vice position. Delegates and clubs, now is the time to go back and ask your clubs how many directories you would like to order. There are about 15 left over from last year, I will take your orders up to about August 1st. The price will still be around the price before. Monies for the directories can be turned in at any time. Zola Jones asked if Marilyn would email us on how much the directories were going to be. Yes, you will get emails with all the information you will need.




We have two grants: First one is a grant for caller school for Joe Wravek. I move that we accept a grant request for Joe Wravek for $450 to attend caller school. Lisa Kious seconded. Discussion Is - he attended school several years ago from Daryl Clendenan and now he believes he needs more training. He can't afford the tuition and moving to the coast. The cost will be approximately $450.00. He applied for a scholarship from Caller Lab but don't know if he has heard back from them. Tim Roberts questioned - how much is he asking for? Vivian remarked that tuition will be about $323.00 and his lodging (at the Circle 8) may come to about $110. Al Wolf asked what area he was from. Vivian stated he is with TVC and calls for the Hay Shakers. Kathy Roberts asked "don't we have a policy established already that states the amount of money that we can pay, it seems like it was half the tuition and no lodging". Vivian stated, here is some history: in 2009 we paidDolan $750.00; in 2010 we paid Chuck Garner $380.00; and in 2011 we paid Kippen Parrett $1200.00. The discussion regarding the old policy on amount of monies never passed.

If I am remembering correctly, all of the grants; especially with Kippen, he was to raise half of the funds and I do believe that his council did that for him. I believe Chuck Garner was handled the same way.

Has the Grant Committee approved this? Vivian stated yes. This came from Dale Worthington, he presented this to Marilyn and myself. We approved for $450.00.

Motion carried.

Second grant: I move that a grant of $1370.00 be used by Emerald Empire to advertise for lessons. Lisa Kious seconded. This grant is with reservations, we did not want to approve this as it stands, but needed to bring before the board to get support for this. The Emerald Empire had clubs go together in order to do lessons this year, and wanted to advertise on a local bus system. The cost for advertising is $2740.00 for one month on four buses. The council has tentatively agreed to give them $1370.00 and they are requesting $1370.00 from us.

Discussion: Leonard Snodgrass, in Salem we put a sign on the side of one of the city busses. We paid a little extra to get it on the sidewalk side instead of the street side. The Cloverleaf's used little cards with phone numbers and the question where did they learn about square dancing- at least 90% stated from personal contact. Zola Jones remarked that the ad was not going to be on the side of the bus, but on the rear, and this is for four buses, so one bus would be of the $2740. Frank Schuchard stated there is some free advertising out there that they may not be aware of and that maybe they could tap into. If you contact Cola and Pepsi, they will make signs for free. If help is needed with this, I can help the council to tap into it. Kathy Roberts stated, it seems like a lot of money to help a few clubs and not all of the clubs have lessons in September, so it doesn't help the entire council nor those having lessons in January. Vivian stated that for clarification, four clubs are going together to do one set of lessons.

Barbara Wines asked If you put our $1300 + for one council, are you going to be able to do that for every council in the state? You are not!

Lorri McIntosh stated the Federation did that for the Rogue Sis-Q council on our advertising and we were able to generate some funds of our own. We found we got more participation from our demos and personal contact. We've also tried going on the radio, but still found that more of that personal contact worked for us, and with that our lessons have doubled and tripled among all our clubs.

Connie Simini took the floor and mentioned they have tried several ways to get new dancers, and are running out of options. We have tried the media, putting flyers in the stores like we used to do. Our area is dying and we are trying to stay alive. You have to do what you can to keep square dancing alive. I know it seems like a lot of money, but if you could do one bus that would be great. If we cannot get people to lessons, then square dancing will be done.

There was considerable discussion on this.

Tim Roberts stated that we have been asking for new ideas from clubs and councils - it seems to me this is a new idea they want to try, something new and exciting and if 10 councils came up with ten ideas at $1500 each, you bet we have the money.

