HOSTED BY: Emerald Empire Council
Holiday Inn Express
Albany, OR

9:00 AM General Meeting

CALL TO ORDER President, Lorri McIntosh

Please turn off your cell phones

ROLL CALL Secretary, Tim (Cheryl) Hagey

INVOCATION Immediate Past President, Kathy (Tim) Roberts

FLAG SALUTE 1st Vice President, Karyn (Matt) Buchheit

MINUTES: Secretary, Tim (Cheryl) Hagey - No changes to the September 23, 2018 minutes were offered. Cece made a motion to accept. Patty Cooper seconded. Motion carried.



PRESIDENT - Lorri McIntosh - Thank you Mid-Winter Festival for a wonder festival, as always. We've all had a great time, and I haven't seen my grandkids but a few times all weekend, so they must have had a good time, too. I'm looking forward to next year.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT - Karyn (Matt) Buchheit - I have received some comments and questions regarding the state directory that I would like to pass on and get response to so I know exactly how to respond in the future. <> Having more than two clubs per page in the directory causes some people to have difficulty reading the information due to the changes in font. They have expressed the opinion that they would prefer to pay a little more for the directory and be able to easily read all of the information.

Question has been asked by several if the practices and procedures have been changed in regards to having the 2nd Vice be in charge and do the state directory. If the P&P's have not been changed, why isn't the 2nd Vice doing the directory?

If I understand procedures correctly, if the 2nd Vice doesn't want to do the directory then they should state that at a meeting and ask for a volunteer to do it instead. Once a volunteer speaks up, the 2nd Vice would need to accept the volunteer. This would need to happen each year in order to have this in the minutes and be in compliance with the written P&P's.

Considerable discussion ensued. Bottom line is that Marilyn Schmit will continue taking care of the directory this year, and next year's 2nd Vice President will take it back.

2019 SUMMER FESTIVAL - Kathy (Tim) Roberts - Thank you to everyone who purchased a ribbon this weekend. We registered another 12 dancers, giving us a total of 40 registered. We had a fun After Party last night. Thank you Cece Glidewell for planning a great party. Thank you also to KC Curtis for calling the dance and Dave Cooper for cueing. We had 4 squares on the floor at the end of the party with several people on the sidelines.

I received the council quilt blocks and assembled the top of the quilt in time to have it on display this weekend. We even presold a few tickets. Thank you to the areas who sent in their wonderful blocks. The quilt will be finished and raffled during Summer Festival. We decided to sell the tickets for $1 each in hope that we could sell more tickets.

Our next scheduled Festival event will be the Trail's End Dance on July. The dance will be co?hosted by Capital Callers & Cuers Club and OFSRDC. All expenses, profits, and duties will be split 50/50 between both organizations. The OFSRDC's share of the profits will be added to the Summer Festival distribution. Our caller MC will be Chuck Simpkins, Rogue Sis?Q (south). Our Cuer MC will be Leonard Snodgrass, President of the Capital Callers & Cuers Club in the Mid?Willamette (north). The dance will be held at the Salem Square Dance Center, July 18. Our dance format will be a little different.

On Friday, July 19 from 10:30-12:30 PM We will be dancing on the Oregon Capitol Steps. Our caller will be Leonard Snodgrass (MWA). The dance will be Mainstream and will be held rain or shine. Remember the steps are cement, wear comfortable shoes and bright, colorful clothing.

The Festival will open Friday, July 19 at 2:00 pm at the Blanchet Catholic School. Our featured caller will be Michael Kellogg with featured cuer MaryAnn Callahan. We will have a Mainstream Hall, Plus Hall, Advanced Hall, and Rounds. Please remember - NO cowboy boots or ladies spike heels will be allowed on the wood floors in the Mainstream and Plus Halls. We will be dancing on the school's gym floors and can not take a chance on damaging their wood floors. This is a part of our contract and is nonnegotiable. The quilt face with blocks from each of the councils is finished. The next step is to put it together and quilt it. We are currently planning on having it finished prior to the May State Meeting. Thank you to the councils who sent a block for the quilt! It will be a perfect lap quilt or travel quilt. It will be approximately 48x55".

