Hosted by Portland Area Council

September 18, 2022

9:00 AM General Meeting

Please turn off your cell phones

CALL TO ORDER President George (Patty) Hermann

ROLL CALL Secretary, Lorri McIntosh

Absent: David Stutzman (Blue Mountains Council), Goodwill Ambassadors: Roger & Linda Putzler, Melissa James, Robert and Young Lumsden

INVOCATION Immediate Past President, Gary Clark

FLAG SALUTE 1st Vice President, Tim Keck (Tami Helms)

MINUTES Secretary, Lorri McIntosh

Several corrections to the last minutes were made. Motion to accept the minutes by Gary Clark. Seconded by Betty Chipps. Motion carried.



PRESIDENT - George (Patty) Hermann

This has been a unique year. Some clubs folding, a new one starting up and many clubs starting lessons this month. Doesn’t seem possible that it has been one year since I became president of the OFSRDC. Thank you for allowing me to lead. The year went by fast for me. I didn’t get a lot done that I had wanted to do. Most of that was because of the COVID pandemic, my calling schedule and some other factors. But it was a pleasure to do this job and I learned a lot.

I hope you will give Tim Keck the same (or better) support this coming year. He has a lot of good talent to bring to the office.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to lead this great organization.

Thank you to Betty Chipps & PAC for a great job in having the dance and meeting.

Goodwill Ambassadors of my choice, Robert & Young Lumsden from the Country Cutups, were introduced last night during the dance.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT - Tim Keck (Tami Helms)

Goals: I posted my statement of Goals during the January 30, 2022, meeting. Here is my progress on those goals.

Other items of note.

I had a conversation with Dave Cooper (South Coast Delegate) concerning the scheduling dates of the Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals. Dave expressed an interest in making a motion at this meeting to discuss the same.

I have had discussions with an Area Council and some clubs concerning the definition of a travelling club. The Constitution, Bylaws and P&P’s currently do not address travelling clubs. I believe that a motion needs to be entertained to discuss the same.

The Insurance Chair and State Fair Chair has submitted updates for their descriptions in the P&P’s. I recommend having a committee assigned to review and comment on the proposed updates, with a report due by the Mid-Winter Festival meeting.

I received information from the Historian updating the status of the Historian documents. She is going to set up an inventory of all of the artifacts of all the items she has.

2022 SUMMER FESTIVAL - Lorri McIntosh/Cece Glidewell

We heard from many dancers that they were very happy with the dance program. Thank you Chuck Simpkins and Sarge Glidewell for tackling the dance schedule. We also received much praise for our featured caller Pat Carnathan and featured cuer Rikki Lobato. The flag raffle and silent auction were very profitable for the festival as well. A good thing since coming off the COVID lockdown and the negative advertising from the north end of the state were, we believe, the source for low dancer turnout. We appreciate the support we received from most of the Federation officers, all the area delegates and of course the callers and cuers who supported the festival. We want to give a special shout out to our sound technician, Anthony Egan. Especially since his job was made more difficult by a few callers who did not sign up for the job but were experts in the sound field. He went above and beyond his duty as sound tech and was there for us for anything we needed. We also want to thank the callers and cuers who not only donated their time but also supported the festival financially. You are an example of the friendship set to music motto. I also want to personally thank Randy Dibble for bailing us out on Friday evening when Pat Carnathan’s arrival was delayed by the airlines. Thank you goes to the vendors who also supported the festival. We appreciate your dedication to the activity as well.

Below are some Festival Statistics:


We knew this Festival would be a challenge to put together in the short time frame. However, we thought we would have the full support of the Federation members. The background noise and lack of support from certain Portland area people did not make our jobs any easier.

A copy of the Summer Festival Proposed Budget and Actual income and expenses is attached. As you can see, we did make a very small profit. Enclosed is a check to the Federation for $3,101.74.

2022 Summer Festival Proposed Budget Tentative Actual
Registration 300 40 $12,000 170 $8,613.00
Vendor Booth Rental $200 $610.50
50/50 $200 $164.00
Raffles/Silent Auction $200 $926.50
Total: $12,600 $10,314.00
Rent $3,000 $3,000
Featured Caller/Cuer $1,400 $1,400
Hotel for Caller/Cuer 150 4 $600 $959.10
Ribbons 350 0.4 $140 $155.00
BMI/ASCAP/SESAC 300.078 +90 $200 $527.30
Printing/Postage $300 $198.23
Registration Forms $500 $240.10
Sound Systems $350 $0.00
Meeting Hospitality $200 $0.00
Advertising $400 $333.64
Decorations $300 $0.00
Youth Fund 300 0.5 $150 170 $85.00
Misc $500 $212.15
Website $150 $0.00
Total $8,190 $7,110.52
Profit/Loss $4,410 $3,203.48
OFSRDC Loan $3,000 $3,000.00
Net Profit/Loss $1,410 $203.48
Federation Split $705 $101.74
IH/Rogue Split $353 $50.87

We currently have 150 people registered for the festival. We are a little low at this time. October and November tend to be our big push for registrations.  We are hopeful that it will continue to increase.

