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Square Dancing is the Official State Dance of Oregon


The Federation publishes a monthly website, the Oregon Federation News, which includes news and information about dances and dancing in the state, schedules and advertisements for upcoming dances, and registration forms for state festivals and National Square Dance Conventions. The online OFN is available at ofn.club.

The Federation also publishes an annual directory of all of the member square dance clubs and councils in the state, including contact names and addresses. Please contact the 2nd Vice President, using the info on the Officers page.

The agendas, minutes, and reports from all Federation state meetings are available on this web site.

Each elected and appointed officer and each council delegate is supplied with a copy of the Federation's Constitution, By-Laws, and Practices & Procedures. In addition, each council is provided with a second copy, which is expected to remain with the council president. This copy stays with the office, and is passed down as new people take over the positions.

If you would like your own copy, there are several ways to get one. If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, you can download the latest copies here:

If you are not able to download and/or print the document yourself, you may contact Tim Roberts, the Federation's Parliamentarian, and order a copy for the cost of materials.  The combined document is about 140 pages in length, and currently costs about $15 to reproduce.