We hope you can join us for a great time July 18?21, starting with the Trail's End Dance. Please encourage your dancers, callers, and cuers to attend. We will have 3 open Mic opportunities starting Thursday evening. We would like to invite all callers, new callers working with a mentor, or callers who have received a Grant to attend Caller School. To guarantee their spot on the program, prospective callers and cuers should contact Chuck Simpkins and Leonard Snodgrass, respectively.

Our next and final meeting prior to Summer Festival will be immediately after the State Meeting on May 5 in the Rogue Sis?Q Council. Everyone is welcome to attend.

2020 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL - Aaron (Linda) Gibbens - I would like to thank the State for giving me the opportunity for my second Mid-Winter Chair position. We hosted the Dance Family Reunion in 2004, and we look forward to hosting the Diamonds of Dance in 2020. The 60th Jubilee of Mid-Winter Festival is coming up, and we're happy to bring back Deborah Carol-Jones, and invite for the first time, Patty Green as our co-caller. Sally and Bob Nolan are our featured cuer couple, and we're bringing in a wonderful person Kelli McChesney-Shtogun as our Clogging instructor. The committee is slowly coming together, and I think we're going to have a pretty good time. Aaron pointed out that the Sewing Room had to be cancelled this year, due to lack of volunteers. Please, support our dancers, and please, support our volunteers.

OREGON FEDERATION NEWS - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - The notification mailing list maintains about 700 names, which is as close as I can get to a "subscriber count". December was a difficult month for square dancers; I posted 5 obituaries this month. Please tell your area editors to keep up the good work.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT - Gary (Joyce) Clark - Thanks to all who made this a great Mid-Winter Festival once again. It was evident all had a great time. Your hard work is appreciated. Thanks to the Federation for my Get Well Card. I'm fine and appreciate the remembrance.

SECRETARY - Tim (Cheryl) Hagey - Nothing to report

TREASURER - Lane (Marie) Clem - Copies were provided to all officers/delegates.

MEMBERSHIP - Patty (Dave) Cooper - Things are quiet with Membership right now. We have been notified that two clubs are no longer dancing and have dissolved as corporations. The Floor Dusters from PAC and Rogue Squares from Rogue Sis Q U are leaving the dance world, but their remaining dancers are dancing with other clubs.

INSURANCE - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - It has been an interesting time for this position. I have made two trips to Kay Rogers' house to learn the system to update the rosters and what needs to be printed to send to USDA in Georgia. About half of the clubs sent their information to me and about half sent their information to Kay. Between us we got the rosters updated and printed and ready to send to Georgia. But, wait! There is a new way to do things this year and all the printing that we did was for naught. So I have 300 pages of stuff to use as scratch paper here in my house. Will use part of them to do the crosswords from my hometown. The new system allows me to enter the rosters from my laptop, no addresses needed anymore. Just a better listing of who are Primary and Supplemental dancers. I changed some who were listed as Primary in two clubs, doing due diligence to make sure that when I sent the names to USDA, to make sure spelling was correct and that names were in proper order. I have one spelling correction to make and a few that are listed as Primary that should be supplemental in other clubs and vice versa. I have not been given instructions from the insurance company on how to do that as of yet. As soon as I can, that will be taken care of and then on to the next challenge of getting new members enrolled in the clubs as they graduate students and the students join the clubs. After all the corrections are made, we will owe a small amount to take care of the changes made to the Primary members listing. There are 1558 Primary members and 256 for the five clubs who insure through Washington Federation but also belong to the Oregon Federation. I also got a certificate of insurance from the Washington Federation to show that the Washington clubs are insured. Kay told me that she did not do that and it is in the P&P's to do so.

