HOSTED BY: Rogue Sis-Q Council
Redwood Grange
Grants Pass, Oregon

9:00 AM General Meeting

CALL TO ORDER: President, Kathy (Tim) Roberts

Please turn off your cell phones

ROLL CALL: Secretary, Tim (Cheryl) Hagey

INVOCATION: Immediate Past President, Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

FLAG SALUTE: 1st Vice President, Lorri McIntosh

MINUTES: Secretary, Tim (Cheryl) Hagey - corrections were made to the spelling of Marilyn Schmit's name in two places, as well as correction of Mid-Winter 2019 featured caller's last name -- Robertson. Zola Jones requested that the pages be numbered.



PRESIDENT: Kathy (Tim) Roberts -- Thank you Lorri and the rest of your crew for hosting a great summer festival and for the yummy fresh baked bread. You have worked really hard and it shows. Thank you also to everyone who attended the festival. It has been great seeing old friends again.

This year's Wood Award for total club attendance was given to the Buckaroo Square Dance Club from Roseburg. Congratulations!

I had the honor of awarding one of the Educational Scholarships last night. Hannah Hanson from the Star Promenaders received a $500 scholarship to continue her education at Brigham Young University where she will be studying Chemical Engineering.

It is time to look forward to our 2020 Summer Festival. Delegates please go back to your councils and ask them if they would like to host the 2020 SF. If their answer is yes, please refer to the P&P's for the procedures on how to apply to host SF. If you need help, please contact me.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Lorri McIntosh -- no report.

2018 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Lorri McIntosh -- Everything is going well, it looks as though we will be in the black and possibly have a small profit. I encourage everyone to attend the dance today, we planned it to start at 12:00noon so the officers, delegates, and others at this meeting could attend the dance. It will take time to get all the finances complete, but it looks good.

2019 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL: Larry (Carol) Reetz -- No report.

2019 SUMMER FESTIVAL: Kathy (Tim) Roberts) -- Summer Festival 2019 ribbon sales were off to a great start last night. We have already sold 11 registrations - Thank you. Today will be the last day you can get the Golden Puzzle Dangle when you register for 2019 Summer Festival in Salem, OR July 19-21. Remember, take your golden puzzle piece with you to Summer Festival next year and check in at the registration desk. You will receive 10 FREE tickets for either Split-the-Pot or the basket raffle as our thank you for purchasing your registration early. The puzzle badges were donated by SqDini Badges to help us promote the festival.

OREGON FEDERATION NEWS: Tim (Kathy) Roberts - We are in a pretty good routine now. I get news, pictures and ads from the same people every month. I would still like to start getting news reports from the half of the councils that currently do not submit news. This is free advertising, folks, and it's an opportunity for you to share the good things you're doing.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Bob (Kathy) Houston - No report.

SECRETARY: Tim (Cheryl) Hagey -- l sent out several sympathy/get well cards on behalf of OFSRDC. Please continue to let me know when they are needed. My apologies for submitting the minutes of the April meeting so late.

TREASURER: Lane (Marie) Clem - Copies of the balance sheet and profit and loss sheet were provided to all officers and delegates.

MEMBERSHIP: Patty (Dave) Cooper - Even though the July 1st deadline is still a few days away I am happy to report I have already received state dues from 6 of the 10 Councils and ORDTA. Thank you delegates and clubs for updating your club and council info forms online with your new officers for the coming year. All clubs and Councils are current with their Annual reports to Oregon Corporation Division except 1 club in the TVC. Again I'd like to stress the importance of updating your agents name and contact information on the Corporation Division website. If you have any questions about this process don't hesitate to contact me. It's much easier to pay your $50.00 annual fee than $150.00 to reinstate if you are administratively dissolved by the State of Oregon.

INSURANCE: Kay (Jim) Rogers (not present) - keep up the good work. I am seriously looking for someone to take over insurance. Let me know if you're interested.