2024 MIDWINTER FESTIVAL - Connie (Paul) Seamans

Have all my featured callers, cuers and clogging. Julia Buchheit has agreed to be my Co-Chair, I will present her to the Emerald Empire Area Council for approval at their next meeting (Sept.19).

The theme is “Mask”querading Dance. Plans are to make Mid-Winter fun again.


People who have been dancing in the Portland area for a long time and knew Ernie and Charlotte Powell, Charlotte passed away this week. There will be an obituary in the OFN.


Directories have been printed and are ready to pick up. Gathering the information for compiling the directories was an adventure. After checking dates, names, e-mails and other data multiple times, another review finds something else that needs to be corrected. I’m sure there are still several things that are not correct. Tim Keck provided much needed advice and assistance in getting the directories completed and printed.

The Directory price this year is $3.70. The rise in cost is mostly related to the increased price of paper.

SECRETARY - Lorri McIntosh

It has been a busy year with By-law ballots, sympathy and get-well cards (when I receive the information of who and where to send a card), and general other responsibilities with square dancing, work, and personal. I will need to pick up some cards, if anyone has any get well, sympathy, or thinking of you cards you would like to donate, it would be a welcome donation.

TREASURER - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

The financials are done and a comparison to George’s budget versus actual has been completed. The missing check that was written to the background people has been received and destroyed since I sent a replacement check. I made a copy of their email with the statement that the check was destroyed to cover the paper trail. The Directories have been paid for and will show on the new fiscal year financials in January.

The income from Summer Festival will also show in the new fiscal year. We have two Accounts Receivable in the upcoming two Mid-Winters and one Account Receivable for the recent Summer Festival. I will be receiving the $3,000 loan back from Summer Festival plus a small profit.

We will be meeting at the bank on Thursday to change the signatories on the account. Had to wait for the minutes from Summer Festival to be amended to include a paragraph that was left out. That paragraph was essential to Key Bank.


Oaky Doaks are closing their doors October 1.  Conversation on Sunday with Keith netted this news.  I am responsible for relating this information, but it does sadden all square dancers.

There are 1,405 members in the Federation.

Happy Hoppers will be visiting Oaky Doaks for their closing. George Hermann: Independence Wagon Wheels will also be going dark to visit the Oaky Doaks.

Zola Jones: Wolf Pack in the Emerald Empire Council are considering going to a traveling club. We will know more after our meeting this week.

INSURANCE CHAIRMAN - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

The insurance renewals have been copied for distribution at the training session on Saturday afternoon. The new rate, when this report was written, had not been received as of yet. We hope to have the amount by the end of September. The count of primary dancers now sits at 1,405. About 250 less than a normal year, so hopefully things will pick up for renewals as the clubs get back to dancing. I read the OFN reports and the Facebook postings and then contact a club if I see something that needs attention. Maybe insuring an event, or new dance location or graduating dancers that join the cub and have not been insured yet. Just remember to keep things current when things occur in your club or council.


Randall Award Nominations: At this time, I have three nominations to present to the Delegates. I'll have the pictures, write ups and a ballot in a self-addressed stamped Randall Award Nominations envelope to me. Please return them before November 1st. Remember it's the Delegates responsibility to review each application and vote for your council.

Thanks for your prompt response.

First of all, I want to thank the PAC and Betty Chipps for all the work in a very successful weekend and dance last night.  We are lucky to have people to step up and take part in making the Federation succeed.  Thanks again to all of you for your hard work.

This is my last Federation Meeting and I thank all for the past 4 years that allowed me to hopefully make a difference.  It has been fun and a real learning experience for me.  I wish the best to the incoming officers and to all that are moving up.  I have mixed feelings about George moving into my Past Presidents position.  However, it's okay because my mixed feelings are Joy and Happiness.


PARLIAMENTARIAN - Tim (Kathy) Roberts

Since so many things are up in the air today, I’ll be distributing updates to the P&P’s in January. You’ll be getting a new USB key with the updated P&P’s.


Thank you Betty Chipps and your PAC committee for a very nice weekend. The potluck was fantastic.

Thank you to the 17+ people who attended the Officer and Delegates Training Seminar yesterday afternoon. I hope everyone learned something new. Thank you, George Hermann, Tim Keck, Tim Roberts, Lorri McIntosh and Marilyn Schmit, for your contributions. If you would like a copy of the updated Educational Training Guide, please let me know. The P&P page numbers, procedures, timetables, and contact information has all been updated in the guide. Please remember to read your P&P’s. Every officer and delegate should read through them at least once.

I updated my list of OFSRDC 2-4 day Festivals for the 2022-2023 years. Hard copies were distributed during the Training Session and during today’s meeting. Per Joyce Welton’s request, I’ll be sending the updated list out to the OFSRDC mailing list so that this information can be shared with your dancers. Please refer to the list of scheduled events prior to scheduling your own events so we can support everyone’s special events.

I also updated and distributed the OFSRDC Clubs’ Lessons list. When talking to friends and acquaintances, please direct potential students to a club who is holding lessons in their area. The list is also in the OFN and Facebook. In addition to the list of lessons, I attached ideas on how to promote your lessons.