My next challenge is to get a checking account to make payments to USDA for insurance premiums when people pay for new members. As it is now, I have to send money to Kay Rogers to deposit and then have her send a check to USDA for me. That is time consuming and a waste of resources. Only Lorri McIntosh or Tim Hagey can set up a new account and since Lorri has been laid up with knee surgery, she has been unable to assist in getting me an account. I made a trip to the Eager Beavers to give Kay over $3600 in premium money. I was not mailing that much money in the mail. The banks also want a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and since that document is over 60 years old, no one knows who has a copy. I have to pay the Corporation Division for a copy, if they even have one in their archives. Hopefully something gets done at this meeting to make my position work more efficiently.

I have one minor incident report on file and it has been filed with USDA in case a follow up claim is filed. As of now, I don't think anything will be needed for that.

I have new enrollments coming in as the clubs graduate students and again, the money issue is a problem. Checks come to me so I know that the insurance is paid first before sending on to Georgia.

Lane Clem made a motion that the P&P's be changed to allow the Insurance Chairman to establish an account for insurance purposes only. Zola Jones seconded. Motion carried.

PAST PRESIDENT - Kathy (Tim) Roberts) - Thank you Mid?Winter for a fun festival. It is always great seeing all of our friends from a distance.

I had the great honor of awarding this year's Randal Award to Karen and Ferrous Steinka last night. Karen and Ferrous are from the TVC and have been dancing since 1980. We had 4 very worthy nominees - I am sure it was difficult for the councils to decide. I can start accepting Randal Award Nominees for the 2020?2021 year.

The Grant Committee received a Grant Request from a new Caller, Janet Geiger from the Rogue?Sis?Q. Janet has been working with Phil Ramey and would like to attend Daryl Clendenin's Caller School in Cle Elum, WA at the Circle 8's on July 7?11. Janet's expenses are projected to be approximately $910. Our Committee discussed Janet's request and are recommending that the Grant be approved. A motion will be made during New Business. Janet received a Grant in 2016, and while she has been working with Phil, she feels that she needs additional training. After some discussion, the motion to award Janet a $500 grant was passed.

The Nominations Committee met Saturday afternoon with a few of our nominees. Thank you to those who have volunteered to run for an OFSRDC 2019?2020 Office. Our President will be Karyn Buchheit.

Our current slate of Officer Nominees is:

According to our P&P's, our goal is to have at least 2 nominees for every office. If you would like to run for an office or know of someone who would, please nominate them during this time. President Lorri McIntosh opened Nominations to the floor:

Nominations are now suspended until the closing date listed in the P&P's on February 1.


PARLIAMENTARIAN - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - I originally had no report, but Lane Clem has offered to purchase the old audio system for $50.00. Barring any objection, I will proceed with the sale to Lane. Marilyn Schmit commented that as soon as it is sold, she needs to know so that she can get it off the insurance.

EDUCATION/PUBLICITY - Kathy (Tim) Roberts - Thank you to the 14 people who attended our Education Seminar yesterday. Many ideas were shared and discussed. I will be writing an article for the next OFN sharing ideas that were exchanged. We had representatives from the Buckaroos, the largest club in the state letting us know what they have been doing to encourage so many members. About 35 minutes of the meeting was spent discussing how they have successfully encouraged and supported young families. They have a lot of great ideas. I am looking for ideas for our next Educational Seminar at Summer Festival. Pease let me know if you have an idea in mind. Is it time for another visit from the Consumer Protection Division from the State of Oregon?

HISTORIAN - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - The display of the Randall Award plaques is up on a table in the foyer of the Linn County Fair and Expo building. Also is the listing of Chairman's award and Wood award from Summer Festival that my research has come up with so far. The awards are behind in the engraving since the entries have been mixed up in years past. Some of the engravings belong on a chairman's plaque and some of the engravings belong on the Wood Award. I have been trying to work on research to see who won what on the missing years so it can get straightened out and engraved properly. Congratulations to Ferrous and Karen Steinka, this year's Randall Award recipients.


BMI/ASCAP - Ralph Lambert - I have received the annual invoices from BMI and ASCAP for payment of our fees. I have provided copies of these invoices to Lane Clem, Treasurer, for issuance of the checks to each organization.

