HOSTED BY Emerald Empire
SUNDAY, January 30, 2022
Linn County Fairgrounds
Albany, OR

9:00 AM General Meeting

Please turn off your cell phones

CALL TO ORDER President George Hermann

ROLL CALL Secretary, Lorri McIntosh

Absent: Terry Halley: Caller Liaison, David Stutzman: Blue Mountain Council, Roger & Linda Putzler: Goodwill Ambassador

INVOCATION Immediate Past President, Gary Clark

FLAG SALUTE 1st Vice President, Tim Keck (Tami Helms)

MINUTES Secretary, Lorri McIntosh

Motion to accept the meetings from the last meeting was made by Julia Buchheit. 2nd by Zola Jones. Motion passed



PRESIDENT - George (Patty) Hermann

Thank you Karyn for a great and successful Mid-Winter.

So far, my presidency has been pretty quiet. No major incidents. Maybe because not many clubs are dancing yet. Back in the spring we thought we would be fully back by fall. In the fall, we thought we would be fully back by January. As of yet, this has not happened. I finished up my 2021 classes in December. Have three more classes in January which will be finished by the time of this meeting. I have noticed that some clubs are starting lessons in January. By the time of our meeting, I hope we can have a report on how the classes are going.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT - Tim Keck (Tami Helms)

I would like to thank all of you that believe that I should be 1st Vice President. I will do my best to make a meaningful contribution to the organization.

The P&P's state that two of my responsibilities among others, is to prepare a budget to be presented at the Summer Festival and to make a statement of my goals.

Here are my goals:

There are two specific items that I wish to accomplish.

The Historian has the responsibility of taking care of our past. Our past now includes 66 years of memories; most of that being in boxes and books. This poses a problem if and when a question requires research through those documents. I am proposing that we perpetuate our history by documenting and indexing our documents. We then can make that available to any one of our members that may have an interest.

When we conduct our business, we propose, discuss, and vote to accept or reject by using motions. When a motion is made that will affect the future of the Federation in an ongoing way, it should be added to the Practices and Procedures. The results of those motions have been historically recorded in a "motion book". The purpose of this book is to expedite the access to our past decisions so that we may be consistent with our goals as an organization. The practice has lapsed and currently it will require a great effort to determine if and when a decision was previously made. I propose that we make the effort to locate our past motions and prepare a document that will be easily accessible for our secretary, historian, and any others that may need access to this history.

2022 MID-WINTER FESTIVAL - Karyn (Matt) Buchheit

We have had MWF this year. We had 440 in attendance this weekend. Current figures look like we are very close to breaking even. I would like to very much thank of my committee for their hard work. We will have more information when the weekend is fully over and all figures are in. We have enjoyed having Ray Gallagher, Brent Mawdsley, Randy & Marie Preskitt and Andy Howard this weekend.

Zola Jones: Emerald Empire Delegate. The Emerald Empire puts on Oregon's Mid-Winter Festival. I've been on the committee for almost 40 years. We've seen a lot of things that change, but this year was like no other. The committee really needs a big thank you. This year we practically had to throw the budget out the window and cut everything down so we could break even. We are hoping for at least twice the attendance next year. Thank you Karyn.

2022 SUMMER FESTIVAL - Cece (Sarge) Glidewell, Lorri McIntosh

We had 4 squares at the promotion party, gave away one ribbon, and sold 13 ribbons. A question was asked about the Round Dance Hall and if there would be a designated hall for Round Dancing. Cece and Lorri informed members present that there would be a hall designated for Round dancing. The layout for the dancing will be the same. The only thing that changes will be the Festival Chairman - the rest will be a copycat of other 2 summer festivals.

What we have to date:

Help we need:

Delegates: Please ask for volunteers from your area for the important tasks noted above.


Hi all- It's amazing to be at a dance festival again! We are so excited to see everyone in person and dancing. We have started planning 2023. We have a lineup of Talent all confirmed and Tim is running the background checks. We have been selling presales all weekend. We sold 86 more registrations last night. We are hoping to add a few more this afternoon. We are looking for a Co-chair still, so if anyone knows anyone or maybe wants to take it on themselves.... and it doesn't have to be a solo project you can always team up with someone like we are. Other than that, we congratulate Karyn on leading us to a very successful event through a very stressful year.