Thank you, George, for approving the printing of another 1,000 copies of Erin Byars’ square dancing pamphlets. The first set of pamphlets were distributed to the clubs through the Council Delegates. This weekend I have 25 pamphlets for all OFSRDC officers. Delegates, if you’d like a few more, please take 2 sets with you. I still have extra copies for anyone who would like more.

During the last meeting, I was asked to check into the availability of Blanchet Catholic School for a Summer Festival in either 2023 or 2024. Per Ron Miller, the school is available for either year. The rental rate will continue to be $3,000 for the weekend. I asked Karyn Buchheit to check to see if there would be a conflict with the Marion County Fair if Summer Festival was held July 13-15, 2023. Karyn took it a step farther and checked for any conflicts in the area. There are no conflicts with area events or with any 2-4 day square dance festivals that are currently scheduled.

HISTORIAN - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

I have gotten an oral bid to get the engraving done on the Randall and Chairman’s Awards. At the moment, it is less than $500 for both. Now I just need to make sure the listing on the Federation website is correct. I have made one correction to the listing, and I think there is one more to make but need to verify it first before engraving ensues.

I would like everyone to go to the bottom of the Federation Website and check the names on the Wood and Chairman awards, so they are correct before I go to the engraves and have them finalized.


LICENSING – Brooke Davison

SESAC fees paid for 22/23 period.  Received licensing fee reimbursement from Summer Festival, forwarded to Treasurer.

YOUTH ADVISOR - Karyn Buchheit

There has not been much activity since the last meeting. We had a nice turnout for the youth dance at the Oregon State Fair.

If you have youth in your club/council that are high school seniors or college freshmen this year, please let them know about both the USDA Youth Scholarship and the OFSRDC Youth Scholarship. You can give them my contact info if they want more information or give me theirs.

ORDTA - Tami Helms (Tim Keck)

A July 16th ORDTA meeting was held at the summer festival in Salem in the Round Dance Hall at 10:00AM.

Cuers reported good attendance for summer round dance classes throughout the state,

Tim Keck did a presentation on Dance Wizard versus Dance Master; it was decided we wanted to get more information on Dance Wizard.

A meeting is to be scheduled in October


October: Mid-Willamette Council: "Good day for a Goodbye" Waltz

September: Interstate Highlanders: "What's New' Two Step

August: Emerald Empire: "Nickajack River” Two Step

CALLER LIAISON - Terry Halley (Betty Chipps) - No Report

WEBMASTER - Tim (Kathy) Roberts - No Report


At this time, we have three requests for assistance from this Committee.

One for Julia Buchheit requesting a $500 Grant from the Federation to attend "Learn How to Teach Round Dance" on September 31---October 2nd.2022 In Spokane Valley Washington.

The Committee of myself, Marilyn Schmitt and Tim Keck will meet during this weekend and will present our findings for approval.

The second request is from Rodney Skinner.

The third request is for any assistance the Federation can provide for a mural to be painted on the hall at the Emerald Dance Center in Eugene/Springfield.  It will be on the outside to depict what happens on the inside. They have a GoFundMe account started. The Committee will meet and make a recommendation to the Federation.

Grant Fund Committee met yesterday and went thru 3 requests we have: Julia Buchheit we approve of her request. Motion: Gary Clark moved to grant Julia the $500 to attend the round dance workshop, Betty Chipps second the motion. Discussion: Dave Cooper states he did not go to school to learn how to cue, I learned from watching and learning from other cuers. Cuers should have a mentor. Tami: ORDTA does has a mentor program. Julia has been in the Mentor Program. This mini-lab is a great opportunity that gives a cuer ideas on how to improve. I think the grant and mini-lab is good to assist them improve and learn. Patrick Cox: we just went to a class and learned a lot about protocols and things that usually do not get mentioned. Gary Clark: the $500 doesn’t cover everything, there are travel expenses, class, and other expenses. Grant was approved by a majority of the vote of members present.

The second request was from Rodney Skinner out of Roseburg working with Neil Koozer for $500 to attend the same mini-lab as Julia, Patrick Cox second the motion. Motion was approved with a majority of votes. Motion: Gary Clark moved that we approved the $500 Grant for Rodney Skinner to attend the same Mini-Lab. Seconded by Patrick Cox. Motion approved.

The third request was from Terry in Eugene-Springfield who is involved with a Square Dance mural inside of the Emerald Square Dance Center building. Grant committee would like more information before accepting and possibly approving this request. Lisa Kious reports this mural has not been approved by Emerald Empire council or the Hall board for the dance center.

STATE FAIR - Marilyn (Ron) Schmit

We danced on August 30 with Darrell and Erin Kalmbach as the caller. It was a warm afternoon for all. Darrell schooled the Cascade Sound person on how he has hooked things up at the Clark County Fair and the guy seemed pleased to know something new. There were two people out for sickness, two people not coming due to the heat and six no-shows. We danced with about 12 dancers switching in and out. The pictures have been posted on Facebook. The round dance performance was cancelled due to lack of participation.

The youth day on September 3 was called by Jonathan Roberts and he did a wonderful job. We danced two squares with some exchanging of dancers. My list was originally 90 names long and 28 showed up, which was a combination of dancers and chaperones/parents. There were many compliments, and several walked around the fair with square dance outfits on and answered questions along the way.

