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Square Dancing is the Official State Dance of Oregon

2012-2013 State Officers

President 503-939-1998
1st Vice President 541-447-1753
2nd Vice President 503-861-2726
Treasurer 503-393-9320
Recording Secretary 503-396-5537
Corresponding Secretary 541-382-8302
Membership Chairman 503-260-1632
Past President 541-607-1860
Parliamentarian 503-590-4187
Publicity & State Reporter 503-861-2726
Education Chairman 503-861-2726
Insurance Chairman 503-396-5537
Youth Activities Coordinator 503-590-4187
Historian 503-508-0539
Financial Advisor 541-296-6335
Round Dance Screening 503-852-6067
ORDTA Representative 503-640-0892
Caller Advisor TBA
State Trailer Coordinator 541-688-4172
Webmaster 503-590-4187

Goodwill Ambassadors

Every year, as their last official duty, the Federation President may name a couple or individual to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador. Goodwill Ambassadors are expected to be energetic and friendly representatives of Oregon, dancing when they travel. They spread information about specific Oregon events, such as the Mid-Winter Festival and Summer Festival. They donate their time and energy for the good of Oregon square and round dancing. They smile a lot.

Each Goodwill Ambassador serves a 5-year term, and can be reappointed when their term expires.

Appointment Ambassador

POOFs - Past Officers of the Oregon Federation

All current and past elected officers, appointed officers, and area delegates are automatically POOFs -- Past Officers of the Oregon Federation.

The primary purpose of the POOFs is to oversee publication of the Oregon Federation News, our monthly news magazine. The POOFs hold two formal meetings each year, one each at the Summer and Mid-Winter Festivals.

An advisory board of three persons is appointed by the Federation President to act as a liaison between the POOFs and the OFN editor. Advisory board members serve a three year term with staggered terms, so that one member rotates off and is replaced each year.

Informally, many POOFs have been holding POOF reunions each year. The location and format has varied, but most recently, potlucks hosted by one or more POOFs have been held at private homes.

A partial list of POOFs is available here. Contact the webmaster to be added to this list.