There are 750 people on the mailing list. The number of monthly club reports are going down. Hopefully that will pick up when more clubs resume dancing.


Sound equipment has been a challenge. Right now we are using a mix match of things Tim had.

SECRETARY - Lorri McIntosh - No Report

TREASURER - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

The 12/31 financials were sent to OFSRDC member email. There have been some billings for the background checks, some badges, and some youth ribbons.

We received a Thank You letter from United Square Dancers of America for our $1000 donation to their scholarship fund.


I have 14 clubs reporting with their information for the State Directory, so far. Looking back at 2016 there were 55 or more clubs that reported. There is still plenty of time, I think. I don't know how many actual dancers we have. Marilyn Schmit indicated that the insurance form shows the number of dancers in each club. She will share the information with Gil.

INSURANCE CHAIRMAN - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

All the data input was completed about mid-December, and the last of the completed certificates were emailed out before the end of the year. There are 1,251 primary dancers and approximately 200 dancers insuring with Washington clubs, but also belong to the Oregon Federation. Anything that comes in from now on will be re-enrolled members or new members who join after lessons are completed. I look forward to receiving lots of class listings and new membership lists.


Thanks to the Festival Committee and all of their work on the wonderful festival. Randall Award forms were supposed to be handed out this meeting, but the form is on the website. Take the information off from the website and take it back to your clubs. Nomination Forms need to be turned in at Summer Festival.

Thank you to the Delegates that allowed Joyce and I to receive the Randall Award this year. There are a lot more deserving people in the state that deserve to be nominated.

As Past President, I am Chairman of the Nomination Committee. At the time I'm writing this report the committee is planning on having a meeting on Saturday of Mid-Winter, yesterday. We have met and I'll tell you the verbal results.

Along with other elected Federation officers I'm Chair of the Grant Committee and we will meet on Saturday also and make a recommendation on the one application we have received for a caller to attend Caller School. The results will be announced on Sunday morning under New Business.


PARLIAMENTARIAN - Tim (Kathy) Roberts- No report


We had an excellent Educational Seminar on BMI/ASCAP/SECAC Licensing Requirements on Saturday. Thank you to our moderators Tami Helms, Brooke Davison, Leonard Snodgrass and George Hermann. They gave us valuable information and answered questions from the 12 people who attend the seminar. We will probably repeat the seminar during Summer Festival to give more clubs, callers, and cuers to attend the important seminar.

We continue to have people on the Federation Facebook page who insist on using it as a forum for their personal beliefs and for shaming clubs and others who don't agree with them. I am still removing comments from posts that are negative and argumentative. I am trying to have patience with them, but sadly another one has crossed the unacceptable line and was removed. Thank you to the clubs and dancers who continue to use the Facebook page in a very positive and supportive manner. It's great to see clubs resuming their dance activities. Our Facebook page is now up to 651 members. Many of our club and Festival posts are being picked and shared by organizations across the United States and into Canada. Facebook is a great way to promote your clubs.

HISTORIAN - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

Doing some research for Tim Keck regarding some Treasurer Position duties. Betty Chipps: when you have a club that resigns, do you want their official letter? The Tumbleweeds resigned. The original should be mailed or emailed to Gil with a copy to the Historian.


LICENSING - Brooke Davison

I have received Ralph Lambert's files and reviewed them to become familiar with the music licensing process. I confirmed that SESAC and ASCAP fees are up to date, both were paid in the Summer of 2021 for the upcoming term. I submitted the required event report to BMI earlier this month for the calendar year 2021. Since the Federation did not host any events in 2021, BMI has waived the fee for 2021 that had been previously paid. Therefore, we have a credit of $165 that we are able to roll over to the 2022 fees. The BMI minimum fee for 2022 is $175; taking into account the credit, we will owe BMI $10. I will submit the invoice to Marilyn soon to have the 2022 BMI license paid.

I have sent the Mid-Winter 22 Chairperson a memo for licensing fees related to Mid-Winter. I expect to have a check from the festival in February and will forward that on to Marilyn.

I am in the process of updating the BMI/ASCAP Coordinator policy to include the SESAC licensing information and a general update to the policy language to be consistent with current practices. I will coordinate with Tim Roberts and George Herman when I have completed my suggested revisions.

Finally, please update my email address to Kindly refrain from using the email address for Federation business.