Thank you notes to the callers and Cascade Sound have been written and will go out tomorrow.

BACKGROUND CHECK - Tim (Kathy) Roberts-

Need names of talent for Mid-Winter Festival 2024 to do background checks.


There were 8 delegates present during the Delegate’s meeting on Saturday. We talked about what was going to happen at the meeting for today and feedback on upcoming motions, discussed club reports in agenda. Message for the delegates is communication to the state and to the council and clubs.


  1. By-Laws amendment to change elected officer terms. Sixty-five ballots went out to the clubs; 40 were returned. Patty Reese-Cooper, Erin Kalmbach, Roberta Elders were appointed to count the ballots and return to the Federation meeting with a count. 37 affirmative, 3 negative- this change passed.

    a. How are we going to implement this? We need to stagger the election of our officers so we always have someone on the Board who knows what is going on. We will need to establish a committee.

  2. By-Law amendment to allow election by acclamation in case all races are uncontested. 38 affirmatives, 2 negative- this change in By-law passed
  3. Banner Update- Tim Keck

    I spoke to Keith Miles who does embroidery work. Keith can do the embroidery on a banner for the Federation. I am looking into that now for more information.

  4. Motion: Gary Clark moved to destroy the ballots, Marilyn Schmit second the motion to destroy the ballots. Motion passed unanimously.


Installation of New Officers - Tim Keck assumed the office of President. Tim Keck read part of the OFSRDC Constitution established in 1957 of why we have this organization and what we are doing. He encouraged volunteerism and working to help our organization move forward and thrive. Linda Curtis coordinated the induction of Tim Keck as President of the OFSRDC.


  1. Approval of the 2022-2023 budget- Motion: George Hermann moved to approve the 2022-2023 budget, Dave Cooper second the motion. The current budget shows a $5000 deficit. Motion carried unanimously.
  2. Motion to modify the P&P Treasurer’s procedure to get “review” of the books, not “audit and review”. Motion: George Hermann moved to change the wording in the P&Ps from “audit and review” to “review” the books. Patrick Cox second the motion. Betty Chipps: the delegates felt it important to have an actual audit of the books. George Hermann:- The president will appoint someone with an accounting background to review the books. It was also discussed about having 3 people review the books. Linda Curtis: as vice president of TVC, we have had issues with audits and people accountable for items that occurred before current offices. Zola Jones questioned what is needed to satisfy the IRS? Gil Shoemaker would like to see an unbiased report on the review. Dale Brabham (TVC Delegate). we need to look at what audit is about, there is an accountant definition and a general population definition. We are using a general definition of the word audit where we have an outside person without the expense of an accountant review the treasurers report. The president will appoint the persons doing the review. The amendment was rescinded, and the Motion amended: George Hermann/Patrick Cox (agreed to the amended motion and restated the motion): we appoint an independent person from this Board to review the books and remove the word audit. Motion passed with majority voting yes.
  3. Motion to change dates of Summer and Mid-Winter festivals. Motion: Dave Cooper moved to change the Mid-Winter and Summer Festival to Spring and Fall in the year 2023. Lily Smith, Rogue Sis Q Council, second the motion. Dave presented the move may improve the revenue for the Federation, that is now losing money from Summer Festival. Tim Keck asked about any dates for the festivals. Dave has dates that could work: March for Spring Equinox and September for Fall Equinox, these would not interfere with other events. Tim Keck requested that Dave Copper form a committee and bring to the January meeting. Motion: Lorri McIntosh. moved to have a committee appointed to review the dates for the festival changes. Julia Buchheit second the motion. Lisa Kious: Mid-Winter Festivals have contracts for several years. Connie Seamans- we have contract out for 2024. Dale Brabham: we need to look at the feasibility of moving the festivals. This has a huge impact on the festivals. We need clarity on how this would impact. Tim Keck called for a vote to have a committee formed to present the information before Mid-Winter, motion carried. Dave Cooper selected Kathy & Tim Roberts, Lisa Kious, Connie Seamans, and Gil Shoemaker to be on the committee. The information needs to be submitted prior to January 24th. The date will be January 15th to have the information submitted in writing to the Board.
  4. Motion to establish a definition of a Traveling Club in the P&P’s. Tim Keck has been contacted by more than one club on a definition on what a traveling club entails. The P&Ps do not address this issue. Motion: Zola Jones moved and Marilyn Schmit second to define what a traveling club is. Tim Roberts: we do not need a specific definition; a traveling club is a club that travels and is a member of the Federation. Tami Helms: it was an understanding that they need to have a dance at least once a year. Kathy Roberts: some of the councils have in their by-laws the club must have one dance a year. Zola Jones: There is nothing in the P&Ps that state what is required for a traveling club, this would be up to the councils. Patrick Cox the traveling club could hold a dance once a year at another club’s hall. Motion failed.
  5. Motion to establish a committee to review proposed changes for the P&P duties for Insurance and State Fair Chairs. Marilyn Schmit submitted updated information from the P&Ps concerning Insurance and State Fair Chairs needing changes. Motion: George Hermann moved and Julia Buchheit seconded to have a committee review the changes that Marilyn Schmit is proposing concerning these the job descriptions for Insurance and State Fair. Marilyn has reviewed the P&Ps as to what she has been doing and what is listed in the P&Ps, the wording needs to be made current. Motion Amended: George Hermann amended his motion to approve the changes that Marilyn Schmit would like in the P&Ps; Julia Buchheit agreed to the amendment. There are no real changes, just updating wording. The Insurance and State Fair chair position does not change, we need to update the wording with current methods of completing and communicating (ie: emails not snail mail). Motioned carried with unanimous vote.
  6. Reassess the guideline for Grant Fund Committee for grants and scholarships. Motion: Dave Cooper moved to reassess the Grant Fund Committee guidelines for grants and scholarships. Lorri McIntosh second the motion. This was brought about by a letter sent from Rikki Lobato, and read yesterday at the officers meeting, about what are the guidelines for applying for a scholarship as callers and cuers. There are not set guidelines for callers and cuers, who can or cannot apply for a grant from the Federation. The committee would be formed to make recommendations for any changes to the Grant Fund Committee applications. The minutes have reports on grants/scholarships approved, the treasurer has reports of funds given, past presidents have that information. Motion carries to establish a committee to reassess the Grant Committee guidelines. George Hermann as chairperson of the committee with members who volunteered: Tim Roberts, Lorri McIntosh, Julia Buchheit, Karyn Buchheit.
  7. BMI/ASCAP coordinator have proposal for changes. Motion: Karyn Buchheit moved that we accept the proposal for BMI/ASCAP from Brooke. Joyce Welton second the motion. Motion: Karyn Buchheit moved and Joyce Welton second to postpone the vote on the motion. Motion to postpone the vote passed. Brooke Davison will have Tim Roberts email recommended changes to delegates and officers.
  8. Motion: Karyn Buchheit moved that the Treasurer and the 2nd Vice-President be elected for 2-year terms in 2023 which would put them on the odd years and that the Secretary, and the Membership be elected for 1-year terms in 2023 and then for 2-year terms in 2024 which would put them on even years. Gil Shoemaker second the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

