HOSTED BY: Portland Area Council
8 Sep 2019
Maplewood Grange, Aurora

9:00 AM General Meeting

CALL TO ORDER President, Lorri McIntosh -

Please turn off your cell phones

ROLL CALL Secretary, Tim (Cheryl) Hagey –

Officers: All present except: Patty Cooper

Appointed Officers: All present.

Delegates not present: Kippen Parret and Pat Cox

President requested a motion to seat Denny Fullerton as Membership. Cece Glidewell made the motion. Gabriel Smith seconded. Approved

INVOCATION Immediate Past President, Kathy (Tim) Roberts

FLAG SALUTE 1st Vice President, Karyn (Matt) Buchheit

MINUTES Secretary, Tim (Cheryl) Hagey – Betty Chipps moves to accept. Cece Glidewell seconded. Approved.



PRESIDENT - Lorri McIntosh – I want to thank PAC for the dancing and accommodating for the meeting. Thank you, Betty, for assisting with my motel close to the activities.

I appointed Rikki Lobato and Rob Keene as my Goodwill Ambassadors last night at the dance. They were going to try and come today, but had a conflict with a class they have been taking together. I think Rikki and Rob will represent Oregon and the Federation well. I have never seen Rikki without a smile and a positive, energetic attitude toward square and round dancing. I hope everyone supports her as she promotes Oregon’s clubs, councils, and the Federation.)

This has been a busy year with changes to the Constitution and P&P’s, adding Line dancing and correcting the wording to accommodate all documents for the background checks. I have enjoyed working with everyone as president of the Federation, excited to continue for one more year as past-president.

I am proud to have my my 2 grandsons now representing separate councils for the next 2 years. My grandchildren make me proud with all they do in square dancing, sports, and all they do.

I want to thank Kathy Roberts for her support and confidence in me, Tim Roberts for keeping straight on what comes next with the agenda and advising me when I was unsure, thank you Lane for making my budget look good, and a thank you to everyone on this board, delegates and officers, for working together with Kathy and myself to make Summer Festival 2019 a huge success. The group effort made it happen, and made it successful. You are a wonderful group of people to work with.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT - Karyn (Matt) Buchheit – I’ve enjoyed being 1st vice-president this past year and thank everyone for helping when and where I’ve needed.

2019 SUMMER FESTIVAL - Kathy (Tim) Roberts – Thank you again to everyone who helped to make our 2019 Summer Festival a great event and a lot of fun. We are waiting for a couple checks to clear, and then we will be able to close our account. Assuming the checks will be cashed, we made a profit of $3.796.07. During this meeting, we will be giving each of the 10 councils a check in the amount of $189.00 for your share of the profit. The Federations’ share of the profit is $1,890.16. We’ve left a few additional dollars in the account to pay for any service fees or unexpected charges that may be accessed until we close the account as of January 1. Any additional invoices that may arrive will be paid out of the Federation’s share of the profit. Any checks not cashed before we close the account will be considered a donation to the Federation and deposited to the Federation’s account.

2020 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL - Aaron (Linda) Gibbens - This last month we finalized the committee and all of its members. Also during a lively email exchange we coordinated the airfare for three of the four featured performers. Decoration designs have been approved and construction is commencing. The schedule has been mostly finalized and program books are heading for print. This will be the last time we can use Best Impressions as our printer because they are retired and have closed their doors. As a favor to MidWinter, they are completing the books before turning off the last switch. Ribbon sales are a little off in my opinion but the big push is just beginning. With only one third of our projected revenue having come in and several expenditures getting paid early, it is nice to be able to say we are still in the black.

2020 SUMMER FESTIVAL - Kay (Jim) Rogers – no report

2021 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL - Lisa Kious - We now have contracts for our featured callers, cuers and cloggers. We are excited to have the start of a festival. Who do we need to turn names into in order to start the background check process on the features? We have been busy working on getting all our promotional materials ready for the 2020 program book. Due to the loss of our printer, 2021 is in the process of trying to source a new printer for flyers, book and flats. We are also still trying to get a committee together. We are pleased to report that we have a Co-chair – we are excited to work with Karyn. Featured callers will be Steve Edlund and Justin Russel. Featured cuers are Wayne & Barbara Blackford cue. Featured clogging instructor Andy Howard.