Zola Jones: Is it under ORDTA that you can go on-line to get information on BMI/ASCAP/SESAC Licensing? She would like to print it out and give it to the clubs. No, you can find the licensing information at

YOUTH ADVISOR - Karyn Buchheit

I awarded 6 Youth ribbon scholarships for Mid-Winter. We had 35 youth in attendance this weekend. The MWF Youth Committee had to work around some last minute obstacles, but things worked out for them and the kids all had fun. They enjoyed the badge hunt; hopefully some of them approached you for signatures/initials on their cards. They earned several fun badges/dangles this weekend and had a special treat of Ray Gallagher calling for their Saturday night afterparty.

ORDTA - Tami Helms (Tim Keck)

Looking forward to Mid-Winter. Nothing new to report

ROUND DANCE SCREENING - Tami Helms (Tim Keck) - No Report

CALLER LIAISON - Terry Halley (Betty Chipps) - No report

WEBMASTER - Tim (Kathy) Roberts- No report

Zola Jones: For the first time we put the full Mid-Winter Program Book on the Federation's website. Do you know if people in your clubs were using the program on line? Lorri McIntosh: She did and several people that she did and others she talked to. They also used it from the FB page since it was easy to look up and used. Please let Zola know if people used the on-line program book.


Gary Clark met with the Grant Fund Committee and had two requests for caller grants.

Gary Clark moved to approve a $500 grant to Misha Case to attend a Female Caller School in Pittsburg, RA. Betty Chipps second the motion. Motion was approved by members present.

Gary moved to approve a $500 grant to Janet Geiger to attend caller school in Cle Elum, WA. This would be her 3rd and final grant from the Federation. Cece Glidewell second the motion. Motion was approved by members present. Lorri McIntosh: Did Janet return the $$ when she couldn't go to caller school due to Covid? Gary Clark: school was canceled. She cashed the check and used it in 2021. This is her 3rd and final request.

STATE FAIR - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

Letter will go out in April stating our interest in dancing at the State Fair in August and September.

BACKGROUND CHECK - Tim (Kathy) Roberts

Things keep moving along. Background checks for 2022 Summer Festival is complete. We are now working on 2023.



  1. Motion to change background check expiration to 3 years. After discussion it was moved by Cece Glidewell and seconded by Gil Shoemaker. Motion passed.
  2. Nominating committee (Gary Clark, Marilyn Schmit, and Tim Keck) met yesterday to discuss nominations for the new slate of officers. During the meeting the committee discussed terms of office which is currently 1 year for secretary and membership, treasurer is 2 years. This year the 1st vice-president, secretary and membership will need to have nominations, next year will include all 4 elected officers. The nomination committee would like to recommend changing the terms of office for elected officers to 2 years for secretary, membership and treasurer. Tim Roberts stated this would be a By-Law change and is more involved than just changing at this meeting. It would require a motion at one meeting, and voted on at the next meeting.

    Tim Keck will research this and make a recommendation/motion at the next Federation meeting.

    Zola Jones and other members present reports they elect officers every 2 years, staggered for officers.

    2022-2023 OFSRDC Nominations:

    Nominations will be open for another 48 hours, until 2/1/2022.

  3. Motion (Tim Keck) to modify P&P's to reflect the billing practice for the directories. Currently the P&Ps read "printer needs to bill the Federation for the directories". Currently, payment is made at the time of purchase on-line; the Federation is not billed. Per the P&Ps, payment requires prior approval from the President or 1st Vice-President for a Federation debit card. Solution is to get approval from President to pay with the Federation Debit card or have President approve reimbursement payment to 2nd Vice President when they pay for the order with their own personal credit card. Tim Keck made the Motion: Once the final cost is determined, get proper approval from 1st Vice President or President and arrange payment from the Treasurer. Motion seconded by Gary Clark. Motion passed.

    Betty Chipps asked about directory distribution to new dancers and expressed concerned about giving information to them. It was recommended that instead of Federation directories to offer new dancers a travel guide with each councils' information. Discussion included anyone not wanting their information given out in the directory should make a request to not have it included in the directory. Tim Roberts reminded everyone that the directories used to be sent to area Chamber of Commerces. This information is public information and is available on the Federation website. If you don't want the information public, don't enter it on the website. Tim Keck: we have the ability to publish the directories on our website. The motion was made and approved in 2010 to publish the Directory on our website. However, addressing Betty's concern, it might be prudent to have a Members Only section with a password.