Zola mentioned that Connie has been Treasurer of Emerald Empire Area Council for many years and her and her partner, Paul have just been accepted to co-chair mid-winter festival in 2018.

Leonard Snodgrass: Every year we all try and think of where and how to advertise. If I saw a flyer for a rap concert, I wouldn't go to it. So taking that into consideration, posters and flyers are geared to someone that might want to do what the flyer or poster is advertising. I think most people don't understand square dancing - we do - but the majority of people don't have an idea what we are doing. If people read a flyer about square dancing, it's like my reading a flyer of something I have never heard of. I think our money could be better spent doing parades and demos where people see what we are doing, then if they see a flyer, they more likely to understand it.

At this summer festival, the ROTC group has been filming everything that we have been doing, round dancing, square dancing, and the concert. It is ALL on line and it is free. So, if a club or council would like to use that video for advertising, make up some cards with the web address on it. When your lessons start, you can tell them to get on that web site and they can watch all kind of dancing we do, and it's all there and it's free. Not only do you have personal contact, but they can get on line and see exactly what we do. These kids put in a lot of hours and they did it for nothing.



I move that paragraphs 10 and 24 on page V-7, the portion that states "July State Meeting" be changed to the following: Summer Festival State Meeting. Vivian Fairburn 2nd.

Since the November state meeting is slated for permanent cancellation and the time line for certain duties may be cut short if/when summer festival is in June and/or the May State meeting is cancelled; since Summer Festival is in June such as this year 2014. When we were looking for someone to be on the nominating committee it really cut us short on time to find someone.


I move that paragraph 13 and 14 on page V-7 be revised from the following: "October: start contacting printers with a copy of the current directory to get bids, in order to report the estimated cost of next year's directory at the subsequent state meeting." change to paragraph 11 on page V-7: August: start contacting printers with a copy of the current directory to get bids, in order to report the estimated cost of next year's directory at the subsequent state meeting. Vivian Fairburn 2nd.

This refers to officers elected in September for the following year. Who does the state directory? The 2nd Vice - Marilyn is doing it for Lisa as Lisa is working and Marilyn has the time.


OFN: Kathy Roberts

I move that the Federation migrate the Oregon Federation News to an on-line publication. Vivian Fairburn 2nd.

We do expect this motion to be referred to a committee to work out details; but wanted to get this on the floor so it could be discussed.

Vivian Fairburn: yesterday we had a meeting with Board Members and OFN Advisory staff and we came up with four good ideas: 1) continue on with the current publication which on a month to month basis is running us about $7000 in the hole; 2) to run a quarterly publication - it would reduce the cost, not totally at first; 3) not to have it anymore as we have only 600 subscribers right now; 4) to migrate to a web page OFN.

Zola Jones: Going to a web page OFN means no more subscription fees, the committee will come back with an estimate of what the fees would be, and how they would handle subscriptions already pre-paid.

Kathy Roberts: currently only about 25% of our square dances subscribe to the OFN, which means if it goes on line, it would be available to 100% of the dancers.

Frank Schuchard mentioned that not everyone is computer literate, and I think you would cut a lot of people out for getting the news out. If you are out promoting square dancing you can use the OFN, that will disappear. How many people here on the Board subscribe to the OFN. Several do.

Kathy Roberts: when setting up the web page you can add the where and when, our advertising, club info and it is really nice to be able to go to one place for information.

Leonard Snodgrass: what if the OFN was the size of a small booklet that dancers could carry with them; wouldn't that be better than going to an on-line publication?

Lisa Kious: The only reasons we are looking at this is: 1) the OFN is going in the hole $7000; 2) subscriptions have dropped tremendously in the past few years.

Zola Jones: The OFN contract expires soon and we need to make a decision on this today to keep going and keep losing money, or go with other options we have.