OREGON FEDERATION NEWS - Tim (Kathy) Roberts -- The mailing list continues at around 700 people. All is going smoothly, but I need to make some things easier if I ever have a chance of handing this job off to someone else.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT - Gary (Joyce) Clark - It’s good to be together again after a busy summer. I spent some family time in Montana. Thanks to the wonderful host club, Chaps and Petticoats, for a good meal last night and Dance for the Federation and this morning’s accommodations. As we start the new year with installation of officers, I see myself becoming more active as 1st Vice President. Bear with me as I learn this position. It’s been a good past year with Lorri as President.

SECRETARY - Tim (Cheryl) Hagey – No report

TREASURER - Lane (Marie) Clem – hard copy report provided to all delegates. More copies can be provided, if needed.

MEMBERSHIP - Patty (Dave) Cooper - As you can see, I am not in attendance at today's meeting. All clubs are current with dues and Secretary of State renewals or you have heard otherwise from me. I have enjoyed being Membership Chair for the past two years and wish Denny Fullerton well as she embarks on her time in this position.

INSURANCE - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - It has been an interesting year for this position. The new system is great to work with and we get results back much sooner than the old system provided for us. The information for the new renewals for 2020 was distributed yesterday at the training meeting and will be given to the various clubs when the delegates get home. I have not been given the rate per person for 2020 and will not receive it until October. So, no money is due until I notify the delegates so they can notify the clubs. You will have time to add and subtract members and make sure the certificates of insurance are correct, need to be changed or deleted. The minimum was $45 and that is subject to change also.

I made a clarification to coverage at the meeting yesterday with an email from USDA. I will forward the email after the meeting so you have it in writing for questions that were asked of me to explain.

I am encouraging the five clubs that insure in Washington; Buzzin’ Bees, R Square D, Happy Hoppers, Muddy Frogs and Columbia River Dancers to enroll in the USDA insurance program and to pay the premiums for 2020. USDA is not happy that our Practices and Procedures accept the Certificate of Insurance from the Washington Federation in lieu of USDA insurance. I have received the 2019-2020 Certificate from Washington and there are 252 dancers that belong to the Oregon Federation that insure with Washington clubs. That was the major problem with the injury at the last Mid-Winter. She was not a USDA insurance member. USDA is also encouraging the two Festivals to incorporate to prevent the hosting association/council from being liable should anyone decide to sue. If they were to incorporate then the persons in charge or the Festival itself would be liable. Just a thought.

PAST PRESIDENT - Kathy (Tim) Roberts -- Thank you Betty Chipps and the PAC for a hosting the OFSRDC state meeting this weekend. Everything has been outstanding and the people have been fantastic. We also had a great dinner and dance last night. Thank you! Thank you everyone for the support you have shown me for the last several years as I progressed from VP through Past President. I have enjoyed working with all of you and know that you will continue to support our new President and the rest of the board. I have agreed to continue with Publicity & Education for one more year so I’ll see you all from the other end of the table.

We received 5 Randall Award Nominations this year.

• Interstate Highlanders: Cece and Sarge Glidewell

• Mid-Willamette Area: Kaynor Heinick

• Portland Area: Tami Helms and Tim Keck

• Rogue Sis-Q: Carla and Chuck Simpkins

• Rogue Sis-Q: Wayne and Debbie Weaver

Ballots and packets will be distributed today to the Delegates and Past-President for the 2019-2020 year. According to the P&P’s the 10 Delegates select the 2020 Randall Award Recipient who will be announced during Saturday’s Mid-Winter Ceremonies. In the event of a tie, the Immediate Past-President will cast the tie breaking vote. Delegates, please vote – even if you don’t know all of the nominees, please read their materials and vote after careful consideration. It is a privilege to select the recipient of our State’s highest honor. Ballots are to be sent to our Immediate Past President, Lorri McIntosh by November 1st in order to be counted. Participation is not mandatory, but requested.