  4. USDA Western Region VP LPaul and Sally Schmidt were introduced. The Schmidt's are also part of the Heritage Dancers. They discussed USDA insurance and providing support material for dancers and club. This information is available to all square dance clubs, councils, and members. USDA also sponsors monthly webinars. The next webinar is February 12, on the topic of "Dance Promotion, March will have a topic of "Recruiting Round Dance Teachers". They invited us to San Diego in August for USAWest.

    Recognition was given to Julia Buchheitt as a recipient of a USDA scholarship this year. USDA awards annual scholarships to students entering college and in their first year of college, applications are to be submitted prior to February 1st.


BLUE MOUNTAINS COUNCIL - David (Sally) Stutzman - No Report


We haven't done very much dancing in our area. Every once in a while, we schedule a dance and then it gets canceled. We had a round dance club in their area fold. They will be not holding the Round Up this year; they will try again next year.

High Desert Dancers

There hasn't been much activity for our club since August. Out of concern for our dancer friends due to the high levels of COVID infections in Central Oregon, we cancelled dances for September, October, November, December, and January.

We hope to get back to dancing before too long in the new year. We plan to offer some refresher sessions, as we did last summer, to help everyone be comfortable with returning to dancing. We also plan to have dances with just club members to give practice time with real dancers for Ron Bell-Roemer, our lessons instructor. We are committed to offering lessons using the SSD format, and Ron has been practicing this approach even though we can't start lessons yet. Timing for lessons is TBD but likely will be starting in the spring.

High Desert Dancers continued our club's long tradition of collecting stuffed animals and children's books (Bears and Books) at holiday time. Though we didn't have dances in December where dancers could bring their donations, we had a holiday open house/donation drop off/new badge pick up on December 4 at Pine Forest Grange. We offered safe refreshments and invited all in our club and other dancer friends to come by. We had an excellent turnout and everyone who came stayed for a good long time to visit in person. It was great to see everyone, and we collected so many stuffed animals plus stacks of books (plus a few cozy fleece blankets). All was donated to KIDS Center in Bend, a wonderful local organization that offers many services to children who are victims of abuse. They send each child home after their appointment with a stuffed animal, a book, and a blanket.

Though dances are on hold for now, we are working on our club's dance calendar for 2022. We will strictly follow guidelines to protect the health and safety of our dancers:

1. Require masks for all dancers unless eating or drinking

2. Require masks for callers and cuers unless they are on stage to call or cue

3. Use of hand sanitizer between tips

4. Proof of vaccination for all dancers

5. BYO drinks and snacks

6. Accurate sign-in sheets that can be used for contact tracing if needed

We are also revising our caller/cuer contract form to reflect language regarding COVID protocols.

Red Rocks Squares

There's also been no dancing at the Red Rocks. However, as in years past, we held a food drive in November for Neighborhood Impact having members drop off food at the President's house. We collected over 200 lbs. of food! It is possible the MS lessons will begin mid-March to early April…. fingers crossed. Because we dance at a Grange, it is required that State mandated requirements be followed. Masks are required at all time.

Sagebrush Shufflers

Shufflers are working with Caller Kippen Parret trying to keep the club going. It's been frustrating in that we held dances but they were not well attended. We do require masks but our New Year's Eve dance was cancelled because the caller tested positive. Central Oregon Round-Up is cancelled for this year and plans to return next year in 2023.


There was no meeting January 3rd due to Covid concerns plus since area dances have been either non-existent or very few, there wasn't much to discuss. Clubs submitted their reports via email. Deschutes County has had the highest Covid cases of any County in the State more than once since this began…. the resent being the past week.


Our council has election of officers every two years on even years; therefore, our upcoming election will be at our March 2022 meeting. All of the current officers have agreed to be nominated for another two-year term.

We continue to have our council meetings every two months; "live", with 6 foot spacing, and wearing masks. We have one club, 'Single Trees' that is still dancing once a month. Once the new, very active strain of the Corona starts receding a consistent amount, some clubs may try dancing again.

We are looking forward to Mid-Winter Festival and seeing everyone again. Stay safe and well.


See 2022 Summer Festival Report.