Ron Schmidt: I don't think we have to make a decision on this today. It should given to a committee and taking back to the clubs and councils to see what they think.

Ray Jones: we have two items that need to be decided on now: 1) is economical, 2) we join the rest of the world. This has been discussed for at least a year or two, and we need to make some decisions and move on.

Marilyn Schmit: I move this motion be referred to a committee. Lisa 2nd. MOTION CARRIED. The Committee will be: Tim Roberts, Zola Jones and Vivian Fairburn. I would like them to come back at the September Meeting and have for us ironed out exactly what the web page would it would look like, what we would do with the people who already have subscriptions. They will come back with a finished product and that time we will review the motion and make a decision at that point.

OFN FINANCIAL AUDIT: Vivian Fairburn - I move that an OFN financial audit be done between our financial advisor and the OFN editor to be complete by the next State Meeting. Lisa 2nd. This will need to be completed so we have financial information for the OFN report at the next meeting MOTION CARRIED.

Kathy Roberts: I make a motion to renew the contract with River Graphics for the production of the OFN for three (3) months commencing with June 30th . Vivian 2nd. Zola Jones: There is a 90 day release notice already in the contract. This would give us six months total. The contract will not be voted on until September. We don't really even need this motion right now. MOTION CARRIED.


A letter was sent to President, Dave Cooper from Dave Cameron who is on the maintenance committee for Mid-Winter. Letter was read by Zola Jones. At Mid-Winter we install wood flooring in the new dancers hall and in the cloggers because they are carpeted. Some of 4x8 flooring is getting old and needs to be replaced. Since the Federation shares in the profit of the Mid-Winter Festival each year we are requesting that the Federation share in the cost of the flooring. We are going to need approximately 150 sheets at a cost of approximately $2248.50 and would be delivered to the halls in Albany. This was discussed at our Council meeting whether we wanted to follow through with requesting the Federation to assist us in funding this project. It was decided at our Council that they would go ahead and pay for the whole floor, so they would own the complete floor.


Reports are to be sent to the Recording Secretary.


Our annual Benefit Dance on the 5th Saturday in March had over 7 squares of dancers from all of the area clubs, and some from outside our area. Calling and cueing was donated by our Cascade Callers and Cuers Association, and with the many silent auction items besides the entry donations, we raised over $2700.00 for Homes for Wounded Warriors of Western Oregon.

Four of our area clubs are joining together to sponsor New Dancer Lessons this fall, by one caller and lessons will be twice a week, as last year. Twice a week lessons were very successful in new dancers retaining what they learned from week to week. A committee of representatives from each of the four clubs is working on advertisement for the lessons which start the first week in October.

Two of our area clubs went together and put on a special Fiesta Dance in early May with one club going "dark" on their regular dance night. This was a success, everyone had such a good time, so they are planning to do this again in May 2015 with the other club going dark. The club who has it on their dance night is the host with the other club helping.

Some clubs in our area going DARK during the summer. Danebo Circle 8 is dark in July, Whirl-a-Ways are dark in July and August, and the Wolf Pack is not having dances all summer.





The Shufflers next dance is set for June 28th. We will be dancing to Kippen and Carol Bro.

We will be dark for the Sisters Rodeo weekend on June 14. May 30th and May 31st we held a special dance

weekend with the Bachelor Beauts. We had a great time.

Our A-1 lessons are complete.

Workshops for all levels are scheduled to begin June 1st. The Plus and Mainstream work-shops will be on Sunday afternoons. We will start at 1:30 with Plus and MS at 3:15. A-1 workshops will continue at the same time as the lessons are right now, that is, Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p. All workshops will continue through the end of August.


Summer Festival is here and we are all excited about all the activities and dancing in Prineville. It has taken a lot of work by a lot of people and it's going to be excellent. There are so many great callers and cuers - we look forward to dancing to.

Our Birthday Dance will be June 6th and will feature Dean Black's calling, and Dave Cooper, Cueing. It will be Western-themed dance.