The Grant Committee received a request from Misha Case to attend the 2020 Cascade Caller’s College in Cle Ellum, WA with Jerry Junk, Susan Morris and Steve Noseck. Misha received a $500 scholarship to attend the 2018 Caller’s College. She has been working with Richard Lane in Roseburg and feels additional training will help her understand the concepts. Misha has requested $300 for a portion of the expected fees, gas, and lodging. The Grant Committee discussed her request and is recommending that the Federation approve the following motion: I move that the Federation award Misha Case $300 to attend the 2020 Cascade Caller’s College in Cle Elum, Washington.


Parliamentarian - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - I had intended to get P&P updates distributed today, but I'm going to plan to have those in January. The current updated P&Ps are available on the Federation's web site. We should talk about whether it is necessary to continue to print 45 copies of the P&Ps each time. I don't see the printed copies coming to meetings, and I'm not sure the copies for the councils are actually getting to the councils. Maybe you can get me some feedback at break.

EDUCATION/PUBLICITY - Kathy (Tim) Roberts – Our training session yesterday was very well attended. We have many new officers and delegates this year so their attendance was greatly appreciated. Thank you to Tim Roberts, Lane Clem, Marilyn Schmit, and Lorri McIntosh for your contributions. Please remember if you have questions, ask one of us or someone that you met yesterday during the meeting that you felt comfortable with.

Our Mid-Winter Education Seminar will focus on using Social Media to promote your clubs and councils. We will start the session by showing you how to convert your files to a .jpg format for posting on Social Media. You will learn how to create a Facebook account and how to post and edit your post. You will also be introduced to Twitter and Instagram. If clubs in your area are currently not using Social Media – please find someone who is willing to learn and send them to our session.

Remember to take advantage of free advertising in the OFN and on Facebook. I went through this month’s OFN. Counting the special dances, only 43% of our clubs and 20% of our councils are taking advantage of the free advertising provided by the OFN. If you don’t post a flyer, how to you expect people to know about your dances???? Next, I went through the Council News – even if you don’t have someone to make up flyers, your clubs should be sending in Council news to let the dancers know what is going on in your area. Fifty, yes 50% of our Councils submitted NO news from their councils – their clubs didn’t submit news either. Only one council had 44% of their clubs submit an article when their council didn’t. Three councils submitted articles with 34-54% of their clubs submitting articles. We had 2 councils (Rogue Sis Q and TVC) submit Council news with 100% club participation – GOOD JOB. Please start taking advantage of the free advertising. Remember the OFN is accessed by anyone in the world who wants to visit Oregon and find someplace to dance.

The OFSRDC Facebook page is up to 486 members. This is another excellent free resource for your advertising. We have several clubs who post throughout the month. We should have a lot more clubs posting. You can post your flyers, pictures, news about your club, update your information, and invite people in an interactive forum where people can comments and share your posts.

Please remember that the OFSRDC page is only for square dance, round dance, line dance, clogging, or contra activities. Non-dancing posts will be removed. For the first time, I had to delete 5 posts this month. This is not the place to advertise things you are selling, for your personal or political agenda or other non-dancing things you support or are trying to sell. Those items go on your own wall. If you have a question about whether or not a post is appropriate, please contact me.

Reserve the Date and Time: January 25, 2020 at 2:00 PM in the Oregon State Room - Social Media training session at Mid-Winter this year. Hopefully we will be able to answer all of your questions.

HISTORIAN - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - I have not had a whole lot of time to do some further research to see who has earned the Wood Award and Chairman’s Award for the years missing on the list that Tim Roberts has compiled on the website. I encourage you to go back to your clubs, and see if any of them remember what year they may have received one or the other and get back to me so I can update the history and update Tim’s list. We will need to re-engrave the Chairman’s Award since it is currently a mixed list of both awards. The Summer Festival chairs need to make sure the winners are in their reports for the state meeting. I have previously found a few in past minutes. I found a couple in scrapbooks I have in my possession from prior festivals. I talked to SqDini at Summer Festival about making an extension for one of the awards and I did not follow up with them on Sunday this year. My error.


BMI/ASCAP - Ralph Lambert – not present, no report submitted.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES - Karyn (Matt) Buchheit - We had 30 dancers in attendance at the youth time slot for the state fair. They had a lot of fun dancing to the calling of Michael Kious. The incoming youth advisor has discussed job duties and knows what is coming up for him.