    Karyn Buchheit stated that under the new system the current First Vice President, President and Past President would need to agree to serve extended terms of 2 years as First Vice-President, President & Past President. Would this need to be sent to clubs to change the First Vice President terms. Tim Roberts informed the group that all offices have been approved with the current vote. Tim Roberts clarified that the current changes did not address the First Vice President specifically. We could still leave the First Vice, President, and Past President as one year and have the Second Vice President, Secretary, Membership and Treasurer as 2-year terms. Dale Brabham responded that we will not entice young members to that long of a commitment. Motion: Lorri McIntosh moved that First Vice President, President, and Past President be a 2-year term for each office for a total of 6 years. Marilyn Schmit second the motion. Tim Keck clarified: If this passes, we have a 6-year term, if it does not pass it will remain the same for the terms of office for First Vice, President, and Past President. After discussion, this motion failed.


BLUE MOUNTAINS COUNCIL - David (Sally) Stutzman- no report


Clubs are back dancing and it's been great with increased attendance at every dance. The High Desert Dancers held a “Community Dance” advertising in several publications around Central Oregon to come see what square dancing all is about. It was very well attended - at least 20 people came. This event is a precursor to lessons starting Sept. 15 thru November 14, twice a week.

At this event, a single lady showed up with a young toddler. The Club allowed her to dance with her daughter on her hip. Is this wise? I worry about liability and would like the State’s input on this issue.

Another issue I’d like to discuss is older dancers who are still trying to dance but its evident that their mobility is questionable. I’ve witnessed two or three long time members who are not steady on their feet and fear that they may fall. How do other clubs handle this? We have one older member who has volunteered at our lessons as an angel but he’s obviously confused most of the time. How to handle this situation?

One other question I have are people who come to watch required to sign in at the front desk? If yes, why? Marilyn: Schmit everyone at the dance must sign in whether they dance or observe.

The High Desert Dancers are holding a “double down/triple up weekend” in conjunction with Red Rocks Sept. 16-17th with Steve Noseck calling. These weekends are very successful and fun. Both clubs are planning on 4 such weekends next year - 2023.

Red Rock Squares continues with their regular dances, catering to the new dancers from their last lessons. In addition, they sponsor a MS workshop once a month in addition to their regular dances.

Sagebrush Shufflers is beginning new lessons September 18th. They held their summer dances in parks around Prineville which provided them with excellent exposure.

Kountry Rhythm Rockin Outlaws club begins their regular dances in September. Their BIG event will be Country Fever Dance/Campout Weekend, October 7th to 9th. Jim Steele calling with Dave Cooper cueing. It will be held at Powell Butte Community Hall with RV spots in the parking lot. They’re planning on a Cowboy dinners and Cowboy Breakfasts so everyone will be well fed. Contact Jan Steele for more info 541-279-3678 or

The C O Council will hold their Halloween Dance on Saturday, October 29th, and enjoy the Calling and Cueing of Adam Christman at the Redmond Grange from 7-9:30. Of course, costumes are encouraged. Hot Dogs will be offered, and participants are encouraged to bring a side dish to share.