Some of our clubs are dancing, some are not. Independence Wagon Wheelers and Silver City Squares graduated classes just before Mid-Winter. Some of the other clubs are starting lessons soon and some are putting any classes off until September.

Independence Wagon Wheelers are the host club for the MWA Fall Fest in October this year. More information to come at a later date.

Re Vu N Q reported that they are finishing up Rumba and Waltz and will start on Jive next.

Silver City Squares informed the council that the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival is cancelled for this year. However, Karyn Buchheit is working with Brett Kappenman of the Jacks & Jills in Washington to put together a simplified youth festival/competition that will take place at the Silver City Squares home hall in Silverton. More information to come as details are worked out. The youth have been selling raffle tickets this weekend to help fund food costs for the competition as Silver City is planning to host meals at the hall for the participants.

PORTLAND AREA COUNCIL - Betty Chipps (Terry Halley)

The Portland Area Council (PAC) met Monday, JAN 17th - next meeting is planned for Monday, FEB 21st, 7:30pm at the Oak Grove Community Center.

PAC President, Robert Lumsden, asked Clubs what can PAC do for Clubs? Not surprisingly, financial support (during these COVID times) was part of the answer.

Brainstorming brought about these activities:

1. More PAC visitations to Clubs - introduces the Board members and provides increased attendance at dances.

NOTE: Next visitation will be to River City Dancers, Milwaukie Community Center on FEB 12th with Darrell Kalmbach &Tami Helms - 7:00 PM Plus & Pre-Rounds, 7:30 - 9:30 MS. Look to calendar for future visitations planned.

2. Advertising expense reimbursement to Clubs, up to $200 (with receipts).

3. Can and bottle drive - generated income will go to clubs.

4. Fifth-Friday PAC dances will resume in 2022 (providing COVID mandates allow), as follows:

? April 29, co-hosted with Bachelor n Bachelorettes at Abernethy Grange, OR City (Flyer pending)

? July 29 , co-hosted with River City Dancers at Milwaukie Community Center, Milwaukie, OR

? September 30 - Tri-Council Dance - (TBA)

? December 30 - PAC decided not to host a dance this night.

NOTE: PAC will host the STATE Federation Officers & Delegates meetings and evening Dance on September 17th and host the Execuve Board meeting on Sunday, SEPT 18th. (Flyer soon).

PAC - CLUB REPORTS … Remember your Valentine on FEB 14th!

" Bachelor & Bachelorettes (Abernethy Grange, Oregon City) - New dance nights are the 1st, 3rd and 5th WEDNESDAYs of the month. Dances open with Pre-Rounds at 7-PM, 7:30 - 9:30 MS with Rounds followed by Plus till 10-PM.

- New Dancer Graduation will be February 2nd from 7 - 10 PM.

" Buzzin' Bees - Held their first Dance/Lessons in two years (since COVID) on Saturday, January 15th, 2022 beginning 6:00pm. Their new venue for dancing is: Messiah Lutheran Church, 905 NW 94th St., Vancouver, WA. >> Lessons will be Saturdays, beginning February 5th at 6:00pm - all new dancers welcome!

" Chaps & Petticoats (Maplewood Grange, Aurora) - Some Chaps have been Angeling the Silver City Squares MS students, in Silverton, on Tuesday nights. They flourish their moves with such enthusiasm, after lessons they line dance to two or three, or four songs. These are the same dancers that will go to the Pacific NW Teen Festival in MAY and compete as a Club… it is so fun to see square dancing grow!

Two squares seem to be the 'norm,' for C&P dances (after COVID). February 4th, we dance to Scott Z. and Julie Stiers…care to make it three squares? February 18 is our FLINTSTONE dance, yes, it is a costume (if you prefer) dance and both Darrell Kalmbach and Tami Helms will try to win the prizes - it will keep you entertained…join us!

" Country Cut-Ups - Own their venue: the Boring Barn, (complete w/outdoor stage).

Cut-Ups regular dance nights are 1st and 4th Saturdays with PLUS at 7PM and MS after. Every 5th-Saturdays is a PLUS dance night from 7-10. (DARK Jan. 29th for Mid-Winter).

Note: Thursday night lessons continue at 7:30 PM, see website for updates.

" Happy Hoppers (Washington Grange, Vancouver, WA) …Mask & vaccination required.