I have requested that Lorri McIntosh, President, add to New Business, a memorandum on Performance Licensing - SESAC, and a recommendation for action. I am attaching an electronic copy for your use in the minutes.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES - Karyn (Matt) Buchheit - The youth committee granted 10 Mid-Winter ribbon scholarships. We also granted $100.00 towards the youth Friday night pizza party. There were 35 in attendance at the pizza party on Friday night and 66 at the Saturday night after party. The kids had an added surprise at their after party when both Ray Brendzy and Charlie Robertson joined them. Both callers signed the kids festival ribbons.

ORDTA - Tami Helms (Tim Keck) - Round of the Month; see round screening report.

ROUND DANCE SCREENING - Tami Helms (Tim Keck) - Everything is running smoothly and on schedule for selections of the Oregon round of the month by Councils. Ricki Lobato has been helping with the suggested dances and ideas for the rounds. I appreciate her ideas and help.

DECEMBER OROM - 'Feel It Still' by Erin & Scott Byars, Phase 2 Two Step

JANUARY OROM - 'Honey, Honey' by Dorothy Sanders, Phase 2 Two Step

FEBRUARY OROM - 'Unchained Melody' by Mike & Michelle Seurer, Phase 2 waltz

MARCH CLASSIC OROM - 'Dance With The One That Brought You' by Neil and Doris Koozer, Phase 2 Two Step

CALLER LIAISON - Janienne Alexander - No report.

WEBMASTER - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - No report

STATE FAIR - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - Nothing happening until March or April when I write a note to the fair asking for time to dance at the fair for 2019. I am asking for the Labor Day Saturday for the youth, a day for round dancing and one to two days of square dancing. Hopefully one of those will be on Labor Day itself for those who are still working and cannot attend during the week.

BACKGROUND CHECK - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - We have run about a half dozen names through the background check company, and all seems to be working as expected. Janienne Alexander volunteered to be the first caller to go through the process, just to show the others that it isn't scary.





  1. Kathy Roberts: Motion for Hoedowners & Eager Beavers (TVC) to host Summer Festival 2020 in Seaside, August 21-23, 2020. Lane Clem seconded. Motion carried.
  2. Kathy Roberts: Motion to establish a contractual relationship with SESAC based on Ralph Lambert's proposal. Patty Cooper seconded. One opposed. Motion carried.
  3. Tim Hagey: Motion to change the Constitution to add line dancing clubs to the list of eligible clubs that can join OFSRDC. Lane Clem seconded. Because it is a change to the Constitution, this will be taken back to the councils for discussion, and will be revisited at the May meeting.


MID-WILLAMETTE AREA - Julia Buchheit - We have classes just graduated at several of our clubs. The new grads are joining the clubs and are looking forward to having fun dancing. Independence Wagon Wheelers reported success partnering with Salem Hospital for lessons this year and they are planning to do so again next year.

The new dancer dances in our area this year were very well attended and we had 11 people earn the MWA New Dancer Ambassador bar this year by attending a majority of the MWA new dancer dances.

We have an Alzheimer's Benefit Dance scheduled for March 24, 2019 at the Salem Square Dance Center. 1:30-4:00 pm. There is no set fee for this dance, we will have a donation jar out with a suggested donation of $6.00 per person. All funds raised will go to OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University) for the Alzheimer's Research Unit there. Please watch for flyer and more information in the OFN.

Silver City Squares reports that the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival will be in Silverton, Oregon at Silverton High School on May 3 & 4, 2019. Please try to come and support our Oregon teams and see what they do. They will have a square at the Senior Level and at the Junior Level; 3-4 youth callers with 2 at Junior Level and 2 at Pre-Teen Novice Level; 1 cuer at Junior Level; and 1 round dance couple at Basic Level. Please send extra wishes of good luck for our round couple as it is Julia Buchheit and Gabe Smith - due to one living in Silverton and one living in Grants Pass, they do not get a lot of practice time together.