All of our Area Clubs are back to dancing, most at their regular schedules as follows:

Sweet Home Squarenaders - Start on October 8, and then every 2nd Saturday. at Oak Heights School in Sweethome, Or.

The rest of the Clubs all Dance at the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield.

Cascade Callers & Cuers Association - 5th Saturday dances, next one on October 29.

Cast-A-Shadow - Every other Sunday, call ahead to verify.

Misty Valley Cloggers - 3rd Friday of the month.

Single Trees - 4th Friday of the month.

Spin Cycle Squares - Every Sunday, call ahead to verify.

Whirl-A-Ways - 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

Wolf Pack - Changing to a 'Traveling' Club, dance dates to be announced.

"New Dancer" Lessons will begin Tuesday, October 4, 7:00 p.m. at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda St., Springfield, OR.  Contact 541-926-0051 or email Flyers are online at the same email, and also distributed here today.

Our next Area Council meeting will be Monday, September 19, at 7:00 p.m.; where I will be distributing the Liability Insurance packets, and new State Directories to all our area clubs.

As usual, the Emerald Empire Area Council is the host of the state meeting during Mid-Winter Festival; so the next State Federation Meeting will be at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at the fairgrounds Willamette Building, in Conference Rooms 3 & 4, (same as in January 2022).

Thank you to my square dance family for your cards and remembrances of Raymond.


Cece reports the need for support from Federation officers and members. This year she felt we did not get the support from all officers, specifically Tim Keck, First Vice President, and Tami Helms as they were only present for the ORDTA and Federation meeting. I was informed by Tami Helms that they would not be supporting Summer Festival”. We all on the Federation board need to be supportive of this activity and treat everyone on the same level.


Most of our clubs are back to dancing with many of them starting or planning to start lessons. Some of the clubs do have extra requirements for attending their dances so please check on dance flyers and club reports.

The council’s Fall Fest will be on October 29th at the Salem Square Dance Center. It will be a costume dance. Please watch for flyers on the OFN for more information.

Silver City Squares have been notified that the Pacific Northwest Teen Festival will be happening again this year on the 1st weekend in May. Silver City Squares will be looking at taking 3-4 squares to it. We will be trying to raise at least $15,000.

PORTLAND AREA COUNCIL - Betty Chipps (Terry Halley)

Future PAC happenings:

• Next meeting will be Monday, September 19th, at the Oak Grove Community Center.

• PAC 5th Friday Dance is SEPT. 30th where you will “Dance the Night Away on APPLE Day” with Daryl Clendenin & Cuer, Julie Stiers:

• 7pm Pre-Rounds, Plus 7:15, 7:30 MS and end at 9:30pm-Break with apple desserts at the Oak Grove CC.

CLUB News:

Oaky Doaks met on August 22nd and voted to disband as a Federation club, effective October 2nd. Please turn out to say farewell at their last dance on OCT. 1st - look to the Sept. OFN under “Special Dances” for Oaky Doaks - “Final Dance” Flyer.

Bachelor and Bachelorettes (B-n-B’s) Offers square dance Lessons, every Wednesday, starting SEPT. 7th (6:30 - 7:30 PM) at the Abernethy Grange in Oregon City (see OFN Lessons for Flyer). B-n-B dances will follow lessons only on each 1st, 3rd and 5th WEDNESDAYs (7:30-10).

Buzzin’ Bees are still dancing. Check out the OFN.

Chaps and Petticoats first dance of the new season was the “Trails-In” dance on Friday, September 16 (which preceded the September STATE Federation meetings).  SEPT. 18 is a Free Intro-to-Square lesson, 5-7 PM, at the Maplewood Grange and MS-Lessons continue each Sunday thereafter.

Future 1st & 3rd Friday dances include:

October 7th, Pirate-dance, Scott Zinser opens with Pre-Plus 7:30 PM and Tami Helms cues (prizes will be awarded for costumes, but not required).

October 21 - Sandra Pinion will open with Rounds at 7:30 PM and Terry Halley will call from 8-10 PM.  November 4th opens Pre-Plus with Scott Zinser and Lane Clem cues Rounds at 7:30 PM. DARK - November 18, instead join us November 20th, “New-Dancers” Jamboree with Instructor, Scott Zinser, and Rounds cued between tips with Dave Cooper … (see flyer in October’s OFN).

Country Cut-Ups Lesson nights start Thursday, SEPT. 8th, at Boring Barn 7:30-9:30 PM (look to OFN under “Lessons” for flyer).  Cut-Ups Dance each 1st, 4th and 5th (Plus-only) Saturday’s.

Mark your calendars for a not-so-boring Weekend, APRIL 28-30, 2023, at the Boring Barn with Andy Allemao calling and Tami Helms cueing (see “Special Dances” section of OFN).

Happy Hoppers will offer Lessons, each Monday, starting SEPT. 12th: PLUS 6:30, Basic 7:30 at the Washington Grange, Vancouver, WA.

Sept. 17th will be a Dance with Adam Christman cueing Rounds at 7 PM and Plus 7:30-9:30 PM.

Heads to the Center - no report

River City Dancers (RCD) square dance lessons start SEPT. 11 (Free night) and continue Sunday, SEPT. 18 (5:30-7:00 PM) at the Milwaukie Community Club. RCD dances are every 1st and 4th Saturdays (7:00 PM Plus/Pre-Rounds, .7:30 - 9:30 MS/Rounds).