Board meeting was held on Jan. 12, 2022. Beginning March 5th, the Hoppers will dance the first Saturday of each month.

Advertising for lessons has not proved to be effective and some efforts were down right expensive. That being said, Hoppers decided to resume classes, as advertised, each MONDAY, starting March 7th - we open with Plus starting at 6:30pm, Basic at 7:30 and Mainstream at 8:30. Cost is still $5.00 per person at lessons and at dances. Questions: contact Gil at (360) 450-7029.

" Please note: R square D began classes last WED evening: Plus Lessons start at 6:30pm, Basic at 7:30, followed by Mainstream at 8:30pm.

" Heads-to-the-Center (Thursdays @ Milwaukie Grange and 2nd-Saturdays @ OGCC)

Offer Advanced dancing to taped music on Thursdays 7:30-9:30 PM at the Milwaukie Grange - call Scott to confirm: (503) 808-7381. Second-Saturday is a monthly dance from 4:30-6:30 at Oak Grove Community Center (OGCC), Oak Grove

" Oaky Doaks (Oak Grove Community Center, Oak Grove)

The Portland Area Council's Visitation on January 15th, with two squares dancing, was our last dance until April. Oaky Doaks held a Club meeting, ahead of the dance, and decided to go DARK - close Regular dances for one entire quarter. The key factors attributing to this decision were dances have not been profitable since COVID and the Omicron virus poses a risk of closure. Oaky Doaks will reconvene in April for a planning meeting.

" River City Dancers (Milwaukie Community Center, Milwaukie) - Regular dance nights are 2nd & 3rd Saturdays with Plus at 7:00 PM and Pre-Rounds followed by MS & Rounds at 7:30 - 9:30 PM.

January 9th is a FREE Lesson night for new and returning dancers from 5 - 7 PM. Lessons will continue January 16th and each MONDAY thereafter - fee $6.

" Rosetown Ramblers (Wednesdays @ Bridgeport United Church of Christ)

Winter square dance lessons began Wednesday, January 12, at Bridgeport UCC, 621 NE 76th Ave, Portland 97213. We started from scratch and will continue for 12-14 weeks. We are teaching the Social Square Dance program. Check out our Lessons page. Proof of COVID vaccination and masks are still required. >> Mark your calendar for our next monthly dance-February 12 with the magnificent Michael Kellogg calling. Michael is one of the country's best callers, and he's not in the Portland area all that often, so don't miss this opportunity!


Rogue Sis Q Council has been dark with no dancing, except for meeting in December.

Rogue Sis Q Callers had a midway dance for new dancers in December that was well attended by new and experienced dancers.

Circle N Squares remain dark as they have not been able to secure a place to dance.

Charlie Brown Squares

Beginner lessons are every Tuesday. Thursdays are mainstream workshop and plus class/workshop to follow. We are back to our regular scheduled dances the first and third Saturday of every month. We have added SSD on the second Friday of each month for our new dancers to come and practice what they have learned.

Boatnik Festival is moving forward with plans to have Eric Henerlau calling and Dan Drumheller cueing. We invite everyone to come have fun in the festivities, parade, dancing, and take a jetboat ride with us on Monday May 30th. More information on the Jetboat ride will be available at Boatnik Square Dance Festival.

Star Promenaders are holding SSD classes on Monday & Plus classes on Thursday. A new SSD class starts January 3rd. Stars hosted a Christmas dance on December 11th and a New Year's Eve dance. Plans for Diamond Lake Festival are moving forward for July 20-23, 2022 with Don and Marie Wood calling & cueing.

Stars 65th birthday dance is February 26th at Rogue Valley Square Dance Center, Eric Henerlau calling and MayAnn Callahan cueing.

Pear Blossom Festival will be April 8, 9, 10 at Rogue Valley Square Dance Center with Mike Haworth calling and Rikki Lobato cueing.

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL - Dave (Patty) Cooper

The clubs on the South Coast are slowly but surely chugging along. The Coquille Sets-In-Order are dancing monthly and have started a new class on Tuesday nights. They had 6 new students at the first class.

Beachcombers are dancing on the 4th Saturdays from 3:00-6:00. Their September class will be graduating today. 10 of the original 11 have completed all Mainstream instruction. They are angeling the new class that started January 9 with 10 students. Plans are to add a second monthly dance with guest caller soon.