PAST PRESIDENT: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit -

RANDALL AWARD -- I have received two nominations to date and have one coming shortly. The ballots will be ready for distribution at the September state meeting and will be due back to Kathy Roberts by about November 1.


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Tim (Kathy) Roberts - The updated P&Ps, as always, are now available on the Federation's web site. We'll get a big print update in September.

EDUCATION/PUBLICITY: Kathy (Tim) Roberts - During our next meeting on September 22-23rd at the Salem Square Dance Center, in addition to our Officer's and Delegate's meetings on Saturday we will be holding a training session for all officers and delegates who are remaining in office or who are new. If you will be leaving your office during this meeting, please be sure to invite your replacement to attend this meeting. An agenda for the Training Session has been distributed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mid-Winter Festival will be January 25-27, 2019, at the Linn Benton Fairgrounds. If you haven't already purchased your ribbon, please consider purchasing it as soon as you can to help promote the festival and to help them with their operating budget. Please see Larry and Carol Reetz, Mid-Winter 2019 Festival Chairman, if you'd like to purchase your ribbons today. I'll be updating the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs later today in order to include their registration form. Be sure to check our Facebook page frequently as details are released, I will post them.

I am looking for ideas for our Education Seminar during Mid-Winter. If you have an idea for a topic, please let me know.

HISTORIAN: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit -- I received an email from a family relative that wants to donate a banner from Summer Festival in 1975. Her father was instrumental in putting the festival on and they are cleaning out after his passing. I made arrangements to meet her and take the donation for the Federation. His name was Jack Brinson and he passed in 2015. They were members of the Bachelor Beauts.

I have more minutes to give to Tim for posting on the Federation website. These are from the 90's. Still have more stuff to go through in the garage for what has been received over the years.


BMI/ASCAP: Ralph Lambert - No report.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Karyn (Matt) Buchheit - There were 3 applications turned in for the educational scholarship this year. I turned the discussion and decision over to my youth committee and did not take part as a possible conflict of interest on my part since 2 of the 3 applicants were from my competition team and club.

The Silver City Squares youth did very well at the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance festival this year. The Silver Knights took second place in Novice Squares; The Silver Dragons took first place in Intermediate Squares; Julia Buchheit took 3rd place Junior Cuer; Yesenia Vallejo-Mourer took second place in Junior Calling; and our group received one of the promotion awards. We loaned 2 of our pre-teen novice girls to the Delta Sundancers Pre-Teen square which took second place in the Pre-Teen Squares.

I have been voted to be coordinator for the festival again in 2019. Location has not yet been confirmed. It will be confirmed by the festival committee at the meeting in September.

I have received date and time for the youth dance at the State Fair. It will be August 25, 2018 at 10:15-11:15am. This is a change from the Labor Day weekend.

Lorri McIntosh made a motion that the Federation reimburse Silver City Squares $720.30 for the programs purchased for the NW Teen Festival. Tim Hagey seconded. After discussion, the motion passed.

ORDTA: Tami Helms (Tim Keck) (not present) - We are happy to report that Marilyn Schmit is our new Secretary for ORDTA. Our previous Secretary, Geoff & Cheryl Manley have moved to Blackfoot Idaho. We wish them all the best with their move to Idaho. We already miss them and hope to see them dancing and visiting soon.

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Kirby Goode. His memorial was awesome; a tribute to his life and his contribution to Square Dancing.

We had a discussion about BMI/ASCAP/SESAC licensing relating to proper use of the licensing. Ralph Lambert provided an excellent summary of the rules & procedures that we need to follow to be in compliance.

Midwinter Festival 2019 had its first meeting on May 20, 2018. The registration form is on the website and we will be updating the website with round dance information as it becomes available. We will be sending out caller/cuer invitation lists after the Summer Festival.

ORDTA is working to have our current associate members become regular voting members. We have 10 members who qualify for regular membership; all they have to do is ask.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING: Tami Helms (Tim Keck) (not present) - Rikki Lobato and Cheri Cox have volunteered to help me with the selection process for Oregon Round of the month. I would like to know if someone else is interested. See me for details.