Rosetown Ramblers - no report.

If you knew Gary Wells - Frances has planned his Celebration of Life “Dance Party” on OCT. 30th (12:00-4:00 PM) at the Abernethy Grange in Oregon City (see flyer in the SEPT-OFN “Obituaries” section).


We are getting back to dancing:

Star Promenaders dance the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month with the next SSD dance is Friday, October 7th with Janet Geiger calling. Wayne Weaver will be calling the mainstream/plus dance on October 8th with advanced dancing from 6:30-7:30pm, and Mainstream/plus from 7:30-9: 30pm.They will not be having round dancing at all dances, watch for the flyers.

Charlie Brown Squares will be dancing the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month and SSD on the second Friday of each month. Lessons started September 13 with 3 squares in attendance.

Circle N Squares are planning to start lessons in October, they are looking at a couple of options for the dance facility.

Rogue Sis Q Council- the next dance is September 30th at the Star Promenaders Hall in Central Point with Wayne Weaver calling and Bob Dingman cueing. We are having a sweet and spicy auction to increase revenue for the council. The council has asked for volunteers to bring in their favorite sweet or spicy (Salsa) dish for a silent auction during the dance.

We have lost dancers & friends in the last couple of months: Maxine Center (Star Promenaders), May Nutt (Star promenade club cuer), Gary Gent (Star Promenaders), Thom Gilsdorf (Star Promenaders)

SOUTH COAST COUNCIL –Dave (Patty) Cooper


We held a very successful Battle Rock Festival over Labor Day Weekend.  Our 20th year celebration featured 100 + dancers as well as many non-dancing friends.  Sunday morning 160 were served at the pancake breakfast. The grounds were filled with 32 RVs. Tim Roberts was the big winner in the MAN PIE competition for his unique PI pie. Blake Smith took home first place in the most money raised category thanks to Grandma hovering over the auction table.

New square dance lessons start September 21st.

Steve Taylor, an active member of the Beachcombers, was just voted the Regional Teacher of the Year. He will be joining 19 other teachers as they are considered for the Oregon Teacher of the Year Award.


Monthly dances continue with caller Bob Houston and cuer Denise Harris. New lessons begin September 20 at Lincoln School in Coquille.  74th Birthday Dance will be October 8th with Dale Roberson from Roseburg calling and Denise Harris cueing. Start time is 6:00 PM.


Three new dancers graduated at the end of lessons at the beginning of Summer. PLUS dances continue at Cox's shop on 2nd and 4th Friday nights.  Monthly dances move back to church starting in September.


First, a special thank you extended to the Portland Area Council for hosting this weekend and especially Betty Chipps coordinating all the activities down to the last detail. Second, I introduce my replacement as the incoming Area Delegate representing the Tualatin Valley Council Dale Brabham. He is a former TVC President and club President of the Tri-Squares to name just a couple of his credentials. Dale was the person who recruited me for this adventure which I have thoroughly enjoyed for the past 2 ½ years and I thank him for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

The TVC Picnic and Hahn Barn Dance held Sunday, August 21st was well attended with 71 energetic dancers. Darrell Kalmbach called and Tami Helms cued this fun dance. It was sunny and very warm and as a result it was discussed whether it makes sense to try and schedule this annual event going forward in September when it’s a little cooler. Our last TVC dance held the end of July had 51 dancers so it’s good to see these events are getting better attendance. The next TVC-sponsored event is to be the Tri-Council Dance on the 5th Saturday, October 29th at the Aloha Grange. There is also a TVC New Years’ Eve Dance being planned that will be held at the IOOF Hall in Hillsboro.

At this time, I believe all of our clubs have relaxed their vaccination and mask mandate policies and are providing food at break in some fashion. Many TVC clubs are looking forward to beginning Mainstream and Round Dance lessons this month.  Rather than listing them, please see the club flyers posted on the OFN and the Federation’s Facebook page for specific information. A number of our clubs are utilizing the awesome square dance brochures written by the Byars and provided by the Federation to help promote square dancing. The clubs especially like the feature of the trifold color brochure that allows them to incorporate their own club contact information.

Some of our clubs have been dark over the summer but are excited to be heading back to their normal schedule. Some of the clubs have some changes to their programs beginning soon or are hosting a special event:

Jim Hattrick, the caller/cuer for the Columbia River Dancers and Eager Beavers has taken a fall recently and broken his hip.  While he is on the mend check for up-to-date announcements online regarding their dances before attending.  Guest callers/cuers may be posted.  Remember Jim in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Mix and Mingle will celebrate their 38th Birthday on Saturday, November 19th and is dancing to floor level so this party is opened up to the Mainstream dancers. Randy Dibble calls/Jeanine Norden cues. There will be cake and ice cream! Mix and Mingle will be dark October 15th and November 5th.

