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Square Dancing is the Official State Dance of Oregon

About Square Dancing

If you are looking for a way to exercise and have fun too . . .

Modern Square Dancing is dancing and thinking. Moving in rhythm keeps you physically fit. Your doctor will tell you that aerobic exercises are the best, and studies have shown that square dancers can walk up to five miles in a single night!

Square dancers burn up to 400 calories each 30 minutes of dancing. It's aerobic exercise that also helps coordination, balance, endurance, and cardiac function and helps keep muscles toned and healthy. Learning the basic steps is as easy as walking.

Go check our health page for more information on how square dancing can benefit you.

It's a New Generation of Dancing

It's time to erase the old image you might have of square dancing from your school days or TV. Today's dancing is done to great music from the best of modern music, including Country, Rock, Disco, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Bluegrass! There are new dance steps -exciting new patterns to learn. And you can dance any where in the world you might travel - 18 different countries including the Far East and Europe! Best of all, there are new people to meet, friends to make, events to attend. Square dancing is "Friendship set to music." This is one of the best kept secrets in town. It's time you opened the door and let the great benefits they offer enhance your life.

A New Song and Dance Routine and a Great New Involvement for All Ages!

  • It's fun!
  • No prior dancing ability needed!
  • It's an aerobic, weight-bearing, calorie-burning activity!
  • It forms lifelong friendships!
  • It develops teamwork!
  • It increases listening skills! (recommended by doctors to help maintain mental acuity)
  • It's economical! the most fun for the least dollar . . . anywhere
  • It broadens your social life!
  • It's performed in healthy non-smoking/nondrinking environment!
  • It's multi-generational!

(Thanks to the Four Corners Association of Maine.)

About the Federation

The Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs was organized in March of 1956, and now includes about 64 clubs from across the state of Oregon, the northern edge of California, and the southern edge of Washington. The purpose of the Federation is to promote the encouragement and enjoyment of square dancing and its associated activities.

The Federation holds four meetings annually, one each at the Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals, and two others rotating through the 10 area councils. All meetings are open, and dancers are encouraged to attend.

The Federation is financed through membership dues, and revenues from the two annual State Festivals. The Federation uses these funds to cover operational costs and to fund projects that will promote square dancing.

The Federation was instrumental in having the United States Congress designate the square dance as the National Folk Dance, and in having square dancing named as the official dance of the State of Oregon. Oregon hosted more than 22,000 dancers from around the world at the 43rd National Square Dance Convention® in Portland in June, 1994, still the second largest convention ever held at the Oregon Convention Center. We repeated this privilege in June, 2005, when more than 8,000 dancers showed up for the 54th National Square Dance Convention®.

These accomplishments and the hosting of numerous benefit dances has placed the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs as one of the leaders in the community. The dancers of Oregon should be proud of what their Federation has been able to accomplish.

This web page is compiled and managed by Tim Roberts, Federation Webmaster. If you have any corrections or updates, please send Tim an e-mail at timr@probo.com.