Our Picnic in the Park dance is scheduled for July 18th at the American Legion Park and will feature Don Forbes and Debbie Klug calling and Mark McDonald cueing.


We had a Sock Hop that was called by Jim Steele and cued by Mark McDonald.

We had the Front Porch Trio (Craig Abercrombie, Adam Christman and Jim Hattrick) jointly with the Sagebrush Shufflers. The dance was fantastic, and they donated everything!!!

On June 11-15th, the BB and the Swinging Mountaineers will work the Sisters Rodeo concession stand. This is a great fund-raiser for us and good fun and hard work.


The Sundown Round dance club has a new President, Mark McDonald and he has brought a lot of fun and enthusiasm to the round dance club. Congratulations Mark. We look forward to the next year with more fun and activities.



The Mavericks are busy with the Red Rocks on the Summer Festival. Also summer brings fun dances, potlucks and friendship. We are really looking forward to the Festival and look forward to dancing will all of Oregon dancers.


The club is continuing workshops up to the Diamond Lake Festival as long as they can get at least a square. They are dark for the June and July party nights. August is the annual club picnic. There are demos planned and festivals to attend for the summer. The council is busy with 2015 Summer Festival planning of which advertising is a big part. The round of the month for June selected by the IH Council is Like a Rock. Choreographed by Mike Seurer.

MID-WILLAMETTE AREA: Harriet Livingston

Mid-Willamette has been updating their Constitution and By -Laws and Practices and Procedures.

Only one club offered class this spring and they not only graduated 14 in June but held a New Dancers Dance and had 6 squares in attendance with most of the clubs in the area represented. Workshops in plus will be held during the summer.

Round dancers are continuing to complete their rhythms and levels and are eagerly waiting for fall lessons to begin. ReVuNQ celebrated their 30th birthday this spring. Several clubs have/are participating in parades and demonstrations during the summer.

A new slate of officers were elected in April with installation in September.

A donation of $250 was given to the Silverton youth group (Silver Dragons & Silver Knights) for their trip to Langley B.C. Teen festival.

July 20th is the date of the area picnic.


It has been awhile since a report was made as there has been no meeting since Mid-Winter in January so some of this news could be quite old.

New officers were installed at our picnic meeting on June 16th. President, Keith Miles; Vice President, Roy Bellcoff; Treasurer, Enid Wheeler and Secretary, Linda Curtis.

Many clubs have celebrated their club anniversaries in the last few months. The Tumbleweeds will celebrate their 42nd anniversary on July 18th and the Recycles plus club will celebrate their 19th anniversary on September 12th. Sadly to report within the past year, the following club have decided to stop operating: Swap & Swing of The Dalles; the Checkerboard Squares; the County Capers of Portland and the Canby Cloverleafs of Canby.

The Oregon Federation benefit dance will be at the Oak Grove Community in Oak Grove on Saturday June 28th at 7:30 pm. George and Patty Hermann will call and cue. No door admission will be charged but donations are suggested. This is a benefit dance for the Oregon Food Bank. We hope everyone will attend this worthy benefit dance.

On August 29-31st at the Double Tree Hotel in Portland, there will be a Dance-a-Rama. This is the 44th Anniversary of a single sponsored National organization. It is sponsored by the Swinging Stars of Salem and the Bachelor and Bachelorettes of Portland. There will be no 5th Friday PAC dance on August 29th in support of this event. The next 5th Friday dance will be on October 31st.

We had one trailer of dancer in the Starlight Parade on May 31st. It was a beautiful, warm evening.

We have voted and passed that there will be no meetings in July and August. This is for the year 2014. We hope the next president will follow this vote. It was also voted to start the meetings at 7:30 pm instead of 7:00.

The September 2015 state meeting will be in Portland hosted by the PAC. The River City Dancers will be in charge of the meetings and dance. Date will be either the 2nd or 3rd weekend and will be announced at a later date.


