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Square Dancing is the Official State Dance of Oregon

Youth Dancer Scholarship Program - 2024


The Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs will award at least one $500 Educational Scholarship on the basis of merit to a youth dancer who meets the following guidelines.

Guidelines and Eligibility

We expect to award the scholarships to a student who:

  • Is currently an active member of a square/round/clogging club which is affiliated with the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs;
  • Has been a member of that club for at least one (1) year. "Member" is defined as being included on the club roster and having insurance paid through OFSRDC -- this will be verified with the club and the OFSRDC Insurance Chairman;
  • Has a record of volunteer service in square dancing;
  • Is a graduating high school senior or college freshman through junior;
  • Plans to continue their education at an accredited university, college, professional, vocational or technical school;
  • Expresses an interest in continuing their involvement with square dancing, round dancing, clogging or line dancing.
Grades will be a minor consideration. Financial need is not a consideration.

Nomination Procedures

The following items are required for each nominee:

  • A completed application;
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation. One (1) from an officer or fellow club member from the student's Federated club, attesting to the applicant's involvement in the club, council or state activities, and one (1) from a teacher, advisor, or family friend.
  • Applicant's essay of not more than 250 words describing "How square dancing, round dancing or clogging has impacted my life".

Application Deadline

The completed application package must be submitted by mail or e-mail by May 1, 2024, at the address specified below.

Selection Procedures

A committee will examine all nominations and will select the recipient(s). The recipient will be selected on the basis of the information submitted and on the essay.

The selection committee will be comprised of the following members:

  • State Youth Activities Coordinator,
  • An elected Federation Officer,
  • An elected Council Area Delegate.

The recipient(s) will be announced at the May State Meeting. The decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

We would you to take a bit of time to think about your responses. You may wish to print out the form and fill in the values by hand, then return to the page to enter and submit the form online.

If you do fill out the form online, remember that two separate letters of recommendation are required. They may be mailed to the address below, or emailed to buchheitfarmkm@gmail.com.

If you would rather send your application by US mail, you may print out this form, fill in your answers, and mail the form (along with the letter of recommendation and essay) by May 1 to:

    Julia Buchheit
    OFSRDC Youth Activities Coordinator
    6122 Brush Creek
    Silverton, OR   97381

Please use black ink and write legibly.

If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Buchheit by email at buchheitfamkm@gmail.com. or by telephone at 503-873-5241.

By submitting your application, you are giving us your permission to use your picture in publicity material.

Personal Information:

Your name:
Member of which club:
High School:
GPA (A=4.00):
Intended college:
Intended major:

Tell us about any honors and awards you may have received.

Tell us about any offices and committees in which you may have served in your school.

Tell us about any offices and committees in which you may have served in your square dance club, council, or state.

Please include a 250-word essay on "How square dancing, round dancing, or clogging has impacted my life."

Please remember that a letter of recommendation must be mailed or emailed to the scholarship committee by the deadline.