For July 2018, the South Coast Council Chose a Ph II two step "57 Chevrolet", by Carl and Carol Schappacher, artist Billie Jo Spears. You can purchase the music from I Tunes and you can get the cue sheet from Roundalab index of rounds.

The Tualatin Valley Council will be choosing for August 2018 OROM.

CALLER LIAISON: Janienne Alexander - I am putting together a list of callers from Washington and Oregon who call Advance as per multiple requests from clubs.

In partnership with the Callers and Cuers Association, we will be offering one day workshops and mentorships to those who are interested in calling this coming year. This will be open to all in Oregon not just association members.

WEBMASTER: Tim (Kathy) Roberts - If you will be replaced by someone new in September, please drop me a note so I can update the Federation's email list. Both of you should get a notice of the September meeting.

STATE FAIR: Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - I received the dates for dancing at the State Fair. I am not happy with the times and that the kids don't get to dance on Labor Day weekend Saturday. We did get four days to dance and that is an added day over last year. Just less time and less satisfactory times. I have expressed my dislike, but will work with it. They are as follows:

August 25 (Saturday) from 10:15 to 11:15 for youth (right before talent show)
August 27 (Monday) from 1:30 to 2:30 for squares
August 28 (Tuesday) from 12 to 1 for rounds
August 30 (Thursday) from 11 to 12 for squares

This information has been sent out to the Federation on Facebook and I alerted the Youth Coordinator as soon as I found out since she has youth involved in 4H and FFA. They will be showing animals at youth dance time so may not be able to attend the demo.

Stay tuned for emails. You may contact me with names to dance on whatever day you choose. I will work on a flyer for the Facebook page and to send out to the general population.


  1. Report from Background Check Committee -- Thank you to the Background Check Committee. I am dissolving the committee. The research is in, many, many questions have been asked and answered, a decision has been made on our procedures and which company meets our needs, the information has been reviewed by a lawyer, and an application is being processed with OneSource. The Background Check Committee has successfully fulfilled their obligations - thank you. During our next OFSDC meeting, our Background Check Coordinator Tim Roberts will begin making the reports.
  2. Approval of Mid-Winter 2020 budget - Cece made a motion to grant Mid-Winter 2020 a $6000.00 loan as seed money. Frank Schuchard seconded. After discussion, motion passed.



  1. Motion to purchase computer for OFSRDC Treasurer. Lorri McIntosh made a motion for the Federation to purchase a laptop and software for the Federation Treasurer. Total cost not to exceed $900. Tim Hagey seconded. After discussion, motion passed.


ROGUE-SIS-Q COUNCIL: Roberta (Phil) Claudson -- Our council has been working hard to put on a great fun Summer Festival. We hope you enjoy your time in Grants Pass. The Bears, the raft trips, are all examples as to why we love southern Oregon.

Since the last Federation meeting in April, our clubs have sponsored two festivals.

The Charlie Browns of Grants Pass held a very successful 3-day Festival over Memorial Day Weekend. Tony Oxendine called and Sharon and Casey Parker cued.

Then on June 16, The Circle and Squares of Yreka, California held their annual Gold Diggers dance. Dean Black, their club caller, called a fun dance. Elaine Funk was the cuer. For the first time Dean included advanced tips. And he did great. It was his first time calling advanced calls for us. Two squares of A dancers were excited to have another caller in our council who can call Advanced. We will get another opportunity to dance A tips at our fifth Friday Council dance in November.

The Star Promenaders are putting the finishing touches on the Diamond Lake Festival to be held July 25-28. Wayne Weaver's retirement party will be held August 11. He has been calling for over 50 years. We will sorely miss him. But he has agreed to continue teaching Advanced level on the Wednesdays he is in Medford. He and Debbi plan to travel with their fifth wheel. On August 25 a dance party celebrating Phil and Francis first anniversary. The Rogue Squares will have their last dance this calendar year. It will be geared to the new dancers. The date is July 13.