Thank you to all the clubs who put together Summer Festival this year. We had a great time at the concert on Thursday night and even bought a few CD's. We have a few new dancers who traveled to

Prineville for their first summer festival.

Rogue Sis Q Council and clubs have been working together to increase participation at dances and activities. The council dances are not starting with advanced dancing before pre-round and the mainstream/plus dance. The addition of advanced increased the participation of dancers. For the first time in over 30 years the council dance made a profit instead of a loss.

Multiple demonstration dances have been performed. Pear Blossom Committee and friends danced in the Pear Blossom parade in Medford. Charlie Browns danced in Magical Merlin parade and the Boatnik parade in Grants Pass. The Star Promenaders were dancing in the Gold Dust parade in Gold Hill. Many more demonstration dances are scheduled by all the clubs to encourage prospective students to participate in the upcoming September classes.

Pear Blossom Festival was a great success with the largest attendance of dancers in several years, reaching over 100 dancers in one night. We hope next year will be just as big or bigger with Hunter Keller calling the dances.

Charlie Brown Squares are still dancing at Josephine County Fairgrounds for at least 6 more months, then the future is unknown. The Charlie's hope to continue dancing at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. The Boatnik was a great success with Wade Driver calling and Christina Corelli cueing. The Charlie Brown Thursday night class will be graduating soon, so the new students should be out there at the festivals and dances this summer.

Lantzer's Dantzers had a great turnout of dancers for their birthday dance which also celebrated Denny Lantz's 50 years of calling and his birthday. Chuck Garner and Julie Stiers kept the dancers going, some dancers actually stayed later than the norm.

The Star Promenaders are busy preparing for Diamond Lake Festival the fourth weekend in July. If you have never been to Diamond Lake Festival you should make a point to join everyone, even for one night. Dancing under the stars can be very memorable, or try dancing in the lake on Saturday, join in on the T-shirt contest, or just stop by for one of the potlucks on Friday and Saturday. Next year Diamond Lake Festival will be the weekend after Summer Festival in Klamath Falls. The two are within driving distance of each other.

Circle and Squares have been struggling to keep the gold on their dance shoes. Members from other clubs have been supporting the dances to keep the club afloat. Unfortunately, the big festival for Circle and Squares is the same weekend as Summer Festival. We are encouraging everyone to attend the birthday dance in September. Hope everyone can come out to keep this club from folding.

SOUTH COAST AREA: Coleeta Quigley

All clubs are busy with parades, parties and dances. We still struggle with attendance at our dances. Our membership numbers are not the same as our attendance numbers. We are looking forward to our area picnic in August and planning ahead for lessons this fall.


Most of the clubs in the TVC are healthy and going strong. New dancers have graduated and some have joined our clubs. During our monthly meetings, all of the clubs bring flyers for the other clubs to post in their halls. Some of the other clubs have started to make use of email to help spread the word to dancers within the clubs.

One of our clubs, the Wave Steppers has issued a plea for help! The Wave Steppers are extremely supportive of other clubs in the council and surrounding areas. They drive from the coast to attend jamborees, fund raising dances, meetings, and other area dances. They however, receive very few visitations from any square dancers. During our last meeting they asked for dancers to come and join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month April through October. Without some help from our dancing family, they will have to fold. IF anyone is available for a visitation to the beach, I would like to invite you to their July 12th dance at the Garibaldi City Hall (107-6th Street) from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. For those wishing to stay over, the Garibaldi House Inn and Suites, which is located next door to the hall where they dance, offers a 15% discount to square dancers.

Daryl and Yvonne Clendenin were awarded the TVC Recognition Reward this year for the service to the Square dancing community.

During our May TVC meeting, I issued a request for clubs to consider donating to the Benefit dance even if they can't attend the dance. The TC sent $100 with at least one other club sending a donation.