Trailer Wrangler Report

Portland Area Council (PAC) has completed the documents that transfer the Single-Tongue (ST) dance Trailer to Silver City Squares, Silverton, OR. ST Trailer is ready to be relocated. PAC has retained the DUAL-TONGUE Dance Trailer, which can be reserved in 2019, by contacting Betty Chipps by email: chippsbetty@gmail.com

PAC meeting, held Nov 19, 2018. Invited all PAC Club Presidents to attend (5 out-of 10 were present). Our special guest was Kathy Roberts, former Tualatin Valley Council (TVC) President & Oregon Square and Round Dance Federation President ? the topic was: "How to keep Square Dance Lively" and discussed the ingredients that have attributed to TVC's past year of well attended dances. Kathy was our "Cheerleader" - she and the Presidents had these suggestions:

  1. Plan PAC-dances (at least) one year ahead, if not two years in advance.
  2. Advertise in the Oregon Federation News (OFN) and via Federation Facebook (it's free).
  3. Speak "Portland Area Council" not PAC when promoting dances...be a "cheerleader".
  4. Calendar PAC-Clubs' ANNIVERSARIES, JAMBOREES and SPECIAL DANCES, then distribute to Clubs.
  5. Arrange "in-mass" PAC-Board VISITATIONS to Clubs.
  6. Provide incentives for Clubs to be hosts at PAC's 5th Friday dances.
  7. Encourage Caller/Cuer (establish incentive pay) - Clubs & Council could pay according to 'squares in attendance' or some percentage of the door.
  8. Provide more "experienced-dancer" interests, i.e. PLUS (or) host a barn-dance (or) connect with local Chamber of Commerce - perhaps provide event dance entertainment.
  9. Invite multiple Callers to PAC dance (or) share dance with another venue.
  10. Clubs invite more than one Caller/Cuer to their Anniversary or Jamboree to encourage attendance.
  11. Brainstorm: How to change Membership retention in Clubs.
  12. Brainstorm: Ways to shorten the 72-call Mainstream lesson curve. Bring students into club dances sooner.

PAC's 5th Friday dance, on NOV 30, 2018, featured Ian Craig/Doug Hatch (caller/cuer). Six squares were in attendance - which made for a lively and fun event...thank you all.

Another Idea to encourage attendance -- Chaps and Petticoats had a successful "New Dancer" dance with eight squares on the floor - success was attributed to: "Feed Them and They Will Come." The dance was held the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2018, thus called the "Turkey Trot" JAMBOREE. For just the price of the dance, a Thanksgiving "full-trimmings" dinner was served - big compliments to the Club members. The attendees themselves were the success of this dance: based on past-years' experience, attendees spread the word of the coming Thanksgiving dinner - months in advance.

Upcoming Special Events

FEB 22, 2019 - PAC "New Dancer" JAMBOREE at Oak Grove Community Center, Scott Zinser is Caller and Cuer will be Tami Helms

May 19, 2019 - ALZHEIMERS BENEFIT DANCE at Oak Grove Community Center, MC Caller/Cuer is Dan Nordbye / Julie Stiers - other callers/cuers invited on stage. Hosted by Tualatin Valley Council (TVC) and PAC. The hall and talent is donated.

At the May State Meeting Betty will have information on PAC's hosted September State Meeting. While dry-camping will be available at the Maplewood Grange, if hook-up is preferred, contact Aurora RV Acres by March to make reservations.

ROGUE-SIS-Q COUNCIL - Roberta (Phil) Claudson - Lots of changes are happening in our council. The club which dances in Yreka, CA, Circle N Squares is looking for a new dance location. The building in which they have danced for many years has been sold. The building will be used to support the homeless population.

The Rogue Squares club has disbanded, with all but one of the members joining the Star Promenaders as their primary club now. All these dancers have been very active dancers in the past, and now continue to dance and support the classes and dances of their new club. The Rogues had started a new dancer level Pajamarama dance in January each year. That dance is now under the sponsorship of the Rogue Sis-Q Council. We are encouraged to wear our pajamas. Even Carl Muck has his nighttime cap on which has become a traditional item at the Pajamarama.