Saints N Aints in Coos Bay have completed a PLUS class and will now be dancing Plus on 2 Sundays a month in addition to their 2 regular dances on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. They have moved their dances to earlier in the evenings 6:00-8:00 PM. New begin class starts February 6. All their dancing takes place in Pat and Cherie Cox's shop.

Mavericks are planning a Rumba class this winter...time and date TBA.


The TVC last met in November via Zoom with a fairly good turnout. They planned their New Year's Eve dance that was later canceled for potential weather issues with the snow. It was noted that the TVC has not hosted a Tri-Council dance in quite some time. TVC did not meet in December, however, but will be meeting just prior to this Federation meeting so it's quite possible information provided was updated. Be sure and check the Federation's Facebook page and the individual club websites for current dance information as details these days often change.

The TVC has had an annual honor referred to as the TVC Recognition Award for the past 28 years, which is given out to a deserving person or couple by the President of the Council at a meeting/potluck traditionally the Monday after Mid-Winter Festival. This year there will be a modified event/reception to allow for better social distancing and the President plans to present this plaque in the presence of TVC officers and former officers that are all invited to attend. The event will be at the Odd Fellows Hall in Hillsboro, January 31st at 7 pm. Last year the event was cancelled so the Council President is working on arrangements to announce the recipient of the 2021 award at Mid-Winter.

On January 10th at the Eager Beavers dance Paul Swenson was presented the United Square Dancers of America Centennial Award. Paul turned 100 in September. Paul and Dottie started the Eager Beavers back in 1973. Marilyn Schmit presented the prestigious award on behalf of USDA. There were 4+ squares in attendance.

More than half of the TVC clubs have opted to require proof of vaccinations as a means of protecting our dancers and some feel they are getting more dancers to show up as a result with some clubs having as many as 4 squares. Some of the clubs are just discovering they have had some dancers turn up after a dance with positive covid tests and so they are currently discussing how they want to move forward.

Dance updates for our clubs:

The Hayshakers, Tri Squares and Wave Steppers are our clubs that are not currently dancing.

Toe Draggers - masks/face shields, proof of vaccination not required. Began dancing in January but have postponed all future dances for February and March to assess the current covid situation. Note: Bev Flint, their long time cuer has retired.

Columbia River Dancers - masks required - proof of vaccination not required. Dance 1st and 3rd Fridays at Manor Grange in Battleground, WA, 7-8 pm Plus, 8-10 MS

R Square D - masks required (no face shields), proof of vaccination not required. Happy to be back to dancing in January after a long break. Friday, February 11 (Craig Abercrombie/Susan Healea) - Valentine's Dance. Saturday, February 26 (Mark Wheeler/Susan Healea) - 50's Dance

Eager Beavers - masks/face shields, proof of vaccination required. Mondays - Plus 1:15 - 3 pm. Plus lessons, Mondays, beginning February 14th Noon - 1:15 pm (Note: Daryl Clendenin, one of the regular club callers, has resigned.)

Valley River Dancers - masks/shields and proof of vaccination required. 2nd Friday Plus 7:30-10:30 pm beginning with pre-rounds, 4th Friday Mainstream 7:30-10:30 pm beginning with pre-Plus. February 25th is their birthday dance. Mainstream, Tuesdays, January 18th 6:30 - 8 pm, Advanced, Tuesdays, January 18th 8 - 9:30 pm

Sunset Promenaders - masks/face shields, proof of vaccination required. 1st and 3rd Saturdays for Mainstream - Averaging 2-3 squares, Mainstream Sundays beginning January 16th, 4 pm, Round Dance workshops Sundays at 2:30

Promenaders Plus - masks/face shields, proof of vaccination required. 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays for Plus - (3-4 squares attending)

Mix N Mingle - Masks and proof of vaccination required. Dancing 1st and 3rd Saturdays at Winona grange.

Oak Hills Squares - Masks and proof of vaccination required. Monday evening Mainstream beginning January 17th.