The Tri-Squares have also been dark all summer and have been doing club visitations and working a booth at the Tigard Farmers Market getting the good square dancing word out and presenting dance demos. They changed everything! Their new venue is the Kinton Grange in Beaverton, their dance nights changed back to 2nd and 4th Fridays AND they begin dancing earlier now at 7 p.m. for pre-rounds.  Tri-Squares Birthday dance is Friday, September 23rd with Terry Halley calling/Sandra Pinion cueing.

R Square D have reverted back to their regular schedule of 2nd Fridays and 4th Saturdays at the Kelso Senior Center. Their theme at their upcoming September 24th dance is a tribute to Neil Diamond; Craig Abercrombie calling/cueing.

Valley Squares are adding a 2nd dance night to the monthly calendar. Beginning in October they will dance 1st Fridays and 3rd Saturdays at the Aloha Grange.

The Sunset Promenaders will celebrate their 37th Birthday beginning with a lasagna dinner before the dance on Saturday, October 1st. The dance will be called by Darrell Kalmbach and cued by Tami Helms.  Mike and Julie Stout, caller and cuer for the Sunset Promenaders, are retiring after 10 years. A Luau Retirement Party Dance was held on September 3rd. The Stouts are loved by all and will surely be missed. We wish them well as they begin a new chapter. Promenaders Plus will be celebrating a birthday and having a special dance on Thursday, November 17th.

Octoberfest Weekend with the R Square D club October 14 and 15th up in Kelso is at the new location--Catlin Grange. This annual festival features a German dinner and a garage sale caravan. Along with a performance by the River City Riders, onstage at the dance will also be Adam Christman as guest caller, and Craig Abercrombie, caller, and Susan Healea will be cueing. The registration form is posted in the OFN.

The Seaside Sashay is also just around the corner. This annual festival is co-hosted by the Hayshakers and Sunset Promenaders and will be held on October 21-22, at the Seaside Convention Center. Callers will be Steve Noseck and Randy Dibble; Debbie Taylor is the Cuer. Registration information available on the OFN.


At our last meeting, early August, it was decided UAC would sponsor mainstream square dance lessons in September. Historically, the Buckeroos have sponsored the lessons. All clubs were in agreement for UAC to sponsor lessons this year.

The UAC sponsored square and round dancing at the Douglas County Fair in August and promoted lessons there.

Lessons started Sunday, September 11, Phil Ramey teaching, first two weeks free, round dance demo during midsession break. Four squares on the floor, 20 new dancers, interest in round dancing generated. A good start.

Unfortunately, on September 14, the clubs received notice that the Buckeroo Board made the decision to close the Barn for 10 days due to a covid outbreak in Medford (Phil is from Medford). The plan is for lessons to resume after the 10-day shutdown.

Timber 8s held their first plus dance of the season September 10. Two squares on the floor. T8s decided to host plus dances once a month this season due to scheduling conflicts with numerous events in the region this coming year and a desire to support those and not compete with them (events such as birthday dances, festivals, etc.).

Dancing Friends is sponsoring beginner Rumba lessons that started on September 8. The plan is for them to resume after the shutdown. Same with the phase 3-4 workshop that started on Tuesday, September 13, The club made the decision to discontinue monthly Round Dance Party Dances and will host Special Event Round Dance Party Dances throughout the year instead.

Buckeroos cancelled their upcoming dance this weekend due to the shutdown and plan to resume after the shutdown.

Attendance has been low to most Barn events this past year and it is impacting the morale and the finances of the clubs. We are, however, a group of devoted dancers and are working together to turn things around.


Melissa James

My last report was compiled before attending the OR Summer Festival in Salem.

It was a fun festival despite low attendance and caller travel glitches. Hats off to the committee for all the hard work! The Thurs night Trail’s End was very well attended by dancers and 4 callers. It was disappointing to occasionally have halls with no dancers to support the callers on Friday and Saturday, but these are sparse times we are in since the pandemic.

I was also able to attend the last PAC dance. And I have danced from Banks, OR to Boring, OR and up to Chehalis, WA in the last month. Everywhere I go dancers are beginning to show up and join in to get the rust out of their brains and get to dancing again. Unfortunately, we lost so many these last two years to aging, distraction, apathy and even fear. We have a lot of rebuilding to do.

The TVC Hahn barn dance was so much fun as usual. It was so nice to be there again even in the heat. Don’t know the numbers but it was pretty well attended.

I just returned last night from a festival in Paris, TX with dancers and callers from all over the Midwest and further. I wore my ambassador badge with pride and fielded many questions about dancing in our area. Compared to some areas we are doing very well. It was a pleasure to promote our area and activity.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the OR Federation events in Aurora in Sept.

Robert and Young Lumsden - No report


Zola Jones: Tim Roberts sent an email about Raymond’s memorial service, Saturday Oct.8, at 2:00 pm at the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield.

Betty Chipps: Requested help after the meeting to replace the furniture and clean the floors.

Patrick Cox: Directories are available for you to pick up.

Kathy Roberts: I have given information the trifold square dance information packets to each officer and delegate, if you want more you can pick them up.

Cece Glidewell: I did not get the Federation budget in the email; it may be an email error. Include first and last names for reports.

ADJOURN: Gil Shoemaker moved, Dave Cooper second to adjourn the meeting at 12:18 pm

Sunday, January 29, 2023, 9:00AM
Lane County Fairgrounds