The Star Promenaders have changed their dance times. They start pre-rounds at 7:00 p.m. and squares at 7:30. The new time seems to work best for everyone. Mainstream lessons start in September and January each year. Phil also taught Plus lessons this fall. With Wayne and Debbi Weaver gone until March, Phil is teaching a mainstream, plus workshop on the Wednesday night slot. Many of the square dancers have been going for lunch at the Home Town Buffet on Military Mondays. Last week Phil and Francis planned a Flash Mob dance with the approval of the establishment. The dancers moved the chairs and tables as Phil set up his equipment. The 15 dancers were encouraged not to wear traditional square dance attire, but to wear wear tee-shirts promoting our festivals. Many wore the tee-shirts that said "Add quality to your life"on the front side, and on the back "Learn to Square Dance." The Stars are planning their Birthday dance which is always held on the 4th Friday in February.

The ''Charlie Browns" report that new classes started Jan 8th and have enjoyed some enthusiastic and fun students. Our September class is scheduled to graduate Mid-February and we have 8 students who are very excited about dancing. We look forward to welcoming these dancers. Their January dances were a lot of fun, including Amateur night with 3 newbie callers who tried their hand at calling. Good job! The dance on the 19th had guest caller Ian Craig. February brings some great dances and lots of fun. February 2nd is our Super Bowl Dance with our annual Chili CookOff. Chuck Simpkins and Rikki Lobato will be calling and cueing. February 16th we have guest caller Roger Putzler calling our Sweetheart Dance and Rikki Lobato will be cueing. Roger is lots of fun. Both dances start at 7 with pre rounds and are Mainstream dances with Plus tips.

Boatnik is fast approaching and they are excited to welcome Joe Saltel and TJ Chadd.

Our council is looking forward to sponsoring the May 2019 state federation meeting in Medford in a few months. To show our appreciation for the many hard-working delegates and state federation officers and chairmen, we are planning a Potluck Crockpot dinner at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center just before the Saturday night dance.

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL - Pat (Cherie) Cox -

Beachcombers graduated three new dancers last week. Two are at Mid-Winter this weekend along with many other members of the club. We have a new beginning class starting February 17th. Response has been good from prospective students. We will see.

Mavericks held beginning waltz class in conjunction with the Beachcombers square dance lessons. Seven new waltzers have now become regular attendees at dances and most continued with an intro to Bolero class held all this month. Plans are underway for our annual Camp Out on the McKenzie River in September.

Set's in Order - The husbands of our cuer and caller have been having health issues. This has caused us to not have lessons in 2018. We continue to dance once a month and our birthday dance was well attended.

Saints-N-Aints - we continue dancing twice a month. Pat Cox has been teaching continuous mainstream lessons during 2018 and just graduated our 3rd class with six new graduates. Sherm also completed his plus class last week. New Mainstream lessons start February 3, 2019. Both of our cuers have recently completed two step lessons and will begin rumba lessons next week. We hosted the New Years Dance this year, it was well attended by all three South Coast Council clubs.

TUALATIN VALLEY COUNCIL - Tim Roberts for Mary Schneider - The TVC is continuing supporting each other by attending each other's anniversary dances.

The TVC will be holding our annual President's Potluck on Monday. All club presidents, vice presidents, and past presidents are invited. The federation president is also invited. During the dance, the TVC will be awarding a recognition award, similar in nature to the Randall Award.

On May 19 from 2-5 pm, the TVC and PAC will be holding a special Alzheimers Association benefit dance. Dan Nordbye will be the caller MC and Julie Stiers will be the cuer MC. Both councils are asking their clubs for basket donations. Bring money for the baskets and donations.

UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL - Frank (Rita) Schuchard - Thanks to all of the folks who worked on the Mid-Winter Festival committees and made it a fun week end.