Our council is sponsoring a youth dance in Grants Pass on July 6. Dean Black is calling that dance.

We are all staying busy and planning the promotions for fall classes.

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL: Pat (Cherie) Cox --

Sets in Order -- Had a great turn out for the Gay 90's Day Parade in Coquille and we'll be dancing at the Coos County Fair and Fair Parade in Myrtle Point at the end of July.

Beach Combers -- Patty and Dave have been on vacation, we had a jamboree dance with the South Coast callers and cuers at Port Orford while they were gone.

Saints-N-Aints -- We are very happy our caller Sherm is back to calling for a little while before he takes his usual summer vacation. We will have South Coast callers and cuers in July and August, and will we will graduate our most recent class later today.

Two step lessons have started with two classes a week. We had a demo dance at a local Clamboree festival.

TUALATIN VALLEY COUNCIL: Jim (Kay) Rogers (not present) - Mary Schneider sitting in -- At the TVC we are focusing on club support by encouraging visitations and financial support through TVC dances.

Thanks to Kathy's encouragement all but two anniversary dances had 100-135 dancers. Of the two that did not, one club is on the coast and dances on Friday night --they had 60 dancers. The other dances on Wednesday, up against another club and that has a strong hold on Wednesday, they had 85 dancers.

To provide financial support the TVC extended the opportunity for clubs to co-host the 5th Friday dances. We provide all the kitchen items while the clubs are responsible for setting up and cleaning up. The TVC pays for the grange. The TVC and the clubs split the cost of the caller and cuer. Then the profit from the door and split the pot are split 50/50. On average the clubs have profited an average of $200.00.

The clubs have been planning multi-club visitations. This gives the smaller clubs the opportunity to go on mystery trips.

The plan is to continue these new traditions for years to come.

UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL: Frank (Rita) Schuchard -- Thanks to all of the volunteers and committees for hosting a great summer festival!

BUCKEROOS -- The Round Up and Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance were both a success. We were pleased with the turnout of out of town guests even though it was a rainy week end. The folks in tents outside moved into the Barn so they were able to stay dry and cozy during the night. Hunter Keller will be the featured Caller and Randy Lewis will be the featured Cuer at our 2019 "Rodeo Round Up." This year we scheduled a sack lunch for our dancers who wanted to join Scot and Erin Byars during the noon hour on Saturday for lunch. We had an additional easy mainstream dance from 3:30-5:00 pm which was another new addition to our Round Up schedule. It followed the square dance funshop that ended at 3:00 pm. We had our annual No Host potluck before the evening dance and the 11:00 pm after party (which was another new addition to the week end schedule) was danced with the lights off with dancers wearing glow in the dark glow sticks. Kudos to Janienne Alexander and the folks energetic enough to stay up until midnight!

TIMBER 8's -- The Timber 8's are dark for the summer. Dances will resume in September.

DANCING FRIENDS -- No report. Elections were recently held and their Bylaws have been updated.

UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL - The lineup for the Callers and Cuers for the Aug. 7-11 Douglas County Fair is on the flyer in the OFN. You also have flyers in your folders showing who will be calling and cueing each night. We look forward to having out of town dancers join us dancing at the Fair.

Tuesday, Aug. 7 Dave Cooper Calling & Cueing

Wednesday, Aug. 8 Scott Zinser Calling; Neil Koozer Cueing

Thursday, Aug. 9 Chuck Simpkins Calling; Neil Koozer Cueing

Friday, Aug. 10 Dale Roberson Calling; Neil Koozer Cueing

Saturday, Aug. 11 Kippen Parret Calling; Neil Koozer Cueing

BLUE MOUNTAINS COUNCIL: David Stutzman (not present) - There has been no Star Promenaders or Elkhorn Swingers activity since the April meeting.