ORDTA - Tami Helms (Tim Keck) – no report

ROUND DANCE SCREENING - Tami Helms (Tim Keck) –

The Round of the month for August is Shot Gun Boogie, A Ph 2 Two step by Ron & Jan Betzelberger. Selected by the Umpqua Council

The Round of the Month for September is Moulin Rouge, a Ph 2 Waltz by Lloyd & Ruth McKendrick. Selected by the Blue Mountain Council.

CALLER LIAISON - Terry Halley – no report

WEBMASTER - Tim (Kathy) Roberts – no report

STATE FAIR - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit - We were given 45 minutes for each of the three days that were requested. Tuesday, August 27, saw five of seven couples show up and Molly Combs Fairly was a first time cuer for this event. One couple was absent due to injury, and I have no clue about the other one. Molly did a great job and wants to come back. The 100-degree heat was not helpful this year, but we survived, mostly. I think I was the only casualty of the day due to dehydration. Saturday, August 31, Mike Kious was the caller for the youth event. There were 54 people on the list and 30 showed up. The list consisted of youth and adult chaperones/parents. Monday, September 2, CeCe Glidewell was the caller and a first time for her also. She did an excellent job even with the jitters. There were 22 of 25 people in attendance for this demonstration. Thanks to all the dancers who attended the demos and danced. I appreciate all your help. Same time next year. Will be creating a poll to find out when people want to dance.

BACKGROUND CHECK - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - We've conducted background checks on those incoming officers that are required in the P&Ps. The process continues to work well.

DELEGATE MEETING - Betty Chipps – met and talked about upcoming events. No actual agenda. 7 of 10 councils present. Cece noted that she is the only caller in IHC. Discussed Mid-Winter and the importance of officers purchasing ribbons to support the festival.


A. None

RECESS - 0945


Conducted by Marilyn Schmit


A. Motion to approve 2019-2020 budget. Lorri made motion to approve, Gary Clark 2nd. Unanimous.

B. 2021 Summer Festival, Sandy Eddings and Connie Seamans. Dance Fever. Linn County Fairgrounds. 4th of July weekend. Ray Brendzy & Hunter Keller. Christine & Bruce Nelson cueing. Thursday, Friday, Saturday only. Total budget of $16,910.00. Requesting $3000.00 from Federation to start process. Tim Keck stated that it must be supported by Club or Council. Proposal tabled.

C. Marilyn Schmit – since the advent of wireless mics, Marilyn makes a motion Ron's position as Mic Man be retired. Zola Jones, second. Approved.


BLUE MOUNTAINS COUNCIL - David (Sally) Stutzman – not present, no report submitted.

CENTRAL OREGON COUNCIL - Mark McDonald - All the local clubs found success and lots of support, from around Oregon and Washington at the Sisters Roundup in August. We had Mike Sikorsky calling and Chuck Weiss cueing. Fun times.

Redrocks were dark in July, then had the teams of Roger Putzler/Kathy Houston & Mark Wheeler/Mark McDonald taking care of their August dances. Redrocks and Bachelor Beauts had Dan Nordbye/Julie Stiers for both nights of September 6-7th. October 11th will be the Redrocks Halloween dance.

The Bachelor Beauts are starting a sampler 3 lessons of mainstream thru the Bend Parks and Recreation department on September 12th. On September 26th they will start mainstream lessons in Bend. The Beauts and Swinging Mountaineers joined together and held a memorial dance for Ron Blivens on August 29th. Over $650.00 was collected in donations, on behalf of Ron and given to the Boys and Girls club.

The Mountaineers started Plus Square Dance Lessons for beginning Plus dancers on August 28th at the Redmond Grange Hall with Roger Putzler coming over to teach us.

The Sagebrush Shufflers have had one dance in August, with the team of Debbie Klug/Mark McDonald in Prineville. They are planning on Mainstream lessons starting in September.

Sundown Round Dance Club had Dave Cooper cue for them in August, but will be dark in September.

On another note, Joyce Brown, who you know has been a longtime Cuer/Dancer/supporter of the dancing world, has been out for several months due to a serious illness. She is doing better and has started to get back to cueing some for us.