Buckeroos - The Buckeroo's have had a busy fall. They had their annual Thanksgiving dinner the 3rd Saturday in November and sold 78 wreaths at their annual wreath sale. They also held their second arts and crafts fair for the community in December. It was also a fund raiser to help raise money for upkeep and expenses of the Barn. For the first time ever, the club held a game night in December and invited the public. About 20 folks came and everyone seemed to have a great time. The kids played Candyland, Hungry Hippo and memory games while adults and others played pinochle, bingo and twister. The next game night will be held in early March. There are 12 students who are ready for graduation which is scheduled for March 18th

Timber 8s - Their birthday dance is scheduled for April 27th. Dale Roberson will be calling and Neil Koozer will be cueing.

Dancing Friends - The west coast swing and waltz class which began in September just ended. The Dancing Friends celebrated their 29th birthday with a combination birthday dance and graduation celebration earlier this month.

UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL - The Council held their annual January New Dancer Dance in January in time for the students to get more floor time in before midwinter and have the opportunity to dance to a few different callers. The dancers had the chance to dance to five different callers and at one time there were six squares on the floor which is a great turn out for us. A big shout out needs to go to Chuck Simpkins for bringing down a group from Grants Pass. They helped make our sixth square. Our next UAC dance will be our "Spring Fling" 5th Saturday dance the last Saturday in March.

BLUE MOUNTAINS COUNCIL - David (Sally) Stutzman - There has not been much activity in Eastern Oregon. The Muddy Frogs are dancing regularly to records and have a guest caller once a month. They are not having lessons this year. They will try again next Fall.

CENTRAL OREGON COUNCIL - Joyce Welton - Central Oregon Clubs had successful holiday dances and lessons are beginning to be offered in the new year. One club started in January and another club will follow early in March. We've coordinated the beginning of the lessons so that if one graduates from the earlier lessons, they have another set of lessons that they can attend if needed. Jim Steele, our local caller, started Sunday mainstream workshops last year in the summer. It was so successful that the group didn't want him to quit. Originally the Sunday workshops were going to be given in the summer only. Now he's continued offering these workshops on an on-going basis with the understanding that new dancers, whenever they graduate, can come to the weekly class to continue working on their skills. He often has 2-3 squares, which is a good group for us in central Oregon.

We've had a couple of clubs expressing displeasure these clubs seeing them as threatening to them. These club reps came to Council complaining about Mr. Steele's activities. As a response, one of our new dancers from last year who is a participant in Steele's workshop and a member of the complaining club came to me as Council President and offered his help as someone who is trained in conflict resolution. We are in the process of meeting individually with all club presidents giving them the opportunity to express their feelings and assuring them that Mr. Steele is not trying to take any member from their club. We're also working with Mr. Steele in relating the clubs feelings back to him. It's a process! Our Council obtained grant money last year for two projects. The first was for trailer repair and upgrade. It's been done and three parades in Prineville get to have square dancers participate. It's become a much safer trailer thanks to Federation.

Another project that we developed was the purchase of 300 yard signs and club members are asked to put up around their neighborhoods advertising upcoming lessons. We also developed a new shorter domain name for use on the signs. This project is in its infant stage so we don't know yet what the results will be. Another activity that a couple of clubs have tried is having a free "community dance" prior to a regular club dance where we introduce people to square dancing and also demo round dancing. The Bend club, Bachelor Beauts, have had as many as 45 people show up. Unfortunately the first time they had this, they neglected to get contact information from these people so they couldn't follow up with them.

The Beauts have scheduled another Community Dance in late February and this time they promise to be more diligent in getting email addresses.

The Sagebrush Shufflers lost their dance location a few years ago and their attendance has dwindled over time. I believe this was due to their dance locations never being optimal; one being a dance studio with wall to wall mirrors another one a 4H meeting room; could barely round dance and any more than two squares was really a squeeze. They just announced at the last Council meeting that they're returning to the old location (Ochoco School Gym) that has been renovated. I'm hoping this will result in a better attendance at their dances. Fingers crossed

EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL - Zola (Ray) Jones - The Winter session of New Dancer Lessons began on January 8, 2019; again sponsored by three area clubs, with one caller; 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield. There is a lesson committee with representatives from each of the three clubs, and members from all three clubs come to 'angel' at the lessons too. Due to the Ad on 'facebook'- 32 new dancers came to the first lesson, and 30 came again to the second lesson on January 15! This includes some families for a total of 9 youths age 12 and under taking lessons too. What a great start for lessons.