Muddy Frogs has been busy supporting the Washington State Festival in Kennewick, held last weekend. Over 660 in attendance with Jerry Junck as featured caller and Sharon and Casey Parker as featured cuers. Four halls for dancing, several vendors and lots of friends greeting one another. Next year is in Puyallup for Rainier Rendezvous.

At the Council's direction, David has been revising the Constitution and By-Laws to be in line with current practices.

There is no Muddy Frogwater this year as the town rebrands to Milton-Freewater Rocks! They have a new designation from the American Viticultural Area for the growing ability of wine grapes.

My new email address is: david.e.stutzman@gmail.com


SAGEBRUSH SHUFFLERS -- On Saturday May 26th, the Shufflers welcomed six squares plus numerous callers and cures at the Redmond Grange. The Country Cutups were on a Mystery Trip from the Boring Oregon area. Spaghetti and pie was served up before the dance and all had a great time.

The parade trailer has been repaired and the Council and area clubs should recognize Garry Peterson and Jim Schaedler for the 50 plus man hours it took to fix. The trailer is now in excellent condition and our Club is planning on using it June 30th in the Crooked River Roundup Parade. A letter from Garry Peterson stating the repairs and new features on the trailer will be emailed to the Council Pres. The bill for the repairs will be hand delivered to the Council Pres. at the June 18th meeting.

Thanks to the 10 Club members that showed up for the annual road cleanup for one mile along the Prineville Airport. Looks well groomed now.

Several members of the club showed up to work in the concessions booths at the Sisters Rodeo. All the clubs worked together to raise funds for future dances and outings.

Our club is dark most of this month and are supporting other clubs at their dances.

Two of our members have been submitted from the nominating committee for positions in the Council. Sharon Schaedler and Dee Dee McClune.

SWINGING MOUNTAINEERS -- Club officers elected for 2018/2019 are: President - Marilyn Waak, Secretary - Joyce Welton, Treasurer - Ron Ricketts, Vice President - open.

On Friday May 11th the Swinging Mountaineers celebrated another birthday with our annual Fiesta Dance. We enjoyed dancing to the fabulous Jim Hattrick, our Caller & Cuer for the evening, and munched down on the great taco bar.

A special "Hats Off" to all the dancers (44 of you!) from ALL the clubs in Central Oregon for volunteering your time to work 120 shifts in the concession stands, 5 sessions over 4 days at this years' Sisters Rodeo!! Because of you, we had another very successful fundraiser for square & round dancing in all of Central Oregon! (next year's Rodeo is less than a year away so don't plan anything else for the 2nd weekend in June 2019)

Due to the Rodeo and Summer Festival, the Swinging Mountaineers are dark in June. We're looking forward to our dances in July with Roger Putzler & Rikki Lobato on Friday the 13th and with Kippen Parret & Steve Murphy on the 27th.

REDROCKS -- Redrock's club officers were elected for 2018-2019 as follows: Jim Rich, President, Debbie Klug, Vice President, Diane May, Treasurer, Pam Rich, Secretary. Debbie Klug was appointed as Caller/Cuer Coordinator and Tom Klug as Sheriff.

We are working on gathering donations for our 5 Roundup Silent Auction Items. Redrocks are sharing hospitality duties with the Shufflers this year at the Roundup. Pam Rich met with Renea Sedlacek and Sharon Schaedler to make plans for this year.

We had a very fun Star Wars Dance in May which included a Star Blaster competition. Our Birthday Dance celebrating 42 years as a club on June 1st was tons of fun with Jim Hattrick calling and cueing. Our annual Picnic in the Park Dance (American Legion Park in Redmond) is Friday, June 15th. We're anticipating perfect weather for outdoor dancing with Dan Nordbye and Julie Stiers. As well as time to visit while enjoying barbecued hot dogs and potluck side dishes.

The Redrocks will be dark in July. August will bring great dances to look forward to with Bill and Neva Reid, and Dan & Julie again!