Communication today is leaning more and more on the digital tools we refer to as Social Media. This includes email, twitter, facebook, meet-up and others. For some people, this is a very scary and intimidating change. During the TVC May meeting, Leslye Lane, President of US West Square Dance Convention and caller, Richard Lane's wife, presented a review of Callerlab's keynote speaker's presentation using Social Media. Leslye reported that Social Media, today's most popular way to communicate with other people, can be used to help promote square dancing which will, hopefully, allow our activity to grow. One billion people use Facebook, worldwide, and research has shown primarily people 40 years old and older use it. I felt that the information Leslye presented was important and timely.


Buckaroos are into summertime dancing. Timber 8's, our plus club is dark for the summer. Pioneers and Petticoats from Canyonville have folded. Dancing Friends, our round dance club - no report.

Umpqua Area Council: Square dancing at the Douglas County Fair near the front gate 7 to 9:30 pm. Dancers will be admitted free to the fair if wearing appropriate square dance attire and badge. MUST wear square dance attire to be on the dance floor, must be comfortable dancing at Mainstream level.

Callers for August: August 6: caller Scott Zinser and cuer Neil Koozer

August 7: caller Denny Lantz and cuer Neil Koozer

August 8: caller Chuck Simpkins and cuer Neil Koozer

August 9: caller Don Marshall and cuer Neil Koozer



Since our last report we have spent many an evening on the dance floor. We have danced at the Tri Council Dance, PAC Dance and in Vancouver with the Happy Hoppers and Buzzin Bees. In the local area we attended a plus dance with Mike Sikorsky and the Valley Squares as well as our own club dances, the River City Dancers.

In March I flew to Guatamela to visit with the families of the children I have been helping to support. They are boys, ages 12 and 13. I hope to visit them one more time in 2017.

In April we spent a week at Eagle Crest near Redmond with friends. Since we were in the area, we took the opportunity to explore Prineville and made our motel reservations. We also visited with Gail's sister-in-law as well as a neighbor from her past. We had lunch one afternoon with Gail's sister that lives in Bend.

Later this month we will participate in Relay for LIfe, a cancer fund raiser, at Clackamas Community College. Our club with walk and run the track, do some square dancing and spread goodwill and, of course, promote our activity.


Right after Mid-Winter we packed the RV and headed for Mesa, Arizona for 2 months. A couple weeks after we got to Mesa, we headed to the Yuma Festival for the weekend. Maybe you saw our picture in the OFN wearing our Summer Festival T-shirts at the Sunday morning donut dance in Yuma.

A few weeks after we got home from Mesa we did our annual trek to Reno for the Silver State dance festival. The weather was pretty cool and we had to make sure and wear a coat while walking from the RV to the Grand Sierra Hotel, where the festival is always held. We always love to dance in all the huge ballrooms with giant crystal chandeliers and wooden dance floors that can hold over a hundred squares. Every year at Silver State we eat in 2 or 3 of the half-dozen restaurants in the hotel and this year was no different. As usual there were quite a few Oregon dancers there, including a couple that were both widowed and had been dance partners for about one year: Kay Arnold and Harold Bronner. Friday evening when they showed up at the dance session I noticed Kay wearing a diamond ring and she and Harold were all smiles. I told her I didn't know that they were married and she said "nobody knows". We just got married in the chapel downstairs an hour ago. Valerie didn't notice Kay's ring but she did notice her nametag said Kay Bronner. Kay had it made the day before by Sq-Dini and put it on just before they walked in the door.

Two weeks later we spent the weekend dancing at the Boatnik in Grants Pass with Wade Driver and Christina Corelli. The Whole town celebrates every year with boat races, a parade, and festivities throughout the town, including a 3-day dance festival.

Last weekend we were at the Buckaroo Barn in Roseburg for their annual Buckaroo Roundup with Eric Henerlau and Tami Helms. We really like being able to set up the RV right outside the Buckaroo Barn door and the massive amount of food and goodies at the Roundup.