Valley Squares - masks and no proof of vaccination required for their 3rd Saturday dances at this time. Lessons - The below clubs also have lessons in progress or starting soon: Mainstream, Tuesdays began in January

R Square D - masks (no face shields)- no proof of vaccination required, Mainstream lessons began in January and continue Wednesday evenings 7:30 - 9 pm. Plus lessons began in January and continue Wednesday evenings 6:30 - 7:30 pm


Buckaroos Mainstream dances twice a month, 1st and 3rd Saturdays, w/Mark Wheeler/Neil Koozer. Lessons starting Sunday, February 6, 2022, with Phil Ramey. Buckaroo Roundup scheduled for June 10-11, 2022, Committee is Annette Reynolds and Laura Knotts.

Current officers: President: Annette Reynolds

Vice President: Ray Blessing

Treasurer: Lois Muck

Secretary: unknown

Lessons/Membership: Laura Knotts Rentals: Bruce Knotts

Timber 8s Plus dances twice a month, 2nd and 4th Saturdays, with guest callers/Neil Koozer. Various events scheduled have led to one dance a month going DARK from February-June (assuming events are not cancelled). February 26: DARK for Medford Birthday Dance March 12: DARK for Luck of the Umpqua Plus Weekend April 9: DARK for Pear Blossom Festival May 28: DARK for Boatnik Festival June 11: DARK for Buckaroo Roundup Lessons w/Phil Ramey completing end of January, possible workshop to start in February. Students doing great!

Current officers: President: Glen Nielsen

Vice President: Dan Jones

Treasurer: Doris Koozer

Secretary: Karla Choy

Dancing Friends Round Dance Club Two Step/Slow Two Step Lessons, w/Rikki Lobato, continuing until all figures completed or end of May, whichever comes first. Students doing great! Top Round Dances Workshop continuing until end of February, dancers doing great! This time slot will be filled with round dance activity yet to be determined, possibly a 10-week class or workshop that would end in May. Third Friday Round Dance Party w/Neil Koozer continues each month, current focus is on encouraging student/beginner dancers to attend.

Current Officers: President: Rod Skinner

Vice President: to be filled

Treasurer: Carolyn Skinner

Secretary: Denise Middleton

Publicity & Promotions: Angi Sue


Roger & Linda Putzler- Haven't much to report but we have visited Silver City Squares, Charlie Browns in Grants Pass, and Timber 8's in Roseburg.

Melissa James- I was presented the honor of being Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Oregon by Gary Clark at the Columbia River Dancers dance on Sept 17, 2021. I am humbled and honored to be considered for this appointment. I will do my best to represent Oregon square dancing wherever I dance.

I have attended many local dances this last fall for clubs just starting back after the China Virus shutdowns. The clubs are trying hard to bring back their regular dances and lessons. Some clubs are doing better than others but most are still struggling, even if not financially, to keep going. I've been able to attend a few anniversary dances but was not welcomed to attend others, due to protocols. Some of my favorite clubs are not available to me.

A few highlight dances were the impromptu dance at the Pacific Grange in Warrenton, OR on the regular Seaside Sashay weekend, (Darrell & KC did a great job.), the B & B's Halloween dance with 5 callers in the hall, and the Country Cut-ups Halloween Dance with 4 squares on the floor.

I also traveled to attend dances in 2 other states, Texas and Arizona. The first weekend in August I went to the Jerry Story Memorial dance in Ft Worth. There were several other Oregon dancers there as well with the Royal Romp gang included. In Arizona I danced at Rincon to Bob Asp and in Tucson with Mike Sikorsky in November. Protocols there are very different from ours and open to non-vaccinated and un-masked as well, but their club functions are still not very well attended. Dancers and callers in other areas are very interested in how our clubs are doing, how many attend our dances and the status of our local callers they know. I tried to be as positive & encouraging as I could.

I am guardedly optimistic about what 2022 will hold for square dancing. I look forward to getting to even more dances this year and helping to promote this amazing activity that we all love.


Lorri McIntosh requested the $3000 funds for Summer Festival 2022. Check will be given today.

Tim Keck- reports he is in charge of the flags and banner at the Federation meetings. The banner was made in the late 50's. We would like to have a new updated one for our meetings. The artwork needs to be looked at and presented to the Federation for approval. Tim reports he will present the artwork of the new banner at the May meeting.

Zola Jones- asked about flyers in the accordion file. Lorri informed members present where the accordion file was and to pick up all papers from your individual folders.

ADJOURN: Meeting Adjourned at 10:40 am.

Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 9:00am
Via Zoom, more information to follow when it's closer to the meeting date.