BACHELOR BEAUTS - Notice to members will be going out to all reminding them that July is the month to renew their membership. There is a small increase in the annual dues to cover increased cost of insurance to the club.

The new officers have been approved by membership vote: President - Barbry Hogue; Vice President - Layne Milowe; Secretary - Julie Thompson; Treasurer - Lonnie Waak. Appointed positions: Katy Bithell - Lessons Coordinator; Marial Gertz - Caller & Cuer Coordinator; Paul Ostrom - Round Up Delegate; David Holloway - Fundraising Coordinator; Lisa Holloway - Publicity Coordinator; Marilyn Lakey - Hospitality Coordinator; Mike Butler - Membership Coordinator.

The Beauts are in charge of the silent auction this year at the Round Up. Several baskets are being assembled, as well as receiving other individual items. Just a reminder that all of the other clubs are to furnish 5 items as well.

Marial continues to book callers & cuers for the 2019 year. There will be at least 3 "Double Down" weekends with the Red Rocks, which will include a dance Friday night at the Red Rocks, workshop Saturday morning and a Bachelor Beauts dance Saturday night. Steve Noseck will call for a combo weekend with the Swinging Mountaineers next year, June 15-16, 2019. He has offered to do an intro community square dance hour prior to the start of the Saturday night dance at no charge to participants.

Lessons: We had 5 people taking lessons this session, and they all graduated. Fall lesson session has been set: Sun/Thursday evenings, beginning 9/9/2018 - 10/28/2018, 6:15 PM - 8:15PM.

The Beauts will host an "intro to square dancing" community hoedown from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. prior to the June 30 grange appreciation dance. Randy Dibble will call for the community hoedown and the grange dance. The Beauts will hold sessions for any women wanting to learn the left hand (beau) dance steps. We'll offer sessions from 6:15 to 7 p.m. starting June 2.

The Fireball Dance was very successful, and we donated our portion of the 50/50 to the Firemen's Fund.

Fundraising: Looking forward to helping at the Sisters Rodeo. We also have volunteers lined up for the Pacific Crest events again. These are paid spots!

SUNDOWN ROUND DANCE -- On June 11th, SDRDC, had a great dance. Mark McDonald cued, we had a great attendance, and all night of picked up a pound or two with some delicious Sundaes. We've been kind of quiet so far this Summer. July 9th, Dave Cooper will be doing the honors of coming over from Port Orford, to visit and cue. Then August 13th, Joyce Brown will take the stage. We're all looking forward to the CORU in August. This fall, right after Labor Day, there are plans to have Round Dance lessons at the Redmond Grange and another rhythm at the Pine Forest Grange. Mark will put out advertisements and notices well before they start. Have a great day & we'll see on the floor somewhere.

EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL: Zola (Ray) Jones -- New Dancer 'Lessons' will again be sponsored by three clubs in our area; once a week, on Tuesdays, and with one caller, at the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield. Fall lessons begin September 11 at 7:00 p.m., and Winter lessons will begin on January 8, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. I have placed at each seat at the table of this meeting a sample of the special "cards" our lesson committee is distributing as part of lessons advertising.

Emerald Empire Area Council elected new officers in May to a 2-year term, and the information needed for the State Directory has been submitted.

Our Area responsibility for the 2019 Summer Festival is of the 'Vendors', and our Vendor Chairman is Larry Reetz. He will be introducing himself to the vendors here this weekend.

Some of the clubs in our Area go DARK in July and/or August; so if anyone is going to be in our area and wants to dance-please contact a club first.

Our wishes to everyone for a safe and happy Summer, and we'll see you again at the next meeting in September.

INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS: Cece (Sarge) Glidewell - A council dance will be planned later this year. The club is dark for June, July and August. They have a meeting on July 12 to discuss plans for the Fall dance season and workshops.

The Interstate Highlander Council is the Hospitality Committee for the 2019 Summer Festival. The chair persons, Sarge and Cece Glidewell, will contact the 2017 hospitality chairs to get input as to what was provided and approximate expense in order to plan our food budget proposal for the 2019 Summer Festival.