EMERALD EMPIRE COUNCIL - Zola (Ray) Jones - Our area clubs have all had a good Summer; with picnic's, camp-outs, and traveling to special dance events in other areas of Oregon. And now we are back to this next year of club's regular scheduled dances. New Dancer lessons, again sponsored by three clubs, are scheduled. Starting off with a special “Community Dance” as an introduction to Square Dancing, called by Jim Hattrick, Friday, September 20 at 7:30 p.m. Then lessons start Tuesday, October 1, at 7:00 p.m. and taught by Roger Putzler. This is all at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda Av., Springfield, OR. Advertising is on Facebook, the small 'special' cards, and Flyers. We have placed flyers for everyone here at the table. As usual the January State Federation meeting is during Mid-Winter Festival, and this is hosted by the Emerald Empire Area Council. Therefore the next state meeting will be on January 26, 2020, at 9:00 a.m. in the Oregon State room of the Holiday Inn Express, in Albany. Same place as last year.

INTERSTATE HIGHLANDERS - Cece (Sarge) Glidewell - The council will have a dance hosted by the KC Squares on December 21. At the August 17, 2019 meeting a motion was approved to reinstate the 5th Saturday Council meeting and dance for 2020. The usual suspects will be calling and cuing these dances scheduled for February 29, May 30, August 29, and October 31.

The KC squares:

The 2019-2020 dance schedule was submitted to Triad school and the current members for approval. The club will start workshops at 6:30 to 7:40pm for new dancers. This will allow time for the experienced dancers to have a workshop at about 7:50 to 9pm.

MID-WILLAMETTE AREA - Julia Buchheit - MWA will be installing new officers at our meeting later in September.

We will be doing an Alzheimer’s Research Benefit dance again this spring. More information to come as it gets closer.

Lessons for most of our council’s clubs are starting this month.

We are planning to start the initial trial run of our Birthday/Anniversary Ambassador dance fun badge.

Our Fall Festival dance is September 29th at the Woodburn Senior Estates.

Silver City Squares has reported that they will be competing in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival – Auburn Washington is the location for the 2020 festival. We are planning on having 2 squares at 2 different levels of competition as well as callers, cuer and at least 1 round couple.

PORTLAND AREA COUNCIL - Betty Chipps - Daryl Clendenin and Sherri Clark were Caller and Cuer at the PAC 5th-Friday Dance on August 30th at the Oak Grove Community Club. PAC enjoyed four squares - what a great way to kick off the Labor Day weekend. Much thanks to all who joined us.

In August, PAC lost a long-time square and round dancer, Roberta (Bert) LaBedz, who was a member of River City Dancers, Diamond Cutters and Tuesday Plus, all clubs in Milwaukee. While we will dearly miss Bert’s hugs, smiles and stories; we will think often of our good times and know that she now joins her deceased husband, Bill.

Portland Area Council wants to advise you of a cancellation: the PAC 5th-Friday dance, November 29th, has been cancelled - necessary planning due to the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Mark your calendar for PAC 5th-FRIDAY Dances in the first half of 2020…

January 31, 2020 - “New Dancer” dance - CALLER/CUER: Scott Zinser/Stephanie Lozano

May 29, 2020 - CALLER/CUER: Girls Night Out

State Federation Meetings (& Dance)

Yes, the State Federation Meeting events of September 7th-8th are coming to a close at Maplewood Grange. The Grange had some home improvements along with this timing: installed new materials on the West-side wall, grated the squirrel holes in our back-yard grasses (in preparation for RV dry-camping) and proudly display a new dressing room downstairs. The building is more than ready to receive our guests. PAC owes much thanks to the Grange members who worked with us to make this State event come together.

As PAC scurries about, with enthusiasm, to see all our planning come together smoothly, we are met with the knowledge that PAC’s hosting is only a small part of the big picture and we hope the Federation executive board and all ten councils truly enjoyed their visit with us as much as we have enjoyed providing an entertaining time. We wish to express our gratitude to all the Federation for the work you do - with PAC’s new-found knowledge, we have shortened the learning curve when, in 2022, once again PAC will host the State Federation meetings.

See you in a square!