Coming up-our area council's annual Benefit Dance on the 5th Saturday; March 30, 2019; 7:30 p.m. at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda St., Springfield, with calling and cueing donated by our Cascade Callers & Cuers. The recipient this year is "Camp Alma" which is owned by 'Veterans Legacy' a local veteran's organization that is setting up a camp in a rural location to help homeless veterans in our area and also veterans with emotional problems such as PTSD. The Vice President of the organization came to our January 21 council meeting and told us a lot of information about all that they will be doing.

We hope all of you have enjoyed these three days as we have-Mid-Winter Festival is such a special time; great dancing and re-connecting with friends. It is just one of the big 'plus's' of our dancing world!

INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS - Cece (Sarge) Glidewell - The Interstate Highlanders Council had a council dance on December 15. The Karaoke Christmas party was fun and well attended.

The KC's elected officers for 2019. President, Julius Halmos; VP, Cece Glidewell; Treasurer, Kathryn Halmos. New dancer workshop, with Cece Glidewell instructing, resumed January 10. Although class size remains low the club is hopeful that they are heading in the right direction. More and better advertising is in the works.


Dale & Kathy Worthington -- We apologize for not being able to attend the Mid-Winter Festival and the OFSRDC Board Meeting. We will be in Pittsburg, PA, attending the USDA Mid-Winter Meeting.

September started off at full speed. The first week in September we drove down to Napa, California for 3 days. There we attended a dance at the Napa Square Dance Club where we were very well received and had a fun time. The club was like the majority of clubs in California, a Plus club. This club was having a difficult time getting new members and I wonder if it was because it was a Plus club. From there, we continued down to San Francisco for 4 days, but were unable to find a club that was dancing in the area during this time. On September 23rd, we started our road trip. First stop was in Salem, to attend the OFSRDC Fall Meeting. At the meeting the Federation donated $50.00 to the USDA Youth Scholarship Fund and $50.00 to the USDA Handicapable Fund, which we greatly appreciated as members of the USDA. From there it was on to Detroit, Michigan to participate in the promotion of our son, Scott, to the rank of Master Chief in the US Coast Guard. After a short visit it was back on the road again heading to Gainesville, Florida, for a visit with family members. Tried to dance with the Gainesville square dance club but they were not dancing during our visit. Next stop was Fort Worth, Texas for a week. Then it was off to home. On the 26th & 27th of October the Hayshaker Square Dance Club and Sunset Promenaders put on the 18th Annual Seaside Sashay Square Dance Festival in Seaside, Oregon. In November we attended R Square D Club dance in Kelso, Washington. In December Kathy had her foot operated on so that took care of all our dance plans until the end of January. We did have a nice Christmas with friends and New Years was spent in Welches

Lee & Barbi Ashwill - no report.


Kathy Roberts - Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summer Festival in July. The quilt face is finished, and it will be completed in time for the May meeting. Tickets will be $1.00 apiece. We will have a committee meeting immediately following.

Roberta Claudson - I was under the understanding that the Emerald Square Dance center went black during Diamond Lake Festival. Three national callers have booked the center for the same weekend.

Cece Glidewell - at the callers meeting yesterday John Olson spoke to Charlie Robertson, one of the three National Callers booked at Emerald Empire dance hall during Diamond Lake Festival. Charlie was unaware of the conflict and will take it to the group for discussion.

Janet Bellcoff - promoting the 2020 National Convention in Spokane. Please pre-register.

Kathy Roberts - During my Past President report, I said that I would be making a motion during new business, but forgot. So, I make a motion, based upon the Grant Committee recommendation, that Janet Geiger be given a $500.00 grant to attend caller's school to increase her confidence. Patty Cox seconded. Motion carried.


Sunday, May 5, 2019, 9:00 AM

Rogue Valley Square Dance Center



Tim Hagey made a motion to adjourn. Patty Cooper seconded. Meeting adjourned at 12:27 pm.