MID-WILLAMETTE AREA COUNCIL: Neta (Ron) Minten -We encourage you to be sure and check the online OFN for clubs going dark during the summer months; we'd love to have you visit us but don't want you to come when we are dark.

September 2018 State Meeting will be held in Salem at the Salem Square Dance Center, all delegate and State Board Members should have received a hand out with the dates, times, and locations of the dance and meetings. If you have any questions please call Neta Minten at 503-949-2150.

We wish you all a fun summer of dancing.

PORTLAND AREA COUNCIL: Janet (Roy) Bellcoff (not present) -- Scott Zinser sitting in - Thank you to "Rogue Sis-Q Council" for hosting the State Festival and Oregon State Federation Meeting in Grants Pass this weekend. It sounds like your Council had many great activities planned in addition to wonderful dancing! A family event was priority this weekend.

I personally owe a thank you to Scott Zinser for representing Portland SD Council at this meeting. The Council's June meeting was this past Monday evening with their annual picnic - great food, visiting, and installation of new officers. Keith Miles will serve as President and Betty Chipps will be State Delegate for 2018-19. Membership dues have been sent in - eleven clubs and council renewed membership.

PAC will be dancing on Friday, June 29 at the Oak Grove Community Center and will also be hosting the annual Tri-Council Dance on Saturday, September 29, also at the Oak Grove Community Center with Caller Stephen Cole from Seattle, Cuer to be named. This is a combined dance with Tualatin Valley Council and Evergreen Council.

Portland Area Council did not participate in the Rose Festival Starlight Parade in either 2017 or 2018 due to the expense, the multiple requirements involved, and other factors and do not anticipate participating in the future. Thus, PAC no longer has a need to pull tandem trailers. PAC plans to advertise the "single tongue dance trailer" as available, with the understanding there are some repairs needed on the trailer. PAC would like to make the trailer available to other councils or clubs, prior to making this known to other organizations. Contact Betty Chipps by phone at 503-806-5654 or email at chippsbetty@gmail.com if interested.


Dave & Patty Cooper -- We have just returned from our vacation during which we traveled through 11 states, eventually heading back west after visiting Dave's sister along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We were excited to visit with dancers in 7 states although we weren't able to find a club dancing when we were in their area. Hot weather had many clubs going dark and we were sad to find the same problem of low attendance and declining club membership effecting many clubs across the country. We did hand out lots of flyers and travel brochures as well as just spending time with local dancers, fellow Rvers and interested non dancers. We had a great time at my grandson's graduation in Alabama and had a chance to teach a little square dancing at the party the night before. Dave had everyone up dancing from the graduates to their great grandparents. Lots of laughter and some said they were going to find a class this Fall. We spent time in a KOA campground in Charleston, South Carolina where two couples of round dancers had Dave set up his equipment and cue so they could dance. They were from Minnesota and may be out this way next year. Being on the road for more than 50 days was lots of fun and we saw things we won't forget but it's nice to be home.

Dale & Kathy Worthington - not present -- no report


Marilyn Schmit -- STATE DIRECTORY -- The data input for the directory was caught up on last Sunday. I have some to enter that have been received in the last few days. Still need to send out the email to the incoming officers that appoint nomination committee members and the OFN advisory committee.

Lorri has been working on dates for future meetings and I know they are in the works. I will be emailing the delegates when I need something. The directory will go to the printer about mid-August so they can be ready for distribution at the September state meeting. I need to know how many by July 10. They will again be $3.25 each.

Zola Jones -- Where is Yellow Rocking Horse? Chaps & Petticoats had him last.


Sunday, September 23, 2018, 9:00 AM
Salem Square Dance Center
Salem, OR


Janet Bellcoff made a motion to adjourn. Patty Cooper seconded. No discussion. Meeting adjourned at 10:39.