ROGUE-SIS-Q COUNCIL - Blake Smith - The council had a very successful Raise the Roof weekend benefit dance for Beachcombers, raising over $800.00. The money was given to the Beachcombers President, Malcom, who came to support our weekend benefit dance. Everyone had a great time dancing throughout the weekend, dancing in the sprinklers Saturday morning, and had a great Sunday morning breakfast.

Charlie Brown Squares: The Charlie’s have been dark for the month of August; however, they have been busy with other dances and preparing for new classes starting in September!! They danced at the Josephine County Fair Twice and had a booth at the fair to promote dancing. Lots of fun, as always!

A big change for the club – the Charlies voted to hire Chuck Simpkins as their club caller. He will be calling 50-60% of their dances, as well as continuing to be their instructor. They will still have guest callers throughout the year.

Classes start soon for the Charlies!! Tuesday will be a Mainstream FunShop from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. A new Plus class will follow from 8 pm to 9:30 pm. September 3rd there will be a “Bust The Rust” Workshop to get ready for classes and there will be both Mainstream and Plus dancing, called by Chuck. Mainstream FunShops and Plus classes will continue every Tuesday. On Thursday, September 5th, they will welcome new students and angels for their beginner classes!

The Charlies had 1 dance in September. Which was yesterday, Phil Ramey called and Sarge Glidewell cued. Should be lots of fun and a chance to get back into the swing of things. They are dark on September 21st to help Circle N Square celebrate their 65th birthday in Yreka!! What a great dance it will be with Eric Henerlau calling!! Rikki Lobato will be cueing rounds; and the dance kicks off with Advanced from 6-7:30 pm. Pre-Rounds at 7:30 pm and squares start at 8 pm. Going to be a great weekend all-around!

The Charlies Browns are also busy planning for their birthday dance on Dec 7th – with Michael Haworth and Rikki Lobato. Another treat this year is the chance to dance to Mike Sikorsky in November.

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL - Pat (Cherie) Cox – absent

Beachcombers - Port Orford was rockin' Labor Day weekend for our 20th annual Battle Rock Festival. 31 RVs camped on site and we danced 8-9 squares each night, Friday through Sunday. Our fundraising efforts to replace our hall roof got a big shot in the arm thanks to our generous dance friends from around the state. Nearly $3000.00 was raised during the weekend with silent auction and pie contest pulling in almost $1000.00 with donations from Kathy Roberts, Dave Cooper, KC and Linda Curtis and over 24 dedicated pie makers. What a hoot the whole festival was! Make plans to join us next year.

Mavericks - Plans are wrapping up for our Cascade Camp Out at Rainbow September 26-29. We should have another spectacular event with lots of registrations rolling in daily. Jim Steele calls and Dave Cooper cues. Here's hoping fires don't get in the way of another good time. Camping at the UMCC and in Blue River City Park same as last year.

TUALATIN VALLEY COUNCIL - Josie Rosenbury - We’ve had a fun summer. Some clubs had picnics and camp outs, did some demo dancing and parades and now our clubs are busy getting back on track offering a variety of lessons for rounds and squares. We have a number of anniversary dances and new dancer dances coming up and the TVC club visitations to these dances continues to be quite successful with attendance over 80 on a regular basis.

We have some new officer positions effective this month—not only delegates, but Joanne Switzer, the TVC Treasurer, has resigned and Tom Sminia was elected for the position at our August meeting.

The TVC printed directories and provided me with some extras if anyone would like one—come see me after the meeting. They are free.

Our new club, Oak Hills is off and running and will co-host our next 5th Saturday dance at Aloha Grange. They have added a new caller to their dance schedule for their 3rd and 5th Mondays--Rene Ruud.

Valley Squares have reduced their dance nights to just once per month dancing now on 3rd Saturdays.

Tri-Squares have changed one of their two dance nights per month such that now they are dancing on 2nd and 4th Fridays.

Other than anniversary dances, we have some other special dances just around the corner: R Square D in Kelso, Washington host an Oktoberfest weekend October 10-12 at Rose Valley Grange. Sunset Promenaders and Hayshakers put on the Seaside Sashay October 25-26. “Man Enough to Wear Pink” hosted by Toe Draggers at Kinton Grange Sunday, October 6th 1:30-4:30 raffling baskets and a quilt with proceeds going to breast cancer research at OHSU.

We extend a big thank you to the PAC for their efforts to help make this a successful meeting.

UMPQUA AREA COUNCIL - Gabriel Smith - At the May 27th, 2019 meeting of Umpqua Area Council, there was an election. The officers of President, Vice President, and Treasurer were voted on. President and treasurer were elected for 2-year term. Vice-President and Secretary for 1-year term. There are no term limits, so each officer must be re-elected after each term. The office of secretary was voted on at the June meeting.

New officers are:

President—Lois Muck

Vice-President—Carmen Dowsett

Treasurer—Carolyn Skinner

The office of Secretary remained that same with David Harman as Secretary.

Umpqua Area Council will meet on September 15, 2019 at 1pm at the Buckaroo Barn. This will be the first meeting with new officers. The new Federation Delegate is Gabriel Smith and there is no alternate at this time.


The Buckeroos are getting ready for Mainstream Lessons to begin on September 9th @ 6PM with Mark Wheeler teaching and Janet Geiger assisting.

We are also installing new parking lot lights.

The construction in front of the Barn on NE Stephens continues to be a bother to our dancers, but with our weekly emails we are including construction updates as we get them. We are hoping that construction will be finished by next year's Roundup.

Plans are being made to fix the damage that was done to our kitchen floor during the snowstorm. Unfortunately, we discovered the damage too late to make an insurance claim.

We had a decline in Membership this year by about 25% due to health reasons, people moving, and other undisclosed reasons.

We are also in search for a new club treasurer as our newly elected treasurer suddenly resigned.


Dale & Kathy Worthington - In July we attended the Oregon Summer Festival in Salem. The opening ceremony was a real treat with Lee Ashwell leading the presentation of the Colors followed by State flag and then the military services. It was something different and went very well. My hat is off to the individual that coordinated the Opening. August found us going to Sisters, for the Central Oregon Round-up. There we found the truck was leaking transmission fluid, we were able to get a temporary fix. We left Sisters and went to Bend with the trailer. When we got to the Thousand Trails Park Kathy noticed something wrong with the trailer, part of the fiberglass skin had broken off somewhere in-route. We returned home to drop off the trailer and then it was off to Boise, Idaho, where dancers flocked for the 18th USA West Square Dance Convention. Some of the highlights of this 3-day Convention included an exhibition by the Colorado Dancers and the skit done by the next USA West – San Diego’s “Dance on the Wild Side”, in 2021. We did put the Oregon Directory/Special Dances Booklet out and quite a few were taken. We would like to return the remainder for distribution as the Board sees fit. We had a great time in Boise, but we were glad to get back home and take a break. Because the repairs to the trailer were rather extensive, we decided and did buy a new trailer. It is almost like owning a boat.

Lee & Barbi Ashwill – not present, no report submitted.


Zola – Ray has been selected for the Honor Flight program October 4. Daughter Julie will escort

Roberta Claudson – new Secretary e-mail is robertasquaredance@gmail.com.

Fran Westfall – Betty Hanna of Corvallis passed away yesterday morning. For those who knew her, Betty was very involved in with round dancing in Corvallis/Albany.

Marilyn Schmit – printer missed the B in Beachcombers, so apologies to the "Eachcombers"

State Directory - The printers for the state directories have sold their accounts to another firm in Eugene, and our directory this year is one of their last jobs to produce. Now that I have a finished product and my thumb drive back, I will be scouting out a new printer in the Salem area for proposals to see what they want to charge for next year. I will present those to the Federation in January. Best Impressions has done a wonderful job of our directories over the many years they have had our account.

The owner is about to turn 70 and is ready to retire. Best wishes to him and to Maralee who has been our contact for a long time.

I got 410 directories this year, about 15 less than last year. I think there are about 15 directories extra, so if anyone wants to purchase one, the cost is still $3.25.


Sunday, January 26, 2020, 9:00 AM

Holiday Inn Express


ADJOURN: MOTION TO ADJOURN – Marilyn Schmit move to adjourn, Cece Glidewell seconded. Approved.